Drama with a capital D

I made that last post about how family should be Tabetha’s priority, knowing full well what happened in the Jones household Thanksgiving night. However, unlike Tabetha, I’m not willing to put another person’s misfortune out there on a blog to cover my own ass. So I’m not here to talk about exactly what happened.

Yes, I have talked about it in private texts and messages. I’m not going to deny that. And there’s a good reason why I’ve talked about it. There are two of them, in fact.

The first reason I’ve talked about it is that I’m being blamed for it. Tabetha’s trying very hard to implicate me as the reason it happened. Despite her protestation that she only told ONE person what happened, she’s gone screaming far and wide, to everybody that will listen that it’s my fault because of the “harassing” and “cyberbullying” nature that she wants everybody to believe this blog boasts.  I’m hurting innocent people, she says, and now I have to pay for it.

And I did struggle with that notion myself. Maybe if I hadn’t posted such brutally honest facts, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. Some truths are hard to accept, depending on how dearly the belief is that the truth contradicts. Some are impossible to believe, if a person isn’t prepared to accept it. Even though every word was true, maybe I pushed too hard. The thought made me very uncomfortable.

But I’m very fortunate. I’ve got friends that buffeted me about the head and neck verbally, reminding me that Tabetha’s the one that created the lies. I didn’t do anything wrong.

That leads to the second reason I’ve talked about it. Because I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not my own deception I exposed with these blog posts. It’s Tabetha. It’s her lies that have hurt the people in her life, from family on down to authors, artists, editors, and models she’s come into contact with. I imagine her lies have touched just about everybody she’s ever met, in some form or another.

Yesterday, Tabetha got on her sister’s FB account and invited me to call their mother. I had expressed a desire to talk to their mom and offer her my heartfelt prayers, and Tabetha jumped on that. She repeatedly offered that I should call. She taunted me, saying “Mom’s still waiting for your call.” She even dared me, calling it “a simple phone call.”

Here’s the entire conversation, so that there’s no mis-communication about that was said. The only bits I’m blacking out directly discuss that’s  going on, and a private phone number. Like I said before, Tab has no problem throwing people’s business out there, but that’s her. Not me.

I almost called. Almost. I really and truly want to offer whatever comfort I can to Dee’s mom. But after the first or second invitation from her, it started to smell like something was up. I wasn’t just welcome to call, it really seemed like she wanted me to call. A lot. Something just didn’t smell right. Why would she want me to call so badly? Despite the fact that I have repeated invitations to call, was she trying to set me up for harassment?

Later on, I figured it out. One of the first things she said to me was that her mom almost had a heart attack because of everything that’s gone on.  It’s possible that she wanted me to call so that she could accuse me not only of harassment, but of causing her mother to fall ill as well.

Something else that struck me about that conversation: she kept saying that her mom was waiting for my call. If it’s true that mom did almost have another heart attack, I hope she was waiting for my call in the hospital, on a cell phone. Because if mom wasn’t feeling well, what with an “almost” heart attack, I hope that Tab would have taken her to the doctor rather than sitting at home waiting for me to call, hoping she could blame it on me. I’d like to think that mom’s health is more important than blaming it on me, and for any other person on earth, I think it would be so. But since it’s Tabetha Jones we’re talking about here, I just don’t know. I honestly wouldn’t put it past her.

No. I’m not calling their house, or any of their cell phones. I repeat and maintain that her mom is welcome to call me anytime. If she’s got anything to say to me, I’m right here. I don’t believe for an instant that Tabetha threw my number away. She was never supposed to have it, but thanks to the BBB, she does. Any time her mom wants to pick it up and give me a call, I’ll be very happy to personally offer her my prayers.

Tabetha insists that mom doesn’t do computers, and that’s fine. My own departed Granny never got the hang of how to work the VCR. I understand that completely. But Tabetha does. If it’s true that she trashed my number (which I sincerely doubt) She’s welcome to park the old girl in front of the computer and fire up Skype herself so that mom can tell me face to face whatever it is she wants me to know. That doesn’t require any special skills. All she’d have to do is sit there and talk. But this is the second time I’ve offered to Skype with mom because Tabetha has insisted that she (mom) has something to say to me. And this is the second time she’s declined.

