I repeat…

Phoenix Fire publishing is Dark Storm. Always was.


Translated: “I got caught lying and trying to put one over on my authors and everybody else because my name is so trashed in the publishing world due to my illegal activities, so I tried to blame the people who expose the truth about me by calling them cyber bullies, changed the name of the company, just like I always do when the heat gets too high, and make up a fake name to run it with. I couldn’t hide the lie anymore so I’m still trying to blame somebody else for MY lie, make myself a victim and pull the same tired old cliche out of my ass about rising from the ashes, standing tall and making my authors’ dreams come true.”

On that inferno blog, they posted something earlier about negotiations, implying that there’s some sort of deal going on.

And here, Tabetha tries to say that she “took back” the company. Still trying to lie and say that she sold it.

But look carefully, girls and boys. As usual, she gives herself away.

“I was Destiny.” She said it herself. So, if she was Destiny, she sold the company and all of her contracts to…. HERSELF.


She made up a fake name, a fake profile on FB and pretended to be this fake person, LYING to her authors the whole time, just like she’s lying now. The company never left her hands, and she just proved it.

Once again, EVERY WORD I SAID WAS TRUE. Dark Stork Publications is Phoenix Fire Publishing, just like it was Mystic Press before that. Every step of the way, its owner, Tabetha Jones, lied right in the faces of all of her authors, the public, and the world. Not to mention the IRS.

Tabetha Jones is a liar, a fake and a fraud. She talks about her authors as “family” and making their dreams come true. Well what about the authors from Mystic Press? What about their dreams? They STILL haven’t gotten paid, and neither have most of the authors from Phoenix Fire. What about the people that to this DAY, she throws under the bus, tramples and abuses? They were her authors once, her family. They were promised their dreams, too. But look how she treats them, now that they dared ask the hard questions about their pay, their contracts, and why things don’t add up. Now they’re the enemy, the victims of her vengeful hate.

Make no mistake, authors. She’ll treat you the same way. I’d say you could take that to the bank, but I doubt you’d have anything left to deposit once she gets done with you.

As ever,

You’re welcome.


67 thoughts on “I repeat…

  1. I believe that Tabetha stated that she took her authors with her, so forgive me, but doesn’t that wave the big red flag that her authors knew she was Destiny?

    I also know there are several more posts are coming your way dear Lepp to expose you.

    I can’t wait to Dee how you cover your ads on that.

    • So basically you are saying that the authors are as much conniving idiots as Tabetha. You are so fucking stupid. What bunch of dumb asses would consent to this behavior? No, better yet what self-respecting person, let alone author would agree to taint their names and works with that bullshit ruse. Are you fucking kidding me, and like on cue here comes a dumb twit spouting cuntfaces praises. Some foolish author willing to show how loyal they are. Seen that how many times in the past three years? Here these authors are suckling her tits, fighting her battles, but where’s Tabetha s loyalty? She says she is doing all this sacrificing so much. What the fuck is she sacrificing but the good names of the people who have trusted her. Are you all that fucking insane, do you not see her lies? I sold my company to my make believe friend. I don’t own DS, nor am I Destiny, but wait friends and family she is. Says it is all Lepp s fault, yet the “cunttwat” has been planning this for over a year. Most of the authors who were PF authors had left within that time. So which authors convinced her to hold strong? Oh yeah her alts, easy to get approval from your own brain. Waiting for the other bullshit posts. * popcorn in hand *

    • Sorry, toots. Can’t have it both ways.
      She can’t say that she “took back what was hers” and say that she had it all the time. As usual, she trips herself up on her own lies.
      Shame on your for sticking up for such a fraud.

  2. So yet again the fat fucking minger not only lied about her company still being her company but now she’s also making her authors accomplices in her schemes and her drama. What fucking publisher does that? Oh right we’re not talking about a publisher here we’re talking about a scam artist that jerks people around and here’s more proof. Keep lying Scabby Assy you get caught every time and you know it but do keep trying. We can’t buy the slapstick comedy you provide when you think your being clever. You never get tired of making an ass of yourself and looking completely stupid when your busted wide open. Should have been a hooker, you would of been good at that sleazy as your maggot infested twat is.

    • WOW, with the physical threats. Tabetha, I WOULD PAY for to you fly over here, just so I could paste your sorry arse up and down the street. You talk shit. You’re a fucking coward. You couldn’t batter a fish. One day, just one day, I’m praying to God that our paths will cross in person. WOW. I’ll be in prison the next day… but the world will be free of you.

      If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s threats from a no good, brain dead, moronic slapper. You wouldn’t last two fucking seconds. But, you know, keep being brave over your computer. That’s obviously “how you roll”. Just more and more shit keeps pouring out of your mouth. Your breath must stink to high heaven.

  3. You all sure have a way of saying everyone is Tabetha but I do think that is on you.

    And Lindsay threats to basically kill Tabetha and do the jail time. Bad idea little lady.

    Allow me to apologize for auto correct. Lepp do you allow all your blog posts to involve plotting murder.

    LMFAO maybe her authors really loyal to her. Are you there ? No, none of you are. None of you know anything other that what pissed off ex employees say and what lepp can pull from her arse.

    • To be honest, I’m surprised Tab doesn’t have MORE people that want to kick her ass, considering the way she treats them.

      I see frustration and anger here, not a “plot” to murder anybody. She’d be a fine one to talk, if it were, considering how many people she’s threatened to have her biker buddies “take care of.”

      Tit for tat. If she can’t handle the heat, little girl shouldn’t play with matches.

    • Are you on medication? Do you live on this planet? Can you read? Simply put. There was no mention of killing anyone. Pasting someone is not killing them. Considering the threats I received from her, including what her then boyfriend would do to me… that’s nothing. So listen up love. DO NOT put words in my mouth and learn to read, and get yourself from up Tab’s arse, before she chokes on you!
      Thank you and goodnight.

