Same old song and dance

Here’s a guest post from someone who’s had their eyes opened about Tabetha Jones:

First off let me say that I am not using my name, although I am over all the lies and bullshit that have spilled from the poisoned lips of Tabetha Jones, I don’t need my future tainted. I want to first say that I was naïve and so willing to believe that the person who wanted my works wanted only the best for me. I was approached by Tabetha Jones, to at first do an anthology, someone had “showed” her my works and she was over the moon to get me on board. She insisted we talk because she had some things that she needed me to know. Things pertaining to her other companies affiliation. She informed me that she had been a part of Mystic Press, that things went south and she was left holding the bag. I felt bad for her wanted to believe that she was misused and she wanted to show the world that she was better. She told me of a “hate” blog that was all about how she was a thief, how she manipulated people and their money. She told me that she had all this stuff planned out and that my books would fly off the shelves. She promised book tours, book signings, that she would contact the local libraries and have me do signings there. She promised that I would get a very good percentage, which was 60/40 for paperbacks and 50/50 for eBooks. At the time I thought that was great, she explained that the royalties would be changed after the contract was fulfilled for the first year, and the sales were better. I need you to know now; NONE of these things were done.

Now to explain the quotations on the wording “showed”. She found a bit of my works when she was trolling another page, a group of people that were actually trying to get something good going by doing an anthology of pretty much no named people to get them out there. That was lie number one. I decide to go with Tabetha Jones and gave her a shot, although I truly was hesitant. Against her desire I guess I will say, I went to the “hate” blog and started reading all that was being said about her and her dealings with Mystic Press and her new endeavor of Phoenix Fire. I will be the first to admit I fought for her tooth and nail, I cussed people that I didn’t know, I accused them of being jealous, and petty you name it I was all on Tabetha’s side. I didn’t want to believe she was lying to me, that she didn’t have my best interest at heart.

Now to this “hate” blog. After being with Tabetha for a bit, I noticed a lot of things. When you would call her to discuss things dealing with your book, swag, book trailers, sales, royalty reports or to get book party things organized she would talk about family stuff. I am talking about things of the nature of her sick mom, her sister and her preferences in her lifestyle, what guy she was flirting with. Now don’t get me wrong we did discuss the other things, only to have her say to me, I will have to get back to you on that, uhm, the reports are all together, I have to print them out, black out the other authors information and copy and send to you. I want to tell you now this NEVER happens. I got a little bit pissed off. I started checking out this blog on a regular basis. I was reading of what people had dealt with when it came to her, so I started asking her more questions. I asked more about my sales and exactly why when the people from Createspace, Amazon, Kindle and the like pay monthly, why was I being paid every 3 months or when she saw fit. I contacted these places, and found out that yes, royalties are paid monthly. I also noticed my books popping up on EBay and a few other places. Yet, I was not receiving any royalties from those sales. It got to the point that for the most part she was ignoring everything I said to her except that what she wanted to tell me, which was more bullshit about her life. Not to be rude but when you go to work, does your boss say “ hey so and so, last night I got so fucked up with my friend that I have bruises all over my body, and I don’t know how it happened”? Not where I work. The more I read on the blog the more insight I got on how things were going. Tabetha could never give me an honest answer on where the money was, how many books I have sold or what.

I went over my contract, which btw I found out that it is a bogus contract that no lawyer in the world would sign off on that rubbish. And how do I know? I took it to a lawyer to have him review it. Why I didn’t do it earlier, is beyond me. Actually I went over both contracts the anthology one and the one for my own books. My first book should have been pulled after the first year guess what yep you guessed it she kept the book up for sale WITHOUT a new contract. Can we say illegal? She was also telling me that she had several “alts” that she writes under which by the way in case you are wondering is at least 5 people in every anthology she promotes. These “alts” get paid the same percentage as if it was a real person. So let’s say the book makes 200 for a month provided she pays monthly, which we all know she doesn’t, and 5 of those people are her “alts” and 5 people are actual authors and it is suppose to be split equally between all. Since she says the company doesn’t take any money from the anthology sales. What exactly is her cut? If my math is correct and it may be off a bit, but I am seeing her making what 100 off the blood, sweat, tears and dreams of others.

I am sure there are really talented writers that have been conned by her again. Hell I am from the south and fell for her southern belle charm and “I am a better person, I have learned from all my mistakes” blustering. I know that everyone wants to believe that people are good in general and want to assist us. Please I am telling you that not EVERYONE has your best interest at heart. Don’t trust Tabetha Jones, she is a scam artist and a liar. She will tell you that you are a family, that she isn’t running her business like others do. It is all bullshit. She will use you, bully you, tell you not to do things that her lawyer insists that that is the way it has to be. There is NO lawyer. NO big bad biker gang that will come and put you in check. THERE IS ONLY HER, TRYING TO BE THE BIG BAD BULLYING BOSS LADY. DON’T FALL FOR HER LIES.


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  1. If I had a nickle for every time I heard a former Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire scam victim recount the same story, I’d be rich.

    She does the same thing over and over. She recruits a wave of victims by trolling Facebook, lies to them about their contracts – which get switched out without their knowledge or consent – lies about how many books get sole, doctors sales reports, then threatens and verbally abuses them when they wise up and ask all the right questions. The questions they should have asked from the start.

    So, any authors that have signed with Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire publishing, take heed. If she approached you, promised you the moon and signed you, you’re being scammed.
    If she tells you that it’s normal for you to pay for cover art, don’t believe it. Real publishers don’t work that way.
    If she asks you to contribute shorts to an anthology while you finish your book “just to get your name out there,” “Just to get you started,” or (as she’s done in the past) “To benefit charity,”


    If Tabetha Jones says selflessly that she “doesn’t take a cut” of anthologies. IT’S BULLSHIT. She is writing under several aliases in that anthology. That means that she’s taking HALF of the total, if not more. Still sound like a selfless, dedicated publisher that’s “busting her ass” for her authors? Nope. It’s one of her many scams to use your name to get money in her pocket.

    You can google “Phoenix Fire publishing” under Amazon, Ebay, Smashwords, etc, and find titles by authors that are no longer associated with Phoenix Fire publishing. She’s still selling their books and they’re not getting a penny of it.
    Don’t think she’ll do it to you? Think again, my friend. Neither did they.

    Are you falling for it when she says that she’s “turned over a new leaf” “learned from her mistakes” or pouts that “Everybody deserves a second chance”?


