Tribute to a classic

There are several scenes in Jaws worthy of mention, including the chilling tale of the USS Indianapolis. But for today, I’ll stick with this one.



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    • There is no need for Lepp to tear anything apart. To be honest they are the ones looking the fool. Picking and choosing what they want to use from any of our postings. They are so unoriginal it isn’t even funny.
      Note this though, if you get taught how to do things wrong you continue to make the same mistakes, but if you TRULY learn and continue to learn and grow that is an achievement. Say what you will about Kinship or Jackie. She is the one who had the terrible teacher. She is at least learning from things not repeating the same crap.
      Seriously stop this crusade against Jackie and give her the chance that was afforded Tabetha on many occasions. Tab can lie a blue streak, cry wolf and the devil made me do it, whatever. Bottom line is this, she is continuing to do all these things that she has done in the past. She will continue to do said things and until the law grabs her up she will continue to get away with it because you people won’t stand up for yourselves.
      Stop pointing fingers to others, look at the truths that have come to light by Tabetha’s own words,attitude and her minions. Everything that they have said comes back to bite them in the ass. “Tabetha is a great boss” and in the next breath or shall I say sentence ” I haven’t had the pleasure of working with her, yet.” How do you know she is so great if you haven’t worked with her? What is it you people aren’t getting? Tabetha is not Jackie, PF/ DSP is not Jackie. They aren’t even on the same playing field.
      Tabetha rapes her authors, there just isn’t any polite way of saying it. She takes from them their words, their money , their hopes and dreams. She forces them out of contracts with an outrageous fee, How many of you lady authors have told her some intimate detail about your life? How much do you want to bet she will use that against you if you try to leave? If you tell her a guy was cute, I will bet you that if you try to leave, she will be contacting your man, and it won’t be that you thought the guy was cute. Girl by the time Tabetha is done you would have already fucked the guy, have your bags packed and moving in with said dude.
      The “family” company ahd ruse is just to let her in enough to hang your happy ass out to dry later on. WAKE UP PEOPLE.!!!

      • Her favorite game.

        With hypocrisy off the scale.

        She might think she’s being clever, but time’s against her. Sooner than later, her victims always find out that every word we say is the truth. ALL of them. Not just the ones she tries to twist around to suit her agenda.

  1. I went and had a quick look.

    Sure. I could tear it apart word by word, but I’m not. I don’t have to. It’s just more of the same thing they’ve been doing from the start, picking and choosing the parts they think they can twist around. Putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say, trying to tear down another company to try to make theirs look better. Just more smoke and mirrors.

    It’s just bait to get people talking. And when nobody does, they’ll do what they always do. They’ll make up a whole legion of alts and sit over there talking to themselves. Let them. I’ve got better things to do.

    • This is all turning into one giant mess, and it’s all public, remember that. From what I can see, the inferno blog is predominantly authored by a self-satisfied, delusional, petulant brat who edits what people post. Ego Ravingwood get’s snarky and pedantic when she can’t write to save herself. It’s not an inferno, it’s a storm in a tea cup. And the tea cup is chipped, exposing how cheap it is underneath all that superficiality. She demands truth but edit people’s posts? Says it all, doesn’t it?

      Authors, if you have an ounce of self-respect, and want to keep your artistic credibility intact, I urge you to step away from the inferno blog and to keep to the order of business on here.Kinship is not the order of business, Tabetha Jones and her cohort are. For you, this will tarnish your reputation to be publicly involved in a mud-slinging contest. Do not get your prints on this inferno blog train-wreck. It’s different for Lepp, she’s an activist and has been for some time, and if she gets evidence of Kinship scamming, you bet she’ll call them on it. It’s her integrity and honesty that we’ve all come to depend on. Regardless, that isn’t the topic of this blog, so let’s not get blindsided.

      I was scammed by Tabetha Jones. She stole my royalties and I received no apology. I wouldn’t want one, but all the same, the public apology she made was full of holes and so disingenuous, it was an insult. Much as I’d love to see her held to account for her crimes, one of the best things that could possibly happen is that she goes legit. If she went legit, actually did well though honest hard work, and if she truly did make people’s dreams come true, I’d be happy. That hasn’t happened. All she does is lie, steal, and lie some more. Let’s remember the order of business: Stop the scam & protect the authors.

      • That’s why she keeps bringing Kinship into it. To muddy the waters, kick up a dust storm, smoke and mirrors, call it what you will. I support Kinship, yes. I support ALL of Tabetha’s former victims in their endeavors to succeed after being trodden upon by her abusive heel. Kinship isn’t my pet project and I have no personal investment in Kinship whatsoever. It’s Tab and her cohorts that keep dragging it in.