Ball’s in her court. She’s got my number. She can let mom use it. Or she can sit mom down in front of a Skype call. Either way. It’s not because I’m scared or hiding. I’m simply not stupid enough to fall into her trap and give her the ammunition to (try to) accuse me of harassment or blame me for her mother’s health issues. So, to anybody out there that she’s telling I’m a chicken shit, not so. I’m right here, ready and waiting any time she wants to pick up the phone or fire up Skype. If she doesn’t, it’s on her, not me.

I’ve said it before, and I meant it. Her family should be more important than I am. Right now, especially. But considering who we’re talking about, I’d lay odds that I’ll see her IP and proxies visiting my blog as many times today as she did yesterday, if not more, and every day before that. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see more models, alts and aliases pop up to defend her. In short, putting her attention here rather than where it belongs: with the people she should care about.

She doesn’t get it, and never will. And for that, I really am sorry. Not for her, because she brings it on herself. I’m sorry for the people close to her  that dash themselves against the brick wall that exists where her heart should be, and break themselves upon it.

As sorry as I am for those poor people, I’m glad that I am not her. I give thanks for that every single day of my life.


47 thoughts on “Drama with a capital D

  1. Lepp, you are a smart lady. Anyone can smell a trap like that from a mile away. I’m sorry to hear about the personal problems with Tab’s family. But she has no one to blame but herself. Maybe if she wasn’t such a cold hearted bitch the people around her wouldn’t get hurt…

  2. So where is Sky in all of this? Funny how we don’t hear anything about her even though she’s at the center of this whole fucked up mess and the love of her life is in such dire straights right now. You’d think she would fly to her lover’s side to be there for her but Tab’s not talking about Sky in this at all is she? Leppy you don’t have anything to be ashamed of. If Dee tried to kill herself it’s because she found out what a cunt her sister is in doing that to her regarding Sky. You did nothing wrong, it’s Tabetha’s fault in all of this. Hold your head high.

  3. I feel bad for anyone who is hurt by Tabetha, especially those she claims to love. Again not sure of what has happened, and really not sure I want to. I can only guess and with what has been posted, all I can do is shake my head in disbelief at Tabetha. She has no one to blame but herself. She has damaged everything she has come close to.

    Lepp, don’t feel bad about this, it wasn’t you coming on the blog and airing out laundry of others. It wasn’t you putting people’s business out there, throwing others under the bus at every twist and turn.The only thing you did was point out Tabetha’s deceptive lies and prove to everyone what a real piece of work she really is.

    I send heartfelt wishes that what ever is going on, it gets resolved. And all are well. I have no ill will to anyone of Tabetha’s blood but her.

  4. “This is tab i have Dees phone because she isn’t allowed to have it” “They have taken her computer and tomorrow they will be checking her phone.” Ok, the question here is, why are they not checking the phone right away? Why is it only the computer and then a few days from then they will check a phone that a family member has had access to. Wouldn’t that make it easy for said family member to erase anything to clean up so to speak. And since we are talking about Tabetha here, we all know that the only cleaning up she will be doing is COVERING UP HER OWN ASS. Look at how she tried to chide Lepp into calling, knowing her mother was sick, HELL HAVING CHEST PAINS, and she was too “busy” to attend to yet another family member that she has caused the distress to in the first place. Why wasn’t mom taken to the hospital? Why was mom basically forced to stay home, so Tabetha could play out some crazed game? They have a name for that it’s called ELDER ABUSE. Most states don’t take to kindly to that. But what does Tabetha care? She thinks she has everyone by the balls, she is cleaning house to hear her tell it. She can’t see that the one that needs their act cleaned up is HER.

    I am sorry for the family memebers and their hardships. I send healing vibes to them.

