It’s about to get real

I’ve spent the last several days in the hospital, not very well at all. Truth is, I’m still quite sick and weak. But they stabilized me and sent me home to recuperate. If I get worse, or don’t get better, I’m to go back.

Needless to say, being so ill threw a lot of things into perspective, including this blog, that other blog, and all of the people involved.

Some shit’s about to change. It’s about to get real. Play time is over. I’m not going to go into length or depth right now, but I will say this: Ember, you and your puppet master have called me a horrible person because Tabetha’s personal information from her FB has made its way onto my blog, from her creating a fake online girlfriend that her sister’s supposed to be dating, to her sister’s faked suicide attempt and every crooked thing she’s done in between.

So what does that make you, taking a conversation from my daughter’s FB and twisting it into something it’s not?

I’ll warn you once, and once only. Tabetha Jones screwed with my kid, and look at all the attention she’s gotten for the way she treats people. If she’d simply paid my kid back in the beginning, she might still be flying under the radar, ripping people off. But she didn’t. Instead, she dragged my daughter into her slander campaign and landed herself firmly on my radar. You’d better ask yourself very seriously if you want the same kind of attention.

I do know who you are. And I promise you, with all of my heart, that if you continue to drag my daughter onto your blog, you will regret it. Your business will fall under the same scrutiny Tab’s has, and so will all of your associates. I will go all daft on your ass.

Your fight is with me. Keep it with me.

Leave my kid alone.

That’s the only warning you get.


37 thoughts on “It’s about to get real

  1. Oh so you can call Tabetha’s little girl a whore but they can’t talk about how you broke the deal about your daughter? See you are the liar and I’m glad the ladies at the Book Inferno are finally showing the world the truth about you your just a bully calling somebody mentally ill when your the one that’s fucked in the head.

    • Go crawl back in your hole troll. I said the child looked like a dwarf whore. Get it right. If my wife would have painted either one of my kids up like that i would have seriously had words with her. I said what I said as a parent, a father. What dad wants to see his little angel painted up like she is going to strut the strip? As a man I found that to be way beyond the cute things as in fingernail painting, and a little gloss on my daughter’s lips. And then to toss that innocent child with the words of nudes, boudoir and then have the other pictures of her mother with her tongue in another woman’s mouth. Oh yes that is exactly what I want my baby, my little girl to be associated with. Are you all as fucked as she is? I mean most of you claim to be loving and caring mothers, would you want your little girl to look like that? What about you dudes that have come on here singing Tabetha’s praises, if that was your little girl, your innocent angel would you allow the mother to dress your princess up like that? Show of hands, who thinks this is right? What is it you don’t see? Again you idiots are only taking bits and pieces of what is said or read and making it to what you want it to be. What is fucked in the head is the fact that it has been proven many times how Tabetha harms, steals, threatens and bullies her authors and the like and you bottom feeders keep following her. What is this a cult? Hell you already have a “practicing witch” so why the hell not. So Truth Seeker, hope you got your answer, I said it I owned it. In fact I do believe this is the 3rd time I have made it clear and why I said what I said. I am a concerned parent, I for one care what happens to my girls. I care of their self respect, and the fact that I would protect them no matter what. What Tabetha did wasn’t showing love, it wasn’t care, it was look at my mini-me, it wasn’t fucking cute. She painted her daughter up, made her look in my opinion just like Tabetha, her make up was trashily done. If my wife painted herself up like that I would laugh and ask what clown school she was attending. And I sure as hell wouldn’t advise her to pay someone to make her look like shit.

      • They know full well that you made the comment. They rag on me because I allowed it and didn’t delete it. Unlike that other blog, I don’t censor and remove comments. I would if they attacked a minor, but that’s not what those comments did. You didn’t call that child a whore. You said her mother made her up like one. There’s a difference. You expressed concern as an adult and as a parent. I feel the same. No child should be painted up with that much makeup and put in provocative poses, then put online side b side with pictures of her half naked mother tonging some woman. It’s irresponsible parenting, at best. And the fact that she doesn’t realize that is disturbing. Rather than looking at those actions, as they involves such a young girl, she uses her kid to lash out at us. That’s even more disturbing. She just doesn’t get it. As both a human being and as a parent, she’s a fail.

    • Wow, lies much? All that’s ever been expressed about that poor little girl is how worried we are that her mother is so willing to use her as a shield & a marketing tool. All of these concerns, all of them, are in response to what Tabetha has put out there for the world to see, chiefly on this blog. I don’t agree with the name calling, but considering it was a reaction to Tabetha plastering her child in makeup to sell her business, in context it isn’t nearly so offensive as you are trying to make out. What’s offensive is that Tabetha & co CONTINUE to bring that little girl into this mess. Disgusting.

      Secondly, while the exchange on FB between Lepp and her daughter was public, let’s once again put it into context. This was an argument between two adults: a mother and a daughter who have lived together for a long time. If you’ve ever lived with another adult, you’ll know how stressful it can be. It’s not got anything to do with this shit. There was no motivation behind it, nor was either of them trying to use the other to protect themselves or further their career. It was just a blow up between two stressed out people who are close to one another. Only an idiot, a trouble maker or an opportunist would say otherwise.

      • Exactly. My daughter and I had an argument. It happens. She’s excited and stressed out about getting her own place, and I was stressed out about court. And, as we now know, I’ve got some serious health issues going on that probably contributed to my general disposition on top of everything else.
        And, yes, it happened on a public forum. But that doesn’t leave the door open for some hag to drag it onto a forum and turn it into something that it wasn’t, just for the sake of taking a stab at me. Their fight is with me. They need to keep it with me and leave my kid out of it.