        I know Tab doesn’t think we’re stupid enough to fall for it. But she must think her authors are. Doesn’t say much for what she thinks of them, does it?

        They’ll find out. When payday comes and cents get paid instead of dollars, if anything gets paid at all.

        They’ll find out when they ask her hard questions and get nothing but a runaround.

        They’ll find out when they google her and find out that she’s got a very long, very dirty history of scamming, lying, cheating and skimming royalties. That’s not anything that we made up to “slander” her. It’s information that comes straight from authors she’s done dirty, and they can prove every word they say. THAT’S why we’re here. For the real truth, not the made-up spin they put on hearsay. We’re here to serve authors, not scam them.

        They’ll find out.

  2. I just can’t help but laugh, how shallow and sad these people are. For many years Lepp has been striving to tell the truth on what has happened with Tabetha and her many companies. Many authors, cover artists, editors and even some models have seen the light, by reading all that Tabetha has put out there. The I am a lady to the educated sailor, no matter what name you put on shit, it is still just that, shit. Why does this inferno crap want to continue abusing these authors? Just by saying what was said to CFW that is abuse. Plain out cruelty, I mean come on, don’t you think these authors have been damaged enough? Yet here you are spinning more shit at them. Making them feel worse then what they did before. The way I see it is this Jackie and her company may have had a few hiccups, but they sure as hell seem more legit than Tabetha ever did. I am not sure if Jackie made anything known to anyone of her deal with CFW or not. If she did maybe it was because she was asking advice, or just needed to talk to someone she trusted to see if they thought it was a good idea. Again, I don’t know nor do I care. That is between those two. I don’t see Jackie saying anything of the “deal” that was made between them. I do see Tabetha and her minions trying, by making Jackie look like an ass, hurting the same author who at one time backed Tabetha for all she was worth. I do see them again baiting and trying to get CFW to say something or maybe make her and Jackie fight and again lose her dreams. Is this the person you want backing you? I would hope not. She by her own words wants to destroy Jackie and her company, Why not take a author down with her, the same author who realized what Tabetha was about and left. Now is that fair? Is that being a lady who has learned from her mistakes? Is this the person you want to entrust your works to? Someone so spiteful and vindictive that she would hurt and destroy an author she has already damaged. Tabetha couldn’t tell you the truth if she was standing on a stack of bibles and her tongue was on fire. She doesn’t care who she hurts, damages or destroys as long as she reigns supreme. As long as she can keep throwing all of you under a bus, and no one pays attention to her slight of hand she is golden. You people think that the ones that come on this blog don’t read, can’t comprehend the english language or are just sheeple. You however are quite wrong. Many were here backing Tabetha, many have seen what you in time will see, Tabetha is a deceitful being. She only knows one thing to do for herself. She will only allow you to see what she thinks you need to see to come to her rescue and defend her “honor”. You will only see the disgusting side of her if you get on her bad side. You will be either forced to crawl back to her or leave with her cursing your name and trying to be the great and powerful oz attempting to scare you with witchcraft, voodoo, and the like. The only thing scary on Tabetha is her breath. Stop playing these hateful games with her, stop making these authors pay for her misguidance and ignorance. You say you want to protect the authors, way to go there Ember. All you succeeded in doing is proving yet again that Tabetha pulls your strings.

    Love JAFO

    • An example of how slippery she TRIES to be.

      She tries to attribute the following words to me:
      What she says I said: “Jaqueline can owe authors, make formatting errors that the authors lose her reputation over, and the Press’s employees can do whatever they like within that company hurting the image of all around and it doesn’t matter! Why? Because Kinship is a new company, still shaking the wrinkles out”

      What I actually said: “Whatever royalties Kinship owes its authors, whatever formatting errors there are in books released by Kinship, whatever the executive workings are within Kinship, IT DOESN’T MAKE TABETHA OR HER COMPANY DARK STORM ANY LESS SHADY.”

      Note the difference. Nowhere did I say any company “can” owe authors or make formatting errors, implying that it’s acceptable on any level. What I DID say is that no matter how crooked Tab tries to make another company look, hers is no less illegal, shady, scurrilous, etc.

      She posted my own words to try to prove the ones she tried to put in my mouth.

      But failed, yet again.

      Another mistake she made was not realizing, yet again, what the screen grab says about her. Or, I should say them.

      Look at the screen grab they posted today, then take another look at this one, also posted by “Ember” about Kinship.

