The Liar Effect

Tabetha Jones has recently decided to start yet another illegal business. This time, it’s a photography company that she’s talked her sister into claiming ownership of, called The Phoenix Effect photography.
How dare I call it an illegal company? Well, I dare because it’s true, for the same reasons that her bogus publishing company isn’t legal, either. But we’ll get to that later.

Let’s start with the Phoenix Effect home page.

Here alone, we see evidence that this is Tabetha’s baby. Listing herself as the Effect’s leading model shows that the whole endeavor is little more than an ego stroke, a vehicle for Tabetha (as Zoey Sweete) to preen herself as a model, coupled with the fact that 90% of the pictures are of her. It’s just ego-spank for her.

I think the most disturbing thing she says on the front page is that they “do not discriminate against size, race, sexuality, or age.” The mere fact that she mentions any of those things is discriminatory. Why would any photographer even THINK about refusing to photograph anybody based on those criteria, let alone feel the need to deny it so vehemently on the front page of their supposedly professional website? If I saw that on anybody’s site, it would tell me that yes they do, or they wouldn’t have brought it up. I don’t want to work with anybody that even thinks of it.

By trying to include so many styles of photography as a selling point, and going out of her way to appeal to everybody, she’s shooting herself in the foot. If I’m looking for a photographer to take pictures of my six year old, the last one I’m going to choose is the one that has the words “deviant” and “fetish” in the same sentence as “family portraits.” Only in her deluded little world do those styles belong on the same page, let alone in the same sentence. But, hey. It’s her company to ruin.

And, seriously… their LEADING model, Zoey Sweete? Really? Show me ONE publication her picture has appeared in. Show me ANYWHERE that her pictures have appeared that weren’t her own websites. Unless she can do that, she’s got no business calling herself a model at all, let alone anybody’s leading anything.


Next, have a gander at the site’s nav bar.
As usual, she leads with smut. She’s got the “Boudior” shots, “sexy and sensual” front and center. All other settings (couples, single shots, etc) are tucked away under “other” There’s Tabetha’s sleazy mentality for you, glorifying the filthy first and putting all other considerations aside.

Next, let’s take a look at the “about” page.
This is a jumble of hot mess. First, she does little but repeat what was already said on the front page. If she can’t come up with anything new to say about the company, what does it really have to offer? If the site can’t be original, how will the photos be?

Again, she contradicts herself. First she says that “Phoenix Effect does not use photoshop to edit our photographs, we believe in using the right lighting and poses to give you the best look.
And in the next sentence, that they “enhance the photographs that are chosen, whether it be to soften, colorize, add borders or add text to the pictures.
So do they photoshop or not?
I can help answer that one.
On the Phoenix Effects FB page, there’s (at least) one album with manipulated photos in it. So there’s a glaring example of either an inept contradiction or a flat-out lie.

And here, again, Tabetha refers to Zoey Sweete as a person separate from herself. As with her bogus publishing company, it looks like she’s trying to bolster the company with more personnel than it really has, and to glorify herself as something she’s not. Model, author, editor, publisher, all the things she wishes she was, but fails miserably at because she thinks that wishing it makes it so. It doesn’t.

Just take a look at what she says about herself on the “about us” page.
She refers to herself as the company’s manager, and a makeup artist and hair stylist that’s been “in the industry” for the last 13 years.
What industry? Lying and scamming?
What photographers and models has she worked with in the last 13 years?
Even if she has been involved with cosmetology for a number of years, that doesn’t mean that she’s been “in the industry” for 13 years. That’s an exaggeration to make herself seem more experienced “in the industry” than she really is.

And, excuse me, but I thought she’s been “busting her ass” to make authors’ dreams come true as a publisher for the last 4 or 5 years, selflessly losing sleep, spending money out of her pocket, dedicating herself tirelessly to serving her authors. How is that being involved with the modeling industry?
She’s only been trying to pass herself off as a model for the last few months. That’s a fact. No modeling pictures of her appear before that. Not that any real ones have appeared since. She hasn’t been involved “in the industry” at all, in any capacity. It’s just another lie. More wishful thinking that she’s involved with any industry she glamorizes, when the truth is she’s nothing but a wannabe.

As for Dee:
There are two points of interest in Dee’s blurb. First, she contradicts herself badly. She says that she “allows the model to be themselves without direction, giving the models freedom, unless she believes a better pose would work for that particular shot.
So which is it? Does she direct her models or not?
I’m willing to bet that there isn’t a professional photographer in the industry that doesn’t direct the models during a shoot. It’s their reputation on the line every time a photograph they took is published anywhere, including somebody’s facebook page, and I can’t think of a single photog that would leave their reputations vulnerable to the whims of some amateur wannabe model that has no idea whatsoever how to pose for a professional shot. Of course real photographers direct their models, from the most seasoned professional model down to a two year old with the Easter Bunny. After all, isn’t it up to the photographer to get the best shots? Of course it is. If somebody’s just going to pose any old way they want, what do they need to pay a professional photographer for? They can snap a selfie for free.

Secondly, Tab goes out of her way to distance herself from any ownership in the company by insisting that Dee is the sole owner. Which is why Tabetha runs the sites, the facebook, uploads the photos and does all of the online work. Every word.
No? Have a look at their FB.
In at least one spot, Tabetha posts under the Phoenix Effect account, identifying herself as Zoey Sweete.
And in at least one album, Tabetha speaks in the first person about her daughter, and her daughter’s photos in the album description.
I’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that Tabetha DIDN’T do all the posting. I really have to wonder if Dee does anything in that company except show up with a camera to photograph her half-naked sister flopping around on the couch. That does not a modeling company make.

But, if it really is Dee’s dream to become a professional photographer, I say go for it. But she should do it without the swindling fingers of Tabetha Jones in her pocket. Instead, she should do the real work it takes to become a professional within the industry. She should take photography classes and learn about composition, lighting, the proper equipment and everything else it takes to be the real deal. And she needs to learn about posing. REAL, professional poses, not the shtick they don’t even do in sears catalogs anymore. I don’t say that to be cruel. I say that as an encouragement for her to put in the work and preparation it takes to be a real professional in the industry, if that’s really what she wants to do. If all she’s got going for her right now is her sister blowing smoke up her ass and telling her that she’s better than she is in order to get her to front a company for her, she needs to step away. The last thing anybody needs is to get caught up in one of Tabetha’s bogus companies.

I said I’d get back to why this company is as illegal as Tabetha’s other company. It’s simple. A sole proprietorship cannot have employees. Not an assistant, manager, stylist or anything else. If it does, it needs to file the proper taxation paperwork, and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that Tab has convinced Dee that it’s not necessary, so she hasn’t. That’s tax fraud, and if the company gets investigated for it (and something tells me it will), it’ll be Dee that takes the fall for it. The company’s in her name, not Tabetha’s.

This isn’t the first time Tabetha’s used a family name in business, is it? Starting with the fact that her bogus publishing company is under her birth mother’s name, not her own. Why? To evade taxes? And let’s not forget Cindy Carlo’s involvement in Zephyr (however they spelled it) and Mystic Press, clusterfuck that it was. Seems Tab has this habit of setting the people in her family up to throw under the bus when the shit hits the fan. And in this case, she’s got a family member willing to put the whole company under her name so that she herself can walk away squeaky clean.

My advice to Dee is this: RUN. If Tabetha Jones is anywhere near a company, it’s bound to be crooked.


