That tricky left hand

You know, the one that doesn’t want you to know what it’s up to while the right hand plucks a coin from behind your ear, or a rabbit from a hat. Or pointing fingers anywhere else that it doesn’t want you looking.

For example, a scam publisher who claims to have shut down not one, but two previous publishing companies in favor of opening a new one.

Yet somehow, books from either/both of those “closed” companies keep turning up for sale on the web.
Blood Vengeance The Draven Witch Series Book 2 Phoenix Fire (October 5, 2012)
Author, Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones).
Check out the price of that one, btw. $999.11? What a joke!

The Devil’s Pet Kitten, Phoenix Fire (November 3, 2012)
Author Beth Wright

Look for old MP/PF (even current DS) titles published by “CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform” as well.
Blood Games: A Blood Kisses Anthology, volume 2. (March 30, 2015)
Authors Amelia Birch, Andre Sanders, Charolete Ondac, Daniel Rose, Daniel Cotton, Deborah Drake, Grant Elliott Smith, James Pratt, Kate Monroe, Kim Stevens, Mark Slade, Mathias Jansson, Mike Casto, Jodie Pierce, Nikki Palomino, and Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones).
Interesting that the publication date is March 30, 2015, but there’s a review (penned by one of the authors) from Dec 9, 2014.

Bloody Kisses A Dark Anthology of Creatures of the Night, (March 20, 2015)
Authors Zoey Sweete (Tabetha Jones), Karrye Angello, Nikki Palomino, and Jodie Pierce.

Deviants After Dark is a new title, published March 20, 2015.
Authors Zoey Sweete, L.D. Hutchinson, Ruby Rose, Shaye Evans.

There’s also Wicked Enticements A Compilation of Guilty Pleasures, (March 30, 2015)
Authors Charolette Ondac, Emerald Rai Fleurs (Tabetha Jones), Mistress Thanatella, Huey Mussleman, Ivy Sinclair, Joy Fulcher, Kate Monroe, Kim Stevens, Lance Schonberg, Martin Smith, Zoey Sweete (TJ), T. Fox Dunham, Shaye Evans, and Thomas Folske.

What’s up with that? How is it being published by any publishing company when the “publisher” won’t even put the company’s name on the book? That’s not a publishing company. More likely, that book was published on somebody’s personal account. How can those authors expect to get any straight answers about what royalties they earned?

The first thing she’ll say is that it’s third parties that are selling those old books. Not her. So who’s responsible?

“It’s other people selling them!” she’ll cry. “I don’t get money from that!”

Oh, but she does. In order for some third party to RE-sell a book, that means that the book had to have been bought in the first place.

For example, if I buy a book by Stephen King, he gets paid royalties for that sale. Then he’s out of it. If I choose to sell that book as a used book, it has nothing to do with him. He already got paid his royalties. Whether I make a dollar from selling my used paperback or a million from a treasured early first edition, it involves him not in the least. When I first bought the book, he got paid his royalties in the beginning.

That’s what you need to remember when she cries “Third party!” The fact that for a third party to sell a used book, they had to buy it in the first place. Got that?

There’s no way Daily Deals or anybody else can sell a used book unless they bought it first. That means that SOMEBODY got paid for that original sale, and it sure as hell wasn’t the author.

“They bought it from Ingram’s catalog!” She’ll say, claiming that assorted booksellers can do an end-run around the publisher and buy books straight from the source, without going through her, the publisher. So, according to her, she owes the author nothing.

Sorry, buttercup, but it doesn’t work that way. Not in the industry, and not according to Ingram. They were happy to answer questions about this very sort of thing. And they made it very plain. Nobody can buy or sell a book from Ingram’s “catalog” except the publisher. NOBODY. Period.

By all means, don’t take my word for it. Call Ingram yourself and ask. 615-793-5000

So it’s one of two things going on, when it comes to these third party sales.
1) Some third party bought a book in the first place and the publisher didn’t pay the author.
2) The scam publisher is selling the book now with no intention of paying the author.
Either way, who is it that gets shafted? That’s right. The author.