      It’s a different desktop, different booksmarks, even a different browser. But we’re supposed to believe “Ember” is one person making all of these posts?


      Looks like what I said from the start. They each have “Ember’s” login so that they can each post as “Ember.” I’m sure they’ll give themselves vertigo trying to spin it. “Oh, I did that on purpose to trip you up.” or “I don’t always use the same browser if I’m not in the mood.”

      Bitch, please. You’re busted. Yet again.

      Something else that amuses me to no end is that in their hurry to try to put a negative spin on my words, they continue, over and over, to post screen grabs that only illustrate how glaringly crooked Tab’s practices are, including the fact that she still owns the same illegal company, just changed the name of it.


      And if you’re going to TRY to be cute and rip off my own words, at least try to spell them right.

      YOU’RE welcome.

  3. The second was from Amanda’s computer the first was from mine. I already told you that I was giving that blog things you didn’t want Amanda is too. Seems you let Jackie make a mistake she owes for to this day. When are you going to make a post about Kinship. After a year of Amanda never getting her money? I have never questioned you on Tabs illegal business issues I even gave you proof of them. But I have questioned this. Your honesty and integrity was brought up so take what Amanda has and prove that no matter the mistakes paying an author should come first on pay day. I want to clear the air also I don’t have time to be Ember. I don’t even have the patients for stupid shit, you should know this. But I did make a deal with her. I do stop by for myself and her. If that makes me guilty by association then so be it. I want the same justice you wanted for Tabs victims. I just want it from Kinship for Amanda.

    • You and Amanda have to take screen caps to send Ember? She can’t take caps herself? And her this supposedly savvy businesswoman (who can’t even prove a business purchase). Sorry. Not buying it. If anything, you just admitted that you both conspire to breathe life into the enigmatic “Ember.” She doesn’t exist. You know it. We know it. And as long as you (collectively) keep hiding behind a fake name, nothing you (again, collectively) say using fake names holds the slightest bit of credibility. Honestly, I’d expect better from you.

  4. Let me get this straight…. its ok for Jackie to steal because she’s new but yet Tabetha’s farts the wrong way and it’s fraud.

    Fact of the matter it doesn’t matter new or old Jackie is illegally stealing, lying, sticking the souls out of her authors and cannot even post an explanation why.

    Where Tabetha’s has taken your advice closed Phoenix to better the authors as YOU told her to yet she’s still in the wrong.

    I suppose there isn’t enough room to hide them both behind your skinny ass.

    Tabetha’s sold out yet you are so obsessed that she owns another company you fill your days and nights stalking every chance you get. But heaven forbid someone talk shit about the honorable(not really) Jackie.

    No one can touch Kinship without you getting your panties in a twist. No one here wants the truth, the real truth unless its throwing TabethaJones under the bus. How bout throwing good ole wholesome Jackie does no wrong under it.

    Wasn’t she the one that was sent to get you info Tabetha? Don’t you have a fake profile to watch her every move?

    I think I’ll start getting my info from book inferno. They have proof to back up their words. Unlike you that just talks out both sides of your mouth.

    • They haven’t posted a single fact yet, just thrown out hearsay and innuendo, claiming it’s okay because they “feel” it’s right, while we’ve been able to prove facts to back up every word we say, going back years.

      I don’t know what language you want it in, since English isn’t sinking in. Nobody said “It’s okay” for any other company to do things wrong. Only that it doesn’t make Tabetha’s DS any less crooked. Yes, TABETHA’S DS. It’s been proven (yes, that thing called PROOF) that Tab owns DS, but you, she and they keep insisting that she “sold” it. Never mind that there’s no legal record of any sale, be it her illegal company or the illegal contracts she holds over her authors’ heads, if she’s still got any real ones, that is. Since she goes back and forth between stories (first it’s the company, then it’s just the contracts since she can’t prove she sold the company), we’ll go with both. Especially since it’s neither. She did the same thing she did when the water got too hot with MP getting turned in to the Attorney General for fraud. She changed the name. And I’d lay even odds that’s what she did this time, too. Changed the name. And not just on the company. She’s cruising under a fake name to own it under, too. Just like she uses fake names to pad her company with, and to post on blogs. Must really suck when your name is so tainted you can’t even use it anymore.

      Give her a little time. She’ll prove it herself, if the proof you’ve already seen isn’t good enough. Just wait.

      And if you think that the only thing I think about is Tabetha Jones, you’re sadly mistaken. She may be so obsessed with me that she can’t see straight, but that sentiment is not reciprocated. I could really not care less about her. She’s just some sick, sad psychopath in Texas. That’s it, and that’s all.