133 thoughts on “The Liar Effect

  1. 1) She can’t even spell boudoir correctly (Boudior? Really?)
    2) Dee “soley” owns the company? Not solely?
    3) They may use a free photo editor such as Gimp, instead of Adobe Photoshop
    4) I agree with the other points you made

  2. I agree with you 100% Lepp. Why did she even have to put that disclaimer on there? Why not say gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transgender, and cross dressers welcome? I am sure the NAACP along with a few other organizations would love to see her prattle. Just for that to be said at all is a discriminatory comment. But look who we are talking about. How can she be booking agent, hair stylist, makeup artist for this new and budding “company” and still give her all to the ones she claims is “family” her authors? Anyone taking notes out there? Hey you in the nose bleed section rooting for Tabetha, take a long hard look at the lies she is stating on her sister’s page.We don’t use manipulation on our photos, but in the next breath, what is she doing manipulating you with another lie. What makes you think she isn’t lying to you? Now to do some math. Tabetha claims she has been in the “industry” for 13 years, ok she is what 33 or 34 now? Which means she would have had to have gone to cosmetology school for about 3 maybe 4 years to get those certifications and licences, right out of high school. And no Tabetha that does not mean learning to slap make up on in the girls bathroom with your besties in middle school, nor does cutting hair ath The Hair Cuttery. Lets see some proof, lets see those certificates, and licences. Hell don’t you have to recert every few years. Now on to poor Dee, honestly I feel for her. She must not have a clue as to what Tabetha is doing, or she is stupidly following her. In either case she is in for a rude awakening. I would like to extend an invite for Dee to contact me. Lepp if she asks you have my permission to give her in private my email. I am interested in knowing what Tabetha did for that person to call her the devil. But it is funny she answers as Zoey, a bit over the top don’t you think even for you Tabetha. Now on to the innocent child, are you stupid or what? What are you doing? Pimping your child out? You give her full name, age, blantant clues as to where she lives, you have got to be as dumb as a box of rocks. Even if the so called stalkers you spoke to your ex about isn’t true, you are really risking your child. I would expect no less from you. Hun, you don’t have MPD you are a NARCISSIS.

    • Does daddy know his little girl is being pimped out like this?

      It’s not bad enough that mom has delusions of being a model, now she’s got to fill her kid’s head with unrealistic notions too? I feel so sorry for this child.

      Only Tabetha doesn’t realize how mentally unstable it looks for her to speak as somebody that doesn’t exist. It’s ridiculous and just plain stupid.

  3. I’m sorry but if I saw that frizzy-headed picture next to somebody that said they were a stylist I’d be scared to let them touch my hair. It looks like she puts her eyebrows on with a crayon. What school did they teach her that at? If that’s how she styles those models are in trouble.

    • When you have natural curly hair and the wind is blowing and you are doing an outside natural shoot the curly is going to do as it wants. And Unfortunately in beauty school I had a girl razor my eyebrows theynever grew back right. Even if i allow the to go all the way out they are so light and sparse ou can barely see them so I use gel or shadow not pencil. We cant all be blessed with perfect eyebrows.But the entire Fall Lifestyle Collection was fun and I loved being outside feeling the breeze and the sun.

      • Really, pig? This is what you talk about right now? Not like there’s somebody you should be taking care of because you fucked her up so bad in the first place? You not Leppy or anybody else but you. Instead your on a blog pretending to be another model and talking about your droopy tits and shagging eyebrows? You really don’t have a heart at all do you, well we knew that already but to see how selfish you really are in full psychotic bloom just leaves me shaking my head in disbelief. How can you live with yourself?

      • Couldn’t reply under yours LMFAO but you have no idea what you are talking about and suggest you all taken a seat and keep yo&fur damn mouth closed. That is between my family and I and . None of your business. Goes to show none can keep their mouth shut. Way to go Lepp. But it was her actions not mine that did this now I’m the cleaning house.

      • If it was between your family and you, why didn’t you keep it that way? No one can keep their mouth shut? Starting with YOU. The only reason anybody knows about any of it is because YOU ran your mouth. As usual, you blame the whole world for what’s your fault to begin with.

        Cleaning house? What, exactly, is that supposed to mean? That you plan to have me arrested over my blog? Good luck with that, when every word is TRUE and most of it comes from your own fetid mouth. There’s a little thing called freedom of speech in this country, especially when it comes to blogs. And, as much as you scream slander or libel, that just doesn’t happen when what’s being said is true. You just don’t like that the truth is out about you.

        If you had even a single toe planted in reality, you’d feel horrible and ashamed, because what’s going on in your family is a direct result of how YOU treat people. But you don’t. Instead, you’re here, pretending to be some model, defending yourself, playing the same stupid, silly headgames that caused such tragic events in the first place. If ever there was proof of how selfish and unstable you really are, this is it.

        I would tell you to get a clue and at least PRETEND to care more about what’s going on with your family than yourself, but it’s obvious that you are incapable.

  4. That says she helps all models feel comfortable at shoots but that’s bullshit. I’ve worked at one of her shoots and she made everyone feel very uncomfortable with the way she flirted with the male model she was vulgar and creepy. That guy doesn’t work with her anymore and neither do I and other guys won’t work with her either, she’s a pig in heat.

  5. Offering a six year old child as a model for a company that advertises artistic nudes, Boudoir, sensual and sexy, romantic couples and fetish settings reads like a pedophile’s wet dream come true.If I were that child’s father, I’d be screaming bloody murder to keep her out of that environment. What kind of mother pimps her own daughter out in such a dubious fashion?

  6. You say you want proof and that i have MPD and that I am all my authors, no one exists. Lets turn the tables why dont all of you post your real names stop hiding behind WTF or LMFAO or Eutheria. Give me names give me states give me IP addresses you have mine you have everyones and you claim I’m alllllllllll these ppl in my company. You are the one that needs to put up or shut the fuck up. Zoey Sweete doesnt exist funny I suppose Richard Bachman doesnt exist either. You want all my proof what about your proof. I have sent my proof I have everything no need to hide behind proxies or open another company, I suppose YOU ALL dont know the meaning of family. We help each other out just as Dee helps me with my company. But allow me to make this very fucking clear, I DO NOT PIMP MY DAUGHTER AND IF YOU EVER SAY ANOTHER WORD ABOUT MY CHILD THIS NOT A THREAT IT IS A PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT.

    Jt you dont go by your real name you go by Lepplady I suppose you dont fucking exist either. How do I not know all these alts names like WTF He who should be named, LMFAO, JAFO, are all YOU?

    I find that it so sad that you take it on a daily basis to track down or attempt to everyone that is involved in my life. News flash bitch you dont track down people from my life. Because I flip that switch and start doing the same damn thing to you. How would you like that?

    And why dont you ask Jacqueline who the real Ruby Dee was? See if she will tell you the truth or deny it like she suddenly likes to do. Just like denying she ever saw payouts or royalty statements and talked to Sky several times on the phone three way with me? Now how the hell would that work when Jacqueline was the one dialing HER fucking number?

    And Cindy you want to talk biker bitch this and biker bitch that blah blah blah. Yes my father was affliated and yes being his daughter it is passed down generation through genration. Seeing my mother was married to him and even though they divorced she is STILL affliated and she not only the Bandidtos but a few of the really rough ones that dont care if you live or die.. google Richard Crow. You want to talk about family ties with bikers look him up and see if he wants to fucking talk. You may not like his talking but he will damn sure set all of you straight and as my momma says in some ways you cant even possibly imagination.

    I believe things have a way of working themselves out, and allow me to correct you, I have NOT been in business 4 years Phoenix has been open 2 yrs tomorrow not 4. Mystic was opened not even 6 months and barely 3 by me. You say I cant keep my stories straight but obviously you are so caught up being all these cult followers you cant keep yours straight.

    And by the way you seem to like to go by Jt so much are you hiding something Jeanne or maybe its Jared and the T is that for Twat or Tailywacker?

    • Wow. I scarecely know where to start.

      Yes I do.

      Tabetha knows that today is a difficult day of the year for Jacqueline because of losses in her life, yet she choose today to heap all of this shit on her.

      For everybody looking, THAT is how Tabetha Jones treats “family.”


    • Tabetha, i have a question… You know me, always with the questions. You are so quick to throw Jacqueline’s name out there as she is lying now, but yet you STILL have her and Katrina on your website as the manager’s and whatever other bullshit you added to their titles. Why is that?? You have obviously been on there recently to update the “new” authors and all of that but yet it just happens to slip your mind to remove two of the people who are NO LONGER WITH YOUR COMPANY! I know this for a fact because they are with mine 🙂 so please, i would appreciate it if you would remove MY authors from YOUR site. it casts them in bad light.