    It’s human nature to root for the underdog, especially when they spin a yarn like Tabetha Jones. She’ll tell you how badly SHE’S been abused, both in business and in her personal life. She’ll talk about her sweet little girl (who was also abused, depending on the story) that means more to her than ANYTHING. She’ll say anything at all to make herself seem sympathetic and determined.


    She’s the one with the abusive personality. Look back through her own comments and prove it to yourself. She says all of her ex lovers harmed her in some way… says the last one hit her right in front of her daughter… yet she never called the cops on any of them. Not one. And, despite her assurances that some big, bad motorcycle club takes care of her enemies, they’re all still alive and kicking. To my knowledge, they’ve never gotten so much as a dirty look from any of Tabetha’s biker buddies. Neither have I, for that matter, though she has repeatedly threatened to send them after me, along with an old Voodoo witch she says conjures the dark arts on her behalf. Carolyn, her name is. Well, I’ve spoken to Carolyn, and that’s bullshit, too.


    There aren’t any motorcycle cronies just sitting around waiting to avenge Tabetha’s wrong-doers. If anything, they’re watching her to see if she’s still throwing their names around.
    There’s no Voodoo priestess that sends “gators creeping in the night” to get people. No crafty old practitioner that kills my family members because of my karma, as Tabetha has claimed. Hell, that lady doesn’t even live “right up the road” from me, like Tabetha has said to people. That chick lives in an entirely different state. Has for years. And when asked about Tab’s claims, had a good laugh. It just doesn’t work that way. If anything, Tabetha has her own karma to worry about. Mine’s just fine, thanks.

    Most importantly, THERE IS NO LAWYER that has written up or signed off on her contracts. No publishing lawyer on the planet would create such a self-serving contract that favors only the publisher and gives no rights whatsoever to the author. (Authors must respond and obey the demands of the publisher in a timely manner or else the author is in breach of contract? Bullshit. That gives Tabetha the power to say “Rewrite your book in 2 days” and when the author simply can’t do it, they’re in breach. She’s done it before. She’ll do it again.

    And, lastly, there is no hate here. There’s just the truth, and that’s what she doesn’t want you to see. That’s why she proactively brings this blog up and says “Oh they hate me. My lawyer says not to read it.” Or however she’s wording it these days.

    Do yourselves a favor, kids. DO read this blog. All the way back to the beginning. What you’ll see is not somebody who’s learning from her mistakes like a trooper. She’s repeating them, very much on purpose. She uses the same excuses, the same rhetoric, the same bullshit to get authors to believe in her personally so that she can rip them off professionally. That’s not a mistake, that’s a cold, calculated pattern of behavior.

    Save yourself. Save your work. Get as far away from Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire publishing as fast as you can. And don’t worry about that contract. Her company isn’t legal, so the contracts aren’t either. And if she threatens to sue you, MAKE HER DO IT. She won’t. She can’t. She’s wrong, and she knows it. Her threats are just hot air. Make her back up the bluff. She can’t. The only thing she’s got going for her is her big, fetid mouth. She can scream, swear, threaten and rant, but she CAN’T STOP YOU.

    Do yourselves a favor. Run.

  2. Your just jealouse of a talented successfful woman with strength and courage and a real life something you no nothing about. Did you happen to notice your precious better bisiness rating? That’s right its up where it should be so how do you like that loser? Stop being such a jealous hater attacking a real woman for once see I can be a lady to.

    • Hey tabetha we all know its you with the poor grammar and lack of any common sense what so ever. Go hide back under the rock from where you came. We all got sick of your games and ended it all. You’re just pissed because we have ended the publishing world for you and are slowly working on that smut photography company. Honestly who mentions sex and kids in the same fucking sentence. But the biggest surprise has yet to come for your ass tabetha. I’ll be there when it happens.

      • U son of bitch I hear another derogatory comment Twards Tabitha I will find u I know a lot of ppl In Killeen

      • Nah, that didn’t sound like a treat at all.

        I wonder if you know all of the derogatory comments she’s been saying about YOU all this time; that you beat her so bad that she couldn’t stand up. She’s said more ugly, abusive things about you. Paints you a s a horrible serial abuser that she was lucky to get away from you alive.
        Do yourself a favor, dude. Read this blog.

      • Dude, you should listen to him. Because that’s exactly how she’s going to do you.
        You think you know Tabetha? Do yourself a very large favor and read her very own words right here on this blog. Scroll to the oldest posts and read to the present. You’ll see that we’re not jealous back-stabbing haters. We’re the folks she’s done wrong, here telling the truth about her. And you’ll see her own words proving it. Get to know the REAL Tabetha Jones. Not the flimsy facsimile she’s pretending to be.

        And you might want to watch those threats. Since it’s on my blog, it’s here to stay, and might come back to bite you.
        Just saying.

    • Well as long as you have the money to pay to be accredited you can’t get any lower than a C+. So, just makes me wonder, who did she scam, lie too, or whose royalties did she skim from to get the cash? We all know Tabetha doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Since many have rode up on their white horses, swords drawn prepared to rescue her and be at her beck and call. Also the fact she lives with her mother and sister. Along with the major fact that doesn’t have a legit job, is not going to college as her personal page states. What I mean by legit job is exactly how is Tabetha funding the publishing company? She says she doesn’t take all that money from the authors, most of what she does she pays out of “HER” pocket. With the models from the other extension of Phoenix, and yes it is an extension just another way for Tabetha to scam people, i don’t see her making much capitol.

      Ruby Dee again you come on here with such poor grammar and no etiquette. We shall forgive that as we always do considering who you are backing. Lets address the statement of Tabetha being a real business person why don’t we? If you look at the so coveted BBB information, the MAIN reason they haven’t shredded Tabetha a new ass is simple, she has NOT proven to them that she is an actual business as of yet. But AGAIN, Mrs, Dumbass has hung herself quite nicely. I won’t go into detail, why ruin the surprise.
      (anyone who knows me and wants to know the answer as to how can privately email me, IF I feel I can trust you, I will explain)

      As for Tabetha having strength and courage, how much strength and courage does it take to shatter a person’s dreams and hopes? How much of that strength and courage did she put into her business when people were noticing her not being consistent with royalties and showing of sales?

