Phoenix Fire publishing is Dark Storm Publications

Ah, I see why Tab’s been trolling around here so hard. She’s waiting for us to comment on her *big* announcement from last night. All things being equal, I wouldn’t bother. We already blew the lid off her little secret, HOURS before she announced it. No news about it.

But I will comment, because of the sheer folly of her justification. She says:

She ran out of room trying to hide from all of the evidence against her, so Tabetha decided to do what she does best: She called years of proof from her victims “Slander” “Hate” and “Lies” and says that’s the reason she’s switching over to Dark Storm. Because of me. Her authors deserve better, she says. And she’s right. They do deserve better. They deserve better than her. IF she’s got any real authors left that aren’t figments of her imagination, she might have them fooled for the moment. But it won’t take long for them to see the light. The fact that she’s trying so hard to hide it only proves everything we’ve been saying here about her the whole time. Look at her, trying so hard to hide, because of the reputation she’s earned for herself within the publishing world.

Slander, is it? Then why haven’t any of us been sued? She threatened to sue Emily Suess for printing the truth about her in the first place, thanks to the first brave author that spoke out publicly about being scammed by Tabetha Jones. She threatened to sue Janrae Frank for the same thing – and then Janrae’s family, when dear Cussedness passed away. And she’s threatened many times to sue me for giving her victims a forum where they can tell the horror stories of being swindled by Tabetha Jones. Not one of us has ever seen a single shred of paperwork to that effect. The reason? Because it’s NOT SLANDER IF IT’S TRUE. And it is. Every single word. Tabetha Jones is a shady character. Anybody that publishes through her is going to regret it because they’re going to discover that they’ve been lied to.

Hell, she’s lying to them already. Right out in the public for the world to see.

I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling. We all know that She’s running the show at Dark Storm. Whether it’s Katrina’s face or Salena Sablan’s that she uses on the sites, it’s Tabetha through and through. The first time a new author calls to talk to “Destiny” and finds Tabetha on the other end of the line, they’ll realize that she’s shady, through and through.

I’n going on record right now because I’m convinced of it.



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  1. Oh my god Scabby Assy don’t you ever get tired of making a total farce or should I say arse of yourself? What an absolute idiot! And your new name is Rane Storm your such a shagging joke! OH MY GOD I’m pissing myself laughing at you right now.

  2. Tabby obviously has no clue what the difference between libel and slander is. From what I’ve seen, none of these butthurt yoyos who threaten to have their internet lawyers bring baseless lawsuits do.

  3. I had several conversations with Tabetha yesterday. Under a couple of her new aliases, she initiated PMs with me on FB, starting with “Ms Larson”… look familiar? Truth is that whatever name she’s using, her language has so many tells it’s not funny. From the haughty “I’m trying so hard to sound proper, businesslike and superior” voice she adopts, to so many of Tabetha’s grammatical and typing errors, it’s so easy to spot her.

    In each, she vehemently denied that she (Tabetha) does not own or operate Dark Storm, and is only on there as an author, writing as Zoey Sweete. Honest!

    That tells me several things.

    First, Tab does own and operate Dark Storm. Whatever names she makes up to slap on the door, it is she, and it’s only a matter of time before it bites her on the ass. She’s already screwed up in such monumental ways that there won’t be any slithering out of it for her this time. I’m not going to list them so she can try to dodge out of them. I’m done helping her get away with it by pointing out what she’s doing wrong so she can scurry and cover it up.

    It also proves that I was right when I said she was desperate to get out from under PF. To slap together this shoddy, sloppy attempt at a new company proves it in spades. The weight of evidence against her is just too great to get out from under.

    She’s got such a horrible reputation in the publishing world that she’s not even using her own name. For some time now, she’s been switching everything over to the name Zoey Sweete, including authorship of her books. How utterly scummy does she have to be if she doesn’t even want her own NAME on anything? It’s because of me stalking and slandering her, she’ll say. I’m MAKING her hide, playing the victim again, going for the sympathy vote. “Look how much Lepplady stalks me!” I can hear it now. “I can’t even use my own name!”

    Translate: “I’ve done so much crooked shit I have to hide behind a fake name.”

    She must really think people are stupid if she expects them not to know it.
    TABETHA JONES IS DESTINY RANE STORM. She might get one of her cronies to wear the mask, but it’s Tabetha’s fingers on the keyboard. All she’s doing by dragging her friends into it is making them as guilty of fraud as she is. And you better believe she’ll do her level best to throw them under the bus when it all falls apart. And that won’t take long. At all. There’s no way this little venture can even make it out of the starting gate.

