Here’s a guest blog by the owner of Kinship Press:

I have not made any statements on either blog because I’ve been more interested in conducting business than flinging mud, but I think it’s about time that I put this whole silly matter to rest.

First and foremost, my authors have been paid. They know very well that royalties don’t come in until the end of the following month. When royalties come to me, they go straight to my authors.

Now about Amanda Sheffer, the author and editor that’s screaming that I haven’t paid her. According to Amanda’s contract she was supposed to receive 5% from the book sales for the books she edited. Under this arrangement, she completed two books, and did about half of the work needed for a third.

None of these books sold while she was with the company, so technically, according to her contract, I don’t owe her anything, and I guarantee that another publisher out there would refuse to pay. But for the sake of being fair, I decided to pay her for her work that she did do while she was with Kinship.

Dealing with Amanda S has shown me that paying a percentage of royalties for editing a book isn’t going to work. Frankly, that’s how Tabetha does it, and I see now that it’s an inequitable system that doesn’t allow for contingencies like a book not being finished or an editor leaving the company before a book goes to print. A much better system is to pay a flat fee for editing according to the number of pages a book has. That way, an editor knows exactly how much he or she is getting for the work they do.
1 – 50 pages: $15
51 -375 pages: $50
376 -1000 pages: $100

That’s how it’s done at Kinship now. So, according to that fee scale, here’s how Amanda’s pay breaks down:
Book 1, which she finished, had less than 375 pages, so she received $50.00 for it.
Book 2 had less than 100 pages, so she was paid $15.00
Book 3 wasn’t finished, so she got $40 for the amount she did do.
She did some Anthology editing work, which she agreed to get paid $20.00 for.
Royalties for books – $18.94
Anthology royalties: $1.36
Blurbs – $5.00

Inferno, Tabetha, and all of her cronies are screaming about a blank page in Amanda’s book. Well, that was a misprint on Createspace’s part. Still, since I am the publisher, I agreed to pay to replace books that had been printed with the mistake, which has been corrected by Createspace. That added up to $82.50.


Yes I may have made some mistakes just starting out but it’s all about having the right team to work with. I’m getting that team perfected, and look forward to helping my authors produce professional books and grow their professional careers.

There have been some things brought to my attention about my authors, gossip and innuendo from people who were once associated with Kinship, but who are now riding the Tabby Train. They’re trying to hurt my authors more than what Tabetha has already done in the past. I feel bad that my authors are being dragged into this mess. All they want to do is write and let people feel their words. For anyone to try to make them feel less of what she is after all that’s already been done to them by Tabetha is disgraceful. Just by them saying such hurtful things, is proof that they are as heartless as Tabetha.

I hereby respectfully request that my authors be left alone. Whoever has a problem with me, take it up with me and stop dragging innocent people into this mess. Leave my authors alone.
There you have it folks, in a nutshell. The bottom line is that Kinship pays. Anybody who says otherwise is just kicking up a cloud of smoke and mirrors to cover up a crooked publisher out there that doesn’t.

Now, I’ve had my say. Thank you for listening.
~Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister

16 thoughts on “Kinship

  1. The Tabby train you say? Funny you were driving that thing not too long ago.
    I also find it funny it took you this long to pay your authors. Tell us Jackie did you have to get your stalker to give you the money or did Lepp feel sorry for you?

    You know I have spoke with createspace seeing I’m a self published author, that blank page was your fuck up. One you missed during the interior viewing. Hell take responsibility for it.

    And you act like you don’t speak to Tabetha but I have seen proof where she was joining your company. Her and Sabrina are even getting along letting the past be tthe past.

    Tell me was the kitchen getting too hot? I know for a fact Tabetha isn’t your precious Ember. But I can’t let all my secrets out of the bag.

    You know for a fact Tabetha paid her authors but now your waist high in Lepps ass. Do you sleep well with that knife next to you?

    Oh right it’s still in her back as well as everyone else you stabbed and walked on including me.

    And as Ember says I must not tell lies. Some of us aren’t like you.

    • Unlike you, you silly cow, Jackie did exactly what she was supposed to do. She paid her authors when the royalties come in. Which, as you know, is the following month. SHE doesn’t beg or borrow money from her authors to pay her bills, pleading poverty, or begging for a pair of shoes for her kid.

