The Wannabe

noun wan·na·be \ˈwä-nə-ˌbē\
: a person who tries to look or act like someone else (such as a famous person) : a person who wants to be a particular person or type of person

1: a person who wants or aspires to be someone or something else or who tries to look or act like someone else
2: something (as a company, city, or product) intended to rival another of its kind that has been successful; especially : one for which hopes have failed or are likely to fail

For example, someone who thinks that rolling around on her couch naked while her sister snaps pictures to plaster on Facebook makes her a model.

Or that throwing other people’s books on Createspace’s free account without editing or formatting them makes her a publisher. In fact, all it makes her is a scam artist, keeping people’s money for doing absolutely nothing. Hell, an author could do that for themselves and keep whatever royalties they get.

You know the type. Somebody who thinks that following a real goth around like a puppy dog and dumping a gallon of blood over her head actually makes her one. Just because she sees that the genuine article is glamoroized and admired, and she wants that kind of attention for herself. She’ll never get it, of course. Some people actually walk the walk. Others just wannabe.

Or, for the sake of conversation, someone who thinks that spewing hatred toward someone makes her a witch, dancing a jerky jig under a full moon and blabbering out some fake mumbo-jumbo over a “gift” that she sends to somebody to bury in their yard to “bless” them gives her the power to curse them if they “wrong” her. Or to make anybody she doesn’t like sick, or worse. To kill their relatives.

You guys remember that, don’t you? When I was away for a couple of days attending the funeral of a loved one, a certain wannabe jumped all over my blog claiming that it happened because of my “karma” and saying that she had sicced her voodoo priestess on me. She practically danced on the grave.

I let it slide when she so gleefully claimed responsibility for the internal bleeding that hospitalized me a couple weeks ago, because of how ridiculous that is. I’ve laughed it off for the longest that she thinks that she’s the one that makes my neighbor’s dogs bark so much, to torment me, claiming responsibility for my loved one’s passing. She’s a mental case and intellectual fucktard, so it’s not surprising. It is sick and sad, though.

And then today, after I posted on FB that I was in tears because I just can’t live like this, with those mutts barking day and night, not letting me get more than a couple hours of sleep a night, it started getting back to me that she’s not only celebrating my misery, she’s claiming responsibility for it, practically giddy that her curses are working on me so well.

What a moron.

What’s even worse is that I think she actually believes it. She really thinks that because she has such a Jones for me, that her hatred for me actually affects my life in some tangible way, making me sick or killing off my relatives. That’s what makes it that much more of a farce. That she really believes it. There’s got to be a word for that. For that matter, there’s got to be a pill for it. Not the wide variety or pretty ones that go down with a full-bottle chaser late at night, to make her miserable, unbearable life go away for awhile. No. I mean real, helpful medication that might actually help her get a grip on reality.

Oh, who am I kidding? First, she’d have to admit that there’s anything wrong with her, and in her sick, twisted little pea brain, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her. There’s no changing a sociopathic narcissist, remember. There’s only escaping one.

My cursed ass didn’t sit here all day boo-hooing because I had a bad start. I pulled my big girl panties up and got some work done on my store. I didn’t get the editing or painting done today that I wanted, but I will, sooner than later. I got some good work done today, and I’ll do even more tomorrow. Productive things that will potentially improve upon my life, and the lives of those that I love. Something positive that makes me happy and maybe, hopefully, somebody else, too. Something healthy. Or at least reasonably sane. Do you think the wide-mouthed frog that stalks my FB, stalks my business and THINKS she’s some kind of witch casting spells on me can pull her head out of my ass long enough to say the same?

Bitch, please.

And, you. The peanut gallery,


20 thoughts on “The Wannabe

  1. I would just like to remind everyone thatthelast time
    IttlrAlice and her blog was mentioned, her reply was along the lines of, “It served its purpose.” So I guess Ember and Leah’s have served their purpose as well, sine no on gives a good God Damn and they have gone the way of “Alice’s Mad Wonderland.”
    Pathetic, really.

      • Where every blog you make is about me I have more to do than conjure shit up about you.

        Believe what you want but wannabe I think not. I play different parts for different shoots not just one. And I have plenty more coming.

        If only I had time to” curse” you but really if I did it wouldn’t be dogs barking or internal bleeding. I’d pull out the big stuff but your lucky I don’t practice dark.arts. I don’t curse anyone. My mentor,who recently passed, taught me better than that.

        So take your lies and tall tales elsewhere. In fact so me proof.

