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By and large, I’ve paid little attention to that Inferno blog. I left the word ‘book’ off the name on purpose. There’s absolutely nothing about it that’s related to books or, judging by the authors’ writing, anything even remotely literary. From the start, I saw it for what it was (and still is), a desperate attempt to divert attention away from what a disaster Dark Storm is before it’s even begun. To throw out smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that despite being sold, lock, stock and barrel, Phoenix Fire still has books for sale. Illegal much? To cover for the fact that like MP PF before it, DS is not a legal company. It’s just another extension of the Tabetha Jones dog and pony show.

However, I will mention the Inferno blog this one last time, to point out some of the more glaring faux pas by the girls that run it. You know, the ones that “run in threes.” Sounds like SOMEbody’s watched Charmed a few times too many. But, hey. I guess the whole Voodoo thing didn’t work out so they had to try something new. The happy little coven thinks they’re clever, tag-teaming so that they can say “I’m not Tabetha!” “I’m not Katrina!” or “I’m not Amanda!” with some level of plausible deniability. If it’s Katrina posting, of course she can say she’s not Tab or Amanda, and so forth. But, despite their best efforts, they’re as transparent as ever.

I could take all day pointing out everything they do wrong over there, but, frankly, they don’t deserve that much of my time. So I’m going to focus on just a few things that pertain to why we’re here.

First, the legality of a publishing business. We’re here because each and every one of us has been defrauded, ripped off, scammed or lied to by Tabetha Jones. We’re here to prove those claims in order to warn potential victims to steer clear so the same doesn’t happen to them.

Proving that her business is legal is something that Tabetha has never been able to do. To my knowledge, she’s never even bothered to try. All she does is lash out at anybody she doesn’t like, including the owners of Kinship Press, all former victims of hers that have banded together to form their own publishing environment. To do that, “Ember” posted a screen grab of where Kinship is registered with the Secretary of State in WV.

She was trying to prove some ridiculous point about whether or not Sabrina is still involved with Kinship’s inner workings. But all she really did was prove that Kinship is legally registered with the state.

Think about that.

In trying to discredit Kinship, “Ember” proved that they’re legit. Good job.

That’s not all they proved with that screen grab. By heavily editing the screen cap, they also proved that they’re incapable of presenting objective and unbiased proof of their claims against Kinship. That blog claims not to take either side, yet with every single breath, all they do is lash out at either Kinship, Sabrina or me. If that’s not “taking Tabetha’s side” then I don’t know what is.

By posting under the fake name of “Ember” and using yet more stolen stock images for her picture, it proves that Tabetha at al are unable to present themselves, their opinion, their “work” or anything else without hiding behind lies. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about what kind of “publisher” they are, then by all means. Publish with them. Good luck getting your royalties when they come due. And good luck with your reputation. They’ve already proven that no reputation is safe with them, since they’ve already ruined theirs so badly that they don’t even use their own real names anymore.

All they do on that blog is contradict themselves, claiming to want the truth, but flying in the face of it when it’s presented to them. They moderate posts, allowing only what they wish to see, what they can spin or outright alter. They beg people to comment because they know that their blog only has whatever life we give it. If we don’t post, they fizzle, and they know it. Yet when anybody posts something they don’t like (the truth) they throw a hissy and tell people not to post there.

And they alter their own posts. When someone comes along that presents the truth that flies in the face of whatever venom they’ve decided to spew, they go back and edit their posts. The screen grab above has been yanked and replaced more times than I’ve bothered to count.

Poor Amanda has waned and waffled, first claiming some “truth” that Tabetha’s whispered in her ear. And then, when the truth is made known, she backpedals faster than Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, saying “I didn’t know that” and backing away from Tabetha. “Maybe friend is too strong of a word.” Well, dealing with Tabetha, it’s not a word at all. She doesn’t have friends. She has people that she uses until they no longer serve a purpose. Then they’re discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

It’s more than obvious that Amanda has no idea what she’s talking about. She blarts out whatever venom Tab wants to spew, then gets yanked back by the whole story, which Tab didn’t give her. Like her boss lady calling authors’ spouses, trying to wreck marriages. Doesn’t make that common knowledge, does she? Yet WE’RE the ones that hate? There’s that pot calling the kettle black again.

If what Amanda or Katrina really wanted was the truth, they could find it here. They have seen it here. So has Tabetha. That’s why she hates the place so much. As for Amanda and Katrina, they know exactly what Tabetha’s up to, and yet they not only condone it but assist her in perpetrating it. As such, they’re as bad as she is. They’re worse. they know what she does to people, and they help her do it. I don’t know how they sleep at night, let alone look at themselves in the mirror.

They KNOW how Tabetha uses people up and spits them out. So when it happens to them (again) they really have no right to complain. They brought it on themselves by going back to her for second and third helpings of her particular brand of abuse. They have no one to blame.

One last thing about that screen grab.

If you’re going to post a screen shot to prove something about somebody else, be careful of what it reveals about you. More specifically, your bookmarks. If you don’t take the time to black those out along with half the image, you might be revealing exactly who you are and where you’re posting from.

Seeing the light yet, authors?

