The Coward.

Definition of a coward:
1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.
2. lacking courage; very fearful or timid.
3. proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity

You know, like somebody who doesn’t have the guts to stand on her own two feet and fight her own battles because she’s too much of a scaredy-cat to fight her own battles. The type that hides behind other people and fake names because they know they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Seems Ember wasn’t getting enough attention over at her Inferno blog, so she sent me and some others the link to her latest post. I guess she had to ensure that I’d see it SOMEHOW. I figured, “What the hell” and followed the link.

Come to find out, there’s been at least two posts I didn’t know she posted, today’s and one other. I didn’t know they were posted. Didn’t care. Never mind that I’m supposed to be some obsessed stalker troll that hangs on every word Tabetha Jones says and every move she makes.


Both of the new posts are screen caps from both my blog and hers, showing parts of comments to try and prove what a bully I am, how determined I am to take down anybody even remotely associated with Tabetha Jones or her bogus, bullshit company.

Her biggest selling point is a recent comment I made warning her off attacking my daughter. She neglects, of course, to include her own statements, which instigated mine. I could go back and hash it all out, but I’m not going to give her the time or attention. She took a heated conversation my daughter and I had on FB, plastered it on her blog and twisted it around to say that my kid was moving out of my house because she can’t stand what an evil, horrible bitch I am. Or words to that effect.

So, yeah. I replied. I said:
Screenshot (58)cropfix threat ember
And I meant every single word of it.

When it comes to my kid, I don’t care how old or how grown she gets, no two bit coward is going to pull her in as a weapon to use against me. If they have a problem with me, they need to keep it with me. Leave my kid alone to live her life. She’s moved out on her own, with her fiance, working hard to make a life. Leave her alone and let her do it.

Yes, I called you a coward. Lashing out at innocent people hiding behind fake names, the way you always do. You’re just a chicken shit wimp who can’t face me. So, until you can stand toe to toe with me, like a real woman, nothing you have to say matters in the least. All you’ve got is screen shots of my words taken out of context that you think prove something negative about me. Well fire away, bitch. I stand by every word I say, with my own name. Not hiding behind other people and other names like you.

Here’s something else for you to screen cap, while you’re at it.

35 thoughts on “The Coward.

  1. And now, said coward continues to blow up my PM inbox, as if I could give half a shit what she’s got to say. I haven’t looked at whatever she’s blathering on about, and I don’t intend to anytime soon. She’s just a childish little coward who has no idea what she’s talking about. If she’s none of the people I’ve named before, as she claims, then she’s new to the game. That means she hasn’t met the ugly side of Tabetha Jones, hasn’t been cheated, scammed, battered and abused. Hasn’t had Tab call her husband or boyfriend to try to ruin her relationship by calling her a whore and telling the hubby/bf that wifey is screwing around behind his back, and whatever else she can think of. She hasn’t been on the phone late at night with Texas’s mother of the year when she’s blurring her words, so drunk and stoned out on pills that her five, six, or seven year old daughter had to pick up the phone and say “Mommy went to sleep. She can’t talk right now.” She hasn’t had some attractive would-be mate hit her up online and start a romantic relationship, only to find out that the person doesn’t exist, that Tab made them up, and that’s who all those romantic texts came from, like Tab did to her own sister. She hasn’t heard the sob stories begging for money, about how her baby needs school pictures or shoes, or that the computer is going to be repossessed, along with all her authors’ work on it, or that her phone is about to be shut off, playing on her sympathies for money. She hasn’t had Tab throw her under the bus to cover her own ass, yet. In short, she doesn’t know the Tabetha that we do. For whatever reason, Ember (whoever she is today) either thinks it’s noble to defend her friend or simply fun to poke fun at me. Whatever Ember’s game is, the sad truth is that she’s completely irrelevant. Until or unless she starts acting like a grownup, at least enough to put her money where her mouth is and use her own name, her petty little tirades don’t matter any more than a fart in the wind. Except, you know, for that smell. That does tend to linger.

    • I’m not even going to look at that blog. Nothing new is being brought to the table. It’s pretty pathetic, really. The desperation reeks from every post.

      • Now, since that blog isn’t getting enough attention, it looks like they started another one, but it’s not by the same person or people, they insist.

        Well, I guess they think if they throw enough shit at the wall, something will stick. *shrugs*

        It’s their time to waste. If they’d rather do that than writing, publishing, living in reality or raising their children, it’s their choice. Sad, and pathetic, but their choice.