So when you see those books by Mystic and Phoenix, or even new books published without the benefit of ANY publisher’s name on them, ask yourself one question. Who gets paid? I think we all know the answer to that.

You’re welcome.


36 thoughts on “That tricky left hand

  1. Is that crickets I hear? I don’t see any answers to these questions. How are people’s books being sold if only the publisher can access them on Ingram? Why is Tabetha using a personal account to publish other people’s books? Where does that money go? How do authors know how much they’re supposed to be paid? She waves around her business license as proof that she’s legit but that’s just a piece of paper. That doesn’t make her an honest person or legitimate business person, and it doesn’t answer these questions. Maybe because there is no good answer except the one we already know.

    • You are 100% correct Featherpen. The crickets are trying to get a combined thought between them. Tabetha never showed anyone sales or royalty reports. Oh, yes she sent me some printout with all the authors names on it and things blacked out. I could not make any sense of the document what so ever.

      For a publisher to be a decent one you should be able to pull up and show at any given time which author has done what. If you contribute to an anthology ALL authors should be paid equally. And at least be honest if you are using 5 different pen names to boost your own gain.

      You will never get a straight answer from Tabetha or anyone who is up to their eyeballs in her shit. I mean not to boost that fiasco blog but what was just posted yesterday is a joke. Besides the babble of higher education, the link to narcissism describes Tabetha to a T. I don’t know where there were going with that but to enforce our knowledge of how wacked Tabetha is.

      They never show any kind of respect of anyone or anything, UNLESS you tuck your tail between your legs, admit defeat and crawl begging for the blessing of Tabetha Jones and regain your place at her feet. Everyone who does that is worse than she is. At least we can recognize she has an illness. What is wrong with the rest of them?

      How is it that proof is shown by authors, editors, cover artists and friends what Tabetha does, has done and will continue to do that these followers keep believing her lies? I mean honestly I just don’t get it? I know she uses unsavory tactics to ensnare some, using personal info to make that person dance. What I can’t figure out is if you authors consider yourself ladies or gentlemen where is your pride? Put on your big boy/girl panties and tell your S/O what you have told Tabetha. Don’t let her hold anything over your head.

      Take time and really read what people are saying about this publisher. Hell read what some models have written, how unprofessional she is at the least. How many of you authors have been waiting on a book to be done? How many times are you talking to Tabetha that your book even gets mentioned? How many more times is she bitching about the hatemongers and how she needs to get even? Now ask yourself who’s best interest does she have at heart? Who’s agenda is Tabetha trying to attend to? Just who is she busting her “ads” for?

  2. It bears repeating that Beth Wright left Tab’s company years ago, in favor of signing with Daverana, Janrae Frank’s company. Tab tried to kick up a fuss and demanded $700 dollars from Daverana, but backed off when threatened with REAL legal action.
    You can read about that on dear Cuss’s blog.

    However, after Janrae’s sad passing, Beth’s book popped back up for sale on line, with Tab as the publisher, and there it still is.

    That business with Beth, Tab and Janrae was in February, 2013. It’s now April 2015 and Tab’s still up to the same shenanigans, extorting money from authors that try to leave her, via that “termination” fee.

    Still think she’s “Learning from her mistakes” or that “It’s all in the past” or that “Everybody deserves a second chance!”

    Still think this is all “Hate” and “Lies” folks? Or are you waking up?

  3. Couldn’t come up with original wording so I see you used my Stephen King scenario. I’m honored.

    Yes the authors do get paid the first time around but also remember if any author gifted those books that party can sell the. I wish I was getting a percentage of Blood Vengeance being a thousand bucks unfortunately I’m not.

    I’m not get anything off the third party sellers. The authors or company already received payment.

    Read a book do.some homework ask other companies if they see those sales. Quit going after me when I’m not doing anything wrong.

    I was hoping you’d learn and move on. Now I see you won’t. Which okay because it’s time to move forward on my end. To show the world you are nothing but a bully.

