Some of Tabetha’s associates are bitching and moaning that I’ve gotten them blacklisted somehow because of their associations with her. As if I’ve got the power blacklist them from anything but my own blog.

Let’s get something straight, here.

And if you throw in your lot with a lying, thieving scam artist, you have only yourself to thank for it if some of their shit lands on you. YOU made that choice. Not me. So you can stop blaming me for the consequences of your choices.

18 thoughts on “Blacklisted

  1. Guess you haven’t seen the real truth of how this bitch started the drama. Tabetha is trying to end it. As Tabetha said all you got is hearsay bookinferno just posted the truth and I hear there is more coming…. and as yes this is an alt but I quit being jts lapdog a long time ago. Go run to Jackie get her to do your dirty work. Giving over text messages and pms. I won’t do your dirty work anymore. Katrina quit, I’m quitting and I pray that Jackie does too.

    • Give over, you rutting sow. Leppy doesn’t get people to do her bidding, that’s your game. Do you think we’re so daft we don’t know your Scabby Assy? Go soak your fat head you thick minger. Maybe some sense will soak in though I doubt it your too stupid.

    • Redqueen or is that Katrina? You are so easy to pinpoint who you are. You people think you are so fucking smug. You believe like that tramp Tabetha that you are above it all, you can do no wrong. You seem to think that as long as you keep pandering to Tabetha you won’t get hurt or burned. How wrong you all are. You are as disposable as a crushed out cigarette. You are the lapdogs, you are the fools. Real truth, Tabetha wouldn’t know the truth if it was a snake and jumped up and bit her on her massive ass. Who are you kidding? Yourself only trust me on this. Most know of the beginning of what happened but as usual that pathetic scrap of a blog you got going on over there is filled with half information. What do you expect from Tabetha, the whole unabridged version? Good fucking luck on that one. I will repeat for all of you who don’t know your asses from a hole in the ground, the 3 things that were promised to JT from Tabetha which were not adhered to. (1) Pay Thea back. (2) Stop cheating authors and make her company legit and last but not least (3) Keep JT’s and her daughter’s name out of Tabetha’s ever so big mouth. Yes, Thea was paid, but the rest has not come to fruition. So dear followers of Tabetha,. who lied? Who did not follow through with as you all call the “deal maker” and the deal that was set before Tabetha? Oh right Tabetha didn’t, yet your jackoffs are calling foul. Just like any “contract” that Tabetha has claimed to be real, which we all know is bullshit. So is her word utter bullshit. More lies and schemes to hide her double dealings. You fools and patsies keep up the lies and keep believing you are telling the truth. And when you get burned used up and thrown away, maybe do some real research instead of sucking Tabetha’s tit to glean your information. At least if you are going to try and make someone look bad, look in the mirror first and remember what you all have went through to get away from her. Read all that has been put out there the lies from Tabetha, the major cover-ups and getting you authors mixed up in shit that doesn’t concern you, your writings should be your main objective, not this drama that Tabetha is whipping up to keep you from seeing exactly what she is doing time and time again. The same shit, just a different wrapper. You say she is helping you reach your dreams,really now what publishing company made Louie L’amore get involved in drama like this? What do you think Dean Koontz would say if his publisher came up with a scam like what Tabetha has tried to pull on you all? You all say that JT and this blog has tainted your works, your works were trashed as soon as you came to the rescue of Tabetha. Look her books are still selling, are yours? Who is promoting you while Tabetha spins you into her web of drama? You are only promoting your own downfall. You are simpletons. I know for a fact Tabetha has tried to get authors involved in plotting to hurt someone she wants to destroy. Yeah, great business person there the bitch shouldn’t be a publisher her sorry ass should have been a politician. At least then you would know you are going to be lied to.

      • Tabetha also promised she’d give a full and public apology to Thea. A sincere one. And that never happened either.

      • Nope.

        It’s all just more of the same shit you’ll get from Tabetha Jones. There isn’t a sincere bone in her entire body.

        Do you know how to tell when Tabetha Jones is lying? Her lips are moving. Or her fingers. Any word that comes out of her, you can bet it’s a lie. Like, oh, say, “I’m not Destiny Rane” or “I sold my company.”


  2. I can’t believe anyone who has been part of this is flipping sides now, only an idiot would so such a crazy thing. This is such bullshit! We know why Lepp kept blogging after her daughter was paid. It was because Tabetha kept scamming and no one felt like they could speak out to help the new authors. Why is this being brought into question now? The deal was made to resolve the problem with the daughter, so fuck everyone else that got screwed? Sure, that’s noble.