I doubt that I’ll waste any more of my time with that Infernal debacle. It’s not even an amusing diversion from Tab’s illegal activities. It’s just a sad and pathetic attempt to mimic this blog, and like everything else that comes from that camp, fails miserably.

Like I said before, if we don’t go over there and give it attention, it dies a quick death. I’d rather stay here, where the people are genuine and tell the truth.

You’re welcome.


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    • I look at it this way: If it’s not true, the truth will come out. Just like it does about every crooked thing they do. Like faking a suicide attempt to try to blame on this blog.
      Like Ripping off authors with yet another name on the same illegal company.

      Don’t worry. The truth ALWAYS comes out, sooner or later. Try as they might to hide it.

  1. Good god, does she think the screen shot will prove she’s innocent? Yeah, like my tabby is innocent from leaving cat hairs all over the place. “Not ME! Those aren’t my hairs or pawprints! That’s not me kneading you for extra cash on your chest or legs. Nope. Not me!”

    • Nothing can prove that Tab’s innocent. The best she can do is try to drag others down to her level to try and make herself look better by comparison. As ever, it’s a FAIL.

  2. I do have to say this much, I love how predictable and complacent they are. Of course CKTC isn’t going to give them anything. They are too smart for that. Every message that was posted, yes it was posted from my home. And just for that reason. How illegal is it to post someone’s private IP address anyway? But again Tabetha does nothing wrong. They can play games and get pissed when the tables are turned. Tough. People (Tabetha) taught me how to fight dirty. You want head games, you are playing in the wrong field when you mess with me. I hope Book Inferno burns to the ground. Taking Tabatha Trolls with it.

    • That inferno disaster has enjoyed a brief breath of life because a few of us have given in such. If we don’t take the bait they keep chumming out, they have no life at all. Not a fizzle, not even a spark. Just them talking to themselves, dead air and crickets. I tried to talk some sense into Amanda, but if she’s so hell bent on being a sock puppet, a lackey and a joke, she can go right ahead on.

      That’s all they’re doing with their caustic comments to Eric, and to me. They’re trying to bait us for a response because they know that without us, they go the same way the Alice blog went… into oblivion. Since it’s the same people, it’s the same thing.

      I’m not giving them any more attention. They’ve already proved every word that was said about them. Any more replies would be repetitive, and would only satisfy their bid to get more attention than they deserve. I’m not giving it to them.

      • They refuse to put my comments up because what i say is true lmao. You’re right its just bait and i got them to admit they post what they want rather than let people speak freely lol. I’m done with that blog.

  3. And this is why Tabetha is a fucking liar. “Sunday we got the call she was gone, she went peacefully in her sleep.” NOW how did Tabetha hear these hateful, spiteful, vile comment coming from a woman who she wasn’t even in the room when the lady took her last freaking breath.. “. It’s sad for a woman dying to smile one more time and say I hope that bitch in Louisiana gets hers for all the hell she’s caused this family. I could go peacefully then.” Again Tabetha remember don’t fucking mess with the bull YOU will get the horns. FUCK YOU!!! Try some more poor me bullshit. Please tell me now who the hell is a freaking liar. HMMMMNM.

    • Oh good catch!

      Neither Dee nor Tab was with Darlene when she died. They were too busy whooping it up with Kandi on a photo shoot late into the wee hours.

      So how could Tab know what her dearly departed mom’s last words were? They weren’t even at the hospital to sit vigil by their dying mother’s bedside. The call telling them she passed woke them up.

      Yet she expects people to believe that her mother’s dying words were about ME? Seriously? That’s beyond pathetic and delusional. It’s just…. wow. I can’t even think of a word sick and sad enough.

  4. Demanding to see the poor woman is dead. Shame on you. And maybe they weren’t there when she passed but there are more than that hour in one day. Shame on you.

    I am a family friend of Tabetha’s and no she wasn’t there when she passed but had visited that day.

    I don’t recall Tabetha saying those were here mother’s last words but a comment that her mother had stated. Shame on you again.

    Darlene may she rest in peace went in the hospital Feb. 10th. All I know is that Darlene didn’t want to fight anymore and during several visits to see her with Tab she did speak of this blog and how she felt if you cared anything for people in general you would allow the JOnes family peace, so shame on you.

    I can tell you they weren’t partying it up with Kandi. She took pictures of the girls. Kandi had finished her second shoot a week prior. She came over as a request from Darlene as I was not available. She wanted a picture of her three girls that unfortunately she never got to see so shame on you.

    You think you know everything but I agree with Darlene. You and this shameful blog did everything that came from the woman’s mouth.

    No where on that other blog did Tab say those were her mother’s last words. And yes that was the closest family I knew. Darlene was like a mother to me, even raised me when my own wouldn’t.

    Cindy was all I’m sorry this and that over now she’s back here. Tab showed me. My question is this. Do none of you have jobs, lives, children, or do you stay up all night exploiting children, wishing older ladies to burn in hell, cause sisters to attempt suicide, Jacqueline knows the truth, and finally have such a hatred towards one woman who is doing nothing but keeping her family together.

