According to Leah’s rant on April 3rd (you know, the one where she accuses me of things I haven’t done, blasts out my name and curses like a sailor), Tabetha Jones is no longer on facebook.
And before anybody gets their knickers in a knot because this is only part of the post, the whole thing is still here on this blog and there on her page, along with a gripe that somebody’s reporting her account because “somebody doesn’t like her.” Not because she wrote a defamatory tirade or anything.

Griping that “SHE’S” the one getting picked on, the poor, innocent little thing.

She just doesn’t understand that she’s responsible for the consequences of her actions. If she writes something abusive and defamatory on FB, she can expect for it to get reported. And as long as she actively participates in Tab’s schemes, she’s doing two things. First, she’s keeping HERSELF embroiled in the drama, not some innocent little bystander that’s getting picked on just because of who she’s friends with.

Second, she’s letting Tab hide behind her. If Tab gets Leah all revved up about coming to Louisiana to sue me, and Leah runs off at the mouth, well, nobody’s looking at Tab, are they? That’s the plan anyway. But it’s a plan we know all too well. We’re still looking right where the lies begin. Including the ones being told to Leah that have her so upset.

Which leads us back to the point. She says that Tab’s gone from FB.


All evidence to the contrary.

It’s two weeks later and she’s still on FB. So is Zoey Sweete, and so are all of her many, many alts. Dark Storm‘s still there, too. So how does that “no longer exist on facebook”?

Sounds to me like some cooked-up scheme for sympathy that hasn’t happened yet. So wait for it, folks. It’s likely to sound something like… “Lepplady’s such a cyber bully that I first had to hide my company from to protect my beloved authors from her abuse, and now her bullying has forced me to shut my company down! See? Lepplady doesn’t care who she has to destroy just because she hates me! Sob, Sob!”

Or something very like that.

Just another lie exposed. You’re welcome.


28 thoughts on “Gone?

  1. Hun you have no idea what’s going on. Just keep on digging your hole. A good person that knows you very well knows you stalk the FB of your enemy as well as your friends doing it when you’ve been blocked. Pretty pathetic for such a lady who has eyes only for Tabetha Jones. Back to it we all know what discrete means. You never got that memo, I know that was rude of us. Yet you keep going… hope you have a nice day. I know I will!

    I just might get to see you very soon Lepp I can accept my actions can you. Oh yeah your business again you go as Lepplady on Cafe Press but your not registered last checked like an hour ago. Are you a fraud? I know you have an issue on Redbubble with a copyright of sorts. How is that working out for you hun?

    • Oh, and, for the record, I have never had a Redbubble account before today.

      Note the date and time in the lower right corner.

      Accusing someone of a crime that didn’t happen, like, say, copyright issues related to retail distribution, that’s slander, isn’t it? Or is it libel? Either way, it’s definitely defamatory. Might wanna watch that, hon.

  2. You look like your the one that’s a stalker following Leppy around to her online stores, too bad Leppy isn’t the one doing illigel shite and fucking people over like you. You look like your jealous too you don’t have her talent so keep stalking, Ember or should we call you pot because you like to call the kettle black. Oh and nice threat about I just might get to see you very soon, I hope Leppy takes that straight to the police. Your not just a minger your a stupid one at that.

    • Dear LMFAO that was in reply to her FB chat were she mentioned a defamation law suit! Sorry i know she only talks the talk she wants with you guys here. So the reference was to me on the stand why she laughes. How ever she has invited a few of us to meet with her. Watch your tounge before you speak so you have clue whats going on. Let the adults talk here!

      • Where’s that proof you’re so fond of asking us for? Making accusations without proof? What’s that called again…?

        “The adults are talking?” Gotta copy us because you can’t think of something original?

      • Love you Lepp you never disappoint!! Thanks by the way….”Cheeky”

        Again your business registration? Really your very talented I want a Larson special order. Maybe a truce long enough for a business deal?

      • My business is properly licensed, thanks. No, I don’t feel the need to splash a cap of my paperwork online to prove it. I’m not scamming anybody. Cafepress takes the order, processes the money and delivers the merchandise. I don’t touch any money until after the order is processed and delivered, and then Cafepress puts my profit into my account. I don’t deal with the customer regarding money, so my hands are clean of any possible accusations of mismanagement. That’s just one of the things I like about CP. That, and all of the amazing products they feature now. When I started, back when the only thing in the store was that Hummingbird Fairy, all t hey had were shirts, mugs, calendars, clocks, basic things like that. Now they’ve got post-it notes, rugs, even curtains and shower curtains. I’m delighted to see that there are so many more options now!