      A real life??? O.K., Tabetha’s “REAL LIFE” consists of lying, cheating, stealing and basically bullying anyone she can if they don’t ride the Tabby Train. The only talent Tabetha has is the talent of bullshit. She promises you the moon and stars as she is reaching into your pocket to steal your last dollar. She will badger you and cajole you to do things that you may not be comfortable with in your works. That is NOT talent, that is NOT a business woman, that IS being a low-life piece of scum that needs to be put in her place.

      Ruby you will never be a lady, YOU CAN’T POLISH A TURD, sorry.


      • She’s getting a lot of mileage out of that c+ rating after it was the F her scamming ass deserves. But I hope her authors read the whole page. She paid for accreditation, but still hasn’t provided proof that she actually exists as a business. And she still hasn’t paid taxes. So she might bullshit her new victims, but she can’t bullshit the IRS. She’ll find out.

    • Yeah, we saw that. A few of us picked up the phone and called the BBB in Austin after reading your bullshit response. You have that rating because you paid for accreditation. Not because you’re legitimate. You can’t have lower than a C rating if you pay.
      I never thought you’d actually part with a dime on purpose, but it’s amazing what money can buy. And we all know where you got it, don’t we?

      • Bitch can you read? Can any of you. I havent paid for my accreditation yet and it says plan and clear across the top of the screen. Get yourselves some glasses.

      • That rating won’t last because all it is all of her alts trying to boost the rating. Once they investigate they will shut her down permanently and er will all be rid of the cunt for good. I can’t wait for that day lol. As for all of the authors she days she has I’m going to send each of them a link here so they can run and sue your ass for everything. Since you don’t have anything that will be jail time. Game over bitch.

      • A good few of them have already seen it. And they’re backing off. She’s still making out like everything’s hunky-dory, but as usual, it’s just smoke and mirrors. This last wave of victims aren’t the naive, trusting newbies she was hoping for. This batch actually has some experience under their belts, have dealt with publishers before, and are doing their due diligence. She’s trying to scam them like she has others, but she’s finding it more and more difficult as the word gets out faster and faster.
        It doesn’t matter if she lies, buys and scams her way to an A++ rating, but it still wouldn’t change the fact that her company is illegal. Has been for years. She plain and simply doesn’t know what she’s doing as a publisher. As a scam artist, sure. But that house of cards is falling down fast.
        She’s just not smart enough to quit while she’s behind.

      • To quote: “I havent paid for my accreditation yet…”
        Catch that, those being scammed by Tab? She hasn’t paid “YET.” Which, in Tabetha speak, means she’s not going to pay and that rating and accreditation is going to vanish.

      • Or that she already has paid but it just hasn’t shown up yet. Either way, she’s talking out of both sides of her ass. As usual.

  3. Funny thing about computers and getting things done in a timely manner, they are only as fast as the one behind the keyboard and what time allows. As you yourself are living proof of, you know, I have to get back to you, have to print out and bock out all the other authors information. Sound familiar? Yes, Tabetha it has been confirmed that your accreditation has been taken care of, it is just going to take time for it to appear on your report. There is no way that the BBB would change that rating if you didn’t pay. For one it took you way too long to fight the last report on your shoddy publishing company, in fact the case was CLOSED. And the BBB gave you a scathing F due to the last person who reported you.

    Do you really think that people are so blind and stupid anymore as to just go on your word alone. You have proven to be as unreliable as a winter storm. We are smarter than you think, and it is all thanks to you. Most of us should actually thank you for being the worthless publisher that you really are, it has given us more insight and knowledge. We have hopes and dreams, yes, just this time we have learned to believe in ourselves instead of relying on you and your LIES.

    Why did it take you so long to rebuff a report on you? Seriously, they give you a deadline. You on more than one occasion have ignored those deadlines, and then come back weeks even months later with your poor me bullshit and try and cover your ass. I hear the winds of change, they are blowing in your direction Tabetha, and it doesn’t sound that promising.

    For two, well I will leave that a secret for now. Like I said, you screwed up and i am giggling my ass off because you just don’t know how you did it. So although you say we can’t read, we sure can dial a phone and get information that is needed to seal your coffin, or shall we say the coffin of Phoenix Fire and any other company you try to start up that you can steal from others.

    • She didn’t bother to answer that complaint until after her authors read a blog post about it here and started to ask questions. She didn’t care when it was submitted, and she didn’t provide a shred of information to the BBB about her company through multiple complaints. She must really think people are blind and stupid if she thinks they don’t see that. Either that or she’s still suffering from her singular brand of delusion that makes her think that her scamming history disappears because she wants it to. And that people automatically forget it because she whips up some new lie to try to cover her ass. But the truth always outs itself. Yes, several of her current wave of victims have spoken to me privately to ask about her, and they’ve expressed a great deal of regret for not googling her when she contacted them. They’re starting to realize that she trolled them, and they’re researching ways to get away from her. And when they do, she can expect more complaints. This time, she won’t be able to lie her way out of it.

  4. You ppl have some really screwed up ideas about what’s going on in MY company and my life. None of you have a damn clue. BTW Carolyn is an older black lady with dreads. Comes from’Hati certainly not the woman you spoke with.

    • We know exactly what’s going on. You just don’t like that the truth about you is out there for the world to see. Otherwise, you wouldn’t go to such extreme measures to keep your victims from seeing this blog. Sorry, hun. But they are seeing it, and they are asking questions. Looks like you’ll have to troll Facebook profiles for some fresh victims soon. This batch is catching wise pretty quick.

  5. I find it hilarious anytime something good happens for myself or my company one of these new posts pops up. I do believe some are seeing green, which is perfectly fine with me. I have a damn good team of authors, a damn good life, I am one lucky girl. And it just keeps getting better and I believe none of you can stand that.

    • The only green being seen is the color of the hard working authors money going into YOUR pocket. Or maybe the little green fairy you should have seen when you drank that absinthe drink. No one cares about you, or your pathetic company, all we care about it keeping good-heated trusting people from being used by you, like MANY of us were.

      Get it through your thick skull woman you are not envied. We don’t care about you, who you fuck, who you have fucked or whatever your delusional mind comes up with. What we DO CARE about is how you lie, manipulate, steal from and bully people to get what YOU want. NOTHING special is going on in your world.

      You are NOT the publishing god. You are not a person that anyone should vie to be with, be associated with or even want to admit that they have known. You make up so many lies and stories if you could put them together right, you may actually have a book there somewhere, but you are too simple minded to even think that far in advance.

