Leah Diane Hutchinson

I’d heard of Black Diamond Designs because they do covers For Tabetha Jones and Dark Storm Publishing. You know, the company that was first Mystic Press, the scam publishing company Tab switched over to Phoenix Fire after being reported to the Texas State Attorney General, and then again switched over to the name Dark Storm Publications after her reputation caught up with her again. And I’d seen the name L. D. Hutchinson here and there on the odd book cover. But she never really flew onto my radar regarding MP/PF/Dark Storm until after “somebody” made up the fake name “Ember Ravenwood” stole people’s pictures to use as her profile pic and started a blog for the sole purpose of attacking a rival publisher, bashing me and my blog and covering Tab’s crooked ass.

There are quite a few other people who could, potentially, be fronting for “Ember” but today, I want to have a look at Leah Diane Hutchinson. She fell under suspicion of possibly being Ember thanks to wording that includes the British vernacular, particularly a fondness for using the word “daft” even though she lives in Pennsylvania. Ember has demonstrated the same proclivity.

She’s not involved in the drama, she insists, and runs sobbing “victim” any time her name is brought up in connection with any of this. “I’m just trying to make a living!” she cries, seeming absolutely perplexed as to why her sweet, innocent little self would even be mentioned.

Well, maybe she’s not quite as innocent as she begs the world to assume.

She wrote an “angry” post not long ago. April 3rd, in fact. Yes. That’s a link, so you can go see it for yourself. It might still be there. Facebook has removed the post from one of the accounts she shared it to, her Black Diamond Facebook page, and the post is under investigation at the other locations she shared it to as well.

In it, she throws my name around, along with a few others, accusing me of all sorts of things I have no control over, and using no shortage of profanity.

It reads:

This is an angry post and i’d like to say “BEWARE” and stuff but I decided not to stoop into that level and just rant like I originally had planned. I want all of you firstly to know that I understand that people make mistakes and don’t like to double check their facts especially when they feel that they are never wrong. So with that thought in mind, I won’t go into the level of being the person who bashes and tears people apart I just want to vent my frustrations so simply take this post as that. On another note, no this does not mean that I simply will walk away from what is done, if things get too bad I will have Authorities involved, I’m simply giving them all a chance to do what is right here. Not accuse someone whom is innocent of things they have nothing to do with.

I’d like to take a moment to point out to every single one of my facebook friends and friends of their that there is something going on at a blog called The Book Inferno. There’s a woman whom runs it named Ember Ravenwood and there’s been a battle between Tabetha Jones (Who now no longer exists on FB.. lovely.) and Ember against JT Larson. Now this isn’t what I wish to inform ANYONE of, no, that matter is a lot worse and a lot more personal and pissing me the FUCK OFF. So I want to warn EVERY single one of you about the bullshit JT Larson will do just for the fuck of it.

She and Eric Hennessy have decided that I AM Ember Ravenwood. Now, first of all if I have a pen name? I’d tell you – and I do its name Harleen Wilson – and secondly? If i wanted to bitch someone out or yell at them I’d do it TO THEIR FACE not through a fake account or persona. Now, they’ve taken matters from silly and stupid to massive extremes.

They claim i’m her and claim that they’re going to do some nasty shit to me now including report MY COMPANY to Writer Beware. Not only that but my book cover company? Black Diamond Deisgns? They want it destroyed to.

I’ve been up all fucking night now, no sleep, sick to my stomach from stress and anger and honestly I’m so pissed i’m ready to kill somebody… And if we’re being brutally honest? I’m pretty close to just breaking down. I’m sorry but me being dragged into something I had nothing to do with for something I didn’t even do? That’s bad enough for anyone. Threats? Thats bad. Threatening your livelyhood because you think you’re right and just because you’re talking through a computer screen? That’s going too far.

This is how I make a living, I do not have a job outside of the two just yet. This is my lively hood. I tried politely so many times to tell them WHO I am and that I am not her! It’s gotten beyond stupid at this point because it’s all over blogs and I bet by this morning it’ll be even more blown out of proportion. I admit i did something that’s probably going to make it worse and give permission to people to publicly post the screen shots of conversations between me and JT Larson and me and Eric Hennessy. The reason for that was because I have absolutely NOTHING to hide.

anyone who knows me at all knows I’m vocal and if i have a problem it’ll be said to your face and not anywhere else. Now, in a few hours I have to contact Authorities, and probably a lawyer because of how much bullshit is going on.

I’m tired of being harassed by JT and her friends, I want it to stop. They can stop it or I can have it stopped. One way or another but I have a life of my own I’m trying to live here and because someone is simply jealous or thinks i’m someone I’m not does not mean I’m going to let them take away what i’ve built up.