    Again shame on you, all of you. When Darlene got sick after heart surgery and a wound vac, in and out of the hospital Tabetha became the backbone of that family. Once Dee got there she helped but it was Tabetha that ensured all bills were paid, took care of all the business as she is now.

    Shame on all of you and the pain you caused.

    You must excuse me my break is over and unlike you shameful people some of us do have to work.

    • I am sorry that Tabetha’s mother has passed.I am not sorry that Tabetha has been revealed for what she is. Yes I contacted Tab and sent condolences, and am very sincere in what I said. But as you yourself say Tab took over being the backbone of the family and paying the bills. Exactly how did she pay the bills, when she had no job, only the money of the authors coming in? What you don’t get poster is this Tabetha has lied to many, has cheated and conned. Yet she should have no shame? All this was going on way before the dear lady departed. I am talking years. How long have you been this “close” family friend? Obviously not long enough to feel her viper bite, that is for damn sure. Yes I am back here because Tabetha keeps lying and playing the damn games. There are still authors that she is -promoting and they are not on her roster anymore. She still has authors books listed under the PF name selling, and at a astronomical cost.And this author IS a friend of mine, a long time friend as in over 30 yrs. Can you say that about you and Tabetha? Now where’s her shame? Where’s her showing remorse? Tabetha fueled the fires all all that was said in her typical vulgar style, and now has a “voice of reason” speaking here for her. Exactly who’s woodwork did you crawl out of little cockroach? You don’t know the entire story as usual she will only give you what she feels you need to back her. Again I will reiterate that I do feel bad for the lady that passed, but I don’t feel sorry for Tabetha and her lies that caught up to her. She has just as much to atone for as she feels we all do. Again for the cheap seats I will quote the great Will Smith from the movie Men in Black ” Don’t start none and there won’t be none”. If Tabetha would have done what she needed to do to make things right this would never have come to play. But no Tabetha goes around thinking she is untouchable, that she is above all. Guess what she isn’t. Time for that little girl to grow up and realize the sun does not rise and set in her asshole. She is not the end all be all, and she is not above the law. Now chew on that little cockroach or go scurry away to a new hiding space, because if you come around me or my friends to cause them harm or feed them full of lies, I will step on you.

    • Shame on a racist bitch that for being who she was i won’t hold my tongue about it either. Show me a death certificate and that part will be over but as for tabetha her end will be when she’s locked up for good.

      • Dude. Darlene’s death isn’t in dispute. Whatever problems you had with her when she was alive, they aren’t relevant to why we’re here about Tabetha. Don’t let her keep suckering you into posting about her mom so that she can run screaming how heartless you are picking on a dead old lady. You play right into her hands when you do, allowing her to paint herself as the poor victim of your verbal abuse. Don’t give her the ammo to use against you. Let’s keep the focus on why we’re here: proving time and time again that Tab’s a fraud. That’s what we’re here for.

      • You’re right that was a trap and ill be sure to see through their bullshit from here on in

      • Cool. She’s baiting you trying to use you as a distraction away from the point: that she’s a fraud. Don’t worry. We all fall for it from time to time. But let’s keep the focus where it belongs. On her illegal bullshit. Anybody that knows her for ten minutes will discover her character flaws for themselves. 😉

      • I have no doubt that she passed. I hope she’s at peace now, not having to deal with any of her daughter’s drama anymore.

    • SoY, I get the feeling that you genuinely believe everything you’re saying. It sounds like you honestly believe that you’re defending a friend who has told you these things and gotten your defensive instincts up. That’s normal, when one friend thinks that another is under attack the way she’s wants you to think she is. It’s natural. So I’m not going to jump down your throat. Instead, hopefully, I’ll educate you.


      It really is that simple.

      She is not the victim she wants you to think she is. She tells the story that her poor, beleaguered family has been bullied by this blog and all the people on it. She tells people that the “stress” from our “lies” and “hate” has weighed upon her family, causing or encouraging physical and emotional illnesses, caused her sister to try to kill herself and speed her mother along the path to her grave.


      First, I’d bet even money that that suicide attempt was FAKED. Her sister never tried to hang herself. If she did, there would be a hole in her bedroom ceiling where the fan/light fixture used to be. Not raggin’ on Dee, but she’s a big girl. There’s no way in the world a normal fixture would hold her. And she would have had bruises. You don’t hang yourself and walk away without a mark. I’d put even money on the following scenario: The fake suicide was a scheme the two of them cooked up. Dee tied something around her neck, lay on the floor, and Tab “discovered” her there. Called the paramedics and rescue, police, whatever. They show up and see whatever show those two put on. She goes to the hospital where they find, not surprisingly, that there aren’t any injuries on Dee at all. But there’s a mandatory observation period, so she’s admitted. Three days of flirting with pretty nurses, three hots and a cot, and she’s back home. And VOILA! Tab has this story she can peddle around about how this blog caused her sister to try and kill herself. How nifty!

      Don’t think so? That’s fine. But there are people who have stepped forward and said that they saw her the day she was released, without a single mark on her, and laughing it up like any other day. Does that sound like somebody that’s been battling to save her life amid a bout of such horrible depression that she tried to take her own life to you?

      Me neither.