      Nice try, but Createspace wouldn’t give you information about an account you don’t own, so stop trying to say that the blank page was anybody’s fault. You’re just trying your hardest to put one last spin on it. And it doesn’t matter anyway, hypocrite, she paid for it. That’s what a REAL publisher does. They correct what’s wrong. They own up to their mistakes and fix them. Unlike you, they don’t make excuses and keep repeating them.

      Are those grapes you’re chewing on sour, dear? Or are you just so pissed off to see a publisher that ACTUALLY PAYS that you’re letting your jealousy swallow you whole?

      Totter back to your own pitiful blog now, little girl. The grownups are talking, here.

      • Yes, I can say Jackie did ask to barrow money for groceries from me. $30.00 Actually that I have not been paid back for over months. Matter of fact I did get paid my royalties but I never bitched about that. So yes she did ask a friend and author to barrow money.

      • You’re going to throw Jackie under the bus for thirty bucks? Really? Some a friend you are.

        How many hundreds has Tabetha borrowed from Jackie that she’s never going to see again? How many THOUSANDS has she ripped off from authors over YEARS? But that’s okay, right?

        I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to see what kind of a friend you really are(n’t). But I am glad to find out before I trusted you with loyalty or friendship. You don’t deserve either.

      • And what a great friend you turned out to be jumping at the chance to tell the world about it, but it’s not the same thing at all. We’re talking about Scabby Assy begging for money as part of her business begging authors she barely knew instead of royalties, not just somebody asking a mate for a few quid for groceries. You keep proving what a piece of shit friend you are not to be trusted with anything, not a few quid between mates or loyalty or anything else. Got a neighbor’s pram you’d like to shove in front of a car while you’re at it you seem the type. Go crawling back to Scabby Assy that’s who you belong with.

    • And, for the record, wow. She really set a land speed record replying to that blog. I knew She trolled me, but damn. That was FAST.
      I posted this blog post about about 8:23pm.
      Tab drops by for a peek at 8:34.

      And Shirley posts up at 8:57.

      That’s about how long it would take Tab to type that up, don’t you think?
      Yeah. Me too.

    • No some of us aren’t you Scabby Assy some of us are decent people that don’t hurt people and lie like a rug to cover our arses. Your so jealous of a real publishing company that your choking on it well please do choke and spare us all of your bullshite lies. And some uf us like Jacqueline are publishers that actually pays her royalties out. Do you ever get tired of looking like a fat lying minger? Well I guess not since you keep doing it you must enjoy looking like a pig wallowing in your own shit. Go ahead and piss off go for your dreams, take some more filthy pictures that look like your taking a shit, tha’ts better than you trying to pretend your a publisher you filthy shagging liar.

      • Yeah well as a type a friend I am can be asked of Jackie ,I mean JAFO! Who would do the things she has but ohh I forgot we are talking about Tab. That’s all we are ever allowed to talk about here. As for my neighbors I don’t bother them they stay the hell away from me. I don’t live in the damn projects I live in the country and trust me we have our own set of rules we all live by. I don’t know how you all do it over seas but we be leery of what we do don’t really know of our neighbors out here.

      • What has Jackie done, exactly. Let’s take a good look at that.

        She’s PAID her authors and loaned her friends a hell of a lot more than thirty bucks. You don’t see her throwing them under the bus on blogs to cover her own ass. But this is Tab we’re talking about, here. She’s got you and her little gaggle of cronies covering it for her. I would remind you what a joke you’re letting her make of you, but it would fall on deaf ears. Go ahead and stay in that camp. The way you treat people, friends, neighbors and otherwise, you’re backing the right horse.

        You can post here, but you’ll never, ever deserve the trust, respect or friendship of any of the decent, honest and hardworking people here. Not mine, anyway. I hope it was worth the thirty pieces of silver you took for selling somebody under the bus that would have been the best friend you ever had.

        Your loss.

      • “I don’t know how you all do it over seas but we be leery of what we do don’t really know of our neighbors out here.”

        We be leery? Really? Oh yeah. You write good.

