The Call


Last night, I received a phone call from Dark Storm’s new(est) manager. She approached me in a polite and businesslike manner, at first, addressing concerns about her company, about how, now that she manages the company and is an author in it as wall, my blog affects HER, her reputation and her livelihood.

I appreciate that. But, if she’s so concerned about her reputation, her career and her livelihood, she certainly picked the wrong company to stake it all on. And I said as much. “I hate a liar,” she said at one point. I told her “Boy, are you working for the wrong company, then.”

During the course of the chat, she assured me (several times) that she’s about to graduate with a degree in business management. That’s great. I congratulated her. If she really can bring some professionalism to the company, all the better for the authors. I’m all for it. But if she’s just there to intimidate the authors, she’s nothing more than the literary equivalent of a loan shark’s leg-breaker, and that won’t fly.

She named her concerns one by one, starting with the live links I posted to those photo albums in my last post. They’re illegal, she insisted, and demanded that I remove them. I reminded her that, as a well educated person who assures me that she took law classes as part of her business degree, I’m sure she knows that posting live links does not infringe upon copyrights. She insisted again, that yes, it does. I invited her to forward me the statute. I also invited her to forward me emails that she and her boss claim they were sent PROVING that I contacted and harassed a magazine to force them to drop photos of Tab and another model. Not a screen cap, not copy and paste. FORWARD it to me. All of it. I’d LOVE to see all of that.

As of two minutes ago, I still haven’t received either of those. Funny how that works.

What is it called again when people accuse you of something you didn’t do… ?

She went on to express disdain at my comments that without Salena in those pictures, Tab looked like she was having a bad menstrual day. I said that she really had no room to complain when she’s rolling around covered in buckets of blood.
“It wasn’t blood!” she insisted, explaining that it’s corn syrup with dye in it.
“That looks like blood. So…”

She addressed other concerns, including the infamous “Dwarf whore” comments. I explained that those comments were in defense of that child, not to attack her. The new manager went on to say that because of my blog, that child is now having self-esteem issues, and mentioned something about anorexia and bulimia.
I said “Hang on. You’re telling me that because of my blog, that 7 year old child is an anorexic or bulimic?” She backpedalled quickly, saying no, but if she DOES become either of those, I would be liable for it.
I asked her to answer one question for me. How does that 7 year old child even know about my blog?
“Because you don’t have it blocked for under 18.” and because that child is old enough to get on the internet.
I said: “No, you’re not answering my question. How does that child even know my blog exists?” If her mother didn’t tell her about it, that child wouldn’t know the first thing about my blog. The new manager insists that Tab never told her daughter about the blog directly. Rather, the child overheard her mother talking about the blog to someone else.

I personally know that isn’t true. I’ve been on the phone and heard Tabetha RANTING about my blog with her daughter in the room. So have many others, both on the phone and in person. Tab doesn’t just talk about my blog, she foams at the mouth about it, in front of her daughter and anybody else that will listen. This manager claims to have known Tab for the last 5 years, yet says she’s never seen that happen. She also insists that she’s never seen Tab engage in other questionable behaviors that others have seen with their own eyes. So it’s pretty obvious that this new manager is just another hired sock puppet, spouting off Tab’s manifesto on cue. But she was polite, and it was fun shooting down each point she brought up, so I kept chatting.

There was the matter of the picture of that key that I posted. This new manager accused me of hacking Tabetha’s computer because there’s no other way I could have that picture. It was only sent in PRIVATE MESSAGE. So I must have hacked Tab’s computer to get it.
“Unless,” I instructed her “the person it was sent to gave it to me along with permission to post it.” Which is exactly what happened. That seemed to piss them both off — Yes, Tab was there, too, talking in the background, just like she was when she got Dee to call me and say many of the same things. But, like it or not, that’s the fact. No matter how many people she gets to call me to plead her case. Ir try to intimidate me. Or whatever.

This new manager touched upon the subject of people saying that Tab takes/took drugs, by insisting that If Tabetha went and took a piss test and came out clean, all those people that said she took pills would be liable for slander/defamation/etc, right? And maybe me, too, for allowing them to say it.
“Absolutely not,” I laughed. “That would mean that she’s not on drungs NOW. It wouldn’t mean that she wasn’t on drugs then.”
That didn’t go over very well. Drugs, she insisted, stay in a person’s body for a year, so if she tested clean now, that would vindicate her for ALL of those allegations. I could only laugh. But sure, let’s see that piss test. By all means. Who here thinks she’ll run straight to her PO and DEMAND to be tested, this very INSTANT!

Yeah. I don’t see that happening, either.