  2. So how does Ember twist your words. I see clearly reading her blog and yours. If its your typing, if its your argument with an author etc then it must in fact be you. Saying if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck. I get it…. All the authors you have screwed by lumping them in with Tabetha and her companies are standing up against you. They know that this blog is a joke at telling the real truth. Now smile big as you say ah ha I got her but really its just another cry wolf attempt. I have to ask what have you done to piss someone off to the point you have? Nevermind I know that already too! Now be a good girl and bend over you missed a spot wiping.

    • She twists them by taking only parts of posts, not the whole thing to show the whole story, posting them out of context and slapping them together in whatever order she thinks looks the most damming, with her own twisted spin on them. “This is what Leppy said, but here’s what she MEANT.” And doesn’t provide the link back here so that people can see those words in the proper context. That’s not the truth. Not even close to it. And the funny thing is, I’ve got more search engine hits than ever from people who see that then come looking for the real story. So, while they think they’re covering Tab’s ass, they’re only shining the spotlight on it all the brighter. Hilarious stuff. I hope they keep it up. They’re doing my work for me.

  3. You must be awfully worried about the Ember blog as much as you try to discredit it. Although she uses your own words against you.

    But I think others are catching on. One took a stand now another. Someone passed this on to me. Looks like Jackie isn’t as innocent as you like to pretend to be.

    The word is out and spreading.

    Jackie should have trusted Tabetha about you and several others maybe then she wouldn’t be in this fix.

    But what do I know I’m just an author sitting on the sidelines watching all this go down.

    • Another bog? Well, nobody’s paying any attention to the inferno one unless you pimp out the link to people in pm BEGGING then to read it, so maybe you’ll have better luck with another one, created for no other reason than to bash me, bash Jackie, and cover Tab’s ass. Good luck with that one, too. I’m sure it’ll meet the same fizzling fate as the last two when nobody but the figments of your own visit it. But hey, if that’s what you do for fun instead of living in the real world, more power to you.

  4. I just took a look through the comments and IPs in my stat tracker. Both Word is out (nycfas) and “No I’m Ember!” (authorbeware) posted from the same source as Glassmaker, Red Queen (using the email glassmaker, duh), Shirley Temple, Jordan (twistedsteel), Sending a message (hunter4you), Speakingout (using the email “lushmodels”- obvious much?), Everyone is tabethaJones (you knowme), Shame on You (jkmusic), Skilier (newyorkbitch), Curious Model (jkmed), Ruby Dee (smartypants), The real mad hatter (madhatter), Proof (proof16), Happens to all authors (devoredbybooks), Alice (alicebadwonderland), and many more that have already been named (including Observer, Mr. Shadow, when Tab impersonated her stripper obsession, Draven) -all trace back to the same source. And many, many more.

    So many fake ass names. So many fake faces to hide behind. And she expects to be taken seriously? I’m kinda thinking NOT.

    I’m standing here, using my real name, providing FACTS about what a scam, liar, thief and con atist she is. All she’s got is a whole lot of bluster. It doesn’t change the FACT that one after the other, no matter how many of them she tells, her lies get exposed.

    Notice how she hasn’t responded to any of the facts presented? Like how she only posts pieces of comments to suit her needs, or the GLARING fact that her company, Dark Storm Publications, has been yet AGAIN busted as being the same fraudulent company as Phoenix Fire (which was doing so WELL and wasn’t going anywhere, thank you very much) and Mystic Press that got shut down after being reported to the Attorney General?

    That’s what she does. Tries to obscure the facts with a blizzard of bullshit. Key word being TRIES. Does not succeed. No matter how many blogs she starts or how many names she uses to do it, the poor, feeble idiot doesn’t realize that all she’s doing is proving every word we say. If real people weren’t getting scammed and swindled, it would be laughable. As it is, it’s criminal, and as long as she keeps it up, the world is going to keep hearing about it. Right up until that knock comes on the door. I’ve been saying that for some time now, so she laughs it up when I say it now. And that’s just fine. When it comes, it’ll be that much more of a surprise. Just ask the local IRS agent, who now has a path straight to her front door.

    Laugh it up, buttercup. And good luck finding magic markers to draw your eyebrows on with in prison. Maybe if you’re extra sweet to Big Bertha, she’ll smuggle one in for you.