    We all know that Tab’s got a few screws loose. But this time, they’re missing all together. I’d love to point out how, but I’m going to just let it all fall apart on her instead.

    We all know that Tab’s business is a fraud. Well, this time, she’s gone so far over that line that there’s no going back. I just feel sorry for anybody that’s stupid enough to be in bed with her. They’re in for the same fall she’s about to take. I’d say I feel sorry for them, but I don’t. They’ve been shown what a fraud she is, but they chose to cozy up under the covers with her anyway. Sucks to be them.

    • One telltale sign of a shady “business” that isn’t in it for the long haul is the use of a free hosting site like Weebly. A real business trying to make a genuine go of it, will cough up $5/month for a basic hosting plan. Those who are so strapped for cash that they can’t even do that send up a giant, bright red flag, even if they are sincere about their endeavors. Never hook up with a publisher who is that hand-to-mouth financially. It’s a recipe for disaster.

      • Even if a business really does have the best of intentions, I agree. Nothing screams “shady” or “rookie” like a hosted site. A real business needs a real site.

        Another warning sign: a generic site generated from a template. Especially if it’s the same template over and over.

  4. I also had a few PM conversations with DR and SS, quite eye opening to say the least. This may sound petty but when I am addressed I do prefer it to be properly, especially since you don’t know who I am. Ms. is just a lazy way to address a lady especially when you KNOW she is married. Showing no respect in something that simple is a big NO NO for me.

    ( Excuse me ladies and gents for this next comment)

    I am almost pissing rainbows just knowing what I have gathered on this endeavor. And the funny thing is Tabetha told me all without knowing it.

    I do wonder though, if Tabetha’s company was “bought” out, where do the proceeds go for the authors she has swindled? Since it is NOW public knowledge that her company has been bought, “thanks for that Tabs 😉 “, Why hider her name, when she again OPENLY says she will continue to be an author at this “new company” under the name Zoey Sweete kind of redundant don’t you think?


    If you are trying to run away, duh, don’t announce it. Then again we are talking about the attention whore of the century. The name Zoey Sweete will always be associated with you, your loser company and your lying, cheating ways. Tabetha wants to blame having to give up her “dream” because of this blog. Was even told to me that DR gotten such a great deal in the buying out of Tabetha’s company and getting the authors because of this blog. Yet all details were made public on a social media forum. Everything that has transpired are of public knowledge. How can Tabetha or DR say that this blog did any damage or anything besides put the truth out there. In fact DR actually thanked me for assisting in this sale. Stating that I had something to do with these authors not being able to reach their full potential.

    How is that? Do I know any of these aspiring authors? Have they contacted me? Have I named any author on this blog BESIDES Tabetha ie Zoey Sweete? NO, NO AND NO. So how can DR say it is my fault. Has anything said on this blog been proven to be false as far as what the authors have said about her shady practice? Again NO.

    I will say this, something my Grammy used to say to me.


    Oh how true it rings …….

    • That’s just an excuse she’s giving, trying to paint herself as a victim and TRY to discredit this blog at the same time. Funny as hell, because the only person she’s fooling is herself.

      She’s been shady and unhinged for quite some time, but now she’s gone completely off her rocker. She’s making so many mistakes it’s not even funny. They’re racking up faster than she even knows she’s committing them. I’m keeping track, though, as are you and others. And I’m enjoying every single minute of it.

      She’s been sliding under the radar for such a long time, it’s really been frustrating. But those days are gone. Trying to be slick and dodge her reputation, thinking she’s all clever, she really fucked up. And there’s no getting out of it. I’m delighted. The people that have been looking at her for a long time now finally have everything they need. Things should start happening pretty quick. And you all have a front row seat.

      Grab your popcorn, kids. It’s gonna get good.

  5. A little birdie tells me that Tab’s mom was put on life support a couple days ago, and it isn’t looking good. I’ve talked to her mom, and she seems like a sweetheart. My prayers go out to her, and I ask that yours do, too.

    I’ve got to say, if my mom was on life support, I know where I’d be. They’d have to get the national guard to pry my ass out of the hospital. But where is Tab? Trolling my blog, creating this fake ass company and making up new fake names online.

    What a heartless fucking bitch.

    Before you know it, she’ll be blaming me and all the stress from the “slander” “lies” and “hate” of this blog for her mom’s declining health, without stopping to think that since every word on this thing is the absolute truth, SHE’S responsible for every single bit of it.