        I am glad that they’re showing screen caps of my “deal” with Tabetha, though. Even if they’re only picking and choosing the bits they think they can twist around to make me look like a deal breaker. Them showing bits and pieces of the “deal” shows how desperate they are to spin it, and it shows how much Tab has to hide. It’s transparent. Anybody can see how desperate she is to conceal her own actions. And it established that her scheming isn’t some new thing. It goes back years. All the way back to what she did to my kid and before. Is she really so daft that she doesn’t realize that people see that the only reason there was a need for any deal in the first place is because she swindled my kid? If she doesn’t see that, she’s totally clueless. But, then, look who we’re talking about.

        Let ’em keep doing my job for me and establishing a years-old pattern of cheating, scheming and abuse.

  2. Whoever you are Truth I sincerely suggest you go back and look into your crystal ball That is about as much truth as you will get from Tabetha Jones. I have played her game. I am not vindictive, yeah I was pissed. More at myself than anything though.See like a lot of you I mainly wrote to soothe my soul.
    I took a chance, because I made a promise to a friend of mine who died in my arms. That I would let others read what he had had the pleasure of reading since we met over 25 yrs before. I trusted Tabetha with my dreams, my hopes, my words hell my damn life. And she used my words and profited I got the short end of the stick. I paid for all my cover art, my swag anything that Tabetha said needed to be covered, yep me stupid trusting me paid. My sister made all my swag for me. I purchased all materials even paid her to do the work. In doing that had many things made for her, her daughter and friends. Never did I ask for payment all I asked was for her to be fair and pay me what my books had sold for.
    I could never get a straight answer out of her. She hemmed and hawed around so damn much, you actually would give up.Because listening to her prattle on about her and her sister drinking, or what her and Eric was fighting about you name it. Yes this author heard about it. I heard of if she should fire this one. Or she didn’t trust that one.I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t scurry off to tell these people. Why? Easy to explain, first off I was beginning not to trust her, I mean come on you as a publisher should be able to within a few keystrokes and opening of an email, to send me sales and royalty reports. It should not take 4 or 5 days and you having to black out names of other authors because they are on a spread sheet.
    I should not have had to fight to see what my books were doing. Also she never set me up for book signings, or anything she promised. I seen her paying for photo shoots, yes paying, she told me how much they would have cost and her discounted price. So yes she paid. Maybe not the 500 or so what a joe blow would pay, but yes she paid. I couldn’t figure out how when she was crying how she needed money for her daughter’s shoes and to pay for her laptop which the rental place was taking back. Mind you all the author’s works were on that laptop, nothing backed up on flash drive or anything. So your works were at the mercy of strangers. And while your works were in the hands of strangers nothing was being done to promote said books that you busted your ass to get to her at the crazy ass deadline she set for you.
    You wanted Truth there you got it. No lies, no bullshit, no plotting to do anything but to show you the honest to god eyes wide the hell open truth. Again for the record, I FIRED TABETHA JONES. She didn’t fire me, she didn’t get me for breach of contract. I found out her double dealings thanks to, well I won’t say she knows who she is. I confronted her with questions she couldn’t answer, said she had to get back to me. Since we are speaking honesty her, I was given 2 contracts 1 for an anthology and 1 for my first book. There were never any contracts written or anything for book 2 or 3 or the 5 other anthologies. So if I really wanted to be a total queen bitch, I could get Tabetha for theft of my works, plagiarism, since she never asked for or gotten a signature on any of the works she put out there. And I am sure for so much more.Maybe you need to think about what Truth you may be seeking since what I have just shown you may be a real bitter pill for the likes of Tabetha and all that follow her.

    • Wow. I ope her newer victims recognize the truth in your words as how they’re being treated. That’s not how publishers work. Not real ones. Any real publisher would tell ou that.

      And it’s not just authors she didn’t pay. Editors and artists have come forward to say that she hasn’t paid them, either.

      I imagine she’s really tight for money right about now, so authors, be very careful not to fall for her breach of contract act where she sets an impossible deadline then holds you in breach so that she can bilk you out of hundreds of dollars so she can pay her bills. Party. Drink. Get tattoos. Whatever.

      That separation fee isn’t legal. Her whole contract isn’t legal. Don’t fall for it. Don’t be victimized. If she hits you up for a separation feel, tell her to stuff it up her ass. There’s plenty of room for it, even with her head stuck up there.

  3. First let me say I’m glad your out of the hospital. But wait maybe you wasn’t just like I didn’t try to kill myself? I have stayed out of it all but I am tired of hearing about the photos I have taking, and about my niece. Jafo have you ever heard of kids pageants? How the moms dress the kids up??
    Lepp as I have said before I payed for her tattoos.And what makes me sick is your side kick who is too lazy to get a job and pay his way and have my mom support his lazy ass for 2 years want’s proof of my moms death. Once again :Lepp if you were sick glad you out of the hospital. I think the whole blog is stupid and it shows every ones age 5!