    As for Tabetha, you are a special kind of stupid. And there is a very SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR YOU.

    • Hold on, mom’s at home having chest pains and the first thing Scabetha does is say “Call my mom for proof that Sky’s real” because that’s more important that getting an old lady with chest pains to the hospital? And her sister’s in the hospital less than a day and Hagatha’s already got an apprentice ready to go to work to replace her, that’s fucking cold-hearted shit right there. It’s Dee’s company why wouldn’t it shut down and wait for her to come back? Besides if Ratty Batty is the manager for her sister’s company why wouldn’t they have her number to? Why’s it got to be Dee’s phone? And since when do they take a computer but not a cell phone? That simply makes no sense. I don’t think they’re looking at Leppy at all if anything they should be looking at Ratty Batty for cyber bullying her sister by pretending she had a girlfriend that was fake, that’s called psychological abuse, don’t they have laws about that where she comes from? What it looks like is that Barfoletta is more concerned with trying to frame Lepp than her own sister but she says she’s not cold-hearted. Bullshit sister your the coldest fish I’ve ever seen.

      • And besides that aren’t there laws about with holding medical attention from an elderly woman in your country? If heaven forbid anything happens to her mum isn’t that murder?

    • Who is “checking her computer”? If Dee attempted suicide she is in the psych ward of the hospital, and while it’s true that they do not allow cell phones “they” are not interested in looking through her cell phone or her computer. That’s just not how it works! All they’ll want to know is her own reasons why she tried to kill herself, and refer her to counseling. A part of me doesn’t believe the real Dee is involved or aware of any of Tabetha’s lies. I doubt Dee’s FB page is real, instead I *THINK* Tabetha has assumed not only her mother’s identity but also her sister’s and posts on “their” behalf to further her ruse. Just like the rest of her alts. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have my doubts that Tabetha lives with her family, and I’d be really surprised if she had custody of her daughter at this point. Tabetha is a very disturbed woman.

  5. With Tabetha’s track record of lies… the fact this blog’s last three or four posts have been nailing her to wall… I have some serious doubts that anything has happened to Dee. I know I sound heartless, but my mind cannot ignore the massive plot holes in this story that are big enough for Godzilla to run through, with King Kong riding on his back.
    Why did police confiscate some items, but not all, for an attempted suicide. Maybe things are done differently in Waco, but here police do not investigate attempted suicide – suicides, yes, but not attempted suicides. She’s “on lock down with the police” – what? – they only “guard” patients they are waiting to throw in jail, or witness they believe are in danger of being murdered.
    For the one suicide attempt I got “caught,” the hospital made sure I was physically sound, and then it was straight to the psych ward, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.
    And the timing.. Thanksgiving night (how could anyone not react emotionally to that?) right after the Sky post, after Tab has been “foreshadowing” forever that, “just you wait, one day one of family is gonna kill themselves over your blog.”
    And there is nothing on any sites saying anything to the effect of “we are going to take a few days off due to personal matters” or anything of the nature of “needing prayers,” etc.
    And why did Tab have to use Dee’s phone? Did the cops taker HER computer, or phone, or kindle or whatever?
    If this actually happened, I am very sorry and I pray for Dee no matter what. All I’m saying is that I find it all very suspect. Very, very suspect.

    • And given the details of the suicide attempt… well… Dee is a.. plus sized gal, and I know for a fact that it takes very little to pull ceiling fixtures out, so where did this happen? Obviously she didn’t break her neck, so she “died” of asphyxiation – and was revived? How? Paddle shocks, or adrenaline shot? And how did she not suffer brain damage – in fact, being so coherent as to tell the cops “it’s all Lepp’s blog! The blog made me do it!”
      And where the hell was the rest of the family on this Thanksgiving night, while Dee had the time to not only attempt suicide, but to be dead for a while before an ambulance was called?

