Sep fee scam

And while we’re on the subject of scams…

If you’ve ever signed a contract with Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire Publishing or Dark Storm Publications, be on the lookout for the dreaded separation fee clause.

A certain scam publisher is seriously strapped for cash these days, and most of her friends and family are tapped. Sob stories about utilities getting shut off only go so far.

The biggest moneymaker in her whole scheme is that separation clause. You know the one. It says that for early termination, there shall be a $125 fee. It doesn’t stipulate whether termination has to be made by you or by her. It only says that if the contract terminates before the year (or whatever) is over, she’s going to try to make you pay.

Her contract says that she can terminate your contract for any reason. Poor sales, excessive returns, or “or any other reasons as decided by the Publisher.” That’s right. She can ax your contract any time she wants, for any reason she can think up. Then she can turn around and try to collect that separation fee from you. What’s it up to now? $125.00? That’s a lot of money.

Don’t let her fool you, authors. She doesn’t care about your dreams. All she cares about is your money. She won’t get much by skimming (or outright stealing) your royalties. With no editing, formatting, marketing or promotion, those books don’t have a single chance of success. Neither do you as an author.

Her best chance of getting money out of you is to set you up to breach your contract and hit you up for that $125 fee. After she screams breach, she’ll wave your contract in your face, threaten you with a lawyer (that doesn’t exist), hold your work hostage and harass you until you cave in and pay, just to be rid of her.

She might even threaten to have your wages garnished.

And she might not limit herself to authors she’s currently got signed. She might dip back into the pool of past authors, just like she does with those mysterious “third party” sales of your books that you don’t see a dime from. I wouldn’t put it past her to pick on former authors, hitting you guys up for money, citing some “forgotten” or “overlooked” kink in the contract that allows her to come after you for money, even years after you’ve left her. Maybe for as much as $50 bucks.

Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, Dark Storm authors, don’t fall for it. Your contract was never legal and binding, even if you signed it. You can sign it a hundred times and no judge would uphold it in a court of law. Not only is it illegal on its merits, but it’s also unconscionable. It’s worthless. You can wipe your ass with it and tell her to take a hike.

So if she tries to hit you up for a separation fee, tell her to stuff it up her ass sideways. She’s not entitled to a single dime from you. Like any scam artist or beggar on the street, she only gets your money if you hand it over willingly. Don’t.

If she threatens to garnish your wages, sic her lawyer on you or take you to court, call her bluff. Make her sue you. DARE her to sue you. She won’t. She can’t. She doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and she knows it. The last thing that con artist wants is to see the inside of a courtroom.

Think about it. In all the years she’s spent threatening to sue people, how many has she actually served? That’s right. NONE.

She’s just trying to bully you into giving her money. That’s your money. You worked hard for it. Don’t hand it over to some con artist.

Let her get money to go slumming at the strip club somewhere else.


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  1. I’d like to point out for the sake of agument that since Phoenix Fire and Mystic Press no longer exist, any contracts issued on behalf of those “companies” would have to be reissued by Dark Storm to make them valid. It sounds like the authors who left previous incarnations of Tabby’s company would never have signed any new contracts with Dark Storm. The old ones are unenforceable under the new company.

    • Tabetha gets around that by slapping a statement in her contracts saying that all contracts “carry over” if the company is sold or given away. So she tries to make former victims think they’re stuck with her and her contracts. It’s not legal and it doesn’t work that way, but she’s betting that her authors are gullible enough not to know that.

  2. I had a rather amusing chat this evening with Ember via FB pm.And only minutes after her real-life counterpart “hung up” on me. Both accusing me of being the bully and the harassing hag, while both of them are the ones that initiated contact with me.

    She’ll doubtless post it to PROVE how I threaten her and her authors, and I’m fine with that. I tried every way I know how to tell her that it’s not too late to get her authors away from her puppet master’s drama. It hasn’t landed on them, yet. And if she cared a single thing about them, she’d get them away from the drama.

    If she doesn’t take action to keep them away from the drama, she has nobody but herself to thank for it when it lands on them. That’s not my fault. I didn’t drag them into the drama by association. She did.