There was so much more, a full hour’s worth of chatter, about everything from how legal she insists the company and the contracts are now, to the fact that I’m liable for this, that, and the other.
“Great,” I said. “Get me in front of a judge. There’s a whole lot of stuff I’d LOVE to show a judge, on behalf of a whole lot of people that have been wronged by Tab and her company, whatever name she called it at the time. Every author that’s made an allegation about that company can back it up with proof. Tab might wish they’d go away, but the fact of the matter is that they’re still there. They’re real people that have been really hurt, and they can back up their claims with real proof. You’ve seen a lot of it right here on this blog. No, they don’t go away just because Tab wishes they would. And, statute of limitations or not, the truth never stops being the truth.

At one point, this new manager claimed to know a current MP/PF/DS author very well, loves her like family and would do anything for her. This is an author that has decided to leave Tab’s company, in every sense of the word, and who has been getting nothing but grief for it. Threats, fake emails, texts, PMs, you name it.
I said that if this author is somebody the new manager “loves like family” it’s a shame that she’s sitting there defending the person that’s treating said author so shabbily. I think she deserves better. I think all the authors do.

As the conversation wound down, she said that she hopes not to see her name on my blog. I assured her that, as of this moment, I have no reason to name her on my blog. And it’s true. If I CHOSE to, I could. We had a lengthy conversation about Dark Storm (Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire), which is completely relevant to the subject. And, she called me. I could run screaming about how that’s harassment, but I’m not going to do that. In fact, I invited her to call me any time.

One thing that amuses me, though, is that TAb has insisted up, down and sideways that she doesn’t have my address or phone number. That’s why she had to put dear mom on Skype with me.

So… if Tab doesn’t have my number, where did her manager (who called me from Tab’s “office” get it?
Thoughts to ponder.

But, for now, I’m not putting her name on my blog. She has not done anything to directly harm an author or model in any way that I’m aware of. Yet. She works for Tab’s bullshit company, so I could lambaste her for that alone. But she assures me that her intentions are to better the company and make sure the authors are paid and treated fairly. I can appreciate that, and I told her that I wish her the best of luck. If, by some miracle, that company becomes legitimate (in word and deed) and learns how to operate like a proper publisher, the people that would benefit are the authors, and I’m all for that.

However, if I do become aware that she has direct participation in the mistreatment of any author in any manner, I have no problem whatsoever putting her name all OVER this blog. And, since she’s the manager and assures me that from now on, anybody that wants to contact Tabetha has to go through her, I’m sure it won’t take long before she earns herself a spot on the wall of shame.

Over all, I got the feeling that I was supposed to be intimidated by this new manager’s forceful, direct approach. I wasn’t. It takes more than a misinformed mouthpiece to send me running. If anything, I was amused that they thought sending in someone new with the same old arguments would make any difference.

But it occurs to me that authors might be intimidated. By bringing in this “new” hired gun, Dark Storm’s owner might be able to intimidate authors in a way that she is becoming less and less able to do herself as the truth comes out about her. Maybe a new bulldog with a big mouth and a degree in business management can give her company the appearance of legitimacy, and intimidate authors, artists and models into thinking that they’re bound to her and trapped by her contracts.

Don’t be intimidated.

Authors, artists, models and anybody else she might try to intimidate, don’t let any new employee, partner, executive of sock puppet push you around. If a company isn’t legal, the contracts aren’t legal. Period. And if that’s the case, YOU ARE NOT BOUND BY IT. No matter how loudly anyone screams it, no matter now many sock puppets she hires to try and force it down your throat. If a contract isn’t legal, you can wipe your ass with it, claim your work and walk away unscathed. Tab and her new mouthpiece might scream about legalities, backed up by this degree in business management, they’ll tell you. But don’t be intimidated. Everybody in the house could have a PhD in quantum physics, and it still wouldn’t make an illegal contract into a legal one.

If you’re an author, artist or model (or anything else) that wants to get away from Tabetha Jones, do it. Take whatever work belongs to you (not just what she SAYS you can take, but any work you did) and walk. If she or her mouthpiece threaten you with legal action, call their bluff. Invite them to sue you. DARE them to. And if they do, let us know. There are a lot of us that would LOVE to see Tabetha Jones in front of a judge. That might just be the show of the century, with all the evidence so many victims have saved.

She won’t sue you. She’ll huff, and she’ll puff, and she’ll kick up a fuss, but she won’t sue you. No judge in the world would uphold an unconscionable, illegal contract from an illegal company, and she knows it. Her only hope is to bully you into either staying or paying to get away from her. It can only work if you let it. She only gets you to agree if you do so willingly, and she only gets your money if you hand it over. Do neither of those things. Tell her to stuff it and walk.