  6. You wanted me you godddamn cunttwat you got me. First you need to quit running your goddamn mouths about my fucking life and girlfriend. Yeah I model under a different name you grow up with a dope fucked life and fuck customers for money the agency is going to say hide that shit. Tab and I go back when she dated a few dancers she is how I met Dee. You goddamn people did this shit to her. And I’d be there but I’m not next of kin and in New York cause my mother fucking mom died. That is me in all those pics. Sorry facial surgery because my whore of a mother told me I wasn’t pretty enough. And what a bitch can’t change her color to red. I already know how this is going to go down. You’re going to fucking say it’s tab and all that shit. That’s why I don’t come on here. Clear the record Dee was not fucking dead we had a fight cause lepp the cunttwat can’t stay out of people’s business. Tab checked on her 20 minutes later and the dumbbell bitch is trying to kill herself over your words. Yeah I called my gf a dumb bitch cause killing yourself is giving the fuck up. As soon as tab told Jackie it spread like wild fire. So much for keeping shit to yourself. You lepp ran your goddamn mouth to everyone. Tab is ensuring her sister’s business keeps going while this is happening which is Dees wish. If you don’t know what the fuck is going keep your mother fucking mouths fucking shut. You think tab is bad bitch you haven’t seen anything. Jordan even comes on here and you doubt that. Damn I been on all kinds of drugs and I know tab is fucking addicting but shit lay off the LSD fuck. Leave it alone you all have taken a strong family and fucked them up. Tab may talk about them but she has a right she’s doing it to prove all you sorry bastards wrong. Stay off her and have some goddamn respect. Darlene is tired of it and that’s one old woman you don’t piss the fuck off.

    Take your ideas wrap them up and shove up your ass. Fucking cunttwats stay in your own biz. Go ahead say I’m fake what the fuck ever. But you got a rude awakening.

    • You’ve used the word cunttwat not just once, but twice before on this blog, Tabetha. And your IP pings back to a proxy that’s been used before. Just can’t do a single original thing, can you?

      What’s the matter, can’t handle that I didn’t write about you today so you had to jump on and make it all about you again? What a fucking ego you have. Or, I guess I should say what a range of disorders you have, as you display symptoms of several, from Narcissism to Borderline and a whopping dose of megalomania. Perhaps you’re the one that should be getting your head examined right now, since you’re the one that’s caused all of this destruction in your family’s lives. The world doesn’t revolved around you, but a path of pain and destruction certainly does. Do the world a favor and check yourself in.

      Want to shut me up, “Sky?” Skype me. Right here, right now.
      No? You don’t do computers either?
      Then kindly fuck off back into Tabetha’s imagination.

      • Where do you think I got the word from? It’s like her signature word for people who don’t have any resepct for her or her friends. I added you to Skype and been home all day. Havent left the house please tell me how this IP proxy thing works cause I do not have time to sit around and play games. I don’t know if she has Skype or not talk to her about that.

        But she was right you accused me of being her. Everyone needs to quit talking about my sister. Everything she said was true. Jackie was supposed to deliver a message to you Lepp you went and told the world. But no this isn’t my fault and the cops are saying the same.

      • Jesus Christ, have you no respect for your sister’s feelings at all? I blogged about something besides you, and you not only come screaming back, but you do it with the alt that’s at the center of this whole mess to begin with. Not only do you have no shame, you just really don’t care if your own sister lives or dies, do you? Given what’s going on right now, you just can’t find the respect for her within yourself to stop blabbing about her business in order to get a little attention for yourself. You have got to be the single most cold-hearted bitch I’ve ever seen.
        I hope the police do investigate, so they can find out what the rest of us already know: that YOU are to blame for what your sister’s going through, and I hope you’re held accountable for it.

        We dare accuse you of being Sky because it’s true. No model hides her face, and nobody here is stupid or blind enough to believe that’s the same person with plastic surgery. Bitch, please. That’s just insulting.

        Do you know what bothers me the most? That when your sister gets released, she’ll be going right back to the same house to live with the same abusive cunt that did this to her in the first place. That woman truly and sincerely has my deepest sympathy.

