The Russian Connection

Oh lookie.
Anybody remember the name Alex? Back when Tab was pretending to be La Bare strippers here on this very blog? For those of you that weren’t around at the time, Tab pretended to be her favorite stripper, Draven, jumping on the blog to defend his (girl)friend and buddy, Tab. The real guy was less than happy to hear about it.

Yeah. Busted.

During that impersonation, s/he threw the name Alex around as the owner of the club with ties to the Russian mafia, trying to intimidate us, giving us an email (Russianbear) and DARING us to contact him.
You can read those posts HERE and HERE.

And here’s that name again.

Alex is also one of the fake names she assigned to he sister’s fake online girlfriend, Sky(lier) Wicker(son). But since we all know the latter doesn’t exist, I’m wondering if she’s hinting that the big sale she’s hinting at is coming from the owner of the club that Tab has glorified in her delusional erotic fantasies since she was old enough to sneak in and stalk the poor guys that work there. Draven, particularly. And the names Gill and Destiny? At least one of those sounds like a stripper to me. Anybody know if those are dancers at the club?

It’s one of two things.
Either the poor sap really is buying into her company, or she’s using his name, yet again, to further her own agenda.

I doubt it’s the former. Those people are sick to death of hearing about her shady ass. Last year when she tried to publish her fictional “memoirs” based on her imaginary experiences there (including graphic tales of sex with her beloved Draven, which never happened. Just ask the guy), she was forbidden from publishing by the owners of the club. SHE said she had the club’s full cooperation and support. The club owners curtly replied differently. She doesn’t have permission to write about the club. Nobody does.
If that’s what she’s hinting at, does she really expect folks to believe that the same people are now in negotiations to buy into her company? Really?

I think it’s far more likely an example of the latter. I think she’s using people’s names again, to create a scenario whereby she has somebody to blame for it when the deal goes bad and her company goes under. Their fault, of course. Then she’ll be able to start up whatever new publishing company she plans to use to publish scam new authors with.

She’s really trying to work it, isn’t she? She’s DESPERATE to find a way to dump Phoenix and all the baggage that goes with it. Just look at her, trying to resurrect the same exact “investor” scheme she tried to pull last year. And the nonexistent deal with Jabberwocky where she told all her authors that the agency was going to pick up the whole company.

Sooner or later, she’ll find some poor sucker to pawn the blame off on, and try to create some new publishing company to further her scams. And we’ll be right there to shine a light on it so that no new people have to fall victim like so many people here have. It’s scam artists like her that give indie publishing such a bad name.


8 thoughts on “The Russian Connection

  1. What irritates the crap out of me is the fact that she keeps playing the same tune and no one has busted her enough to see her do real time. I can honestly say THANK YOU to you Lepp, for all you have done. I say THANK YOU to my new publisher and hope that things are going to be brighter.

    • She’s only still walking around free because the numbers are so small. She bilks authors out of hundreds. If it were thousands, she would have BEEN incarcerated.

      What she really steals from people the most is their dignity. She claims to make people’s dreams come true, but she steals those, too. She leaves authors battered and bruised, some too hurt to ever write again. Some bounce back and succeed despite what she’s done to them, but some leave their dreams of writing behind and never look back because they’ve been so badly hurt. There’s no price tag on that.

      But since it’s “just” hundreds of dollars she steals, she’s squirming out of it . For now. What she doesn’t realize is that while it’s “only” hundreds she scams people out of INDIVIDUALLY, she’s being looked at for what she’s banked cumulatively. Every time she gets a “separation” fee out of her authors, or gets away with skimming people’s royalties, she cackles with glee. Well, she’d better enjoy it while she can, because those “fees” add up.

      And if she thinks those sneaky hidden accounts under those creative names (family and otherwise) are flying under the radar, she’s mistaken. Thanks to her past partners and victims, those are being looked at too.