    You can bet the house that Tab doesn’t care about her, or her authors. She’ll throw anybody under the bus to cover her own ass. We’ve seen it. But Ember should. If she doesn’t care enough to keep her business or its clients out of the line of fire, they only have her to thank for being in it in the first place.

    “That’s a threat!” She’ll scream. “You’re a bully!”

    All evidence to the contrary. I’ve gone out of my way NOT to name Ember, her company, or any of its clients. She’s already implicated herself, handed me the chance to out them all, and I’ve left it alone. Those authors don’t deserve to be dragged through Tabetha’s drama just because their publisher doesn’t care enough to keep them out of it. How that makes ME the heartless bitch, I don’t know.

    Whatever. She can put whatever spin she wants on my words to try to deflect attention away from her Boss Buddy. I’ll be over here advocating for authors against a known scam artist, thief, and liar. Just like I have been the whole time.

    • Are you kidding me? I am NOT Ember stop trying to state that I am. I had NOTHING to do with any of this bullshit until today. I made covers for Tabetha that was it! That’s a matter of business. Seriously get a life and if you think I’m seriously Ember you have a shit ton of homework to go and do. I do NOT and WILL NOT make blogs to sit here and bash somebody for days. I say it straight to their face.

      If you think for one second that I am her you are sadly mistaken both you and JT here or anyone else who does shit to either of my companies because you believe a false lie I swear to god you will be added into my court case. This is slander, harassment and god knows what else. I’m DONE with it. I’ve done absolutely NOTHING to any of you I didn’t even fucking know who the hell you were JT until today and Eric I met once a long long long LONG time ago.

      I’m sick and tired of being pulled into things I haven’t had anything to do with to start with. Enough is enough from all of you all sides. Here or Book inferno. They have screen shots of what you said and eric both yes, yes i allowed her to post them you know why? I have NOTHING to hide because i am NOT Ember!!!!!! And if you do NOT stop I will be involving the Authorities.

      I live off my companies, BOTH of them, and I JUST re-opened MHP so I have no clue what Authors you’re speaking of. I took it from my mom because she gave me it to run and I’m trying to full out re-open my company and you people think “Hey she makes book covers for Tabetha! Hey look, she MUST be Ember!!” Seriously!?!? Are you KIDDING Me!?!

      If you want to try and ruin someone’s lively-hood and the way that they make a living so that they can survive you damn well better be prepared for calls from Lawyers and police. I. Am. DONE.

      • That’s a whole lot of protesting, there, Leah.
        But tell me, if you just reopened MHP and don’t have any authors, how is it that you live off of that company?
        Screen shot away m’dear. I didn’t drag your name here. You did.

      • Hang on. This is the first time your name has appeared on here, and you were the one to do it. Wind your neck in, toots. Maybe you should be having a go at Ember, seeing as she named you for all to see. The whole “Here’s her name, but watch out for the backlash! ” shit seems orchestrated, and the “backlash” is biased. Not suspicious at all, nope.

        This is such a heap of crap. Embryo isn’t seeking truth or helping anyone, she’s just trying to start trouble.

      • I’ve already spoken to her, Angry Author. The reason I came here and what not stating this is in private messages JT and Eric or something another were both claiming i’m Ember and this started from Eric messaging me with Hi ember, i asked who that is and he basically started calling me stupid for genuinely being confused as to what the hell he was talking about.

        I’ve seen how Ember talks seriously? I do not talk like her and also no offense to authors or anything but i seriously hate poetry its just not my thing. Nor is bashing people, the reason I came here is because i’m tired of this stupidity already. Enough, k? Stop it. Look for someone else to call Ember or harass or whatever else. Me, MHP, and my Graphic art company have nothing to do with any of this though.

        What happens from here on out is whatever. If any of you wish to ask me questions or discuss something feel free to email me:

        But i rather not continue on posting on a blog. Plus i’m trying to figure out how to stop notifications in my inbox from this as is. (Seriously, how do you stop it..?)