Don’t let her keep your work, either. She doesn’t have the right to keep or use it. She never did. Not if that contract is illegal. YOU own your work. Especially if you signed with a previous company that no longer exists. Contracts don’t “carry over” just because she says so. I’m sure her new hired gun with the business degree can tell her that. It simply doesn’t work that way. The only contract she can wave at you is any you signed with the current company. And even that’s only useful as toilet paper if it’s unconscionable or if the company that got you to sign it is illegal. And, no, it doesn’t matter that you signed it. If the company or contract isn’t legal, you can sign it a hundred times in fifty different languages and it’s still not binding. Do not be manipulated or bullied into thinking that you’re bound by a contract if it simply isn’t legal. No matter who she throws at you to intimidate you.

And before either of them kick up a fuss about all of these slanderous lies, I’d like to point out that both Texas and Louisiana are one-party states. I recorded that conversation and have no problem whatsoever posting it to prove that I’ve told the truth.

In closing, let’s not forget that none of this changes the fact that neither Tabetha nor her new manager have addressed the points brought up on the previous two posts: THE PUBLISHER GETS PAID FOR THIRD PARTY SALES. But the authors have not been.

If this new manager wants to make this company legit, that might be a good place to start.



I see that Tabetha’s up to her old tactics. She’s posting pictures like this

First of all, she doesn’t have “haters.” She has people that see right through her bullshit. There’s a difference. Secondly, I know she doesn’t mean us, because we are doing shit. We’re doing what she promises. We’re each of us going after our dreams. We’re doing the work to make it happen, whether we’re publishing, writing, painting or just living happy, productive lives. ANYTHING we do is worlds ahead of what passes for her life, scamming people by day and whatever chemical alterations she chases after at night.

She’ll cry foul, I’m sure, insisting that she doesn’t abuse any substances. But I’d challenge her to go right now and piss in a cup to get tested. Right. Who here thinks she would?

And this,

Protesting her innocence and claiming that all of her “mistakes” are “in the past.” Even though she’s still pulling the same shit to this very day. That’s not “mistakes” that are “in the past,” it’s a cold, calculated pattern of behavior.

I guess if she thinks she cries “It’s in the past!” “I’ve learned from my mistakes!” and “Everybody deserves a second chance!” loudly enough, she’ll find good-hearted suckers that she can manipulate into thinking it’s true, then take them for all she can before they wise up, too.

I also see that she’s cropping Salena out of photos they took together because Salena’s done with her.

Tab thinks, I guess, that if she crops Salena out of them, she can still use them, even though The Demon Asylum was Salena’s idea. Here’s what it looks like with Salena cropped out.

If you ask me, without Salena in the picture, Tab just look like she’s having a bad menstrual day. She needs to suck it up, buy some super-plus pads, plug it up, and learn how to treat models.

And, while we’re on the subject, who mentored who? Tab claims to be Salena’s “Mentor” in the supernatural arts, but take a good look at those photos. Tab’s the submissive, with Salena standing over her, teaching her a thing or two. That sums up the relationship.

Salena’s the real deal. Tab’s the wannabe. Without Salena, Tab’s just a sad joke. She can spackle on even more makeup and glue fake gems on her face like Salena does, but she’ll never be fabulous. Salena’s the genuine article. She walks the walk and lives the lifestyle. Tab never will be anything but a pale imitation.

The first photo shoot with Salena was as properly organized as anything Tab’s associated with can be. After that, Tab started inviting Salena over, off the books, to just snap some pictures and have a good time. Now that Salena’s cutting ties, Tab says that Salena has to pay for those first photos, and that she, Tab, gets to keep and do whatever she wants with the rest of the photos, because they weren’t organized shoots. Hell, that’s probably why she invited Salena over to do them in the first place. Tab knows that anybody with a half a brain cell is going to figure out sooner or later that she’s a fraud and scam and leave. So she sets up scenarios where she can get the most money as possible, and whatever she can keep. That’s her modus operandi. Keep what she can and keep exploiting whoever she can, to her own benefit. Just ask those people whose books are still up for third party sale. Just ask those models that are still on her website even though they’ve left her. Hell, ask anybody she’s ever done business with.

Tab’s also up to the usual tactics of trying to intimidate Salena into paying not just one, but several parting fees for leaving, including a $125 fee for pulling out of a magazine deal that wasn’t a deal at all. Tab submitted her pictures with Salena to a Vanity magazine and went bragging to Salena about what a great deal she made. That “deal” didn’t go through, so now Tab’s telling anyone that’ll listen that I contacted the magazine and made them change their minds.


If anything, they googled Tabetha Jones and ran screaming when they saw the bigger picture about her.

Tab’s also trying to hit Salena up for that termination fee from Dark Storm, too. So it’s a minimum of $250 she wants out of Salena before she’ll “let” her go.

