Ode to the dumbass

There is little that I detest more than a willing victim. I think the only thing that offends me more is the abuser that first batters and bruises the victim, and then, when the victim leaves, beats them down even more mercilessly until the victim gives up the fight and goes crawling back, just to make the abuse stop. They can’t take the pressure, might even be close to the point of taking their life, or of self harm. Or faking self harm, for the attention, but that’s another story, for another time.

Since I’ve been crusading against Tabetha Jones and her ongoing string of scam publishing companies, I’ve met and become friends with a good few of the authors that managed to liberate themselves from her clutches. I’ve been happy to text or pm with them on a regular basis, happy to encourage their dedication to continuing with their writing endeavors. I love it when a survivor of abuse stands tall and carries on.

Then, some time ago, there was a mass Exodus of former victims running back to join forces with Tabetha again, including Jacqueline, Katrina and whoever else. I’ll be honest. I almost folded up ship and quit the whole scene, completely disgusted that these people would knowingly, WILLINGLY go running back to the person that treated them so horribly. Come to find out they were dedicated to bringing Tabetha down from within, to gaining her trust and getting evidence that they could use to finally make her accountable for her crimes. And they did. They gathered invaluable evidence that has been crucial to bringing her inner workings to light, how she formed the company in her birth mother’s name so that she could avoid paying taxes seek those years. To hear tell, she never once paid taxes for Mystic press or Phoenix fire. Anne how she uses PayPal for her business finds so that she can bounce money around different accounts and spend it from there, our stash some of it in an account in her kid’s name to hide it from the IRS that way.

They also brought Tab’s personal information to light as well, her drinking and drug use, with more than one of them takes of being on the phone late at night with her so wasted that her daughter, who sleeps with mom because she didn’t have a room of her own, picked up the phone and said that mom had gone to sleep (passed out) and couldn’t talk. They told the story of Tab getting so wasted on Absinthe that she saw a green fairy. And they recounted times when Tab behaved so inappropriately with male models on shoots that they refuse to work with her anymore, offering, or trying to, straddle them, propositioning them and behaving like such a general ho-bag that they won’t work with her anymore. Same thing with male authors she had signed. Several of them got fed up with her either propositioning them, making lewd, crude, slutty statements and acting like such a whore they walked out on her, too. Her reaction to that was to accuse other female authors that had left her of doing the same thing, of sending naked or inappropriate pictures to make authors, propositioning them and trying to break up their marriages. THAT’S why those men left that company, she’ll tell you. Because this person or that person acted like such a slut. Then, to follow that up, Tab got on the phone with their husbands or boyfriends, telling them that their woman was having an affair, carrying on and acting like this sleazy whore. I know of at least one marriage that ended because of that sort of drama, and the estranged wife blames ME for it,  citing this blog as the callous home-wrecker while the true mastermind sits cackling because she managed to dump the blame for her actions on me, her favorite pastime.

Her second favorite, but related, hobby is putting pressure on these former victims, usually using this blog to do it. They’re my sock puppets, She’ll say, a phrase I coined to describe her minions which she stole because she couldn’t have an original thought if it walked up and shook her hand. She’ll blame THEM for what happens on this blog, calling them the reason so many lives are being ruined, siccing her minions on them for “doing my bidding”and making their lives so miserable that they can’t handle it anymore and jump ship. Some crawl away with their tails between their legs, never to write another book or be heard from again. But some, incredibly, go running right back to the person that abused them in the first place, then abused them even more until they joined back up with her to make it stop. She’ll still abuse them. They know that because they’ve been through it before. But I guess in their minds, less abuse is better than what she heaps on them when they leave her. Plus, she praises them for “doing the right thing” running home to mama. Not because she cares, she doesn’t, but because that’s how the classic sociopath keeps her willing victims in line, treating them like shit, then doling out just enough praise to make the abuse worth it. Then abusing them some more. Think of a battered dog that gets kicked every day, but wags it’s tail happily the few times it gets patted on the head. It’s the same thing.

Seeing these willing victims step forward and apologizing for exposing the truth about such a loathsome fraud turns my stomach. It really does. That truth has helped dozens, even hundreds of authors avoid falling into the same trap. They’ve thanked you for it. They’ve thanked me for it.