      • it’s called being an Author firstly and secondly I said companies. Meaning not just THAT one company but both that and my graphic art company. I never once dragged my name anywhere Eric and you did. The day that Ember finally tells you people who she is will be the day I expect an apology from you. I’m never going to bash you or any one else, and i’m for sure never going to do what you’re doing. Unlike you I actually know when enough is enough and also how to let someone’s mistakes go. Apparently, you do not ever find that you’re wrong nor do you like to double check your facts and you know what? That’s fine. That’s just how you are, I won’t fault you for it. But, I will tell you this right now, never in my life have I ever been so hurt by a human before nor have I ever been so confused.

        Have a good day, JT as well as anyone else here.

    • I’d add Dave Kuzminski of Preditor & Editors to the list. Phoenix Fire and Mystic Press were both assigned “not recommeded” ratings.

  3. Sadly Leah, they are only mistakes when made once. After that it is habit, cruelty, abuse or just they don’t give a fuck. That is all your friend Tabetha is screaming “I made mistakes” how many times are the same mistakes repeated before you see them for what they are. Intentionally done to hurt and betray? They aren’t boo-boo’s, they are plotted, manipulated and calculated. I don’t know where you think you are going with this diversion of yours, but again think before you speak. You never know who is really backing you or who is sinking the knife in deeper.

    • I work for her. Do you understand this? That’s all I do. She buys a book cover, I make it. Big deal, it’s called business. You work with all kinds of people as long as they PAY you which she does. I haven’t done anything to get the messages I’m getting from people and I haven’t at all threatened anyone apart from Lawyers and such due to people threatening my companies that had and have nothing to do with the drama going on between half of you.

      You people really need to stop attempting to brainwash me or even get me to read posts. I do not want involved in any of it and yes, JT and Angry I’m aware i brought my name here but its the fact that she’s threatening my company. She messaged me with that stuff last night, I do not take well to it. I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve any of this.

      Do not involve me any farther. Do not ask me to pick sides. Do not talk to me like i’m five. and for fucks sake stop acting like if you say it enough times to me i’ll magically change my mind. News flash, I’m a rather independent young woman, I go with what I choose to do and not to do, so none of what you say has influence over me. Thanks.

      • Leah, who the fuck are you to start giving it the “you people” crap? We fucking people are many. We have all been screwed, lied to repeatedly, and almost quit writing because of Tabetha Jones. You think it’s okay to just dismiss that as “brainwsshing” because you want to rant about some piece of shit gossip that hasn’t even made it on here? You come diving into the middle of this, throwing false accusations around, and get your nose bent out if shape because it’s pointed out to you that your mistaken? Now THAT’S drama. You want to be address like an adult? Then fucking act like one! Don’t you dare suggest “we people'” haven’t went through what we did. The only reason we came here was to help other authors. You call us liars and brainwashers, we’re going to get angry.

        Maybe if you acted rationally in the first place you wouldn’t be dealing with any of this. We’re not trying to get you to do anything except think. If you’re so independent, why are you not capable of reading a post and making up your own mind? You look like a total ass right now because you’ve listened to gossip and then jumped all over an unrelated post. No one is asking you to take sides. Jump down off that high horse and get with the program. Someone obviously leaked your name to try and start all this shit, can’t you see that?

      • It’s Tabetha’s (and therefore Leah’s) tactic to say that I’ve “brainwashed” all of you to hate Tabetha and think all of these negative things.

        By saying so, she completely disrespects each of you as being an intelligent person that can think for yourself. She completely insults you by insinuating that you aren’t authors that have been lied to, cheated, and scammed. Had your dreams crushed and your ambition pounded right out of you..

        She tries to nullify everything you’ve all been through by calling it fiction, “hate” and “lies” that I’ve brainwashed you all into posting at my whim and command.

        And she expects ANYBODY to believe that half-assed apology of hers?


      • You want to see where it is? Here.

        You can call it what YOU want and sit on sides if you want. That’s your choice not mine its your life not mine. But YOU HAVE NO right to talk down to me thank you very much you might’ve been screwed in the past but this is happening RIGHT now. Not then, not later, not in the past. Now.