    • Yes Dee I have heard of kids pageants. Both my daughters have been in modeling for quite some time. I am aware of how some children’s moms use makeup to enhance their features. Notice what I said “enhance features” not painted up like a trollop. There is a huge difference in the posing and makeup that Tabetha allowed he daughter to be portrayed as then what I have seen and allowed of my own children. Now as far as Eric he is a big boy, no one has control over his wording. This is still a free country you don’t like what he has to say let him know. Don’t blame JT. What ever you all allowed to happen as far as living arrangements should be addressed to that person directly. See Dee, nothing would be known if Tabetha and her friends and family didn’t make it known. The good, the bad, the ugly all the dirt that is hidden under your rugs, you can thank your sister for. As for people acting the ages of a 5 year old no the only one who is acting like that is your sister Tabetha. She is the one throwing a tantrum, she is the one hiding and lying. When you open your eyes to that it will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. No one would have known anything of your relationship with “sky” or your sister’s modeling career nothing would have been known if it wasn’t for your sister. She can’t keep her hands out of peoples pockets, her stories straight or her ever so big mouth shut. Seems like Tabetha is taking advantage of you yet again. And you keep letting her, when are you going to see that she doesn’t give a shit about you, you are a pawn and as easy as to discard as last weeks leftovers.

      • I’ll be honest. I’m not comfortable with children being sexualized at all. But even so, there’s a HUGE difference between how pageant kids are made up and what was done to that poor six year old’s face. That was hooker makeup, plain and simple. There was nothing “beauty” about it. Tab spackles her makeup on with a trowel and magic markers, and that’s her choice. But to put that much paint on a little kid, there’s no excuse for it. Whatever makeup school graduated her needs to lose their license.

        Eric is responsible for his own words. Unlike that “other” blog, I don’t censor my posts unless a minor child is involved. And no, the comments about that makeup job don’t qualify because they didn’t attack the child. They pointed out the staggeringly horrible parenting choices her mother made in painting her up like that. They don’t attack the child. They speak out in her defense.

        There is no changing a malignant narcissist. There is only choosing how to deal with them. Ultimately, the only way anybody can be happy with somebody like Tabetha Jones is to get as far away from them as possible. All of the men that have been involved with her found that out. All of her authors do. Her kid will, just as soon as she’s old enough to walk out the door. And, if her sister’s smart, she will too.

    • Thank you for saying you’re glad I got out of the hospital. Yes. I was in the hospital, for a very real condition.

      You, like your sister, need to realize that the only reason your niece is involved is because your sister puts her out there. Everything that’s on this blog is here because of HER actions. She needs to accept responsibility. You’re not doing her any favors by making excuses for her. You’re enabling her. If you really cared about your niece, you’d do more to help her mother find the path back to reality.

      You’re up to your eye teeth in your sister’s scams, fronting for her and making excuses for her. I have no doubt whatsoever that that whole suicide scheme was her idea, so that she could blame me for it. I don’t know why anybody would go along with such a ridiculous plan, but whatever the reason, you’re now stuck with it for life. And she doesn’t care how that will weigh on you. Just like the lie she made you believe about that beautiful model Sky (you know, the one that doesn’t exist) being involved with you. She simply doesn’t care what her lies do to anybody. All she cares about is herself.

      I actually feel sorry for you, so wrapped up with somebody that doesn’t care about you. You have my sympathies, as does your niece and anybody else that gets within ten feet of your sister. I really and truly hope that you can get away from her, get your head on straight and find a healthy path to walk. You deserve to be happy.

      Best of luck.

  4. I said I wasn’t going to post anymore but Ember can make a statement about your daughter calling you a liar on Facebook, then the post gets deleted. You say I had it coming because I posted personal information and pictures of my daughter on Facebook my personal Facebook, saying it was easy grabs yet when your personal information gets posted its wrong and invading your privacy. Lepp isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Your daughter is an adult and can fight her own battles yet you threaten Ember for talking about her? When my daughter is 7 years old, yes take it she is not your average 7 yr old. By which I mean she is highly intelligent, can hold an adult conversation, should be in the 4th grade not 1st. Yet does not have the means to get on the internet and fight you.

    JAFO I suppose you have never seen classic pin up girl makeup with the cat eye and red lips. My daughter is a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and chose to have her makeup like that. Please show me where there is any provocative pictures of her?

    As for my modeling I have enough dignity and respect for my daughter not allow her to see any inappropriate photo shoots. Baylor wanted to be sure my sister could pull of pageant looks for them if needed.

    You warn Ember to leave your child alone yet you allow ppl to talk shit about mine. Some mother you are. The things you have allowed to be said about my daughter (pedophiles wet dream, dwarf whore, strut the strip…..) yet one remark about your daughter that was posted on your personal Facebook is not allowed. Tell me are you the pot or the kettle.

    Stay off my personal page and maybe others will stay off yours. But I’ve always heard what was good for the goose was good for the gander.

    You threaten Ember to keep your kid out of it but yet mine is up for free grabs.
    And that is why I have given her tons of information.

    So here is my warning you have a fight with me keep it with me. Stay off my pages, my sister’s pages, quit stalking our every moves that includes your cronies. Because like you said shit is about to change.

    Might want to check the inferno tomorrow your going to love it.

    • Let’s get something very clear, shit-for-brains. That conversation got hidden because it was over. Not because of anything your crony said. Yes. My daughter and I had a fight. She was stressed about moving into her own place, and I was stressed about court. And we now know that I had a serious medical condition that I was at that time unaware of. That doesn’t mean we aren’t close or love each other deeply. People fight. And they get over it.

      And stop putting words in my mouth, hag. I never said it was an “invasion of privacy.” It was a public conversation. But that doesn’t give you or your lackey the right to twist it around into something it wasn’t just to make my family look as dysfunctional and fucked as yours.

      Your child is only involved because of YOUR actions. You need to get that through your thick skull. Like everything else, you refuse to take the blame. That’s high up on that list of attributes of malignant narcissistic personality disorder. Look that up in the dictionary and your picture is there.