        Thank you for the compliment. If you’d like to purchase something, you know where the store is. I’m working on it today, upgrading it from a basic account to a pro one. I can’t stand that cheesy template that’s up there now. I want to customize it to suit my personality and my products better. And I’m adding at least one new image. The one I’m working on right now is being stubborn, so there might be a bit of a jumble. It’ll be straightened out shortly, though, and I’ll be uploading more images as I finish them.

        I’d be happy with a permanent truce. Quit posting about me and I’ll quit complaining about it. No muss, no fuss. We can be done of it right now. Up to you.

  3. Funny I cant find your business anywhere,and its certainly not located where it should be and I’m the bad person. I see. But like Ember ? said we all may be seeing each other very soon.

    • Troll much? How about this? My business is MY BUSINESS and none of yours. Until or unless I start scamming people, lying to them, stealing their money and crushing their dreams the way you’ve done, you’ve got no business nosing around in my affairs. There are stalking laws about that sort of thing.

      It’s a shame Ember associates with you. She doesn’t know you like we do. You’re just using her to propagate your agenda and cover your ass. You’r taking that poor kid’s passion and temper and twisting them around to suit your own purposes. You don’t even care what kind of trouble you get her into. All you care about is how you can use her. I really and truly hope that she opens her eyes and sees you for what you really are before you get her into trouble she can’t get out of, while you sit back and laugh because you got somebody else to take the fall for you.

      You want to see me in court? That’s entertainment no amount of money in the world can buy, for a whole lot of reasons. First, it takes money to file, and we all know how loathe you are to part with it. Not that you’ve got any, begging people to pay your rent, and all the other histrionics you’ve been pulling lately. And hitting more people up for that separation fee you’re so famous for, whether it’s from your company or your sister’s. Even if you wanted to take me to court, you couldn’t afford it. Unless you get Ember to pay for it. Yet another way to use her to your advantage.

      Second, you haven’t got a leg to stand on, and the sick thing is, you know it. If you could sue me for telling the truth about you, you would have done it years ago. Every single person that’s stepped forward to expose what you did to them can back up every word they say. We post the actual truth here. That might piss you off, but you know it’s true. You know as well as I do that blogs are protected as opinion by freedom of speech laws. Especially when what’s printed on them is true.

      And finally, there’s no way in the world you’re willing to set foot in a courtroom and stand in front of a judge. You’ve done too much crooked shit, both online and off. You do not want to have answer for all of it in conjunction with the defense you know I’ll put up: The fact that this blog exposes a fraud, complete with the evidence to back it up. With affidavits, and maybe personal appearances, from authors willing to testify that every word they’ve said about you is true. And maybe more people that you’ve used, abused, even impersonated.

      Do you really want that? Do you want to have to face the counter suit I’ll slap on you on behalf of myself and every single author from the last several years when the judge finds that the content on this blog is bulletproof and untouchable? They’ll all be admissible because it’s this blog you’re talking about suing me over, and they’re a part of it. By even filing, you’ll be opening the door to every single claim they’ve made. You know, the ones those pesky little claims that they can prove.

      I’m guessing not. More than that, I doubt that you even really intend to sue. I think you’re just winding Ember up with the notion of it, making HER think it’s going to happen so that she’ll keep ranting and raving and creating some smoke and mirrors to try to hide behind, even bring in people from other groups to fight your battle for you, like Nano.

      I actually feel sorry for her, the way you seem to have the wool pulled over her eyes about yourself, me, court, all of it. If she weren’t involved with, well, with being Ember and helping you cover your ass, I’d be more than willing to call a truce with her. Nobody deserves to be so badly used by you. The sooner she realizes the truth about you, sees you for what you are and leave you to fight your own battles, the better off she’ll be.

      • Ember contacted me for info. It wasnt the other way around. Oh, you go snooping into my business all that time but when its done to you the rules change. Am I the only one that sees this. Where is your proof I am scamming my authors? That I am a con? Where… (anyone else hear crickets chirping). And yes my sister has a fee most companies do ut I forget you are the great and powerful Lepplady pay no attention to the woman controlling everyone from behind the curtain.

        And once again you have the wrong person. Still thinking the wonderful cover artist is Ember, wrong again. I have a feling I know who Ember is but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket.

        No one ever said anything about court, are you worried Jt? Worried that the world is about to find out just who you really are?

        I am doing everything legal like I always have, I can’t say the same for others.

      • What everybody but you sees is that YOU ARE A SCAM. That entitles your business to get examined, especially by your victims, past and present.