    I can’t help thinking that it wasn’t too long ago when I lost a member of my family, Tabetha cackled like a hen, claiming responsibility for it because she sicced her Voodoo practitioner on me. Called it “karma” if I recall. And now that one of her own is ill, she’ll lay that at my doorstep, too. She just can’t take responsibility for a single thing in her miserable life. Can’t even be bothered to stay with mom in the hospital because she’s too obsessed with trolling me.

    Authors, co-conspirators, anybody associated with Tabetha Jones… If this heartless wretch doesn’t even care enough about her own mother to stay with her in the hospital on life support when any moment could be her last, what makes you think she gives a shit about you?

    Think about it.

    • And there she is, right on cue, confirming hat I’ve said, as usual. Seems like her favorite pass-time is proving me right and blaming me for her problems. She can’t even post about her mom’s declining health without putting me in the middle of it. Is She really so obsessed with me that she literally, physically can’t keep my name off her lips? Guess not. She’s too busy being hateful online to pay attention to her own flagging little family, and somehow that’s my fault. And, incredibly, still takes time in the midst of asking for prayers for dear old mom, to stop and insist that she doesn’t own Dark Storm. Where are this woman’s priorities?

      She says she doesn’t go to the hospital because she’s a mother. She has to take care of her daughter.
      That’s well and good, if that’s what she were doing.

      But how does that explain all the time spent online trolling this blog and hating on me? That’s not spending time at home instead of the hospital because she’s “a mom.” That’s saying “I can’t be bothered to spend time with my mom in the hospital OR taking care of my kid, who’s right here, because I’m too busy hating on Leppy’s happy little truth blog.”

      No? You’re spending all your time playing mommy Suzy homemaker for your kid? And where’s your latest mister wonderful? Did he hit the bricks already? Took him what, 2 weeks to realize what a Scheming liar you are and skip the fence looking for greener pastures? I hope he read the blog and learned a few things about you. Happy to help, there, dude. You’re welcome.

      Still saying you’re spending your time with your kid and not obsessing over me?

      Okay. Explain this. Nine hours ago, you post an empassioned plea asking for prayers, just a few hours after I did. I guess trolling here and seeing that reminded you that you should do the same. Gotta TRY to look like the weeping, concerned little daughter, for appearances sake, don’t we? Never mind that you can’t keep my name off your lips long enough to do it. Must taste really good, you keep it there so much. Can’t resist reinforcing the lie that you’re not calling the shots at DS, either. The two things most important to you. Me, and your lies. In that order, apparently.

      Yet 8 hours ago, after begging for time to deal with the (impending) loss of your mother, you’re posting your own happy little hate blog. Book Inferno, not only on your own profile, but also on Destiny’s at EXATLY THE SAME TIME. But you’re still saying you’re not Destiny, right. Thought so. Dedicated to taking down little ole me, the authors here, and the publishing company that she hears lurks in our midst.

      Still wanna say how you’re taking care of your darling little family?

      “Thursday, February 26, 2015
      Standing up!
      It may come to no surprise that authors write for themselves and their fans. They put it all out there on the line knowing that critics can be harsh more than cruel almost. But what happens when the publishing company you write for gets an enemy?

      Here we go:

      Well for starters you get harassed by the person who really wants to help you! Yet the whole time they smear your name, your image and your book through the internet. Why because they are trying to get the word out about the publisher you are doing business with. The cause to take down the company and person running it has the opposite effect. You personally have been marked!

      To say marked lets be clear we all understand that there is a right and wrong way to handle business. As most we authors try to be professional, but there are always those times were we as a person not the writer for company nor the public figure we try to maintain. We take it personal. We are human and in that nature we hurt, we bleed and we take it to heart. You the enemy the hater of the company I write for have then taken something from me, from us!

      You don’t hear a word we say, see the blood we bleed nor the tears we cry. Yet the damage you inflict is our fault. “Our fault?” “Your Fault” says the monster you have become, taking all we have tried to be as an author as a person dreaming of what we could have.

      You my dear enemy are a dream snatcher. You’re the worst kind of person. A person who knows no bounds and see not what they have done. Because to you, you are in the right and anyone not falling in line with your thinking has become the subject of your torcher!

      You may have had a personal vendetta against the company I will not name here because in a way this post is not about them but the damage your hate has caused me and few fellow authors. Authors who had it all taken from them not by the company but by you and your friends that follow you all the way to Goodreads leaving false reviews and Amazon who has seen your book buying ways.