      Yes. I’m responsible for that conversation with my daughter being public on facebook. And I’m responsible for taking it down. She and I are over it. She spent the day taking care of her sick mom, making sure I had everything I needed and offering me comfort. So you can stop saying that she’s moving out because she can’t stand me. She’s 27 years old, is engaged and about to be married. Moving out is a normal part of growing up. Stop trying to twist that into something it’s not. And, yes. If Ember is smart, she’ll heed that warning. Right now, you’re the focus of my attention because of the way you lie to people, cheat and steal from them. I haven’t looked too closely at her business. And she doesn’t want me to. I know YOU don’t care what happens to her. You don’t care about anybody. But she needs to care.

      Your daughter is 7 years old. She needs to be a child, not a tool that you use to make yourself look like super-mom by proxy. That’s on the NPD list, too, puffing up your kid so that you look better. Leave her out of it. Yes, YOU. The only reason she’s anywhere online is because YOU put her there. If you cared about her at all, you’d let her just be a kid, not drag her into your insane internet drama. You obviously don’t care about her nearly as much as you care about yourself because you keep dragging her into it. Just like you’re doing right now.

      Excuse me while I laugh out loud at you for using the word “dignity” in relation to your modeling. Dignity has nothing to do with the pictures you pose for, thinking you’re sexy when it only looks like you’re shitting or about to puke. But hey. If that’s your thing, more power to you. If you don’t mind associating your authors with that kind of unmitigated smut, go right ahead on. If that degrading crap is what you want representing your bullshit company, it’s your thang.

      But when you slather that much makeup on a child and put those images on the internet, you leave yourself open to public opinion. And you can bet that it’s not going to be good. What you NEED to look at is why people are so upset and stop being so defensive. It’s inappropriate. Period. You paint your kid up like that and put her pictures on the same page with you half naked tonging some chick, and you don’t see what’s wrong with that? There’s something very wrong with you if you don’t get that.

      When you put ANYTHING on the internet, you leave yourself open to public opinion. If you can’t handle that, you need to not put shit on the internet. Yes. My kid and I had a fight. People can have an opinion about that because it was public. Mea culpa. But what you CAN’T do is twist it around to suit your own agenda. They’re two very different things. If you don’t get that (and obviously you don’t), there’s something very wrong with you.

      Do. Not. Dare. To issue me a warning, little girl. It will not end well for you.

      Yes. Shit’s about to change. You THINK you’re playing some game, trying so hard to be me by starting a blog that only you, your lackey and your alts post on. But make no mistake. Nobody with half a working brain cell thinks your POS blog is the truth. That’s what we present HERE. The truth. Post whatever the fuck you want. But make no mistake. What you put out into the universe WILL come back to you. Three-fold. You claim to be this voodoo-witch-whatever, so you know that.

      Karma’s a bitch, baby, and she’s watching you.

      • Threatening me. It won’t end well for me. You should like a middle school bully. What’s wrong Lepp scared that the truth is coming out is that why you threatened some blogger that just happened to want more than just ppl running their mouths. She wanted conversations, screen caps, real hard proof of how you can’t keep my lips off your name.

        You say you want to talk about other things but all I see is the same old shit. I have made my apologies but I will not bow down and continue to let you destroy others lives.

        You say I’m responsible for my family and such for being on here because I put my personal information on Facebook. And you think it’s right to go stalk my personal page to dig up info yet when it’s done to you oh no they can’t do that.

        I am a very open person with my life and I’m like that because I have nothing to hide. But you don’t like getting a taste of your own medicine. What right is it of yours to stalk my authors and harass them if nothing wrong is being done. Harassing the models I work with and even going as far as calling the club about my book.

        Yet the authors are still there, the models are still there, and the book is still being written. No I didn’t have to shove money down their gstrings to have them be my friend. I respected them treated them human unlike other women. The owner and I had a meeting and it went well. But I guess you can read about it.

        Yes I allow my daughter to make her own choices because she is smart enough to know the right ones. She is a free spirit and I tell her everyday to be just seven but her mind doesn’t work that way. It never has, doctors are extremely impressed so don’t open your mouth before you know the situation. So eye liner and lipstick with a bit of mascara is the look of a whore.

        Wow. And I’m the one fucked in the head? You don’t even bother to mention all the other family photos on my sister’s site. Nope because your too busy living your life around me. Those pics of me doing implied girl on girl are posed for. To show my sister accepts everyone and everything. She doesn’t put limits on things and never will.

        Suicide is a big thing and for you to accuse her of faking it is the lowest of the low. You are the bottom feeder there. Do you know she could take her DePaul papers and file against you? But she hasn’t because she knows damn good and well it would do no good.

        Just like me paying your daughter back, promising to leave me alone yet here we are. A nervous breakdown and a dead mother later. And you say I have the black heart.

        As for that other blog the one no one seems to care about ppl sure are talking. Facebook tells all. I don’t know who Ember really is and I don’t really care as long as you finally get exposed for what you are. For once people can see what you’ve done to me to make me lash out like I do. That I have damn good cause.

        And when all the dirty laundry gets aired the finger will be pointing at you. You say you don’t censor anything that’s good cause you will be responsible as the blog holder for every time my daughter was exploited on this site. You will be held responsible for hurting ppl that never did a thing to you. You say karmas watching, I hope so. But I know her eyes aren’t on me.

        Call me names, insult my writing, my modeling, anything you like but keep your mouth shut about everything else. Your vendetta and hate campaign is with me no one else. And those are no better words to describe it.