    • YOUR Stephen King wording? That’s the phraseology I used to explain it to your sister on the phone because you had her convinced that your version was the truth. You know, the version where booksellers can do an end run around you and buy straight from Ingram. But now that Ingram has kindly provided info that it just doesn’t work that way, you switch up stories and now claim that those authors got paid? I’m sure that’s news to the authors. Especially George Merry, who you told that she sold NO books and never paid a single dime, even though her readers gladly provided proof that they bought, and still owned, copies of her book. Yet her book was for sale through those shady third parties until she yanked the book and republished it herself so that those “third parties” can’t keep sneaking it out for sale anymore.
      I’m sure it’s news to authors that saw jumbled up sales reports that were so heavily edited that they made no sense. And to authors who were finally able to get straight answers out of Create Space once they proved that they were no longer affiliated with you.
      And I’m sure it’s news to poor Beth Wright, who left you to sign with Daverana. Her book has no business being released with your name anywhere near it. At all. You did it to further batter poor Beth, and to spit on the grave of one of the few people who truly stood to you. you probably don’t make much money from that book, or any book for that matter, thanks to your complete and utter lack of any promotion or marketing strategies whatsoever, but my guess is that you keep that book for sale to prove a point and make a statement. That you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and you’re untouchable. You want poor Beth to know it and you want your other victims to see it. and, truth be known, I want them to see it too. I want them to see how you treat your authors when they’re with you, and especially after they leave you. I want them to see the abuse that you heap on people that you first claim as family and then batter beneath your heel when they wise up and leave you.
      You do the same thing to models, too. You keep using their pictures after they wise up and leave you. Either you have them thinking that you are allowed to keep their pictures because of some bullshit contract or they just get tired of fighting you and leave without them, but there are pictures all over the internet that you took of them that you really have no right to use, but you do it anyway. Just like you keep using the authors that aren’t with you anymore, using their names and their faces to bolster your company, to make you look more impressive than you ever will be, even though they no longer want to be associated with you in any way shape or form. That’s just how you work. You use people and continue to use people. You abuse them when they’re with you, and keep abusing them even worse when they’re not.
      Thank you for proving yet again, with your own words, what a liar you are. Hopefully more potential victims, present and future, are paying attention.
      Yes, hon, more truth is coming out. About you.

      • JT asked if I’d come on and confirm some of what she’s mentioned above. As I consider her a friend and hold her in high regard, I’ve chosen to oblige. I’ll state this now: I want nothing to do with Tabetha Jones, and I refuse to engage with her on here. I will not enter into any form of dialog with her, as it is a pointless exercise. I can confirm some of what’s said above. It was a long time ago. I have kept all my evidence should anyone wish to press charges in a class action suit. I was informed that all my books had been returned, even the ones bought by my friends and family:

        To be clear who’s talking.

        I made an announcement on facebook, where friends and family made it clear they still had their copies:

        The people commenting above all kept their receipts for proof of purchase.

        I had to contact Amazon to make the Mystic Press version of my book unavailable. I was then informed that they couldn’t access it because it had been published on a personal Createspace account, not a publisher account. After many phone calls and emails to Amazon Createspace, the old version of the book was taken down and will not reappear in the Mystic Press version due to copyright infringement.

      • Out of respect for other victims, and for the people that bought (and confirmed that they still have) George’s book, she chose to hide their names. The last thing any of them need is for Tab to attack them this long after the fact. I agree. The message is still very clear.

    • You can be glib and say “They got paid!” But history doesn’t change just because you get caught.

      YOU said the authors didn’t get paid because YOU didn’t get paid. YOU said private (third party) sellers and stores could access your authors’ books on Ingram and sell them without going through you. Your words.

      Allow me to remind you. And everyone else.

      You said it. You LIED. And now you’re lying again because you got caught. Thank you Ingram.

      Seeing her for what she is yet, people?

    • Here’s Beth’s response:
      Tabetha never paid her a dime. The only person that ever paid her was Janrae.