        I already act like an adult far more than most of you I do not sit on a blog trashing people because you can not let things go that happened in the past. I can call all of you “You people” if i want because I know none of you. So thank you but I’m fine addressing you all as a whole how I want to. After how I was treated? I think I’m well allowed to speak my opinions how i wish.

        And I woke up to this shit I was acting rationally originally thank you very much. They brought this to me, not the other way around. Just because YOU didn’t see it doesn’t mean anything.

      • All I can do is shake my head. I didn’t threaten your authors. I said that you should care about them enough to keep them as far away from Tab’s drama as possible.

        If I wanted to hurt anybody, if I were this horrible, vindictive bitch you’re making me out to be, I’d have BEEN had your their names on this blog. If I wanted to hurt them through you, I wouldn’t have given you a single chance to get them out of harm’s way.

        As it happens, though, my concern was misplaced. MHP will have their own post pretty soon, explaining why.

      • Again, YOU posted this on YOUR blog for the world to see, Leah. Also, that’s from Eric, not JT. Just because his posts don’t get deleted here doesn’t mean he speaks for Lepp or any of us. So again, you look like an ass for mouthing off to the wrong person on an unrelated blog post.

        You have a knack for dodging info and sticking to the drama, well done. Why not kick up a stink on Ember’s blog where the comment she names you in STILL sits unchallenged. If you wanted things kept private you shouldn’t have went public ANYWHERE. A smart person would have resolved the issue in private, but here you are, calling us brainwahers for having the misfortune of being scammed. That’s nasty shit right there. Ugly.

        Either you’re buddy buddies with Ember & looking for a fight – which you will get while you dismiss what “we people” went through – or you are too stupid to see you are being played. Which is it?

      • Because, you know, posting statements from people but blocking out their names and whatever other information she chooses makes her look so legit and junk.

        Justine? Really?

      • What’s really funny is you giving it the “you are talking down to me and treating me unfairly” when you started this shit on here. Drama Mamma. You can keep locking horns with me, even though you have no idea who I am, or you can get a fucking clue and stop calling us liars. You’re not Ember, you’ve said it, why are you still causing shit on here?

      • Slow down, slow down. Give the poor girl a chance to keep up with all of these damning screen shots she’s taking to go post on her blog.

        Don’t confuse the poor thing with common sense. She gave herself away, showed her hand (as well as her ass) and now she’s stuck with it. What’s a girl to do? Pitch a fit and blame everybody else but herself, when SHE’S the only one that carried her name on this blog.


    • No you threatened me insisting I am someone else for no reason and now you’re going to attempt to trash me now. Yeah, you’re really helping out Authors here. You realize that I’m not friends with any of these people at this rate I’m friends with amanda I work FOR Tabetha and that is about it. You doing this? Good job making yourselves look bad. Whatever, have fun.

      • I know, right?

        She comes in here stomping her foot and having a hissy fit, blames ME for it and then goes to create a(nother) blog to piss and moan about it on? More power to her. Sticking her lip out and posting conversations without names gives her all the credibility of wallpaper glue. But, hey. Whatever keeps her from wandering aimlessly in traffic.

      • Who’s doing what to them? YOU’RE the one that dragged your carcass here. And along with yourself, YOU dragged your company and your authors here. And you’re going to blame ME for that? Delusional much?

    • Actually the first few are from eric, the second set of three are JT and the last set are Ember/JT. So thank you for that but I’m well aware of whom messaged me because i’m the ones who edited it.

      • Yup. She dragged her own silly self in here and threw a fit. Her name wasn’t even on my lips. Neither was her company, and neither were her authors. But here she is, throwing dishes and turning over chairs, and blaming ME for it.

      • And did such a thorough job of posting information that was easy to understand and all, blocking out names and calling people names that aren’t even their names. Makes it clear as mud. Good job.

      • She literally just said she’s making a post about MHP. Really? You’re going to state that to me after that? Seriously?