  5. Dude, for real Tabetha only closed PF because she was screwed. And not in the way she is used to being screwed. Her massive ass was over a barrel. She didn’t take anyone’s advice, or finally woke up to reason. From her own showing Tabetha had DS in the works over a year ago. How is that not scamming and plotting to fraud people yet again? Shirley Temple, is that your way of claiming innocence? Please, blow smoke up someone else’s ass. If kinship is wrong let them say. What gives the queen of lies the right to say someone else is lying? Who is she to say what is right and wrong,when she can’t tell the difference herself? How is it ok for Tabetha to throw her authors and such under the bus yet you are calling foul because Tabetha is shown to be the lying piece of shit she really is? What you are is a twisted person there Shirley. You want to get your information from Inferno, please do, and then tell me how it is that everything that Tabetha says is gospel when you can read for yourself what she has done and continues to do. You think that making one mistake, which btw will be rectified in short order that Tabetha is better. Wake the hell up and smell that your house is on fire!!! Are you kidding me? What does Tabetha hold over your head to come to her rescue? It’s usually something, trust me, I know. You are as dumb as the days have become longer if you think for one instance Tabetha hasn’t been plotting and planning for some time. Jaimie proved that by with her information of Tabetha showing that Dark Storm was in the works well before Destiny came in the picture. Now tell me who’s lying? Who is still scamming and covering her ass? Tabetha that’s who. So believe what you want, It’s your conscience, your head filled with lies and bullshit. Sooner or later you will get tired of the stink and maybe wake up, If not how sad too bad.

  6. Lepp is all about solid proof yet I see none here. All I see are fired employees bitching about their ex boss.

    You say Jaimie Hope has proof that Tabetha’s had prior plans for Dark Storm, well don’t stand there with your pants down. let’s see all the dirty details.

    You say she owns Dark Storm, again proof? Where is the proof? All you have is hearsay and speculation. Where I hear book inferno has solid facts.

    Dear lepp keep that rag ready. I feel you have a ton of more egg to wipe from your face yet.

    • They say Kinship you say Tabetha. Why is it that every single time Kinship is in question on here that you all tromp all over Tabetha Jones. This is quite concerning. If Kinship owes money then where is the owners saying “sorry for the hiccup the problem has been rectified”? I have been following along on here and Inferno. Were she might rearange your words they are still in fact the words you yourself typed here on your blog. Out of order yes but none the less your words back at you. You talk honer well prove to us that Kinship paid that author. Otherwise you said you would go after any and all companies that authors brought to you that cheated and stole. This Tabetha Jones thing you got issues with ok but all i hear is that Kinship is questioned. So shut the hell up about Tabetha for just one post and focus that energy on Kinship.
      Facebook circulation has a post by an artist you harassed they say. As well that Jackie the owner of Kinship tried to pull one over on her by not paying for work done. Sound familia? Jackie did sit at Tabetha’s hip for over a year learning everything she could to even one day bamboozle you here at your own party. She learned how to stay in your background keeping you in just enough to pull this over while your soul focus is on her ex boss. Planned out is what I call it but then again who am I. As for Inferno she sure does seem to have proof no matter what you say it is. I understand you hate that you made an enemy. How long did you think you would be able to set up shop blackballing authors by association before they took a stand. I don’t see Ember as Tabetha Jones. I see an author that you really pissed off. If you have been hurt by Tabetha then post names you have no proof of like you do its going to bite back. It never ends up good. So no matter who Ember is or what not Kinship is the one that is questioned Tabetha Jones has already had her time. The more you refuse to press the issue about Kinship the more guily you look at hiding it.

      • Hi “Ember.”
        Can’t drum up any business on your own miserable excuse for a blog so you’re bringing it over here? That’s fine. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about actually providing proof of your claims. You know, the way we do it here. The way we’ve BEEN doing it here for years.

        All evidence to the contrary, dear. We’ve been talking about MP/PF/DS and their owner for years, ever since the first brave author stepped forward and exposed Tab for the scamming thief she is. It’s obvious that you’re bringing up Kinship now to try to obfuscate the facts about yourself. We know it. You know it. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling, but you are, as ever, deluded.

        Seriously? If you think that rearranging and embellishing somebody’s words is “proof” there’s your problem right there. Doublespeak and hearsay, that’s all you’ve got. But that’s cool. If the only argument you can come up with is twisting my own words around, go for it. It only shows you for the dodgy, grasping schemer you are, on blogs, in business, and everywhere else. Go ahead and keep proving it.