  5. I would like to make note of something for anyone who is confused. T.N.T. Samples is not a company. I do this because I want to help authors. I am not charging people money for the services. I usually do it for free because I want to help or if people want to give me something for my time I take signed copies of the books I help promote. Nothing more nothing less. I have talked with the SOS of Ohio and they told me that as long as i do not make more than $100 i do not have to register my company. And in the year that i have been around i have only accepted money amounting up to $45. The rest of the promotions i have done have been for free. I like helping authors out. I like being creative. You can ask any author who i have done work for if they have paid me and their answer will be no, aside from one author and do not want to mention their name on here. I am not with Kinship Press as an owner, manager or anything of the sort. I work along side them as a separate entity and i enjoy working with the authors. So please people stop pulling me into things that i am not involved in.

    • I know you’re just doing what you love. But we all know that Tabetha and her cronies will never leave you alone. They don’t care about the facts. All they care about is dragging you, me, Kinship and anybody else they can think of through the mud to try and cover Tab’s ass. Until or unless she’s forced to shut her face legally, she’s going to keep right on hiding behind fake names and other people using even more fake names to lash out at everybody she considers an enemy. And she’s so jealous of you she can’t even see straight, because you’re everything she’s not. Beautiful, talented, genuine, likable, honest… the list goes on forever.

      Do not let the likes of her defeat you or beat you down with their words. Stand tall and proud, knowing that the only reason they target you so heavily is plain old jealousy. They try to drag you down because you’re better than them. A thousand fold better than she is. And she knows it.

      Own it, baby. Don’t worry about what some petty, jealous, childish loser thinks of you. Just fly high, succeed, and kiss your middle finger sweetly in her general direction as you leave her eating your dust.

    • Rumor is Sabrina you have told a few you were back as management. You get in and out of bed with Kinship faster then a litter of cats go in heat. I did look closer to Embryos blog seems she keeps all the dates of each post in order. Now explain these twists you say are out of contexts and placed to do damning to your oh so good name.
      Author Beware Dylan Cole

      • im not with Kinship. I was helping as a promoting entity and that was it. Show me proof where i said i was manager with them. rumors are just that. They become facts when you show proof. and i have seen none when it comes to the stuff said about my name or my company.

      • Dude, seriously. Save your breath. Nothing you say is going to be good enough for her. It’s a victory for her just to get you to argue with her and drag you down to her level. That’s all she’s after. Not the truth. If the truth is what she wanted, there are pages and pages of it right here, going back years. All she wants is to do is engage you and drag you down to her level.

      • Im not Ember honey just wanting some intell so i came to the source. Im here to see if its true or false I can ask questions without being from camp Tab as I like to call it. As well as be treated fairly it I disagree with any of you.

      • I love the way you refer to yourselves in the third person, as if anybody in the planet doesn’t know that you’re talking to and amongst yourselves. Hilarious! Keep it up, please.

        And, in case you just missed it, she DID explain, not that she needs to explain herself to the likes of you. You won’t accept anything she or anybody else has to say. You’re too hell bent on destroying kinship and everybody associated with it. You claim that’s what this blog does, so even if that were true (which it’s not), how are you any better? Explain THAT.

  6. Ah, nuts. When I opened messenger on my phone, it opened Embryo’s messages. Now she’s going to think I give a shit what she says. Oh well. She can live in that fantasy if she wants to.

    • I have seen the Facebook messages between you and Ember you call her Leah even after she tells you not her. How far do you believe you went when taking this to a personal level contacting Probation Officers over a little banter here on a blog you created to recive money for your child that is offlimits as we speak. But you allow JAFO to deface a minor due to her mothers makup skills or lack of? I was running around yesterday after getting a email looking for something. And boy did I find it. All Im saying is gofundme. Also when you began your reclaiming of stolen funds my words not yours. Did you plan to ruin lives and writing careers as you went? Did that come to you as the only solutions in proving your are mighter then them? Did you think of the repercussion to you, your family or you man? Seems you played with fire and now its trying to burn you. What do you say to that and the enemies ability to make contact with board members on a school sytem over you blatantly direpecting authors, cover artist, etc? To me its a game not to be played or taken lightly. To me to much damage for all involved over a debt to you and yours paid. Your own words on you blog not hers. You took to a cause some say was admired until you armour began to rust. You made it personal no business relation involved.
      Author Beware Dylan Cole

      • English, please. There’s this thing called punctuation. Learn it. For an uber publisher and her little gaggle of authors you use as flying monkeys (so professional!) none of you seem to have the slightest grasp of the language. Pitiful, really. And laughable, at best.

        Deface a minor? Really?

        Are you thinking of the repurcussions to the authors at Kinship who are just trying to make a living, to have their voices heard when you start blog after blog to defame their publisher? Isn’t that what you accuse me of, dear? So how is it any different when you do it?