      • Just to clarify. ” I’ll be in prison the next day… but the world will be free of you”. might have more than one meaning to you, however the only real way for the world to be free of anyone is if the were gone for good. Not disappearing or getting your ass kicked doesn’t rid the world of you either. Didn’t you have something about copyright infringements on book cover you created as you defended Tab. Then you switched sided when the lawyers took after you and Tab for that.

      • Katrina, do you really think it’s okay for Tab to issue all the threats she has, against me and so many others? But when one frustrated, angry author/artist says something that you’re construing as a threat, you’re all on board defending Tab?
        You know, I’m glad you went scampering back to her. Anybody that can even think the way she does is not somebody I want to know, let alone call a friend. You desrve her, and whatever happens to you at her hands, for being such a suckup.

      • I have not gone scampering back to anyone. You have no problem throwing me under the bus at any given time if I don’t agree with you. I was just pointing out that what she posted doesn’t look good for her or you. But hey I’ll leave you alone and let you carry on. I consider myself lucky to have lost a friend in you as well as Jackie with all this shit going on here I wont get my ass caught on fire going down with you all.

      • Going down with US? Seriously? Are you really that far up Tab’s ass?

        I’m not the one that throws people under the bus. YOU’RE the one coming on here to post Tab’s diatribe as if it were gospel. Just like her, YOU are the one revealing the truth about yourself and just how little you can be trusted. Please do go hang out in Tab’s camp. You two deserve each other.

        Good luck with that.

    • Katrina, I’m not sure which line of bullshit you have been fed, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

      First to address the treat! YES, I would go to prison. Over here, that’s what happens when you attack someone. I never said I would kill her. YES the world would be free of her, because when I was taken to court, the truth would come out about everything. And trust me sweetheart, I wouldn’t be the only one doing time.

      Now if you would like to see some of the threats she issued to me (which really amused me by the way) just let me know. Also, those she issued to other people. Some actually wanting to do some rather sick things. Let me quote Tab. “My man is an ex seal, he wouldn’t get caught.” Those words will say in my mind until the day I die. I must say, my first thought when I read that was this. “I’m the queen of Halo. I could sniper you at a thousand feet.”

      But hey, think as you, let Tab play victim. Everyone is used to it.

      As for images.

      No lawyers ever contacted me, due to the fact, I didn’t nothing wrong. YES, some of the images were copyrighted. HOWEVER, Tabatha claimed she had permission to use these images. She also emailed “proof”. What the emails actually were, as I later discovered, was her own version of “proof”. She wrote the messages out herself. Hence why Amazon and lawyers went after her. She did try to report me to PayPal to try and get $40 back from me, claiming I’d used said copyrighted images. Silly cow that she is. However, when I forwarded all the information to them, they quickly assured me that I had nothing to worry about.

      I do have proof of this.

      I turned on Tabatha as she tried to blame me for her stealing the images, and because I saw first hand the threats she issued to a fellow author. Again though, I have all the proof, screen caps. Including that of the time she tried to claim she had the rights to use two photographs… one of which was of the lead singer of my favourite band, (Ville Valo – HIM) and one of another singer from yet another band I quite like (Jyrki – 69 eyes). When I pulled her about this, she changed her tune. Suddenly, she didn’t have permission, she got them from a “free image site”. Just like some of the other. There were also a few she pinched from DeviantArt.

      Sorry sweetheart. I suggest you get your facts straight before pointing fingers. If you would like me to post these conversation so you can see them for yourself, just say so. I’d be happy to. I’ve done it before, I have no problem doing it again. I have accounts with three stock image sites, and I have purchase receipts for ALL images used over the past several years… with exception, of course, to those provided by Tab. I’ve also posted those on the internet for people to see.

      The only things I’m guilty of are these – befriending a scam artist, being stupid and not seeing her for what she was, defending her, and attacking those who already knew what she was.

      I hope that clears things up love.

      • Let me also tell you something else. There is a rather large pond between Tab and I. It’s called an ocean. On top of that, there is a lot of land.

        The only time I will see that bitch face to face is when I either win the lottery, or make it big. THEN I will come over to the US. THEN I will hunt her down. I will turn up with the police!

        I will personally pay for every author, artist, editor, employee or associate of hers that has been hurt, to take her through the courts. I will pay every fee they incur so that FINALLY people can have some closure and justice. I will make sure her name is dragged publicly though the mud, so everyone will see what kind of person she really is.

        This may only be a dream, fantasy, whatever you want to call it, right now. Jesus, I don’t even have a valid passport. But given that opportunity, I would do it in a heartbeat!

        (p.s. let’s see if she posts this as quickly as she did my other threat. Let’s see how she handles it, and if she will become the little victim again”

      • She’s just baiting you to get a rise out of you. That’s what a malignant narcissist does. They bait you to pick a fight. Then, if you fight with them, they can sit back and blame you for it, playing the victim. They also get the satisfaction out of thinking they manipulated you.

        A whole team of psychiatrists could write up theses about her, if she’d ever realize she had a mental disorder and went to see one. But that’s something else a malignant narcissist suffers from. The delusion that they’re never wrong. Ever. It’s alwas somebody’s fault and they never accept responsibility for their actions, no matter how many times they’re exposed.

        Might as well not waste your breath trying to convince her. I’m glad you’re speaking up, though, to show her newer victims how she operates. And the are looking. They’re all over my stat checker, even though she’s told them that if they so much as LOOK at my blog, it’s a breach of contract and they’ll have to pay her $125.

        Who’s the bully, again? Who’s the extortionist?

      • Seriously? $125 for looking at a blog? Surely that can’t be legal. People can do what they want in their own time, including looking at any website. That’s just crazy.

      • That’s Tab’s separation fee, which it says in their contract that an author must pay if they breach the contract by looking at this blog.