        I do not take well to being threatened or told this or that is going to happen over something I am not involved in or being told i’m someone that I’m not. So i’m oh so sorry if I decided to make a hard copy online I can use for reference if any of you try to change things ever.

        If I look bad to you then fine so be it. But i’m sorry that I don’t take well to this stuff and Angry just because you see things here and only here doesn’t give you the right to act like you are I understand you like JT and frankly I wouldn’t have a problem fi this all hadn’t happened but you know.. they apparently know everytihng in the world and actually that message from Eric is the only reason this started.

        Throw my name out anywhere that’s fine, threaten me as myself sure go for it. Bring my companies into the mix and claim I am someone I’m not? That’s just a low blow that I don’t take well to. And stop comparing me to Tabetha jesus christ. Post what you want JT, Angry bitch at me more if you want to. The rest of you say report me whatever, I’m working on getting things together to make this stop.

      • Nobody’s throwing your name anywhere, dear. YOU’RE doing that yourself.

        If you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have given your company a second thought. But you did. And I did. And I discovered that your company has its own interesting history. So, yeah. It’s getting a post. And who do we have to thank for that?

        I hope you have a mirror handy, hon. Because it’s you.

      • You just don’t get it.

        1. Eric is not a scammed author. He’s Tabetha’s ex. Lepp doesn’t control him, he does what he wants. That has nothing to do with us and isn’t part of this blog.

        2. No one here put your name out there. Everything you are talking about happened in private and on Ember’s blog. You have made it public. You.

        3. No one here has argued that you are not Ember.

        You look bad because you are throwing a tantrum over shit from private mail.

        As for the MHP post, if your company is legit, what’s the problem?

      • You know what’s hilarious? Leah’s put screen caps on her blog of what I’ve said on here as some sort of evidence. Of what, I’m not sure. I can’t be the only one who sees the irony in her trying to suggest I’m an idiot for pointing out that she accused JT on this blog of threatening her, when it was Eric, IN PRIVATE MESSAGES. Or that she’s banging on about privacy but is putting her shit on public blogs all by herself. I can’t be the only one laughing about this, right?

      • Just like Tabetha, bitching and moaning about her business being online, when SHE’S the one that put it online. Then complains when anybody calls her on it. I don’t know exactly what kind of brain damage she’s got that doesn’t allow her to understand that if SHE puts stuff online, it’s fair game. Too many pretty, pretty pills or late night dances with that green fairly, maybe. Whatever the cause, there’s something very seriously wrong with her.

    • Is it a mistake to file a false police report about a rented computer getting stolen, when it wasn’t? Is it a mistake to get put on probation, but continuously leave the county’s jurisdiction to go clubbing at strip bars…? Even after peddling a sob story to authors to hit them up for a new/old separation fee because she’s so desperate for cash. But she can afford to go clubbing.
      Are these mistakes? Or are they cold, calculated crimes?
      I’ll give you two guesses but you’ll only need one.

  4. Lepp I really don’t know what your trying to prove but my company is no concern of yours. I’m not trying to be a bitch but if you don’t like what is on Tabs and my page stay off them, as for my photo company it is mine you can stay out of it too, that way you can’t turn us in for bullshit reasons.

    • What’s with people today complaining about SHIT THAT HASN’T BEEN SAID HERE? Do you even read the posts or do you just jump on to respond to something Tabetha Jones told you about in a facebook PM?

      • Tabetha gets them all worked up, talking about whatever she’s pissed off about. I guess they figure if she said it, they don’t need to read back and confirm whether it was said on this blog, the other blog, Facebook or whatever. That’s fine. It only makes them look at Tab closer when they get caught up in her half-baked bullshit.

    • Go sit on a telephone pole and spin you dizzy git, it’s a public site so anybody can go on it and look at that trash you call photography. Your too thick to get it, you can’t put pictures of your sister’s tiny titties on facebook next to pictures of little kids. Jesus don’t you care that your sister sticking her tongue down some woman’s throat is on the same page as your niece? Are you as heartless as she is or are you just that thick that you don’t see that’s inappropriate? Her mother doesn’t give two shits but that’s to be expected what with her being mentally ill but you should care about your neice or are you mental too? Oh that’s right you are sick too, faking that suicide and lying about your fake girlfriend Sky. I guess that poor kid is stuck with two people in the family that are selfish, scheming psycho twats.

