Business or personal?

The question has been posed as to whether Tabetha uses a business account to manage Phoenix Fire publishing’s business affairs, or whether she uses personal accounts for it all.

This reciept has been provided to suggest that she uses personal accounts rather than professional ones.

We all know that Tabetha demands payment up front for certain services, either for covers or editorial services. That means that each and every author that’s published through PF has paid.

So let me ask you this:

WHO did you pay? Did you make payment to Phoenix Fire publishing? Or did you make payment out to Tabetha Jones?

If the answer is the latter, you’ve been scammed and I invite you to report her to the IRS. It’s easy. Print out THIS form and mail it in. And don’t worry if you don’t know all of her information. Just fill out whatever you do know. They’re the feds. They’ll find her.

Have fun.


The Bare truth

Tabetha Jones has been determined for some time to put out a book of “memoirs” from her time spent at La Bare strip club in Dallas. It was her original intent to release the book on the same day that the movie about the club was released. But a quick and definitive confirmation from the club that she doesn’t have permission to write any such book (nobody does) prevented that.

Next, she intended to release the book on the anniversary of a La Bare dancer’s death. A tribute to Angelo, she called it. That didn’t happen, either.

A few days ago, she tried denying the issue of a La Bare book at all:

But when faced with the fact that she still has the Bare All book’s cover on her web pages, she fired back with a new twist on the Le Bare book she’s been trying to put out forever:

Really? Okay. Let’s look at that.

The dancer on the Bare All cover is a guy named Trent. A La Bare dancer.

She didn’t take that photo with her own camera “at some other club.” It came straight from the La Bare FB page. That’s where I got it.

And the font is coincidence? Really?

Still think she picked that font just because it’s pretty?

In August, Tabetha posted a particularly disgusting excerpt from the book, in which a stripper named “Shadow” fingers her in the corner and claims her rancid snatch as his property. (And, yes. I’ve screencapped the post in case she tries to prove me wrong by hastily taking it down.)

As testified to by Tabetha’s “Draven” witch series and frequent gushing about how he inspired it, Tabetha is smitten, maybe even obsessed with a La Bare dancer named Draven, who calls himself “Shadows” online. Check out his Google Plus account to see for yourself.
Here. I’ll help.

Still think it’s not about La Bare?

It’s not good enough for her to remove her name from the cover by one generation of fake names by using her pen name “Zoey Sweete” …instead, she’s using her pen name’s pen name, Emerald Rai Fleurs. Yes, they are both Tabetha Jones, but it would seem that she doesn’t want her ‘real’ name associated with it.

I can’t help but wonder. If she’s so proud of her “memoirs” that she wants to publish them, why not use her own name?

Here you have it, friends and neighbors. Proof in her own words that Tabetha Jones is a liar. When she’s caught at it, she tries to twist it around with some other lie, but it’s all still just a jumble of lies.


There was a comment posted yesterday with a whole lot of Tabetha’s business put out there for the world to see. What she’s got going on in her life is troubling, to say the least. If even half of that is true, she’s got a lot more to worry about than this blog.

Let’s take a look at the statements related to business.

Her company is under Denise Burnette FACT

Tabetha does not have a Phoenix Fire acct for pay pal.. it is under her name.. Tabetha Renee Jones. FACT

Tabetha has NEVER filed taxes on the company or 1099’ed any author FACT

One author’s books paragraphs were taken out of her book and tried to blame someone else FACT
Mind you this was done on purpose FACT

Tabetha does not have a Phoenix Fire acct for pay pal.. it is under her name.. Tabetha Renee Jones. FACT

She has ABSOLUTLY no permission to do the La Bare book.. FACT

Swag was never given to the authors because she gave it to friends FACT

Every single book release party only HER friends won, no matter what FACT
When others had won they never received the stuff they won only her clique FACT

Tabetha has said in the past that her business is so creatively structured that even lawyers have said that they’d never seen it before. There’s a good reason for that. It’s not legal to claim ownership of a business that’s not even in your name. Just take a look at any Phoenix Fire publishing related web page. Each and every one of them lists Tabetha Jones as the owner and CEO. That’s a whole heap of fraud.

Every single author published by Phoenix Fire publishing needs to demand answers from Createspace. Contact them and find out if their work is published on a Phoenix Fire publishing account or her personal account. They’ll be happy to tell you. If she’s been publishing people’s work fraudulently, each and every one of you can report her for piracy, HERE. Turn her in to the Texas Attorney General, HERE. Have a chat with her local District Attorney. HERE‘s their contact information.