        And she calls ME the extortionist? Please.

  4. See, “Shirley” I don’t have to pull anybody or anyTHING from my ass. The people that have come forward have done so because Tabetha hurt them. Lied to them. Cheated them. Stole from them. Abused them. Trampled their dreams. Need I go on?

    I see Tabetha everywhere? Here. Let’s have a little reminder, shall we?

    Tabetha admits that she was Destiny.

    Well, Destiny and I had quite the conversation on PM in FB.

    First, “Destiny” approached me, saying:

    Well, I’ll just let you read it.

    Remember that picture Destiny used as her profile pic? The one of Selena?

    Well, I knew that Tab was lying through her teeth, so I asked this question to see what she’d say.

    She didn’t answer, instead babbling on about her fake name, and so forth.

    So I brought the topic back around.

    And, of course, she lied, saying that it was “herself” in the photo.

    So I showed her the photo in Selena’s own album.

    Oh, just read it.

    She gave me a name at that point, which I quickly searched. No such person exists, as if we didn’t already know that.

    But I’m going to cut the conversation off there, because I gave my word that I wouldn’t print it. And I keep my word, unlike some. The whole point is to remember that Tabetha Jones wrote every single word Destiny said. I want you to think about that, authors, models, editors, and anybody else unfortunate enough to cross her path.

    TABETHA JONES IS A LIAR. And here’s proof, in her own words.
    Shirley here can suck an egg.

  5. So, Tabetha how is it talking to yourself? You do realize that is proof positive that you have a severe mental illness. Yet people still want to do business with you. What are you going to the mental ward to get your victims now? Since the ones with brains know better. You thought you was oh so cute, playing the “Destiny” role. Your butt was busted before you typed your first word.

  6. Now comes with the good ole medication questions and am I crazy. I figured somewhere down the line we would get there.

    And Charlie man so sorry but are we really that anal about grammar here? Shit it’s a blog not a very good one at that.

    I stated I read through this blog and after tons of Advil and debating I wanted to reply or bust my screen due to the nonsense, never did I see where Tabetha was going to get some group of bikers to off anyone.

    I didn’t realize how well Lepp here has taught you all to see her way. Before I go let me say this.

    You all pushed a woman so far to the point that she did what she thought was needed to still carry out her authors dreams and keep your nosey ass away.

    You couldn’t do it. You say you wish you could fill your day with other things. And again you are talking out both sides of your mouth. You get off on seeing her in pain. That is just sick.

    • Really, Shirley you read and seen no where on this blog at all where Tabetha has threatened anyone? Do you want to change your tune, maybe go back and read?You sure you are sticking to that lame line of crap? That’s your final answer. Thought so,because I know you aren’t going to look to prove that your precious Tabetha is wrong. So, you dumb twit, I will show you and make it easy for your simple mind.

      Tabetha on November 21, 2014 at 8:16 am said:

      Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time. Been to Sturges with them accompanied by my father. Don’t believe me how would I know Black Pearl and all the bikers. If they show up at my door is to bring me along when the find you to watch as they teach you a lesson on messing with Larry Willis’ s daughter.”

      And this:
      Tabetha on November 21, 2014 at 9:39 pm said:

      Skylier is her real name Lynn is her middle, And Wickerson is her last name, is everyone in the class following. She cut her name down due to stalkers but anyone that bothers her now Dee takes care of it. And no my dad didnt go by his real name he had nick name with ALL BIKERS. He could ride with anyone had the resepcet of them all and as his daughter I do as well. As I have a nickname with them all. And they already know whats going on. The entire brotherhood its made its way from Waco to San Antonio to Dallas. ”

      Oh this is intersting too.

      Tabetha on November 23, 2014 at 1:29 pm said:

      No you are the ones messing with the hornets nest. You are the ones that will sitting not actually on a throne but in a fiery pit of hell for all that you have done to those on this blog.

      Keep going and it will only get worse.”

      Then there’s this:

      Tabetha on November 23, 2014 at 1:18 pm said:

      Now who has done their homework on Google looks like. And he sound be named or whatever the fuck I have hospital work from the rape kit. All of it is on file and I believe Sky’s business and her health should be kept private.

      I talked to the local chapter today filled them out on some details and you think they would send somewhere from this chapter no sweetcheeks it spreads all over.

      I’ve gone on many biker runs and done many things and I have been granted permission to defend myself their brotherhood and my father’s name. You wanna meet some ride or die bikers come to Waco Texas sweetcheeks and I’d be happy to have them through you a party.”

      There’s this:

      Tabetha on November 23, 2014 at 1:23 pm said:

      My daughter has been taught to knock the holy hell out of the man that hits her ask your buddy Eric about that. Although he will lie no mandates to accept defeat from a woman. You want a go at mending your ads to Waco and give it all you got sweet heart but I promise once you put your hands on me it won’t be me picking myself off the ground.

      You may not have a legacy but the Willis name does and it will be passed down as we don’t take no shit from anyone not even potty mouthed little girls like you.”

      And last but not least, here she is hiding behind her dear sister Dee. Yes she can threaten all she wants. But she is and always will be nothing.

      Tabetha on November 23, 2014 at 8:13 pm said:

      No threat there, she wants to put her hands on me then bring it on. But you have to be stupid to think I will jsut stand there and take it. But seeing my sister as seen the comments about Sky it might be her you have to watch out for. ”

      There you go Shirley. Any more lies you want to come up with, any more shit you want to say Tabetha never said? I will be glad to point it out to you and prove again and again that Tabetha is a piece of lying shit.

      (Oh and I do have complete screen grabs so you can’t say that anything was altered. But if you don’t trust that, take your lazy ass over to the blog posting of MPD, that is if you can get your head out of Tabetha’s ass long enough.