    • With the lack of punctuation and pathetic grammar, it seems like Tabbyscat is back and bigger than ever trying to prove that all she has said is true. Funny though “sky” never showed up until now. Why not defend herself before this? Why wait until Tabetha has been such a cunt?

      Is it because she can’t bear the thought of what she has done to her family? Is she afraid that her lies are catching up? Or is it the ever so famous CYA?? I do believe it is the latter, because Tabby doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit her.

      Here’s a good question for you, why such language? Here “sky” is such a great model, yet she types and words things like that “highly educated sailor” that Tabbyscat talked about before. Also wasn’t the story that “sky” was selling a house or something of that sort. NOW, to quote this elequent lady her “mother fucking mom died”. But in the next breath she calls her a whore, if that was my mother, I sure wouldn’t be there worrying about her dead ass. Especially if what “sky” is saying is soooo true, and the love of my life was in need of my love and support. Next of kin or not, I would be there camping out at Tabby’s house, or at least a decent hotel. Sounds like more Tabbyscat drama.

      And here comes the threat, not from Tabbyscat but again to quote “sky” “Darlene is tired of it and that’s one old woman you don’t piss the fuck off.” Uhm what now, is she going to get another biker association to bitch slap us? For fuck’s sake, grow the fuck up Tabetha, your delusions are becoming really weird.

      If “sky” were real, her ass would have been on here long ago. For her to show up now is just sad. Kind of feels like Tabetha’s last ditch hope to secure that she doesn’t burn in hell. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT TOOTS. She wants to try and prove that “sky” is real so when Dee gets better, she doesn’t kick Tabbyscat’s massive ass, or worse.

      Tabetha, you have already inflicted enough damage on your family, GROW THE FUCK UP.

      • I can tell you that Tab won’t enjoy the kind of fame that is fast approaching her life. Pucker up, buttercup, because karma is about to bring the hammer down.

  7. If the cops had anything on anyone you blame as behind this then there would be an investigation and local authorities would have certain people in for questioning.
    Even if “Sky” was real and here today, she should not be on here claiming her well I never saw her claim love but an abusive track to someone that she supposedly loved but be camping out at the nearest available place to be with her lover. Honestly, her words paints her as an abusive little rip, alternated personality but I cannot imagine a model who is known for their face hiding from stalkers but in a relationship with fake pictures of other models. You cannot be Heidi Klum to Kate and Brittany, oh I do not want to forget the Porn Star either, sorry name has slipped my mind as your name changed on the facebook page. Plastic surgery or not, the pictures would not bounce back those personal sites. (GET A CLUE). Why hide if you are going to toss the fact you are a model around? Good hackers/stalkers would find you anyways especially if you ping from the same IP proxy as Tabby. One same proxy cannot be in two different states. (Lesson for you today Tabetha!) After two plus years of getting caught at that same game, you would think she would use her resources in figuring out how to become a smarter liar and hide under different IPs and/or Proxy.
    Frankly Sky, I do not care if you are real or not because you do not classify as a human. Fact is, if you were real and had the utmost wonderful relationship none of this would have happened. She would have known you were real and that post about the fake picture would have never found its way on a blog nor affected her so this blaming others I find to be highly toxic and full of horse shit. Just my opinion!

  8. Tabetha when are YOU going to learn that it is YOU that is saying everything. YOU are the dumb ass that has put your dear sister’s business out there. I would have not known it, Lepp wouldn’t have, CH wouldn’t, Sabrina, are YOU getting the freaking picture?? (for those I named, please forgive me if I took liberties)

    Not a soul on here would have known anything of “sky’s” miseries and woes, dead husband, killed kids, aids?? Let’s expound on that last problem, if you ,Tabetha, loved your sister as much as you are beating a dead horse about, why in same hell would you let your sister “have a relationship” with someone who has aids??? Eventhough we all know it is a big lie, and sadlyone that has obviously hurt your sister badly, THAT IS JUST FREAKING SICK.