    JT has never asked anything of me other than to provide her with the proof of my claims. Pretty sure it’s the same for everyone speaking out on here. That not being a lapdog. I know of at least twenty five people who have been screwed by Tabetha though a publishing scam, and I know that’s not all of them. This drama needs to stop. This misdirected hatred toward the person who stands up for the rights of new authors needs to stop. Y’all need to grow up and start acting like professionals instead of a bunch of school kids starting shit in the playground.

    Oh yeah, and Tabetha can end “it” when she stops lying (not happened yet, they just evolve) and goes legit. But let’s be realistic here, Tabetha can barely end a sentence.

    This “doing lepp’s bidding” crap is a whole lot of shit, and you know it. This blog is to warn people away from Tabetha Jones, who routinely scams and lies to new authors then closes and reopens (changes the name in paypal) a new company to escape the problems she’s caused.

      • Definitely. The problem is that the statute of limitations has run out for some of us, including me. But if anyone gets a lawyer, hit JT up with their office number/email and I will send them what I have to support anyone who can still file a case.

      • The stattute has run out on the original scams, perhaps, which she was all too happy to celebrate. But there’s more going on that’s probably still actionable, even by authors as far back as Mystic Press.

        Funny, the things you learn when you talk to a REAL lawyer.


    All that inferno blog is, is a bunch of pissed off hacks that can’t stand the real world. So they are only giving you enough information to cloud judgement and good common sense. Come on people think of it this way, Tabetha is chasing her dreams, and her dreams only. How do you expect her to be this great publisher, model, editor, author and whatever else she can come up with and still hold your best interests at heart? Where are you in her priority list? Where do your hopes and dreams stand against what she wishes to accomplish for herself?
    When are you all going to see that she only cares for number one, Tabetha Jones. You idiots over there spouting her praises, and showing this bullshit proof is only making her look better. When it all comes out, like it always does, you are the ones that are going to be hurt, shattered and pissed off. All the while Tabetha is collecting her new set of victims and you are nothing but a memory. You Katrina, redqueen, Shirley, Amanda, Ember “cof” hidden identity, you all are the ones who are going to be back to square one, not knowing if you should scratch your watch or wind your ass.
    What is sad is most of you know the drill by now. Most of you have danced this dance with Tabetha many times. I thought you all had more sense, more brains, hell more pride in yourselves than that. Guess I was wrong. I have said many times, if I find out I am being used,I will protect myself, my works and my dreams. I won’t back down and I am not lying about anything that has happened while I worked with Tabetha or after. There is no need for me to, she has proven in her own words how shady she is. The thing is I fired her, she didn’t fire me. Ask yourselves this, outside of some minor replies trying to show what a bad ass Tabetha is and all her deadly connections, why hasn’t she answered anything to do with all I have put fourth? Why won’t she answer the things about the books I wanted donated for The Relay for Life, to assist in cancer research? Why did she lie about the book that the royalties was to go to the abuse shelter? She said she had to pull that book due to authors leaving,and that the shelter didn’t want to be involved. So what happened to the royalties that were received on that book? Why didn’t the authors get any residual payment from that?
    You all only see what she allows you to see. The damsel in distress, the poor southern belle who lost her way, I say bullshit. There is no damsel in distress, no need for a white knight to show up on a fiery steed, there is only a scheming evil bitch who only cares about herself and what she can get from you all. Mark my words, when your usefulness wears out, you will see exactly who and what you are dealing with. I feel sorry for you all, I really do. You are nothing but pawns in a game you can’t win.

  4. Just a FYI, if anyone is wondering why things aren’t being posted, It isn’t censorship JT is in the hospital and will get on it as soon as she is able. I just spoke to her and knowing the contention going on I thought it was only best to let you all know she hopes to be back to it soon, and I am sure she will thank you all for understanding.