      I hesitate to talk about Darlene. But since Tab is using her poor, dead mother to get sympathy and fuel animosity toward this blog, I have little choice but to point out the whole story.

      You say that Tab was the backbone of the family, making sure the bills got paid, etc, and that Dee helped when she moved in, but that it was Tab that took care of everything. How is that, exactly, when Tab doesn’t work or have any income except what she scams authors out of online? Whose money paid for everything? Darlene’s. Don’t forget, I spoke to the woman face to face on Skype, and she told me, with her own lips, that SHE paid for everything. She paid for her daughters and her granddaughter. So you tell me. Did Tab move in to take care of her mom? Or to take advantage? My money’s on the latter.

      Tabetha isn’t this strong woman she wants you to think she is, selflessly taking care of her family. Quite the opposite. She looks out for herself, first and foremost. If she’s in any situation, it’s because she thinks she can get money out of it, and when it comes to her mother, she did. She took that poor woman for every dime she could get.

      As for this blog contributing to her decline in health, that may very well be. But if so, you can thank Tabetha for that. If Darlene was so ill, Tabetha had no business ragging on and on about this blog, wearing on her mother’s nerves with it. She should have left the subject alone and not pestered her mother about it. SHE did that, and has only herself to thank for any effect it had on dear old mom’s health. As usual, she’s trying to spin the blame onto somebody else for her own actions.

      Tabetha Jones sucks the life out of everything she touches. She uses people up and throws them away. If you’ve known her for over twenty-three years, you’ve probably seen it. She probably either slept with your man or took you for money. One of the two. Maybe both. Lord knows why you’d take her back into your life, knowing what sort of person she is. All I can think of is that you still haven’t seen through the veil she’s pulled over your eyes, telling you her version of the events as she’d like you to believe them.

      What most people can’t see and don’t know is that she was on this blog at the same time as you were, probably whispering in your ear, bemoaning all the points she wanted you to address so that you’d feel defensive and come jump on me about it all. And, like I said before, that’s natural. People defend their friends. But what you need to do is take a step back and have a long, hard look at the person you’re defending. Just like everybody else in her life, SHE IS USING YOU. She’s using you to fight her battles for her, and she’s using you to hide behind so that she can try to come out smelling of roses. I suggest that you reconsider what kind of friend she really is. Take a look at FB for a clue. Do you “like” most of her posts, chatting and commenting away? Great. Does she “like” or comment on a single one of yours? Oh, she might. Now that I mention it, she might run through and throw a few “likes” on your page, just to prove me wrong. But be honest with yourself. Has she been doing it all along? Is your friendship mutual? Or does she call you when she wants something? When you can serve some purpose? Does she come to you? Or do you go to her? That lack of “likes” on your page should tell you everything you need to know. She likes the attention, time and money she can get from people, but has no consideration whatsoever for what’s going on in their lives. Hardly the selfless character she’s got you fooled into thinking she is, That is the most selfish, most toxic person I’ve ever seen in my life.

      That’s Tabetha Jones in a nutshell. If you don’t believe it, you should. And if you’re honest with yourself, you will.

      Go ahead and take your LG Optimus fuel L34C and scoot back to work. The 3am shift is a killer. My first thought when somebody works that shift is hospital. But whether you work at a hospital, warehouse, bar or anything else, it’s an honest living. That’s more than can be said of your buddy. I give you total props for being a person of integrity, doing what you have to and taking care of your family. If only the same could be said of the person you’re on here defending, she might deserve your loyalty.

      The last thing I want you to consider is that every single claim made by every single victim of hers is true. She lied to, cheated or stole from every single person on here. That’s why they’re here. Look how many of them there have been over the years. Look how many there still are. She’s not some hapless publisher, “learning from her mistakes” that are “in the past” as she likes for people to think. These aren’t “mistakes” we’re talking about. They’re crimes. They’re a pattern of behavior she’s perpetrated since the beginning and still is. That’s what she doesn’t want you to see. That’s why she hates this blog so much, because it is the absolute truth about her. We’re not here hating on her. Why would we? Because we don’t have anything better to do? Rubbish. We’re all of us people with lives and families and work, with hearts and souls that deserve better than what she’s done to them. They don’t come here out of hate, though I certainly wouldn’t blame them for hating what she did to them. They’re here to tell the truth about her to try and keep somebody else from falling victim to the pain she inflicts. Not just on their wallets, but on their dreams. She doesn’t “bust her ass” to “make dreams come true.” She chews them up and spits them out.

      If she didn’t do horrible things to people, they wouldn’t have anything to come on here and prove. And make no mistake. They can prove it. The HAVE proved it, time and time again. So have I. Think about that the next time she pisses and moans in your ear about this “hate” blog. SHE is responsible for it because of all the things she’s done to people. SHE’s to blame, and she alone.

      Take that long, hard look at your buddy, keeping our words in mind. If you’re as honest and open-minded as I hope you are, you’ll see the cracks in that facade. You’ll see that what I’m telling you is the absolute truth.


      • And here. Since we’re all about facts, allow me to provide a screen cap of Tab online in the wee hours, right around the time SoY posted. So if either of them tries to say one had nothing to do with the other, all evidence to the contrary.