Like I mentioned before, she shared this post not only to her Black Diamond Designs FB page, but also her own official L. D. Hutchinson author page, her own pen name’s page, Harleen Wilson and her sister, Dominique Goodall.
She’ll say that this rant of hers was in reaction to her being tired of her innocent little self being attacked and dragged into all of this drama. She just wants to make a living, remember?

So, if she wants to just make a living, why would she put something this profoundly unprofessional on her official author page, the page she uses for her pen name (another official page) and her Black Diamond Designs page? Why would she risk the reputation of her publishing company, Midnight Hour Publishing (On Facebook, online) by assoiation? Writing and art are the ONLY two ways that she says she’s making her “livelyhood” from. Why would she sully her professional reputation as either an artist or an author, why would she threaten her “lively hood” by spreading around such hate?

Why would she spread it around at all, if all she was doing was venting?

Maybe she isn’t quite as “innocent” as she claims. She didn’t “just” share that post. She shared it with the plea for everybody who sees it to share it, too, as far and wide as possible. That’s not innocent protestation, folks, that’s a smear campaign. How harasses who? Who bullies who?

Her buddy Tabetha Jones was the first one to reply, agreeing and saying that I attack her, too, I’m such a bully. Sympathizing and encouraging her.

And she wonders why anybody has the nerve to mention her name? Maybe, like her buddy Tab, she needs to realize that if you pull crooked shit, people are going to call you out on it. That a person is responsible for the consequences of their actions, no matter what name they put on it, or how hard they try to blame it on somebody else.

If Leah isn’t “Ember” and doesn’t want to be involved in any of this drama, if all she wants is to make a living as an author and an artist, there are several things she needs to do.

First, she needs to realize that it’s Tabetha that doesn’t care about her. It’s Tabetha that will throw her under the bus, keep walking and not even look back. That’s who’s “ruining” her Livelihood, and doesn’t give one single shit about it.

Think about it. If Tabetha didn’t involve Leah in her own drama, would her name be anywhere near this blog? No. It would not.

Second, she needs to extricate herself from the drama, not participate in it and then cry victim if she’s called on it. If all she wants is to be an author and artist, then that’s what she needs to focus her time and attention on. Not the drama.

Finally, and most importantly, if she wants to be taken seriously as either an author or an artist (or anything else) she should get herself and her professions as far away from Tabetha Jones as she can get them. Nothing and nobody even remotely associated with Tabetha Jones is going to be taken seriously in either industry, art or writing, with ANYTHING bearing the name Tabetha Jones associated with hers. Tab’s created such a crooked reputation for herself that nobody in either industry sees her as anything but a joke, at best. A scam and fraud, to be avoided, according to all of the industry watchdogs.

It’s simple, really. If she doesn’t want to have her name associated with Tab’s drama, she needs to keep herself out of it. Period.


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  1. You want to know what burns my ass more than anything? Here this person is screaming far and wide of her anger and basically seeking vengeance and that is acceptable. Yet there they are on Book Fiasco demanding my head on a silver platter for doing the same damn thing. What is wrong with that picture?

    And if you don’t believe me read for yourself.

    AnonymousApril 9, 2015 at 4:39 AM

    It isn’t the kitty that has her tongue more like Lepp. Or maybe it’s Cindy. Or Sabrina. Someone is running the show other than Jackie. She tells one person one thing another something else. Do you really think for a moment she’s not kidding Tabethas ads trying to make up for all her mistakes Jt brainwashed her into. At least that’s the story I hear. 

    Did anyone see the post from Cindy on the Dark Storm page. Jackie allows her authors to do such things. I’m no publisher just a reader and author but if I was that woman wouldn’t have a job. That is completely unprofossional. And isn’t one of the Dark Storm authors signed with Jackie? While they still have work with Tabetha? How does that make Jackie look. But I bet you anything she’s still signed and the poor author that got suckered into signing with Jackie is in for a rude awakening. Jackie should do the right thing and tell that author to continuing to publish their work with Dark Storm. If she cared at all for Tabetha as she has said that should have been the first thing she did. 

    I guarantee that Tabetha would never go behind jackies back and take one of her authors but seeing it was good for her then it’s good for Tabetha. Jackie sweetheart wake up and remove your head from lepps ass. She’s going to take you down just as she’s done everyone else. Hell Leah didn’t even do anything and we see what’s happening there. 

    You profess your love FOR a cyber bullying hate bashing liar. You really want to be associated with the likes of that? I feel sorry for you. 