    • No, we don’t need proof of your alts, Snatchmo. We already know they’re you. And, no, Richard Bachman DOESN’T exist, Dimwit. Stephen King never tried to present himself as RB in reality the way you do with Zoey Sweete. As for me, I use my initials. What the fuck is wrong with that? How does that in any way compare to you parading around as somebody that doesn’t exist? Or is that just your way of trying to “flip that switch” and turn it around on me? Because if that’s the best you got, you are way out of your depth.

      Allow me to MAKE THIS VERY FUCKING CLEAR. YOU are the one that puts your daughter out there. We wouldn’t know shit about your kid if YOU didn’t put it out there. You need to check yourself before you start threatening people over shit YOU’RE responsible for.

      Still using biker’s names out both sides of your mouth? Better be careful, little girl. Some people don’t look favorably upon having their names thrown around by sick little liars like you. Yes, things do have a way of working themselves out, and if you keep dabbling in shit you know nothing about, you might not like how that turns out. There are people out there that do not play that shit.

      Nobody here has a single fucking thing to prove to you. WE’RE not the ones scamming, lying and cheating people. YOU are. So suck it up, Buttercup. As long as you keep doing illegal shit, you can keep expecting to get called out for it.

    • And, for the record, Richard Émond, called “Crow” by his biker associates, was a Hell’s Angel, died in ’95 and has fuck all to do with you.

      Keep throwing those names out there, little girl.

      • Funny Richard is still around and kicking lives right down the street from us. I never said he was a Bandito although he was for a bit then went to the Hells Angels then is now back with the Big B’s. I just said we have family ties with all bikers and that is through my mother. Do some fucking homework. I mean you should know my whole family history by now all the fucking snooping you do. And I can throw names all i like because i have the right too.

        Sabrina I’m not sure what site your looking at but Jacqueline and Katrina has been removed for a long ass time so no need to worry about your lil bitty company.

        And as for anything for Jacqueline having a sid day sorry no one gives a fuck when I have bad days from loss or being harassed by you idiots and ppl on here talking shit.

        But again Im not doing anything illegal but everyone on this blog sure is.

      • You’re talking about a different Richard Crow, then. Because the Hell’s Angel Richard Crow Emond was from Quebec (nowhere near your sorry ass) and died in ’95. He does have surviving family, though, that I’m sure would be delighted with you talking about him out of turn.

        But you’re saying that you’re friends with this guy? Okay. I Googled like you said to and found somebody who’s deceased. If the guy you’re talking about is still around and kicking, post the link to him we’re supposed to have found.

        As for not giving a shit about Jacqueline’s “sid” day, that just shows that you’re no woman. You’re not even adult. You’re just a cold-hearted, trifling child.

      • Back this short bus up…
        Correct me if I am wrong! It was her father…Larry Willis that was a biker, right? Then why all the sudden is the connection thru her mother? I understand they were married but it would still be on his legacy …connections?

  7. Tabetha you don’t want to attack me remember I know way to much that you don’t want me to open up and tell. I never saw your paperwork. Never talked to Sky on the phone just messages on Facebook. Ruby Dee I have no idea who she is. If you want to open the can of worms go for it but your not going to like what you see.

    • You were the one that texted Dee begging her to convince me to allow you back in. She still has the text messages. You begged her to allow me to take a call from you. And I havent shared anything about myself personally or about myself in my past that everyone knows about. Just go ahead and admit you are a backstabbing bitch and dont want to be called out on your bullshit. And my can worms is a hellva lot bigger than yours.

      Deny it i knew you would you’re good at that. But eventually all that lying is going to catch that tongue on fire.

  8. Tabetha. I’m tired of hearing the crap you do. You never paid any authors or anything. don’t bring me into this because I have better things to do then create fake account called Ruby D. If I was you I would just stop now. my mother doesn’t need this today. if you would have an respect you would stop and pay attention to your daughter. have a wonderful day 🙂

    • I do believe that your mouth is a little too big for your pants little lady. And for everyones info where and what my daughter is doing is my business and her fathers so keep your trap shut.

      • Tabetha I would suggest you keep away from Caitlin! She has a right to speak just like everyone else!

      • Oh from the lady who tossed this very same lady under the bus a few months ago…
        Many can say your mouth is too big for your britches … examples promises of dreams coming true..telling Sky’s business to one or more then begging for privacy bc of your non-blood sister that you are conning, you daughter’s illness to that of sounding like a pedophile photographer’s assistant

      • Let me just call your parol officer and tell them about all your threats and gang talk. which is aginst your probation. I hope jail is fun. don’t drop the soap there.

      • Excuse me?? YOU were the one telling everyone about C’s business on past entries of this blog! Don’t you DARE try to chide her! And I’m seriously considering screencapping and printing out all the shit YOU have said about YOUR DAUGHTER and sending it to CPS! You don’t have MPD, and you don’t need an institution – you need someone to take your child away from you while she still has some innocence left BEFORE YOU DESTROY IT and you NEED TO BE IN PRISON!
        I have finally had enough of your plaster saint shit, so you best try to hold your lying tongue when CPS starts investigating – though it won’t do you any good. I’m praying harder than I have ever prayed that your daughter is removed from your toxic presence FOR GOOD!

  9. Tabetha,
    I am real and will not put my name on this blog for you to feel satisfied. For you throw everyone under the bus on a very day you know is hard for Jackie. Grow up and be the woman you claim to be!
    Reason I stay under wondering is because as an author under you company tarnished my good name and jobs lost! Because of what you did as early as 2011 hurts others. Many authors, editors… now more, who have had any dealings with you struggle with employment because the respinse wr got was…”you were with the unprofessional fake business person Tabetha Jones and for that you cannot be trusted.”
    Read that quoted statement closely. If not for the friends and family on this blog, new and old supporting the truth and fact, dreams would be destoryed.
    You are like the flu bug you destory things and pretend to be amazing! But people are seeing tje light for we have the vaccine!

      • She is a child and has no means to be on this blog and funny I never mentioned she was Ruby Dee but sure did come out swinging to deend herself. Quite odd dont you think? I just said why dont you ask Jacqueline who the real Ruby Dee was, no names were mentioned no one was accused.

        You told Eric at one point to leave your daughter off this blog and now you allow her to post on it.

        Now whos mother of the year?

      • Everybody knows that you’re saying Caitlin is Ruby Dee, yet again dragging that minor into your business with your lies. She’s defending herself against that accusation as anybody has a right to. If you had ANY respect for her being a child, you wouldn’t be accusing her of being Ruby Dee, and you wouldn’t go after her here. But yet again, you show that you have no respect, and no maturity.

      • Hold the phone, Did Tabetha just say she was a child and needs to stay off this blog, yet wasn’t it her that made this young lady come on the blog in the first place over a month ago?? Trying to have that cake and eat it too again aren’t you Tab?? And don’t try do prance around with how much you like cake, trust us it shows, all we need to see is the cottage cheese thighs and flappy breasts. Yeah I went there.

        You again are the one making your daughter a topic of conversation. You want to abuse people, say they lie, that they aren’t fit. Pull that rafter from your eye before you worry about the straw in mine. I don’t live in a glass house like you, I don’t put my business out there like you do. You only want sympathy and pity, the only ones I pity are the ones you have tainted with your touch or words.

    • Unfortunately I never owned a company in 2011 and seeing how I so called ruined your name you would think you would want me to know who you were seeing it would be so much easier to take your revenge.

      But wait you decide to hide behind a fake persona. And I am the fake one.

      I separate myself from the author Zoey Sweete because it is a pen name not Tabetha Jones.

      You ppl are amusing as hell.

      • Gang talk and threats the only ones making threats is the ppl here attacking me. As for gang talk I dont think Ive used any gang slang but Ill go ahead allow you to believe whatever you like including probation. The things you ppl come up with is mind blowing.