    • Tab, if this blog were nothing but blind hate and people letting me pull their puppet st rings, it wouldn’t have endured as long as it has. The ONLY reason this blog is still standing is because of all the things you’ve done to people, and continue to do. I mean, look at you, still pulling the same antics that you’ve done for years, lying to people, creating all these ridiculous aliases to defend yourself on blogs. Still lying. Still cheating. Yet you still think somehow that YOU’RE the victim?

      Yes. You are mentally ill. If you can do to people what you do, and still think that YOU’RE the victim, you clearly have mental issues. You’re the only one that doesn’t see it.

      I was going to dedicate a blog post to this ridiculous business about you playing victim (oh , the HORROR!) of a threat, but yet again, I know it for what it is. Just more smoke and mirrors to try to divert the focus away from the fact that you have been exposed as the lying, scamming, cheating fraud you are. Nobody “pushes” you to pull the scams you do. The only thing that pushes you is greed, how much of their money you can put in your pocket. You and only YOU are responsible for the things you do.

      No. Your latest attempt at smoke and mirrors doesn’t get a whole blog. I’ll just post it here.

      First, your lackey Ember posts Lindsay’s comment as “proof” that you’ve been threatened, and to TRY to take a stab at me for allowing it.

      Oh, she’d never allow a post like that?


      Playing the “Oh, her dear mother just passed away, Lepp is such a heardless bitch!” card? Really?

      Let’s take a look at that.

      Take a good look at that. 552 returning visits during that time. Looks like you weren’t so heartbroken over your mother’s passing that you couldn’t take the time off from trolling me and my blog, despite an impassioned plea that you wouldn’t be online at that difficult time.

      Please. Spare me me the heartfelt victim routine. You have to have a heart for that. And you don’t.

      And stop trying to peddle that “My sister tried to kill herself because of you!” line of crap. That “suicide attempt” never happened. Too many people saw your sister the day she was released, and the days following, without a mark on her, whooping it up and having a good time as if nothing ever happened. Is that how somebody acts when they’ve spent the last few days battling for her life against the pits of suicidal depression? Of course not. That whole thing was staged, and you know it.

      Bottom line. You lie. And the whole world knows it.

      And I’m not going to fall for your diversionary tactics. You can call this a “hate” blog all you want, but the only hate going on is yours. You hate that we see right through you. Always did, and always will.

      • And while we’re on the subject, “This don’t surprise me”..?

        Some publisher you are. You should take Charlie’s advice and pick up that book that he suggested, along with “Shirley” up there.

      • Ember, do you even know what Narcissistic means? It’s someone who’s so in love with themselves that everything has to be about them. If you want a good example, look in the dictionary. You’ll find a picture of Tabetha Jones next to the definition. Then look up the the word ‘enabler’ and find a picture of yourself.

  7. Oh dear Ember, please if you are going to quote Lindsay on your pathetic scrap of a blog, please do post it all. I do see on here where she explained what some of her wording is. You do have to remember Tabetha has not only hurt people here in the United States but across the pond as well. I do believe fraud across state lines is bad, but international, now there is a kicker for you.
    I haven’t forgotten who you are Ember, but shhh that’s for another time. Keep telling your half truths though. You are only proving yet again little puppet who pulls your strings.

    • Even if Lindsay were serious (which she wasn’t), she wouldn’t be able to hop the pond to come follow through with it. After Tab took her for all she’s worth, Lindsay probably wouldn’t have cap far across town, let alone book an international flight.

      It never ceases to amaze me that a publisher would risk the livelihoods and reputations of its authors by jumping head-first into the kind of ugliness that Tab drags behind her everywhere she goes. But it just goes to show you that Tab doesn’t care whose life she ruins, all in her quest to cover her own ass. I hope that all the authors out there are paying attention.

  8. For the record, Katrina you can go to jail for assault and I have seen many a dog (bitch) lay down and cower after a good old fashioned ass whipping. So you can’t imply that is a threat. Considering all that has been put forth here, what Lindsay said was mild. I am just glad my sister is a tad bit smarter than to assault the likes of Tabetha. Not that I would worry about her, I taught her well. Just shit splatters.

  9. Seems as if there is a rumble going on here, everyone ready? Will all the Tabetha’s stand up.

    It doesn’t mean a matter of shit JAFO with all the copy and paste you got going but Tabetha never said she’d be going to prison.

    You start talking prison time then that’s “terrorist threat and Tabetha could get her ass over the pond or not.

    I think I’ll follow Katrina and take cover so when you all go boom I won’t be here either. Yes my profile is an alt. You get the pleasure of guessing who I am.

    Jt I am tired of being your fucking lap dog and giving you the fire you so desperately beg for. I am tired of you twisting words I think the world does need to see you eat, breath, shit Tabetha Jones.

    If I don’t do it you beg your other fake Jackie to give Tabetha a call. Eventually she will get tired of you. As we all are.

    Ember says I must not tell lies I think you should know I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

    I’m giving our texts and everything to Ember. She puts the true gospel out there.

    • All that “shit” Jafo’s copy and pasting is called evidence. And by admitting that it’s copied and not fabricated, you just confirmed its authenticity. Ever the dullard, aren’t you? If you’re not Tabetha, you certainly share the same staggering mentality. That’s what she does, though, isn’t it? Suckers in others that think like she does to do her dirty work for her. Pity you don’t have a brain between all of you, playing pot and kettle, so unoriginal that you can’t even think up your own insults. You can only throw back things you’ve seen us say first. It’s almost comical, playing a war of wits with a whole TEAM of unarmed opponents.

      Go ahead and carry your happy ass to the inferno blog and keep chattering amongst yourselves over there, censoring posts, throwing out hearsay as gospel and trying so very desperately to cover your boss lady’s hefty ass. I don’t give a rat’s ass who you want us to think you are whether you’re Tabetha, Katrina, Amanda or Ember. Yes, dear, I haven’t forgotten about you. And, yes. I know who you are. You gave yourself away, just like your buddy Tab always does. Always. Shall I tell you how?