I see Tab’s up to her old supernatural tactics, too, trying to intimidate Salena the same way she tried to intimidate Jackie. You know, the way I was supposed to be scared because Tab was sending her Voodoo practitioner after me, warning me to watch out for those “Gators that creep in the night.” *eye roll*

Now she’s doing it to those two. First, Tab sends an item that she’s “blessed” like, oh, say an heirloom key that’s been in her family for generations… when in reality it came from a Party City display.
Look familiar, anybody? Seems there’s more than one “family heirloom” key floating around out there. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

First, the “family heirloom” is blessed. Then, when the victim in question, be it model or author, learns what a liar and fraud she is and tries to leave, Tab tries to frighten them into staying, or paying to get away, by saying that because they turned on her, the “blessing” has become a “curse” to bring the wrath of Tab’s “higher powers” down on them. It’s their own fault, she says, because they shouldn’t have turned on her. SHE doesn’t practice dark arts, she insists. It’s their own fault. Like every other time she hurts anybody, or tries to and blames the victim while she claims total innocence.

There’s a WHOLE lot more to the story between Salena and Tab, but that can wait for another day. What matters the most is that Tabetha continues to act like she’s untouchable.

I also see her ignoring the questions raised in the last post.

It was PROVEN that the publisher gets paid for third party sales. Hell, she proved it herself with her own words in a post she thought would clear her. Instead, she further proved it. The publisher gets paid for third party sales even if the publisher just slaps people’s books on her own createspace free account without any editing or formatting. The publisher gets paid. But the authors haven’t been.

PROOF. Tabetha Jones gets paid for third party sales.
PROOF. The authors aren’t getting paid for those third party sales.

The fact that she ignores the issue PROVES that she has no more intention of explaining her way out of the lie she’s been telling all this time about third party sales than she does of paying her authors for them.

Authors, if your book is up for sale through any one of those third party sales, get in touch with Amazon. When your association with Tabetha Jones ended, the rights to your book reverted back to you. Even if she tries saying your contract still obligates you, your rights reverted back to you when the company closed down (even though it never legally existed in the first place).


That means that you can contact Amazon and find out how many copies of your book have been sold since you parted ways with Tabetha Jones. If there’s been even ONE sale that you haven’t been paid for, that’s THEFT. Period.

If you find that any of your books have sold, including anthologies to which you contributed stories or poetry, and you didn’t get paid, that’s THEFT. There’s no explanation that can excuse it. That’s money you earned that you didn’t get paid. Period.

If you find that you’ve had even a single thin dime stolen from you, report her ass for theft.
Here’s the number to the Waco police (254) 750-7500
Here’s the number to the District Attorney: (254) 757-5084
Here’s the number to the Texas Rangers: (512) 424-2160
Here’s how to contact the Texas Attorney General: (254) 754-5402

And, while we’re at it, that’s not just theft, it’s copyright infringement because she sold your work without your knowledge or consent.
Here’s how to report her to the FBI for copyright infringement.

Don’t settle for getting lied to. Don’t settle for getting stolen from. Don’t settle for being a victim. Not for one second more. Take back your work. Take back your rights. Take back your power.

That tricky left hand

You know, the one that doesn’t want you to know what it’s up to while the right hand plucks a coin from behind your ear, or a rabbit from a hat. Or pointing fingers anywhere else that it doesn’t want you looking.

For example, a scam publisher who claims to have shut down not one, but two previous publishing companies in favor of opening a new one.

Yet somehow, books from either/both of those “closed” companies keep turning up for sale on the web.
Blood Vengeance The Draven Witch Series Book 2 Phoenix Fire (October 5, 2012)
Author, Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones).
Check out the price of that one, btw. $999.11? What a joke!

The Devil’s Pet Kitten, Phoenix Fire (November 3, 2012)
Author Beth Wright

Look for old MP/PF (even current DS) titles published by “CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform” as well.
Blood Games: A Blood Kisses Anthology, volume 2. (March 30, 2015)
Authors Amelia Birch, Andre Sanders, Charolete Ondac, Daniel Rose, Daniel Cotton, Deborah Drake, Grant Elliott Smith, James Pratt, Kate Monroe, Kim Stevens, Mark Slade, Mathias Jansson, Mike Casto, Jodie Pierce, Nikki Palomino, and Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones).
Interesting that the publication date is March 30, 2015, but there’s a review (penned by one of the authors) from Dec 9, 2014.

Bloody Kisses A Dark Anthology of Creatures of the Night, (March 20, 2015)
Authors Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones), Karrye Angello, Nikki Palomino, and Jodie Pierce.

Deviants After Dark is a new title, published March 20, 2015.
Authors Zoey Sweete, L.D. Hutchinson, Ruby Rose, Shaye Evans.