I’ll be honest. Seeing the recent tendency of former victims to run back to Tabetha, apologizing for telling the truth about her to earn their way back into her good graces, seeing them pick right back up right where they left off, making up one fake name after the next to post on blogs, creating a host of blogs with fake names for her to hide behind, it gave me half a mind to pack up and call it a day. Why the fuck should I fight for people that aren’t willing to fight for themselves? Fuck THAT.

But then I thought about those hundreds of people who avoided getting snared in a scam because of the brave people who have stepped forward and let fly the truth. I thought about the free people that I’ve met and consider dear friends because of this blog. And I thought of the innocent, eager new authors out there that might still fall into the clutches of that reprehensible con artist. They’re worth fighting for. The good people who have stood tall and continue to tell the truth, they’re worth fighting for.

I’m not going anywhere.

If you’re one of those that jumps back and forth over the fence because you’re too weak or wishy-washy to stand up for yourself, piss on ya. I am not here for you. I’m here for those that care enough about what’s been done to them to stand up and make sure it doesn’t happen to anybody else. I’m here for those that fight against the abuse that still gets heaped upon them. I’m here to fight for those that have the guts to fight for themselves. I’m here to help make sure that nobody else falls victim to that viscous cycle, those that just want to write and have their voices heard in the world.

I’m here to do the right thing.

If you’re not on board with that, go ahead and hit the door. Go make up a bunch of fake names and make a bunch of fake blogs and let that fraud hide behind you. Go ahead and take the fall for her when she throws you under the bus. You know she will. She’s done it before and will again.

Go ahead and wag your tail when she pats you on the head between kicks.

I’m going to keep fighting for what’s right.

Authors that have been saved, authors that will be saved in the future, authors that deserve a chance to make it and have your voices heard, to have your dreams realized and not trampled, you’re welcome.


32 thoughts on “Ode to the dumbass

  1. I, for one, can admit when I make an honest mistake, apologize, and correct it. I named somebody today in association with activities that she assures me she did not participate in. So, for the sake of fair play, I’ve removed her name. I apologize.

  2. How smart can they be if they trusted her in the first place? They all write like illiterate fifth graders and they edit each other’s books and she publishes them without any editing. I see their blogs bitching about Kinship for publishing errors and swapping out owners but the people doing the bitching write like illiterate children themselves. I commend you dear Leppy for your efforts exposing Tabetha Jones who is a pimple on the ass of the publishing world but I cringe when I see you becoming emotionally involved with those idiots going back and forth to Tabetha. They tell you one story because you’re kind and want to believe them but then they go tell her all about you, playing both sides of the fence. They suck you into the drama then leave you high and dry. I fear that you will get your heartbroken by these people you fight so hard for. You need to scrape them off the bottom of your shoe. They don’t deserve your friendship.

    • I refuse to blame the victims for getting conned. Tabetha Jones exploited their desire to be published, lied to them and scammed them. That’s not their fault. She presents herself as a real publisher and they have no reason to think she’s not.

      I will grant you that EVERY author that wants to publish a book should do their homework. If they’re thinking of approaching a publisher, or if one approaches them, they need to hit Google and research. Authors need to find out if the company is legitimate, what kind of work they do, and whether or not they have a reputation of shady practices. That’s what Writer Beware, Predators and Editors and Absolute Write water cooler are there for.

      But Tab’s a con artist, and she’s got the act down pat. She gets an eager author engaged in “first contact” and gives ’em her wide-smiling, fast talking pitch. She’ll take care of everything, she tells them. She touches on how eager they are to see their words in print and encourages them to hurry up and get started. She probably pitches expediency, sliding her contract under their noses as quick as possible to get it out of the way so that she can start making their publishing dreams come true. Hell, she even spares them the time and trouble of having to receive, read and sign it. If what I’m told is correct, she accepts a “virtual” signature. Hurries up and gets that little technicality out of the way and fawns over getting them published. And, hey, to make that happen faster, why not get their feet wet writing up a quick contribution to an anthology? Everybody does it, she might tell them, just like she assured them that hers is a standard industry contract. Bam. Done and done.

      Within a single conversation, before they know it, they can go from being a curious prospective author to a contributing author to her many anthologies, with their books already in the hands of one of her inbred house editors, faster than your head can spin.