    The truth is slowly coming out about Lepp and when her ship sinks I hope your not on it.

    But yeah that is so fair, a former author being abused and bullied but that is fine. In fact Ember went as far as saying she didn’t care that tabetha lied and stole from me she only cared about the deal made between JT and that pos publisher tabetha. So basically screw the ones who have already been fucked over. In fact let’s give them more hell.

    As long as Tabetha is on top every one else are just more targets. I am tired of it. Point blank, and for the record tabetha if you are going to lie saying that I crawled back make sure you have proof. Considering that since I fired you I have never nor will I ever come back to the likes of you and your delusions.

    • And she claims no association with Tab or her drama, yet here’s Zoey Sweete aka Tabetha Jones last Thanksgiving, thanking Leah for being such an important, suppurtive part of her life.

      So she’s been involved with Tab for at least six months. And we all know there’s no such thing as being an author, artist, friend, relative or anything else of Tabetha Jones without being involved in her drama. There’s no such thing as a “business” conversation, or ANY conversation that doesn’t involve her bitching about me, drooling over some stripper or complaining about money. Am I right?

      So she can’t have it both ways. She can’t be all up in Tab’s business, involved on ANY level with her foolishness, then stand back and claim innocence. She can’t do both. She’s already proven her own duplicitous nature by saying one thing and doing the other. She’s already proven how much like Tab she is, being involved, yet crying victim when she’s called on it.

      There’s no reasoning with people like that. There’s only exposing the truth for what it is, and then forging onward with our own successes. Showing the wannabes how it’s DONE.

      Don’t let ’em frustrate you. Just shine, baby, shine.

  2. After reviewing these allegations, I notice a significant element missing: PROOF of say…anything. To an objective observer, this appears to be an emotional rant.

    It reads more like a teenage drama, just prior to the moment hair-pulling starts, than a legitimate business dispute.

    I suppose if there were a legitimate business dispute, an individual would be pursuing appropriate avenues, and not ranting in the school yard.

    What people say about others, exposes a fraction of whom they are speaking, yet volumes about themselves. You may want to consider this humbling advice.

      • A rant is a method of blowing off steam. It does not require proof. It is, by definition, emotional.
        And just because she doesn’t say she’s pursuing appropriate avenues doesn’t mean she isn’t. Does she have to reveal everything to you at all times?
        I find this blog post lacks proof of connecting this woman to this press.

      • Then you’re either not reading the posts you’re replying to, or you’re here on behalf of somebody you know, defending them and furthering their agenda, because I don’t post unless I back up what I’m saying. Neither do the other victims here.

        If this woman doesn’t want to be involved in the drama, she needs to extract herself from it. Simple as that.

  3. I’m not sure what the problem is. I take contracts all the time. I’m not responsible for what my clients do. So you went after someone for something they were not a part of and they got angry. Sounds like they’re right to be angry.
    Chase after Dark Storm Publishing – as a writer I genuinely encourage you to shed light on scam presses. But seriously? A cover artist who was hired by the company, who makes no decisions in that company, didn’t know it was a scam company, and happens to follow or be followed by someone involved in the scam company? That sounds like you’re over reaching there.

    • If her involvement were only as a hired graphic artist or participating author, we’d have no problem. But SHE involved herself in the affairs of that scam company, and earned whatever attention she got as a willing participant. And then went whining about it on FB.

      I’m sorry, but she can’t have it both ways. She can’t participate, and then cry innocence. She doesn’t get to have it both ways.

      If she can’t stand the heat, she needs to step out of the inferno.

      • But you do realize that she’s NOT the blogger you think she is? I use the word “daft” and I’m from Canada. I’m betting 100% of people in the UK and 70% of people in the New England region US use that word on a regular basis. I really think your assumptions are thin and unfounded.

      • That was only one example. Her behavior on FB alone belies more of an involvement. Somebody innocent (and mature) would have simply proclaimed their innocence, not gone of on a psychotic rant.
        But thanks for playing.

      • Again, not sure how that points to guilt (and it’s spelled innocence), immaturity, sure, maybe a temper, a personality that is different from yours making her an individual with the right to react to situations in her own way, but not guilty. I rant about bullies, I haven’t been bullied in years. I rant about the mistreatment of the LGBT community, I happen to be straight.
        How does ranting make you guilty of involvement in something? And it really does sound like she took the mature route and you wouldn’t back off so THEN she ranted. I’d rant too if someone wasn’t listening to me.

      • Hon, I appreciate your insights, but you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about in this case. You’re catching part of the story. But thanks for playing.