There’s also Wicked Enticements A Compilation of Guilty Pleasures, (March 30, 2015)
Authors Charolette Ondac, Emerald Rai Fleurs (Tabetha Jones), Mistress Thanatella, Huey Mussleman, Ivy Sinclair, Joy Fulcher, Kate Monroe, Kim Stevens, Lance Schonberg, Martin Smith, Zoey Sweete (TJ), T. Fox Dunham, Shaye Evans, and Thomas Folske.

What’s up with that? How is it being published by any publishing company when the “publisher” won’t even put the company’s name on the book? That’s not a publishing company. More likely, that book was published on somebody’s personal account. How can those authors expect to get any straight answers about what royalties they earned?

The first thing she’ll say is that it’s third parties that are selling those old books. Not her. So who’s responsible?

“It’s other people selling them!” she’ll cry. “I don’t get money from that!”

Oh, but she does. In order for some third party to RE-sell a book, that means that the book had to have been bought in the first place.

For example, if I buy a book by Stephen King, he gets paid royalties for that sale. Then he’s out of it. If I choose to sell that book as a used book, it has nothing to do with him. He already got paid his royalties. Whether I make a dollar from selling my used paperback or a million from a treasured early first edition, it involves him not in the least. When I first bought the book, he got paid his royalties in the beginning.

That’s what you need to remember when she cries “Third party!” The fact that for a third party to sell a used book, they had to buy it in the first place. Got that?

There’s no way Daily Deals or anybody else can sell a used book unless they bought it first. That means that SOMEBODY got paid for that original sale, and it sure as hell wasn’t the author.

“They bought it from Ingram’s catalog!” She’ll say, claiming that assorted booksellers can do an end-run around the publisher and buy books straight from the source, without going through her, the publisher. So, according to her, she owes the author nothing.

Sorry, buttercup, but it doesn’t work that way. Not in the industry, and not according to Ingram. They were happy to answer questions about this very sort of thing. And they made it very plain. Nobody can buy or sell a book from Ingram’s “catalog” except the publisher. NOBODY. Period.

By all means, don’t take my word for it. Call Ingram yourself and ask. 615-793-5000

So it’s one of two things going on, when it comes to these third party sales.
1) Some third party bought a book in the first place and the publisher didn’t pay the author.
2) The scam publisher is selling the book now with no intention of paying the author.
Either way, who is it that gets shafted? That’s right. The author.

So when you see those books by Mystic and Phoenix, or even new books published without the benefit of ANY publisher’s name on them, ask yourself one question. Who gets paid? I think we all know the answer to that.

You’re welcome.

The Wannabe

noun wan·na·be \ˈwä-nə-ˌbē\
: a person who tries to look or act like someone else (such as a famous person) : a person who wants to be a particular person or type of person

1: a person who wants or aspires to be someone or something else or who tries to look or act like someone else
2: something (as a company, city, or product) intended to rival another of its kind that has been successful; especially : one for which hopes have failed or are likely to fail

For example, someone who thinks that rolling around on her couch naked while her sister snaps pictures to plaster on Facebook makes her a model.

Or that throwing other people’s books on Createspace’s free account without editing or formatting them makes her a publisher. In fact, all it makes her is a scam artist, keeping people’s money for doing absolutely nothing. Hell, an author could do that for themselves and keep whatever royalties they get.

You know the type. Somebody who thinks that following a real goth around like a puppy dog and dumping a gallon of blood over her head actually makes her one. Just because she sees that the genuine article is glamoroized and admired, and she wants that kind of attention for herself. She’ll never get it, of course. Some people actually walk the walk. Others just wannabe.

Or, for the sake of conversation, someone who thinks that spewing hatred toward someone makes her a witch, dancing a jerky jig under a full moon and blabbering out some fake mumbo-jumbo over a “gift” that she sends to somebody to bury in their yard to “bless” them gives her the power to curse them if they “wrong” her. Or to make anybody she doesn’t like sick, or worse. To kill their relatives.

You guys remember that, don’t you? When I was away for a couple of days attending the funeral of a loved one, a certain wannabe jumped all over my blog claiming that it happened because of my “karma” and saying that she had sicced her voodoo priestess on me. She practically danced on the grave.

I let it slide when she so gleefully claimed responsibility for the internal bleeding that hospitalized me a couple weeks ago, because of how ridiculous that is. I’ve laughed it off for the longest that she thinks that she’s the one that makes my neighbor’s dogs bark so much, to torment me, claiming responsibility for my loved one’s passing. She’s a mental case and intellectual fucktard, so it’s not surprising. It is sick and sad, though.