      • I agree with this post 100%. Whoever is protecting her is in for a very rude awakening. Once she has played your heart strings and used you for whatever she can. You will be out on your butt like yesterdays garbage.

        I do however have a question concerning her paying for all her families needs. This from Tabetha’s own page, yes call me a troll. I am sick and tired of playing her games. ”
        Tabetha Jones
        March 9 at 10:20am ·
        Nap time seeing I’ve been up all night. Well nap time until 12:30 and then a meeting with help to get my mother cremated.”

        Why is this? Why is Tabetha granted all the right to say poor me? Why is she allowed to keep this facade going? Poor me I messed up my company, poor me Lepp is being mean, oh no my authors are mad cause they caught me stealing. Are you serious? Tabetha wants to blame this blog on the passing of her mother. Could it have been the shame she felt as a mother by raising such a deceitful, underhanded child. Why knowing your mom had health issues did you even bring this to her attention, being as Tabetha herself stated her mother knew nothing of the workings of the internet or a computer? Lots of holes in that story isn’t there. Tabetha wants to blame the blog for her sister’s attempted suicide. But where does Tabetha herself stand on this? Where is her accountability? How is it all the authors faults, when all they did was make the fatal mistake in trusting Tabetha? When is Tabetha going to own up to what she has done? When is she going to apologize to the authors who felt worthless, used, cheated, and decided not to go on with their dreams? Some who decided life wasn’t worth it, when is your friend going to make that right? You want to scream all these authors are haters,we have no shame. And your friend is white as the driven snow right? There are no stains on her character at all right?? She has not stolen from authors, destroyed their works, lied to them, made them feel like utter shit???

        If Tabetha was looking out for her family, why did others get conned into buying shoes and the like for her child? Why didn’t she have a legit job? Why get people to pay for your laptop? Hell why even go as far as lying as to how much it takes to put works on createspace, when she freaking knew it was free? Hello, what aren’t you getting “friend”? She is a liar, she was probably too busy dancing by a fire with her green fairy to give a shit about her mother. Yes I went there. She herself stated that she wasn’t at the hospital hardly at all, claiming that her mother wanted her to continue her work at the company. I will tell you something and not to get sympathy or anything just to prove a point. My husband and I had a business, when my father in law was in the hospital for 2 weeks, dying, there was always one of us by his side. When he took his last breath my husband, son and I were there to see him go peacefully and not alone. In fact I downloaded and played the song “You can let go now daddy” as he drew his last breaths. I don’t want to hear anything of a ‘fake” business that may have suffered we shut ours down for 2 weeks just to be there for him. Now tell me of Tabetha’s Fucking loyalty. I am tired of Tabetha getting away with shit and coming out smelling sweet. You can say I am vindictive, spiteful of full of hatred, those are just words. I am a woman, a mother, a wife,and a writer. What I am not is a fool, a patsy or stupid. People need to stop looking at the pitiful me routine and see her for what she is. Tabetha is and forever will be a loser, a user and an abuser.

      • Exactly. Her mom didn’t know the first thing about computers. If she knew anything about this blog or anything on it, that’s because her kid told her. If her health was failing, and if hearing about this stuff upset her, what kind of daughter would KEEP upsetting her? Where are her priorities? Bitching about this blog? Or mom’s health?

      • Lepplady you don’t know how right you are that cunt use to steal money out of mom’s purse and now all she does is bitch because she doesn’t have mom’s money to spend anymore. She never went to see mom in the hospital and now she doesn’t want to pay for the cremation. She’s trying to get the county to pay for a pauper’s cremation. She’s just like you say all about the money and your right about her socalled friend. that’s who the third one is. Here’s that karma you got coming little girl. I hope you like it because here it comes.

      • Thank you for those enlightening insights into the person we’re dealing with, but I’m primarily interested in facts that we can prove. I’m not saying I don’t believe every word, but unless we can prove it, I’ve got to frown upon accusations that can be substantiated. Got any proof? If not, I’ve got to ask you to stick to facts that we can back up with proof.

    • Hang on a shagging minute here. Scabby Assy is taking the piss at Leppy now that her mum died but were you around when Leppy lost somebody last ear? No you weren’t. Scab Ass danced on their grave at Lepp darling’s expense calling her every name in the book and saying it was Lepp’s fault and Scabby made her voodoo witch kill them. She was a right bitch but I guess you think that’s okay. Look whoever you are, Leppy gave Scab Ass’s mum a break out of respect a hell of a lot more than Scab Ass did, it’s your mate that’s on here ragging on and dragging her mum through the muck so shame on you for defending that fat fucking minger. If you believe a word that comes out of her gob them shame on you not us. So piss of back down to your street corner and keep earning that two quid from each John, break’s over.

