Just a quick, post about Tabetha Jones and her amusing case of Multiple Personality Disorder.

We’ve all seen many, many instances of Tabetha speaking as different people. She’s spoken as countless alts to bolster her company’s roster of authors and employees. Some of those fake names still appear on her sites and pages, as if people are too stupid to know them for what they are.

We’ve even seen one case where she spoke as an alt to a family member on the phone as an alt, to imply a romance between her own family member and a model that doesn’t exist.

But, while we’ve seen many cases of her speaking AS different names, we’ve also seen cases of her speaking TO them as well, whole conversations between her own fake names. Here’s one, for your amusement. Remember Sky Wicker? That’s the alt that Tabetha posed as on the phone. Sky doesn’t exist, of course. But other ID’s with the same pictures and a play on her name do. For your amusement:

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It doesn’t look like much of a big deal until you realize that Tabetha is not only herself in this conversation. She’s also Skylier Wickerson (Sky Wicker) and Emerald Rai Fleurs as well. So, with the exception of Dee (Tabetha’s sister), Tabetha is having this entire conversation with herself.

If you see any of these names on Tabetha’s many pages, commenting back and forth, just remember that it’s Tabetha Jones talking to herself. Same thing With Zoey Sweete, Ivy Sinclair and any I’m not thinking of off the top of my head. Make of that what you will. Point and laugh like most of us, or shake your head and pity her. Most of all, ask yourself if that sad, pathetic sort of soul is who you want in charge of your money.

Authors, artists, editors, models, RUN. Do not walk away from Tabetha Jones. Sprint.


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  1. Again funny that she still can’t spell worth a spit.. isn’t it read not red?? Then again look who is writing. If it wasn’t so damn pathetic i would laugh my ass off. She is so freaking sad. It is very disheartening to know that for the longest time I trusted that woman. I believed in her, wanted to do something great. She lied and manipulated everyone she came in contact with, myself included.
    Having conversations with yourself is either a major sign of going off the deep end or amazing intelligence. We all know it isn’t the latter. This twit has seriously gone off the deep end. I feel sorry for her family, really I do. Just hope they are ready for the fallout. I vote to have the men in white coats take her away and give her a great big hug, with a straight jacket. She makes me gag.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock… do you hear that Tabetha? Your clock is winding down,your delusions are catching up to you. YOUR LIES are starting to stare you right in the face.Where are you going to hide next, who are you going to use as a scapegoat who are you going to blame next????? You are a disgusting vile creature, you need to be put down like a rabid dog. Your lies and deceit are chasing you, you aren’t chasing dreams. You are running from your lies and bullshit. Keep running little girl, your days are numbered.

    • You don’t need the likes of her to do something great. 🙂

      One thing I’m grateful for is that while she can change up her story as much as she likes, she can’t change what appears on these blogs. They’re here for good, exposing her. And the best part is that most of what exposes her every single time is her own words.

  2. And the punches keep on coming lol i fucking love it. I was there when she created a lot of these names. And what’s sad about this is she had this clear issue but is going to school for psychology well that is if she can afford it. Always with the crazy with her lol. I wonder if there is a gag order in the contract that forbids the authors from looking at this blog lol. That would be the act of a scared little girl.

    • I know there are a lot more names I’m not thinking of. Too many.

      She tells folks that her attorney forbids them to look at this blog. LOL! But they look. Sooner or later, they all come and see for themselves how insane she really is.

    • Didn’t she tell me that she had to create the Emerald persona because you, Eric, was jealous of all the “fans” fawning over Zoey???? That you couldn’t handle the attention. Then changed it because you said it was stupid to have 2 erotica pen names under her name????

  3. Rai Willis…. the editor with two kids and going through a divorce ( note she mentioned being a Willis family member). This editor was the reason she searched for another editor and people’s work was behind….

    • Zoey well tabetha and emerald are all the same person sky isn’t really and that conversation she had with herself is fucking hilarious. All she can do now is run and hide because she has been called out on everything. And I’ve got the final blow to come. She wants to say shit to discredit me, well as many of you know I’ve warmed yall about her and yall stayed until yall seen it for yourself. Now anyone that still has doubts about me will learn the truth and about my uncle as well jt saw that conversation last night haha. Oh how fucked you are tabetha.

      • I dont believe a word you say. You are a liar. I have done nothing wrong. If anyone has done anything wrong it is all of you on this blog. They will check my records and it will show to be all legal and correct. Just as my company. I not scared of you, not anymore because I know all the words that come out of your mouth are nothing but lies. You talk a big game and I used to believe everything you told but all you were doing was spilling lies about you, your family, your past. Everything you ever told me was a lie. All the i loves yous i wanna marry yous this is my wife you were nothing but a player. My bullshit meter must have been way off with you.

      • There’s that pot and kettle again.
        HE lies? How about you and that Trent photo? Still trying to say that you took it with your own camera at some other club?
        How about how none of the Mystic Press authors got paid when you changed the company over to PF? And yes, you CHANGED it. You didn’t close one company and start another, you just changed the names on the accounts. Illegal, much? Createspace never “froze” those accounts, so there’s no good reason why those authors have never been paid, up until this very day.
        How about your claims that you don’t pose topless? Even though there are still topless photos on your page, and a fully bare-breasted one that by your own admission, had to be removed by FB?
        How about you telling me that you rode up the isle on the back of your daddy’s Harley on your wedding day the day you married Eric?
        Let’s see some wedding day photos of THAT shit.

        I saw a conversation with Eric’s relative who is with the FBI, so that’s true. As for his service, I don’t know how long he served for, but if he was in for a single day, then he was a Marine. And that’s not even the point. The point is that YOU are the liar. You can’t get out of that, so you’re trying to throw Eric under the bus in order to make yourself look better by comparison.

        Not working, hon.

        YOU’RE the liar. You’ve been busted at it time and time again, and no matter who else you try to throw in front of yourself, that will never change. Don’t like getting called on it? Then STOP LYING.

  4. Has anyone seen her last round of pictures it was bad enough that her nipple was exposed but she has her arse sticking out and her twat showing. No self respect.

    • You must have your rose colored glasses on. Tabetha’s words on this blog, “I do not take nude photos.” *cough*

      Now Tabetha….you ask all us to listen to you for you talk the truth and throw a temper tantrum because we do not blame you. Here is an example of why…. you lie on this blog and when called out you have another tantru all before tossing family and friends out in front of you to take the bullets. So sad.

      IN TWO PLUS YEARS, YOU HAVE FAILED TO PROVE YOU COMPANY IS NOT A SCAM. The authorities will be coming along soon…

      • Lmao she’s still trying to attack me but do you remember her saying on here i don’t have family in the feds? Well leppy here has seen my prof direct from my uncles mouth. So keep running your mouth my proof will be shown unlike you. You claim to have all this evidence but you can’t produce a single document.

  5. What amazes me is the fact that Tabetha comes on this blog showing her ass and accusing the same people who once stood beside her of lying and hating. If she was such a great person then this blog would not exist. Happy authors would be dancing and screaming about a company willing to make their dreams come true. Hmmm we know that is not happening!