      Authors are banding around the country trying to get Amazon too get rid of their 7day return policy on eBooks. Because people read the book then return it taking money from our pockets. That dear friends is a Book Thief!

      And yet here I sit as you go through names and the only on you ever lead with I hear is Tabetha Jones. I can in all honesty tell you that I am not her! This post is one of the first to touch this subject but not the main reason why I created this blog. As I watch a blog from time to time to see the key posters. I also see and know from a fellow author it has a publishing company hiding in its mist.

      One that is known personally and that my lovelies is my next target.

      XOXO Book Inferno
      Posted by Ember Ravenwood”

      Yep. So busy taking are of dear mommy and daughter that she’s got all the time in the world to make up a whole company full of fake new authors (Candy Mandy? Really? That’s the best she can do? Oh well, I guess she needs stripper names to go with the stolen pictures of sexy models she wishes she looked like to use as her fake profile pics), write up new blogs and come after us, my pretties, and our little publishing company too. Sounds like that Green Fairy is putting on a pointy hat and getting ready to send out the flying monkeys. Aren’t you scared kids? OOOO! I am! Shaking in my ruby slippers, I tell ya.

      • I have been stopping by reading trying to keep up with the blog. But i was suprised when i saw my name in question. My only issue is what does a picture of myself have to do with Salena or Tabetha. I don’t have bangs. If I ever got them they would not be straight across as the picture you have posted.
        I have blocked a lot of ppl on fb after the kinship press debacle. I won’t get into it here because from what I have been told I was dropped on my ass. But that is for one of your posts on publishing companies that go bad.
        You want info you know I will give it just email me at the Addy I left for this comment.
        Unlike some ppl I’m done being lied to by one friend then another. That’s were you are right a publisher should never be your friend. Because then you get backstabbed, lied too, then they send their llench mob after you.
        Not referring to you to get that comment straight.
        So far I have gone from one company to another that was no better then the first. To say the last one was by far scarier well, I said it! That’s saying a lot from the clutches most of us have come from.

      • Honestly, Katrina, your self-righteous indignation would be a little easier to take seriously if we didn’t all know that you’re joined at the hip with Tab and her new company. And please don’t insult us all by insisting that she doesn’t own it. Whatever fake name she puts on it, she’s pulling all the strings and calling all the shots. We’re not stupid, so please don’t try to treat us like we are.

      • You say your done being lied to by friends and publishers shouldn’t be your friend but your right in the thick of Tab’s new Dark Storm company aren’t you so why don’t you stop acting all butthurt about Kinship because your the worst of the bunch sucking ass with Tab helping her lie about Destiny and the company and everything. Your the one fronting that new hate blog that’s out to get Kinship aren’t you because it sure looks like it what’s the matter are you jealous like Tab it sure looks like it. So why don’t you go take a flying leap off a short peer your nothing but a liar yourself and a scammer to because your helping her run a fake scam business so don’t you dare talk about lairs your the worst one next to your Boss Lady.

      • Hate Blog? I have been strolling here for a while not saying a word about anything if it didn’t pertain to me. This is the first I have seen of any other blog. My only reply is the blog post that is here says nothing about Kinship Press. Also how can I be butt hurt about a company who legally has two owners but the one listed on the site is not Sabrina. Liar? I believe if you look hard you will find her name legally appears on your LLC papers. As for Dark Storm I just found out here as did some of you. It seems my coming on here has pissed you off due to the information/ proof I have of your Kinship Press. As for me being a scammer tell me when I have published a book for an author missing a whole damn page then allowed it to bought. Last I heard you were giving Amanda’s place in your company to Tabetha, sorry aka My Boss Lady!
        But I am done! I didn’t come on here to justify what ever is going on with this Dark Storm, Tab. I came on here asking how I was linked to a picture that was posted on here. In doing so I have hit a few buttons. Maybe you should take your own advise it will be easier after the authors you screwed over come out and sales your ass to Lepp! I like the work JT has done here. Kinship Just make sure the backs you stab don’t have shit on you!

  6. As for this new blog she’s got going, same thing. Maybe Katrina runs it, just like “Alice” ran her little Wonderland blog for her, but Tab’s pulling the strings. I’d put money on it. What’s probably going on is that Kat started the blog for her, but Tab’s probably got the login information so that she and Kat can both post at will. That would be my guess, anyway. That’s what it looked like with the Alice blog, and what it looks like happens with multiple IDs on FB, that Tab’s got the login info, so she can post on behalf of her friends and authors (all part of the servies at MP/PF/DS, no additional charge!) but what she’s really doing is using them to wage her wars and further her own agenda.
    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    There’s a new post on that silly blog today.