      • Allow me to refresh your memory:

        “Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time. Been to Sturges with them accompanied by my father. Don’t believe me how would I know Black Pearl and all the bikers. If they show up at my door is to bring me along when the find you to watch as they teach you a lesson on messing with Larry Willis’ s daughter.”

      • She is getting her revenge. They all are. By telling the truth about you so that nobody else can get scammed or tainted by association with you.

        There’s a difference between using a name online and pretending to really BE somebody else the way you do. But in your twisted little mind, it’s the same.

        You’re the amusing one. Can’t BUY entertainment like you.

  10. “And Cindy you want to talk biker bitch this and biker bitch that blah blah blah. Yes my father was affliated and yes being his daughter it is passed down generation through genration. Seeing my mother was married to him and even though they divorced she is STILL affliated and she not only the Bandidtos but a few of the really rough ones that dont care if you live or die.. google Richard Crow. You want to talk about family ties with bikers look him up and see if he wants to fucking talk. You may not like his talking but he will damn sure set all of you straight and as my momma says in some ways you cant even possibly imagination.”

    Right there is your mistake, you dumb ass twit. The only time any 1%er MC affiliates with any other MC is to do business. They don’t go to each others houses and have a few cold ones, they don’t plan easter egg hunts or christmas parties with other MC’s. Maybe for other chapters of THEIR OWN but if you think for one minute that lets just use these for example, The Pagans and the Hells Angels, are going to sit down for thanksgiving you are dumber than anyone has given you credit for. Again using names you have no business using. But that’s your style isn’t it Tabby?Always trying to be better than you will ever be, always trying to one up someone. You are nothing but a sad, pathetic, lonely, boring, little girl.

    Full of it said this
    “I’ve worked at one of her shoots and she made everyone feel very uncomfortable with the way she flirted with the male model she was vulgar and creepy. That guy doesn’t work with her anymore and neither do I and other guys won’t work with her either, she’s a pig in heat.” I would love to know what shoot this was on, date and location. Along with is Full of it man or woman?

    Tabetha you know who I am, like I have told you many times there is no shame in my game. How about you? Your still lying, and being delusional. You are still throwing people under the bus to save your ass. And now you have involved a ill old woman. What the fuck are you thinking? Are you really that stupid? As for your daughter I will quote Will Smith from the movie Men In Black ” Don’t start none, and there won’t be none.” You are the one putting your innocent child on a page with the statements of nudes, fetish, and deviant. And you are saying you aren’t a pimp??? Are you crazy? Just by putting your child’s pic on a site that advertises that is a child molesters wet dream. You are STUPID.

    As for the alts you are crying about, what about your famous model friend, did that person take the time to read this blog and realize what scum you are? Or is it really you who got busted and had to change tactics? Notice only the ones that defend you have the same writing style. All the others that write on here, have different techique and syntax. A true publisher could decern that.. As for Bachman, Stephen King never said he was Richard, he said that was his pen name. His wife didn’t go around calling him Richard as he was writing under that name dumb dumb.

  11. Tabetha if my company is so little that you don’t need to worry about it then why did you jump to ‘like’ it on Facebook, along with my pen name and my author page as soon as you heard about it? could that be because you are upset about the fact that i am doing the same thing as you but the only difference is i will do it better? maybe its the fact that all the authors you fucked over will be under mine and Jacqueline’s company? or that we are already a legal company… something you wouldn’t know about. I’ll show my proof if you can show yours…. wait, no proof? that’s a sad story, i can still show mine. So before you try to throw around the fact that you may pretend you ‘care, remember you are the one on my dick. liking MY pages. i could care less about what you do on your pages. And as far as the changing your site before you commented about “It has been changed forever” i call bullshit. You only changed it because you were called on it. I’m sure plenty of people have seen it like that lately… so keep with the lies, it just makes you look like the idiot… again

    • You’re not doing the same thing as her. You’ve got a LEGAL company.
      Of course she changes her site. When people correct her (Boudior *eye roll*) she runs to change it. Pity she can’t manage to get it right in the first place. But that’s Tabetha for you. Fucking up and trying to play catch up. But she never quite gets there. So instead, all she can do is sit around throwing out threats from biker buddies she doesn’t have. Pitiful.

  12. Since Tabetha is slow, let me state this. Somewhere on all these blogs..Suess, Cussed, Erotic, Rusty, Leppy, and others I am forgetting off the top of my head was her dealing with Mystic then..Manager at the very least in which autjors got scammed.. those reading take what you want out of it … i said dealings going back to 2011… guilty sceamed.
    A person that has already been tarnished is not going to take a chance in losing all dreams by outing her name. For all those here know me… even you but since you cant remember not my issue lmao for I do not take drugs to affect my memory on how ypu damaged people. I have succeeded so I will not allowyou to ruin me again, you dumbass… bait all you want I do not care.. unlike you I am a good person and good will win.
    Now if some is bored over the next few days … catch up on the blogs watch stories change and who gets blamed (Rai Willis changing to Emerald Rai Fluers before you eyes and how Rai was an editor who messed up) aka Tabetha

  13. Tabby sounds like that toad in Illinois who has no idea who his detractors are; he keeps demanding they tell him what their legal names are, so he can stalk and harass them. When they don’t, he put on his puffer fish act, and tosses out idle threats. Lawl.

      • Oh re we talking about my good friend Nickolaus? We are still working together. On several projects. He and I get along wonderfully actually. Our projects together are going to be some bad ass work, looking forward to actually.

      • I thought love couldn’t bloom amongst thieves during multitudes of crimal actions! A relationship I would be proud of, NOT!

  14. No relationship of that kind you dumbasses I am seeing someone. We work together on a professional level.

    I am not a thief and neither is he. Maybe you are just really jealous of how talented he really is.

    • I see what you’re up to. You’re hoping we’ll attack Nick so that he’ll come here and confront us. Maybe if we’re busy dealing with him, you can slide under the radar, eh?

      Not falling for it.

      If he thinks he’s getting anything close to a real publisher, editor or human being when dealing with you, More power to him.

    • Relationship= business not romantic… Not all of us think about DICK all the time!… thought you weren’t ready for that yet… your words on this blog, he was waiting in the shadows.

      • The man I’m seeing it isnt about DICK thank you. And as I said I had a close friend we actually went to school together. And we are just seeing where it goes. Hes a real gentleman.

        Nope trying to throw heat on Nickolaus at all. If he comes on here its his deal. Not mine. I stated we were working together.

      • IF you really are seeing somebody, it’s about one of two things: Dick or money. It’s not about love because you’d have to have a heart for that. And you don’t.

    • You’re seeing someone? Weren’t you saying just a few days ago that Bo was waiting patiently in the shadows because you weren’t ready for that kind of a relationship?
      So, now you and Bo are doing the hot and heavy? Or is it Brandon?
      Good to know.

      • Not seeing a Bo or a Brandon but my love life is really none of your business. Bo and Brandon are both very good friends of mine. Just shows you stalk my page for when I tag ppl.

      • Yet again…. No.
        I don’t have to stalk your page. You bring your business here. If you don’t want people in your business, stop airing it out on a public blog.

      • I didn’t say you set it up. I said you were involved. Get YOUR facts straight.

        And make no mistake. Any time I see your name, or any of your alts, on a crowdfunding project to raise money for yourself using some third party (real or imagined), I will speak up about it loud and clear. Publishing scams aren’t the only ones I’m all too happy to expose.

      • The crisis was caused by you and there are certain times and days we can only take care of things and see her. And right now she is on lock down with the police. They have taken her computer and tomorrow they will be checking her phone. The took her a packet to fill out and I have to fill out one as well. She is allowed one phone call a day but today is different. I told one person to pass a message to you because I wanted you to know what you had done. One person which was Jackie. If you ran your mouth to others that is you. No one else knows anything besides my best friend of 22 years because she has been here with me keeping me calm so I dont have a breakdown for what you have done to my family.

