13 thoughts on “Kid n Cat

    • Ah, yes. I need to pop that in the mail. Not just anybody gets a Larson original. I usually sell prints and merchandise. I usually hang on to the originals. You never know. That thing might be worth something someday, after I croak. Which I have no plans on doing any time soon.

      I got sidelined by that little trip to the hospital. Almost dying tends to take it out of a girl. LOL! But I’m working on the studio, getting that room in shape. Until I have more painting space, I’m stuck working on one at a time. And this dragon is taking FOREVER. Plus, I’ve got kid n cat in Paris to finish, too. They’re all coming along.

      All in all, I’m so happy painting. Much more so than writing. DEFINITELY more than worrying about other people’s drama.

  1. Wow,”queen” have nothing better to do with your precious time then to insult people. Jealous much? Are you that ashamed of you own talent or lack thereof that you have to bash someone. Real fucking mature there. Did your master come crying because she can’t draw a straight line with a ruler? Oh, the humanity, someone is showing talent and not focusing on the drama queen. Poor fucking baby, not being in the spotlight bugs her so bad. Now who is whinning?

    • I’m happy you like it πŸ™‚
      More coming soon from the Larson studio soon.

      Oh, and for the peanut gallery, there’s been a business license in play for a few years now. You won’t find this studio on any taxable entity website because as a REAL sole proprietorship that doesn’t have co-owners or employees, this business isn’t required to register as one. Little lesson in business you never did learn. Not even when you TRIED to get it right “just to shut us up.” All you did was fuck up worse. But I don’t plan to tell you how or why. Not this time. I’ll just let this last mistake be the one that bites you on the ass. Can’t happen soon enough.

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