      • Umm … can you say snarky much? Ending your posts with “thanks for playing” is condescending bull shit. I’m not playing anything and ruining a reputation isn’t a game. So I really do hope you have all your proof and know exactly what you’re talking about because if you don’t you could be sued for slander and defamation of character.

        I was following links along from other conversations about this scam publisher, that’s how I ended up here, and I can honestly say this isn’t a blog I’ll be returning to. Being condescending and rude to potential readers and followers is a great way to build a successful career.
        As I said in my original comment – chase the scam publisher, if you take her down all her “cronies” will fall along with her. I’ve never seen a petty criminal who wanted to go down with the ship alone. If she has “accomplices” she’ll sell them out and then you’ll find out for sure if this Hutchinson woman is involved or not.

      • And correcting my already correct spelling wasn’t snarky?

        Getting a little heated, aren’t you, dear? And resorting to the same, tired “That’s SLANDER!” rhetoric that those you’re defending fall back on as a last resort. Perhaps you’re more personally invested than you’re letting on. Pity. With the writing skills you demonstrate, you’re in a league far removed from them. Your time should be spent on that, and not them.

      • Correcting your spelling was habit, unfortunately. It just seemed ironic that you would have a simple spelling mistake in a sentence in which you label a person immature.
        I’m not accusing you of slander, I’m just stating that if you have all the facts right you’re good to go, if not, you could be in trouble. I know I’d want to be very sure of myself before posting this sort of thing online. The internet never forgets.
        As for personally invested, well I already told you how I came across your blog.
        Thank-you for considering my writing skills above average but you shouldn’t assume to know what I am spending my time on. I’m not spending time on “them” whoever they may be. I’ve spent this time on you, and if you consider that time wasted, well, I suppose I will take your advice and return to my fiction endeavours.
        And if you are a fan of my writing skills please do check out the books I have available. They’re all listed on my blog.

      • Hon, you corrected a word that wasn’t misspelled. I’m not your student, and you’re not my editor.

        Don’t worry. I don’t post anything I can’t back up. That’s why the parties involved detest the place so much. The truths that we expose.

        You’re absolutey correct. The internet doesn’t forget. The proof of the allegations the victims make against the people that have abused them – and their known, willing associates – still exists, all the way back to the early days, as proven by the post that followed this one. The people who have been wronged don’t forget, either. Sure, they move on with their lives and achieve greater triumphs in their lives, but only after recovering from the trauma of being cheated, lied to, stolen from and abused by someone that promised them the moon then crushed their dreams. Those are the people that I post for, to warn them not to get scammed or abused. So if there’s somebody out there that gets themselves featured here, they have only themselves and their own active participation to thank for it.

        I did look at your list of books, and your blog. I see that you’re sensitive to victims of cyber-bullying. That might explain your interest here. I respect that. But I assure you that what’s going on here is done with the intent of exposing the true bullies and their associates.

        If you’ve studied bullying and harassment, you already know that a favorite tactic of an abuser is to cry victim themselves. That’s what’s Leah’s rant was all about, proclaiming innocence and playing victim when she has, in fact, participated in knowingly participating in supporting more than one dodgy publisher. Please don’t be taken in by a sob story. Those are crocodile tears, not self-righteous innocence. You’re a smart girl. See it for what it is.

        Hon, I’m not assuming anything about what you’re doing with your time. I’m seeing that you’re spending a good bit of it right here, right now, up to your eyeballs in somebody else’s drama. With your talent, YES. That’s time wasted.

      • Again, thanks for the compliments, please consider purchasing a copy of Nothing Everything Nothing to support Kids Help Phone and help them support bully victims.

      • Hey there, do you have a link to your book? I tried to buy it from the link on your blog and it wouldn’t go through. I’d like to have a look at it.

        Supporting kids that suffer from bullying is truly a noble thing. If you’d like a post here about this book and cause, I’ll be happy to put one up for you.

        We don’t just spotlight the negative aspects of the literary world, here. We also celebrate the bright lights. 🙂

      • I don’t know why, but it won’t let me buy the kindle version. it keeps directing me back to the Kindle store. Is there an E-version at smashwords? Linky?

  4. Do not twist my words. Such is the behavior of a manipulative individual with no rational argument. What I see is a case of accusations without substantiation. I have no knowledge of the opposing side other than what you have selected to support your rant.

    This shows me that you have a personal ax to grind. You have not shown what event started the conflict nor any steps that failed to resolve it.

    For all I know, she cut you off in a parking lot.

    I see nothing other than a personal vendetta playing out. You may wish to apprise yourself of the concept of libel, as it relates to internet and modern media.