      It’s after their heads stop spinning that the reality of the situation sets in. Maybe they read this blog, or maybe they have the nerve to ask direct questions about why they’re getting paid so little, if they get paid at all, when the numbers don’t add up. Sooner or later, each and every author finds out the truth. They always do.

      If an author struggles to get out of her clutches, I’m all too happy to jump in and help. I’m happy to say I’ve made a couple of friends I’ll be proud to stand beside long after all this foolishness is done.

      But you’re absolutely right. I have had my heart broken by a few that I thought were sincere about wanting to get away from that sociopath that batters them, lies to them, steals from them, and blames THEM for it. I thought I made friends that I could count on, who were as proud to stand by me as I was them, people I’ve talked to outside of this foolishness, welcomed into my heart and into my life.

      I was trusting. I was stupid. They weren’t as determined to stop getting scammed as they presented himself to be. Just didn’t have the guts to see it through, I guess. *shrugs* They go crawling back to Tabetha, apologizing for their participation on this blog, sucking up to her to take her back. Whatever. Turns my stomach. It truly does.

      I want to be very clear about something. I don’t care if people who leave Tabetha post on this blog or not. A good many of them have escaped her clutches and gone on their merry way. Some publish elsewhere, some have been so traumatized that they never write again. Whatever the outcome, the happy news is that they got away.

      The ones that do choose to participate here bravely risk the wrath of Tabethas rage by exposing her methods, her schemes. They tell their horror stories of her abuse, her lies and her theft, so that new and existing authors, artists, models, edotors, and anybody else, can recognize what’s going on in their own experiences and take action to protect themselves from it. It’s thanks to these brave souls that a great many authors have escaped from Tabetha’s trap. I hold them in the highest regard for their courage. They’ve got balls, these authors.

      It’s when those that initially tell their stories and expose Tabetha’s questionable business practices, then cave in and go running back after she puts the pressure on them. The ones that have earned my admiration and trust, who I thought were friends. The ones I stuck my neck out for, taking hits for them and their endeavors because I thought they cared about me as much as I did them. The ones that don’t have the guts to keep standing up for themselves. Or at least have the balls to be honest with me and tell me to my face that they’ve had a change of heart. Not just run off, start making a bunch of new names, trolling my page and sucking up Tabetha’s ass, still talking to me, playing both sides of the fence. That’s what makes me lose my lunch. The dishonestly.

      I’ve learned that lesson. I respect and admire every single person that has the courage to get away from Tabetha’s scam. I’ll continue to do my utmost to help them in any way I can on their journey back to the free light of day.

      But I’m done becoming emotionally involved with these people on a personal level. I’m done getting lied to. I’m done getting involved with people’s personal drama when I should be focusing attention on what this blog is here for. Exposing a fraud so that people won’t be victimized.

      I’m done with the bullshit. I’m done getting hurt. Simple as that.

  3. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. With that being said, I have seen too many cowards running back to do the bidding of Tabetha. If you think you are safe, think again. How many crawled back only to be shit on even more? Then there are the jokes, who think that if Tabetha snaps her ever so pudgy fingers, they are to do without asking why. She has fucktards going at former authors, putting them down in smug ways. Beating at them trying to put the blame on these authors, victimized again and again. When they say to these idiots that they have been used the same as these new pack dogs, these lemmings laugh and say it’s not as fun when you are feeling it like we are/have. What don’t you fools see? These authors you are going after have already been fucked over in more ways than one. But because your master says do, you do. You are so consumed with your own personal vendetta you don’t give a shit who you burn. Sadly none of you can think for yourselves. Do you know any of the authors you are harassing now? Did you bother talking to them of their experience or did you just blindly follow your master? My thoughts are the latter. Maybe you don’t give a shit, maybe you just don’t have a heart. Whatever your issues are, your fight isn’t with the authors, it should be with the dumb ass fucked up “boss bitch” you are desperately trying to appease. What you losers are not getting is your great leader started this entire thing. She lied, she chose to cheat and steal. Whatever that has happened is DIRECTLY to fault of her lies, schemes and manipulations. Ember you say it’s JT’s fault, and you are harassing authors all in the name of what? Revenge? You say that it is not Tabetha’s fight but yours. You don’t even know what you have stepped into, a viper pit. You will learn like the rest. Then you have a choice, follow the path of many or stand strong like the few.