And then today, after I posted on FB that I was in tears because I just can’t live like this, with those mutts barking day and night, not letting me get more than a couple hours of sleep a night, it started getting back to me that she’s not only celebrating my misery, she’s claiming responsibility for it, practically giddy that her curses are working on me so well.

What a moron.

What’s even worse is that I think she actually believes it. She really thinks that because she has such a Jones for me, that her hatred for me actually affects my life in some tangible way, making me sick or killing off my relatives. That’s what makes it that much more of a farce. That she really believes it. There’s got to be a word for that. For that matter, there’s got to be a pill for it. Not the wide variety or pretty ones that go down with a full-bottle chaser late at night, to make her miserable, unbearable life go away for awhile. No. I mean real, helpful medication that might actually help her get a grip on reality.

Oh, who am I kidding? First, she’d have to admit that there’s anything wrong with her, and in her sick, twisted little pea brain, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her. There’s no changing a sociopathic narcissist, remember. There’s only escaping one.

My cursed ass didn’t sit here all day boo-hooing because I had a bad start. I pulled my big girl panties up and got some work done on my store. I didn’t get the editing or painting done today that I wanted, but I will, sooner than later. I got some good work done today, and I’ll do even more tomorrow. Productive things that will potentially improve upon my life, and the lives of those that I love. Something positive that makes me happy and maybe, hopefully, somebody else, too. Something healthy. Or at least reasonably sane. Do you think the wide-mouthed frog that stalks my FB, stalks my business and THINKS she’s some kind of witch casting spells on me can pull her head out of my ass long enough to say the same?

Bitch, please.

And, you. The peanut gallery,

Author Casia Schreyer Donates Profits from Debut Novel to Help Bully Victims


Nothing Everything Nothing is a young adult contemporary novel about the tragic effects of bullying as seen through the eyes of the victim. Molly experiences severe bullying and harassment, both in person (at school, in the store, on the street) and online and it drives her to attempt suicide.

But Nothing Everything Nothing isn’t a book that dwells on problems. We already know there are problems. This is a novel that talks about solutions, and the biggest solution offered here is: talk to somebody.

When Molly closes down lines of communication, her problems get worse. She becomes isolated, vulnerable, and afraid. On the occasions when Molly reaches out, to her mother first and later to the school, the police, and the psychologist, things start looking up. It’s a long road full of ups and downs. Molly’s journey is a painful and difficult one, but it has a hopeful ending and approaches the issues at hand without preaching.

Author Casia Schreyer handles the issues of depression and suicide with respect and accuracy. In her own words: “When Robin Williams committed suicide, suddenly everyone was talking about living with depression and recovering from suicide, I had dozens of blogs and articles on the subject come across my Facebook newsfeed and my blog reader. I read all of them. I wanted this novel to be an accurate, and compassionate, look at something that affected thousands of people every year.”

So how does a novel about bullying help bully victims? Well, aside from the fact that it sends a message to victims that they are not alone and that getting help is possible, Casia Schreyer chose to donate part of her profits from the sale of this self-published novel to Kids Help Phone.

Kids Help Phone is a non-profit organization that provides children and teens across Canada with 24/7 access to a telephone hotline and a private online chatline. Any child or teen across Canada can, at any time, call or go online and talk to someone about anything. They deal with suicide ideation, bullying, mental health questions and concerns, abuse, addictions, and depression. They rely on government funding and public donations to keep their services open.

Casia Schreyer donates half of her royalties from every copy of Nothing Everything Nothing sold. What does that mean? $1 from every copy purchased online, be it paperback or e-book, and $2 from every paperback purchased directly from her, goes straight to this important group. Since the book’s release in November 2014 she has raised over 200$ for Kids Help Phone.

To hear Casia Schreyer talk about the story behind this book and her reasons for setting up this fundraiser, you can tune in to her radio interview on May 1st at 1:30pm -5 hours UTC. If you live in Manitoba Canada, you can listen at 680AM. From anywhere else in the world, you can listen at And if you are local to Manitoba, you can visit Casia Schreyer at 400 Spence St in Winnipeg on May 3rd, starting at 10 am local. She will be at the Kids Help Phone walk-a-thon selling and signing copies of her book.

You can purchase the book on Amazon (America, Canada), Kobo, B&N,Smashwords, Nook and Kindle. $2.99 USD for the e-book and $8.99 + shipping for the paperback (only available on some Amazon sites and on Createspace.

Do you live in southern Manitoba? You can contact the author on her blog, to buy a paperback direct from her for $10 CDN.

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According to Leah’s rant on April 3rd (you know, the one where she accuses me of things I haven’t done, blasts out my name and curses like a sailor), Tabetha Jones is no longer on facebook.
And before anybody gets their knickers in a knot because this is only part of the post, the whole thing is still here on this blog and there on her page, along with a gripe that somebody’s reporting her account because “somebody doesn’t like her.” Not because she wrote a defamatory tirade or anything.