      And if Tabetha tries to blow Beth any grief whatsoever, I’ve invited Beth to let me know and I’ll post that, too. Tab can’t get away with her bullying tactics anymore. Not on my watch.

      It’s taken Beth a lot of time and heartbreak, but she’s begun writing again. I’m so very happy to hear that. Daverana took her on because they believed in her talent, and I have every confidence that she will prove that they were right. Sky’s the limit, Beth. Spread your wings and soar.

  4. Tabetha like to keep repeating how she learns from her mistakes. That may or may not be, but these clearly aren’t “mistakes.”

    • We’ll have to excuse Tab today. She might be in a coma from battling some guy named Santiago in the dream world… from somebody else’s dreams that she dragged into her own.

      Yeah. I know.

      • You know nothing sweetheart. You know what certain ppl lead you to believe.

        I’m off to my dream world where the world is at peace and you do not exist.

      • That’s your world all day, every day. You live in a fantasy where you think you’re sane and anybody believes a single word you say.

        But, hey. As long as you’re going, give Santiago a great big juicy kiss from all of us.

    • Yeah that nifty little tracker is illegal btw. Talked to the police today. Seems you do a lot if illegal things on this blog.

      Guess we will see what happens there.

      • That nifty little tracker is a feature of wordpress, you buffoon. I’m sure the police had a good laugh at your expense after you hung up.

      • Oh lookie, the great scam artist herself is crying about things illegal. Now that is REALLY the pot calling the kettle black. You toad, you AGAIN cannot have your cake and eat it too. Especially since your pal ( personal ass licker) Ember is practically doing the same damn thing.What’s good for the goose is good for the gander isn’t it Tabetha.

        Oh how is Freddie Krueger doing? Your dream fantasy is right out of that story line isn’t it? I swear if television wasn’t invented your ass wouldn’t have a life. Let’s see the power of 3, Charmed isn’t? Then the Banditos, hmmm me thinks Sons of Anarchy. And we all know your love for Supernatural. You want to be something so bad you can’t see that you were something, at one time. You were a friend, a mother, a wife and a sister. Your sorry ass can’t get into reality enough to be those things.

        You want to skate on everyone else’s coattails and be something grand. Too bad you can’t be YOU. Maybe if you stopped trying to be everything and decided to be ONE thing you could get somewhere. As it stands you are and will continue to be nothing but a fraud a farce.You will continue to lie, cheat and steal. You will continue to manipulate people to your own agenda because you don’t know how to be true.

        You know nothing of loyalty, friendship or family. All you see is what is on the television and your mind screams you want to be those people. Hell you were jealous that a former author was in contact with actors from your favorite show that you badgered her, bullied her and even lied to say these people weren’t real. Did it bug you that bad that you weren’t the one they chose to connect with? Did it bruise your ever expansive ego to know that you WEREN’T top dog?

        Get over yourself and wake the hell up!!! You aren’t the end all be all, you DON’T have magical powers that were handed down from the mystical beyond. To be perfectly honest NO spirit would come to you, unless it was as vile as you are.There is nothing special about you that indicates you are worthy of anything the beyond would bestow on you. This is NOT practical magic or the craft,you are sadly delusional. I only hope that someone sees you for you, or you wake up before you in your crazed state do damage to someone you may have feelings for even love (if that’s possible). What is next,really what more crazed things can your fucked up mind come up with?

        I feel so sorry for all that you come into contact with on a daily basis, they have to have warrior blood to endure you and your crazed mind.

    • You don’t even realize how hilarious it is that you’re so desperate for people to read your blog that you post the link to it here.
      I’m not even going to bother. I’m going to stay right here and enjoy seeing your own words come back to bite you in the ass, showing the whole, wide world what a scammer, liar and thief you really are.

      What did you find out about me now? That I own cats? YUP! 8 of ’em.

      • Hung up the phone no that send out officers. And I do have blog the Zoey Sweete blog. I’m afraid you thinking I’m Ember is only making you look like an ass.