      Nah. I’ll let you twist in the wind, wondering how we know, and when we’re going to lower that boom you promised us. A few eyes will be opened, and you might have some fallout to deal with. It’s your own fault, for jumping with both feet into Tab’s sick little psycho drama. You should have stuck to watching Harry Potter on a loop. Fancy his wand, do you? You must, for all of the references you make to his franchise.

      Toddle along back to your own blog, dear. The grownups are talking. And next time you want to come over here thinking you’re clever, you might want to switch up your proxies. Your alts are showing, Proof, Shirley, Skylier, Jordan, Curious Model, Sending a message, Speaking out, The Real Mad Hatter. Shame on you.

    • Of course the great Tabetha never said a word about going to prison, the numb cunt thinks she is above the law. As usual she has her minions, her puppets if you will to say all that she is too scared to post. Why is that? I will tell you. Because she isn’t getting her hands dirty, dumb asses you are.

      And by changing your alt and not your sentence structure dear “everyone” you are letting the chinks in your aluminum foil show. You people are so stupid, you think you are so cleaver, but you aren’t. You are just little kids playing in a game you have no idea of the rules. You children have fun with that.

      It isn’t going to be fun when you all are wrapped up in Tabetha so much that your names are just as tainted. You say this blog did it. But look at yourselves, if you don’t want a part of this Tabetha Travesty stay the fuck out of it. By your own words you are as scandalous if not more than Tabetha. How you may ask? Just look at you fools, running to rescue a person 90% of you know how she operates. Stupidly, you are still willing to do her bidding. Instead of being the so-called adult you are claiming to be, you are playing JR High school antics.

      WOW, grow the fuck up.

      • It’s not just their own names they taint by association. These people might have families or careers that depend upon their reputations. If any of these sock puppets are of service to the public in any way, like a lawyer, a publisher or even just a mother with kids to consider, they’re risking their own reputations as well as those around them I mean, is it really worth it? No. But they do it, the few that actually exist, anyway. I don’t know if they think they’re being funny or clever or cute, but all they’re doing is aiding and abetting a fraud. They aren’t considering that this kind of thing will follow them around forever. This blog isn’t going anywhere, and their names will forever be on it. They might think it’s funny now, but they need to think about what’s going to happen down the line.

        I can’t for the life of me figure out why they care so much about her when she doesn’t care about them in the least. She never did, and she never will. A malignant narcissist simply has no heart. They’re nothing but tools for her. People only have one meaning for her: what she can get out of them. Whether it’s money or an emotional ego stroke, she will keep them around only as long as they serve a purpose. Then the fangs come out and she’s on the phone calling their husbands trying to wreck their marriages, or she drags their name through the mud on blogs, blaming THEM for whatever she’s fucking up at the moment.

        They’ll learn. I only hope for their sake that they don’t stand to lose too much when she turns on them.

  10. Huge question here, but if that bitch has a clause in the contract stating that if any of the authors go on this blog or even look at it they are terminated. Who are all these people coming to her rescue? Does this mean that the alts of Shirley and Everyone and the like are going to be fired soon? Or is it that they are so afraid although she is bullying them to come to her aide they can’t use their real names? Talk about a mind fuck. Way to go there business woman of the year.

  11. This will be my last and only formal statement regarding Jt Larson aka Lepplady and her blog lepplady.wordpress.com

    I write this not to engage in a word warfare or pissing contest of who is wrong or right, but to finally lay to rest what should have been buried almost three years ago.

    Yes, I took over Mystic Press, what has been failed to be mentioned is Eric Henley was in the passenger’s seat right along with me, talking to authors, sending inappropriate pictures and having inappropriate conversations until several authors left. Within four months I shut Mystic Press down. Closed all accounts and was ready to give up.

    But, the authors wanted more. So, I put my big girl panties on and opened Phoenix Fire Publishing again Eric right along beside me. In fact sometimes he would have more conversations that were on a personal level with the authors than I did.

    I only mention his name, not to toss blame or divert attention from myself but to show the world as you have seen on lepplady’s blog and the book inferno blog he cannot be controlled. You can only imagine as well as myself what his conversations consisted of.

    Again, I have no problem apologizing to anyone that feels I have hurt them or sabotaged them or their career in any way.

    It seems that my whole life in the last three years has been broadcasted publicly, from my modeling, my child being exploited, my ill mother (my she rest in peace), my sister and her photography company, and anything Jt Larson could twist and turn, or have others turn on me to get information to post even though it had nothing to do with Phoenix Fire Publishing.

    Yes, I did put information about myself out there or may have shared information with an associate but the way it always turned out on her blog was completely different or she twisted my words until I was furious. Provoking me to lash out, and yes cuss her because that was due to all the anger I was filled with. And I am truly very sorry for that.

    The closing of Phoenix Fire was almost the death of me, unlike shutting down Mystic Press. But I had been driven to a point of no return. I was beginning to believe everything lepplady’s blog said about me was true. With the help of an associate an idea to protect my authors sprang into action.

    I opened Dark Storm Publications, and used Destiny Rane to protect the company and the authors. Yes, the authors knew I was Destiny, and they knew I was doing all of this for them. I was willing to go to the greatest of lengths to ensure they were protected from the backlash of my name on that blog.

    Think about it. If my authors knew what I was doing and stood beside me and watched as Phoenix closed and Dark Storm opened what does that tell you? No, I did not force them, I did not bully them, they made an honest choice for themselves to stay and work beside me no matter what company, no matter what name. And there is no clause in the contract they cannot look at any blog.