      Get over yourself Tabetha, please it is so laughable. The only reason I came here and said anything is because you are STILL lying, and using people. I hope that one day that you feel the pain, hurt and sadness you have inflicted on all the authors you have done dirty. The only think I can’t stand is the fact that you are still using the same bullshit routine to ensnare authors, and you ARE STILL STEALING FROM THEM. You are STILL PLAYING THE POOR ME routine. You are STILL PLAYING THE HATER CARD. That’s where you are wrong, Tabetha we don’t hate you WE FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. We feel sorry that you have to be such a lying, pathetic piece of shit to try and make yourself better in the grand scheme of life.

      My major question to you is, who taught you this way of life? Who made you the sad little girl you are today? Who abused you so badly that you feel that you have to do the same to unsuspecting people to assuage your pain? And please, don’t try and say ex husband’s and boyfriends. Because sweetie, you have been a bitch for longer than you have been able to date. And if you do try and pull that card of bad men in your life, why do you continue the cycle? Why do you hurt people knowing how much it is to hurt? Why do you steal money from hard working people, feed off THEIR dreams, yet destroy them in the same token? Was you so poor growing up that you couldn’t have the best in life? Is that why you are such a thief today? Do you think that by stealing from good people it makes you a better person?

      • No. She’s not a publishing god. She’s not a publisher, period. She’s a thief. She takes people’s work and publishes it for free on createspace without any proper editing, calls herself a publisher and keeps all their money. Even after they pull away from her, she still sells their work. Just ask poor Beth Wright. Google The Devil’s Pet Kitten any day of the week, and you’ll still find it for sale with Phoenix Fire listed as the publisher, even though she left that company years ago. She does the same thing to other authors as well, sneaking their books back onto the market and pocketing the money until they find out about it and make her take it down. And she’ll do the same thing to her new authors, too.

        The only reason I keep posting about her and her ongoing ways is because she’s still using the same line on her victims: “I’ve learned from my mistakes.” “That’s all in the past.” “Everybody deserves a second chance.”
        No, it’s not in the past. It’s still going on. The good thing is that her victims are catching on pretty fast these days. They’re googling her name and finding their way to this blog, even though she tries to tell them it’s just a “hate” blog, or that her lawyer has issued a gag order that says they shouldn’t look at it. Sad thing is, lawyers don’t issue gag orders. Judges do. And there’s no way Tabetha’s scamming ass is going in front of a judge. Not with all the illegal shit she does, from publishing on down to probation violation. She doesn’t dare. So… no judge, no gag order. Like everything else, it’s bullshit. And they’re seeing it faster and faster. Pretty soon, the only publishing she’ll be doing is stuff from the imaginary roster of authors in her head. Hell, most of them already are. She picks up a few real people by trolling them on FB just to give herself a hint of legitimacy, but the majority of her authors are just voices in her head. It’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

        She’s not interested in being a better person. All she cares about is how much she can rip people off for. One of these days, she’s going to cross the wrong person, and they’re going to make her very, very sorry she ever thought of it.

    • The only thing green around here is either waiting for you at the bottom of a bottle or hanging from your nose.
      And there it is, the patented “My life is so WONDERFUL!” line of crap you spout every time you get caught in another lie. Usually right around the time your current victims are finding out what a lying thief you are and kick you to the curb. So now we know where you are on your mental cycle. As if we didn’t already. Keep tap dancing, honey. Right up until they take you away. I only hope for your sake that the authorities catch up with you before someone you’ve cheated hunts you down. You might have better luck with the feds.

  6. Everyone. has an opinion and that’s yours. I take it as a complete compliment that you are so fascinated with my life that you and everyone here keeps track. Damn I knew I was loved but this beats anything I’ve ever seen.

    • Tabetha no one gives a rat’s ass about your life!!!!! Get that through your thick head!!!! What we care about is your SCAMMING, LYING, BULLSHITTING, BULLYING AND IN GENERAL ABUSING OTHERS. Outside of that I could care less if a sink hole swallowed your ever so wide load ass up. You are quite dense I will give you that much, but FOR YOUR INFORMATION, THE SUN DOES NOT RISE AND SET IN YOUR ASS, although it would fit.

      • Oh, we already know that she craves the attention. And I give it to her only to warn her latest victims not to fall for her “It’s in the past” crock of shit. They are the only interesting thing about her. If not for the people she scams, there wouldn’t be a single thing about her worthy of any mention at all. Sad thing is, I think she knows it.

    • Fascinated? Try nauseated. If you had a real life, it might be interesting. But all you do is steal from people, and the only reason we care at all is to expose you to the people who stand to be victimized by you. How sad it is that you bask in such negative attention, because that’s the only kind you can get. What a grotesque farce you are.

    • Loved? There you go again with your delusions. Fascinated with your life? Are you fraking serious? What is there to love about you Tabetha? You lie, cheat, steal, bully and fabricate so much crap that it is impossible to even think you are human. What in sam hell would we be fascinated about you for? OH, yeah I got it, the fact that your sorry pathetic ass hasn’t been put behind bars as of yet. Makes me wonder is it who you know or who you BLOW? It surely can’t be who you know, because we all know the crap you spouted about famous and important family members and affiliations with criminal biker gangs is all wishful thinking on your behalf. We will stop dealing the truth on you when you stop being the total psycho bitch that you are. I mean really faked suicides, attention whore much? If your publishing company is doing so well, why would you try and weasel your way into another’s company as an author? What your company not good enough? I know the answer to that one. IT ISN’T. You can try all you want, but you are always going to be a worthless waste of air. You will never be anything than the joke of the boy’s locker room. Keep on believing you have the world by the balls, keep on believing your stars are shinning brightly. When all that comes crashing down around you, I will be sitting here, sipping my tea laughing and saying I told you so.

  7. A legend? Nah, but obviously I am something quite special end up on everyone’s mind. As for having my work published with another company, I was offered and it didn’t happen. I do get offers from other companies for my work. Which I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    Maybe you do but I don’t.

    • What happened to your fake ass gag order lmao? If there was one then you broke it in turn that means you’re full of shit yet again. One last thing, you’re about to get a knock on the door for copyright infringement. Production companies don’t take too well to their work being stolen.

      • Let whoever knock on my door. I have nothing to fear. I don’t have to steal anyone’s work, I can do it all on my own. Phoenix Fire Publishing does not steal anyone’s work and we do not associate ourselves with those that do.

        They can check all my records and at the end of the day you will be the looking like the idiot.

        You think you are some sort of God when in all reality you’re nothing but a sad loser that will never measure up to a real man.