    Right off the bat, she discredits herself by 1) trying to pretend she’s somebody she’s not. 2) using all of Tab’s tells, from calling me and herself “Ms” to all of Tab’s typical typos and errors, 3) Switching to the first person when she’s trying to talk about herself in the third person, saying “my mother” and “my daughter” in her anger and eagerness to make me look like the villain. And 4) picking and choosing which parts of my comments she wants and slapping them together to create a diatribe. It’s so transparent, it’s not funny. Just like her.

    She’s trying so hard to be me, but it’s just never gonna happen. Put all three of them together, and they still can’t be me.

    But let’s not forget the whole point of that blog. It’s not just to try to poke holes in my story or make me look bad. Those are just the tools. The PURPOSE is to wave a curtain in front of your eyes and distract attention away from how busted she is on her Dark Storm fiasco. That’s just one big cluster fuck, and she knows there’s no way to deny that. So she’s waving flags and banners, smoke and mirrors, tossing up every card in the deck, trying to distract you. Don’t lose sight of what’s really going on, here.

    Her new company is even more illegal than the last one was. That’s the point. Don’t lose sight of it. I’m not.

  7. well I missed your post Lepp. But what ever you being told is a lie I will never work with Tabetha or Jackie ever again. They both sale the same shit. Being in a company with them is like taking a trip that you never come off of. Jackie is just as bad and deceitful as Tabetha ever could be. Jackie will say and do what ever is necessary to keep her company clean and off your blog. have never uttered a word about Kinship but I guess I need too! Seems Jackie was cut from the same cloth Tabetha was. The last time I spoke to either of them was when I was called being asked who gave me the information for your blog. I gave it . I mean Jackie calling me saying she was bringing Tabetha in would I leave she didn’t want me to leave. I figured they both could play in their own shit puddle. So I told Tabetha that Jackie gave it to me. I mean she was the only one wanting to be Tabetha’s friend. And I was tired of this shit back and forth “I will never work with Tab, oh I want her here with me.”
    So tell me now who is the liar.
    Sabrina and her escapades. It was like a freak show. I left I was never kicked to the curb I left before I could be in a company that was hiding Tabetha and accused as I am now.
    Seeing the way this is playing out so far the real people behind this new blog or dark storm are having a laugh. I share fb with my husband and he watches it diligently. he know everything I do and my ass would be grass if I was talking to Tabetha or Jackie. but again here I am asking a question and my loyalty comes into play. sit back and call me what you will but I know the truth no matter what you have to say about me.

    • I have to correct you just a bit. I did write up a post about Kinship when they first started. It was another member of the team that asked me to take it down. Not Jacqueline. She didn’t have a problem with it. Somebody else did.

      As far as Tab being associated with Kinship or any other Press, when I see it, I’ll expose it. Tab herself has admitted that she switched PF over to DS (yes. I have it capped. I’m hanging onto that little gem). But I’ve got nothing showing me that Tab has been brought on board with Kinship. Give me something that shows me that she’s with Kinship RIGHT NOW, and I’ll post it RIGHT NOW.
      Unless you can show me that Tab’s with Kinship, I’m not going to make that claim.

      Tab calls this blog “Hate” and “Lies” but I don’t post anything I can’t back up. That’s what frustrates her so much. She can stamp her widdle foot and pout her widdle lip, but she simply cannot chance the facts. She can fling mud and try to sully me, but anybody with eyeballs can see what she’s up to. Her and anybody in bed with her.

  8. Okay. Against my better judgement, I went ahead and took another look at that laughable blog, just to see what comments they were posting. I had a sneaking suspicion I know who I’d see, talking to herself with different names, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    There are a couple of different names being used, and there might even be a couple different warm bodies that go with them. But we know who’s pulling the strings and trying so hard to be clever and deft, covering her own crooked ass with platitudes and ego-strokes.

    That’s fine. If she and a couple of friends don’t have anything better to do than sit around and jerk each other off online, more’s the pity for anybody that might be counting on them for any kindness or support in the real world. Like, say, sick relatives or young, dependent children.

    But, hey. They have a blog. That shit’s IMPORTANT, damn it!

