Nicky P

Out of the blue, Nicky P is crushin’ on me on FB.

First he sent me this PM

Then put this happy little gem on my page.

As far as I’m concerned, he can crawl back into his psychotic little hidey-hole and pretend anybody gives a flying shit what he says.


23 thoughts on “Nicky P

  1. That finger it’s the only thing that homophobic retard can get up. Probably the biggest too. Don’t worry about that illiterate closet case Leppy darling he’s off his medication. When the chaps in white coats drag him back to the nut house he can get back to his favorite pass time of sucking off the orderlies and letting the doctors shag him up the ass. If he wants toilet paper he can use anything he ever wrote, a shit stain on paper would make more sense than any words he ever put there.

    • He does seem rather peoccopied with needle dicks doesn’t he? Maybe he’s jealous that they’re bigger than his.

      Honestly, I don’t know what he thinks he’s got that’s worth stealing. If his posts and prepubescent rants are any indication, I’d do better plagiarizing the ingredients on a shampoo bottle.

  2. Is it no wonder that Little Nicky is the only “publisher” willing to work with Tabetha? Two shriveled nuts in the same sack…

  3. ‘Round and ’round it goes; where it stops, nobody knows.

    That, of course, refers to the cotton ball spinning and bouncing its way around the roulette wheel in Nicky’s head. A marble would work better, but he lost that long ago, in a far away land.

  4. I’m a little jealous, Lepplady. ‘Twasn’t long ago, Little Nikki Nippledick Squeaky-Toy spent his idle time fantasizing about me being a woman. To confound those who know he’s spending most of that time in the closet, no doubt. Being secure in my machismo, I found his attentions amusing rather than abhorrent. Alas, he seems to have displaced me in his heart with you, and I am bereft of my former amusement. It is rather cute that he thinks anything he has to say means more than a fart in a blast furnace.

    • The funniest part is that I have no idea what he’s talking about. In his own little pea brain, he thinks that people plagiarize his work, when %99.9 percent of the general populous don’t even know who he is. And those that do have only heard of him because of his juvenile, hobophobic, half-baked illiterate rantings. And then they only point and laugh at what a ridiculous, pathetic asshat he is. Laughable is too kind a word.

  5. O.K.?? Did I miss something? Lepp are you participating in an anthology with all that you have going on right now? Didn’t think so. And who are these unlucky 7 that would be willing to read the drivel that spews from that fool or Tabetha? I mean really, stealing his works? AS IF!!! I guess Tabetha must have put the idiot up to this. She isn’t in the limelight and needs something to fuel her bullshit, maybe her time to come to someone’s rescue, to prove she is such a great publisher. GAG. What ever this is, it is a good laugh at least. Thanks darlin NIkky

    • I’m willing to bet you’re right. I have no idea who these 7 people are. Figments of his psychotic imagination, most likely. Or hers. Whatever.
      Personally, I think those two deserve each other. And as long as they’re busy jerking each other off, they’re leaving decent people alone. More power to ’em. I hope they have a long and fruitful partnership.

    • To be fair Lepp, and this is your blog you can see fit to do as you choose, even the worst asshat should have their day in court. Why not let this dweeb have his say. Let everyone see for themselves just what a pathetic person we are dealing with. Not saying let him prattle on, but one statement and let it be at that. So basically I am sending a challenge to Nicky P. if you can come up with a coherent statement, something that lacks your basic desire to be as tactless as ever, and Lepp of course agrees, plead your case as to why you think you should attack Lepp in this fashion. And what makes you think that anyone but the loser you have aligned yourself with would want to steal anything from you?
      Since I can prove that the great Tabetha has either stolen from others or have used them as “inspiration”.

      • The primary reason I hesitate to allow a post from him is because if I do allow one, he’ll be able to post without moderation after that. He’d be able to post his drivel at will, and I’d forever be rushing here to see what he’s posted next. I refuse to let him have that kind of control over my day.
        Besides, all he’s spouting is questionable parentage of my children and insults about the male members of my family. There’s nothing even remotely interesting about it. He’s going for the shock factor and failing miserably. He doesn’t have a clever or original bone in his body. It really doesn’t bear repeating.
        IF (and that’s a huge IF) he manages to explain why he thinks I have anything to do with his work getting stolen, or gives me any coherent reason to address him directly, I’ll be happy to post it.
        I won’t be holding my breath.

  6. I am sorry, there is no excuse for that language, I don’t care how ill or well a person is. We have all traveled to hell and back. Police yourself and no offense, don’t support him by displaying it. At least cross out the nasty illusions. This person has to start taking pride in themselves very soon before it is too late. This indulgence just reinforces his sorrowful attitude and loose grip on appropriateness.

  7. Wow I missed this response but my remarks still stand. You are not his babysitter. Who cares how much drivel HE manages to scrape together and put out for there are few readers with desire to consume that smuttiness. Don’t fall plague to the lowest common denominator mentality. If he may put out one or two or five he will loose interest when he has no audience. I apologize for not carefully checking your involvement but I am so tired of the lack of concern of what gets posted as “Literature” or “Digest”. There are plenty of teachers on this method of communication that would love nothing more than to straighten up and teach the struggling I hesitate to say “literates”. If you get my meaning? In any case, be cautious, stop fueling the fire and it will burn out.

  8. Nicky left a reply. Half of it was incoherent drivel, but the last part is rather interesting:

    I’ve never seen a clearer example of exactly how mentally ill this piece of work is. Dude is one sick puppy.

    But there’s no excuse for that kind of threat.

    I almost feel sorry for this douchebag, being manipulated by Tabetha to serve as a distraction to keep attention away from what she’s up to. Almost. It won’t work. Nicky’s an amusing little side note, but by no means important enough to waste much more time on. I haven’t posted these babblings of his to support him or his nonsense. Just to make it a matter of record. Like that threat. Like Tabetha, he seems to think he’s above reproach, but one day he’s going to discover otherwise.

    Just gotta wonder what Tab’s up to that she feels the need to wind up this tool and set him spinning for distraction. Any guesses?

    • Clearly this man is in need of mental treatment. Who would threaten such a thing, I mean really coming to your book signings and putting lighter fluid on them to burn? How rude! If you don’t care for anyone or their writing so be it. Not everyone has your taste in life. Which is a good thing or life would be quite boring. It seems strange to me and maybe I missed something, but here Nicky P. is saying his authors memories, yet he doesn’t name them to give them a voice. Isn’t that a tactic that Tabetha and her croonies have adopted. You remember, “all my authors are upset that their names are associated with your blog”, yet none came on the blog to defend themselves. I get it Nicky P. says that they have passed so therefore cannot defend themselves. Why not name them, give them a voice and prove that they even existed. I agree with you Lepp, that this is just pointless drivel from a sad man. You stifle him? How is that because what he has to say holds no merit? I do deeply apologize for my previous remark that you should have given him a chance. What you have shared alone is enough for me to see just what a lunatic he is.

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