      • bullshit. You need to stop pointing that chubby little finger at me and start looking in the mirror. YOU have done this to your family with your cruel and heartless actions toward your sister. You alone are responsible for this. If you had the first clue about that, you’d be spending your time looking after your family and less time trolling this blog.
        You say you can only do things for your sister at certain times. Understandable. But your mom’s there 24/7 isn’t she? You say she was so upset that she almost had a heart attack, didn’t you? Well, perhaps she should be more important to you right now than I am. Just a thought.

        You say only one person knows, but then name three. Make that four, including your mom. So stop talking out of your ass, please.

        You don’t have breakdowns. You cause them. You batter and abuse everyone around you until they break. Then you run screaming to try to lay the blame on me. This is the third (fourth?) time you’ve tried to assign blame on me for this type of situation, when the only common denominator is you, your cruelty, your lies and your complete lack of empathy for the people around you.

        YOU did this. YOU. Pull up your big girl panties and own it.

      • If I understand correctly what occurred, the police would not be confiscating anything. An act done to oneself does not constitute a police investigation.

      • Then again, if the cops are looking into her computer and her phone, they’ll have no problem finding out exactly who Sky is, and where she is.
        Tabetha, you might want to use your right to remain silent… even though I seriously doubt you have the ability.

  15. It bears note that Tab ran and changed her site after having errors pointed out to her here.

    She changed the menu on the front page to put family photos first, and fixed the spelling of Boudoir in the menu.

    But if you look, she’s still got it spelled wrong on the front page in the description. *SMH*
    Now that she’s been corrected (again) maybe she can go fix that now, too.

    • In all honesty, I think that’s one of Tabetha’s better photos. She’s actually wearing clothes, and she doesn’t have a ton of makeup spackled on her mug. And she’s not sneering. That ruins most of her photos. It just isn’t pretty. It’s nice to see that she’s capable of looking at a camera without doing that, for a change.
      I have naturally curly hair that frizzes beyond belief, so I know what I’m talking about when I say she could manage the frizz better and still let it curl. The only other thing that bothers me is that finger on the chin pose. That stopped being cute when Shirley Temple reached puberty, but Tab does it in every other photo. If she wants to be this uber model, she needs to stop doing that and learn how to pose properly.
      Mostly, though, I think this is one of her better shots.

      • I agree lepp. She isn’t centering the whole pic on her chest tattoo or rolling around half naked. Maybe, just maybe, she is realizing that being a trashy skank isn’t as cute as she thought before. But I really doubt that.

      • I doubt it.

        I complimented her on a photo and she didn’t even have the maturity to accept it graciously. She hasn’t learned a thing. Mentally, she hasn’t even reached puberty.

    • Oh my god if that wig was red this would be the most perfect thing ever as that’s exactly how Scabetha looks attention whoring herself out with every breath she takes.

  16. Allow me to say thank you for politely saying you liked the photo. I hadn’t seen your post until now. We did a on location shoot it was breezy and a beautiful day.

    I can do more than one look.

    And as I go along you will see that. Already preparing for my punk and rock concepts then its off to goth. I want to be diverse. I am sure you can understand that.

    But Sabrina unfortunately I am no skank.

    And Lepp you want me to say thank you ater you insulted saying that the only reason I would see a man is for money or dick. You have me pegge completely wrong. I do have a heart that loves unconditionally.

    • Tabetha, your idea of diverse is deluded. when we talk about being diverse with your looks we mean don’t do the same two faces we have all seen in every picture. and there isn’t much of a difference between punk/rock and goth. trust me i would know. most of my friends fall into both categories

    • You started out TRYING to be gracious. But you couldn’t leave it at that, could you?

      More than one look in modeling is a great thing, if you had any idea what that meant. Putting on different clothes doesn’t create a new look. A model does that with her face, her expression and her body language. You only know one look, no matter what clothes you do or don’t wear: Sleazy. You sneer at the camera, stick your little boobies out and fling your legs apart. That doesn’t make you a model, and it certainly isn’t diverse.

      If your heart had ANY idea what love was, you wouldn’t be lying to your sister about being involved with a model that doesn’t exist. Blood or not, she’s your SISTER. How could you do that to her? How could you play with her emotions like that? That’s not just heartless, it’s cruel.

      No. Your heart knows nothing of love. It knows only selfish delusions. You care only for yourself, and I feel sorry for anybody that cares about you, thinking that you love them back on any level. They’re doomed to find out what so many others have before them. You don’t love them. You don’t even care. You don’t know how. And that’s just sad.

    • Hagatha your idea of diversity is tits or twat, that’s all you know how to show, your a fuck ugly minger stop trying to be something your not because you are no model your just a joke.

  17. Sorry all but dear dumb Alice had a part to play and she played it well helping a few gain truth! Sorry Mad Hatter I never intended to go where the roses got painted red! On the other note WTF doesn’t need to out who they are Tabetha!!!! Dear Catlin has a voice no matter the age. I say let her speak, I’m proud she stood up for her mother! Mother of the year? Stay clear of that one dear…..

    • Let me expand on that. BULLSHIT, Tabetha, as you made one blog entry, and then proceeded to talk to yourself on it. Then you made comments here. And you aren’t Beetlejuice – just because someone mentioned your name does not require you to show up. Now, you and Ruby Dee and Tabetha go look in the mirror and tell the SAME IMAGE LOOKING BACK AT YOU to get a fucking life.

      • I have a life a wonderful oe at that. It you all here that are the ones that have no lives. The only image looking back in the mirror is me Tabetha Jones. I dont have to be 20 different ppl to get my point across. I can do it just fine on my own.

      • If you had such a wonderful life, you wouldn’t spend so much time creating all the fantasy lives that you live through your alts. If you were so happy with the face that looks back at you from that mirror, you wouldn’t spend your days stealing photos from models to put on the profiles of the people you make up for yourself. If you loved yourself, your face and embraced your “curves” as much as you claim, you wouldn’t feel the obsessive need to plaster your fake profiles with stolen pictures of thin, athletic models and lie about being them.
        No. You’re not happy with yourself at all. If you had an iota of self confidence, you wouldn’t make such a spectacle of yourself whoring for attention the way you do. Everything you say, do and put forth about yourself screams insecurity. Maybe if you addressed the issues you obviously suffer from, you’d learn to respect yourself. Maybe if you weren’t looking through the altered state you live in, you’d get the one and only point that matters: that you hurt people. You lie to them and you leave their dreams in the dirt. You’re horrid, loathsome, and cruel. Until you get a clue about that, anything you say is facial flatulence.

      • Isn’t thins Thanksgiving in America? Don’t families there spend this day together being thankful for their loved ones? So Humpetha if you have such a wonderful life why are you spending such a special day trolling Leppy’s blog instead of with your family? No you don’t have to be 20 people you have to be over 200 by now or have you lost count? Your proven a liar about Sky by the brilliant Lepp one step ahead of you as usual proving what a fake you are. Honey you couldn’t make a point if you used a chisel and a hammer, your just too fucking dull. When are you going to realize your beat and go get a shrink or something because you need serious help. You a psychiatrist that’s funny as your the most abnormal thing on the planet.

  18. LMFAO, you are right, it is Thanksgiving here in the states. I personally want to thank the wonderful Lepp,Ms.JT, and Cussy, may God rest her soul, for keeping the lights on where Tabetha is concerned. I also want to thank those who are bravely coming forward to reveal Tabetha for the lying, cheating, manipulating piece of pond scum she is.

    Tabetha there is nothing gracious about you. Hell you can’t even take a compliment without being a total skank ass bitch about it. You couldn’t be a lady if your entire families life was in danger. If all the God’s that be came to you and demanded that one act of contriteness, you couldn’t do it and you would damn your family to hell.

    You are a true piece of garbage. I just feel so sorry for your family, knowing they have you to live with.

    • I’m grateful for each and every one of you. You’re lovely, brave people that I’m lucky to have met.

      I’m even grateful for Tabetha. She presents an unwavering example of the wort of person I never want to be.

