Author Casia Schreyer Donates Profits from Debut Novel to Help Bully Victims


Nothing Everything Nothing is a young adult contemporary novel about the tragic effects of bullying as seen through the eyes of the victim. Molly experiences severe bullying and harassment, both in person (at school, in the store, on the street) and online and it drives her to attempt suicide.

But Nothing Everything Nothing isn’t a book that dwells on problems. We already know there are problems. This is a novel that talks about solutions, and the biggest solution offered here is: talk to somebody.

When Molly closes down lines of communication, her problems get worse. She becomes isolated, vulnerable, and afraid. On the occasions when Molly reaches out, to her mother first and later to the school, the police, and the psychologist, things start looking up. It’s a long road full of ups and downs. Molly’s journey is a painful and difficult one, but it has a hopeful ending and approaches the issues at hand without preaching.

Author Casia Schreyer handles the issues of depression and suicide with respect and accuracy. In her own words: “When Robin Williams committed suicide, suddenly everyone was talking about living with depression and recovering from suicide, I had dozens of blogs and articles on the subject come across my Facebook newsfeed and my blog reader. I read all of them. I wanted this novel to be an accurate, and compassionate, look at something that affected thousands of people every year.”

So how does a novel about bullying help bully victims? Well, aside from the fact that it sends a message to victims that they are not alone and that getting help is possible, Casia Schreyer chose to donate part of her profits from the sale of this self-published novel to Kids Help Phone.

Kids Help Phone is a non-profit organization that provides children and teens across Canada with 24/7 access to a telephone hotline and a private online chatline. Any child or teen across Canada can, at any time, call or go online and talk to someone about anything. They deal with suicide ideation, bullying, mental health questions and concerns, abuse, addictions, and depression. They rely on government funding and public donations to keep their services open.

Casia Schreyer donates half of her royalties from every copy of Nothing Everything Nothing sold. What does that mean? $1 from every copy purchased online, be it paperback or e-book, and $2 from every paperback purchased directly from her, goes straight to this important group. Since the book’s release in November 2014 she has raised over 200$ for Kids Help Phone.

To hear Casia Schreyer talk about the story behind this book and her reasons for setting up this fundraiser, you can tune in to her radio interview on May 1st at 1:30pm -5 hours UTC. If you live in Manitoba Canada, you can listen at 680AM. From anywhere else in the world, you can listen at And if you are local to Manitoba, you can visit Casia Schreyer at 400 Spence St in Winnipeg on May 3rd, starting at 10 am local. She will be at the Kids Help Phone walk-a-thon selling and signing copies of her book.

You can purchase the book on Amazon (America, Canada), Kobo, B&N,Smashwords, Nook and Kindle. $2.99 USD for the e-book and $8.99 + shipping for the paperback (only available on some Amazon sites and on Createspace.

Do you live in southern Manitoba? You can contact the author on her blog, to buy a paperback direct from her for $10 CDN.

Follow Casia on Twitter, @CasiaSchreyer, Facebook,, goodreads and her blog,



11 thoughts on “Author Casia Schreyer Donates Profits from Debut Novel to Help Bully Victims

  1. Much success and good fortune in your venture. I respect what you are doing in a big way. My second book should be out soon it is about abuse. It is a wonderful thing you are trying to do, I wish you all the best.

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