        No. It’s NOT okay to go nosing around in the business affairs of somebody that isn’t a scam artist, thief and fraud like you. But, unlike you, I don’t have anything to hide. So, nose away. It’s not like you should be spending your time on your own life, getting your daughter off to school, paying your rent, busting your “ads” for your authors or reaching for your dreams of becoming a model. (Can’t believe I said that last with a straight face. …no I didn’t. Couldn’t hold it.)

        No one ever said anything about court, but you keep on talking about seeing me very soon. So unless you’re talking about court, you’re stalking, harassing and threatening me.

        No. I’m not worried in the least. You’re too much of a chicken shit to show up on my doorstep. And that’s a very good thing, because it would be an EXTREMELY foolish thing for you to do. No, your style is getting other people to fight your battles for you. Your authors, you alts, your sister, even your kid. I’m not worried about a thing. You might be able to feed people enough bullshit to get them to fight your battles for you online, but I doubt that anybody would be stupid enough to cross state lines to do your dirty work for you and actually visit me with harm. I hear you tried to bribe everybody from your boyfriend to strippers, your 1% biker buddies, even a bounty hunter, was it? to come do something to me, promising sex and drugs as payment. But nobody was stupid enough to do it, did they? And I sincerely doubt you’ve got anybody within the state that would do it for you either, as you imply that you’ve met some interesting people inside Louisiana to do anything of the sort for you, either.

        You’re doing everything legal? All evidence to the contrary. Not when it comes to business, and not when it comes to stalking me. You need to stop obsessing over me and start figuring out how you’re going to pay your rent. At your intellectual level, I have no doubt you’d find work in the fascinating world of fast food. At least it would be HONEST work.

      • The troll probably already has it. Joke’s on her though, because if she tries to steal my identity, all she’s going to get is a whole bunch of student loan debt. Those student loans take time to pay off. Which I’m sure she knows, you know, since she’s going to college for abnormal psychology. The biggest irony in the history of humankind.

    • Actually,Tab, you better wish that you never see anyone of us as will probably the last noncriminals you see besides prisoners.

  4. When will these Tabetha followers finally understand that a sole proprietorship does not need business registration, and when will self-proclaimed writers understand that their “writer’s voice” carries over, no matter what name they give to themselves?
    No wonder they are failed writers – they don’t know dick about it!

    • Well, see I did that with Phoenix and Jt bitched and raised hell even though in my county there is no need. But I did it this time for the pure pleasure of rubbing it in her face. But seeing Jt has ruined my authors sales with her advocating for authors here, which your doing a bang up job, if we happened to make a certain amount then yes you do register. But in the great state of Louisiana its a bit different kiddos. Shes making way more than Dark Storm yet she not registered. Hmm… and I’m the bad one here. But its okay I have recently met some very nice ppl from Louisiana. Wonderful and so very helpful.

      • So if there was no mention of court, what was all the “We’ll see you soon” shit about? Are you threatening Lepp with a personal visit? That’s a laugh.

        You do realize that by constantly initiating contact, Tabetha, Ember “?” etc, you and your flying monkeys are doing ALL of the harassing, right? You add another number to that nasty little list of crimes every time one of you starts a (I use this word loosely) communication. Are you really too stupid to get that? Shit, why am I even asking? Of course you fucking are!

        “SweetEs”, “Rebel-Farted”: you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s hilarious. Also, every time you say “I’m happy” or “Things are going GREAT” we all know the reality is the exact opposite.

      • Scabby Assy you thick-headed twat waffle even from this side of the pond I know that a sole proprietorship is one person without partners or employees but you do both so that’s why you can’t be a sole proprietorship, but your to thick to get that through your stupid bone head. That’s why your company is illegal it has nowt to do with how much they earn but instead of learning anything you stalk and harass an innocent woman and that’s what Lepp Darling is because she doesn’t scam people like you, maybe I should call you Scammy Assy instead but we know the scabs are there to because drug addicts scratch their skin open, your still popping all those pills right why don’t you just sell those if your so hard up for money.Your going to need it if you keep threatening and stalking somebody your going to need it for a lawyer, a real one not your fake one. Yes you are the bad one. Your the stupid minger that cheats people not Leppy but your to thick or to mental to get it so why don’t you just fuck off back to your strip club and pretend they want you or are you to busy begging for rent. Well there’s always the street corner like anybody’d pay to shag your maggot infested gash or hey how about this get off your fat ass and get a job you lazy fucking git.