    • It is funny I posted in that blog over an hour ago, so many other posts are being accepted but the one I posted defending the authors and Lepp of course, HAS YET to be applied. I posted annon due to not wanting my name linked with that blog in the least way. But I could not in good faith not try to show and protect the new authors. I don’t remember it verbatim nor was I thinking when I didn’t save it. But I think if need be I could come up with the gist. If I can get my words to just about right, maybe I will post it here. Since obviously if it isn’t Tabby’s way on that blog its no way.

      • I hear that their posts are being censored, either being deleted or not approved. When a blog’s post count fluctuates or doesn’t match up, you know something fishy’s going on.

  9. I am only speaking for myself here, and I have already made it quite known to Kinship and it’s owner, that if Tabetha has any dealings with that company I am done. I will walk. But let me enlighten you about some things, when Katrina was with Kinship, she never contacted the authors, never made an attempt to get to know them or anything. But part of her job was to be in communication with these authors. So until there is proof. Don’t start bad mouthing a company. And Katrina if you do have proof, don’t sing it bring it.

    • Personally, I’m not prepared to start picking apart Kinship or anybody associated with it until or unless they actually do something wrong. Tab’s just flinging mud around to try to take the focus off her illegal bullshit. I’d rather keep that spotlight right where it belongs. On the company that IS DOING ILLEGAL SHIT.

  10. In fact, there’s only one comment allowed there that says anything negative toward her, and that one calls her a c*nt. No name on it, No identification for who posted it. Just the insult. Since she’s not allowing comments from people on this blog to appear on hers, I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s only allowing that comment because she wants people to think one of us wrote it. Probably me. Maybe one of you.

    She’s so transparent.

    • I have to admit I have been checking that blog, just to see if my post would make it. Well it has been 5 hours, and still only the ones that are bashing you,Lepp, not anything that I posted. Kind of sad too, I did have some good insight. But I guess if you aren’t Team Tabby you aren’t spit. I will not go back to it. If you are going to be that biased about things you really don’t need to have a blog, you can do all that on your personal page. I will say I did make a comment to the effect that I agreed with you Lepp. That the child that everyone is freaking out over, does have a father and every “family” should come together in times of need, no matter how dysfunctional they are. I also stated that I had never mentioned any author outside of Tabetha and her pen name Zoey Sweete. That they were the ones delusional to think that Tabetha was not going to spin this any way she could to attempt to come out smelling like a rose. Sorry Tabs but when roses die, they freaking stink. Also I stated that if Tab was trying to hide or run away because of the supposed taint of her name due to this blog, why ever announce it on her personal page? Not thinking there are you Tab? Of course not, you are just running as fast as you can with your tail between your legs.

      • Yeah, the credibility of that blog is shot right out of the gate. They haven’t posted a single fact, just taken bits of comments they paste together to try to use to make me look bad. Everybody that’s posted here has been able to back up their facts with hard evidence. She doesn’t have that. All she’s got is a desire to misdirect attention away from the Charlie Foxtrot of her latest business scam. As desperate as she was to get out from under the reputation she earned under PF, she’s FRANTIC to divert attention away from how utterly busted she is as a fraud before that shambles of a train wreck even got out of the gate. She’ll fling as much mud around as possible, pick fights, make up new names, even start yet another blog to try and discredit this one, anything she can think of to keep our eyes off what she’s really up to with her newest fraud.

        Well, it’s not going to work. It might be a bit of fun to point and laugh at how feeble and ineffectual she is at these silly little side blogs of hers. Like the Alice one that folded because nobody paid attention to it. Is that thing even still up? LOL! I see this Book Inferno one headed in the same direction. Just another fizzled fart in the wind.

        I took a couple peeks at that blog today out of sheer morbid curiosity, but I think I’ve seen all I need to. She’s not dealing in facts, she’s throwing childish little temper tantrums. “Leppy’s mean because she tells the truth about me!” It’s a true spectacle, and frankly, I’ve got better things to do. I know if I had such a desperately ill parent, the last thing I’d do is spend hours a day on some silly hate blog. But that’s just me.

  11. I was asked to thank “who are you kidding”, the owner of Kinship wants you to know that what you said was very touching and appreciated very much. Thanks bunches.