        Stop stalking my pages, my sister’s company, and who I associate with. It’s none of your business as your life is none of mine even if you do post it on Facebook.

        Come up with something new maybe then your health will improve. Ever think of that? No one cared all the shit you did to me while my mother was ill. No one gave a shit when she died. They still continued on about me that I wasn’t allowed sympathy. Guess what I can be just as cold hearted. My mother may be gone but there is still enough of her lingering telling me to take no shit off you. And I know exactly what she would say and do. My mother was the sweetest woman until you pissed her off then the word cruel or vindictive didn’t cover it.

        You wonder why I fight so hard? I was taught to and that doesn’t go away. She roll over if she knew I backed down and didn’t stand up for what I thought was right, fight for those I care about and give you a real perspective.

        You may be blind to it, I’ll give you that, because you are so filled with hate. But the rest of the world will know.

        As for my parenting, my daughter doesn’t get involved in my business matters including my modeling. I am raising her the way my mother and father raised me. To be independent, express herself, make her own choices, and never let anyone belittle you for your dreams.

        She is not sheltered, the world is not sugar coated for her. But she is protected at all costs and I know I’m a damn good mother. She is a mini me just like I was a mini me of my father. Runs in the Willis blood. I wasn’t your average seven year old either. She takes after me and that’s not a bad thing. Shows I raised her right the way my parents raised my sister and I.

        Maybe my mother was just a bit better than you because I didn’t need her to fight my battles as an adult but sure as hell would help fight for her granddaughter.

        As I will fight for my minor daughter.

        The games are over Lepp. All you are is a bitter bully that thrives on others misery. Well you won’t thrive on mine anymore.

    • Oh, and when you want to jump on as your sister, you might want to check yourself. Stat trackers don’t just show IP’s. They also show the device used to post it with. Sure, you two might post from the same IP, as you claim. But every device has its own IP, and I know that both you and your sister have cell phones, as well as that kindle fire and that rented/stolen/repossessed computer. But you expect us to buy that you and she have to use the same exact device to post here?

      Nice try, toots.

      • If I want to post or say anything to you I don’t have to hide behind my sister to do it. Dee is just fed up as we all are because no matter what you see before you, example all my authors happy and us doing our own little thing away from you, it’s never good enough. You spit out mental disorders but you actually know nothing about me other than hearsay and when I come to defend myself, or those I care about.

        Are we playing like grade school kids lepp. Look at yours but mine is better?

        You know believe what you want. You only see or know what I choose for you two.

      • What gets posted here isn’t hearsay you chuffing twat waffle it’s evidence from people and they prove it, your throwing that word hearsay around to try and make it less damning, but guess what it is damming. You damn yourself straight to hell, it’s where you belong for being such a flapping cunt. We see right through you Scabby Assy, your mental all right, a right lampost-scratcher as there ever was. You show it with every ugly breath you rutting minger showing the whole world what a joke you are, your the laughing stock of the publishing world and all of humanity go back to your pills whore the green fairy is calling you.

    • JAFO I suppose you have never seen classic pin up girl makeup with the cat eye and red lips. My daughter is a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and chose to have her makeup like that. Please show me where there is any provocative pictures of her?

      This isn’t the first time you’ve attributed your daughter for making choices that no 6 or 7 year old has any place making. YOU are the adult. YOU make the decisions. If it’s inappropriate, you say “No, honey. Let’s try it this way.” Stop blaming your little girl for your piss poor choices.

      • But Scabby Assy can’t be wrong even if it means throwing her six year old daughter under the bus, chuffing mother of the year. That poor thing would be better of in foster care, to bad her father won’t fight for her she’s growing up just like her Scabby Assy mother where nobody gives a shit about her, another mental case in the making.

    • What are you going to do cunt send out your flying monkeys? That’s not wings you hear flapping in the breeze it’s your cunt lip curtains as you blow out hot air, careful they don’t slap you in the face and get a concussion whore.

    • And you call yourself a mother, what’s next, you doll her up and stand her on the street corner or is it only for pictures? You pimp out her picture how long before you pimp her out in person? You got to get money somewhere now that you killed off the gravy train.

      • And this is the garbage Lepp allows on her blog. Killed off the gravy train. Now that’s a sorry low blow. Have respect for the dead. My mother was ill and had been for a long time.

        You think belittling me calling me a whore or a cunt is really the answer. Sorry sweets but can’t call me things I’m not and those that know me, know I’m neither.

        Keep talking shit about my daughter. Lepp keep allowing your cronies to run their mouth. Only builds up more evidence on my end. You are one twisted sick fuck to even think of a 7 yr old like that. But I forget where I’m at.

        I’m where everyone is right and Tabetha is wrong. We’re at the hate campaign. Fine but keep my minor child out of it.

        Yes it’s hearsay because I have yet to see any real proof other than he said she said bullshit. Where other bloggers actually post real proof.

        But continue playing follow the leader and when she walks you off a ledge you only have yourselves to blame.

      • you have gone too far lmfao you need to keep my niece out of your lips and fingers. And you better watch your mouth about our mom you didnt know her so you have no right speaking of her either.

  5. As always you are right dear Lepp Queen and I the peasant am wrong. But beat your ads I’ll let bookinferno take it from here then the PUBLIC can decide.