        I warn authors of a scam. You’re throwing mud at a publisher that legally formed their business right out of the gate (not three or four years later) and who actually PAYS their authors, just for the sake of trying to ruin them. If I were them, I’d be talking to a lawyer. I hope that’s what they’re doing instead of bantering back and forth with you on blogs.

        Your favorite game is the pot calling the kettle black, accusing others of the crimes you’re guilty of to muddy the waters and focus attention away from yourself. Whether it’s Tab herself doing it or one of her flying monkeys for her, that’s right up there on the list of narcissistic personality disorder symptoms. And the funny thing is that you stubbornly, pathologically refuse to recognize that. SMH.

        And see, dragging an author’s name onto my blog to try to sully Sabrina, Jackie and Kinship. That’s no better than what you accuse me of. So before you throw that shit in my yard, you need to take a good, long look at your own.

      • So are you saying that i shoukd get me a lawyer also to go after you in you use of names sulling their reputations and good names all for your own pleasures. It is after all what you are doing on here dating back a long way. Carrers ruined by you and your blog yet you talk about kinship authors getting lawyers to come after me. I dont even know Tabetha. What you should be asking yourself is who are who when visiting or commenting on your blog. With the Feds involved as you speak further back what makes you think I might not be affiliated checking out your perception on up and down comments and study your psychological consumption of reality. Laws have changed and new ones comeing how much longer do you think you can hide behind the press protections laws? I let you see the IP I want you too. Ask yourself are you being watched by the same camera you use in your window or by your internet cam.

      • No. What I think you should do is get a dictionary and learn how to spell if you want anybody to take you seriously.

        “shoukd get me a lawyer also to go after you in the use of names sulling…”

        “psychological consumption of reality…”

        “laws have changed and new ones comeing…”

        And don’t even get me STARTED on your abysmal (mis)use of punctuation.

        Do you even READ these things before you send them? Or do you just not know the difference?

        Seriously, hon. you call yuself a writer and/or publisher? That’s just SAD.

      • Please take the following courses: English 101 (complete with spelling, punctuation and sentence diagramming.) As well as spelling. And learn “The Elements of Style” backwards and forwards. Your writing is worse than a hot mess.

      • And, yes, get a lawyer who (if not imaginary) will imediately tell you that you cannot sue on someone else’s behalf. As far was any government organization goes (the IRS, the CIA, and even a small town sheriff’s department) would never employ you based on your writing and typing errors alone. Nice try, though. However, you are entirely too stupid to have a career with any of those agencies.

    • Author Beware? Wasn’t that a sham site, connected to Nicky P, set up to discredit Preditors & Editors, Writer Beware and Cussedness? Pretty sure I remember Janrae linking to it once on her blog, you know, to show what a farce it was.

  7. Why is it that Tabetha is allowed to lie on former authors, ruin their chances, yet again and it is acceptable? Why is it OK that she can make an author look bad and cast doubt on that author, to where she received a warning? Why are you all still blind to what Tabetha is doing? She lied to, cheated and stole from my sister, and that is alright according to you. My sister picks herself up and puts faith in a new publisher, and Tabetha stirs up crap. My sister was so desperate to show that she was not lying, she posted for all of DS writers to see what she was feeling, helpless and her back against the wall. She was sure that Tabetha was going to screw her again, and she was right. Now because she was so frustrated and seen all she tried to fix spiraling out of control. She was issued a warning from her publisher, and now being harassed by others. These people don’t know how she struggled, they don’t or won’t see the damage Tabetha has done to her. They just want to make her feel worse, saying that it is her fault her publisher is losing authors. After all that Tabetha has done to her and others, and continues to do when will it be OK for her and others to be able to pick up the pieces and live, not having to worry if Tabetha and her followers will find another way to destroy them? Maybe my sister shouldn’t have made such a huge jump to post on DS ‘s page. Desperate times come for desperate measures. Everyone has their breaking point, this was hers. Tabetha was destroying her hopes and dreams AGAIN, how the fuck is that fair?

    • It’s a continuing cycle of abuse from Tabetha Jones. She abused authors, including your sister, when they were signed with her, and she CONTINUES to abuse them. Here on this blog, on the infernal blog and the new wimpin one where all she does is continue to victimize the authors that used to be signed with her. Continuing to prove that SHE is the bully who cares nothing for the lives and livelihoods of the authors she once promised the moon to, called family, and then destroyed. Her every word proves it. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling by hiding behind other people and other names, but she’s the mastermind behind it all, and nobody’s too stupid to see that.