    What Jt has failed to understand is by attacking me and the company it effects the authors who have done NOTHING to her. Her fight is with me. She has no right to harass them or ask them questions about their publishing choice. Isn’t it obvious what choice they have already made?
    Now, the cat is out of the bag so to say. I have formally admitted that I am the owner of Dark Storm Publications and that yes I was Destiny Rane. But you see all my authors are still there and we still have publications due to come out. No, it was not right to lie, but imagine being pushed to the point I had been driven to. I wanted nothing more to protect my authors as any other publishing house would do with their own.

    Even though I have made my mistakes it is not fair to repeatedly repost them and shove them down everyone’s throat on a day to day basis. As many authors as I have had over the last three years who I supposedly cheated where are they on lepp’s blog other than people not associated with any company I have had but only there to run their mouth and fuel her fire.

    At this point in the game shouldn’t the high school games of name calling, red light green light send someone over, stalking on Facebook with an alternate name, rambling on and on about the same old song and dance with nothing but hearsay from FIRED employees or people that I thought were my friends that have no shred of proof other than hearsay come to an end? Even the BBB of Texas closed down every complaint on Phoenix Fire due to lack of evidence. Why? Because I sent them proof, they gained proof from Amazon and all other sites that were mentioned against me.

    When is enough going to be enough? Where I have had three years of this treatment does not mean I should allow it, condone it, or be made to deserve it. Again I have made my apologies, I have paid my dues and kept my word but Lepp did you keep yours? We were supposed to be square, yet I see every day or hear every day about some new post you have about me. Don’t you think it’s time to show the world you don’t make your life about me? In fact didn’t you say I would love to talk about something else other than you but you don’t?

    So, allow me to take the first step into a new chapter unlike yourself. Again, I apologize to all who feel that I bullied them, hurt them, or mistreated them, yet I receive no apologies for the treatment I have endured the last three years and I expect none. That’s not your style. This is my way of saying I am done. I am a legal company with a group of talented authors that have made their choice. Their choice to be published with Dark Storm Publications.

    For you that should be enough.
    Including the URLS of the legal documents that you have my full permission to post.

    Tabetha R. Jones





    • When I saw the screen grabs of your business registration that you sent for me to look at, I had a mixed reaction. On one hand, I thought “It’s about flippin’ TIME.” Now if only everything else can be done legally and fairly, and any future authors really can be dealt with fairly, and actually get paid everything they earn, we might be getting somewhere. But on the other hand, look at who we’re dealing with. All a little spit and polish does is make you all the more dangerous. Now that you’ve actually gone and filed papers, you can present yourself as a legitimate publisher. Potential clients can see you as a “real” publisher. No problem, right?

      Oh yeah. There’s a problem. A name on a piece of paper doesn’t change who you are.

      Look at this manifesto. From the start, you uphold the same bullshit you’ve peddled for years, blaming everybody but yourself and spouting the same lies you want people to believe. You didn’t close down Mystic Press’s accounts, you just changed the name on them. Authors still have the messages you sent them explaining that they didn’t get paid because the accounts were “switching over” and claiming that Amazon “froze” your paypal accounts somehow. Still haven’t figured out how that works. The fact remains that those authors never got paid. You waited them out and then waved the statute of limitations in their faces. Do you expect them to just forget? Or do you plan on rolling out that tired old plea: “It’s in the past. I’ve learned from my mistakes” …? Haven’t learned enough to pay them back, have you? You don’t make “mistakes” dear, you establish a pattern of behavior. Especially when you keep doing it over and over again.

      And look at the cluster-fuck you tried to pull with Dark Storm, lying about selling it to somebody, like you tried to pull last year. You lied about selling PF to somebody who turned it into DS. You’re the person you said you sold it to. You admitted it yourself, but then turned around and tried to establish that you “took it back.” Took it back from who? Yourself?

      That apology is so half-hearted. It looks like an afterthought you’re throwing in there so you can say “Look! I apologized! They just don’t want to accept it!” (Ever the victim.)


      People don’t “feel” that you did them damage. You left a path of destruction in their lives that will always be there. Whether you stole their money or their dignity, YOU HURT THEM. They didn’t just “feel” that you did. Trying to pass that off as an apology is an insult.

      And there it is. Blaming ME for exposing your activities, accusing me of “twisting” your words and activities. Sorry, hon. All I did was tell the world the truth about you, word for word. YOUR words, mostly. Every time I exposed you, you came along and proved it. You still are, starting with this diatribe you’re trying to peddle here.

      Blaming ME for hurting your authors? YOU’RE the one that does them damage. All I do is expose it so they can see that they don’t have to keep taking it. Your former victims come forward to show them that not only do they not have to take it, but it’s possible to get away from you. They expose how you really treat people in an effort to warn people. To show them that they aren’t alone, and they don’t have to just live with your abuse.

      No, Tabetha. If you want to make a fresh start, stop peddling around the same old bullshit. By spouting the same old rhetoric, you show that you’re not interested in making any kind of fresh start. You’re just inventing new ways to put one over on people with the same old lies. You haven’t changed. All you’ve done is put your name on a piece of paper. That makes your company technically legal, but it doesn’t change a single thing about you. You’re the same scam artist, telling the same lies.

      If you REALLY want to turn over a new leaf, start by coming clean, paying people what you owe them, and stop playing the victim. YOU’VE had to deal with “this treatment?” What about all those people that you’ve lied to, scammed, stolen from and abused? What about what THEY’VE put up with? You don’t even understand what you’ve done to them. All you care about is yourself. And that sums you up.

      When is it going to be enough? When the bullshit stops and you stop lying to people. And, yes. You still are. You’re lying to them with this statement alone. Nice try, A for effort, but no.

      And, yes. I will be posting your psychotic chat with me on FB just now, showing those true colors of yours.

  12. I must applaud Tabetha for the steps she has taken. I do get the feeling that you Jt will never fully let her go and will always have something nasty to say, as well as your followers.

    It took a ton of guts for her to do this after the loss of a loved one but to you she’s just road kill.