  19. I have been hearing a ton of shit about this blog from other models. No I have not worked with Tabetha personally but I have met her on set and she’s a bitch or pig in heat. She has a dirty mouth but fuck don’t we all? Now I won’t continue to come on here and fight, not my style. I say what I need and that’s it. Tabetha isn’t some stupid bitch or con she’s got class and the reason photographers want her is because she lights the room up with her personality. She is funny as fuck and a blast to watch.

    Here is the concept if you can ride with it. You don’t like her sensual or whorish pics like you say don’t go looking. She is showing women and men you don’t have to be a fucking certain way.

    I think she’s fucking hot and when I did hit on her she was like I don’t mix business with pleasure.

    She’s a cool ass woman looking forward to get the opportunity to work with her than sit on the sidelines waiting for my shoot.

    I can say this she doesn’t wear no two or three bras baby. Those are real d’s seen enough tits to know.

    No she wasn’t naked but hey I’m a pervert I find ways haha. Forgive me Tab you were just too hot that day.

    I say let her be her. Its her life she will be the one to say what’s right for her or wrong.

    Peace Out

      • And, if you were somebody who truly and factually wanted to stand up and defend her, you wouldn’t have to hide behind some bogus email and proxy. You’d have no problem letting us know who you really are. I mean, if you really are a model like you say, you’d have no problem telling us who you were. Since you don’t, we can only take it as a matter of fact that you, like Sky and any other “model” that defends Tabetha, are just another figment of her addled imagination.

      • Dear god, Tabetha STOP! You don’t know how to hide your tells & your ego stroking bullshit flags up your fake posts every time.

    • Since whoever wrote this is obviously more literate that Tabetha, I was willing to allow for the possibility that you’re someone who just hasn’t gotten to know Tabetha very well yet. I was going to say that you need to get to know her a whole lot better before you make an ass of yourself defending her.

      But you made two glaring errors. First, you said that Tabetha doesn’t mix business with pleasure. If you spent more than five minutes around her, you’d see that she mixes pleasure with everything. She’s simply incapable of separating her sleazy idea of pleasure with anything. Hell, she couldn’t even trick or treat without trying to pick up some guy with fangs. It’s simply who she is. The idea that she can be professional is a fallacy that Tabetha tries to convince people of, but is unable to back up with reality. Anybody that spends any time around her learns that very quickly, which is why so many models have stopped working with her. It’s difficult, at best, to think of a model lining up eagerly to work with her. That, too, is another lie she presents to people that just isn’t true.

      Secondly, no man steps forward to defend the size of some woman’s tits, whether he’s hot for her or not. That only happens in Tabetha’s twisted little world. Your defense of her flabby little boob flaps reads like something straight out of one of her books, not any conversation that happens in reality.

      No. Whether you’re Tabetha herself or, more likely (since you actually write in coherent sentences) somebody she’s talked into defending her, you are a woman. One who, for whatever reason, is willing to put yourself on the line for Tabetha Jones.

      Whoever you are, I urge you to read back through these pages and take a good look at how she treats people. Many of the folks now stepping forward to speak out about her were once where you are, someone who believed her bullshit and defended her. Each and every one of them learned the hard way that she deserves neither their trust nor defense. You will, too, sooner or later, when she’s done using you. And when that time comes, we won’t harbor any hard feelings, with so many of us having been in your shoes.

      Finally, if she wants to be a whorish pig in her own life, that’s her own business, and it sucks to be her. But what she fails to grasp is that as long as she suckers people into her business, how she mixes her sick pleasure and revolting character traits with business IS their business, and they have every right to call her out on it. An author doesn’t want to find out that he or she is being (illegally) published by someone posing topless and spread-eagled all over the internet, who acts the vulgar ways that she does in every single aspect of her life, and, most importantly, who doesn’t have the first clue about how to run a legitimate business. That’s not what authors sign on for.

      Basically if she wants to be some sleazy model wannabe, great. She should stop scamming authors into being part and parcel to it. And you, whoever you are, should be ashamed of yourself for defending her.

      Peace out? Fat chance as long as you hang around with Tabetha Jones, because all you’re likely to get is drama and heartache.

    • OMFG, Jordan or whoever you are, are you stupid? What did Scabetha promise you to come here and defend the dear damsel in distress? Had to be something juicy because no one in their right mind would do it after reading what has transpired. Get over it Dude/Dudette there is no way that Tabetha knows any other way then to mix both business and personal. Hell just read how many times she put her mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s, friend, even doctors names out there to cover up for her emense flaws. She is far from a lady, or a business person. She can’t even keep her mouth shut about family stuff to her authors. Most could write a book alone on what she has told them. Last time I checked, you don’t do that. She has class?? Then your standards are very askew. And seriously I am really thinking you aren’t a dude. because no dude that I know of speaks about boobs and apologizes in that manner. But you keep up your charade. I can use a few more laughs at Tabetha’s expense. After what she did to my blood, I have no pity for her. I have no emotion but a fiery burn in my stomach. It won’t be extinguished until she repents and pays for her crimes. Keep believing she is a goddess and watch how she chews you up and spits you out.

      • Okay, school’s in session. Here’s how to dissect a random post defending Tabetha to discover if it’s an alt or not. Let’s just take this apart, shall we:

        “have been hearing a ton of shit about this blog from other models.”

        Let’s just pretend for a minute that there are a group of models who are concerned about the welfare of Tabetha Jones. What experience do they have of the publishing world? What experience do they have working FOR Tabetha Jones? Why should we care what they have to say about Tabetha’s publishing practices unless they are being published BY Tabetha? I don’t believe for a second that anyone is talking about Tabetha, but I do know she sure likes to make out everyone talks about her – hell, in her deluded, tiny little mind she probably thinks everyone is talking about her. Any post that says somethign along the lines of “People are talking about Tabetha Jones” is a red flag. She can’t get over the fact that she’s just not big news. No one is talking about her, and if they were, it would be something most people, anyone with any sense of propriety, would be embarrassed about. I mean, who likes people talking about their shit behind their back?

        I call bullshit. Other than the fact that I question anyone who claims to be close to Tabetha – mainly because I can guarantee they’re not – I don’t believe there are a group of models talking about Tabetha. Even if they were real, she doesn’t do enough good in this world for them to be talking anything but bad shit about her, or at least asking themselves Why there’s so many people who have a problem with her.

        “No I have not worked with Tabetha”

        Tell. There’s always the denial in one shape or another. Her posts are peppered with it, even when they needn’t be. It’s the calling card of someone on the defensive. Anyway, why would we care about someone who hasn’t worked with her other than to warn them to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HER? A pointless alt defending Tabetha is written all over these sort of claims. Keep an eye out, especially when they start a sentence with “No I don’t” or “yes I do” when no one has even asked a fucking question.

        “Now I won’t continue to come on here and fight, not my style.”

        Tell. Not only does she start the sentence with Now, like she fucking always does, and without following it with a comma either, the “not my style” comment is a classic Tabetha flag-up. She’s always throwing about what is and isn’t her style, and it’s usually the exact opposite of what she’s saying. Most people who don’t fight because it’s not their style WOULDN’T HAVE EVEN COMMENTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        “I say what I need and that’s it.” Tell. She never says what she needs to, and she says shit like this all the time, mostly in her alt posts. This is known because they’ve been outed.

        “She has a dirty mouth but fuck don’t we all?”

        Tell. The only one who ever brings up Tabetha’s potty mouth is Tabetha. No one here gives a flying fuck.

        “Tabetha isn’t some stupid bitch or con she’s got class and the reason photographers want her is because she lights the room up with her personality. She is funny as fuck and a blast to watch.”

        Only Tabetha Jones would say this about herself. She as unprofessional as they come, awkward to watch or even look at, and the only way she’d light up a room if someone held a naked flame near her mouth (as opposed to her ass, which envies the shit that comes out her dick holster). Last of all, she’s not funny. Not in the slightest. She’s never provoked a laugh from me that hasn’t been derisory or at her sorry expense. She’s not a funny person. She’s a pathetic, self-absorbed attention whore, and it’s not funny, it’s just sad.