  6. I am a current model that works alongside Tabetha. The woman you describe here is not the woman I and the others have come to know.
    She is the most professional individuals I’ve ever met. I have not been lucky enough to pose with her yet but she is quite beautiful and it takes all I have to remain professional around her.
    I can say this there has never asked for payment from any of us models and go by word of mouth.
    Photographers do request her, several want to start doing themed shoots.
    And there is the issue of Sky. I happen to know her. We did a runway show in Dallas and she is dating tabethas sister.
    She just prefers to go by a different modeling name due to some past issues. Things get around in this industry.

    I do hope this helps. Tabetha is not this person you say she is and I think in all reality its hate. I may not be her man but I will defend her.

    • Okay, dude. I call bullshit.
      Prove it.
      You work along side Tabetha? Let’s see a photo of the two of you together.
      You’ve worked a show with Sky? Let’s see a photo.
      Sky’s a real person who’s dating Dee? Let’s see a photo. Just one photo of the two of them together.
      Hell, let’s just see a photo of YOU. You’re a model, right? So you’ve got nothing to hide, being a public figure and all.
      Let’s see something, AYTHING to back your claims up. Anything besides Tabetha’s telltale grammatical errors, leaving whole words out of sentences, things like that.
      Go ahead. Post some proof. We’ll wait.

      • Do you ever thik that maybe the people you accuse of being alts are real ppl and come on here to make their statement and thats it

      • Um. No.
        You got busted on Emily Suess’s blog posting false testimonials, and you’re still doing the same thing. We know it and you know it.

        Anything to avoid answering those questions, eh, Tabetha? How about trying that for a change instead of trying to get around it by kicking up a fuss with your alts?
        Let’s see a photo of you with your model buddy.
        Let’s see a photo of you with Sky. Or your model buddy with Sky. Or, better yet, your sister with her beloved Sky.
        Let’s see a single shred of proof that any of these people really exist.

        We all know you can’t. Including you.

      • Well for one thing we do not make Tabetha look like anything… she does that all by herself. Dude that models with her, did you read the part about her daughter or her sister… I have no connection to those to but I know things a stranger shouldn’t know… defend her all you want but having the same syntax, mistakes…I would even bet on the same IP addy…

        A true person look at Tabetha’s post and read up … then you will see the true worth. She opens her mouth and tells on herself. And if you were such a great man, you’d be getting lucky instead if wasting your time here on a scammer!

    • And that is more proof that this is a BS alt. Look at the misspelled words alone. “I can say this there has never asked for payment from any of us models and go by word of mouth.” WTF??? “dating tabethas sister.” Funny same thing over and over, misspelling of the same words. Same syntax, same everything. At least if you are going to bring someone in to defend you Tab, spellcheck, DUMBASS. Expounding on her beauty, who goes that far? Far too many are trying to get us to believe she is stunning, sorry toots but beauty is skin deep and UGLY IS TO THE BONE. Enough said.

    • She did say one thing right, though.

      “She is the most professional individuals I’ve ever met.”

      Not the professional part. She wouldn’t know how to be professional if somebody handed her a manual.

      But yes. She is individuals. Many of them, including this Curious Model, Sky Wicker, Skylier Wickerson, Emerald, Ivy, Rose, and so many more. That little Freudian Slip might be the one honest thing she’s ever said.

      • I don’t have the first clue on who that would be but there are pics of me and Gabby me a Lee Lee me and Blake and me and Anthony. It’s all on Phoenix effect album

      • I didn’t ask for pictures of them. I asked for pictures of you with Sky. You and your model buddy that’s sticking up for you. Your model buddy with Sky. Your sister with her gf Sky. Let’s see that. Then you can talk to me about who’s real.

  7. I just find it weird that Tabetha can spout lies and half truths, yet when she is faced with BOLD FACED truths, she cries that we are haters, and liars. How is it that all that is coming to light is a lie, when many not just one or two but MANY, are saying these things? I mean really, we are the haters? We are the liars??? Are you kidding me? She can’t face the fact that she is the one that lies everyday, to herself, to her child, her family and US.
    Quite a few left the company just because she never wanted to do anything for them. Just wanted the teaser Tuesdays and Wicked Wednesdays. She just made some uncomfortable, even moreso now with the smut she is posting of her photos. What does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Manmeat as she called it. She can’t see the lies that she tells and they are smacking her in the face on a daily basis.
    Who was the lady who wrote the YA books, and she left because Tabetha made her skin crawl? I wish I could remember. She was very religious, and had quite a few kids. Mormon or something. Eric you may recall her. Tabetha keep lying and doing your damnest to prove you are right. It won’t work. Show the proof of the Tiffany jewlery, show the proof of the charity, show the proof of anything you said you was doing outside of showing your ass to the world. Litterally showing your ass at that, oops my bad, I meant nipple. You can’t, and why?? BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIAR.

  8. I love how Leppy posts links for proof and Tabby Scabby posts shit she knows people will argue with to take attention away from the proof, your showing your stupid arse again idiot. Why don’t you just admit it your humping your sister. Your not blood relatives anyway and everybody knows your Sky, so just admit it your hot for your sister, why else would you call her and have phone sex, just put the phone down lube up your fingers and get it over with.

    • LMAO you are fucking sick. We may not be blood but Dee is my sister. And if her and Sky have phone or real sex that is their business. Im sure they have all kinds of sex but I’m not around to witness nor do I want too. But you are one sick fuck to accuse me of something like that. Again Dee may not be blood but she has been my sister since I was 2 years old and I look up to her for many things. So fuck you and your sick mind.

      • No, fuck you and your pathetic mind for doing such a sick thing to your sister by posing to be a love interest. You best start praying that Death gets you before Karma does.. It’d be less painful for you

      • That would be far kinder that she deserves. I’d like to see her have to face each and every person she’s wronged, look them in the eye and answer for everything she’s ever done to them. Then I’d like to see justice. I can think of nothing I’d enjoy more than seeing her have to come up with the money to pay back everybody she owes.

      • You are the sick one not us, honey.

        For two years a runway model (according to Tabetha and her supporters) has fake pictures. Let me clarify, pictures up of several well known models she is pretending to be.

        1) Sky is a fake. A real model would not hide under or behind fake pictures.
        2) if she was real, no need to ask Dee.

        Models, do you or do you not make your money from photos?

        “I do not know who that person is…” wait… how the hell do you not know? You posed/worked with this guy …I call bullshit because of the syntax!
        Oh shit, I forgot your lawyer’s gag order on clients. *eye roll*

      • First he works side by side with her, and then they’ve never met and she doesn’t know who it is.
        Never mind that he speaks with the same grammar, spelling and syntax errors.
        God, she’s such a joke.

      • You just LOVE that kettle, don’t you, pot?
        Are you saying you don’t call your sister pretending to be Sky Wicker? You’re not making your sister believe that she’s romantically involved with somebody that doesn’t exist?
        You’re saying that Sky Wicker is a real person that your sister has met face to face?
        IF it’s true that your sister hasn’t met Sky face to face, if Sky doesn’t exist, and you have, in fact, been pretending you’re Sky in order to string your sister along, YOU are the sickest fuck I’ve (n)ever met. Who could do that to a sibling?

      • Your the fucking sick one making phone sex calls to your own sister, but her taking your picture naked makes more sense knowing that your hot for her now doesn’t it?

  9. Oh on a few yeah but some you did not and … a nipple don’t just fall out of a bra!… there are photos up on your sister’s company page in which you are topless … making you not fully clothed well a bra and underwear does not make you fully clothed but you take topless photos so stop lying!!!!!