    • It just proves that Tabetha doesn’t give a shit about the authors she’s used, abused, and stolen from. Think about it. If she cared about her authors at ALL, she’d step forward and say something like “Please don’t say anything bad about my former authors. Even though they’re not with me anymore, they’re people with families consider and they deserve to be happy and successful. Please don’t attack them. Please stop.”

      But she doesn’t do that. She doesn’t have a heart, does she? Sure, the minions do her bidding, but she’s the one that sits back and enjoys it, cackles with glee when her puppets land another blow, and does absolutely nothing to stop it.

      That’s Tabetha Jones, people. Think about that before you sign, or stay with her.

    • Brother JAFO is that you or your sister? I saw were she told Ember she posts for you. Is it that or is it really her this whole time two profile alts? Beg to question on this blog who is who posting again and again! With diffrent alts that is…

      • Yes, I am CFW’s brother, is there a problem? You want my real name? Is that why you are so butthurt? Real family can’t be there for each other, is there a crime to report? I used the name JAFO, it stands for JUST ANOTHER FUCKING OBSERVER, for all you idiots out there. But I will say this you show me yours and I will show you mine. You won’t find me on Facebook though, too distracting on a long haul. You know all the dinging with bullshit information on what Bobbie sue ate today gets old especially when you need to keep your eyes out for bear. I will give you my first and last initials. E.F, and tell you part of my first name is our dad’s. I don’t feel I owe you anything else. Now you know who I am, and I am sure you know who CFW is. There are your fucking alts. Your turn.

      • You don’t really think you’re going to get a straight answer out of them, do you dude? If they were interested in telling the truth in the first place, they wouldn’t be hiding behind all these bullshit names. Let ’em wonder.

      • And for the fucking record learn to read or at least be able to lie with any plausibility. I think CFW posted for a person who went by Couriousity killed the cat. Not me, but I understand your small mind cannot grasp some things. JAFO doesn’t even have the same letters as CKTC. You may want to go back and learn letter recognition. It’s ok my little girl has the same problem, but she is just a child.

      • They can’t write with any degree of literacy. What makes you think they can read with any?

        They’re idiots, the whole silly, stupid gaggle of them. The only attention they get is what we give them here. Their own blogs are miserable failures, just like their miserable lives. Otherwise, why would they need so badly to invent so many fake ones?

      • Scabby Assy and her flying monkeys learn to read and write? A goldfish would sooner tap dance. They’re as useful as a chocolate teapot, the lot of them.

  4. She can’t even pretend to show concern for someone she “works” with. How does anyone expect her to give a fart in the wind about the ones she abused prior when the ones she deals with now are treated as badly? But no one wants to see this, these poor people just follow. I can’t stress enough how I was where they are, and it sucks. People wake up, rather you believe JT or not, she is using you.

    • That’s what people need to realize. She doesn’t care. Period. She just doesn’t. Here are all of these people being hurt on her behalf, and she’s doing not a single thing to stop it. She’ll probably fake it, now that it’s been pointed out, but it won’t be genuine. It’ll just be for show. “See? I really DO CARE! JT’s lying!”

      Too little, too late.

      By letting people associated with her bash, batter and CONTINUE to abuse people that used to work or publish with her, she’s shown her true colors or the world to see. All her current and potential future victims need to do is look and see it for what it is.

  5. You always assume things about people and eventually that is going to get you in trouble. I care for each one of my authors but I cannot stop people from talking about anyone otherwise you would have been shut down a long time ago. You say you’re not responsible for what people post on here same thing I can’t control others. But see where all you have is hearsay new proof has been brought to life and I suggest you get ready to tuck your tail and run.

    Everyone can speak for themselves like Katrina and Jacqueline. They are grown women and their choices are their own. As far as these blogs I’m not the person you’re looking for. Maybe you just opened your mouth about the wrong person one to many times and they said enough. But you can point the finger at me all you like I’m used to being blamed for other people’s opinions or what they think of you.