      • And here I thought you couldn’t write fiction. You’ve ripped off my work, and duplicated several others.
        Don’t associate yourself with those who do? You write jokes too, I see.

        They are checking your records, hon. Wait for it.

        He’s not a real man? You were singing a different story when you were with leeching off of him, though, weren’t you?

        Then again, you have a history of lying about the men in your life, don’t you? Like the guy you’re with now. Your first husband? Does he know that you’ve run screaming about how all of your ex husbands abused you, including him? Or are you hoping those words don’t come back to haunt you?
        Guess again.

      • This is coming from the whore that can’t run a legit business lmao. Sadly you’re about to end up in prison

      • She’s about to get more knocks on the door than that. I’m done playing with her. I’m talking to her local IRS office instead of just waiting for the federal office to hunt her down. I should have done that long ago. They’re VERY interested that this has been going on under their nose. Plus there are other local financial offices and law enforcement agencies that are concerned about things she’s doing.
        Oh, yes. She’s about to have quite a few changes happen in her life. I hope she’s ready for it.
        No I don’t. I hope she’s blindsided, the way she blindsides her authors who don’t see her scam for what it is.
        I only hope somebody’s there to take pictures.
        Well, wait, though. Mug shots are public records, aren’t they? Yeah. I’ll settle for that.

    • I know for a fact you sought out a publishing company, and they TURNED YOUR SORRY ASS DOWN FLAT. Pretty much didn’t want to be tainted by your name,then you suggested using YET ANOTHER alt to use as your pen name, so others wouldn’t know it was you. Your company is as pathetic as you are. If you were such a great publisher, why did 99% of your authors leave after the first year? If you were such a great publisher why would you want anyone else handling your works? Again you are nothing special, no one to be missed. The only reason anyone said anything about you was to PROTECT THE INNOCENT AUTHORS YOU STEAL FROM ON THE DAILY. To warn the unsuspecting hopefuls of your trickery and deceit. LIE MUCH TABETHA? Wait that’s rhetorical, we all know the answer to that one.

      • All she knows how to do is lie. Life always comes full circle, doesn’t it? With people, and with the lies she’s told about them. It’s not just authors, models, editors, photographers, artists and friends she lies to, either. She’s lied TO and ABOUT every man she’s ever been with. I feel sorry for whatever poor sap she suckers next. It’s bee the same old song and dance with him, too. He’ll find out.

    • Lying about offers from other companies again? Can we say Jabberwocky? You must think we’re all really stupid if you think we forgot about you bragging that Jabberwocky had offered you this amazing deal on your magnum opus series. But when asked, they had never heard of you.
      Right. Tell us another one.
      There wouldn’t be anything wrong with getting offers. There is something wrong with lying about it, which is all you know how to do.
      You’re no legend, you’re not special in any way. All you are is a thief, and that’s the only reason you’re on anybody’s mind. Because you’ve lied to, cheated and stolen from everybody here, and more. But do keep making such a spectacle of yourself, hon. The more of an ass you make of yourself, the more questions I get about you in private messages and emails. You think you’re being clever, but all you’re doing is looking like an ass. Keep it up.

  8. I see we are back to stalking my page to get info about my personal life. Yes he is my first ex husband and no things were not perfect. There were mistakes made on both sides but the abuse or fights we have both put behind us and moving forward.

    He knows all about this blog and everything on it. We keep nothing from one another. He supports my modeling career and publishing company. He always knew writing was my dream.

    Again just goes to show that none of you can be happy unless you are running my name thru the mud or coming up with fictitious stories.

    • Unless he’s read this blog and your own words, all he knows is what you tell him about this blog. Just like your authors, you’ve probably told him what you want him to think of it (that it’s all lies and hate, etc), not what it really is. Tsk, tsk, Tabetha. Lying to a fellow is hardly the best way to start a relationship.

      I’m not talking about what you’re passing off as fights in your past with him. I’m talking about you running around since, telling people that all your ex husbands, including him, beat and abused you in order to gain sympathy. That’s a very different thing.
      Don’t worry. I’m nosing around for those very words. I’ll post them in one place so that he and anybody else who cares to can see them.

      If you don’t want your lies and bullshit to come back and bite you on the ass, you shouldn’t spread it around so liberally.

    • You stupid fucking twat waffle, if you post something on a public site, it’s not stalking when somebody reads it. You run your own name through the mud when you steal from people. Your no writer, you hag. Your a scam artist. Fictitious? That’s a big word for you. Nobody has to make up fictitious stories about you when the truth is so disgusting. Stop trying to play the victim when you’re the one that leaves victims in your wake. Get over yourself you lying stealing bitch.

      • Makes you wonder why she’d get her knickers in such a twist. Is she that desperate for him not to read this blog and find out what she’s said about him? Is she playing the innocent little victim with him, too? Does he not realize that she’s completely devoid of genuine affection. With her mental disorders, she’s incapable of any real emotions. She is likely just using him for one of several things:
        Or maybe she’s setting herself up to be a victim of his abuse again so she can buy herself more sympathy, just like she tried to pull with James and Eric.
        Or maybe she’s setting him up to be the reason Phoenix Fire fails. She tried to pin shit on Eric, but that didn’t work. She’s tried to switch to another company (Silver Fang), but that didn’t work, either. She’s been stuck with Phoenix Fire around her neck like an albatross, unable to dodge the public scrutiny that would reveal her deception if she tried to change it, like she changed Mystic to Phoenix. She must be desperate for a patsy.
        This guy will find out that for whatever reason, she’s using him. Sucks to be him, poor guy.

      • Busted in yet another lie she’s still not in a relationship. If she was she would have had him come here to defend so what magical pills are you on again? But what about that gag order because you’re not supposed to be on here lmao. Another lie. Everybody has so much dirt on you, it’s not 6 feet under it’s more like a mile under

    • Wait which guy was this one? Was he the one that daddy took care of or the infamous motorcycle club? The one that you said if he burned in hell it wouldn’t be good enough? Was this guy the one that beat you so badly that you couldn’t walk? The one that put you in the ER on many occasions? So strange to find this out, since you are such a, how did you put it, oh yes, advocate for abuse. Which is actually redundant since saying that means you support abuse. Then again look who we are talking about and to. You said mistakes were made on both sides, so again I busted you, since not long ago I did mention that you asked to be hurt by these men. So, yeah I was right. You seriously are not stable. For anyone to go back to someone that ABUSED them in the manner you said, is simply STUPID. As for being happy, I am so happy I could shit rainbows. Knowing that you are as dumb as you are. This just makes me laugh.