  10. Is Tabetha still making her sister Dee think that she’s involved with a model named Sky? That’s disturbing on a lot of levels. First, and foremost, it shows a massive lack of genuine affection, empathy and common consideration for her own sibling. I’ve seen Tab say that Dee has either attempted or considered attempting suicide because of this blog, but her own actions are far more likely to cause the kind of stress that would cause her sister to self-harm than anything. Does anybody talk to Tabetha’s sister? If she really believes that she’s romantically involved with a figment of her sister’s imagination, she needs to hear the truth. She might not want to hear it and she might not believe it, but she needs to hear it, the sooner the better. The longer she believes the lie, the more it will hurt. If any of you know Dee, you need to tell her the truth.

    • Any one of us could talk to Dee. She’s on FB. But I don’t know if she’d believe any one of us. A pretty lie is easier to believe than a painful truth.

      Honestly, her sister is doing so much to her already, I hate to hurt her even more.

    • I’ve told her with screen caps and she swears up and down that sky is real. But how would that be possible when i say right next to tabetha while she was asking me what pics looked good enough to use for this new character. I know the truth about sky and she’s not even close to real. So basically tabetha is fucking her sister.

  11. This is Tabetha’s theme song.. or is that our song that we sing to her??? Not too sure..but she sure tells a heaping lot of lies…

    I am so sorry for Dee. I have pulled some mean shit on my own sister,but never something that cruel and abusive. Tabetha wants to talk haters, what is she doing to her sister? Isn’t that hatred of the highest form??? To make her sister feel emotions that are really wasted on Tabetha, is beyond cruel. It is ABUSE. If she can do that to her sister, just imagine what she is doing to the rest of us. Family is suppose to be a bond, not a stepping stone to hurt. Tabetha has no heart, there is a lump of coal where it should be. Every day she shows the world not just us, the freaking world, what a real loser she really is. Just how low she can stoop is amazing.

    • And here Lepp thought I was getting soft. HAHA… Sorry, but there will never be a time that I am ever soft where Tabetha is concerned.I tried, she whored me, I was nice, she called me a liar, I am far from a liar. I may be a bitch but oh well, life goes on. I am only a bitch when you either mess with my children, my man, or my money, as far as I am concerned she has messed with all three. By stealing my royalties, and taking my money, she has hurt my children, man, and definitly my money.

      Tabetha the only one that is sick is you. You know you are playing your sister, you are the one that has put undue stress on your family. You have abused everyone you come into contact with. You heard of king Midas, you know the guy that everything he touched turned to gold? Well honey everything you touch turns to shit.


  12. Still just dances around questions for proof only because sky isn’t real lmao. This is becoming more and more of a joke the more i read what she says. Just show proof is that so hard. My prof of everything including my uncle will be posted next week. So now its time for you to put up or shut the fuck up. Every single one of us here are waiting for you to show a sliver of truth in all of your lies. But i also know something hehe. Your so called biker affiliation is going to be your downfall. You’re not a member of any club so shut the fuck up about being a biker girl. I only hope they don’t take it easy on you when they show up at your door.

    • A lot of things will be her downfall. She’s already on the hook for tax fraud, and now people are starting to talk about a class action. Not to mention other authorities. The more she talks, the more logs she stacks on the pyre beneath her feet.
      Who’s got that match…?

    • Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time. Been to Sturges with them accompanied by my father. Don’t believe me how would I know Black Pearl and all the bikers. If they show up at my door is to bring me along when the find you to watch as they teach you a lesson on messing with Larry Willis’ s daughter.

      • Lmao she’s no more of a biker girl than you are haha. And they will teach you a lesson and i just want to be there to see it when it happens. You have no affiliation whatsoever with any biker group so keep digging your own grave.

      • If she were affiliated, or if she knew anything about them, the last thing she’d do is throw their name around. Only an idiot would. But then, look who we’re talking about.
        She’ll find out.

      • Tabetha if you knew ANY THING of the biker code, you would know this, NO ONE speaks of being affiliated with 1%ers. You keep your flap SHUT. There are rules, and if you break those rules you are usually NEVER found. If you are it will be to fill a body bag. So are you saying you rode with the famed 1%er biker organization the banditos, or were you just their pass around? Either way you are stupid to run your mouth. Am very curious. By the way it is easy to Google names of members of the organization, like you do so much else to make yourself seem so important. And a little FYI,the majority of any 1%er club NEVER use their given name. I wouldn’t expect the likes of you to know the difference. You keep playing with fire little girl, you will find out the hard way. There will only be 2 outcomes, you being used as a bitch or dead. No threat so don’t start that boo hoo bullshit. Plain old FACT.

      • Keep dropping those names dumbass I just hope you have a will when they come let you know how happy they are that their name is on your twisted tongue, it won’t be gators that creep in the night to come get your ugly ass.

  13. Lmao imagine this.

    The prosecutor calls skylynn wicker to the stand.

    Judge : defense where is your witness?

    Defense : she doesn’t exist

    Prosecutor : you mean to tell the courts that tabetha jones created fake aliases?

    Judge : i need no time to deliberate due to tabetha jones mental stability. Ruling on favor of everyone vs tabetha jones.

    That right there would be fucking hilarious oh wait its so funny because its true haha!

  14. Okay, folks. Listen up. Tab invited us to ask Dee about her private life with Sky, so I did. And I was told in no uncertain terms (by Dee) that Sky is real and that the two of them have spent time together in real life. She refused to post a picture, though, and asked me to keep her name off my “bashing” blog.
    So there’s your answer. Make of it what you will.

    If she changes her mind and wants to post proof to put the speculation to rest, I’ll be happy to handle that.

    • Gee, I wonder if Tabetha is signing in under Dee’s acct. To use her as a alt as well. Makes me wonder if Dee really knows all that Tabetha is doing and using her name to do it with? I don’t trust that damn slippery snake as far as I can throw her fat ass.

    • The photos of Sky change models all the time! They’ve been sourced back to about four different women. Skylynn Wicker is a figment of Tabetha Jones’ imagination.

      • Sky, Skylynn, Skylier…
        How unimaginative does a “writer” and “publisher” have to be if they can’t even think up new names for the same fake alt?

      • Skylier is her real name Lynn is her middle, And Wickerson is her last name, is everyone in the class following. She cut her name down due to stalkers but anyone that bothers her now Dee takes care of it. And no my dad didnt go by his real name he had nick name with ALL BIKERS. He could ride with anyone had the resepcet of them all and as his daughter I do as well. As I have a nickname with them all. And they already know whats going on. The entire brotherhood its made its way from Waco to San Antonio to Dallas.

        And I would never be passed around like a bitch there are som brotherhoods that know that resepcet for women and children are first.

  15. I’ve had some eye opening conversations with the models tabetha claims to be associated with and guess what people she lied to them too. What’s even better than that, tabetha said sky and her models were shot together but when asking the models they’ve never even seen her or there was always an excuse. One of the models is even willing to testify in court. And once i have all the contact info on every model tabetha has used their likeness i wonder what’s going to happen. I could make a call to the local bandido chapter and drop a little birdie about tabetha claiming to be one of them. But why do that when my uncle, yes the special agent in the fbi, can give me all the info i want. What would yall like to see me do first lol. I love having this bitch tabetha by the balls because she has nowhere to run now.