    • JAFO I have yet to come on here to defind anyone lately go fuck yourself. It stupid asses like you that cause authors who had any dealings with Tab to get fucked with their writing. I sit back watching you run your mouth. With your alt name to keep your ass safe from getting railroaded. If I post I can asure you it is my name I use. After all IPs get tossed out right? You have an issue wuth me ingenral then be spacific if not shut the hell up when I comes to my name. Im not Tab, Amanda, Shirly, or Ember. This is all childs play pointing fingers do any of you have anything better to do then trash talk ppls names that you dont fuckin know? Why dont you stop hiding come out and play with the grown ups who can admit when.they fucked up. Ok I’m cooled down a little but damn. STOP! A sane person can only take so much of this shit. Might be a little fuckin crazy but this shit had become insane Pointing, blaming. Yes I have a sailors mouth and just lost 7.00 to the sware jar but man was it worth it to blow my lid. Tonight take the blame JAFO my BP goes up its all on you. Not JT not CFW or the redqueen not even Jackie just you.

      • You are learning from the best there aren’t you Katrina. You know how to turn off your PC, you are big enough to walk away and say enough is enough.You are the one getting all worked up and pissy, have I struck a nerve? Too fucking bad. You are the one that ran to tell all about Tabetha. You are the one that hid, oh yes you came forth and told about what you did, but not until you had your revenge. Now you come on here, all lily white from confession and all should be right as rain, right? Also notice you said lately, you admit to having dealings and protecting Tabetha. You proved you were beyond sane when you crawled back in bed with that garbage you fight so hard to defend. If your BP goes up it’s on you, you are suppose to be an adult. So be one. Don’t like what ‘s being said stop reading or get a better bed partner.Learn from the mistakes you have made. I have given clues as to who I am, just like your shady ass friends who come on here defending your friend Tabetha. Pay attention it doesn’t cost anything. Why is it you think only authors can come on here and say what has happened to them? Why is it ok for family of Tabetha to come to her rescue but not for the family members who have watched these authors go from feeling on top of the world to shit on Tabetha’s shoes? What gives Tabetha’s family and friends any more right than I do sticking up for my blood? You all want to scream It’s your fault, you did this to me, my family you are all fucked in the head. What about what you have done to my family? You didn’t see your sister in tears,or hear her say her words were shit. You didn’t have to have people watching your blood to make sure nothing bad happened. Yeah Tabetha can post about her mom, daughter and sister but the little people don’t have that luxury according to you and Tabetha’s trolls. The authors you yourself know that have been hurt, scarred and belittled by her don’t mean shit do they? How they handled things wasn’t blasted for all the world to see. They kept their pain inside. When any tried to speak up against her they were the losers, they were the ones who did wrong. Never Tabetha! So go learn some more tricks from your master. You just prove how alike the two of you are. Blame me for whatever, it’s you who made the choices you made. I didn’t hold a gun to your head to make you do all that you did. None of the authors came to you and asked you to stab Tabetha in the back. You volunteered. Sometimes the medicine you dish out is as bitter as what you have to take back in. Don’t blame me because you are dancing for your master saying all the things she doesn’t have the balls to say. Keep getting your hands dirty for her, there isn’t enough soap in the world to wash that shit off.

      • She’s an eejit. And, ultimately, she is completely and totally irrelevant. Just another handful of shit for Tab to throw in the air. She deserves whatever she gets.

      • Katrina, I can’t begin to tell you how patently stupid these comments are. Blaming Jafo for the fact that Tab’s authors got screwed? That sure isn’t the tune you sang when you were among the screwees, now, was it?
        No. Back then, you were all too happy to tell the world what a liar and scam artist Tabetha Jones is.
        And then you went back to her with the mission of taking her down from the inside. You said all the right things, gained her trust, and gathered a bunch of information that you brought back to this blog to present as proof. Because, you know, that’s what we deal in here.
        And now you’ve gone scampering back to Tabetha again, aiding and abetting in future scams by supporting and defending her.
        How did you get her to take you back this time, dear? Did you tell her that I SENT you back the last time to get information on her? That I BRAINWASHED you? And oh, how, sorry you are f or it? Blaming me for the whole thing?
        Probably something like that, since that’s the nonsense that she’s spouting now, and you’re encouraging.
        It’s almost comical that you’re scamming the scam artist with such foolishness to get accepted back in that camp again. But she’s got it coming for trusting you again. How does she know you’e not on another fact finding mission? She doesn’t, and that’s the beauty of it. Because you can’t be trusted as far as you can be thrown. I only wish I could be there to see it when she finds out that in her desparation to accumulate stooges, she overlooked the worst of the bunch and got scammed herself.

        Oh, and those accusations that I SENT you back to her, and BRAINWASHED you, and all that happy shit? Let’s see those screencaps, hon.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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