    Now your sorry ass has been sitting home all day??? Why weren’t you taking care of your mother instead of sitting by a PC all day trying to antagonize Lepp into calling you? Why weren’t you at the hospital attendng to your sister, visiting her, letting her know you are there for her??? NO the great and powerful TAB has got to make sure she is roaring like a freaking lion, only making herself out to be more of a pussy.

    Can’t stand that Lepp decided to change the subject, could it be that she was trying to divert the attetion of what was going on with your family??? You are such an attention WHORE that you can’t accept the gracious thing that Lepp did for you and your family. She can’t take the posts down, too many already know what a lying piece of shit you are, we can now add HEARTLESS BITCH to that list. It is time you faced the facts, everything that has happened, everything that has transpired is all at the tips of your poison fingers. You brought all this pain and misery to your family.


  9. I have been home taking care of my mother all day and where my sister is there are only certain hours and when my mom is not feeling well Dee understands. I also have a child home from surgery that I am caring for.

    Blame me all you want but Lepp and my mother had a long conversation and ask her what it was about I heard it all. Until I had to step away and deal with my daughter and a conversation with her father.

    Are you in my home? DO you know what I do? No you do not. I am juggling taking care of everything and including taking care of business. I do it plus cook, clean house, and pay the bills. I dont have time to play parts or come up with petty bullshit.

    And accepting anything gracious Lepp did for my family, exactly what would that be? Bash me, my daughter, my compay, my sisters company, and her relationship with her girlfriend, until my sister tried TWICE to kill herself over it because she couldnt handle it. She couldnt handle what each and everyone you were saying about all of the above. And Sky unfortunately did not find out about her disease until recently.

    Bottom Line is that everyone here is responsible for what happened to my sister. And if I could I’d put myself in her place. Continue destroying my family obviously no one seems to fucking care.

    We dont want your prayers we dont want anything, Dee’s wish, my mother’s wish, and my wish is for this blog to burn and each one of you to leave the Jones family alone.

    • Yes I had a lovely conversation with Tab’s mom. She seems like a lovely lady. I’m glad we got a chance to speak. She’s welcome to call me any time.
      And, btw, the conversation I had with mom didn’t sound anything like what Tab describes. Funny how that works.

      We know Tab’s lying because her lips are moving, and so are her fingertips.

      I posted something positive and (hopefully) helpful today to put something helpful out into the world and take attention off all the negativity going on right now, and Tabetha just couldn’t handle it. Despite her indignant protestations, nobody in the world believes that Sky is real, or that anybody but Tabetha posted that ridiculous rant. For somebody who says she wants her family left out of it, she’s the one that needs to take her own advice and CUT THE FUCKING BULLSHIT. Stop posting as all these other people. Stop lying about it. Stop lying period. She needs to stop bringing her family’s business onto my blog. She needs to stop dragging her sister, her mother, her daughter, the dog, the cat and anybody else that’s handy to try to cover her ass while at the same time whoring for attention.

      If she wants it to stop, it’s simple. STOP.

      • I guess you didn’t hear the part where she said sky Jackie and several others were like her daughter’s. Or where ppl got that I was a con because she had spent her money looking into it. And she wanted it all to stop.

        Jackie told me I could call her anytime and I simply asked her to tell lepp what happened due to this blog. As soon as it got to lepp it went viral. The family hasn’t told anyone we haven’t mentioned it to anyone because Dee wanted it that way her only request which was told by the officer was make sure they know why Tab. Our conversations since then have been the same. In group it’s what she talks about all of you.

        Lepp had no right making a post about this but it’s fine it will be dealt with. You may think you had a lovely conversation with my mom but that was a field test.

        Dee and Sky love each other. Dee didn’t care about her disease she was willing to be there. That is awesome if you ask me.

      • I’ll have to play the tape back to see if I can catch those parts of the conversation. What you want to seem like a foreboding warning of some sort seemed to me like a nice chat between a couple of old girls, she and I.
        Perhaps I’ll write up a transcript.