    Hell anytime someone disagrees with anything you say I’m supposedly behind it. When in reality I’m not. If I have something to say I’ll come on here just like I am now. I have nothing to hide everything about me and my life is an open book. I’ve made some poor choices in my life but I have no regrets but I believe it shapes us into the people we are today.

    I am not admitting guilt over things I have not done. I can scream I’m innocent until I’m blue in the face, show you all my records, and still it wouldn’t be good enough for you. And the reason I never registered Phoenix is because in the state of Texas if you run a company out of your home that is online based and you are not making over 20k a year then no registration is needed not by the state nor county. Why did I do it with Dark Storm? Honestly, to shut you the hell up a nd show you have nothing to hide. I never have and never will.

    I have said my apologies, but they weren’t good enough. I suppose we can’t all get away with murder and have your forgiveness. Again not admitting guilt for things I did not and have not done. And deep down you know i am not to blame. For you to admit that you’d look like an ass. But it’s okay because we both know the truth. Soon so will the entire world. They will know you cover for the real scammers and cons. Hell you take them under your wing and friend them.

    Another thing I find hilarious is that you don’t want people getting information off your personal page but I’m fair game. You don’t want people talking shit about your grown damn daughter but my 7 year old is a free target. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I forget that we don’t play by regular rules here they change to suit your needs. And where is your business registered at? You sale paintings and all that shit but no business record. Yet again something you are allowed to get away with but you talk shit about me when I am doing everything by the book always have and always will.

    Again I’m such a heartless bitch with no soul, and only care about myself. That right there shows you know nothing about me. Those that matter in my life know all those words are a bunch of shit. They know who I am and how hard I work. That’s what’s important whether you believe it or not that’s on you.

    • No, YOU should be ashamed if yourself, you lying sack of shit. Jeez, can you not leave your kid out of this for one damn minute?

      • Has nothing to with my child I was simply making a comparison which I see is not allowed either. No one that is against Jt can have their own opinion, you all play follow the leader oh so well.

        But soon enough the truth will all surface. That’s going to be a hellva show.

      • It has everything to do with your child when YOU drag her into it. That’s what you don’t get, and never will.

        Can’t stand the fact that you’re not in the spotlight so you’ve got to throw together more cropped, painted-on, jumbled-together screencaps taken out of context that you think prove anything but how desperate you are to divert attention away from what a scam you are? Going to start some more fake blogs? Go right ahead, hon, if you think anybody but your own figments of your imagination and sock puppets believe a word of it. Have fun with that.

        But tell me. While you’re so busy with all that bullshit, while you’re running off to Dallas to chase after strippers that laugh at the sight of you, while you spend all night trolling blogs, while you’re rolling around naked on your couch pretending to be a model, who’s “busting their ass” for your authors? Who’s taking care of your kid?

        Right. Nobody.