        What FB post? Show it to me or it’s just more hearsay spun out of thin air. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

        Each and every author here HAS used their own names, going back years. Providing actual PROOF of her crimes. Not fluff and hearsay, like you expect people to swallow whole. Nobody at your place has used a real name yet, except for those rare times Tabetha jumps on to throw a pit party and/or lash out with venom at this blog. You call us hate, but the only hate going on is Tabetha’s She hates that we’ve been able to provide proof about all of her dirty dealings for years.

        You say we’re “protecting” Kinship. Well, isn’t that exactly what you’re doing for Tabetha? Difference is, Tabetha’s been at it for YEARS, and the sad thing is that you know it.

        Ah, well. If you’re so willing to be manipulated by a con artist, go ahead. Keep covering for her. It’s your own Karma you’ll have to deal with, and your own reputation. Good luck with both.

      • Looks like you got your answer doesn’t it? Suck on that egg yourself, mate and wear it proudly you earned it.

    • You’re a little late to the party, there, “Shirley.” But here. Let me educate you.

      Read the blog post called Defunct and have a look at a little thing called proof. You know, that thing Inferno has yet to provide a single shred of.

      While you’re at it, read back through this blog to the beginning. You might learn a thing or two.

      Looks like you’re the one with egg on your face. Matches that brown smudge on your nose.

      • Leah Diane Hutchinson I belive was the name. You are so transparent I have be Ember now. Ok how original you are. At this rate everyone is Ember. Its a goose chase but thats fine. The boy that cried wolf did the same. You dont want to stop a company fine I will be watching this thing you and Inferno have. Honey your claming up a little too much. You should also know you dont seem to have that integrity someone said you have. Carryone with your little chick festish with Tabetha Jones. Seems to be working for you? I think by now if Ember wanted to post over here she would she probly sits back drumming up new things to post to really piss you off. I have never done business with Tabetha. Thats why I was wondering why it would too much to look into this aligation. If this author has proof take it and see. What would it hurt. At this point again you refuse no one is questioning the things Tabetha has done just prove the truth with kinship.

      • Do you really think throwing a name out there is an answer to anything? I asked for proof, and yet again, you aren’t able to provide it. Come back with a link, actual proof, or save your flimsy accusations for your own blog. We deal in facts here.

        No. I don’t think everyone is Ember. I don’t think anyone is. It’s yet another fake name in a long list of many, invented out of thin air to do Tab’s dirty work for her, for her to hide behind. It’s as transparent as she is, using the same lack of punctuation, grammar and spelling skills.

        A wild goose chase is what you’re hoping for, but I’m not biting. I’m not chasing after every allegation (that’s how you spell the word, btw) that you throw into the air, hoping to take my focus off of Tabetha and her dirty deeds. Not gonna happen. I see the sneaky deeds she’s up to while you’re trying to throw us off the scent.

        Tabetha Jones owns Dark Storm Publications. Just throwing that out there for Google to come back with when authors search the publisher they’re thinking of signing with. Word to the wise: DON’T DO IT!