        “Here is the concept if you can ride with it. You don’t like her sensual or whorish pics like you say don’t go looking. She is showing women and men you don’t have to be a fucking certain way.”

        Only Tabetha would declare a photography business thus. A true owner of such a business shows people how they want to be seen by doing a good job of their photographs. They are not held up as an example of how to be. They take the damn pictures and make them look good.

        “I think she’s fucking hot and when I did hit on her she was like I don’t mix business with pleasure.”


        “She’s a cool ass woman looking forward to get the opportunity to work with her than sit on the sidelines waiting for my shoot.”


        “I can say this she doesn’t wear no two or three bras baby. Those are real d’s seen enough tits to know.”

        Tell. For fucksake, woman, stop defending your tits!

        “No she wasn’t naked but hey I’m a pervert I find ways haha. Forgive me Tab you were just too hot that day.”

        Do I really need to explain this one?

        “I say let her be her. Its her life she will be the one to say what’s right for her or wrong.”

        It’s WRONG to steal from people. There’s whole bunch of people who’ll say that’s wrong, and there are plenty of laws to back them up. The day she stops scamming people is the day we let her just be her. For now, she’s a low life criminal that needs to be stopped.

        Peace the fuck Out

  20. Fake email are you for real lady? May be you need to pop a pill. Fucking crazy shit man.

    I wasn’t going to come back here but see I can’t have you disrespecting my girl like that. What’s the deal no one here is getting fucked?

    Tabby cat is one of the hottest fucking new models out there. That’s my kitty haha.

    She’s fucking down for anything and does it with respect whether you believe my words or not.

    My word is my bond. Yeah I scrolled through your words and all this she’s a whore this bad mother that.

    That she took your money, lied all that fake ads bullshit. And I don’t take orders from anyone I’m here as my own choice.

    Why defend her? Because she’s one of the strongest women I fucking know. You think I don’t do my research. Damn you must think my mom raised a fool.

    That’s my girl and one tough bitch, I respect her all the way. And I can talk about tits, hers, yours, I have that right. But I also know Tabby cat ain’t no hoe and that’s why I said I was sorry.

    She’s a fucking queen and has a beautiful heart. But you fools are like fighting with drunks can’t tell them shit.

    I’m assuming you are all adults so build a bridge and get the fuck over it. Like I said models talk I heard some shit about my girl wanted to check it out.

    And damn get off the gas. Come on in. Shit. You got this girl pinned all wrong. I promise you that.

    Peace out fools

    • YAWN.. dude you are so freaking boring. The only good thing you have gong for you is the fact that you can spell, and form a coherent sentence. If your “girl” was all that why would she still put peoples business out there for others to see? Why does she keep throwing her family and friends under the bus? Why did she keep MY works on her damn page when i parted ways with her? Why could she not be a damn lady and admit when she was wrong? Why did she abuse her own family and throw them all under the bus?

      She couldn’t even assist in a great cause like The Relay For Life. But she can say she is giving our royalties to a abuse shelter that doesn’t exist. Trust me dude, you are barking up the wrong tree with that twit. I don’t care if you believe me or not. Don’t care if you think the sun rises and sets in her ass. You will find out soon enough what trash she really is.

  21. Okay first off. High fives Lepp, not only are people of the literary world reading your blog but models are too. *Round of applause.* Anybody else read “Jordan’s” last comment and think he should have reviewed his first again? Really? WTF?
    Never worked with her personally but she’s your kitty? How many shoots that weren’t with her sister has she had? Evidently shes modeling way more than we thought and a shame there are no photos from them. No “behind the senses”. I personally know a model and he takes “selfies” of himself all the time on the sidelines with other models/performers.

    And another thing, if you use your cell phone at a different location and use another wifi (say starbucks or mcdonalds) you will show up with a different ip address. Just saying.

    • Looking at both of Jordan’s posts, I think they were written by two different women. Not any man. That’s pretty obvious. Only in Tabetha’s warped little world do men talk like that.

      In Jordan’s first post, there were clear, concise sentences. A pleasure to read after Tabetha’s painful scribblings. In the second, there are many of Tabetha’s usual errors with both spelling, syntax, grammar and punctuation. She doesn’t realize, I guess, that most of us here are writers and would notice these things.

      In the first, Jordan’s some model that’s waiting on the sidelines – another Tabetha “tell.” Men waiting in the shadows, on the sidelines to be with her in any capacity. She romanticizes herself as being this icon that men long for but can’t have, like Romeo pining away under Juliette’s balcony.

      But in the second, Jordan’s defending “his girl” tooth and nail. Quite a leap from pining in the shadows to defending his girl. The only thing Tabetha does more than romanticize herself as the object of men’s longing is fabricate relationships with them where none exist, like with “Mr. Shadows” himself. She needs these characters to come and defend her, especially when, like now, she causes such irreperable drama that she can’t get out of it herself.

      There are a lot more “tells” like Tabetha’s use of “now” at the beginnings of sentences and complete inability to spell the word “ass” without it coming out as “ads” but really, there’s no need. It’s glaringly obvious that, whoever wrote the first post, it was Tabetha that wrote the second.

      Even with such heartache and tragedy going on in her household at the moment, she simply can’t stop coming onto a blog and displaying how selfish and unstable she really is. At a time when family should pull together, she’s off flitting about in fantasy land. She’s the one that really needs help, and I pray that she gets it soon.

      • Is she? Her familial concern is overwhelming. I know that if one of my family were in crisis, the last thing I’d worry about is plastering my mug all over facebook. But consider the source, I guess.

  22. Like I said fighting with drunks, no talking to you fucking assholes. I ain’t trying to be a dick. Just speaking the damn truth.

    It’s all cool though. I’ve seen how talented she is.

    The publishing shit I know it’s all she talks about. A person can have multiple dreams. Shit I’d love to act but it’s hard to get into but it doesn’t stop me.

    Why can’t Tabby cat do both? She’s going to school, running a company, modeling, and raising her daughter.

    Most women can’t handle shit like that these days, but she can knock that shit out of the park.

    You may think you know her, but this bitch runs shit like a boss. I think considering all the fucked up shit that’s happened to her she’s doing fucking damn good.

    Peace out fools

    • Jordan, dear delusional Jordan, let’s put this out there ok? Although she can dream big, she is a shit publisher, and has no business trying to get her hands in to her sister’s dream. That is jealousy pure and simple. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do all these things she wants to do. Shool, running a company, two by the looks of it, model and be a real parent. It just doesn’t work that way in the real world. And that isn’t having both it is having four things. Keep modeling there dude, obviously your manager will love you, since you can’t do real math.
      And for the record only a idiot would dare say she runs shit like a boss, uhm how old are you, 14??? Get a freaking grip. You say fighting with drunks, I say speaking the freaking truth. The only truth you seem to know is coming out of Tabetha’s ass. You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Read the entire blog, see the shit Tabetha has done, with no remorse.
      Also, you just met her am I correct in saying this? Then how the hell do you know all the shit she has gone through??? I mean really if she can’t even keep it professional with a stranger, how do you expect the ones that worked for her to believe she knows what professionalism is?
      So take your fuckity fuck fuck fuck saying self, come up with some new damn material. and BTW PEACE OUT NIMWIT

      • By addressing this person as Jordan, all you’re doing is playing along to Tabetha’s tune. It’s Tabetha. She is a sick, and I mean mentally disturbed, person. She gets off on thinking her alts are convincing. Her hallmarks are all over this, even though she’s trying her damnedest to hide it. Hell, she’s probably only using commas because it flags up when she’s entering it onto word before posting.

        “Why can’t Tabby cat do both? She’s going to school, running a company, modeling, and raising her daughter. Most women can’t handle shit like that these days, but she can knock that shit out of the park.”

        Okay, most women juggle a multitude of things every day, but only TABETHA JONES would list it as though it’s some massive fucking achievement. You’re not fooling anybody.