    • On the contrary, dear. Hopping on here with such a fevered, dedicated defense of this woman shows that perhaps you’re involved in her defense, not the truth of why she came under fire in the first place. Gotta wonder why that is.

      Rian, is it? You seem fairly literate and intelligent. Congratulations. That alone proves that your priorities should revolved around your writing, not other people’s drama. For the sake of your credibility and your career, if you want either to be taken seriously in the writing industry, steer very clear of the people outlined here.

      Same thing goes for you, Casey. Looking at your blog, you seem to take your writing very seriously. You’re also wll-versed, if misguided.

      Both of you seem like dedicated writers, involved in workshops like Nanowrimo. As a true author’s advocate, I’d urge you as strongly as possible to steer clear of other people’s drama. Especially steer clear of the small presses with questionable practices, like Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, Dark Storm and Midnight Hour. Judging by your postings here, you’re both able to string a sentence together and seem reasonably intelligent. That alone stands you head and shoulders beyond the people you’re defending. I beg of you not for my sake, but for yours, spend your time on your craft, not on somebody else’s drama. They do not deserve you.

  5. Hello, what is it that you aren’t seeing? The fact is Leah nor her business would be unknown if Tabetha or one of her “friends” would not have put Leah’s name out there using the alt “proof”. She was so desperate to hide her illegal activities that she threw Leah under the bus. Someone Tabetha herself was thanking just a few months ago. In fact even at that moment of thanks she was showing all of Leah’s involvement with Tabetha. It doesn’t matter if you are friend or foe Tabetha will find a way to use you She uses your name or information to make others think that you are shady. Blaming you for Company errors, whatever she can she will use against you. If you don’t do her bidding it is worse. Then your name gets drug through the mud. All your hopes and dreams smashed and you can’t do shit about it. You either admit defeat and crawl back to that bitch or you stand tall, both middle fingers in the air and tell her to kiss where the sun don’t shine. Most are too weak – minded or too submissive to stand up to the likes of Tabetha. They keep going back lapping up the abuse and begging for more. Getting in deeper and deeper with Tabetha and her lies. They have no idea how much she owns them at that point. Unless they wake up they will suffer the same fate as all the others Tabetha has used, abused and destroyed. She puts their business out there, she makes them speak out for her. When they do she doesn’t even defend them in return. And you idiots keep letting this happen to yourselves and the ones who you call friends and family.

    • IF (not saying they are, but IF) these two are involved or becoming involved with that particular circle of trolls, I think it’s a screaming shame. They both had the guts to show up using their real names, something the eejits rarely do, and they both seem reasonably intelligent and quite literate. I appreciate their dedication, but I HATE to see it wasted. More than that, I hate to see them lump themselves in with a crew that will only drag them down to a subhuman level, batter, bully, abuse and abandon them.

      Just look at Leah. Tab used her up and threw her under the bus, and where is she now? Leah’s left fighting for herself, with noone to defend her but well-meaning strangers, while the Boss Lady sits back and covers her own ass. That’s who we’re dealing with. If the lady in question weren’t such a willing participant herself, I’d feel sorry for her.

      There’s little I loathe more than a willing victim.

    • Leah’s name was brought to this blog by Proof saying “Hey this person here has Amanda S back plus Kinship has tried to steal from her!” With Kinship in your corner with your protection i might add you are now discrediting Ms. Thomas – Hutchinson.
      Then you are now going after every nano author who takes a stand against you. Word is you better start popping some Rolaids hun your going to need them. You dont see what you do blinded by your inability to rationalize that you are destroying peoples lives and lively hoods. This is not about Tabetha no more its personal.
      Tell me what is the name of your business? Are you registered? Did you know the irs are now using public media to find tax cheaters? Sos.la.gov has no Jeanne Larson or Jeanne L. larson on file so please enlighten me with a fact.

      • Dear, dear Ember. So clueless. If you think that’s the first time Leah’s name has popped up, you’re mistaken. But even if it were, it’s Proof you have to thank for it. And any involvement Leah has with Tab, of course. She’s got only HERSELF to thank for that.

        And now I’m taking on Nanowrimo? You poor, ridiculous idiot. I mentioned Nanowrimo (and their writing skills) as examples of how those girls are far superior to anything you could ever hope to crank out. On these blogs alone, they’ve shown intelligence, literacy, and an admirable ability to string a few sentences together. All you show is that you’re a sad Joke.

        As for my business, it is exactly that and none of yours.

  6. I’m not going to say, I wish I had more time for this futile exchange, because that would be summarily untrue. I believe I did my best to plant some wisdom, albeit in dry clay.

    The only additional advice I would offer is the following:

    The condescending use of the word, “dear,” is offensive to reasonable people.