    I’ll be waiting on the next post where you throw her under the bus for something else you seem to hate about her.

    • I almost shook my head and sent this comment to the trash, redqueen, but that’s not my style. I’d much rather let the world see your actions. How coincidental it is that you show up here saying “It’ll never be good enough for you!” just SECONDS after Tabetha said exactly the same thing to me in a private message on FB. Using “Shirley’s” proxy. So many alts, same old bullshit.

      Hon, if it’s never good enough for me, it’s because YOU DON’T CHANGE. You keep trying new ways to pull the wool over people’s eyes, but until you make a change within yourself, don’t expect anybody else to change their opinion of you.

    • Applaud Tabetha, are you fucking serious? For fuck’s sake, the dumb bitch never was legit until now. What is there to applaud? She was backed into a corner and like any other ghetto rat she decided to fight back. How you may ask. Simple she is attempting to show she is legit. Big fucking deal, the bitch should have done that years before. But no she thought it would be fun to cheat and steal from people. The only thing that needs to be applauded for that tub of fat shit is the fact that she can move fast enough to cover her ass time and time again, and with the help of you losers she has enough “fabric” to do just that. Red Queen, Everybody, Shirley you all are jackasses and fools and deserve all that you get.

  13. I am saying this, if you could have made your shit legal years ago why the hell didn’t you? And I dare your sorry ass to say that I was fired, bitch you know better. Your sorry excuse for what happened is all on you to this very day. You never intended to go legit til it was forced upon you. As for your authors backing your malignant play it only goes to show how pathetic some are to think by hiding your actions they will be better off.
    I know Tabetha, oh to freaking well. This sad play YET AGAIN of I am sorry, I made mistakes is the, yes Tabetha same old song and dance. You are trying so damn hard to be proper, and make amends I am not buying anything off that sale rack. Do you even hear yourself, do you even give a shit about anyone but you? We made it hard on you, we were the ones to make PF suffer. We caused your sister’s “attempted” suicide, we killed your mother, are you DAFT? Listen to what the hell you are saying, for one by your own words your mom knew nothing of the blog til you opened your ever so big mouth, you made up the “model” who was dating your sister. But it isn’t your fault, we made you go to these extremes.
    Yeah, I will buy that for a dollar, NOT. You don’t see Castle Rock or any of the great publishing companies doing these deceitful things now do you? Of course not, because they aren’t a con-artist company. What self respecting author who has nothing but dreams and hopes for what they write want to be associated with you and your antics?
    And you again can’t own up to all you have done, you have to have a partner in crime. Enter Eric, yes he is an asshole, yes he is vulgar but dear Tabetha isn’t that you wanted from him? You used him and his attitude to do your dirty work, just like you have used past authors and now your poor new authors are involved. You can’t do one thing on your own, without using someone to further your life. I know first hand, and don’t you dare deny it. You coaxed me to go on Cussy’s blog to prove how loyal I was to the company. You begged me to show them that I was loyal. You contacted me after every post to thank me for what I said to “put them in their place” all I did wind up doing was being your patsy. And when I woke up and seen the truth you started getting scared. You remember, all the questions of are you leaving, begging me to tell you what I was going to do.
    I was waiting for you to throw momma in the mix and I was right you didn’t disappoint. You are as predictable as my damn cycle, and as much of a pain. You can’t stand not to have something to use as a crutch, a pity me tool. Shame on you for using your mom, you want to say we are all hateful, you are the hateful one. You can’t even let the woman who covered your ass for all this time to rest in peace, yet you beg us to let her. We are not the ones who used her to benefit our lives, it was you. You used your mom, your sister and all of us to make your life seem better, All the while making those lives miserable. Yet here you stand again, with the poor me, momma wanted me to be better so I am trying, I made mistakes, I am going to fulfill dreams, whose dreams bitch, because the only dreams I see being reached are yours.
    For the record you can’t throw a few coats of paint on a dilapidated house and call it new. Just like you can’t throw a new name on a old company and say that it is the bombdiggity, and all is right with the world again. Proof is needed to show that the person who is doing this has changed, is willing to do what is right and someone who is truly contrite and wants to make things work and do things the right way. That is not you Tabetha never has been, never will be You have shown too many times, and have admitted when the heat gets too hot your sorry ass runs and hides til you scheme of a way to make things better.
    I will leave you with this parting comment, you can’t polish a turd, no matter what it will always be a turd, Just like you Tabetha. You are, will and forever more will be a turd.

  14. For the sake of full disclosure, there’s the chat Tabetha initiated with me this morning.
    Here’s the chat she initiated with me this morning:

    Tabetha Jones
    check your blog i have something special waiting there for you

    JT Larson
    I’ll check the blog after I get some things done out here in the real world. I saw that you finally went and got legal papers. Hopefully that hails the start of an upstanding business where authors get treated fairly, get paid what they’re owed, and don’t get treated the way so many have been before them.

    Tabetha Jones
    in mclennan county i never had to do those things but i am showing the world you are wrong about me.
    And my authors always got treated fairly always will as they are real people not fake as you say.

    JT Larson
    Oh please. We both know better than that. You can lie to everybody else, but spare me.

    JT Larson
    When I wrote you back, I was civil, giving you credit for a fresh start. Don’t start pissing up my leg and tell me it’s raining. I’ll yank you back into your place every time. It’s simple. Treat authors the way they deserve. Pay them. Be a legitimate business, not just on paper, but in practice, and I’ll have nothing to blog about you.

    JT Larson
    It’s that simple.

    Tabetha Jones
    then you will have nothing to blog about Jt. I am done with all this. The post on your blog that is waiting will be the last. Our time is done here. Your daughter was paid. I am starting over as my mother asked for me to do and I am honoring her on that. Maybe someday you and I can be civil and you might actually see me for who I really am and respect that.