        I don’t need fantasies when I have the real thing. But that sweets is none of your business.

        And there’s only one person that gets my kisses. And that again is no business of yours.

    • Okay. I went and had a look at your blog out of sheer morbid curiosity.
      According to your own post…

      Amazon Third Party Retail Sales

      Retailers, including Amazon, allow third-parties to sell products on their websites. If your book is available through the or Amazon Europe sales channels, then these third-party sellers may also list your book for sale on your,,,, and detail pages. CreateSpace is not directly affiliated with these sellers and cannot control the selling price and condition (new or used) of these listings. Here are some examples of these types of listings:

      • Sellers can list your book for sale without physical inventory on-hand. When the seller receives a customer order, they then place an order from, Amazon’s European websites or CreateSpace to fulfill this demand and drop-ship it to the customer. At that time, your title is manufactured; you earn a royalty, and the order is sent to the end customer.

      • For books enrolled in Expanded Distribution, third-party sellers can create listings on various retail sites both domestically and internationally. These sellers can source your title from the distributors we work with through Expanded Distribution, to fulfill customer orders. Once the title is manufactured, an Expanded Distribution royalty will be reported in your account within 8 weeks.

      So you’ve only proved what I said in the first place. That for third party sales, you earn royalties. And, since the authors aren’t seeing a dime of it, where does that money go? I think we all know the answer to that.

      …Now. Where’s your answer to your insistence that third parties could do an end run around you on INGRAM, which you’re quoted as saying?

      • Yep. Still not hearing anything about how she lied about third party sales on Ingram. Or how even HER OWN QUOTE supports my assertion that publishers get royalties for even third party sales, while her former authors confirm that they’re seeing none of that.

        Or maybe she’s got other problems right now. Not in the dream world, but in the real one. One party night out too many, maybe.

      • Oh definitely. Nothing going on. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. The sounds of silence.

        She’s got no argument, especially after she proved our point for us.

  5. First I would like to send out a huge thank you to Beth for being so brave and saying what she has had to deal with. It Is Greatly Appreciated, much love, and my deepest respect.

    Secondly I want to say Tabetha has as much a grasp of the occult as she does with publishing. She has lied so much she believes her own lies. She does so much I am surprised her head isn’t spinning. I mean for real, her life reads like a series of television shows.

    I do love how Ember contacts me about news about my royalties and sales, only for an hour later for Tabetha to come on here and post about book fiasco. Awe, sawwy Tabetha wasn’t the baby getting enough attention. Does she need her diiddy changed? JTLYK, oh that’s ( just to let you know) for the peabrains, your piss poor attempts to make your lies more plausible only proves how desperate and pathetic you truly are. You and your gaggle of geese.

    Harassment is against the law, especially over state lines. Then again what do you care not like you haven’t already broken international laws. Keep it up, you only show your true colors in the end. Your idle and veiled threads are laughable. I so hope you grow up soon.

    • Not only is it especially illegal across state lines, it’s a federal offense to do it using the phone system and over the internet. Even inside state lines.

      Looks like SOMEBODY could be facing federal offenses, no matter what name she slaps on those emails, PMs and blogs.

  6. We post irrefutable proof that Tabetha Jones has been LYING for years about receiving royalties from third party sales and not paying the authors a single, thing dime. Instead of addressing these issues, she rants and raves about her magical powers, claims to now be under the protection of “arc angels,” has been gifted with the power of lifetimes past and future so that now she can heal with a touch and/or fuck somebody up – while claiming she doesn’t practice dark magic. She’s resurrecting her “man in the shadows” that’s singing her praises and jumping to her defense, threatening at least one model that saw Tab for what she is and cut all ties.