    To address me with, “Rian, is it?” is an obvious aspersion. So, to open with that and proceed to compliment my intelligence is openly duplicitous.

    Finally, I’d like to address your sarcastic use of the word, “congratulations.” I found the banality alone, insulting.

    • First, you’re the one that initiated this “futile” exchange, so that’s on you.

      As for that infertile ground, it exists in the minds of those who refuse to see the truth for what it is, not where that truth grows and flourishes.

      Don’t take my use of the word Dear as a slight. It’s not. I’m an old southern lady and i say it to just about everybody I talk to. Anybody that’s spoken to me on the phone will tell you that. Including those that swear me to be their enemy, if they’re honest. I apologize if you find that offensive. It is not intended as such.

      Wow. That’s a lot of big words. You do realize that the people you’re defending will have to go and google most of them, right?

      There was no duplicitous intent behind my compliment. You earned it and I meant it. You are well-written and reasonably intelligent, even without using big words to prove it. It’s just a shame that you’re wasting your brain cells, your talent and your time to defend people who are, compared to you, intellectual turnips.

      Depending on the duration and determination of your insistence upon defending people who do not deserve your attention, I might take the b off of the word banal to describe your misguided loyalties.

  7. Ember, I have noticed you didn’t care for our conversations that you initiated with me. Was it because you didn’t like the truth? Or did I hit a little too close to home? You stating that you didn’t give a shit about how Tabetha treated her authors, because all you cared for was the agreement that Tabetha had with JT. Again something Tabetha didn’t follow through with.

    You don’t even know what you are saying half the time. I mean WTF, she said that I went back to her? When clearly if you took the time you claim you did to research, you would have known that I NEVER crawled back to Tabetha. When I fired Tabetha that was it. Done deal.

    Not everyone appreciates being used or lied about, to or on. You are only seeing what she wants or allows you to see. Why are you so dead set on hurting the ones that your associate has already damaged? That is insane. You claim that you were hurt, I get that. Why is it OK that by you being hurt by YOUR associate you feel other authors are fair game?

    Did you bother talking to any of the authors that don’t work for her anymore? Well outside of your bullying? Did you bother to get their stories? Or did you go off half cocked because “boss lady” was on a tangent? Or were you like me, tired of hearing about it, being pressured to post in her defense? So you jump in head first because she said that your works are in danger.

    You are so sure that JT’S blog is going to destroy you. When you really need to see that if it wasn’t for Tabetha, you would not be dealing with any of this. All of this drama, all these lies stem from Tabetha and her manipulations. I am quite sure that you believe Tabetha is right. I assure you that she isn’t. She has shit planned, she has it down to a science how to get you to do her bidding.

    Be mad, get pissed, fight back. At least know who you are being mad at. Know who you are really fighting. You coming at former authors who stand against Tabetha’s injustices well in my opinion makes you look like a ass.

    • What I notice is that there’s a whole lot of bluster going on on this post about Leah, taking the focus off my latest blog which proves, yet again, in Tab’s own words, how shady she is about getting the authors to pay for the services that a publisher is supposed to provide.

      Yet here we are, fielding a whole lot of drama on a post about somebody that got thrown under the bus, further using THEM for Tab to hide behind rather than focusing on the TRUTH that’s been presented about her.

      Coincidence? Maybe. But I doubt it.

  8. Yet again, you offend, though you deny that intent.

    You outright state my word choice is a contrivance to prove my intelligence. Given that it is my natural diction, I take issue with you accusing me of affectation.

    And while I am at this pedantic rejoinder, allow me to disabuse you of the notion I had any loyalties related to this subject at all. I know neither you, nor the subject of your ongoing diatribe.
    My investment in the matter is one of personal and moderate amusement.

    In addition, I exceed “reasonably” intelligent by a noteworthy margin.

    • Pixie, offense is taken, not given. You’ve already had an apology, yet you continue to take issue. Are you here for a fight?

      • Sure does. Pixie there might have a million dollar vocabulary, but it sure is a shame that s/he chooses to waste it throwing pontificating temper tantrums on a blog that concerns them not in the least. Unless s/he’s here for some ulterior motive. Either way, it’s a waste of an otherwise impressive grasp of the human language.

    • MY diatribe? All evidence to the contrary. Looks like you’re the one running on, dear. Your prolific verbiage seems more suited to proving your vocabulary than making any real point. We don’t care if you can recite the entire English-Oxford dictionary for $1000, please, Alex. Unless you’ve got something to contribute that’s relevant to the actual topic, all you’re doing is pontificating.