    • Freaking do it ALL.. fry her and be done.. let the witch burn. I am doing my part. trust me on this. I am not going to stand by and let her keep up her games. I have told her time and time again, I can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. She chose the latter, now time to pay the piper. She is destroying many of our lives, and her own family. How much more should we have to endure. Eric, if you have the goods DROP THE BOMB.It is time the kid gloves were taken off and little miss thang learned a hard lesson in life.

      • Fact#1 Dee has never met Sky in person. They have talked by phone and text messages.
        Fact#2 Tabetha has used the Facebook for Sky that came right out of the horse’s mouth. She wanted to know how certain people talked about her.

    • You talked to all the models my sister uses in her company? Models that she has set up agreements with to photograph? The Emerald Rai pic is a stock pic purchased and designed by Luna. And I use my own pics for Zoey and Tabetha.

      And just because it is my sisters company if I want to use a photograph of a model for a book cover I have to have their permission and hers. Now she does have a shoot set up with several that have already agreed to do book covers for Zoey Sweete. One is even a writer and featured on our website.

      I do not use anything illegally. Any models that I use for promos I have their permission to reach other authors for possible book covers. It is about getting them involved and their pictures out there in a different industry.

      If I use a pic that has alread been taken I ensure I have the photographer’s permission as well. Even if the photographer is my sister and the picture is taken through Phoenix Effect Photography.

  16. “And they already know whats going on. The entire brotherhood its made its way from Waco to San Antonio to Dallas.” BITCH PLEASE… you have my address send them this way. I freaking dare your sorry ass. You have as much affiation with the brotherhood as a dead squirrel. My god woman aren’t you aware of what a shit storm you are stirring up? Are you that fucking stupid?? Oh wait, who am I talkikng to? That’s right the illiterate, queen of scams. Do you really think you have that much pull? First daddy was some big biker bandito, now he “And no my dad didnt go by his real name he had nick name with ALL BIKERS. He could ride with anyone” it don’t work that way toots. Unless daddy was just a hang around. If you are with a 1%er orgainzation you are bound to them by brotherhood. BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT. Get it?? No you don’t, your brain is addled with so much crap you can’t get your story straight to save your sorry ass. What’s next?? You do know you are talking to at least one person who knows the real deal. Don’t you? You do know that you are opening a severe can of holy shit I fucked up? Of course not, because in Tabbyland everything is perfect, she is never wrong and her lies never catch up. Aren’t you at least a little bit worried that your stupid lies and delusions are going to endanger not only the mother you claim to love but your child as well? Colateral damage you dumb shit. “And I would never be passed around like a bitch there are som brotherhoods that know that resepcet for women and children are first.” You are right there are som Clubs not BROTHERHOODS. that have respect for women and children. I am not saying the brotherhood of the banditos don’t have hearts nor am I saying they don’t care. But again BROTHERHOOD, they are family. you are talking trash about a organization your sorry ass knows nothing about. You want to puff your chest out like some damn banty rooster, and you are just stirring up a hornets nest. You think that some serious MC chapter is going to give one rats ass about the likes of your pathetic whinny ass?? Are you for real? Hell Tabetha why don’t you stop before your big mouth writes checks your massive ass can’t cash. I will say this, I talked to my family, and they are laughing at you. They think your tripe is so freaking funny, you may find out soon enough just how funny though. They think you have been watching too much S.O.A. So you keep being the biker bitch from hell, I will sit back and watch the fallout.

      • Brotherhoods dont believe in the Blood In and Blood Out its about resepct. These brotherhoods around here dont fight and take a pissing contest on who the better bikers are. Thats the old ways the ways that made people scared of bikers. Learn some new history on biker ways or i can send them your address and allow them to teach you about resepct.

  17. You go right ahead and do that Tabetha.Your sory ass does not scare me. You think you can get anyone to come after me for your lies, BRING IT. You want to think I am going to hide in my house afraid of you or what you think you can do. Sorry toots I have faced some of the worst things ever in a persons life. Have had a loaded pistol held to my head and a double barrel shotgun to my chest. Do your worst, I am still here. AND I WON’T BACK DOWN FROM THE LIKES OF YOU!!!

    • And you believe you are the only one that has ever had bad things happen to them? You think you are the only survivor? No there are hundreds, thousands, millions of US that have survivored and made it thru. I been to Hell and back, Ive been thru the worst on a good day. I have been beaten, raped, lied to, mentally and physcially abused, guns knives to my head and throat, but guess what I am still here.

      Because I never stop fighting and I will never stop fighting.

      As far as sending your address it wasnt a threat it was for them to sit down and let you know everything I said was true.

      But I will allow the brainwashing to continue here.

      I cut those wires a long time ago to those that filled my head with bullshit and I will never allow it to happen it again.

      Everyone will soon see the reason I am still standing. I fight for a reason, not because I am a fraud or a scam or any of that, but because I fight for what is right. And everything you are doing on this blog is wrong.

      • Now the tune changes. So are you with the bandidos or not? You threaten us with them then it changes to they will sit down and tell us shit. Tell us what that you’re full of shit and have no affiliation with them. You’ve ran out of lies and now you’re trying to cover up the sky bullshit. We’ve already proven time and time again that you’re nothing but a false bitch. And the reason you try going after me with the same toed bullshit is because you still think people will buy it when I’ve already proven myself to them. Oh yeah do you remember when you showed up here as bo and tried that shit? Well I’m still waiting for his little ass to show up at my door. But then again you would have to know where i am and you have not a single clue. Just about you’re fucked pay your dues and make right with everyone.

      • I want to see even a single police report. She says that YOU beat her in front of her daughter, and that’s why she threw you out. One claim of being beaten among many, saying that she’s been beaten by just about every man in her life, and even saying that one of them beat (maybe raped?) her little girl as well. She throws these accusations around like candy, for sympathy. For somebody that likes to throw around accusations of slander and defamation, she sure likes to step in it herself, doesn’t she? One of the men she accuses of beating or raping her or her daughter NEEDS to sue her ass for defamation.

      • You are an insult to every woman who has ever really been abused. You make yourself out to be a survivor of all of these horrible things, but the truth is that you are just a liar. You are not some Survivor, like you try and make yourself out to be, you are the one that abuses people. You scam them, you abuse them, you terrorize them, and when they stand up to you, you threaten things like this, sending bikers and voodoo priestesses after them, all the while lying your ass off trying to make yourself look like some survivor standing up for what’s right and fighting for your dreams. You’re just a liar and a fraud, and an insult to every real victim that really has survived these kinds of horrors. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Tabetha you were never raped. It’s been proven time and time again. Just like Sky losing her twins that was a lie. Or Sky having aids that’s a lie because she doesn’t exist. Nice try

      • If she had half the talent for writing the fiction she makes up on the internet, she MIGHT actually sell a book. But she doesn’t. All she has is such a sad and pathetic life that she has to make up others online to live through.