    Tab’s pulling her usual antics, demanding money from the model for leaving not only Dee’s photo company, but also Tab’s publishing company. Tab’s bounty hunter buddy “Bo” is harassing the model, making ominous threats, about not only HIS presence, but about his “heart and soul” Tab’s increasing powers. As it doesn’t work, the model isn’t paying or even responding (to my knowledge) so Tab’s dramatics are ever increasing, claiming that since Bo paid for the model’s pull-out from a magazine deal – which was a non-paying gig, btw – so Bo beat Tab up and marked up her face, using makeup to make herself look beaten. The beat down was supposed to have happened inside the model’s house on a day that Tab, her daughter and her sister came over to drop off the model’s belongings. Tab was too much of a chicken shit to go inside and sent her sister instead. Her daughter was sent back and forth with messages like “Mommy’s really upset. She’s going to kill herself because Bo’s going to put a bullet in her brain.”

    Remember, we’re talking about a 7 year old little girl that’s being tasked with carrying back the message that her mommy is going to kill herself and some guy is going to put a bullet in mommy’s brain. That’s not just disturbing, it’s horrifying.

    When the story about Bo showing up at the model’s house fell apart, it drifted around that the model had hit Tab. That one didn’t last long.

    Now, between trips to the strip club in Dallas, Tab’s posting things like this:

    Playing the victim, when all evidence proves that she’s the abuser. I can only imagine that this is intended for that model that left her. You know, the one that she “mentored” in the ways of magic. News to the model, I’m sure. The one Tab sent a “blessed” object to (a family heirloom that actually came from a display along with half a dozen others), which now curses the model for “stabbing Tab in the back.”

    This one is DEFINITELY directed at her.

    Truth of the matter is that Tab took photos with this model, who is the real deal, and submitted photos together to a vanity magazine. The model has pulled out, choosing (wisely, IMO) to leave Tab. And so now, Tab’s holding photos hostage, trying to extort and intimidate money out of this model, showing those true colors to someone who first embraced this model as “family” and is now sending hate mail from multiple accounts, saying that the model will never be anything without her, etc. Quite the opposite is true. Tab would never have gotten into that magazine, or any other, without that model, who is the genuine article. Tab’s just pissed that she can’t ride that model’s coattails anymore. Tab wasn’t mentoring that model. She was emulating her, trying to claim for herself the awe and attention that she gets.

    What Tab’s NOT doing these days is addressing the fact that she has been lying for years about recieving royalties from third party sales for books by authors that have seen non of that money. How much has she pocketed over the years? And, now that her own name is on the company, how long do you think it’ll take the IRS to figure it out? With offenses being culumlative these days, it doesn’t matter how much or how little she got from each. It adds up.

    Those authors are never going to see their money back unless they file a civil suit. Once the IRS finishes up with her, they’ll be able to finally be able to get accurate figures about how much she’s earned from their work, so they’ll know how much to ask for. But even if they don’t, or can’t, sue, they’ll at least have vindication.

    In fact, they have it right here. They finally have proof that they’ve been lied to and stolen from all this time. But it will be closure, finally, to see her finally face justice for it.

    Above and beyond all of that, what disturbs me the most is that there’s a small child being raised in an environment where she’s being told that mommy’s going to kill herself and that some bounty hunter/loan shark/whatever is going to put a bullet in mommy’s brain. The guy doesn’t exist, but how is a 7 year old supposed to know that? How is she supposed to deal with the statements that mommy’s going to kill herself. But that’s the environment. One where many, many people have witnessed mommy taking pills and drinking to excess. Am environment where dinner table conversation revolves around which male strippers are the hottest.

    Does nobody care enough about that poor child to intervene on her behalf? It’s HORRIFYING that a child is living day and night with somebody capable of these lunatic escapades. It’s not only grotesquely emotionally abusive, but it’s potentially dangerous. I hope more than anything else that some intervention takes place on behalf of that poor kid. I really do.

  7. What I find so sad and disturbing is that Tabetha would say those things to her child, knowing that her aunt had such a time back in November. Like the little darling hasn’t been through enough, aunties mishap and losing probably the only anchor she knew, her grandmother. That is NOT love that is NOT protecting and loving your child. That is A-B-U-S-E, out and out. NO she doesn’t have to hit her child, her words are damning enough.