      • “Mistakes” indeed. Yes, this is one of the men she said beat her. So I guess the message she’s sending victims now is that it’s okay to sugar coat abuse by calling it a “mistake” and take back up with somebody who beat them. At least it’s okay if she plans to use them for their money, a place to live, a little legitimacy and whatever else she can get from him before he catches wise and kicks her to the curb. Again.

    • Now, now. No posting people’s pictures. I’m sorry, but I altered that comment to be a link to the picture instead. Despite her claims to the contrary, it’s not illegal to post links to pictures.

      But, yeah. Funny, innit? I wonder how long she’ll be able to keep up the facade of the happy little homemaker and respectable mother before her true colors start to bleed through. I guess we’ll see.

  9. Facade? I am the happy little homemaker. He appreciates me and knows me better than anyone. Not in a relationship, I suppose that’s why he contacted Eric on Facebook. I’m sure sooner or later he will post because he’s a real man that has my back. He supports all my endeavors. Why? Because since I was 16 he has been the only man that accepted me for me.

    • I see you took down all those trashy pictures with your snatch and tits hanging out, do you think you can fool him into thinking your a sweet little Suzie homemaker? That’s funny or maybe you only have to fool him long enough to marry you again and get a house out of him and maybe he’ll fall for it for the sake of your kid but if he thinks your any kind of homemaker he must have memory problems or did he forget why he dumped your sleazy ass in the first place. Your just a filthy whore that sleeps with every man you meet taking sleazy pictures of yourself you think he won’t find out before it’s too late your stupider then you look but go ahead and try to convince him your a sweet little housewife bake cookies and wear a frilly apron you just look an even bigger fool then usual because it’s so far removed from what you really are. I only hope for his sake your man isn’t as stupid as you think he is and finds out what your really up to before you soak him for too much.

    • OK, if no one else is going to say it, I sure as hell am. W-T-F!!! So it’s okay to be abused and accept your abuser back into your life because, Why? I am a bit confused Tabetha claims this dude to be a “real man”, which btw she states about ALL her MEN,that come to her rescue and defend her, yet he beat her. He had her back? Was this before or after he beat the shit out of her? Happy homemaker? Now please tell me how this ” wonder woman ” is able to do so much in a day? Golly, publisher, model,makeup artist, student, mother, editor, book trailer designer and now “wifey”? I am sure there is so much that I am missing but you get the gist. How many of you authors are paying attention? How many see how thinly she is spreading herself to “look” important? Do you see that your works are going to be shoddily done, rushed through and basically thrown out on the market to increase her bank account? Please tell me you are wising up faster then some of her other authors who kept believing her poor me, I am trying to be better, I have cut ties with the “haters” all that bullshit. Also, Tabetha is known for making new accounts to contact people, having conversations with herself to seem interesting. Who’s to say that the “person” that contacted Eric isn’t one of her many ALTS.Now back to the ex, you state and I quote, “Because since I was 16 he has been the only man that accepted me for me.” If this is sooooo true, which I doubt, just seems you have run out of men in your area and are now recirculating. But I digress, Why would this guy hurt you? Why would he not protect you, defend you hell I will go as far as saying treasure you? And “IF” he is so great, why have you bad mouthed him, disrespected him and basically put him out there as a demon of a man who is an abuser? Don’t you realize you have tainted him just like you have done everything you have touched in your sorry life? You have made this “real man” into a despised person. Someone that no one would believe or trust. So go ahead and have him come on here spouting your praises. If he treated you like garbage, what makes you think we think of you any better? Or would even believe the words of an person of that caliber?

      • She said Eric was a “real man” too, when she was with him, and got him to leap to her defense. That’s what she does. She cons other people into doing her dirty work for her. Or she invents them and does it herself. Then when she doesn’t have any use for them anymore, they become haters and liars. Her men become abusive assholes that beat her. She said it about him before and I’d bet money that when he opens his eyes and sees that she’s playing and using him, she’ll say the same thing again. She can try to clean herself up, hide her dirty pictures, dress like a soccer mom and try to convince this guy she’s a happy, wholesome little homemaker just long enough to get him to marry her again, but she can’t change her spots. She knows it. We know it. If he’s got half a brain in his head, he’ll see it, too. She tries to be so many things, but I think this respectable facade is the one that fits her the least. You can’t turn a whore into a housewife, a sow’s ear into a silk purse. It just isn’t who she is.

        She has said so many times that this guy beat her. It wasn’t a “mistake” then. It didn’t become such until she thought she could get something out of him. It’s a flimsy lie, and I think she’s the only one that thinks he’s going to buy it for very long.
        She’s disingenuine, without an honest bone in her body.

        As far as being a makeup artist goes, that’s just a joke. Did you see how much makeup she put on her six year old kid? It’s disturbing.
        Way too much makeup on a kid.
        Honestly. Who does that? Mother of the year, I tell ya.

    • Yet another lie nobody has got in touch with me on any social media site. Keep telling your lies. And this is what’s funny people, randy is the whole reason why get back is fucked up in the first place. Most notably pushing her downstairs.

      • Oh, but pushing her down the stairs and jacking up her back for life is a “mistake.”
        Great message to send to abuse victims, there, Tab. *eye roll*
        Better yet, nice message to teach your daughter.

      • If he wants to talk come to my house but be ready to catch a beat down for trespassing. He can’t even spell her name right that’s fucking pathetic. Come on randy whenever you find your balls I’m ready to shove them down your throat let’s go

      • He calls Tab a little girl? Or is he talking about her daughter? Either way that’s sick.