      So she can keep right on scheming, thinking she’s getting away with it. That’ll make it all the sweeter when that knock comes at the door. And it is coming. Sooner than later.

  2. Too many lies, cover-ups and raw deals if you ask me. Tabetha will always find a scapegoat, no matter what or whom. She has just enough so-called street smarts to pull the wool over people’s eyes long enough to soak them and move on. She says certain people’s books aren’t selling so she “pulls” them, all the while cashing in on any sales they have gotten. Forcing them to buy out their contract and STILL having their works sell through a “3rd” party. I wouldn’t doubt she buys up books through the createspace author discount, and THEN sells them to the “3rd” party at an even more inflated price. This twit has no imagination though. Every few months or so she starts the same scam cycle over. No wonder her books are as crash as she is. No Imagination no plot nothing but Hustler or Penthouse forum at it’s worse. She always seems to have an out a way of blaming other’s for her downfall. Let’s see, first it was Cussy because she was a “hater”, then Lepp and her daughter, her so-called atty, ALL the authors that left her due to her lack of publishing skills and having her hand in too many cookie jars, Eric for waking up the list goes on. She has been trying to say she was being picked up by a reputable publishing company, but we all know how that went down. Then trying to say she had investors, again bullshit. Yet she keeps dancing the same dance. One would figure by now she would learn a new dance routine. And now we wait for the “friends” or “family” to come to her rescue yet again. For people to squawk on how wonderful she is, how talented and how much she cares. How wrong we all are for judging her and saying these horrible untruths, how dare we besmirch her name. She is not a badass as people would want us to believe, people meaning her, because we all know most of the “friends” backing her is her own delusional mind. The only bad ass thing Tabetha can do is lie, cheat, steal, cover-up and pocket royalties from unsuspecting authors, models, cover artists, editors and the lot. I am so sure that even if Tabetha was graced with a REAL publishing contract her authors would be forgotten in an instant. There is not a loyal bone in her body. NOW THAT IS THE DAMN TRUTH.

    • She calls us haters, but she’s the one who hates. She hates that we reveal her scams and lies. Because if we weren’t here to expose her backhanded tactics, she’d still be getting away with it all. Before we turned the spotlight on her scams, she got away with them willy-nilly, cheating people and switching out her bogus company more often than she changes her skanky-ass underwear.
      Maybe one of these days, I’ll pick up the phone and ask this Alex guy if he knows anything about this shady deal. I doubt that I’ll have to resort to that, as it’s probably not a real deal anyway, and will reveal itself. I’ll call to find out if I have to, but I doubt it’ll come to that.
      “Stalker!” She might cry, playing the victim. But it’s business transaction we’re talking about. That’s of public interest. Besides, she’s the one posting about it on a public website. How is that stalking?

      That’s another Tabetha tactic, to scream that she’s being stalked and hated on, when all people are doing is repeating her own words back at her. That’s her forte, playing the victim. Just as each of her exes, all of whom she says have abused her Playis the victim that’s still standing tall, plucking the heart-strings of anybody gullible enough to believe it.

      Oh, yeah. She’s a badass. Haven’t you heard? She’s a BIKER chick, in good with a local gang that she PROMISES will take care of her enemies for her, at her beck and call. Which explains why all of her abusive exes are still walking around without a mark on ’em.


      She’s got so many stories she can’t even keep ’em straight. But thanks to her former victims stepping forward an d telling the TRUTH about her, current and potential future victims are finding out about her in time to save themselves with a minimum of damage. She’s running out of places to hide, and she’s scrambling. It’s just a matter of time. Take heart. She’s slipping.

      • The only reason I am posting is to clarify this. I do know several men by the name of Alex. I am afraid you are mistaken when it comes to the man I speak of.

        Also to clarify Alex the Russian Bear was a dancer in his early career but is now an owner of the club. But he has nothing to do with the current business dealings regarding Phoenix.

        Assume what you may but again you are highly mistaken.

        Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  3. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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