  7. WOW, JUST WOW.Do you really read what you posted there “proof?” You obviously failed reading in school, you must have to twist the words ” which btw will be rectified in short order” to “has been rectified”. You are so dick hard for Tabetha to prove her to be legit you want to put words in every one else’s mouth. Sorry toots, I prefer the sweet taste of truth and victory to Tabetha’s lies and scams. Lepp beat me to the punch but if you wish to do some research please feel free to start here. Tabetha hung her own self out to dry when she paid Jaimie, using the Dark Storm Publications email address OVER A YEAR AGO. What are you not seeing ? You want to say it’s the ex authors who are lying, please tell me how this is so? Disgruntled? Pissed off? No. These authors have been abused, trampled on, emotions ripped raw, lied to, cheated, mislead the list goes on and on. Let’s not forget the threats!!! The gators, the voodoo, the witchcraft, and the famous 1% biker gang. How many authors threatened Tabetha with these things? How many authors gave up? How many just said fuck it and quit writing all together? Yet here is Tabetha, starting a new company, don’t deny it, it is too easy to prove thanks to your great leader. She is skating away scott free as again the authors are left to pick up the pieces of their lives. I think it is hilarious that all the sudden the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork to run to Tabetha’s aide, when not a one will come forward to admit the truth. What is she promising you to sell your soul to the devil like she did? What is she giving you to be such a sellout? If this isn’t Tabetha to a T I don’t know what is. Maybe try to start from the beginning before you start coming to the rescue of a person who should be left to drown in her own shit. From the very beginning Tabetha has plotted and schemed to protect her ass. Now here you come, screaming how wrong the authors are and how hateful they are. Who are you to say they have no rights? Who are you to make them feel worse after what has happened to them by the hands of the person you wish to defend without proof? What rights do you have to help Tabetha trash their dreams? I don’t know who you are, I frankly don’t give a shit. What I do know is if you go back to the very beginning you will see for yourself. But you are too scared, scared of what Tabetha will do to you, take away from you or how she will hurt you. You are only here to try and give credit where it isn’t due. There isn’t any proof you can show where Tabetha is legit. If you even check the records for DS, there are no legal records showing DS is a legit company!!! Again another Tabby trick. There is no paper trail showing how PF was “bought out” or what have you. Again by Tabetha’s own dealings and admissions she has been plotting this for a while. But hey that’s ok, because it is Tab, right? You want to be able to not look like a complete fool? Try learning to read and comprehend the written words. Try doing some damn research, go back to the beginning, read what has been posted, Take time to read how the great Tabetha talks to people, how she is such a great business woman, how she treats her authors. Once you do all your reading and research, come back to talk to me. If you are too much of a fucking pussy to pay attention, your loss. Don’t come on here trying to twist and misconstrue what is said to make that thing look any better. It isn’t going to happen. She has done this to herself, she has made people not trust her, she has caused the pain to every author, cover artist and the lot. You keep on rooting for Tabetha, you will soon learn, you will soon feel her venomous bite. One last thing, ask yourself this, why did CFW defend her so much then leave? What did Tabetha do to make a person who fought for her, no matter the cost, to have that person do a complete 180? When you figure that out. Maybe you will start to open your eyes.

    • She knows exactly what she’s saying. She’s just pretending to be obtuse to keep flooding the place with nonsense posts. Just dipping her finger in to try and keep things stirred up in a feeble attempt to throw the focus off. Like anybody here is buying it.

      They’re well aware of how Tabetha operates, first promising the moon, then ripping them off. And then, when they wise up and try to get away from her, she threatens them with voodoo, witchcraft, lawyers, biker gangs, whatever she thinks she can use to verbally abuse them into giving up and going away so that she can keep dipping her fingers into their pockets. If this were somebody new, they’d have a look at the facts and see the truth for what it is. They don’t care about the truth. They only care about trying to cover Tab’s ass. But there isn’t a dust storm big enough for that, no sleight of hand that can make that elephant disappear. Her own tactics give her away. Every. Single. Time.

      She’s not skating away scott free. She’s not getting away with anything. We’re still watching, and we’re still not the only ones. The only thing she’s skating on is thin ice, and she knows it. That’s why she’s so desperate to kick up a dust storm. It’s the same old thing, different day.

      The real question is this: What author wants to have Tabetha, her reputation and her tactics anywhere near their work or their reputation? Right. None.

      • I have looked through many, in fact so many of your blog posts I find it rather immature that you have spent so much time and effort on Tabetha Jones that the real thieves slither behind you.

        I have not seen one bit of EVIDENCE as you like to call it but rather shameful stalking on everyone’s page. From her sister, her sisters gf, to taking advantage of a child by allowing your bloggers to say such horrid things.

        You say you are a mother yet you allow people to post obscene comments about a child and you have the audacity to question Tabetha’s parenting skills.

        I have yet to see where Tabetha owns Dark Storm. I have asked around and why would her authors lie. Isn’t that what you wanted?

        Tabetha shut down Phoenix sold it for whatever, which could have been a private sell, not everything in the state of Texas is held on record, a little fact you may not know.

        Some cities and counties only require you to register with the BBB if you are running a online business in your home.

        Technically Jackie could have done the same depending on her laws.

        I am still waiting on the proof that Jamie Hope had prior knowledge that Dark Storm was to be owned by Tabetha and all the evidence from these former victims that have only come here to disgrace her name.

        In my lifetime i’ve been fired a few times and what is the first thing you do? You talk shit about your ex boss so no one will work for them. Hell I’m guilty of that. But
        you said since the first brave soul stepped up and TOLD not showed not gave proof but offered hearsay, you decided to take it upon yourself without all the correct information.

        Also where is the proof Tabetha is indeed Destiny Rane? Where is the proof she owns the company?Maybe Destiny Rane decided to use an alt name because of the hell you put Tabetha through. I know I sure would. I mean you have a fake profile just to stalk Tabetha.

        I think PROOF makes a fine point. The longer you allow Kinship Press to go without being held responsible for their actions duck ironing out the wrinkles, you are just as guilty. You set backing a thief. Amanda Sheffer, who I do not know personally and any other author associated with Kinship I feel for them.

