Destiny Rane – Dark Storm

One of the names that Tabetha’s thanking for some shady deal involving her company is Destiny.

Enter Destiny Rane, owner of Dark Storm publications, neither of which existed online before this week.
And who bears a striking resemblance to Salena Sablan aka Mistress Thanatella, right down to the brow piercing.

Looks like we know who at least one of Tab’s new partners suckers is.

Salena, hon, if you’re on board to become the new (co)owner of a publishing company that involves Tabetha Jones, I can only tell you: “DON’T DO IT!”

I know you’ve been told not to read this blog beause it’s all “Hate” and “Lies” but you really, REALLY need to do yourself a favor and start from the beginning and work your way up to the present.

Starting with Zephyr (media/ enterprizes/publication/whateverthehellitwas), she gains ownership of a company (translate: she starts it under some fake name), takes on a partner that she promises the moon to, scams people until she can’t get away with it anymore, then throws the partner under the bus for it. Just ask Brandy and Wendy. After Zephyr folded, Tab “Took over” ownership of this new publishing company called Mystic Press, co owned by Brandy and Wendy. She, Tabetha, scammed people left and right (many of them are here on this blog) including my daughter. Within days of being reported to the Tx Attorney General, Tab ran screaming that Brandy and Wendy had screwed the company up so much she had to close the doors. She never did, really, she just changed the names on the accounts from Mystic Press to Phoenix Fire, “rising from the ashes” blah, blah.

To be clear, Tab did finally pay Thea back, but only because Somebody found out that Tab used her name to swindle my kid and shit was about to hit the fan. Tab paid, begging me to take down that post. And I did, as agreed, until she (Tab) made two very stupid mistakes. She kept right on scamming people, and she directly disrespected me. Add both of those to scamming my kid in the first place, and this blog keeps on going. People deserve to know what a fraud and scam artist she is.

Over the course of the past few years, she’s taken on other co-owners to try and pin it on when Phoenix folds. There was her ex, Eric, who had the good sense to dump her skanky ass. And there were Jacqueline and Jaimie, and maybe others along the way. But they each caught wise and removed themselves from an executive position in the company. It bears mentioning that she set up this same EXACT scheme with Jacqueline last year, making it look like some mysterious third party was taking over Phoenix Fire, exactly the same way she’s doing it with you, promising to Keep Tabetha on “as the face of the company.” Jackie caught wind that she was being played, so she backed out. Tab even tried switching the name of the company to Silver Fang, a name Jackie had picked out for her own publishing company, without telling her. “It was supposed to be a surprise,” Tab says. Right.

Tabetha also tried to tell people that Jabberwocky publishing agency was taking on all of her authors in some great big deal She might have conned them into believing it, too, if not for a call to the real Jabberwocky.

Tabetha’s been DESPERATE to find some way to unload Phoenix Fire so that she can start a new company to scam new people with. Tabetha’s reputation with Phoenix Fire in the publishing world is too well known. She’s written up on Predators and Editors, Writer beware and Absolute Write water cooler as a publisher to avoid. And there are blogs detailing her sleazy tactics. Not just this one, mind. There’s the dear late Cussedness Corner, Emily Suess and others. All these people can’t be haters. Especially when most of them don’t even know who the hell she is. All they know is what she does to her authors, as testified to by the authors themselves. And they can’t all be haters, either. They’re all people that are stepping forward, bravely admitting what’s happened to them so that others don’t fall victim, too. Like you.

Tabetha likes to play the victim, doesn’t she? The victim of such horrible domestic abuse at the hands of every guy she ever dated/married. Including one she’s taken back into her bed. She says she’s the victim of stalkers, haters, liars and trolls But think about it. Which is more likely? That she’s really the poor, put-upon victim of all these people’s unjustified persecution? Or that she’s trying to paint a sympathetic picture of herself to get out of all the crap she’s done to people? Think, man. THINK.