  5. OK, dear family friend may be you need to take a closer look at your “friends” page. And let me enlighten you on some facts, fucked up facts but facts just the same. Just so we know we are all on the same page here you stated “I am a family friend of Tabetha’s and no she wasn’t there when she passed but had visited that day.” Following so far?? Good!
    “Tabetha Jones
    March 1 at 7:37pm ·
    I will not be online for a few days as my mom passed today at 1:28pm. ”
    “Sunday we got the call she was gone, she went peacefully in her sleep. It was dd seeing her lying there with no oxygen on, not struggling to reathe, or complaining she was hurting. Just at peace.”
    “I dont think Rylee has come to terms with it yet, hell I dont think I have either. Then Dee and I get into a serious car accident on our way home. Rylee had decided to ride with my bestie of 22 years”

    You say she was there earlier in the day? Exactly what time would that have been? Since visiting hours usually start at 10 a.m.?? And the poor lady died at almost 1:30 in the afternoon? And she took Rylee? When in several postings she had stated that she didn’t want her to go to the hospital since her mother was so bad off. Then why in the fuck do you take a child so damn young to see a dead person. WTF.. way to go parent of the fucking year.

    Blow smoke up someone else’s ass.. not buying it..

    • Died at 1:28 PM? And the call that her mother passed woke both her and her sister up? But they were there visiting her earlier in the day?

      How does that add up?

  6. “If what Amanda or Katrina really wanted was the truth, they could find it here. They have seen it here. So has Tabetha. That’s why she hates the place so much. As for Amanda and Katrina, they know exactly what Tabetha’s up to, and yet they not only condone it but assist her in perpetrating it. As such, they’re as bad as she is. They’re worse. they know what she does to people, and they help her do it. I don’t know how they sleep at night, let alone look at themselves in the mirror.”

    I really have no idea what you think you are doing implying that I am in cohorts with Tab or that Amanda is. But if you have no proof that I am doing what you claim I am you need to retract my name. I can prove the last time I talked to Tab was to apologies for the shit I told you on here. Thing’s that as you say I have seen here and know well. I educated you all on a few as WTF and another. No not Alice. See karma is a bitch and no matter what she had done to me I had no right to blast her personal life around like I did. I should have kept it all PF related. That was all on me and Jackie who gave me the information.
    See I was tired of the shit and when Jackie said she was bringing Tab into Kinship I was pissed off so I left. It had nothing really to do with Sabrina she was gone. Jackie wouldn’t release her hold on her.
    As for Amanda she has already posted on her FB page the things that happened to her book. No excuse for that. That was the other reason I left. Amanda was just kind of tossed out on her ass where Tab was promised the spot. With a lot of different names for her to use. I was on the phone with Tab that day as she asked me who gave me the information I had. And I told her. If Jackie can be friends with Tab behind everyone’s back lie about it to us then post her about stuff that only she knew she should have been able to own up to it. But no she said it was all Tabs fault her private information was posted as well as that I heard stuff on the phone. But I have never been on the phone with Jackie and Tab except for that time. I told Cindy that when I was contacted also. I keep a low profile take the bashing I have been getting over on the Book Inferno site and here. I am tired of my name being dragged into this shit you both have. You didn’t want what I knew so I took to someone else. I told you I would.
    Amanda and I have a really nice relationship we have both been screwed over by both Tab and Jackie. We can talk, bitch and just understand what each other have been trough. Jackie was always pissed that Amanda and I were talking. But I was the one on the phone when Jackie answered hey Whatcha doing. Then when Tab said I have Katrina on here too. Jackie was different very off because I knew. Tab asked her even “why ask me to be part of your company if you where the one who gave JT all that stuff on me.” Jackie told her I have to go I can’t talk about this right now. So to me lots of things don’t add up. As for Jackie and Tab well I really don’t care. For all we know they are working together in Kinship as you all go after Dark Storm. That might just be a decoy. Just saying that would be one hell of a way to throw you all off her sinking ship. A well hidden secret that only Jackie knew as she lies to you all as she did me. But hey what do Amanda or I know.

    • Didn’t Ember use the word Apologies instead of the word Apologize too? But not of course Katrina’s not part of that blog what a crock of shit.

    • I don’t know why we should trust anything you say when you just demstrated that you can’t be trusted. You admit that you turn on people that trust you, and have no problem changing allegiance at will.

      Sorry, but all evidence to the contrary.

      All i know about Amanda is that when she was still with Kinship and i wrote up a post about them, it was Amanda that told me to take it down. She said she spoke for both Jacqueline and Sabrina in saying that I should remove it. She didn’t want to be compared to Tabetha’s company in any way, shape or form because she didn’t want her company to be tainted by association. Ironic, considering the company she’s keeping these days.

      Alrighty, then. Don’t want a plug here? Fine. I took it down.

      Come to find out, she not only didn’t speak FOR those two, she didn’t even speak WITH them about it. She lied about that, and was acting on her own. That may even have had something to do with why she’s not with that company anymore, for all I know.

      Time will tell if either one or both of you are allied with Tab, helping her to defraud new victims under the name Dark Storm. I hope not. That would be disappointing. Not surprising, but disappointing.

      • While I have stayed quiet on this whole matter, I do think you need to read this.