        We could always just let the matter drop, since the truth is obvious to all of us but one. But since that chat was just a field test according to her, she’s got more mischief up hee sleeve. So, rather than spending her time figuring out how best to care for her fragile sister, ailing mother and sweet little girl, she’d rather scheme upbeats to try her damndest to make me into he bad guy in her world. She wants so badly to pin the blame for all her troubles on me that she’s hell-bent on getting me to say or do something that she can use to crucify me with. Sorry, toots. Isn’t going to happen. I’m not going be mean or snarky to your mom so that you can say I gave her a heart attack, if that’s that you were after. Unlike you, I respect my elders too much to use a frail and ailing old lady as a pawn in some stupid head game.
        No matter What you try, nothing is going to get you off he hook for what you’ve done to your sister. But go ahead. Shuck and jive for all You’re worth if it makes you feel you feel likes You’re getting somewhere. It’s just much a pity you aren’t spending that time and energy on how to improve the lives of those around you. Ah, well. I guess it’s a matter of priorities, and we can all see where yours lie. With yourself, as always.

    • There are no visiting hours in a psych ward. That’s why Dee wouldn’t be allowed to keep her phone on her. If she was transferred to a psychiatric facility that would be another matter. But the psych ward of a hospital does not allow visitors. Try another lie.

      • Way to put even more of your sister’s business out there, telling the whole, entire world where she is. You could have said “the clinic” or “the hospital” or something generic, but you just couldn’t resist over-explaining, giving away your sister’s personal information just to cover your ass.
        You just never think about somebody else’s feelings, do you?
        Of course not. Look who I’m talking to.

      • Its alright I’ll call them and ask if anyone from the jones family is there. Perfectly legal nothing you can do about it.

      • They have visiting hours but how many times do you go see her? Your such a terrible sister I bet you haven’t gone more than twice, if you’ve even gone that many. First you put her in there then you don’t even go see her.There’s a special place in hell for people like you and you can’t get there fast enough, you piece of shit.

      • Interesting. The place I was in had visiting as well – only family, twice a week. Wednesday’s for two hours and Saturdays for three hours. But if the shrink in charge of your case thought seeing a particular person would affect your progress, that person was banned. Then again, I was in a private institution, and not just the patch ward of a hospital.

    • Tab, Tab,Tab when are you going to stop pointing your fingers at everyone around you and take RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR actions? Have you not come to the conclusion that everyone here knows your GAMES. Your tired and played out lies are getting quite sorry and pathetic. You told Jackie, who in turn told Lepp at YOUR request. But it was YOU that ran your mouth, YOU that gave people information that lead them to come to the realization of what has happened. By YOUR words and YOUR words alone people knew your sister Dee was in distress. YOU are the careless, heartless, emotionless DUMB ASS that has put YET AGAIN, YOUR PERSONAL business out there. Not just your business but the INTIMATE business of YOUR family. While your sweet sister is getting assistance, maybe YOU need to get some as well. STOP LYING, SCHEMING, CHEATING, MANIPULATING AND STEALING, stop the rediculous games. Put on your big girl panties FOR ONCE, and see that IT IS YOU THAT HAS CAUSED THIS. No one but your business out in the street, no one aired YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY, but YOU.

      • It sounds like Tab’s pissed off because she wanted Lepp to be a bitch and she wasn’t. Tab wanted to blame Lepp for upsetting mom but Lepp offered to pray. What a bitch! It’s all a scheme for Tabby to get attention because she’s such a whore for it.

  10. Are you that fucked in the head Tabetha? Do you even hear what you are putting out there? Are you that fucking dense? Seriously, I will reitterate for you since you are obviously that dumb, NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE WOULD KNOW ANYTHING THAT YOU, YOUR SISTER,DAUGHTER, MOTHER,FRIEND, DOG, CAT, FERRETT WHAT HAVE YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH, DONE OR WAS SCREWING UNLESS YOUR DUMB ASS OPENED HER MOUTH. Wake the fuck up, you want to pin all this on Lepp, me, and everyone else but you are too damn blind to see the TRUTH.