    JT Larson
    We’ll see. Problem is, I DO see you for exactly what you are. There’s a difference between putting a little spit shine on the surface. If what’s underneath is still rotten to the core, the smell will seep through.
    If you’ve made a REAL change, not just more smoke and mirrors, then we really will be done. Time will tell.

    Tabetha Jones
    Yes it will. And promise me one thing, when that time comes let the world know on your blog and remove everything else. You may have your doubts now but I know what is in my heart and what I promised my mother. Again time will tell for you to see.

    JT Larson
    Please. Do your mother the respect of not waving her around as some symbol of your sincerity. We both know better.
    I’m not making you any promise you’ll just run screaming that I broke so you can discredit me. I’ve made the only promise I intend to. Don’t put anything out there to blog about, and it won’t happen. If authors are treated well, and business is conducted legally, that should do it. But as long as I see those shady “third” party sales of Beth’s book, and other authors that are no longer with your company, I don’t see that a single thing has changed except a name on a piece of paper.
    I just read your manifesto on my blog, and will respond to it there. Needless to say, I’m not impressed.

    Tabetha Jones
    Check into those third party sells talk to people because I have no control over them. I dont get royalties for the third party sells for my first edition of Blood Magic I have asked my former publisher. I could care less if you are impressed but everyone has a right to an opinion and that is how you have made me feel and the point you drove me to. I wish I could stop thrid party sellers they have my books up too but I cannot I have fought to have it done. If you have done all your homework as you say then you know I speak the truth. Think about it I send out gifted books acorss the US they dont want them anymore so they lend them to a friend who says hey i think ill sell this please tell me how I am to be paid if I have already purchased the book? Or if someone buys an autographed book and does the same thing they have every right to sell it. I have sold several Stephen King books on Amazon and I get that money not Stephen King why because he was paid when I bought the book.

    JT Larson
    Apparent’y you DO care, since you’ve gone to such extensive lengths to try and impress me, posting on my blog and hitting me up in PM. If you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t bother with me. So, as usual, all evidence to the contrary.
    Difference between Selling a used copy of a book, Stephen King or anybody else, is that the author got paid for it in the first place. Whoever buys it after that is none of his concern. So, again, please spare me.

    Tabetha Jones
    You know I will never be right in your eyes, I will always be wrong. Nothing I do will ever make you happy but guess what. I really dont give a flying fuck anymore because I have done the right things for my authors and my family. I have solid proof now again you have hearsay so take it and shove it cause im done

    There are those true colors.

    She hasn’t changed a bit. A malignant narcissist won’t change. All they care about is themselves, and it’s YOUR fault if you don’t buy into their skewed version of reality.

    Anyway, I thought I’d put our little chat out there so that she can’t slither around trying to switch it up to suit her agenda.


    • And, yes. I do have the screen caps. I copy and pasted for the sake of expedience, but if she tries to say I’ve misrepresented a single word, I can whip ’em out.

      You see, even if somebody blocks you, the messages remain. 😉

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  17. My question is to you sir, is this your father?

    And are you aware of any of these people in the comments? Also if that is your dad and you have no reason to lie, who’s Harley is Tabetha getting?

      • Here are some comments you should be aware of, as well as the screen caps in CFW’s post.
        This woman, Tabetha Jones, claims Larry Willis to be her ‘real’ father several times over, referring to him as a bandido who raised her with the biker lifestyle and taught her the charming personality that she flaunts so wantonly.
        HERE, HERE, and HERE.

        She’s even produced a birth certificate with his name on it, and documents in 1987 that show your dad married to her mom as it relates to their minor child… her.

        Any insights about any of these comments?

  18. It also bears note that while Cory’s father died in 2008, Tabetha claims that her father died “4 years ago today” according to her post on the first of this month. That’s a 3 year discrepancy. I wonder why?

  19. Oh really now which is it Scabby Wabby? How can your dear departed daddy raise you in Waco when he lived with is real family in Corpus Christie or are all those happy memories to Sturges all just a fantasy or are you trying to tell Cory he has a sister he never knew about, you just never stop bolloxing up people’s lives do you? Ha what do you think the real bikers will do to you when they find out you’ve bandied their names about to make yourself look tough, will they ever find what’s left of you or will your skinny arse boyfriend have a corpse to identify or will they have to match up your dental records because your body is unrecognizable? I’d love to see those birth records and I bet your daddies real family would to. So lets see it or better yet how about lets see a picture of you and dear old dad together hanging out at Sturgis, or a picture of you and daddy anywhere doing anything? You show a black and white picture that looks like you could of nicked it from a newspaper well lets see one of you and dear old dad together since you were so close, or is it going to be like your sister showing a picture of her and her beautiful girlfriend Sky together where there aren’t any because it’s all a great big fat lie? How about it Scab ass? Let’s see some proof so your new found brother can look you up.

    • She sent me zoomed-in pictures of documents bearing Larry’s name, but no full pages.

      I was also shown two obits for Charles. But not one for her claimed bio-daddy. Why would she claim him so proudly, yet not show a token of his passing?

      And no, before anybody asks, I will not display these documents.

      That’s a VERY good question. I’d love to see a photo of Tab and daddy. Ordinarily, I’d say that she has nothing to prove to us, but since she takes it upon herself to throw her business in our faces, I’d say that gives us permission to ask.

  20. Hey Cory, man I am letting you know that for the majority no one here has any ill will towards you or your family. This blog was to warn authors of scam artists. Unfortunately the one who seems to take center stage is the epitome of scams. Not only does she rob authors of their royalties, she assumes identities of people she either gleans information about or comes into contact with. From what I can tell she may have lied about her family ties to gain acceptance. Using supposed connections and claiming legacy of a club that may not be true is in my opinion not smart. I am sorry for you if you are actually related to this person, she is evil, and manipulative. If you are not related to her I hope that you are able to stop her slanderous words concerning your father and his club.

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  22. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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