      • You’re talking to the person that takes those photos and posts them in the first place. I hope she catches on that it’s not okay to have those kinds of photos side by side with children. But if she doesn’t, you’re wasting your breath.

        I have nothing against a little girl on girl fun, but there’s a place for that, and it isn’t on the same page as kids. Not on Facebook, and not on a website. I mean, what message does that send?

        If I were doing photography and wanted to explore such diverse subject matter, I’d have two completely different websites, with two completely different names. Related, but decidedly separate. Phoenix Effect and Phoenix Phamily, maybe. Or Phoenix Pheathers. Phoenix Magic. Anything. One for general pictures, family photos, birthdays, weddings, proms, etc. And the other for adult content. The two simply do not belong next to each other, in any context. I’d have two different facebooks, websites, marketing campaigns, everything. Then there wouldn’t be the slightest possibility of cross contamination.

  5. I want to say to all you authors and businesses who are dealing with Tabetha Jones. I once was where you are. I once defended her, even when I wasn’t 100% sure she had told me the truth. I so wanted to believe she had my best interest at heart,I didn’t care who I hurt or what I said to belittle someone. Go back to cussy’s page, you will see me defending her. You will see the terrible things I said to others to prove that I had Tabetha’s back.

    I am ashamed of how I treated others in Tabetha’s defense. I did what you all are doing now. I have been there. I called JT and Cussy all kinds of names. Questioned their moral fiber, their hearts and anything else you can think of. READ DAMNIT READ. I can’t even tell you what alts I used to defend her I know Sin was one. Go back and read it all from the beginning I had the same stardust in my eyes as you do now.

    When I questioned some things Tabetha got pissy. I have the conversation, I have all but the beginning 9 months of convos, which I had asked Tabetha to send to me and she refused. I have the ending convos where she became enraged when I told her I was done with her company. How she put me off many times on getting a print out of my sales, and how she refused to give me details of the book we all contributed to under the assumption that the royalties went to a woman’s shelter. That book was to have been dropped by the shelter due to another author she “fired” because this person would not be intimate with her. She says it is because he and her didn’t agree. Well who wouldn’t be pissed if she misspelled their child’s name under the dedications. He asked her to fix it and that was her reason for getting rid of him.

    Lots of things made me start thinking about my loyalty to Tabetha. Like her telling me how much a photo shoot was costing, half off but still half off of 600.00 is still 300.00. She claimed she was broke but could pay that amount for herself. Was very convenient that when she did go and do this shoot, it was around the time of royalties. She also said royalties only came out quarterly, I later found out that it was monthly. So where were the other months royalties when she didn’t pay those months. Then the mega bomb was dropped. Was contacted by a close friend of Tabetha letting me know that royalties were out and Tabetha had received 2 very substantial checks equaling over 1000.00, Tabetha told the authors that those royalties were from her book sales.

    The black outfit she had tried to have removed for nudity, she begged to borrow from me for that photo shoot. Later she trashes it because she was mad at me, she waits until I am on a radio show to attempt to get FB to remove the very same pic of the outfit she begged to borrow. Now please tell me who is being spiteful, manipulative and is lying here. I have no shame in my game it has been stated before. You want to know the truth, and you don’t want to involve yourself on this blog or the other one, I give you permission to contact me. Tabetha, Katrina, Amanda they all know who I am and how to find me. You want the truth no bullshit, no lies contact me. I will tell you this though, don’t bother trying to find information to better Tabetha and her lies, it won’t happen. But if you are brave and want to know the real deal, feel free.