        Conversation started December 16, 2014
        Amanda Sheffer
        12/16, 4:46pm
        Amanda Sheffer
        How bout this to Jt,… and it is only us three…
        Do to the amount of times one compares the two companies, this blog is reading confusing to the average person. A consistency of messages pouring into Kinship’s owners and manager asking what is going on deems the thought of how this entry may read wrongly. One person asked if the company was fishy. For we do not want to be seen as fishy or half assed. During our talks as owners and manager, we knew from the start in no way did we want to be looked upon and compared to Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire. In no way are we taking up for Tabetha; however, we are not said person nor her publishing house. In one breath you are bashing one company while announcing another one and possibly inadvertently you have tainted and damaged Kinship Press’s name.
        If you want to continue terrorizing the other company that is all one you but if you want to write up a piece on Kinship, then please make it fully on Kinship. With the negativity implied new authors will never visit us much less sign with us. While your heart might be in the right place but all is washed out by the mere mention of one said publisher. We as a team are asking for the blog to be removed and place up with an approved one or none at all for we want our patrons to find us by the right stuff not from where we came from.
        Sabrina Samples
        12/16, 6:24pm
        Sabrina Samples
        Amanda Sheffer
        12/16, 6:25pm
        Amanda Sheffer
        Send it?
        Sabrina Samples
        12/16, 6:26pm
        Sabrina Samples
        I would say yes but wait to see what Jackie says. Sorry it took a bit to respond. I’m hurting really bad tonight. Been sleeping.
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        12/16, 6:26pm
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        I am all for it
        Amanda Sheffer
        12/16, 6:26pm
        Amanda Sheffer
        Tis okay I am making supper at the moment
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        12/16, 6:27pm
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        Going to bed we will have a three way discussion about this tomorrow
        Sabrina Samples
        12/16, 6:27pm
        Sabrina Samples
        If you need anything from me message me. I just ate some dinner and I’m gonna lay back down with some ice in my arm
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        12/16, 6:28pm
        Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister
        Love you all!
        Amanda Sheffer
        12/16, 6:28pm
        Amanda Sheffer
        Gotcha lol … i will send that

        I have a screen grab as well.

      • I stand corrected. I didn’t realize that a conversation did take place.

        Unlike some out there, I can admit when I’m wrong.

        I apologize.

      • You’re welcome. I don’t like wiping egg off my face when I’m wrong, but I’d rather that than keep wearing it. It’s called being a grownup. A woman admits when she does something wrong. Only a childish fraud keeps laying on more lies to try and cover it up.

        Sound like anybody we know?

      • Trouble is JT that when we(anyone) tell you about something we really know about. You discredit us like you do. We found out the hard way here that you really have no care about anything not connected to Tab. So the next peice of information I give to book inferno Ember will prove to everyone that Jackie is a liar. I have a private message I was taged into.

      • What I care about is providing the truth about a known fraud that’s been PROVEN time and time again to be a scam artist, liar and thief.

        It doesn’t matter what’s going on within Kinship as it relates to Tabetha Jones. Whatever’s going on in some other company does not make Tab any less of a crook.

        That’s what Tab’s after, stirring shit up about Kinship. All she’s interested in is diverting attention away from herself by kicking shit up about Kinship. She thinks if she can get tongues wagging about Kinship, she can slide under the radar. Well, it might work, for awhile. People might get so caught up in these machinations about Kinship that they forget to realize who the intentional crook is, the one that has repeatedly and maliciously victimized people.

  7. Amanda S. asked me last night to post the screen grab she sent me. And I will. With pleasure.

    They posted a grab over at the Inferno blog, too, under a post vaguely disguised as a post to warn authors about what they call a faulty publisher. Their favorite game of the pot calling the kettle black. I swear, if that were an Olympic event, we’d have a clear gold medalist.

    First, it’s not the same screen grab that was posted in the inferno blog. In THIS version, the one that was sent to me, it looks like Jackie agrees. Done deal.

    But the grab posted on the inferno blog shows more of the conversation.

    Sabrina didn’t tell Amanda to send that comment. She deferred to Jackie. And Jackie said “Let’s talk about it tmormorrow.” And that conversation never happened the next day. Amanda sent it to me that night. Almost immediately, from the look of it.

    I’m not calling Amanda S. a liar. Looking at the conversation, I can see where she thought she had approval. It looks like a miscommunication that’s being blown WAY out of proportion.

    And there’s that inferno blog, pouncing on it like a cat on a mouse, using it to their advantage, doing their usual tap-dance to try to discredit Jackie as a publisher, editor and general human being. But I see it for what it is: more smoke and mirrors. Whatever royalties Kinship owes its authors, whatever formatting errors there are in books released by Kinship, whatever the executive workings are within Kinship, IT DOESN’T MAKE TABETHA OR HER COMPANY DARK STORM ANY LESS SHADY.

    Kinship is a new company, still shaking the wrinkles out. Tabetha does not have that excuse. She has maliciously victimized authors, artists and just about everybody else she’s ever done business with for YEARS, backing out and switching up the names when the heat gets too tough. She changed her company’s name from Mystic Press to Phoenix fire, and then, despite saying everything was hunky dory with Phoenix Fire (“We’re not going ANYWHERE!”), she turns around and changes the name to Dark Storm. We’ve already proven that she owns it. She’s pulling another one of her patented schemes: using fake names to defraud people. Not only Destiny, Zoey, Anna, even Emerald is back, but at least half of the names on her roster are fakes, and still more are “alts” of THOSE alts. She’s the fake, trying to cast herself in a more favorable light by dragging somebody else down. She sits over there in her company and on that blog, stirring up shit and getting other people to fight her battles for her, all using fake names. People are supposed to take their allegations seriously even though they won’t show their own faces. All they really prove is that they’re just smoke and mirrors, geared toward one purpose only: to cover Tabetha’s ass while she continues to scheme and con people.