  18. To be ashamed this twit would have to have a freaking heart and soul. She is nothing but a shallow, hollowed out shell. If she has any affiation with any biker organization they would disown her sorry ass. Survivor??? From the looks and wording of all her comments and I have read every one, she is the ABUSER. Either that or she has given someone a serious reason to inflict those so called wounds to her. I do not condone women being abused by any stretch of the imigination, but have seen quite a few women get what they deserved. You don’t play with fire unless you aren’t afraid to be burned! This dumbass person, I won’t insult all the wonderful women out there by calling her a woman, but this dumbass is messing in the wrong persons garden. What was the qoute to Peter Rabbit? Peter would be wise to stay clear of the farmer’s garden. Funny thing is, first she threatens to send the MC, now it is to “talk” does she not know what she is saying? You don’t ask a club of that caliber to have a sit down with anyone that isn’t affiliated with or has no connections with their club. This isn’t grade school where you can pretend you are a princess and your knight in shinning armor is going to come to your rescue. She is actually talking of sending a serious MC to “talk” 1%ers no less. WTF??? I can’t decide if i should laugh at her for being so naive, I am quite sure she has googled the famed Banditos and has read up on their reputation. Quite easy to do and for Tabetha that is how she gets most of her bullshit anyway. Google is her best friend. If she doesn’t think that this MC she is squawking about isn’t 100% willing to do what it takes to ensure that business goes on as usual, that they keep on doing what made them so feared in the first place she has another rude awakening coming. “These brotherhoods around here dont fight and take a pissing contest on who the better bikers are. Thats the old ways the ways that made people scared of bikers. Learn some new history on biker ways or i can send them your address and allow them to teach you about resepct.” Let’s pick that comment apart why don’t we? They don’t fight and take pissing contests on who the better biker is, OK sweetcheeks you are talking about riders NOT true 100% dyed in the wool 1%ers. There is a difference, anyone can ride and own a freaking motorcycle, there is the difference than living the BIKER WAY. You say you was willing to send them someone’s address to teach them respect? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO DO SIT DOWN AND HAVE TEA? Hey dumbass, again 1%ers are you that fucked in the head? The old way of their code and ways of handling people and their bullshit is what has made them one of the most feared MC’s in the world. Yes there are many so called MC’s and bikers that do charity and I have no doubt that the Banditos have done thier fair share of nice things. But are you serious? You are totally FUCKED IN THE HEAD if you think for one moment these men are going to sit idly by and let you keep spouting this crap. Sweetie trust me on this, you DON’T know what you are saying, or even asking for. You want everyone to fear you? The only thing they may do is if you are lucky they will send flowers to YOUR funeral. Stop trying to threaten people with shit you know absolutly nothing about. Lawyers, Bikers, and Gators. Sit your puppy ass on the porch, shut your fucking mouth and maybe, maybe you might in your golden years be able to look back at all this.

      • No you are the ones messing with the hornets nest. You are the ones that will sitting not actually on a throne but in a fiery pit of hell for all that you have done to those on this blog.

        Keep going and it will only get worse.

      • What’s been done on this blog is merely a direct reflection of YOUR actions. People are telling the truth about the things YOU do to people, and the best part is that you come along and PROVE IT.

    • Remember who your talking about she sits on her throne like no one can touch her. She makes me sick to think of all the people she hurts and thinks nothing of her consequences.

      • You are the sick ones sitting on your thrones or rather computer chairs but this game is about to come to an end. And I won’t be the one losing. You may have won some battles but the war is mine.

      • This may be a war to you, but it’s simple facts for us. You’re the one scheming. All we have to do is hand you the rope and let you run. You know what happens when you have enough of it, right? You hang yourself. And that’s what you do every time you come here and blab your big mouth. You hang yourself, one lie at a time.

    • Now who has done their homework on Google looks like. And he sound be named or whatever the fuck I have hospital work from the rape kit. All of it is on file and I believe Sky’s business and her health should be kept private.

      I talked to the local chapter today filled them out on some details and you think they would send somewhere from this chapter no sweetcheeks it spreads all over.

      I’ve gone on many biker runs and done many things and I have been granted permission to defend myself their brotherhood and my father’s name. You wanna meet some ride or die bikers come to Waco Texas sweetcheeks and I’d be happy to have them through you a party.

      As for my religion beliefs never said I was a voodoo high priestess it’s more along the line of a witch or a shadow witch as my father called it.

      Again more burning tongues from the mouths that spill lies.

      • Damn your tongue should be burning by now all the lies you have spilled from your mouth.

      • Because Sky does not exist duh! No one shot themselves and no kids died from a car accident. That information was proven.

      • What was the story? Husband shot himself, twins died in a car accident, and now she has aids and is in a romantic relationship with Tabetha’s sister while continuing to produce photo shoots but won’t offer a single picture of herself as proof that she exists?

        Sounds legit.

      • Do you ever get tired of calling that kettle black?

        YOU said you were sending a voodoo priestess to get me. She’s right up the street from me, right? Close enough to deal with me in person, right?

        uh huh.

        And now, here you are claiming to be a biker chick in your own right. Authors and models don’t pack heat and go looking for a person that lies on them, but a 1% MC does. If you had any sense at all, you’d stop.

        But honestly, part of me hopes you don’t.

  19. Tell me Jt how many abuse or rape victims file with the police? How many step out of their own homes after its happened? And I never said my daughter was raped keep her out of this. I said I was raped. And they all got their justice two in prison for not only their acts of crime against me but the other things they were involved in.

    The first man that ever put his hands on me got a taste of his own medicine because I was tired of being the punching bag.

    Most victims die at the hands of their attackers or flee and tun for their lives never looking back. But I filed my report and was a witness to his acts of abuse to his second wife which he almost killed. But even after all tht he caught her and she put the trigger in her mouth because she would have fathered died at her own hand than his.

    Another ex of mine never physically abused me but screwed with my head, and his next girlfriend he almost killed her. She and I are very close. He got two years for what he did.

    So tell me why would I have gone to the police to file charges against Eric for hitting me in front of my daughter when in the end the predator always wins. He is still terrorizing me and abusing me in one form another.

    As for Bo I hadn’t talked to him in awhile and I’ve always said I got friends in low places. As for being affiliated with a brotherhood go looking go asking I dare you. Because as soon as that mouth of yours opens it might be its last for who you are disrespecting and also distracting her father’s memory. That would be a fun visit. And you think they give that shit out over the phone… wow you don’t know a damn thing about bikers.

    I don’t really give a rat’s ass if you believe the abuse I have suffered but I’ll tell you this there will never be anymore. Believe what you want but when those tongues burn don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • I have a question. You keep saying these big, bad bikers are going to visit people’s houses for disrespecting you on a blog, right?

      So tell me this:

      If Eric beat you the way you say he did, why isn’t he dead? If your ex beat (raped?) your daughter the way you tell people he did, why isn’t he dead? What about any of those other men that you say beat or raped you? Why aren’t they dead?

      Are you trying to tell me that you’d sic the MC on victims telling the truth about you on a blog, but not on men that beat, raped and terrorized you in real life?

      Right. You. Are. A. Liar.

      • I never said they were going to everyone’s houses I said come here they’d throw a party for you all.

        As for being beat my Dad took care of that and made sure they never touched me again.

        As for Eric he had already passed and couldn’t do anything about it. But Eric will suffer his own pain it won’t take a group of anyone to harm him. He’s already done that to himself.

      • Such a liar, and can’t even stand up and own your massive lies. You get called on them and you backpedal. If you did this much fancy footwork in your real life, you’d have the thighs of a linebacker.

      • And again never said beat I said he hit me, learn to get the words right. Bandits will come along and scare the shit out of anyone r rough you up but they don’t murder people.

        And you say I’m delusional?

    • Another threat first to CFW and now JT you are on a roll today. Wonder what your Probation Officer will say when he sees you threatening people.

      • I’m threatening people really? Now I’m giving the facts. I just give warnings sometimes karma works faster than you think. And I’d like to know all about this probation?