Griping that “SHE’S” the one getting picked on, the poor, innocent little thing.

She just doesn’t understand that she’s responsible for the consequences of her actions. If she writes something abusive and defamatory on FB, she can expect for it to get reported. And as long as she actively participates in Tab’s schemes, she’s doing two things. First, she’s keeping HERSELF embroiled in the drama, not some innocent little bystander that’s getting picked on just because of who she’s friends with.

Second, she’s letting Tab hide behind her. If Tab gets Leah all revved up about coming to Louisiana to sue me, and Leah runs off at the mouth, well, nobody’s looking at Tab, are they? That’s the plan anyway. But it’s a plan we know all too well. We’re still looking right where the lies begin. Including the ones being told to Leah that have her so upset.

Which leads us back to the point. She says that Tab’s gone from FB.


All evidence to the contrary.

It’s two weeks later and she’s still on FB. So is Zoey Sweete, and so are all of her many, many alts. Dark Storm‘s still there, too. So how does that “no longer exist on facebook”?

Sounds to me like some cooked-up scheme for sympathy that hasn’t happened yet. So wait for it, folks. It’s likely to sound something like… “Lepplady’s such a cyber bully that I first had to hide my company from to protect my beloved authors from her abuse, and now her bullying has forced me to shut my company down! See? Lepplady doesn’t care who she has to destroy just because she hates me! Sob, Sob!”

Or something very like that.

Just another lie exposed. You’re welcome.

Sep fee, revisited

I see that “Mistress Lexi” got her fur all up about how perfectly logical it is for a publisher to hit departing authors up for an early separation fee. She called it an “Early Termination Fee” saying:

Over the weekend many rumors floated around. Seriously people? I wrote a story about a young lady getting screwed over by a publishing company. Being new, is not an excuse. Since Friday, I have heard the tales of how other authors left because of this or that. Something is to be said if authors are leaving in bunches; shady at best. What happens to that company is totally forthcoming. These rumors lead me to a hot topic and one that might surprise you. No, I am not bashing the company but giving an outlook on a topic I feel needs to be discussed.

A debate about Early Termination Fees (ETF) crossed my desk late last night. To be honest I have mixed emotions on this topic.

No one’s work should be held hostage for the incompetence of a publisher. Flip the coin and a publisher should not be taken advantage of either. I would love to take a stand but I am having difficulty agreeing to all that is before me at this time.

During my research, I have found several cases of authors getting hit with high fees when the publisher did wrong. What if that author just up and left the company? Should all the people working on that manuscript get screwed? I am positive the last question’s answer depends on the contract between publisher and associate.

With the rise of vanity presses; many of which cannot afford money upfront but are willing to help authors publish their manuscripts. These companies are willing to provide covers, print and e-book formats along with edits in order to seem like a big name publishing house. After asking several author friends of mine, I have been told it can get expensive. Sites charging $25 and up just for advertising. Edits, see my post before to get a feel on those costs. Cover artist charge from the low of $30 to the upwards of $1,000. Yes, it does depend on what the author wants.

I mentioned on the editing post an author left, so let’s make up a scenario:

An author leaves shortly after first rounds of edits. No evidence of contractual differences. Just leaves. The manuscripts has been edited to a point it would be better than it started out. Within hours the author can self-publish that manuscript. The publisher still must come up with money to pay the editor for job was done in a timely manner. In this case no early termination fee was present.

The publisher must eat the cost but why? A happy medium should be formed so all parties are protected. Editors have reached out and are willing to take a percentage of royalties so money up front does not have to be paid. Editors do make sure you have a clause in contract, if the person leaves you still get paid.

While cover art is provided and it needs to be paid for. Who is responsible? The owner still has to fork out that money.

When signing a contract in which an author gives the company a fixed amount of royalties, the author in the long run pays back the money the company uses to better the manuscript. Why when the author breaks the contract is it bad to have a clause in the contract for them to pay a fee?

Mind you, stupid excuses of why things cannot be completed drives me totally nuts. “I am in pain” to “my cat died.” You are a business person-one of these small things should not lead to a horrible disaster that causes an author not to get published.

Curiosity has me thinking about what the company is going through if authors left after many key areas of getting ready to be published have already taken place. Guess my soft side is showing through, don’t get the wrong idea I still believe Kinship is not the best place to go to get published.

With Love,
Mistress Lexi

See what I did, there? I provided the entire post, not just snippets I thought would serve my purposes. That’s what we do, here. We tell the whole truth.