And you can file a civil suit for damages. Publishing somebody’s work fraudulently and failing to pay them properly is not only fraud and theft, but it also directly impacts the reputation of each and every author, public figures, potentially affecting future earnings. Talk to a lawyer and find out for yourself.

You’ve been a victim long enough. Put a stop to it now.

If it’s true that she’s never once paid taxes for Phoenix Fire publishing because it’s in somebody else’s name, that’s tax fraud. If no author (or employee) has ever been sent a 1099, that prevents them from being able to properly file their own taxes as well. The IRS has been having a look for some time, and now they know exactly WHERE to look. Good.

At the end of the day, authors, artists and models need to ask themselves if that’s the kind of person they want in their lives, privately or professionally.

Cheat repeat

How many times have we heard Tabetha Jones say “I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them as I grow, building my company,” or some such? She said it here more than once, and she’s said it many times before, to get the people she’s scamming to forgive her for the glitches that pop up. Including oopsies with her accounts that prevent them from getting paid. People, being kind and forgiving souls, are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, while she laughs all the way to the bank. So which is she? A cold, calculating scam that’s steadily lying to author after author for as long as she can, putting their money in her pocket? Or a bumbling, kind-hearted business woman that’s just trying so hard to get it  right?

Let’s take a look at that.

Perhaps her favorite tactic is making up aliases to defend herself. She did it on Emily Suess’s blog back in 2012 when one of her former authors stepped forward to warn authors about getting scammed when Tabetha changed Mystic Press over to Phoenix Fire. I’m sorry to say that Emily subsequently took her blog down because she got sick of dealing with the unpleasantness. I can’t say I blame her. I get sick of having such an unstable scam artist invade my day in any way.

Tabetha did it on Cuss’s blog, too. Check out comments by KJohn on Cuss’s post titled Phoenix Fire Publishing – avoid it. Dear Cuss busted her on it.

Undaunted, Tabetha did it here, too, as recently as yesterday. Check out these posts titled Stripper Drama and The Stripper saga continues, from August of last year. First, she impersonates her favorite stripper, Draven (AKA Mr. Shadow – a name taken from his Gmail account, I believe). I guess she didn’t think anybody would actually ask him about it. They did. He confirmed that it was not he. Then she impersonated a whole SLEW of strippers to try to defend herself. When totally busted, she tried to blame the whole thing on some other Draven fan. A lame diversion attempt that didn’t work.

Are we seeing the pattern yet, folks?

Same thing with her lawyer. She’s been throwing those threats around for a long time. Check out dear Cuss’s blog from January of last year, titled “Months and nothing.” Tab posts under multiple ID’s on there, including at least two versions of her own, and encourages one of her employees to do the same, posing as a relative. Sound familiar? That’s another pattern she repeats: getting her supporters to make up fake names, to defend her with, too. Check out dear sweet Aunt Martha.

If only Emily S. hadn’t taken her blog down so that we could see those posts. That would show the pattern so clearly.

Good thing she put the blog back up, bless her. You can read the first post about Mystic Press becoming Phoenix Fire HERE. Be sure to read all the comments so that you can see all the names that show up to defend her.

And you can read Emily’s subsequent post HERE, where she proves that Tabetha Jones posted fake testimonials to back herself up on that first post. Those comments are interesting, too, including Tabetha’s threat, saying

Keep on lying about me and my company because the same will happen to you. You wan t to play dirty. You all want to play dirty, I have contacts and I can make sure you never publish again. No one will blick at your work. And this blog will be reported because you are bashing and slandering and lying about things you know nothing about. Calling my authors fake oh just wait. Your shit is about to get blown up because they wont take lightly to that. Again I have been civil about this and tried to be nice but now the botch comes out to play and none of you will like it.

Her typos, not mine.

That is the face of Tabetha Jones, a spiteful, hateful, vindictive person. Question her, demand hard answers about your work with her instead of swallowing her excuses whole. You’ll see it for yourself.

These are just a couple examples of how she repeats her behaviors, repeated over the course of two years now. Is she really that bumbling and inept? Or is it a pattern of behavior? You tell me.

Authors, models, editors and artists, do not be fooled by a fumbling, bumbling sob story. She hasn’t “made mistakes” that she’s “learned from” over time. It’s a pattern that she has no intention of correcting. As long as she can get you to buy her excuses, she’ll keep right on repeating the same actions that take money out of your pocket and put it in her own. Don’t let her.