You’ve known Tabetha, what? A few months? And you’re ready to put your name, your reputation and your financial future in her hands? We’ve known her a hell of a lot longer than that. Trust me when I tell you that each and every person that posts here isn’t hatin’ on her. They’re people she’s scammed, swindled and flat-out ripped off. Including past partners and co-owners. Do yourself a favor and listen to them. She’s using you. Plain and simple.

The truth of the matter is that all this exposure is making it harder and harder to lure in new victims.

She needs a new company with a new name that people haven’t heard of yet.

If you provide that means for her, I guarantee you she’ll leave you holding the bag when it goes sour. It’s what she does. Just look at the history.

Just ask yourself some questions:
How legal is the company that she’s cajoling you into creating for this sneaky little endeavor?

Are your taxation papers in order?

What about the legal structure? Is that sound? Not dissin ya, but do you know the first thing about running a publishing company? Was this even your idea? Or something she snuck in your ear, promising to “mentor” you in the publishing business? Hate to tell ya, hon, but the only thing she’s setting you up for is to be her patsy so that she can finally, FINALLY shut down Phoenix Fire and get that albatross out from around her neck. Or, switch the accounts. Which is illegal, btw. A company doesn’t “switch over” accounts when it closes. When a legal entity closes, all of its accounts are terminated and liquidated appropriately. That’s business 101. If she’s not doing that, you need to be very, VERY wary of how she does business.

Has she, at any point, used the words “Trust me” or “I’ll take care of it”? Because if she has, that’s your first hint to run as far away as you can, as fast as your legs can carry you.

On the new Dark Storm Publications webpage, you’re currently listed as the sole owner. But are you really piloting the ship? Are you the one updating the webpage? Or is she telling you to trust her to do it for you? Cuz, I gotta tell the site reads like a carbon copy of her PF site, complete with her usual literary skill.

The page isn’t even up and running yet, with no authors listed (give her time, she’ll make up plenty), but it sure leans heavily on those anthologies, doesn’t it? Typical Tabetha stock in trade. That’s where she’ll rob you blind, make no mistake. Submitting a ton of stories under fake names so that she can keep a bunch of pieces of that pie. Has she turned you on to that trick yet? Is that really the publisher you want to be? Is that the PERSON you want to be?

What’s in it for her? Think about that. What’s she getting out of it? I’m guessing that since Dark Storm is a company created on the fly last week, you don’t have the money to actually be buying her out. She’s just switching accounts over, right? So what’s REALLY in it for her?

What’s your name on? What’s her name on? If her name is on accounts, it’s because she plans to skim them. If your name’s on them, it’s so that she can blame YOU for embezzling money from her authors’ royalties.

Last but not least, why all the fake names? If her business were on the up-and-up, why does she need so many names? Different names to own a business, different names to write under, it’s shady enough that she does it, but now she’s got you doing it, too. What’s the excuse she gave you? Because of stalkers? Bullshit. A LEGITIMATE business doesn’t have anything to hide. Blog exposure or no, a REAL business just goes about its, well, business with nothing to hide, nothing to worry about, and nothing to cover up. You’re starting business with her under very shady circumstances. If you’re Destiny, she’s already got you posting lies to the public. You’re starting off on the wrong foot. Honestly, how can it go right from there?

There’s enough in this post alone to make any reasonably intelligent person stop and think. And you strike me as a pretty smart cookie. But do yourself a favor and scroll back and read for yourself, in her own words, what a shady character she is.

Save yourself, while you still can.


18 thoughts on “Destiny Rane – Dark Storm

  1. Who ever you are please I beg of you don’t fall trap to Tabetha’s scheming. She will drag you down in the worst way possible. Your name will be worse than mud when she is done using you and throwing you away. I don’t know you, don’t know if you are a good person or not. What I do know is that Tabetha Jones/Hoover/Farmer/Willis or whatever name she comes up with next is a worthless piece of crap. She promises you the moon and the stars as she is reaching into your pockets to steal your last dollar and dream. Please be smart. Please don’t fall for her crap. It will only hurt YOU in the long run as she goes skipping by without a care in the world.