    • Sorry Cindy but I was unaware that you even wanted me to contact you. Jackie and her crap again like with Sabrina. She said you didn’t want me to deal with your books because you didn’t know me.
      I made it clear to Jackie that what ever title she gave me was fine but my kids and family came first.
      I have two little guys that have RAD (reactive airway disease) They have lots of issues in the winter breathing. One of them was just diagnosed with Asthma. He has new triggers we learn every week its seems. I’m not a parent who has no idea were my kids are or what they are doing. I’m here as parent taking care of them because they are no one else’s to do so. So again I am so sorry that I didn’t call you or make contact I was busy being a mom!
      Jackie knew this and she also told me lots of things about a few of you who have the never to say something about me and her company. All verbal Lepp so I have no proof unfortunately. But lets just name a few. A book contract for money to fix a vehicle, a 2,500 vehicle to do edits and stay with the company. And what about the 30.00 I sent her for groceries’ like four month’s ago that I have never gotten back. The same Jackie that sent Tabetha a Kindle feeling guilty for her actions against her. Jackie who is still to this day paying Tabetha’s mom cell phone bill. As told by Jackie by the way.
      So before you come at me know what Jackie is telling you all is the truth. I mean Sabrina is still legally the owner of Kinship Press with Jackie. But point the finger my way when the weebly site for Kinship has Jaimie Hope listed as and owner. The owner is keeping secrets that her authors don’t know. With you running your mouth about the things I did or didn’t do while a manger I knew what I agreed to do and to me that all that matters. Jackie is a liar and needs to stop having others do her dirty work. Trust me she had me fire Sabrina from a company she was an owner to. Then Sabrina is back to being her BFF. think about it. Why did she go on a fb page weeks ago and do a tell all of how Kinship Press was a crap company. I believe she listed Brain Snuffer, Ron Griffen, Herself about the truth they could tell us all. But now they are all sitting pretty again.
      I Know about the Kinkos guy and that whole trotted affair. and Lepp if Jackie doesn’t pay the author she owes all the proof you want you can have on her bullshit. How’s that! As I said before Jackie don’t backstab someone who know the names to each reference that was mentioned. I didn’t came to make enemies I just asked about a picture and post my name was mentioned in.

      • Wow. You really are tearing pages out of Tabetha’s playbook, aren’t you? First, go for the sympathy vote by putting either a sick family member or a kid out thee for sympathy. Then play the “My kids are the most important thing in the WORLD to me” card for support. Two for Two!

        If you don’t have any proof, you don’t have any facts. That’s Tab through and through. You’re either a quick study or really dedicated.

        Look. You don’t have any FACTS about Kinship or any of the people in it. I’m glad they didn’t come on here and argue against your vitriol point for point because they’ve got nothing to prove to you. Until or unless they actually do something wrong, they don’t have anything to prove to a gaggle of geese that can’t manage to get it right.

        Yes you did come here to make enemies. You came here to try to fling shit around about Jackie because compared to Phoenix Fire or Dark Storm (or any company Tab owns), Kinship is Dell or Bantam. And you came here to talk trash about Sabrina. Have you picked up your old/new boss lady’s blind jealousy? Sure looks like it. Well, she’s got nothing to prove to any of you, either. I hope she stands tall, ignores your jealous asses and succeeds where all her former associates only know how to fail.

        Now, unless you can come at me with some actual facts, excuse me while I wipe my ass with all this contrived gossip.

    • I would if I knew who you were sinsscribbles? Give me a clue? and JT wipe your ass all you want. I find it funny that Jackie comes crying to you about this shit. And not a play out of tabs playbook just a survival instinct. I would never except a sympathy vote from you JT I was just letting Cindy know the real truth. when your told that an author don’t want you to work with them its a little hard to go against the owner and then do so. Jackie knew the shit in my life at the time she wanted me to sign her paper’s instead of Sabrina I declined. my family does come first. and Jackie needs to remember that as she continues to cry to all her authors that I’m starting shit. I mean whose next to be cussed out by a child and threatened. Why are you sticking up for a person, ppl, company that is lying to you trying to save face. Come at me all you want I can take it. If that’s what is takes to be the only one here telling the truth about another fake ass company then here I am. Bring your words, hell bring your swords. My name means shit if I keep letting ppl like Jackie take it away from me. you have wanted us all to take a stand against Tabetha and we have yet you wont hear me unless I give you proof.what about the proof you were already given my an author. Trust has to be earned JT and so far from your attach on me I see no trust that you will make Kinship suffer the same fate as her predecessor. Jackie learn a lot at the helm of PF. Don’t let her fool you!

      • And JT is ok when I did the same ramp it approach on Tabetha with all the information Jackie gave me. Yet I dish is back to Jackie and I am just like Tabetha or taking it from her playbook. What ever! I am bringing you the truth you just wont hear it!