      • I have been gone for a few days, personal reasons. But Tabetha you yourself are going to be your own downfall. Look at you using authors AGAIN and AGAIN. Making them say things to protect you. Why aren’t YOU PROTECTING THEM? Isn’t that your job as a publisher? Isn’t it up to you to make sure their reputations aren’t tarnished, stained or destroyed?

        And here you are comparing Phoenix with Dark Storm but wait Dark Storm isn’t your company, but yes it is. You are such a baffoon that you can’t get your sorry ass story right even on here to attempt to defend yourself. You are a laughing stock.

        I urge anyone who wants proof of how Tabetha didn’t fulfill her obligation to me to ask me. I will gladly give screen grabs or copy and paste or last few months of talks. You know the talks Tabetha, the ones where I asked for proof of sales and royalties and your lies and backpedaling so you didn’t have to tell me. Or how about me asking time and time again about my 3rd book. How you blamed Luna for it not being done. That was BREACH wasn’t it? Where is my money for your breach? Or how I had to scramble to get things together for the book release party that YOU were to have set up.

        I am done playing games, you want court let’s do this!!! I will show the world of your lies, how you were ready to take a author down just for commenting on someone’s page that you didn’t like and or got rid of. How about those talks we had of how you wanted to send JT a gift, blessed by your blood wasn’t it to attempt to harm her? Oh and our radio shows where you only wanted to talk about you and how YOU were being hurt by this blog. To hell with the authors you got to do the show, thinking they were going to be heard as real authors. NOT conspirators to your games.

        You want to play Tabetha, fine. LET’S PLAY. I will promise this. I have not lied nor do I intend to. All I have as proof is in black and white. Your words, your lies your cons and your bullshit. Anyone who has half a brain go back and read just what I have posted on Tabetha. Notice this I have not changed my story as to what she has done, and I won’t. Truth is TRUTH there is no need to embellish or to con anyone to believe what I say. I have it all in writing. What do you have Tabetha, I admitted when I backed you, didn’t lie. Can you say the same thing? How many authors did you get to defend you against Cussy? How many are you lying to now saying the same shit you told me to get them to defend your ass?

        And look at this you dumped PF, just like you did Mystic and you are still playing the same sorry ass games, but now with DS authors. When are yo going to read the rules and learn, REALLY LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Make it right for the authors you have? Why are you still playing the victim when you are the one doing all the damage? You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. You are a lost cause. The only thing you know how to do is use people. You are a heartless monster.

        Stop putting people out there to do your dirty work. You say you are a woman, be one. You say your aren’t lying, prove it. You say we are the ones hurting your authors, own up to what you have done to make these hopefuls fail. You are the one making it rough on them, with all your lies and bullshit. Stop it and grow up. You want to be a respected business person, then earn fucking respect the right way. You using your authors like you did me just proves time and time again you are a farce, a chicken shit and a liar. I woke up to you and your bullshit. I hope others will contact me so I can open their eyes as well.

      • You never did it right with Phoenix, or with MP before that. You never understood the simple concept that a sole proprietorship can’t have more than one owner (SOLE, duh) or employees. You still don’t get it. You’ll NEVER get it. You think you can just do whatever you want and call it legal. It’s just NOT. No matter how many pieces of paper you put your name on.

        I never ruined your authors’ careers, no matter how hard you try to sell them on it. If you were such a legal, upstanding, professional publishing company, nothing I say COULD do anything to them. The problem with your authors’ sales is that they were foolish enough to sign with YOU. You don’t edit their work, the formatting is for shit. One of your covers was so badly pixilated that while you did have permission to use the image (that time), the photographer was upset that his work was so poorly represented. You do NOTHING in the real world to promote their books. Not one I’ve ever seen had a book signing arranged by you. Most of them had to arrange for their own launch events because you couldn’t be bothered or came up with some excuse. From what I’ve seen, all you do is interview them on your own online radio show (the one you stole from one of your former authors) and scam people when it comes to swag, like you scam them on everything else.

        You don’t do shit for your authors but wrap them up in your personal and financial drama, yet you expect them to believe I’M the reason they’re ruined? keep dreaming, sister.

        Still talking about coming to Louisiana? Still making those threats? Am I supposed to run scared by your threats? You couldn’t get your boyfriend, your mechanic, your strippers or our voodoo practitioner to come get me, and now I’m supposed to believe that you’re coming with some of my statesmen to come do something to me? That’s just too funny to be scared of.

    • I’d call her retarded but that would be an insult to retarded people, she’s just a stupid scamming minger they aren’t writers their lemmings following moby dick the great white whale as she leads them off the cliff and their to stupid they just believe her lies whell it sucks to be them when that fall comes.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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