    There are two things Tab will never be able to discredit Jackie for.

    First, Kinship is legally formed. MP/PF/DS never were.

    Jackie is trying to help people. Tab only rips them off. Whether or not Jackie’s getting it right, she did not start her business with the intention of defrauding anybody. We all know from so many personal accounts that Tab does. She always did. It’s been proven time and time again that she’s a malicious, lying, narcissistic manipulator that cons and abuses anybody she can for a buck. Her history, her own words have proven that more times than I can count.

    Yet she still tries. By casting all these dispersions around about Jackie, she’s trying DESPERATELY to make herself look better somehow.

    Make no mistake. Tabetha is the crook, here. She’s the one that will smile to your face and dip her fingers in your pocket, and continue to use you long after you wise up and decide to leave her. Just look at the authors still on her page even though they severed all association with her. Look at the people whose work she still sells that they don’t see a penny of.

    Fall for her schemes if you want. Believe her lies and let yourself get conned. Sooner or later, you’ll find out that you’ve been had. And when you do, we’ll be here.

    • Excuse me… but doesn’t “I’m all for it” mean to go ahead? And it looks like Sabrina did say “yes” but wanted Jackie’s approval also? Don’t be suckered JT!

      • By itself, yes. But when it’s followed less than a minute later by “we’ll talk about this tomorrow” it becomes a conversation that was supposed to be continued the next day, but wasn’t.

        I’ve already conceded that Amanda S. could have seen this as approved when/if it was actually supposed to be a continued conversation. I’ve called it a miscommunication. That means it’s blameless on BOTH sides.

        Don’t worry. I’m not being suckered. I see exactly what’s going on. Tabetha’s trying to use this as a reason to drag Jackie and Kinship through the mud to try and make herself look better somehow.

        When Tabetha can provide proof that her company, DS is properly, legally registered with the state, maybe THEN she can point fingers at somebody else. But as long as she keeps lying about who owns that company (even though it’s been proven), using all these fake names and lying through her teeth, she’s got nothing to say about Jackie or anybody else. Plain and simple.

  8. People, we are comparing apples to oranges here. Tabetha admits that she has been in “business” for well over 3 years, correct? In this time we have all seen the same tactics, lies and backpedaling. We have seen her bully and badger people to get her way, stamp her feet and cry “poor me”, are we seriously trying to compare Kinship, which is a budding company, to Tabetha’s disasters?
    Yes, some mistakes have been made, some not by anyone’s fault. People are too ready to jump the gun and not see the forest for the damn trees. This has nothing to do with Kinship, why try to destroy them without giving them a chance? Everyone tried to give Tabetha a chance, I was one of them. Foolishly I followed her, even after reading the blog that told the truth.
    At least Kinship can prove its legality. It shows that above all that company is trying to be better. Yes, maybe having the ones that were burned by Tabetha might be a kick in the chops later on. It may seem they have bitten off more than they can chew. Well you know what, I am willing to take that chance. Let Kinship succeed or fall on their own merits. Not tainted by Tabetha and her hatred. By her own support group inferno it has been stated that Tabetha wants to destroy Kinship for personal reasons.
    Is this what or who you want representing your books? Really? I mean come on she is so pissed that someone tried to better the authors she shit on that she is willing to destroy their dreams, yet again. How is that showing how much of a lady she is? How is that showing she is trying to better herself and as she put it get back to basics? What does that mean? Is she saying that she is going to hurt people more, since that is all she seems to know? Is that her back to basics? Do you really want people to associate your books with that kind of hatred?
    The bottom line is this, Tabetha has been caught up in her own lies, she has been proven many, many times over as to her true nature. She doesn’t care if you fall on your face, or succeed no matter what she will get her money. Either by forcing you to breach, or break your ” contract” which means she will bully you into paying the termination fee. Or she will sell your books off without your knowledge or consent. She will use your works after you leave, if you don’t nail her ass to the wall. She had at one time tried to make people pay for a free service to publish your works.
    What makes Tabetha any better than Kinship? Nothing, you want to know why? No matter how many times Tabetha tries she can’t prove any legality! She can’t provide proof of that attorney of hers, how many have there been? I think at least 3, all such close dear family friends. How many authors has Tabetha run off either by sexual advances or how crash the PFP page was. It is sad when you cancel a “contract” because your author says ” I will stay on but can’t be on the page anymore. Due to my religion what is on that page is profane and I can’t.” Then make that person pay a termination fee. When the only thing you as a publisher should have done was either stop pedaling smut, or let them leave the page and communicate via email and phone. But no what does she do, drops her for some lame duck reason then demands payment. Tabetha never even sent out the swag for the woman’s book release party that people won. What more do you guys need to hear?
    Shall I quote the great Tu Pac? ” You making this nigga bigger than he is.” For real stop building this lying bag of shit up.

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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