      • I know, right? Every picture she takes, it looks like she’s either taking a shit or getting ready to puke. Oh yeah. That’s what I call sexy. Sad thing is, that’s how she poses her friends that she calls models, too. She makes them look as trashy and ridiculous as she is, and do they actually PAY her for that? No wonder no real models will work with her anymore.

        But I wish she WOULD go chase after that dream. Let her wallow around on her sofa, pretending she’s some supermodel. (Still waiting to see those shoots that REAL photogs were BEGGING her to do for them. What’s it been, a year? And still nothing.)

        At least if she chased the delusion that she’s a model, she’d be leaving decent authors alone.

  2. This is rich, just because Tabetha has to beg her authors and such to help her out she assumes, and we all know what that means, that Jackie has to as well. And Lepp is again 100% right on the Createspace thing as well, I know first hand. Being as I had to fight Tabetha to remove my works from Createspace, Amazon, Kindle and the works. I have contacted them all a million times and all I was told was unless you have the login and publishing information you get bupkiss. That you need to take it up with the publisher, or whoever holds that account. So wow, more lies spilled from the likes of Tabby camp.

    You may not be able to let the cat out of the bag, but I know who Ember is, like it has been said before, your writing style and the way you word things are like fingerprints. Thank you for giving me the information I needed to prove. And yes I can prove it, But for now, I will let you all go chase your tails wondering who gave it away.

    Ember may say ” I must not tell lies” or was that from a Harry Potter book? Either way the truth shall set you free. You make it easier and easier to prove who you are. It is getting less like a mystery and more of a comedy. Exactly how could Jackie know if Tabetha paid anything? Tabetha can say she paid. But what she paid and what she actually received from the sales of the books is another story. Hell even if you have a will and you have a child or family member as long as you leave them 1.00 they can’t contest the will. Same thing if you ask me, if Tabetha did pay, it wasn’t all of what they received.Again more crap.

    Now go chase your tails little ones, I am sure you need to get your heads together since combined you all may have half a brain.

  3. Dear deluded Katrina, while I do appreciate you thinking that I may be Jackie, you are so far off the mark that you may need to realign your thought process. I do think it is cute that you wish to believe such a thing. I mean who else are you going to blame for someone knowing the truth about Tabetha Jones, so you think. You want to be able to say that I am Jackie to ease everyone’s mind as to the inner workings of Tabetha, I mean who else but a close friend knows the truth about her right? Wrong! You are so upset that maybe I do know who Ember is and it burns your ass to think that you all aren’t as smart as you think. I will sit her and laugh, if you were to ever find out who I am you would shit a gold brick. Have fun with that.
    Now back to our regularly programmed station of the lies of Tabetha and her minions. Let’s see how you all want to twist this to your advantage. That after all is all you are good for. Covering Tabetha’s massive ass and throwing mud and shit to make people second guess the real truth. Sadly, I had thought more of you Katrina. I actually thought you were about loyalty and friendship. Dummy smack for me, was I ever so wrong. To compare Jackie borrowing 30 dollars from you for her kids, to Tabetha’s many shortcomings and lies. You know first hand of her treachery yet you sit back and say what horrible people these authors are for voicing what has happened to them. Your friend Shirley is just as bad if not worse. Maybe if these authors were actually fired it would mean something, but what is it you don’t understand, most WALKED. Tabetha made them pay money when it wasn’t called for. You can’t call foul when there is none. What a stretch, bully for you for the effort though Good luck with your next guess.

    • Speaking of Ember, I owe Katrina and Amber an apology for accusing them of being Ember, now that I know who it realize who it really is. I’m not going to apologize for pointing the finger at them for being part of it, because they’re obviously up to their eyeballs. But they’re not Ember. Not primarily, anyway.
      I just think it’s sad that there’s somebody else out there that’s so far up Tab’s ass they can smell her stinky breath when she exhales, willing to put not only their own reputations on the line, but also other people that count on them. How many lives and reputations does she have to ruin to cover her own ass? She sits there thinking she smells of roses while she gets other people to fight her battles for her, the chicken shit. But when the true light shines on what she really is, they’ll scatter like cockroaches.

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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