      • That’s the first true fact you’ve ever uttered. Karma does work faster than you think, and you might be speaking to it sooner than YOU think.

      • A probation officer doesn’t deal with investigating threats or any other offenses. They revoke probation when presented with evidence of violations.

        If anybody being threatened, harassed, abused, stolen from, or mistreated in any other criminal aspect wants to initiate a criminal investigation, it’s not the PO they need to talk to, it’s Tabetha’s local police. A report can be filed with them online, here:

        When and if those charges are investigated and prosecuted, THEN her probation officer gets involved, her probation is revoked, and she can explain it to Big Bertha fir the next 90 days. More, if she’s prosecuted for the subsequent crimes.

      • Because there weren’t any. If there were, her legacy 1% MC would have killed them all. She says Eric beat her in front of her kid, yet he’s still breathing. She’s one lie on top of the other, tripping over each to tell another.

      • Because you dumbass I was married more than once and my first husband my dad beat the hell out of him for putting a knife to my throat and almost killing me. I didnt have my daughter then. I never had a child til later in life and I married my first husband at a very young age. I was like most naive girls at that age and I was in ‘love’ and didnt know that abuse wasnt part of it.

      • Again I never said he BEAT ME i said specifically he HIT ME get the shit right or dont fucking write it at all Jt

    • Tell ME, Dumbass, how many women who have been raped go on to not only write smut, but write smut about being gang-banged? I can’t even write a love scene without feeling nauseated, and I sure as fuck would never write about “consensual rape.” Not only do I say you have NEVER been raped, I say that you have NEVER been abused. But Karma is a strange Creature – if you keep swearing that these things happened to you… THEY WILL.

  20. So you taught your daughter to accept “abuse” and I put that in quotes only because with all that I have learned about you,I wonder if you didn’t abuse Eric. You want an innocent child to feel revenge is better than the law? You say the predator always wins but before that you stated that the ones that hurt you in any way got justice. So what does that make you? OH RIGHT THE PREDATOR!!!

    Seriously and you can take this any way you want, I don’t give a shit, if I could get my hands on you I would be very tempted to put my hands on you. I love that everything would be to protect you in your father’s memory. Darlin it don’t work that way, you aren’t a legacy, you didn’t get patched in youi are nothing. OH please comment back with you have. Please be that fucking stupid, I double dog dare you!!!!

    And for your information, most people who have suffered the type of abuse you are listing, don’t go around being the vile, ignorant, rude, disrespectful type of person you are. You are are shameful on all levels, yet you feel no shame. You might want to see a doc about that.

    • My daughter has been taught to knock the holy hell out of the man that hits her ask your buddy Eric about that. Although he will lie no mandates to accept defeat from a woman. You want a go at mending your ads to Waco and give it all you got sweet heart but I promise once you put your hands on me it won’t be me picking myself off the ground.

      You may not have a legacy but the Willis name does and it will be passed down as we don’t take no shit from anyone not even potty mouthed little girls like you.

      • Potty mouth, wow, you really do love that kettle. Yes I took that from JT with pride. You thow language around like nothing, in fact you BRAGGED about cursing like an educated sailor. Don’t you rememeber sweetie, I called it an oxymoron. Oh is that too big of a word for you? GROW THE HELL UP. You are the little girl. Always coming up with little tales, and lying your ass off to cover the last batch of bullshit. It’s ok Tabetha, we understand you have a very small mind. It is so hard for you to keep the lies straight. Tell you what, I will be nice STOP TELLING LIES and this won’t happen.
        Only a litte small minded person would prance around and spout all the grandieos things that you have going on in your make believe world. You just don’t know when to shut the hell up. And exactly who are you Tabetha? Jones, Wllis, Farmer, Hoover? You can’t even keep that shit right. Let alone your business,your lies, your life. Just put on your big girl panties,admit you did wrong, hopefully learn from it and btw get bent.

      • I’d like to see somebody “mending their ads” to Waco. I’d like even more to see you actually tell the truth, for once. Like a vampire touching daylight, you might burst into flames for actually having the truth touch your lips. Not that you’d ever actually try it.

        For that matter, I’d love to see you actually speak ENGLISH. God, you’re so illiterate.

      • No threat there, she wants to put her hands on me then bring it on. But you have to be stupid to think I will jsut stand there and take it. But seeing my sister as seen the comments about Sky it might be her you have to watch out for.

        Everyone here are making threats against me and my family yet when i dont back down its call the police. I hate cop calling pussies, you want to talk all that shit and then cant stand up and be a man or woman, and I was taught to fight like a man, I dont do that sissy shit. I was also taught you dont call the cops you whip ass and move on.

        So keep threatening me with this that or the other rack up those threats. I’m just waiting for the wrong and last threat before I shut you all down.

      • Oh boo hoo. You’ve been threatening everybody here for months, particularly me, with that voodoo bullshit, and then others with your biker buddies. Now somebody stands up to you and you crumble like a six year old pissing her pants.

        Shut us all down? What could you possible do to shut anybody here down? What are you going to do, call your biker buddies? Your lawyer? Bitch, please. There isn’t a single thing up your sleeve that will do anything to anybody. We’re not your victims anymore. So go ahead. Give it your best shot.

      • What legacy lmao being a drug runner haha. That’s the only legacy the willis name carries. You obviously are backed into a corner and the big bad girl routine doesn’t work anymore. Time to put up or shut up. We all have shown you evidence now where’s yours. If you come back here without a shred of proof and try to deviate on the one thing we all want to see, then we know you’re even more full of shit than you already are. So what’s it going to be dipshit?

      • She doesn’t have any proof. All she’s got is bullshit. She can’t prove shit, so all she does is change the subject to throw people off the scent. Or so she thinks. All she’s doing is proving time and time again what a liar she is.

      • You daughter is six, going on seven. How the fuck do you think she’s going to be able to defend herself at all, let alone “knock the holy hell out of” a man? YOU ARE A HORRID EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER and you need to have your parental rights taken from you – ASAP!

      • BTW smart ass you forgot a name. I was born a Willis adopted a Jones married a Farmer, married a Saulters, married a Hoover, and went back to my name maiden name but to my core I am a Willis always will be. And I dont need no pill I dont pop pills and that is the last i want to hear of that. I am sick of it. Maybe you are the ones that needs to get mental help and put on medication. Seeing I am only 3 credits now away from my psychology bachelors degree. You suffer from several issues but seeing I dont know your history I will not try to diagnose you, allow I wll specialize in abnormal psychology.

        And we can plainly see you are absolutely abnormal.

      • Three credits away from your psych degree? Interesting, since your profile says you’re studying addiction counselling, not psych.

        So which is the lie, this or that?
        Right. One more lie.

      • Sorry Kindle issues allow me to correct my auto correct , Although I will specialize in abnormal psychology. There you go all proper

  21. When is this tea party? If you get to hsve your representatives then I am entitled to mine. Old style or new style, it won’t be one of laughing. Little girl you better know what the fuck you are talking about because you do not know what you think about those you threathen!

      • Well not everyone airs all their business out on the internet… she has no clue about many of us in general.

    • You want to threaten to put your hands on me you think I’m just going to allow that to happen. Oh you got me seriously fucked up. I’d rather fight a man than a woman, I dont do all that sissy shit. If I recall you threatened me about putting your hands on me and I can claim self defense. So go ahead keep threatening to put those hands on me and it wont be a good thing for you.