Only a scam publisher or someone defending a scam publisher would ever write up such a ridiculous defense of ripping off authors as they try to leave a scam publisher. And only somebody covering for Tab, specifically, would try to turn a post that describes Tabetha’s company, Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire Publishing, Dark Storm Publishing to a T would try at the end to twist it around on a rival company. It’s so transparent it’s not even funny. SMH.

Most of all, I can’t get over thinking how much this post reminds me so much of when my duaghter tried to leave Mystic Press.

After being promised the moon by Tabetha, “Mystic press will do EVERYTHING!”

Thea paid $165 (or thereabouts) which, according to her contact was supposed to pay for accounts at Createspace and Lightningsource (which Tabetha sets up for free, btw, those fees were pure profit for her) and for cover art.

Once the money was paid, Tabetha told Thea that she wasn’t going to publish the book, trying to insist that Thea had breached the contract by not replying in a timely manner, which simply wasn’t true. And Thea can p rove it. That’s Tabetha backing out, not Thea breaching her contract, like Tabetha insists. So Thea asked for her money back.

The money was gone, Tab said. It had gone to pay the editors that had already invested their time in Thea’s book. They don’t work for free, Tab insisted. They got paid. No money left. Sorry.


The contract, TAB’S contract, didn’t say that the money was for editing. And we all know that she doesn’t pay her editors, anyway. She inbreeds substandard editing work from other authors that are neither qualified nor trained for the job and promises to pay them higher royalties. The joke’s on the editors/authors, though, because proper royalties didn’t get paid anyway. She knew going in that she was getting free work out of them. They’ve found that out and left her, just like the newer ones will.

Thea’s contract said that the money she paid was for a Createspace account, a Lightningsource account, and cover art. The book never went to print, so no Createspace or Lightningsource accounts were created for that project. And Tab’s artists at the time couldn’t produce the type of cover Thea wanted, so I made it. That’s right. ME. So not a single penny of what my daughter paid went toward what the contract called for.

Tab tried a couple of times to make her excuse about paying editors stick, tried to throw Cindy Carlo under the bus, saying that Thea should never have been accepted in the first place. She tried blaming Eric, she even tried to say that she paid $65 bucks for an ISBN, which is ridiculous because we all know that she uses Createspace’s free ISBN nubers. She tried blaming Thea’s “choppy” writing, tried everything she could think of, but Thea accepted none of that. She stuck to the contract, which said that the money was earmarked for online accounts and artwork, not editors.

When the editor bid didn’t fly, Tab tried to hit Thea up for that famous separation fee, only back then, I think it was as much as $300 bucks. Thea told her to stuff it.

Tab tried to hold Thea’s book hostage, asking for that sep fee. Thea told her to stuff it.

Tab then offered to “graciously” agree to release Thea from her contract and give her back her work, but only if Thea would sign a paper agreeing not to talk about Tab or any of their dealings. Thea told her to stuff it.

Tab huffed and puffed, bellowed and blustered, threatening Thea with everything in the book, including that Red Herring lawyer of hers. But Thea, bless her heart, stood her ground and told Tab to stuff it.

For your reading amusement, here are caps of the chat. Thea still has everything, just like the rest of Tab’s victims do. As ever, they can PROVE everything they claim. But this is the part relevant to the claims about not paying the money back because of the editors.

Eventually, with no other choice, Tab released Thea and her work. It took more than a year, but she paid Thea back, too, but only when her ass was over a barrel and she had no other choice. She calls that blackmail. I call it justice.

The point, here, is that this claim about how editors should be paid at the author’s expense is not a new one. Not by a long shot. It is, in fact, recycled from Tab’s business practices from years ago. Almost verbatim.

To answer Lexi’s question:
“Should all the people working on that manuscript get screwed?”

No. They should get paid for their work, but not by the author.

“The publisher must eat the cost but why?”

Because they’re the publisher. Duh.

“Who’s responsible?”

The publisher, that’s who. Editing, formatting, artwork, promotion, marketing, physical manufacture of the books, these (and many more) are things that publishers DO. They do ALL of the work that goes into the production and promotion of a book, from the time a submission is accepted to the time the book goes out of print. That’s what entitles a publisher to keep a percentage of the money the book makes. THAT’S how a publisher makes money. Not by squeezing money out of the author up front or on their way out the door.

Money flows TO the author. Not FROM them. Real publishers know this going in. That, very simply, is the job.

If a publisher can’t do what it takes to get the job done, If they do such a horrible job that the authors feel the need to leave, then yes. The publisher eats it. If they can’t handle that, if they can’t do the job, they need to go back to pimping pizzas.

One last thing before I wrap it up. Remind me again, who has a habit of mashing the words “up” and “front” together into upfront…? It’s right on the tip of my tongue.