    • If anybody knows this new chick, they need to sit her down for a healthy talk about going into business with Tabetha Jones. Tab’s not some sexy, naughty vampire. She’s a blood-sucking leech that will drain the life right out of this new girl, rob her blind and leave her in the smoldering ashes of what was promised to be an exciting new adventure. A dream. She’ll end up just one more dream Tab’s crushed beneath her meaty heel. Seriously. If you know her, point out the error of her ways before she gets in any deeper.

      • Destiny Rane and her company is her business. I have nothing to do with it and as a business professional I seriously doubt you will ever catch her on this blog.

        But seeing you are so interested you will have to wait for the announcements later this evening as everyone else.

        You automatically assume that I will be an owner or involved as anything professional in her company.

        I suggest you get your facts straight before you assume. But once more announcements will be made and then the celebration for all that are involved.

        Another thing Salena is an author and friend, who has no interest in buying or, buying in, or creating a publishing company. She is an author. And I really don’t see the likeness but please think what you want you do anyhow.

      • Gee, Tabetha. I thought you called yourself a “business professional.” Yet, here you are, on this blog. Right. On. Schedule. Catch my drift?

  2. I will say this and leave you to take it as you will. If ANYONE has any dealing with TABETHA JONES there will NEVER be anything PROFESSIONAL about it. Facts are facts, truths have been revealed. She is shady and sneaky. Look she didn’t even write that last post. Go ahead look back into this blog and her writing style. I will bet dollars to donuts she had her sister or someone who obviously has brain cells and some writing skills come up with that post. Oh and couldn’t wait to jump in there could you Scabby.. pleading your non-involvement in this endeavor. Again I do believe you protest too much. Learn to shut your damn pie hole. Just by you jumping in so quickly, AS USUAL, you have opened the door for all who KNOW YOU to KNOW THE TRUTH. We have seen these tactics so many times it is getting OLD. You will never be anything but a joke, you have lied too many times and have destroyed too many people for you to be able to slink away unscathed. You have opened your mouth again and proved you are conning all you come in contact with.

    • The quicker she jumps on and screams protests, the closer I know we’re getting. She just can’t STAND that we’re wise to her schemes and she can’t slide them in under the radar anymore.

  3. Well, this is really isn’t surprising.

    This is going to be honest and brutal. I tried my best to keep it as brief and to the point as I could, but as you can tell, that’s been impossible. I’ve not included every fine detail, I’d have been writing all week. But this should be good enough.

    TO THE NEW SCAPEGOAT. (I’m sorry to call you this love, but that’s what you will become if you are not careful)

    PLEASE for the love of God, do NOT make the mistake I did.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken about Tabatha Jones and the scam company, known presently as Phoenix Fire, and previously as Mystic Press. I’ve only learned of this in the last hour and once again, my blood is boiling. When this happens I type fast, it all just comes blurting out and so please forgive any typos or whatever. I’m not editing all this. Saying/writing it all once is enough.