      • I’m not afraid to admit it – if I ever saw you on the street, I would beat the living fuck out of you… and after all the shit you’ve said just on this blog, there’s not a jury in the world that would convict me.

  22. It bears mentioning that Tabetha can’t keep not only her stories straight, but her proxies. More than one of her comments today came from one of the proxies she uses to visit and post on this board when she doesn’t want her home IP to show up on my stat checker.
    Such a clueless little twit.

    • Probably because I was on either my Kindle or Ipad could have been either one. But I havent left hom all day. Spent the day with my bestie and her daughter. I dont hide behind proxies or alts, you want me you got me loud and clear right here.

      • I don’t care where you were. I’ve got comments from you on your other devices, and from your alts on a proxy. This was one of your proxies. Try to cover it all you want, but you slip up more than you realize, and I’m watching.

  23. Well well, Tabby girl, you seem a little cranky lately. You didn’t happen to get bitch slapped in certain little conversation did you? Well guess what little girl, there’s more of that to come. You fuck with people, they fuck with you back and there’s more to come so get ready for it. Karma’s coming for you and when it does I WILL BE THERE to watch and maybe I’ll take some pictures for your victims to enjoy. Hold your breathe little girl, your going under.

    • Dallas Gurl no need to hold my breath little girl, I’ll be rising while your ship sinks. I was always good at that game and it wont just be your ship that goes under but this blog and all the lies you and these haters that have followed their cult leader. Lepp doesnt have minions more like cult followers. I suppose that is what happens when you get brain washed. Me cranky never I have the best several days of my life. I got to see my hunnie, my besties, my niece, my daughter came out of surgery perfectly fine. Things are great my way.

      • Hey Tabetha you stupid,ungrateful, dumb twit, YEAH YOU. You really need to learn to read. Again I said “if I could get my hands on you I would be very tempted to put my hands on you.” Operative word is “tempted” but I have been told why slap shit it only splatters. And look at you cowering being big sis, awe how cute. I don’t hide beind anyone, yet you would rather fight a man. Wonder why that is, could it be that most men won’t hit your ghetto ass back? You want to call people pussies, I call you the biggest nastiest PUSSY there is. You have done nothing to prove that you haven’t stolen from, lied to, manipulated or hurt anyone on this blog.
        You may have been on your kindle, laptop or whatever, oh but wait you can’t pay royalties when they are due. But you can still afford to have so much shit. Do you even think before you put words out there? Or is it that you just write to hear your head rattle?

        Believe this and if you want to send big sister after me on this comment I really don’t give a flying fuck. I am not, will never be afraid of you. I am not going to back down until you are defeated one way or another. I am not a patsy, or a pushover. This I promise above all else, be it legal or however it is played out, YOU will not continue this bullshit of stealing hopes and dreams from others. As long as I have a breath in my body. I WILL FIGHT.

      • I like how she tries to say that being on a different device is somehow an excuse for getting caught using a proxy. Does she think we’re that stupid? Please.

      • This blog going under? We’ve been seeing that promise from you for years, haven’t we? Just can’t get it through your head that it’s not slander or defamation, if it’s true. Well, go ahead. Shut me down. Why wait?

        I don’t need minions or cult followers. I don’t need to brainwash anybody. That’s the mentality that you use, manipulating people to do your bidding for you, like telling a kid that I said that you were cheating with her father to make her hate me. Like telling your victims twisted lies so they’ll think they’re defending you if they come on here with guns blazing… when you’re not making up alts to do it with, that is.

        No. All I have are new friends that I’ve met because you abused them and they found their way here to speak out about you. Friends. That’s something you know nothing about, as all you have is people that you use.

      • How about your mom? She ever have her bones put back under her skin, you liar. And you aren’t even a good liar. Just fucking stupid.

  24. Back this bus up…

    I never threatened you. But you are threatening me because I tell the truth and you cannot handle it.
    Your words get you, not us. Dee needs to take off the rose colored glasses. You told people stuff and then when called out…you whimp out, right? Now Dee is coming after us. Do you really know us? You might not be the only one with friends in low places.

    • She’s a big, bad, biker bitch threatening people until somebody turns it around in kind, then she’s pissing down her leg and hiding behind big sis.

      I really think Big Bertha’s going to have a LOT of fun with such a trash-talking chicken shit.

  25. Tabetha says:

    when i dont back down its call the police. I hate cop calling pussies

    Freudian slip, there, Tabetha? Has somebody been calling the police on you? And if they have, how would you know? Did somebody with the police department have a little chat with you about your antics?

    Maybe Dallas Gurl was right, and you have been talked to lately.

    Keep right on stepping in it. Dig that hole, run with that rope, pound those coffin nails. It’s your own words and actions that are doing you in, although you like to blame everybody else. Don’t want the cops called on you? STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE.

  26. I just thought I’d mention that in order to be certified as a drug counselor (let alone a psychologist) the applicant must pass a psychiatric exam as well as a series of drug tests.

    • She will never be able to do that. In order to be a counsoler you can’t be in any psych meds. She’s gotta be the biggest fucking fuck up ever.

    • I’m still waiting for an answer to that one. Is she studying psychology or addiction counseling? IF she bothers to respond to the fact that she’s caught in yet another lie, we’ll get some lame excuse. Lord, but she’s pathetic.

    • Just popping in to clear a few things up. One: Addictions Studies is a CERTIFICATE program, not a degree.

      Two: While you CAN earn a certificate in addiction studies from an online “college”, you cannot get licensed from the state certification board for COUNSELING because they do not accept more than one third of your credits from an online school. A certificate from Kaplan University is insufficient to be LICENSED as an addiction counselor, although they’ll gladly hand you a piece of paper you can wipe your ass with. Basically you’ll work in a clinical setting doing intake, administering drug tests, etc., but you won’t be counseling anyone. Also, in case anyone is wondering, you only make about $10 an hour with that certificate.

      Three: you have to complete specified hours of training in an approved facility, and you also have to pass a written and oral exam before the state certification board. Kaplan cannot help you with that. Getting that addiction studies certificate does NOT earn you a degree in Psychology, although you do have to take a lot of Psychology classes in the program. Also, good luck finding a job as an actual counselor with only that certificate in hand, because in order to work as an actual counselor you are also required to earn a Bachellors degree or higher. But don’t forget, the certification board does not accept more than one third of your credits coming from an online course in order to be licensed as a counselor.

      *You can be licensed if you’ve had past drug problems yourself, as long as there have been no felony convictions. (In some states they might allow a prior felony if it’s beyond ten years since the conviction and you have successfully completed probation/parole and have paid up all fines and restitution, along with other criteria.) You can be on certain medications and be diagnosed with *some* psychological problems, such as Anxiety, for one example, as long as you pass the psychological review and meet other criteria. Many former addicts have become addiction counselors but they need to be able to pass muster. (And earn a psychology degree beyond their initial certificates.)

      I don’t often post here, just lurk and read but I did want to chime in about this since it is my chosen field.

      • Ugh! I meant to post Capella University, not Kaplan. Either way it’s an online course. Also, I meant to type “Bachelors” degree, not Bachellors, that was a typo.

  27. And, BTW, we she didn’t deny using a proxy for her alts. She made up a lie to excuse it. So, by default, she admits using a proxy for her alts.
    Does she ever get tired of making an ass of herself?