    You put another person’s business out there about suicide, you told us before your sister did this that you seen it coming. Are you that much of a witch that you can see the future? OR IS THAT JUST PLAIN BITCH, because your sorry ass was the one who put everything out there to cause this pain for your sister, AND your mother. You told everyone what was going on. You are the lunkhead that can’t see the forest for the trees. If you wouldn’t have said a word, nothing would have happened.

    You say “sky” didn’t find out until recently, yet “sky” and your sister have only been together according to your own accounts, a few months. Did you think that maybe, just maybe, Dee was more hurt that the one she THOUGHT she could TRUST put such a personal bit of information about the one she cared for? My guess is NO, because you dont’ give a shit. Go ahead and pretend you are this great loving sister, mother, and daughter. It doesn’t wash. Why??? Because by your actions and words alone you have PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN that unless it suits your needs or desires, you DON’T CARE.

    The only reason you are PRETENDING to be so concerned is that your ass is in a sling. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS ALONE HAVE CAUSED THIS HARM TO YOUR SISTER. Don’t try to make anyone else feel that burden. If you aren’t woman enough to own up to your bullshit, maybe you should stop shoveling it. JS

  11. Sky isn’t even fucking real. I say next to yoy in need while youth looked for hot blonde models as your next new employee. Get that fucking shit outta here you dumb bitch. You forget i know who’s tall and who’s fake and I’ve already brought that to light and you can’t stand it. Your world is crashing down around you. There ain’t shit wrong with your fuck up of a sister dee either. Just melodramatic antics performed by you to seek attention.

  12. Have you seen this? Dee is still in the hospital because of Tabetha’s lies and what does she do? Is she ever the dutiful sister whose only concern is for her family, taking care of her sister and frail elderly mother and her dear sweet daughter who had surgery recently? No. She’s busy lining up an apprentice to take her sister’s place as the photographer and quoting hundreds of dollars for shitty pictures. http://phoenixeffectphotography.weebly.com/packages-and-prices.html What a fucking ripoff.

  13. DePaul is an outpatient clinic, not an emergency psych ward, which is where they would’ve taken Dee if she attempted suicide. Emergency psych wards do not allow visitors. If you are transferred to another facility, or to another section of the hospital AFTER you have been stabilized, then you can have visitors. I do not doubt Tabitha knows all about DePaul though, since they do outpatient drug treatment. I’m sure that Tabetha has used their services before.

    Upon further info posted recently, I am even more convinced that Tabetha made the entire thing up and has assumed Dee’s identity to reinforce her lies. Tabetha may have a sister Dee, but I don’t think she is aware of anything or involved in it.

    • The only thing wrong with that theory is that other people have supported the lie. I know someone who is supposed to have spoken to Dee while she was admitted. And I personally spoke to Tab and Dee’s mother who said with her own lips that her daughter tried to commit suicide. I’ll be posting a transcript of that conversation pretty soon. I’ve got it on tape, and have no problem posting that, either.

      I have no doubt that Tabetha’s been posting on her sister’s FB, but if the whole thing is a fabrication, then not only did Tab cook it up, but her mother lied to support it, and so did her sister and a friend of mine. I can’t be convinced of that.

      If anything, I think it’s possible that Tab and Dee cooked the whole thing up, calling the paramedics and having her sister evaluated in at Depaul. According to their web page, Depaul has inpatient AND outpatient facilities. It’s possible that Dee was Transferred there after the emergency room declared that she was physically fit. Which wouldn’t have been hard, since the whole thing was a lie in the first place. A few days with three hots and a cot, pretty nurses and lots of colorful meds, not exactly a hardship. She gets released and takes up right back where she left off.

      She fucked up, telling such an elaborate lie that’s pretty easily debunked. And I will. If she’s the type of person that would mastermind a scheme to fake not just one but two suicide attempts now, the world needs to know that before they work with her, whether it’s as an author, editor artist, model or customer.

  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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