  10. Ok her is truth about Tabetha jones I am randy the first husband tab is the only women that has not fucked me over all of u ppl don’t know her like I do she treated me like gold and all I did was walk out 15 years ago and it was the worst thing I ever did my life has been bad for 15 years I recently found tab again and I fell like I am 18 age she spoils me like she did so long ago u ppl are all fucked up I pray that my kids don’t grow up like u selfish inconsiderate bastards She is a wonderful mother if I didn’t think so I would not bring my kids around her which I am this weekend I have loved her for 20 years and this page makes me sick (this comet is for eric you want to bash her talk shit to tab well hommie I hit u up on fb but u are a pussy come talk shit to me leave her alone she is mine ) Jt you say all this bad shit about tab u have no idea who she is I have known her for along time oow and no I am not fake another thin is I have all of those pics in my phone she is a good wife I can’t wait to marry her agen and I won’t lose her agen …..5 his women is the love of my life when I am around her it’s nice she won’t let me spend money on her so yall call get that out your fucking head point plank your all retards u bash someone u don’t even know she has been fuck over a lot I am going to spoil her like she does me and don’t give a fuck what all u haters have to say

    • Since me and tab have been back together I have been the happiest man in the word I wish yall knew her like I did my last x cheated on me 5 times in 9 years and tab is the only person that has been there for me u say she is bad but if not for her talking to my x I would have not got my kids this weekend tab talked to my x and told her if I didn’t get my kids it would crick me after the conversation my x is letting me get my kids

      • We do know her. Better than you think we do. I guarantee, anything that she’s doing now is to sucker you into position for whatever plan she’s got. And while you’re so goofy-happy in love, be sure to ask her about the guy she’s got waiting in the wings Ask her about the only man she really wants, her beloved Draven. She’ll give you a line about her relationship with him, but she’s so obsessed with him she can’t even see straight. So ask yourself when you’re in bed with her, whose face is she really seeing when she closes her eyes and throws her head back like that. Who’s she really getting off on? Because it’s him. You’re just a great big vibrator filling the spot she’s dreaming him in. If he’d give her the time of day, you’d be dumped faster than yesterdays bathroom trash. Just read her Bare it all book. That’s the relationship she WISHES she had with him. And if she tries to say its in the past or whatever, remember that it’s not published yet. It’s not old news. It’s what she wishes she could have RIGHT NOW.
        Wake up, man. She’s playing you.

    • Oh you poor bastard. If you think a single word of that is true, She’s really got your head turned around facing backward. You knew her a lot time ago? Great. We’ve known her in the meantime. Some of us have known her very, very well. Some as best friends and family, some as business colleagues, some as clients, and all as victims. She has abused each and every person here.
      Oh, yes. We know her.
      We know best of all that she’s playing you. Every single word that’s coming out of her fetid mouth is a lie. Look for the cracks, they’re already starting to show. Like how right up until she thought she could play homewrecker and get you back, she’s been telling anybody who’ll listen that you beat the crap out of her.
      I know exactly who she is, dude. And you really need to stop listening to HER account of everything, open up your eyes and take a good look. You say we’re haters. That’s what she told you about us, right ? Well why don’t you take a good look around and see who’s really hating. Its Tabetha that hates. She hates that so many of her former victims have the guts to stand up and tell the TRUTH about what she did to them. What she’s doing to her authors right now.
      Speaking of whom, if you don’t realize that more than half the names on her roster are aliases she conjured up to fill spots, you’re the on that doesn’t know her at all. If you don’t realize that she and Dee collaborated to fake a suicide attempt a few weeks ago, You don’t know her. If you don’t know that she withheld medical care from her daughter for weeks, even months, to get more money out of (and blame the neglact on) her kid’s dad, you don’t know her. If you don’t know about all of the assorted substances she puts into her body, they you really don’t know Jack shit.
      You’re being led down the primrose path by her persuasive powers of bullshit. But mark my words: SHE IS USING YOU.
      You’ll find out. And when you do, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

    • You can have that skank i booted her ass years ago didn’t need that shit with me. And as for blocking me on fb, what a real big man lmao.

  11. Just when I think you can’t spill more bullshit you double up and surprise. You really want to know about our sex life and who I think of. It would be the man making beautiful love to me. As far as Draven he and I are friends there is no wanting of him or secret feelings. Randy knows all about the book coming out. He also supports it. As he does my modeling. And I don’t take pics with anything hanging out. I have more respect for myself than that. He has seen all my modeling pics and he thinks they are amazing. Especially the n we ones that will launch later today.

    As for the abuse, ppl change. We were young and dumb. But he was not a monster and yes there were hands put on one another but what happened then is nothing compared to what we both went thru with our exs afterward. We have moved past all that.

    He wants to spoiled and spend money on me but I’m a bit hard headed on that but like I told him it’s his money he can do what he likes with it. He think alike this real men spoil their women and no I’m not used to it I have to accept it.

    You may think you know me but you have no idea.

    • You cry the loudest about what you have most to hide. You know that what I said about your obsession with Draven is true. You prove it with your protestation.
      As for your Bare All book, that’s the one you don’t have permission to write, don’t you? The one the club refuses to let you publish? Right. Thought so.

      Of course you’ll let him spend money on you. That’s what you’re in it for. You know it. We know it. If he’s got half a brain in his head, he’ll figure it out.

  12. Oh the night in shining armor wants to come to defend the whore dame. It was you that broke her back by repeatedly pushing jet down stairs or beating her ass when she was sitting my my cars at car shows. Sorry but you’re nothing due. And how do i taste when you kiss her? Wanted to talk shit on fb then blocked me. Omg we have an Internet thug lmao. i dare you to come say anything to my face but that will be the last thing you say after your jaw is wired shut.

    • The shiny silver of his armor isn’t the color she’s interested in. It’s the green of his money. And possibly the sob story he’ll provide. I’m taking bets, people. Who here wants to bet that she’s setting him up to be her abuser again? After he puts his hands on her again, she can run screaming what a victim she is, how he took her love and used it to abuse her yet again. Boo Hoo, sob sob, oh, poor pity me.
      Any takers? Anybody?

  13. Dude, first off if you really love her like you say you will seek mental help for her. Second of all I do believe the twits name is TAB-E-THA, but then again who knows with her. She has had so many alias.I am going to give it to you as straight as I can. R-U-N DUDE R-U-N. She is full of crap, notice how she says you beat her yet you yourself have not said anything of that nature. You say things went wrong, and that you left her. But you never admit to the abuse, is that because you DIDN’T abuse her and this is another one of her sob stories. Or is it that DID and she is dumber than a box of rocks to allow anyone who did such terrible things back in her life? To allow an abuser to be around a child is freaking crazy!!! No matter what, she has told many of her authors drastic and horrible things that this man has done to her, and yet she is willing to allow that around her child. Who she has let us all know how precocious and so much like Tabetha she is. Her little mini me. So does that leave the little one in DANGER? Since she is so much like Tabetha and from Tabetha’s own admission she “provoked” the abuse she received. You say Tabetha spoils you, hmmm interesting since she doesn’t hold a REAL job, where is that money coming from? OH YEAH, HER AUTHORS THAT DON’T RECEIVE A FREAKING DIME IN ROYALTIES!!! You are either a damn fool or just desperate. For real her entire existence should come with a damn warning label. BE PREPARED TO BE SCREWED OVER (WITHOUT LUBE), FUCKED BEFORE YOU ARE KISSED, BULLIED AND ABUSED IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW HER RULES. I love how Tabetha always seems to have some “man” to speak up for her. There isn’t that much chivalry in the world. Also sorry Randy but I would suggest you take some lessons in grammar. Who can take you seriously when you are dealing with people who’s worlds are wrapped around words and grammar, and you are so illiterate? I get it that you may have poor writing skills that maybe school wasn’t a big deal for you, but if you are going to be associated with people like us maybe learn to at least use spell check.