    • I think I said perfectly clear if you want me I am here loud and clear. I dont had behind proxies or big sister. As for cop calling, no one has called the cops on me, its called making a statement that I hate cop calling pussies. I am majoring in ing abnormal psychology and minoring in addiction counseling. And I have already taken several drug tests and psych evalutions and I’m not fucked by any means. I’ll be getting my degree and working for charity not to get paid.

      And I see you are harassing my photographers again do you really have to go so low? You think they dont call me and laugh about you.

      My advice the more people in my life you harass the more things you rack up when you go down because it will be covered by me. Now if you will excuse me I have submission letters to answer and a business to run.

      • Of course you hide behind proxies. You hid behind anything and anyone you can, to avoid answering for yourself with anything but the most ridiculous lies.

        Suuuure. You pulled that cop calling pussies statement out of your rotund ass just out of thin air. For the first time in the four (more?) years we’ve been dealing with you. Pure coincidence. I’m sure everybody here buys that. Yet again, a flimsy excuse that doesn’t work. It’s no wonder you can’t write books for shit, if that’s all the imagination you’ve got.

        If you think a single person here believes that you’ll work for ANYTHING without getting paid, you’re more delusional than I thought. I know you try to pull some Mother Theresa wool over people’s eyes to make yourself look like some kind of saint, but you’re forgetting. Too many people here know you far too well. We know better. If there’s no money in it for you, it’s not happening. Just like how there wasn’t any money in it for you to back Cindy’s breast cancer awareness proposal so you didn’t do it.

        What photographers am I harassing? Oh, you mean the one you didn’t have a photo shoot with on the 15th? Yes, I asked if he shot you, because we all know that he didn’t. I’m not the one getting laughed at, kid, anywhere but in your weak little mind. But keep thinking that, if it makes you feel better. You’re the one that’s a laughing stock, calling yourself a model, author, editor, publisher, any of the things you clearly are not. You call them dreams, the world knows they’re delusions.

        No. I will not excuse you. I will not forgive you, and I will not let you slide with your lies and all your other bullshit. You think I’m going down? Good. Then it’ll be a real surprise for you when reality knocks on your door.

        I just hope somebody’s there to take photos of your reaction. Or we’ll just settle for your mug shot.

      • To get a certification to practice, you’ll take to take several psych evauls, before a panel, the the fun drug test of a hair sample, which can’t be affected by a detoxifier. And good luck with that, because if you fail, it can be a crime… Especially if your hair test clashes with your blod and urine tests. They take “cheating” quite seriously. Oh, and don’t forget the background check (juvenile records can be opened for this) and the now popular, almost standard, Google check.

  28. “I don’t hide behind proxies or big sister” but, but, but Tabetha you did in your own words say that and for your feeble mind I will quote you, and as I am quoting you may I inquire do you want salt and pepper to eat your words with? “But you have to be stupid to think I will jsut stand there and take it. But seeing my sister as seen the comments about Sky it might be her you have to watch out for. ” ISN’T THAT PROOF THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO HIDE BEHIND BIG SIS? Your jaw must really get tired, being as how you talk out both sides of it.

    There is nothing you can do, nothing you can say to make me change my mind about you. Now your true colors have shown through in all you have done. I also want to point out about this so called modeling company you only assist with, uhm why is it that the only pics on that site are of YOUR GHETTO ASS, your friend, her man, and the children, yet you have many many many models begging to be with you and your second or is this third illegal company.

    You are such a freaking joke. I mean for someone who is trying to make a legit “cof” publishing company you sure do have your finger in a lot of pies. You can’t keep your supposed company in check long enough to start another project. OH, also when a author leaves your company you are required to delete all their works. So I am telling you right now, I still know my books are on your PF page as well as your personal page. TAKE THEM DOWN. You have NO rights to show my works, no rights to anything about me. So take them down. NOW. And don’t play with me and say oops, you have been told about this many times.

  29. She loves saying she is working for or donating to charity. Where is her proof? Where is the documentation of the charity on that anthology? The organization she said it was, conviently does NOT EXIST. What about that breast cancer awareness thing, why did she not jump on it with both feet? Wouldn’t that given her company and the author some notiariety? Wouldn’t that have given her more clout? Then again, we are seeing just what kind of person she is. If it does not do anything for the great and “powerful” Tabetha Jones she isn’t interested. Like she does with her authors. When they start getting wise to her crap, she starts bullying them, yelling at them and the last resort threats. Like she has any power to do anything but flap her every so loose mouth. She speaks of others being low, but exactly how low do you have to be to do what she has been known time and time again to do? The lies, the cheating, the theft, the bullying, the abuse of her own family memebers. The way she throws people under the bus to save her ass. And lets not forget her favorite tactic, naming names and putting peoples busines out there, when she has no right to. Hell she says shit about the invisible Sky but then in the next statement she respects her and her private life is hers.

    • Exactly. How would we even KNOW that her sister and (the nonexistent) Sky were involved unless Tabetha told us? How is that respecting her sister’s private business?

  30. Tabetha,these are your words…
    1) As for being beat my Dad took care of that and made sure they never touched me again.
    2)The first man that ever put his hands on me got a taste of his own medicine because I was tired of being the punching bag.<~~means beat on…. not just a friendly hit or smack.
    3) I have been beaten, raped, lied to, mentally and physcially abused, guns knives to my head and throat, but guess what I am still here. * her typo not mine*

    Each statement reflects of beatings. Am I clear enough or do we have to start Psych 101 again? Yes, I have taken those courses.

    • I’ve taken those courses too, and it amuses me endlessly to see her make such a spectacle of herself. Not only does she NOT have the first clue, but there’s also no way in the world that she’s written the articles and essays required for the successful completion of the courses she’s claiming. She can’t write her way around a comment on a blog. How is anybody supposed to believe she’s completed graduate level work? I just don’t think so.

      • Ya know I just want to know where are all her saviors? I laugh at the fact that after dumb dumb gets busted they disappear. Even her big sis wants nothing to do with her bullshit. If she was so loved, don’t you think more would speak out. Why even the mysterious Sky won’t come to her rescue.

  31. Meltdown, oh sweet heart I am not having a meltdown, not my style. Maybe you and everyone else just doesnt get it. You created a bitch monster and now you get to deal with her.

    But I can be polite and say I do hope you have a very nice fucking day.

    • More like a psychotic break, haha. Tabetha you are more pathetic with every word you put on this blog. You really have people giggling and pretty much pissin themselves with laughter. You aren’t anything, or anyone important. In fact you are impotent. Your words and threats have no meaning or bearing. You are just throwing anything and everything you can to try and scare anyone you can. But you see there is power in numbers. We have the numbers and the POWER. Your big bad wolf talk is just that talk. You ramble on with grand ideas or what you think willl make people tremble, sadly we don’t. You have no power, no pull in any world but your own sick and twisted one. So to you little girl I say I don’t wish for you to have a nice day, or week or anything. I wish for you to own up to what you have done, maybe karma will be kind to you, if not, it’s your crap shoot. I hope you come up snake eyes.

    • You couldn’t be polite or “a lady” if your reward was the stripper cock you’ve been aching for, you psychotic whore.

      • Tabetha says the reason for so many different last names is that she has been married more than once. Guess the old adage is true. You really can’t turn a whore into a house wife.

  32. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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