    I met Tabatha when she was simply an author at another publishing house (the same one I was signed to). She was one of the most friendliest people I’d ever had the pleasure (at the time) of speaking to. We quickly became friends and spoke often about our books and wanting to succeed. We supported each other, helped to promote each other’s work etc. Basically, we did what friends do. We also spoke about things outside of work, such as family, friends, what we had done at the weekend, and so on.
    I was then introduced to two other people, Wendy Hunyor and her hubby, Robert. They, too, seemed really nice and told me how they were opening their own publishing house. I wished them every success, as you do, and was even approached to be a back up cover artist for them. I agreed for a while, until Robert decided to do it all himself (fair enough, it keeps costs down) and I asked that my name be removed from their sites and pages. They were fine with my decision and did what I asked. We remained in contact for little while after.
    Tabatha at this time had left my publisher, and signed with Wendy under Mystic Press. For what I think was a few months (don’t quote me, this was a while ago) everything seemed fine. Then Tabatha informed me she was working with Wendy, helping to run Mystic Press. I congratulated her. She was elated and I was truly happy for her. She’d told me she’d had some crap in her life, and I told her that this was the start of something really good for her. To be proud of herself and that the sky was her limit.
    Not long afterwards, the shit hit the fan. People accused Mystic Press of fraudulent behavior, non-payment of royalties to authors, etc, etc. Tabatha messaged me, telling me how it was all Wendy and Robert, and how she was innocent. We had become such good friends (or so I was so insanely stupid enough to believe) that I was fuming for her. I genuinely thought they were taking her for a ride. A week or so later, she told me she was taking over Mystic Press and that she was going to set things right. I warned her against it. Told her the damage was done, to walk away and leave them to sort out the mess that they had created. But she wouldn’t. She told me she was too invested and wanted it to succeed. She simply couldn’t give up on it.
    However, not long after she took over. She closed it. I did wonder why. She explained that I, and several others she had spoken to at the time, were right. There was too much shit attached to it… so she opened her own. Phoenix Fire.
    Tabatha set up the sites, emails etc. She asked me to be her cover artist, and I said YES! I was so excited for her and loved knowing I would be working with my friend (puke. Yeah, I know, I was dumb. I openly admit to that). Anyway, moving on. Tab told me how financially restrained she was, and asked me could I do the covers for $20 each. (Why the hell she asked this is beyond me. At the time I thought she would be paying for them, but then later learned she actually charged the authors for them. Rendering her comment useless. Admittedly though, I only thought about all this afterwards). I agreed to the $20, I simply wanted to help her out. Nothing more and nothing less. It was a done deal.
    Things operated as normal. Authors signed, I made the covers, and Tab did the rest. I would share posts about the books, share the covers around, and that was as far as my involvement went.
    Tab and I still chatted as normal, about work, life, storylines, what we had for tea etc. Everything seemed great. We even talked about meeting up. I was going to start saving up to take a trip over to Texas. She even told me she wanted me to go over for her wedding to Eric, her partner at the time, whom I’d also formed a friendship with. (Yes, I really was this stupid.)
    She sent me all kinds of images for her covers, she emailed me proofs over, stating she had the rights to use the images. She also sent me some of people she claimed were friends, models, to be precise. Along with more proof. (I’ll just point out now, all these “proofs” were fake. Generated by Tabatha herself.)
    I can’t remember exactly what stemmed what happened next. But some of the authors became upset, they contacted me and told me they were leaving PF and they would be changing their book covers, so they could start fresh. I didn’t understand why, people weren’t, at the time, very forthcoming with information about their decisions and so I didn’t really think anything of it. I now know that it was because they knew I was friends with Tab, and were worried about telling me anything. Which I can honestly understand and appreciate. They were in a funny position and I respect their decisions. I just carried on doing the covers for new authors.
    This was the way things went for months… THEN…. HOLY CRAP. Tabatha comes online, she’s upset, panicked, but angry, too. She told me of a hate blog who were accusing her of everything from Fraud, to stealing authors money, using false names (the only one I knew of was her pen name, Zoey Sweete), talking money off people for doing nothing, charging for services and not providing them and a hell of a lot more. Stupid cow here consoled her. I told her to pay no attention, that there would always be haters. She got more and more upset, then told me I, yes me, who had never even heard of the blog, was being ripped to shreds for my covers. I was already pissed off for her, and then I was upset that I was being torn apart when I hadn’t done anything wrong, or even spoken to these people. So what did dickhead here do? You guessed it. I went on the blog, fired bullets, and the shit hit the fucking fan at the speed of light. It was literally a storm with shit flying everywhere.