    • You shagging lampost scratching idiot, there are people on here that used to be in your camp that have said that you get them to do your bidding for you but there you go again thinking that if you say it didn’t happen people will believe it, nobody makes this shite up, you fat fucking minger, it comes from you. What part of that are you to thick to realize? Well all of it I guess since your hear running off more diarrhea at the gob. All you do is shagging lie, lie, lie. You only come using your own name how stupid do you think people are? Leppy busted you acting as strippers and everybody else but you can sit there with a straight face and lie about that to and you really believe it to it shows Leppy’s right and you are fucking mental. Fucking delusional if you think what you have is proof by posting screen caps of this blog out of order when every single one of your victims has proof in black and white against you but that just shows how honestly sick in the head you are because you really believe that, well keep right on believing that cunt for brains because your wrong as ever. You never apologized unless you thought it would make you look good and even then you said you were sorry people felt like you ripped them off, that’s not an apology you diseased twat it’s an insult, nobody believe it because you didn’t fucking mean it. Of course you have no regrets because your so fucked in the head that you don’t think your wrong you think y our some business woman busting your arse or what not when all you really are is a loser who can’t do anything right. You can’t even be a proper mother and leave your innocent child out of your argument, you drag that poor kid into your fight to hide behind. You should be a shamed of yourself doing that, she’s just a kid, she shouldn’t even know about this rot, she shouldn’t know about strippers, she shouldn’t know about drugs but she knows all about those to doesn’t she because she sees you drinking and drugging all the time doesn’t she, if she sleeps in the same bed as you how does she miss it. Where does she sleep when you have men over, on the couch or on the floor, or do you just makeher watchat like you make her watch you take drugs and drink and steal from people. Do you take her to the strip club with you to or do you just show her pictures on the internet? Your such a piss poor excuse of a mother that kid would be luckier if she were in foster care her father obviously doesn’t care enough to fight for her and take her away from the sick likes of you. And don’t you dare piss or moan that I talk about her you elephant cunt you brought her up so don’t you dare play the victim like we’re so bad when you did it at first. Leppy doesn’t drag her daughter out to hide behind because she isn’t a gutless coward like you she’s a good mother who cares for her daughter unlike you who only use your to hide behind. She’s only a target because you make her one but your too thick headed to understand that so you blame everybody else for your own cockups as usual. The only book you do anything by is psychology 101 you have a whole chapter in there you barmy git, your such a liar and you believe your own lies that’s what makes you all the more of a twat. Only a gormless knobhead like you would actually believe your a writer or producer your just dear Leppy because she has real talent unlike you who can’t even sell pizza to hungry soldiers, was it? How much of a loser can’t even sell a suffing pizza? Maybe if you got out and tried to do some real work your fat ass might make an honest living, your walmart’s always hiring innit? Go scrub a toilet floor or stock some shelves pelase don’t be a greeter or a cashier and for the love of god don’t work in the food court with your ugly mug serving nobody could eat they’d all throw up. More truth will surgace? Right what are you going to do cock up some more screen caps? What a fucking joke you are all the sadder because you don’t even realize what a stupid thick plonker you are, go have your fried pillock for brekkie you slagging prat nobody cares what green putrid puss your festering gob leaks out.

      • You just answered your own question about why she couldn’t sell pizza to hungry solders. If that ugly face was handing you food, could you eat?

      • Now, people. We’re not here to take pot-shots about people’s looks. The only true ugliness comes from within. Let’s keep the focus on what we’re here for: the fact that she’s a scam artist, liar, thief, fraud and generally horrible human being. Not what she looks like. Let’s be the grownups. Thanks.

    • You really are stupid. Look at the very first thing on this thread where Lepplady admitted she made a mistake and apologized unlike you who never admits you did anything wrong. You really are stupid, or you think these people are. I was one of the people who use to defend you on Emily blog and cuss blog and yes you told me every day to go on that blog under fake names to defend you. It’s all you talked about screaming on the phone all the shit you say on here and more while your baby cried in the background but you ignored her because you were too busy sceaming about cuss and Lepplady. You even yelled at her to shut up because you were on the phone because that was more important to you than your daughter so stop acting like your this great mother. I know better because I heard it with my own ears. Eric was there too but I guess he’s too much of a pussy to tell the truth about what a shitty mother you are. Don’t even get me started on how you treated that little girl when she was a little baby toddler, I heard a lot on the phone while you were drinking and doing drugs in the room with your baby girl crying for mommy you don’t want me to repeat here so don’t even get me started. And when Lepplady started her blog you wanted me to do the same thing on here too making up names and I did for awhile. And yes you did talk about getting somebody to hurt or even kill Lep so stop lying about that too. You wanted Eric to do it but he was too much of a pussy so you tried to hire some other guy you went to school with I think, and if I recall you tried to talk a stripper into doing it and that’s part of the reason you got blacklisted at the club for awhile, that and because you stalked the strippers. They lead you on so they could take the money you stuffed in their g strings and the drugs you handed out like candy but none of them were your friend or your boyfriend. You only thought so in your fucked up brain. But your own big mouth and raunchy acting was too much for even a strip bar. How much of a slut do you have to be to turn off strippers? Your that bad with your author’s too that’s why they left you too. And when nobody would go hurt Lepplady for you that’s when you started talking about the Bandidos and witchcraft and voodoo really crazy shit about gators and I know for a fact that your voodoo priestess is Carolyn that wrote a voodoo book you saw on Amazon so all the sudden she became your fake priestess. I already knew you were crazy but that clinched it and I left your ass I even paid your stupid fine to get away from you clean. So you see there are people like me that were there that know the real truth so stop lying. If you were smart you’d go away and do something else, but your so crazy you think you can bullshit people and they believe it. But we were there bitch. I don’t get involved on blog very often because I have moved on with my life but don’t you think for a minute that I ever forgot what you did to me and what you said to me or how crazy your ass really is. Yeah I am your worst nightmare. I’m somebody that can tell the truth about you not hearsay because I was there just like CFW, and I’m here. I stay quiet most of the time but you better never make the mistake of thinking I went away for good.