    • You really are fucked in the head, aren’t you? It’s not about being right. It’s not about being wrong. It’s about accepting responsibility for your actions. You don’t. You lie, cheat, steal, you USE people, and then you blame them for it. You hide behind anybody you can get to fight your battles for you. You say my daughter is too old for me to fight her battles. Well, how old is your scheming ass? Thirty? Forty? Yet you get all these other people to do your dirty work for you. Pity for them when the shit hits the fan and you throw them under the bus, just like you throw everybody under the bus. They’ll find out.

      Yeah. I’ll beat my ads. SMH.

      Please. If you have a shred of dignity anywhere in your body, stop embarrassing yourself.

    • What public whore breath the voices in your head? Those are the only people that read your comic book blog but go ahead thinking that you can put dear Leppy’s business on your rag blog and think it makes you less of a shit stain. It only proves more that your apetty trifling cunt go ahead and prove it some more so we can all point and laugh at what a joke you are.

      • Such a potty mouth. Do you kiss your mother with it? Oh it’s not just going to be that blog others have been contacted. The story Will get out there.

        Again as for my minor child she is no business of yours. She is well loved and a mommas girl thru and thru. Not a mental case so stop while your ahead.

        Again you wanna call me names fine but the trash lepp allows on her about a minor child is sickening.

        Go crawl back into your hole. I have a daughter to get ready for school.

  6. Tabetha get over yourself, seriously this has gone quite too far if you ask me You know you lied, schemed and threatened people to get the things you wanted or needed. You want to threaten with screen caps, be careful what you wish for. Many authors you have cheated have convos of you and things you have said. No they may not be able to take your ass to court but your words alone may hang you.I still don’t understand if you could have went legal all this time why didn’t you? Why won’t you answer any of the questions I put before you? The only thing you do when confronted with honest questions and proof is dance around until you can sink your teeth into something to divert attention to your misdealings.
    You say that JT goes on your page and trolls, not true many of your former authors and still “friends” have stated things that are on your page and have told me or JT, maybe others as well. How did you think I knew you still had my books up on your page to promote? Why do you think I contacted you to remove them? You were just tying to make yourself look more important. Not happening with my works there sweetie.
    Now to address your daughter since your sorry ass won’t let her be a damn child. You want her to be all grown so you can have a for life bestie. It doesn’t work that way. First you have to be a damn parent. Letting a 6 or 7 yr old child make choices like you are allowing her isn’t in her best interest. All children need structure and guidance from their parent. Allowing her to be painted up like Gwen S or anyone else is madness. Yes it can be cute. But fun is fun. You placing her in the same lineup as you making out with another female is WRONG. I don’t give a flying fart what Dee was going for with those poses, they need NOT be anywhere near where your young child may be posted. My daughter is 26, she did modeling and yes they applied LIGHT makeup on her. I don’t care about pin-up looks, aren’t they what were used back in the 50″s for guys to jerk off too? What are you not seeing? You are the one making your daughter to appear this way. When that angel grows up and googles anything with her name, guess what is going to pop up first? Yes you got it pictures of her and then pictures of her mom making out with a woman. Now I am not saying that two females or two males should not share happiness, what i am saying is have some fucking respect for your child if not yourself. You say you have respect to not allow he to see the shoot, but what about later on in life? Are you not seeing the big picture?
    As for a apology I have yet to see anything remotely apologetic in anything you have written. You allow these fools to say that all the authors are mad because you fired them. When are you going to tell the truth I fired your sorry ass, and the reasons behind the fact that you were FIRED. No I didn’t pay the termination fee, I didn’t even sign the pathetic scrap of paper where you said there was a no retaliation clause. Speaking the truth isn’t retaliation it is plain out facts. You can’t deny all that I have said so you stay quiet. You let that just roll on by. Why not take a stab in the dark and admit that I am at least right, that you didn’t fire me? Make Ember know the real truth. Open her eyes to your deception. Oh wait you can’t do that, because if you do, it would prove that not all these authors are against you, because they were fired. It would prove that your dealing were shady.
    As for sympathy for your mother’s passing, yes I do feel bad for your daughter not having someone she can count on anymore. What did you say to me when I was losing my father in law? Oh that’s right, “Just keep writing the erotica book and ignore the pain”. That was all you cared about my next book. Since you seen some of the poems I guess you thought that was your million dollar baby. Sorry you don’t get that book, I am more sorry I trusted you with my second book though.You didn’t call like the “family” you claimed to be. You did’t offer condolences, not one of your friends stopped what they were doing to console. It was business as usual. So sorry to sound cruel but what makes your life any better than mine? Why does the world stop for Tabetha to morn, yet I was told to put past it and write? Kind of fucking 2-wayed isn’t it? You have shown me nothing of kindness all you have shown to me is that you are a greedy sow. You want to keep your business out of everyone’s mouth then make things right. If not you have no one to blame but yourself.

    • Can you imagine? If there’s any chance that poor kid comes away from that family undamaged, she applies to a decent college. If she’s half as smart as get mom makes her out to be, it’s very possible. The college does a simple Google search. And what do they find? Mom with her tits hanging out, covered in fake blood, tonguing some chick. Maybe even pictures of the girl herself, made up like that. And what do you suppose the admissions panel decides?
      Right. No way in hell.
      But does mom give that a single thought? Does she care how her actions might reflect upon her child’s future? Nope. All her selfish ass cares about is her own pleasure. Her own instant gratification.