      • Show me some proof. Show me some FACTS. Bring me something other than bullshit headgames, jealousy and drama, and maybe somebody would start listening to you.

        Have a little self respect, woman. Can’t you see that you’re being used? Your boss is letting you come in here and take the punches for her while she sits back and enjoys the show. Letting you make an ass of yourself so she can come out of it smelling like roses. Haven’t you learned by now how she operates?

        Well, I guess not, since you’re still with her. Go ahead and fight her battles for her if you want, defend her new company, let her keep smearing your name by fighting her battles for her. It’s no skin off my nose. But for somebody who claims to want the TRUTH, you’re doing a good job of blinding yourself from it.

        She’s making a fool of you, and you’re fighting to let her. SMH.

      • You talk about trust but you offer no proof. You talk about facts you can’t back up.

        The real truth of the matter is that whether Kinship falls or flies, it’s already head and shoulders better than the POS you work for. And you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be trying so hard to tear it down.

        yeah, Katrina. We see you for what you are. A flying monkey, fighting your boss’s fight for her. If you’re so worried about your name, you should stop being a sock puppet for a lying, cheating fraud.

      • I don’t see why anybody would give her what she wants by going back and forth with her. All she’s after, all her boss is after, is to divide and conquer. I can only repeat myself and say that folks should ignore the drama and concentrate on what’s really important.

  12. One of the biggest red flags in this whole BS story is that this so-called professional didn’t even Google the company she wanted to buy, nor Google Tabetha. If she had, she wouldn’t have had any business dealings with her.. However, since she IS Tab, it makes perfect sense in her little world, and her psychosis causes her to not understand why no one is buying this latest attempt at a con.

    • Wow no self respect. I see I cant be on here unless I am being used for/by Tabetha? I will take it I’m not wanted just being here for me? I stand up against a company that is just as bad as you call my so called Bosses.If you don’t want what I have I will take it to someone who does someone who doesn’t call me a flying monkey. You act and say things like you know all the facts. This time you don’t and that is all I have to say. Just remember this no self respecting women has told you what Kinship is. It will not be on my head when another person takes them down when you had a chance. Cant wait to hear what else you have to say about my lonesome ass!

      • Honestly, no. I don’t see how anybody with any self respect can have anything to do with an individual that’s a known scam artist, cheat, liar and fraud.

        You’re perfectly welcome to hang here all you want, lonesome or otherwise. Unlike a certain other blog I could name, I don’t censor my posts. Say whatever you like and I won’t remove it like they do.

        What I want are facts you can back up. Is that so hard? No, I don’t know everything, but I trust what I can see. And every claim about fraud and lying on that scam publisher’s behalf is backed up by cold, hard evidence. The gossip you’re shoveling around isn’t. I can only repeat: Show me some evidence.

        Whether or not another publisher is legit, that doesn’t change the fact that your boss has really put her foot in it by trying to be slick and scam her way out of her reputation with PF. She really screwed the pooch, and she’s so desperate to divert attention that she’s throwing everything she’s got at us. Including you. If you don’t see that you’re being used, you’re either not being honest with us, or with yourself.

      • I see I cant be on here unless I am being used for/by Tabetha? I will take it I’m not wanted just being here for me?

        If you’re not coming here to read about Tabby’s shenanigans, you’re just here to hang out, have fun, and chew the fat with the rest of the audience? Not buying that for a minute. Nobody reads this blog unless they want to find out what Tabby’s up to. That’s what this blog is about, after all.

  13. I don’t know who said what to whom. I don’t know who is keeping who’s secrets. I sure as hell don’t know why anyone would want to bash peoples dreams and hopes. I do believe in honesty, TRUST, hope and faith. I think that every human has it in them to hurt, or to heal. It is up to that person to decide what they want to do and why they feel the necessity to hurt.

    It boggles my mind to no end to see this happening. I am speaking for myself here but every word I write, every line you read is my LIFE, it is my HEART’S BLOOD. Every tear you may cry when you read, I have cried thousands. Every hitch in your heart, every tug you may feel from what you read has wretched my heart out of my body.

    I don’t care if its PF, DS or Kinship (no I am not lumping Kinship in with the bad lot just saying) if you are taking on authors giving them a “chance” then make it REAL. Don’t play on peoples emotions and hopes. Don’t take what people give you in trust and twist it to make you whatever it is you feel you need or are lacking.


  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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