        Tabetha took a stand giving her authors a chance to be with another company closing the door on her own. She is being a woman and doing the right thing allowing someone else to take the reigns and help her authors with their dreams.

        All I see Kinship doing is shattering them. I mean really why does Jackie not have direct deposit to pay her authors every pay period instead of making them wait for a 100 check. Why is Ryder Cole having to sell his own books at cost because no royalties can be received?

        Yet Jackie sits back living off them like leeches and Tabetha is the con? Maybe if you hadn’t sent in so many moles to destroy her from the inside out then Phoenix would still be here.

        Of course you will deny this even though didn’t you send Katrina to gather personal info from Jackie to make Tabetha look bad?I’m sure Katrina would have no problem answering that.

        All this blog is doing is putting out hearsay, exploiting children, allowing a dead woman to be ripped to shreds, and your personal opinion of Tabetha Jones be heard.

        There are no facts no proof just smoke and mirrors as you like to call it.

        Keep hiding the slippery snake but watch she does bite, she’s been known to play both sides and I cannot wait for book inferno to show you all the truth about Jacqueline Weister.

        I’ll be waiting for that proof although I do have the greatest feeling it will never come.

      • Hiding behind Dee, the nonexistent GF “Sky” and even that innocent little girl? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were Tabetha herself, since those are the tactics Tabetha pulls, hiding behind anybody else, real or imagined, completely ignoring years worth of facts that have been presented by her victims, flinging mud at former authors and associates just to cover her rotund ass.

        But, no. A paragon of virtue like Tabetha wouldn’t come on a blog using fake names to defend herself, would she?
        Certainly not.

    • Anyone who thinks the shit on that inferno blog constitutes proof or is in any way reliable is an absolute fucking moron. A total idiot, a simpleton, and they probably shouldn’t be allowed online unsupervised. Anyone singing its praises is definitely involved in its production. It’s a farce, and anyone with half a brain cell will tell you the same. People think it’s a good source of info? Well that’s just a streaming pile of horse shit.

      You called it, Lepp. Shirley Temple has all the hallmarks of a Tabetha Jones alias. She just doesn’t learn!

      • She never will learn. She thinks she’s entitled to do all the unstable things she does. It’s a classic symptom of malignant personality disorder. She fits every aspect of the description to a T. That’s all her, and she knows it. Right down to pointing the same finger at me. It’s a classic symptom. See “projecting” in the description.

  8. Something else I notice. They’re kicking up a fuss on this post, possibly to keep attention off of the last one, which blows the lid off of Tabetha’s “BLACKMAIL!!” rallying cry. Can’t have anybody seeing that her “pity me, I’m a victim!” ploy is a sham, now, can we?

    • That’s because she can’t argue with the truth so she just skips to another issue that’s how she does it, like ignoring the truth makes it go away well it doesn’t, we’re still here seeing the truth and they’re still denying it like addicts saying they don’t have a drug problem. Oh that’s right look who we’re talking about the queen of addicts popping pills and dancing with the green fairy or is that the wicked witch and her flying monkeys.

  9. First off if Tabetha didn’t want shit stirred up about her sister and the alleged model maybe the bitch should have kept her fucking mouth closed. How stupid are you to think that whatever is posted on your personal page will not become public knowledge? You are dense, but that’s alright proof is coming your way. And a huge dose of reality as well.
    Let’s address that taking advantage of a child, you say your a mother, right? Would you dare paint your daughter of such a tender age up like a Tramp? Yes I said it, just like I owned up to calling her a dwarf whore. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. And by Tabetha putting her child out there, using the words she used to describe her “sister’s” company it is what it is. I have yet to go to a photographer for my family pics and thinking to myself “hey lets do a boudoir scene with our innocent child”. Yeah great parenting there an you want to defend her. Yes I have a daughter, 2 in fact, and I will be damned if either one of my little ones would be painted up like a stripper. It is cute to put a little blush and gloss on their faces for pictures but do you not see how she is painted? Over kill much. You are so cock strong to jump on Jackie, when it suits your needs , but don’t see the facts that were proven to you on the “Defunct” blog posting. Jaimie says Tabetha sent her that payment last year,right? Ok please be so kind as to read the names on that information. Or should i make it easy for your simple ass? Oh what the hell I am feeling generous today. So here it goes for the fucking cheap seats, since you are too dumb to read for yourself.
    If this isn’t enough fucking proof I feel you are just as dumb as a box of rocks. And are just looking for ways to try and make others look bad as your precious Tabetha has done for years, continues to do and you bunch of idiots fall for it. I gave you proof, JT has given proof hell CFW has given proof, and you still are blind. Tabetha herself hangs herself at every turn and you are still backing that waste of space. You don’t want proof you want Tabby Tramp to continue cheating and lying, you want her to be able to slither away. You call Jackie a snake, ha, obviously you have no idea what or who you are dealing with. That’s ok little girl you will soon see and feel the same sting that others have. And when you do don’t you dare come here crying of how we were right. How you didn’t know, fool it is all here for you to read. You are just so far up Tabetha’s ass you can tell what flavor the fart is before she releases it. Have fun with that. She will be shitting on you next. Hope you like corn.