      As for MY use of words, I am responsible for what I say and how I intend it. YOU are responsible for how you choose to receive it.

      • Oh… I was unaware his words were infallible in nature and therefore law to all human beings.

        Here, I was thinking it was just his personal opinion.

        So, because Stephen Fry said that, people are not responsible for what they say, right?

        Oh the things I would type right now, if i subscribed to such irresponsible foolishness. However, I know that each word I type is an expression of my existence.

        When I offend, it is with full intent and I own it. I take responsibility for it.
        I have never found the need to justify my words with quote from someone irrelevant both to me and the situation. However, if Mr. Fry has the time to join the discussion, I’ll give full attention to his input on the matter.

      • No. We are not held any less responsible for what we say because somebody puts up a quote by Stephen Fry to illustrate a point.

        And you are held no less responsible for the fact that how you choose to receive words is exactly that. YOUR CHOICE. As is your CHOICE to hold irrelevant whatever materials someone posts to illustrate or otherwise support their words. That doesn’t make these things irrelevant, of course. It only shows that you CHOOSE to devalue it. Not the same thing.

        Hon, all you’re doing is being argumentative at this point. If that’s what you’re here for, you can go ahead and play by yourself in the corner. The rest of us are here to make a point.

      • I had to look up information on this social skills expert, Stephen Fry.

        Turns out he’s a somewhat well-know comedian, not an expert on social dynamics, communication skills, or anything of that nature.

      • “I had to look up information on this social skills expert, Stephen Fry.

        Turns out he’s a somewhat well-know comedian, not an expert on social dynamics, communication skills, or anything of that nature.”

        Wow. You didn’t know he was a comedian? You didn’t get that the quote was meant to be humorous? You’re trying to take issue over this, but really you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

  9. This is directly to Tabetha, yes I caught your famous slip up when you posted on Ember ‘s blog. You think you are slick, think again! You are on a headhunting mission you really don’t wish to embark on. You want me gone, fired from Kinship, good luck with that.

    I was loyal to you, until you proved that you were nothing but a farce. You are a sham, a pipe dream. You may have broken down others, yes I admit you have pissed me off to the max. I am beyond livid. But just the thought that one day and I hope it is soon, you will pay for all your double dealings. You will feel all the tortured souls you have damned.

    Karma will pay you back in ways that you can’t even imagine. Your “ads” will feel all you have done 100 fold. So next time you want to play games and try to come at me, demanding my head, make sure that yours is securely intact.

    • Every one here is Tabetha or Ember. Me Ember who knows who i am notice the question mark? But again i found you on cafepress. Looking on redbubble now. Got to love social media. Also “Dear” “Hun” gloves are off I hear on both sides. You crossed a line making it personal using an innocent.

      • There you go again, dear pot, calling that kettle black. I don’t care if you’re Tabetha, Amanda, Katrina or anybody else. All you’re doing by contributing to this “Ember” farce is continuing to abuse the people that Tabetha abused in the first place. We all know that she’s a malignant, narcissistic sociopath. That’s why she does it. Because she just doesn’t give a shit about anybody. She uses them, abuses them and then tramples them.

        What’s your excuse? How do you sleep at night, knowing that you’re not only helping her perpetrate a fraud, you’re doing it youself by using fake names to cover her ass. If you were one of the people she’s abused formerly, and you’ve gone crawling back to her, what’s WRONG with you? Are you that much of a glutton for punishment? Or are you just that spineless? My guess is the latter.

      • Personally I don’t care who any of you are. You are all just pawns in Tabetha’s game. And like all of her toys, when she gets bored or they don’t do what she wants, well things get broken.

        Are you all that stupid? Again Leah’s name would NOT be known if one of TABETHA ‘s many alts and or friends didn’t put her in the spotlight. No matter why it was supposed to be done. It served it’s purpose, didn’t it. Tabetha can cry foul,bitch and moan on how cruel we all are. When it is TABETHA who is stirring the shit pot.

        And all you.all do is cry. You are too afraid of the monster you call friend so why not make the innocent people feel the hurt and pain you aren’t willing to give to the one who deserves it. Say what you will about me. At least I can see the difference, I am fighting for what is right

        I can face my monster without fear, I know my worth. And I know sooner or later monsters die. They are only powerful when you give them that power. I take back all the power Tabetha feels she has over me and I own that like a BOSS.