  6. For the record there Leah, if you look back a few posts and check out what Tabetha’s troll “Proof” had to say, you would realize that it wasn’t JT or anyone else but another of the scammed following blindly to do Tabetha’s bidding. Your name was tossed out there to throw off the scent of what Tabetha was doing. Yes this is someone you wish to do business with. Ask yourself this if “proof’ hadn’t have uttered your name on this blog would we have known of you? Now ask yourself why would someone you trusted throw your name out there and you and your companies under the bus? If you don’t believe me I can’ show you a screen grab .. or just copy and paste.. for the sake of speed I will copy and paste. But will give you the title of the blog posting so you can see for yourself.

    on March 20, 2015 at 12:06 pm said:
    Leah Diane Hutchinson I belive was the name. You are so transparent I have be Ember now. Ok how original you are. At this rate everyone is Ember. Its a goose chase but thats fine. The boy that cried wolf did the same. You dont want to stop a company fine I will be watching this thing you and Inferno have. Honey your claming up a little too much. You should also know you dont seem to have that integrity someone said you have. Carryone with your little chick festish with Tabetha Jones. Seems to be working for you? I think by now if Ember wanted to post over here she would she probly sits back drumming up new things to post to really piss you off. I have never done business with Tabetha. Thats why I was wondering why it would too much to look into this aligation. If this author has proof take it and see. What would it hurt. At this point again you refuse no one is questioning the things Tabetha has done just prove the truth with kinship.”

    I copied the entire reply so you can see there was no editing, also got a screen grab in case you question that as well. The posting is in the Tribute to a Classic blog post. If you doubt my word.Your “friends” threw your ass under the bus. We didn’t do anything but follow the clues that lead back to a very interesting usage of words. No one would have known who you were Leah but Tabetha couldn’t take a chance of being found out so she either is the “proof” person or she had someone else do her dirty work and putting your name out there. I will leave you with that. Has got to be a lot to take in all at once. She used you. Enough said.

      • And also, promise, not friends. Literally I have about 10 friends. I don’t be-friend people because I don’t trust them I tend to separate work from friends.

      • Oh bullshit, your not just some innocent artist or publisher trying to make a living, you jumped in bed with Scabby Assy with both feet and yow your playing innocent victim like she does. Well I’m sorry sweetheart but your daft ass isn’t fooling anybody, your busted and you know it so your scheming a way out of it just like she does. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way, as long as you help her pull off her illegal bullshit your just as bad as she is with that blog and your head up her ass. I hope you like the taste of her bullshit coz your up to your ears in it.

  7. I have decided to come out of the closest about my feelings for JT. I am professing my undying love for her. Our relationship has been just friends but now we want to let everyone know that we are in relationship. I love you JT LARSON! πŸ’–

  8. well, i am not a professional photographer but i would LOVE to take the pics for you two… As long as i get to join πŸ˜‰

  9. Leah, how can you come on here bitching about shit then say
    “Leah Thomas on April 3, 2015 at 9:49 pm said:
    To be fair, I have never even seen that post before.”

    So what you are saying is Tabetha said jump and you didn’t even bother to say how high? And you wonder why “us people” are asking you what is wrong with you? You aren’t paying attention to yourself or what is going on around you. You obviously do not care of how you are being used and mistreated. People didn’t put your name out there, the one you are so fiercely defending is the one who put your name out there for the world to see.I will bet you that if she didn’t do it, she coaxed another author or “friend” to throw you and all you care about under the bus.

    Don’t you realize by you putting that “blog” out there of what “Ed” and “Justine” said only proves that YOU contacted “Justine”. You followed orders just like a good pawn. She has you all twisted up not knowing who you are fighting or even why. She winds you all up and puts you down to watch the chaos, all the while clapping her hands with glee as you all are torn to shreds. You my dear young lady are nothing but a toy for her to use and toss away, as soon as she has nothing more she can get from you. Did you even read any of the many warnings I have put out there? I have no ill will towards you or anyone who has been tainted by her. I hold her to blame for all she has done to all of us, you included.