      • I’ve heard very similar stories from a good few people. It really is a shame that she really, honestly believes her sick and twisted version of reality. Even worse that there’s a child being brought up in that mentally ill environment. What she fails to understand, REFUSES to understand, is that I don’t hide behind my GROWN daughter the way she does her 7 year old little girl. She parades that poor kid around the internet, using her as an excuse, using her to get money out of people (for school pictures, shoes, rent, utilities, etc), then cries foul if anybody says she shouldn’t do that. For the sake of that innocent child, I PRAY that her mother gets some help. She won’t, because she refuses to realize that she does anything wrong. The malignant narcissist sociopath simply can’t. And, as much as adults that have the misfortune of crossing Tab’s path suffer, the one real victim is that poor little girl. She’s going to have a lifetime of healing to do, if she’s ever able to escape her mother’s blame.

        I’m not badmouthing that kid, as Tab will run screaming. I feel sorry for her. She’s a beautiful, probably very bright kid, but with a mother that’s so mentally ill, she doesn’t have the slightest chance at a normal life. Look how embroiled she already is in her mother’s drama. How much worse will it get when she’s older? How old will she be before mom drags her into her drama as an active participant rather than just an excuse to hide behind? When will mom start getting her to create fake names for the business, to go online and fight for mom? How old before she involves her in other unsavory aspects of her life? Will mom drag her to the strip club? Drink with her? Worse? One thing is for certain. The only way that child will ever have a reasonably normal life is by getting away from her mother.

        Grownups like authors, editors, artists and models can fight for themselves. They can get away, even if they have to pay. That poor kid can’t. She’s stuck with it. Of all of Tab’s victims, that kid is the one I pity the most.

  6. Well, kids. I woke up to a bit of fun and giggles on my humble little blog. I’m sure there will be drama to follow because people DARED to throw the truth of her existance in her face. But rather than deal with the drama, I’m going to get some work done today. I could barely paint for ten minutes yesterday, five, if I’m honest, and that frustrates the hell out of me. I feel so much better, regaining my strength, but I’m nowhere near back to normal. I’m determined to get some real work done. Wish me luck. 🙂

  7. Tabetha stop your lying, it is getting very old. You keep saying the same thing, you are a broken record. If you truly have learned and wanted to do what was right, you would. Just be honest with everyone, you are a liar, a con – artist, a manipulator and you use people. You have no intention of doing things right. As long as you can get away with it you will continue.

    You bust your ass for who? Not your authors that’s for damn sure. Hey, shoe of hands, who had to put their book release party together without the assistance of Tabetha? Who was blamed as to why my 3rd book wasn’t ready when Tabetha promised? Who was blamed When I found 15 typos in my first book? Did Tabetha take the heat, HELL NO. Misty, Lindsay and luna were thrown under the bus.

    Tell me I can’t prove that you blamed Luna and the rest. I freaking dare you to say that I was not forced to put my 3rd book party together without your assistance. In fact I think the day before I had waited all day long, you finally called 20 mins before I had plans, which by the way you knew about. I had 20 mins to plan but yeah you bust your ass. Also the day of the party you were supposed to have had pics to use, what happened that night Tabetha? Do you remember? You didn’t have them midway through you messaged me asking for them. When I told you that wad your job, your reply oh shit I forgot, and used your little ones sprained ankle as to why.

    I’m just sick of all your lies and bullshit. For once own up to what you do. I could say so much about the things I know about your personal life. But I am better than that. I won’t destroy you like you do your authors. I will say this AGAIN stop putting names out there to cover up you crap you did it own it. For the love of Pete stop using your child as a shield. It is a disgrace to all real mothers and even more for the ones who would kill to have a child to love. You should want to take a bullet for your child, NOT the other way around.

  8. Pingback: The Sociopathic Triad | Lepplady

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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