  7. I just seen the apology posted on that Inferno fiasco.I have to say Tabetha you took my words to heart didn’t you? Pretty much all that was written were things I myself told you to say. To show the new face of PF, to hopefully build from the ashes of MP. That was when I had faith in you. When I thought you were being honest and straight up. Remember?? “How do should I word this? I want them to see me as who I really want to be. I am trying to do better and with help from people like you I know we will rise from the ashes”. Sound familiar there anyone?
    .But what are you missing? You are saying the same things about PF as you did MP. YOU made mistakes, yet you are still doing the same damn things. You are still lying, cheating, stealing and conning people to do your bidding. You cannot put a fresh coat of paint on a old house and say that it is new, it’s the same principal here. You had a shit company, you attempted to sidestep any laws and regulations and formed PF. Now you have committed the same sins, the same mistakes and lied the same lies and you want to paint over it and call it DS. Why don’t you just call it like it really is BULLSHIT PUBLISHING. At least then people would know up front they are going to be screwed over.
    Please I beg of you stop your lying, using, cheating and scheming. If you were half the publisher you have made yourself up in your mind you would be using this “talent” to take care of your authors. You wouldn’t have time to give a shit about what JT, JAFO, me or anyone else has to say. Your authors would be shown that you are a good publisher.
    You are so worried about what the past is saying about you that your future is tainted before tomorrow even gets here. How are you being an effective person when you can’t get your head out of your own ass to see that YOU are harming your authors? YOU are the one taking from them with your schemes and fraud. All the time and effort you are putting forth here only shows that they are the last things on your mind.You don’t care about them, you want so much to prove you are better that the only thing you are successfully showing is that you are useless, They could take their works to Createspace themselves with as much time and effort you put into each one.
    You are not only doing a disservice to your authors but your family as well. Stop straddling the fence either be a woman or not but stop making others pay for your mistakes. Also for the record I am posting a link to the woman I wanted Tabetha to donate my books to to assist her in her dreams. Just to one prove there is no malice as was hinted to by one of her trolls about disabled people, and to also prove to her that I wasn’t lying to get free books to sell as she implied. To note this is in no way to seek donations for this fine lady. Just to prove a point.

    • I saw that “I apologize” post.

      Really? That’s the best they’ve got? Posting proof of every word we’ve said here? I’m sorry, but if that’s all they’ve got, they’re going to have to start over.

      That “apology” was written by Tabetha as her BEGGING me to take down the post proving that she used her mom’s name to scam Thea without her knowledge or consent. She BEGGED me, promised me ANYTHING. I told her all anybody wanted was an apology and to be paid back. She agreed to pay Thea back and wrote up a bullshit apology that I refused to accept because she blamed everybody but herself. It took several drafts and at least two people coaching her before she came up with something that sounded halfway sincere.

      She issued that apology and begged for a month’s delay before paying Thea back what she scammed her out of in the first place. We agreed, and for the sake of good faith, went ahead and took that article down.

      I said this:
      “When I got involved with all of this, my only desire was to protect my daughter’s interests.
      If Tabetha’s willing to make good on her debt to my daughter, accept responsibility and issue an apology, I consider my affairs with her square and finished. I hope that everybody involved reaches the same level of resolution.”

      I notice she chose to leave that part off of her post. Typical, picking and choosing what she wishes to show, rather than letting the whole truth speak for itself.

      I chose those words carefully, to emphasize that Thea isn’t the only person that needs to be paid back. And, to this day, she’s the only one that has been.

      Notice she never disputes that.

      The month passed, and the day she agreed to pay Thea back arrived. Tab tried her hardest to weasel out of it, saying she didn’t have money in the right account. We’d have to wait some more. We refused, and she magically discovered that she had the money, after all. She was LYING about not having it. That alone could have broken the deal, but we let it ride. Thea got her money back, and I posted that Tab and I were square. And, at that point, we were. It was months before she crept on to my radar. Slowly but surely, she started recklessly scamming new authors, back up to the same old song and dance.

      Instead of blasting her on the blogs, I approached her in private via PM to discuss it. Rather than talking to me like an adult, rather than discussing concerns about her authors like a professional, she chose to be crass and abusive. She chose to disrespect me. So, yeah. My exact words were “Bitch, it’s on.”

      You don’t have to take my word for it when it comes to my history with Tabetha Jones. And, no. I’m not going to post a few half-assed screen shots as “proof.” I don’t have to. I posted the whole thing when it happened. From start to finish. Anybody who wants the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the TRUTH can find that post HERE. It’s been there the whole time and isn’t going anywhere.

      You’re unbelievable, posting my contact with your authors as proof of… what? That I’m trying to ruin them? Take another look. I’m WARNING them about you. Am I saying mean, nasty personal things about you to people? No. I’m warning them about your scamming practices.

      Thank you for posting Eris’s screen shot. It PROVES, in your own words, that you had her information up on your new site without her permission.

      Trying to prove something negative about me, you’ve proven only that I am what I say I am: an advocate for authors.

      Yet another FAIL.

      You proved something, all right. That you’re an eejit.

      • What I don’t understand is why this “apology” is being dragged up as evidence? Can’t Ember see how weak this all is and how bad it’s making her look? Surely sorry only means sorry if you don’t intentionally repeat your mistake? Apologizing, and then carrying on scamming, lying and stealing, makes Tabetha’s “sorry” count for nothing. That’s just how it works in the adult world.

        Let’s pretend for a minute that Tabetha’s apology back then was genuine and not just a jumble of lies and responsibility-dodges. She could have meant everything she said, so let’s say for the sake of argument that she did. The problem is, it doesn’t matter how she meant it at the time, or how she intended things to to work afterward. What matters is what she did after she apologized. Actions speak louder than words.