    You all dance no matter what tune she plays. The drum beat of strength, the cymbal crash of her failing company, ill family member or what and whoever else she can throw out there, and lets not forget the rhythmic pattern of her lies. I have told you time and time again, I have danced that same dance. I know where you are now,and I feel very bad for you all. I only wish you would all open your eyes before you let her destroy all that you hold dear. You have companies, books or whatever and you have any dealings with her, no matter what you are guilty by association. If you post here defending her, no matter what crazy thing she promises you and you piss her off, it WILL be used against you. Anything you tell her in confidence will be used against you at a later date once she has gotten from you what she needs. If she doesn’t tell your darkest secret to your S/O she will hold it over your head to keep you from speaking out against her.

    Why are you wasting your time defending someone who isn’t willing to give you the same courtesy? I seen your post of how upset you were over your name being drug into this. What was Tabetha’s reply? Was it showing you concern as a fellow publisher, graphic artist or even “friend” NO, she only bitched about what was happening to HER. How is that fair to you? Where is her “family” values there? Think about this Leah, and not just Leah but all that are considering working with Tabetha Jones in any capacity. Just Think!!!

    • Very well said.
      This is what Tabetha does. I’ve said it over and over. If you defend Tabetha, she is using you. I guarantee you didn’t hear the story where there are still authors as far back as Mystic Press that she hasn’t paid. Same thing with Editors and artists that haven’t gotten paid, either. She doesn’t intend to because she waited them out until the statute of limitations elapsed.

      No. You heard the story where she’s the poor, struggling businesswoman, reaching for her dreams and busting her ass to make the dreams of her authors come true, the innocent victim of cyber-bullying. You heard the story she wanted you to hear.

      She’s using you to fight her battles while she sits back clapping at the show.

      When you no longer serve a purpose for her, she WILL throw you under the bus.

      You need to listen to the warnings of the people here that have walked the shattered path she’s got you on.

      • If this Leah has half a brain in her head she’ll stop dancing at the end of Scabby Assy’s puppet strings, pay back any money Scabby gave her and demand that she remove her work from Scabby’s company. As long as her work is within ten miles of Scametha Joneses name, nobody decent will work with her but she keeps righ on working with her keeps right on fronting for her, for somebody who cries that she just wants to make a living she sure is willing to cut her own throat by working with the single worst minger idiot in the entire industry. As long as Black Diamond Designs appears in Scabby Assy books nobody is going to take her seriously or want to work with her, if she wants real work she needs to take her name off those books and work with real publisher’s and authors but she won’t so oh well it sucks to be her, trying to make a living off Aresholetha Blones.

  10. Please tell me that fiction publishing has a restraining order against anyone who could so abuse the English language as to write a “sentence” like:

    “The reason I came here and what not stating this is in private messages JT and Eric or something another were both claiming i’m Ember and this started from Eric messaging me with Hi ember, i asked who that is and he basically started calling me stupid for genuinely being confused as to what the hell he was talking about.”

    Please tell me this person has to stay 100 yards away from anyone looking to make fiction writing as a career.

  11. Oh, for fuck’s sake.

    No. Jackie and I are not coming out as a couple. We’re joking around because of folks calling us “pocket pussy lovers.”

    And, yes, we’re joking around about Dee’s photography company taking photos of it, for giggles. It’s the sort of photos she takes, right? Come on. It’s a fucking JOKE. Dee, you got so pissed off about me visiting your site that you picked up the phone yesterday and told me “If you don’t like it, don’t go there.” I’m not being snarky or anything, but if you can’t take a joke, then don’t come here. You’re welcome to visit, hang out, comment or whatever, but if you can’t handle it, don’t look.

    Lighten up, people. It’s a fucking joke.

  12. I posted this on Dark Storm’s FB page. And to make sure there is no misunderstanding, I am posting here as well.

    Cindy White
    Today at 5:10pm
    I am making this public since Tabetha Jones wants to put my name on her lips where it does not belong. I am NOT BACKING TABETHA JONES. I have not said a damn word against JT, Jacqueline Dawn Loudan Weister or any of those. The facts are Tabetha can’t dispute her lies to me and what happened with my royalties. Now, stop your damn lying on me Tabetha, your childish games are boring. Grow the hell up, also for the record my name isn’t dick so keep it out of your mouth.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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