        Seriously, real people don’t talk about Tabetha this way, not even when they’re on her side. I’ve been here long enough to know her tells, and she’s just not good enough a writer to pull it off. She always shows herself up sooner or later.

      • In all fairness, I think Jordan here is two people. Tab’s got a history of doing that: sharing an alt ID with someone else so that either one of them can jump on and defend Tab ( herself) at any given time. And since it’s a bogus email and proxy IP, anybody could get one under that ID and post.

        The way it reads, I think this latest Jordan is back to being the first female that posted as Jordan. They have infinitely better literary skills than Tabetha, but it’s obvious that they’re trying to talk like they think a man would talk. It still smacks of Tabetha and the way she talks, though. So even if this Jordan’s writing skills are greatly advanced compared to Tabetha’s, it’s still got Tab’s fingerprints all over it.

        No guy jumps on a blog to defend some woman, her tits, her kid, her past, her scholastic endeavors, her modeling, or her publishing. They just don’t.

        No model refuses to show a picture of themselves. Tabetha can TRY to get away with author alts because there are real authors that use pen names. None of the real ones try to BE an alt the way Tabetha does, SMH, but they do write under pen names, so she can at least TRY to get away with that,

        But there’s no such thing as a model using alternate identities like Jordan/Sky/Skylynn/skylier/Alex. It just doesn’t happen. A model’s face is his or her fortune. They don’t hide behind fake IDs. They might choose a working name different from their birth name, I’m not saying that, but they don’t hide their identities the way Tabetha says these ‘models’ do.

        There’s a saying that fits Tabetha to a T. “Jack of all trades, master of none.” She tries to do all these things, and she’s good at none of them. That doesn’t make her some amazing dreamer, it makes her a failure that many times over. And she’s the only one that doesn’t see it.

        One of Tabetha’s biggest tells is that these people that show up to defend her know all this crap about her personal life and her business that they have no business knowing. She did it on the Emily Suess blog, She tried it again on Cuss’s, and she’s pulled it here time and time again. There were the strippers, fake authors, and now one model after the next that don’t exist.

        Tab keeps saying she’s overcoming “past mistakes” …one of her favorite excuses for getting another chance. But you tell me, when it happens over and over, then over again, is that a mistake? Or is it a psychotic pattern?

        Honestly. How stupid does she think we are?

    • Oh good lord. It’s just a comedy of the ridiculous at this point. With so much going on at home, all she can do is this? It’s a crying, stinking shame.

      If she COULD publish with any degree of professionalism without scamming people, I’d be the first to say “More power to her.” But we’re all here because she simply can’t. She needs to stop trying.

      But her utter lack of sanity shows that she will. Not. Stop. She’ll never get a grip on reality. It’s a losing battle. All I can do is continue to warn people and hope they don’t fall victim.

  23. Allow me to explain by addressing the “person” as their alt name I by no means am trying to appease Scabetha, I am trying to show her that I am not as dumb as she thinks. I know damn right well it is either her or some poor idiot she has typing away for her and defending her “honor” that she has given a favor to to do this piss poor writing. I do find it sad that amongst what is going on, and not saying I know first hand, just by reading what has been written it has got to be serious, that this pathetic being has the balls, to come on this blog and be a total CUNT, when her family obviously needs her.She has no family code, no morals or upbringing of any sorts. You can’t by manners and good breeding, you can’t claim to love your family and treat them like yesterday’s garbage. What Tabetha did to her sister, and her family is unforgiveable. Make no mistake nothing that has been said or done has not been a direct outcome of what that bitch says or does. Would any of us on here know about her sister’s involvement of said model if she didn’t spout off at the mouth? Would anyone know of her mother’s illnesses, or her poor daughter? NO. None of us here say anything about family or what’s going on in our worlds. But the great mouth of the south always has an excuse, or lie to cover up what she has done. She wants to talk of the biker code and ways, she doesn’t have a clue. FAMILY BITCH that is what real people are about, FAMILY is what drives the code. If you don’t have your shit together soon I feel you are going to fall into a deep hole, one you can never recover from. You TABETHA HAVE BROUGHT THIS SHIT ON YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND ANYONE WHO IS DUMB ENOUGH TO STAND BY YOUR SIDE. You can’t blame us for what we know when it is YOU who brought it to the table. It is you that has to stand before all you have harmed and face the consequenses. YOU who have done whatever dasterly deed to cause harm or injury to everyone, including your own blood. You are the low life piece of shit that has to stand before your maker and feel the wrath of a thousand knives. You and only you Tabetha, so take your sorry ass away, deal with your families business, and stop the bullshit. Now you want to take this shit to church. fine. I have a solution, stand in front of the mirror and look, really LOOK at the person who has harmed many. Look at the liar, see the pain you have caused. SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.. NOT LEPP, NOT ME NOT ANYONE ELSE.. IT IS ON YOU BABY.. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Tabetha’s been talking to me today using Dee’s FB pm. She’s been inviting me to call her mom, almost daring me to. Not sure why she wants me to call her house so badly, but I’m not going to do that. I’d very much like to let her mom know that she (mom) is in my prayers, but I’d hate to disturb the household at an awkward time.

      Anyway, for what it’s worth, I give you this to consider:

      Jordan posted at 4:51
      Tabetha messaged me at 4:53

      Make of it what you will.

      • Ok, let me go on the record as to saying this. Tabetha I don’t know what is going on in your family, really at this point in time in my life I don’t give a shit. I have kept my mouth shut these last few days. But no more. You are here on this blog putting someone’s business out there that I am sure would not take too kindly giving the circumstances, that I can only deduce by your words alone are severe.You have no SHAME, GUILT OR CONSCIENCE. What the hell are you thinking? You want to blame this blog for whatever has happened, are you demented??? Your words alone have inflicted more harm than anything I have wittnessed in a long time.

        It is you that is ABUSING PEOPLE, it is you that is causing harm. And here it proof possitive what a cheap, disgusting pig you are. Someone obviously needs you to be there for them. Instead of you being there keeping that ever so big mouth shut, you go and put things out there that need not be told. It is YOU TABETHA RENEE JONES OR WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL YOURSELF, that is the reason for all that has gone wrong in your life and your families. YOU ARE A VILE CREATURE.

        You are pathetic, uncaring and vulgar. You are the hater. You hate yourself so much that harming others is the only way you can make yourself feel good. You are like one of those cutter people, but instead of cutting yourself, you cut others. You would rather see others feel pain than to feel it yourself. You don’t have a heart, a soul or anything of value. If you fell off the planet tomorrow the world would be a better place.

        There is nothing ladylike or kind about you. There is no good to ever come from anything that spawns from your words or deed. To even attempt to call you human would be a insult to anyone who has a heart. You want to taunt JT into calling your mother. What her fingers broke all the sudden? You will only try to use that against JT. Do you think she is stupid, do you not think that she is ahead of your dumb childish games??? Even when someone in crisis needs you, you are still playing dumb ass games. You are so unworthy of anyone’s pity or concern. You are worse than any disease out there, because with a disease there is a cure. There is no cure for you or your disgusting behavior. You are a pathetic joke. I despise you, and how you behave. It is a crying shame that you can’t see that it is YOUR FAULT ANYONE AROUND YOU GETS HURT.

      • Doesn’t dear old mum have a history of heart problems? Didn’t Hagatha say all this drama almost gave her mother another heart attack? How do we know she isn’t trying to blame Leppy for giving the old girl a heart attack? “She harassed us by calling and now my mother is sick!!!!!” Show of hands who thinks I’m right?

  24. We’ll a great publisher would make sure their books, blurbs, promotional works and anything the public sees is edited. So, Tabetha has no clue!

    Listening I am not busting balls but the Author’s rep depends on edits! If you run a publishing company …it falls on your lap when edits fail! Proper pay to those editors for they represent both the company and authors… We all make mistakes that is why others are paid to edit!

  25. Pingback: Questions, questions…. | Lepplady

  26. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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