    For weeks and weeks, I defended her, spoke to the blog owner and her friends, including the owner of THIS blog, like absolute shit. I was convinced they were just a hate blog, nothing more. They just wanted to destroy my friend, and it was starting to make Tab ill. (That’s was bullshit on her part by the way. She was absolutely fine.)
    My whole life, near enough, was pulled into question by the blog owner and her followers. I’ve worked for Avon Cosmetics for approximately 13 years. I work with my mum, and we now do it under one account in her name, instead of pissing about with two. I was called a liar, told that I didn’t do this for a living. I was then told members of my family weren’t real. I’m sure at one point my own identity was pulled into question. THEN I was told I’d been using copyrighted images, that I was stealing from others. Well, yes, after hearing this, I panicked. Almost shitting oneself. I contacted Tab about it, she assured me once again that she had all the rights given to her, but I told her there and then to remove my name from any art work on their site. I would NEVER, nor HAVE I ever, stolen anything from anyone. It’s not who I am.
    As the hurricane of shit spread fiercely across the internet, I began to get concerned. I was losing friends, being made out to be the opposite of the person I am, (I actually suffer with mental illness, insomnia, anxiety and MDD. I also have aggressive IBS, and all the stress of this triggered my problems. Needless to say, I was feeling rather ill.) and then…. BANG! Tab hung herself, twice actually in as many days.
    She sent her images over as she normally would. She claimed to have the rights to them. Notice I said she claimed to have the rights. Remember that. I almost spat my cup of tea all over my laptop. Then I felt sick. Why? Because there, right in front of me, was an image of a guy which had already had some manipulation done to it… however, no matter how much manipulation you do, I will know Ville Valo, ANYWHERE! (He is the lead singer of my favourite band of 12 years- HIM. He is also my God and the man I would marry right now!) Alongside one of him, was one of another singer, of another band I really like. The singer is named Jyrki, and he is from The 69 Eyes.
    I instantly asked who gave her permission, since I knew who these people were, and I really couldn’t see to Finnish Rock Gods, giving her permission to use their images. She then told me she had got the images from a “free stock site”. YES, well done Tab, because only ten minutes ago you told me you had been given the rights.
    The following day, another one of her authors contacted me. She asked could she talk to me even though I was friends with Tab. I assured her she could and out it all came. The scams, the lies, the threats from Eric (I’d heard of this happening before and hadn’t believed it. I just knew him as a nice and funny guy). Demands for money to free her from her contract. This may sounds dramatic, but I felt like my world was crumbling. I’d been on a blog, defending a bag of shit. A liar, cheat, scam artist, tax evader, bully, manipulator. I’d fallen for it all. Been taken for a ride. ME! Who never trusts anyone, trusted her…. And now I don’t trust anyone… AGAIN!
    The shit hit the fan between me and Tab the very same night. I just attacked her. Then she showed her true colours. So did Eric. The problem was, I wasn’t scared of either of them and fired back with no empathy, no remorse, just pure venom. I sent information over to the “hate” blog to try and help them. Including what had happened with the images she’d sent me etc. Along with proof.
    She caused me nothing but grief. She was in trouble with Amazon for using copyrighted images (yes, the same ones she claimed to have the rights to.) she tried blaming me, but it was quickly over and turned back on her. Eric contacted PayPal to try and take money of me, which I had been waiting months for, claiming THAT I! I! had stolen images. WELL FUCK YOU TWATBAG. Because I sent everything over to PayPal, who then came back to me and told me not to worry over a thing. They would sort it out with her. SO FUCK YOU AGAIN!
    This bitch, this lying sack of crap who lulls you in and has you believe you’re so valued, treasured, more than a friend, you’re her family, is the biggest LIAR on the face of the earth. That blog didn’t believe a word I said because of simply this… association with HER!! THIS is what will happen to you! You will be seen as a liar, a scam artist. Even if it isn’t true. It’s heartbreaking to know that people thought that of me. I’d never ripped anyone off. I REALLY am an Avon rep. I really don’t go around stealing images. My family really does exist. I really didn’t have anything to do with the running of the company.
    Trust me love. This blog and others associated with it, are NOT hate blogs. Everything they are telling you is the truth. They are simply trying to protect you. They tried to do the same for me at first, but I didn’t see it. I was blinded by loyalty and friendship…. With a Twat.
    Do yourself a favour. Do not get involved. Keep your reputation clean. Don’t risk your whole career for her. She will do nothing but lie to you in return. Just as she has to the rest of us. We all have proof, where’s hers? She has nothing that she hasn’t typed up herself. Ours in solid, screen caps, and in my case, account info from the image sites I use, to prove I do NOT steal images.
    This is a true account of what happened, and I am more than willing to show any proof. Because yes, I kept the bloody lot. I knew I would have to. You see it takes a long time to fight off a virus or disease, side effects can affect you for years, and as of yet, nothing has wiped Tabatha of the face of the planet. Although, we’re all hoping that will happen sooner rather than later.