    If she has no concern of what she is doing to her child her own BLOOD,someone she carried in her body, nurtured from within. What is that saying to all of you that she isn’t blood linked to? You dear Ember, who defends her actions and goes along with her antics? What does that say about where you stand? All you authors she is busting her “ads” for, do you think she really cares?

    She has no business in her sister’s affairs, but she is. Stirring up trouble for the one person who (for reasons unknown) has stood behind her no matter what lies and bullshit she heaps upon her.
    Yet here she is getting some bully (Tabetha) to go after people with a fake email, spouting Tabetha’s praises to the heavens. All this in the name of Dee’s company

    One question though if it was a non-paying gig, why does anyone have to pay to leave or not be a part of it? Aren’t there any other models that are chomping at the bit to do this? My guess is Tabetha, as usual, used this model to get in the door and when this person realized just what a piece of shit she was told her to shove it. As for the money aspect, her termination/cancellation fee, well if Tabetha is true to form, the amount she is asking for will add up to a bill she owes.

    Using people to gain advantage or favor is a piss poor tactic to attempt to get somewhere in life. But what is more vile and disgusting is the fact that a child is in the mix. Tabetha screams don’t mention her child but she doesn’t see that people aren’t being disrespectful to the little one, just worried as all be damned. For some it may touch closer to home and it hurts them to know that yet another child is going through abuse that they are helpless to fix. Yes saying those things around a child is abuse but having that child, of such a tender age, to play messenger to such crazed actions is beyond ABUSE. It is appalling. Unless Tabetha is training her child to be just as morbid and fucked up as she is, telling her it’s a game and getting her to “play” along. The child won’t know of the abuse and how it affects her until later on in life, when she tries to establish real friendships and maybe have a family of her own.

    She doesn’t see she is doing so much more damage to her child then us authors. It tears my heart apart. I have spoken to the little one a few times when I was with Tabetha, even had my sister make her special trinkets when I sent my handmade swag to Tabetha to give away as prizes.She is smart I feel that if Tabetha keeps her lies and manipulations on the authors and others her daughter will be her downfall. See Tabetha is being a mentor,but not like she claims. Who sang that song “Watching You”, it’s a country song but the gist is little one watches dad, mimics his actions. Good thing is dad was a good man who cared about his child realized that the little one was watching and lead A GOOD EXAMPLE. In Tabetha’s case the example she is leading may be her own undoing. See kids learn how to do better than their mentor (PARENT). Food for thought.

    • Tab’s proud that she’s creating a little mini-me, buying her posters of strippers and filling her head with hate and lies. I don’t think that child even goes to school every day with mom hung over or even still drunk or stoned sleeping in til noon. If this little girl’s father cared about her at all, he’d get her away from such a horrible mother. How can any father watch his child go through this and not be outraged? He’s just as bad. If it was my kid I’d grab her and run. I would say thank goodness aunt Dee sticks around but she’s just as bad with the drama and lies.

      • Something else Tab needs to think of. Children learn what they see. She saw how her dear granny was treated during the last weeks and days. She saw how granny was talked to. She knows whether granny recieved proper medical care, got her medication, got bathed whether or not mom and auntie visited granny at the hospital, or if they stayed up all night whooping it up on photo shoots the night dear granny died. What she needs to realize is that how Tab treated her mother is the way she can expect to be treated when she’s old and infirm. If her kid sticks around. If she’s half as smart as I hope she is, she’ll hit the ground running just as soon as she’s old enough, as far away from her mom as she can get. Whether it’s the Military, college or waiting tables at a diner to support herself, there are so many better options than living her mother’s drama.

        Authors, models, if she treats her own family this way, her own flesh and blood, what makes you think she’s treating you any better? You need to pay attention to what her past authors are telling you. Look past the painted on smile to the real horror that lurks beneath. That’s what you’ll see when you catch wise and try to leave her.

  8. Pingback: Ready or not? | Lepplady

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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