        I’m starting to worry for Ember, as she obviously hasn’t the wherewithal or experience to assimilate the evidence in front of her and understand the implications of what she’s doing. If the drumbeats are accurate, isn’t she part of a publishing company? In one of the screen caps on her recent post, an author is seen to have written to Tabetha saying she is being “harassed”, but makes it clear that JT has only contacted her once. Anyone who knows the meaning of that word, both legally and literally, knows that harassment is linked to repeated instances, not just one. These repeated incidents have to come from one person, or a collective with an intent to harm or pester, not a whole bunch of different people trying to warn someone off a scam. If that author was contacted by several people warning her to avoid Tabetha then that’s not harassment. Please, look it up if you don’t believe me. How can someone who is part of a publishing company have such little comprehension of so weighty a word? No experienced writer, editor or publisher would get their prints on that train-wreck she’s just posted.

        I know I made a crack about Ember being a brat, but I’m starting to worry that she’s young; too young to understand that her fledgling career is being stomped all over by Tabetha Jones and her NPD agenda. The way she writes, I’d guess Ember was in her early twenties. I don’t know her, but I have enough compassion to see when a young woman is being manipulated. What’s more, she clearly has the passion to succeed in her field, but she has a lot of work to do in order to get her skill level up to that of a reputable publisher. I don’t see why she couldn’t do it, but this mess will hold her back, which makes me despise Tabetha even more for her blatant disregard for that young woman’s career. Ember’s aligning herself closely to a known thief and liar, and she’s doing her best to try and what? Say Lepp’s just a hater? Even if Lepp was, (she isn’t) what about the rest of us, who were lied to, our royalties stolen from us? Ember, if you want to be seen as honest, and someone with integrity – seeing as those words have struck a chord with you – then you need to start listening to those alarm bells you have going off inside your head. You know the ones I mean.

        Foolish and unprofessional behavior, such as siding with a known publishing scammer on a poorly crafted blog won’t bode well for you, Ember. That’s not a threat, it’s some advice.

      • They’re trying to make me out to be the liar and “deal breaker” because I took up blogging about Tabetha again upon discovering that she continues to lie, cheat and swindle people. She refuses tho accept that the responsibility for her actions are her own, and she thinks that if she takes pot shots at me, she can skate. Makes sense to her, I guess.

        Nothing she posts (parts of) now absolves her of her sins. The only thing that can do that is not continuing to repeat them. But she does. Same old song and dance.

  8. I do believe that the “apology” is being brought into play to show that Tabetha did say sorry. To discredit JT of a promise made which was not adhered to by Tabetha. Seems Tabetha is running out of patsies and ammo, so she is digging up the past to set her story straight. What she has effectively done is show again and AGAIN she is doing the same shit, using the same tired lines.The same lame excuses, made mistakes, others screwed up and the ever so present family issues.She will never take the fall and say the real truth. She will never admit that she was the one that has totally fucked up her life, her families life and the lives of several authors. Part of owning your mistakes and making things right sometimes means falling on your sword and ending the lies. But as long as Tabetha has Ember, and the lot backing her she won’t. They will be the ones that are sacrificed for her self worth, her agenda. No matter how you look at it, no matter what Tabetha has said that has changed it is still the same. She is still lying, scheming and cheating. She is still manipulating new authors and worse bringing other companies in to defend her and her lies. Again using hopes and dreams of others to benefit herself. Out of her own mouth and writing after repeatedly asking to take down the names SHE used to protect herself, SHE kept saying the names of these people she wanted the names removed. How does that add up? Don’t say the names don’t mention them but I can to taint them further. How is that logical? How does that even add up to making sense? She says don’t mention her child yet again here she is rambling on about the very same thing she demands no one to talk about!!! Little bass ackwards don’t you think? I think it has been mentioned that Tabetha can’t have her cake and eat it too,but you all are allowing her just that right. She sits back and schemes and you all run to her defense. You, the new authors and all who are backing her are allowing this to continue. Not only is it Tabetha’s fault it now falls on you all. If you continue to keep backing this play, these lies and covering for her you are just as accountable as she is. All of you are part of the body of the snake. The only way to kill the snake is to cut off it’s head. Now it is up to you, the new breed so to speak to change that. Cut ties with the snake or settle for the same fate when the snake loses it’s head. This is not a threat. It is a warning.

    • I’m going through my old conversation with Tabetha, all the way to the beginning, taking fresh screen caps. It’s STAGGERING how crooked she is, and how pathological. She’s been saying the same thing from the start. “I’m a victim.” “It’s not my fault.” “You just hate me.” And all of the excuses she comes up with to explain away her culpability. Almost verbatim, from that day to this. And all the while continuing to do the same thing.

      That’s not “mistakes” and she’s made not the slightest effort to learn from. She does whatever the hell she wants and gives a shit about no one but herself. She hasn’t changed one single little bit.

      I’m glad I’m taking a look back, thanks to her only posting part of what went on back then. I’m discovering quite a few inconsistancies. And, if she wants the absolute truth, she never fulfilled her agreement with me in full. I could have kept on posting about her that day. But I honored our agreement, even when she tried to weasel her way out of paying on the promised day. It wasn’t until she kept on cheating and scamming people that I took back up warning victims about her.

      As usual, she’s trying to assign the blame for her actions on somebody else. Me, this time.

      As usual, it doesn’t work. All she’s doing is exposing more of the truth about her, including the fact that she’s hiding behind somebody else to fight her battles for her, and that she doesn’t care in the least what affect it’ll have on that person’s life, company, family or livelihood. So selfish.

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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