  4. Don’t see the resemblence?
    Here. Let me help.
    Destiny Rane’s profile picture on Facebook RIGHT NOW.

    Mistress Thanatella from 2005 on Photobucket.

    And if you still haven’t made the connection yet, Salena is Mistress Thanatella.

    I really hope that neither Tab nor her new patsy think that they’re going to pull the wool over our eyes for a single, solitary minute.

    “Destiny” I really hope that it’s your new bestie that’s behind all of this attempted deception. We’d expect it from her. I’m hoping that you’re caught up in her machinations and extricate yourself the instant you become fully aware of them. Before this new debacle gets off the ground and you become any more invested. I mean, look. It hasn’t even begun and it’s already a cluster fuck.

    To add to the amusement, “Destiny” initiated a pm conversation with me on fb. At some point, I’ll probably share the whole thing, just for the sheer hilarity factor of it. And for the tells. “Destiny” writes with all of Tabetha’s tells, including referring to Tabetha and me as “Ms” and leaving out whole words from sentences. But what’s pertinent here is that I flat out asked “Destiny” if that was a picture of Salena from 2005 (after I’d already found it on Salena/Thanatella’s photobuket). She said that it’s not.

    My reply was to ask “Really?” And sent her the link to the picture on her own Photobucket.

    Incredibly, she tried to backpedal and say that she planted that photo. It’s not Salena. It’s a trick.

    What? Seriously?
    Translate: “Oh shit, I’m busted. Let’s see if I can lie my way out of it.”

    Go ahead and have a look for yourself at the photo on Salena/Thanatella’s photobucket.

    While you’re at it, look at the rest of her bucket while you’re there. At all of the other pictures she “planted” from 2005, years before that, and years since.

    At this point, all I can do is shake my head. The whole thing smacks of Tab. I’m willing to bet real money that she’s behind it, using Salena’s name and images. Not the first time she’s impersonated people, by a long shot. If so, I hope the real person finds out about this and has a nice long chat with her new bestie about using her name.

      • Probably. That’s a patented Tabetha tactic, too. Create an alt, use it for a while, then recycle by giving it to somebody else. How many Rai’s have there been? How many people have been Anna Lovelace? SMH.

        I want to give Salena the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s Tab behind it all, in a last-ditch effort to get rid of Phoenix before it shows up on next year’s taxes too. The IRS is still looking, let’s not forget, and it could be that she’s starting to feel them breathing down her neck. Why else would she pull a stunt like this to “sell” her company to herself under some ridiculous new alias?

        Maybe, finally, she’s starting to feel the heat.

    • LMFAO!! She already changed the picture because she’s busted on that one. Scabetha don’t you ever get tired of making a joke of yourself? What a truly mental nutter you are, your so stupid.

      • that’s why I take screen caps. So that when she tries to backpedal and act like it never happened, I’ve still got evidence that yes, it did.

        She knows that picture busts her latest alias wide open, and I’ve got a conversation full of her denying it. Probably be tomorrow’s post.

  5. I’m so glad salena sent me all these articles. Tabatha has been begging me to model for her. I also work at the haunt with salena. The same night tad met salena she also approached me I was giving tours in the museum and she stopped my tour to tell me how “bad ass” my character is. Thank you for posting these articles you saved me a lot of problems

    • You are absolutely welcome. Thank YOU for being brave and stepping forward to let the world know what happened to you, too, so that future victims can be forewarned,

  6. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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