      Your sister is stronger than Tab is, even with all those flying monkeys doing her bidding. That’s why that green fairy witch keeps trying to tear her down. It won’t work. More likely, it’s going to come back and bite her so many different ways from Sunday that she’ll wish she wasn’t such a loser that she couldn’t even sell pizzas to hungry servicemen at the base. Or such a horrible hairdresser that she couldn’t keep that job, either. Or such a miserable FAILURE at everything else that she had to resort to scamming eager new authors online. Or maybe that she wasn’t too fucking lazy to go out and get a real job.

      But that’s okay. They assign jobs in jail. And she won’t have the option of staying up all night drinking, popping pills or talking shit on blogs.

      She’ll find out. And I can’t wait for that day. (Her) judgement cometh speedily. Ecclesiastes) 21:5

      • Ip tracking seriously devices honey we cant all be Tabetha. We cant all be Ember. Why did you friend Ember on Facebook? Yes we had a lovely conversation about that one. You again talk legality and fault yet you see your hands as clean. Cindy should have never acted tge way inwhich she did bad judgment…ok! I give you that but she as an author should think how it makes her look attaching others. She went there to start trouble not the other way again. Kinship authors are trying to make a living? Really you care but the authors you hurt in your way you way to take down Tabetha and her company dont didn’t matter. Wow I see why they are after you. My blog is set to release Saturday. Author Beware…. I will make sure they are aware of you!

      • Why did I friend her? Why did she? Why do any of them? I don’t mind, because I, for one, have nothing to hide.

        They’re “after” me because what we post here is the truth. The more they can try to discredit me, the more they can try to obfuscate the truth about a known scam artist that’s been lying, cheating and scamming authors for years, and just got caught doing it again. Telling the public that she sold her company, then admitting that she owned it the whole time. Fraud much? Yup. By legal definition.

        She thinks it’s all fun and games, and that she’s untouchable because she deals with relatively small amounts compared to bigger corporations. But little girl’s got a few things to learn, including the fact that now, offenses are cumulative. All those smaller amounts are getting added together, now, not looked at individually. So every single little dollar she swindles, every separation fee she extorts out of authors, they all add up now. And THOSE numbers have earned her renewed interest, right along with her new business fraud.

        She’ll find out.

      • You know you’re going to have to wait for them go to look up the definition of obfuscate, don’t you?

  8. So it is my fault Tabetha is still lying about me? I made poor judgment? What you claim that I intended to do is a flat out damn lie. I wanted to prove that I was not lying, that I was tired of the bullshit. Start trouble? No, I said what I said because I know the way Tabetha works. I know she was setting me up again to fail.

    By Tabetha going and calling my publisher and saying what she did, my integrity and honor was on the line. I have been honest with Tabetha from day one, don’t lie, don’t play games and we are good. She lied, and still is. She is playing a bigger game now, with my writings and the way I do things. I am no longer with her and she is still causing me anguish.

    I have stated many times there is no shame in my game. I have not lied to anyone about what has transpired between Tabetha and I. Hell, I have even admitted to me defending her when I thought she was legit. I gave you all a name that I used to prove where I was coming from. Tabetha has harmed more people with the lies she perpetrated then my one posting on the DS page that she scurried to remove. Honestly makes me wonder, did she take it down to save herself?

    It was removed within an hour of posting, exactly how many authors seen it? And if a few did instead of being pissed at me, saying that I am causing conflict are they asking why I would go to such extreme? Why make it as personal? And am I really telling the truth, and if so what made me so upset as to go that far?

    You say I was wrong? So no matter what Tabetha will always be right with that logic. She can use authors and destroy them, beat them down and even after they are gone they are still fair game. But it is against the rules for someone to grow a set and stand up for themselves against Tabetha and all she seeks to destroy. Double standard much,

    • You’re talking about somebody with a mental disorder. I don’t say that to insult her, I say it because it’s true. She will always subscribe to the logic that makes her right and everybody else wrong. It’s just the way she thinks, and that will never change. The only thing we can do, and the only reason I still blog, is to warn new and current authors about what former victims have endured so that they don’t have to meet the same fate. I can’t tell you how many people have written me on the sly thanking me to high heaven for this blog. Some of them had actually contacted her and talked to that sugary-sweet facade she puts on when she’s suckering them in. Some of them had only considered it. But all of them, maybe in the hundreds now, have saved themselves the agony of being victimized by Tabetha Jones. So when things get frustrating, even infuriating, and if it seems like none of it makes any difference, don’t lose heart. It’s thanks to you brave souls that have come forward and warned people by your own experience that many, many people have been spared. You’ve done a good thing, and it’s helped a lot of people. 🙂

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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