  10. Wow what big words you use grandma, all the better to muddle your mind, my dear. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge vocabulary or limited one, the point is Pixie, unless you start at the beginning of the story you are lost in the middle. You are on here as a distraction at best. You say you were lead to this blog. You are all Gung ho to trample the little people aren’t you. I could care less If YOU had A million pages written Up on you by Mensa, a fool is a fool even if they are educated. Or maybe the term educated fool missed your vocabulary lesson. All you are saying are words, you don’t have a clue what the hell is the truth. A truly intelligent person who values their education wouldn’t be here just posting words they would consider all things and research before flapping away at the fingers. But you seem to only want people to think you are smart, you actually bore me with the haughty attitude you show. You are a poser. And by saying that you speak that way all the time is a crock of shit.

    Big words…. small mind.

  11. Hennessy? That’s not even his name, it’s Henley, the name Tabetha tried to change hers to when she lied and told everybody she married him after riding up the aisle on her daddy’s Harley Davidson. Dumbass. I love how Tabetha’s words come back to bite her on her ass. Now the whole world can see that she was a scammer then and she’s still a scammer now. Thank goodness that girl kept those chats. I hope everybody else did too. I know I did. Do you hear that Boss Lady? That’s karma coming to say hello.

  12. I apologize for leaving crickets in my place, without properly excusing myself from the conversation. Apparently, my abrupt departure was misconstrued as a state of ruffled feathers.

    Recapitulation: (oh yeah… I said it)
    Now, I think it’s important to note, that I pointed out and analyzed many aspects of the narrative written and presented as an accounting of events. These (shall we say) complaints were written against an individual involved in the publishing trade. It was through one of the craft related forums I frequent, that I became aware of this blog. The situation piqued my interest, so I clicked the link. I read the content and found it to be of a personal rather than professional nature. The chance of gaining attention for a credible argument is diminished when such a personal direction is taken. Generally, asking for the objective, supporting information is not well received. However, I felt the response would be interesting in any case.

    The ensuing exchange followed a predictable path.

    I challenged the lack of actual evidence, given the nature of the allegations. All I saw posted were what appeared to be further responses of a personal nature, the intensity of which seemed to escalate.

    Most of the statements I read and responded to were directed at my person. Again, nothing addressed my challenge for supporting information or objective facts.

    Now, not once did I deliver an insult. I did address a specific behavior. I also, expressed my unfavorable response to direct and implied aspersions cast at me. The insults I collected were disappointing and will not be added to my collection.

    Any that were related to my extensive vocabulary do give me a sentimental rush as I remember my “adoring” nickname. Sigh… It’s been too many years since I’ve heard someone say, “Little Miss Webster.”
    I oft replied with, “that would be Miss Oxford, thank you.”

    A few new points to address before dinner:

    My answer to the accusation of, “ulterior motive.”
    As I stated, I found this all moderately amusing. At a certain point, it became a matter of rising to the delicious occasion. (Well, on the inside. I had a wonderful snark feast that went unserved. However, I took notes for one of my characters.)

    Also, I am on medical leave and bored. It has provided a bit of conflict analysis and cognitive exercise. Not to mention, a little inter-personal communication filtering practice. I can’t afford for that skill to get rusty.

    Tabetha and Ember and bears… oh my!

    Seriously, no clue. This sounds like a Lifetime Movie Network script goldmine.

    I’d rather watch televised golf than LMN. I’d rather render myself unconscious with my son’s dirty gym shoes than watch televised golf.

    I have a few more items to address, but other matters to attend for the moment.

    • An eloquent vocabulary doesn’t negate your abbraisive and accusatory tone. No one here insulted you until you started being rude. They just told you not to get offended, and that it was your choice to react that way. Sound Advice posted something relevant and in good humour and you got uppity. Also, you responded after the ruffled feathers remark. To me, it looks like it was Sound’s reply to your snarky response to the quote, if we’re going by post times. As for proof, it’s all over this blog. Coming on to one post and shouting ” Insults! Where’s your proof? ” instead of actually reading the blog, isn’t the behaviour of one who exceeds reasonable intelligence by a noteworthy margin.

      Either you want info to make your mind up about a scam or you don’t. That’s why people come here. You get to do as you wish with the info, and you don’t need to get involved. Why get your hands dirty in someone else’s mess?

      • Well, that’s not the ONLY reason they come here. Sometimes people come here because they’ve been recruited to do so from outside sources. Like a group on Nano, for example. Could be that somebody on Nano stirred up other writers there and got them to come fight her battles for her, people that have nothing to do with this whatsoever.

        People who work through Nano just want to improve their writing and their careers. Not get involved with this sort of thing. That’s just sick and sad, dragging them into this sort of thing.

    • You really should check out Stephen Fry, Pixie. I honestly thought you’d have heard of him. I think you’ll appreciate his wit.

  13. Pingback: Gone? | Lepplady

  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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