    • Typical, isn’t it? SHE puts more makeup on her kid than any pageant mother ever would, poses her in the same provocative poses she uses, and puts those images online for any pedophile in the world to drool over, yet cries victim when anybody questions what sort of mother would do that.

      As ever, SHE posts information on public websites, then blames others for commenting on something SHE made public in the first place, whether it’s pictures of her kid or her sister’s fake girlfriend. She absolutely refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. Just like she refuses to post under her own name, rather getting other people, real or imagined, to fight her battles for her so she can sit back thinking she smells of roses. Her current cronies will find out when they finally realize it isn’t roses she reeks of.

      • She pimps her kid out on the internet and we’re wrong for saying she pimps her kid out on the internet, man she just swims in that river denial doesn’t she? What a piece of shit mother she is shame on that kids father for letting her stay with such a psycho addict that treats his kid that way, one would think he’d have a mum like that in court every day fighting for his kid.

  10. just a few questions and I will sit back and wait for the liars to answer.
    Tabetha says that Selena introduced her to Destiny, right? Then how is that possible when Destiny lives in California and Tabetha and Selena in Texas, oh right internet. You say that Tabetha doesn’t have to show proof of sale, because that is Texas law, but what about California law? You say Destiny changed her name, used an alt, to protect herself from the likes of us authors who have an ax to grind. But by Destiny’s own words she is a business person who knows the ins and outs of what she is doing. That her attorney looked things over and told her to go for it. By using that logic and she has the “law” on her side why hide? Oh again we are haters.that Destiny is a tough woman, who doesn’t have to hide or be afraid she is all legit. So again why hide? Because Destiny doesn’t exist. She is another figment of Tabetha’s imagination. If Dark Storm is not Tabetha’s project why does Jaimie have proof that has been shown many times here that a year ago Tabetha used the name Dark Storm Publishing? Was Destiny so lame that she couldn’t come up with a real name on her own, ms. business woman that she is? And while we are at it, why the name Dark Storm? I have the answer for that, because Tabetha is using that wording as a warning, she cloaks all she does in threats and innuendo,that’s how she rolls. There is a Dark Storm approaching all, batten down the hatches. Now I sit back and wait for the bullshit to roll in.

    • As for your rudeness yes i have passed reading classes maybe fighting a lot harder then you all did. See being dyslexic is not a bed or roses. Little bitches like you i dealt with in high school. I can say after this adventure i will make sure to let everyone know just how you treat people with a disadvantage.

      • WTF? What does dyslexia have to do with anything? Are you pulling a disability card, when no one knew of this issue? That is such a tabetha move. Dude, for real these are writers, Uhm words are their lives. And you are gong to run tell who we are being mean to a dyslexic person. Is this ploy your last ditch effort to take people off the main objective? You want to talk about people about disrespecting disabled, ask Tabetha about the books CFW asked for, her own works btw, to have tabetha donate for the relay for life. You remember scab, the lady who was paralyzed for 20 plus years. The one who had just started learning to walk again. Yeah, these people are so mean and treat disabled people wrong? Good job kicking up dust, bravo. You are only showing how fucked you are, dyslexia isn’t your issue. Your issue is that you are so messed up in the brain that only an idiot would complain about a disability no one knew about, to try and shame someone. Way to put your business out.there tabby jr. Oh but I am wrong for saying something you already made pub6.

      • Are we picking on your for being short too tosser, or skinny or fat? Because we don’t know what you look like either unless your Scabby Assy in which case skinny definately isn’t your problem. Stop playing the pity me card like your boss lady unless your Scabby Assy then we expect it.

      • Taking a page from Tabby’s “pity me, I’m a victim” playbook? Nice try, asshole. I’ve had dyslexia all my life. That’s no excuse, especially since we didn’t know about it. What’s your next lame-ass excuse going to be?

  11. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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