    • That’s what w orries me the most. That she’s allowing a known abuser around her child.
      And, by her own admission, Tabetha is also abusive. Where does that leave an innocent little 6 year old? My heart weeps for that poor kid.

      • She is already setting that little one up to fail. How? Okay, putting her out there on that sorry excuse for a photography page and making her look like a dwarf whore. Putting he in the same proximity of a KNOWN abuser, well known to Tabetha that is. Being an abusive person herself. This child is going to need INTENSE therapy and lots of love from the right person when she finally cracks. I feel so bad that this little darling can be in such a hellish world. How many men has she thought of as “daddy” how many has she seen beat on her mother? Just exactly what is that teaching her? Tabetha you are worse than a dog that eats its young. At least the dog doesn’t let its offspring suffer.The dog tries to protect its offspring, to its last breath. You, hell I think you would sell your daughter to the highest bidder if it suited your needs.

      • Or worse, that precious little girl really will become Tabetha’s “Mini-me” and become the same twisted, chemically altered abuser. Mother of the year, I tell ya.

  14. I just have one question for Tabetha:
    If her life is so fabulous, why is she spending so much time here on this blog? Seems to me she’d be too busy being Mrs. fabulously happy to bother with us. Right?

  15. You know when Lepplady allowed me to post, I really hoped that something good would come of this. And in a way it has. It has opened the eyes of a few new authors, and has pushed Tabehta out of hiding. Which means the true person will come out, not miss damsel in distress. It is sickening that she is still playing that role, and people are still buying into it. Tabetha you are still the same person I met years ago. You are still using the same lines of how people change, and that was in the past. Even now when you are referring to your ex. What does that say about you as a person, being so wishy washy and all? Speaks volumes to me, and I sincerely hope all the new authors you are scamming now. I hope they see how you truly are, how unreliable and scandalous. I hope they see how much of an attention whore you are, and how it is all about you. You never answer direct questions concerning your dealings with the authors, you never comment on how shady you are. Why is that? Is it because you know it is ALL true. That no matter what you say, how you spin it what I have stated here I AM TELLING THE TRUTH. You bring on your ex/new man in here, coming in totally blind in my opinion, blasting your sex life bullshit, basically trying to divert from the truth. No matter who said what about your relationship, you should not have added to that. But then again look who we are talking about. The one that has to put bullshit that no one really cares about, or adds to that, instead of facing the FACTS. Answering the questions before you is a bit hard when you are a liar and can’t back pedal. A real business person would have left that trivial comment of your man and spoke on her business, but then again you aren’t really a business person are you? NO you are the one that keeps putting your hands in the pockets of the hardworking and talented people you con.

    • Misdirection is her favorite game. We all know that. That’s why I let her run on about her (not so) private life. So that her authors can see how she manipulates everything away from the real issue at hand. The fact that she’s scamming and stealing from them. The good news is that most of them a re talking to me now, asking questions. They hesitate to accept the answers because if everything I’m saying is true, that means they’ve been suckers. I’m trying to assure them that they aren’t at fault. She is. The only thing they’re guilty of is being good people who believed what they were told by a fast-talking scam artist. A lot of us fell for her line. She’s the criminal, not them. It’s never easy admitting that they’ve been taken in by a scam, but I can see the realization settling in. I’ve seen the same thing from all of her former authors when they finally accepted it. And, judging from their reactions, this new set of victims will start to get angry pretty soon. And I can tell you that more than one of them plan to make sure she’ll pay for her crimes. If she thinks past authors are bad, she ain’t seen nothin’ yet. At least three of them are thinking about writing up complaints for her BBB. They see her bullshit rating. and they see the lies for themselves that she answered the last complaint with. They know that her answers are bullshit because of inconsistencies they’re starting to see in their own dealings with her. It won’t take long for them to settle up with her legally. In the meantime, a few of them are finding it increasingly difficult to smile to her face. I can’t wait until it blows up in her face. It’ll be for good this time, and I can’t wait I’ll happily whip up some popcorn and wait for the fireworks.
      One thing that brightens up my day is knowing that there are people lying to her face just like she’s lying to theirs, and she has no idea which ones are about to turn her entire world upside-down. Sweet justice.

      • I told you before, if you feel you can trust these individuals you can give them contact information on me. I have no problem telling these authors of her lying and cheating ways. I am not afraid to tell them of how when I would call to discuss things about my book, the anthologies or whatever I needed about my works, she would change the subject. How she says that this is a family, well if that is a family I have had enough dysfunction in my life, no thank you. She makes everything about a sick child, ailing mom, so much to do an not enough time. She has her hands in way too many cookie jars to even think straight. Let alone make anyone’s dreams come true. I will gladly tell them the HARD TRUTHS ABOUT TABETHA JONES.

      • It already makes a huge difference that you put your experiences here. People can see the similarities between your experience and the way she deals with them. They’re seeing this, that she talks about personal matters and makes excuses about professional business. You’re already opening eyes. Everybody here is. Two more people are ready to walk out on her this week. And her paranoia has her questioning all of them. They’re sick of hearing what haters we are, what a fantastic lover her ex husband is and all her mom’s health woes. They want answers about their business affairs and she’s giving them everything but. She has no business running a company, and the few authors that didn’t see it before are seeing it now. That’s the only reason I still talk about her at all. So that new authors don’t get conned.
        I hear she’s already trolling more authors via facebook, trying to bolster her flagging roster. But most of them see her coming now, thanks to warnings from their friends. Poor tab. She might have to start working for a living. Or live off her kid’s welfare check. Or sucker her ex into marrying her again. Because heaven forbid she might actually have to DO something for a living that isn’t stealing from people.

  16. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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