        Another thing I don’t follow anyone I was taught to lead.

      • Honey, there’s only one part you EVER play. Whether you’re “modeling” “writing” “publishing” or anything else. WANNABE.

        Well, that and fraud. And liar. And lunatic.

        Don’t practice dark arts? So you haven’t told several people lately that family heirlooms (which came from a display) that you “blessed” and sent to them will also curse them? You never taunted me about my recently (at that time) departed loved one?

        You don’t follow?

        Didn’t you just say that you had a mentor? That’s not someone you followed? Someone you learned from? What a piss poor student you must be.

        You can’t even get through a single comment without lying, contradicting yourself and looking like an idiot, can you?

    • Tabetha, you can’t even keep your lies and threats together. I don’t have time to find the replies, but you certainly DID claim that the death of Lepp’s family member was credited to you. You also threatened her with further Voodoun and gators. And you now what? Not being able to remember your lies is a giant red flag that, of al the things you claim to be, an author ain’t one ’em.

  2. Since I was taking a break from the drama and lies I decided to check out bathing suits since summer is rapidly approaching me here in my new town. I want to say this upfront, I was NOT looking for anything but what I have said I was. What I am going to share was found by browsing the internet for swimwear.

    This is what I stumbled on.

    Now I am no expert on the human form, but these 2 pictures sure look a lot like the photo that Ember/Tabetha are using as the face of Ember. If I am wrong I will gladly say so. What do you think this model would say if her picture was being used in such a way? Do they have permission from said model to use her likeness for hatred, abuse and lies?

    These wannabe’s scream proof! They scream we are bullies! They say they are legit, but what I see is more lies, coverups, bullying and bullshit! Here is proof, using a REAL model for their campaign of hatred and cons. What more do they have to do before everyone sees the TRUTH?

  3. I know it was offered a few blog posts back someone wanting to send Tabetha notepads to keep track of her lies. I do believe she should have taken that person up on that. Since she can’t seem to keep her lies straight from one person to another let alone one blog to another. I am not gong to go back and screen grab anything or copy and paste,she can’t keep her lies straight why should I. Her problem not mine, or anyone else’s who are associated with her. Sad though is that more lies fly from her fingers and tongue than anything and you lemmings keep following the poisoned pied piper. I will give you a hint, it is on or around the blog that she tried to get the MC to come after a few of the people that have spoken the truth about her. If you can check out the radio show she did with i think Mrs. Cook but if not that one it had to be the one that she hijacked from Jaime i think. On one of those she is cackling and talking about sending gators to JT and other things as well. Remember now these “radio shows” were to promote her authors. Instead she turned it into a bash session a notice me i am being bullied. How that made her authors any money but she sure seemed to be doing ok, where they weren’t. Since my sister has been associated with her she has went from a hair stylist, and publisher to publisher, model, student, wife and makeup artist. I am sure that I missed something since this person has no solid foundation no structure in her life. She can’t be one thing because she is jealous of all that are doing something they love and she can’t. Tabetha is like a spoiled child that should have never been able to have her way like she does and did. She sort of reminds me of that girl on Willie Wonka where she stomps her feet and demands everything, and instead of having her ass spanked or told NO stupid people give in. I don’t know what kind of hold this Tabetha person has on anyone, but I will promise you this it isn’t a curse, she is nothing. It sure as hell ins’t some MC that is going to swoop down on your town and raise hell in her name. She is a joke she is a imitator, a poser she is nothing but what you give her strength to be. If you think she has you by the short and curlies then you give her that power. Remember she is a copy cat a mimic she is a horror story that we tell our children so they don’t get harmed. Outside of that Tabetha is nothing and she will never amount to anything because she steals other’s dreams she isn’t smart enough or brave enough to dream her own.

    • Dude, you could tattoo it on her forehead and she still wouldn’t get it right. Never mind sticky notes.

      You can listen to those radio shows, y’know. Funny how these things never go away.
      The way Tab rolls

      Yup. She talked all about sending gators to “creep in the night” after me. They were cackling like hens over the quip that “If there’s no body, it’s not murder.” and “That’s what the gators were for.” They talked about using a body as “Gator bait.” I blogged about it at the time.

      But of course she doesn’t practice dark arts. SMH.

  4. Everyone has a mentor but there comes a day you lead. I’ve done that for a long time now.

    Objects can be blessed yes and if the owner of said objects backstage or causes any pain discord or harm to the soul that blessed it higher powers can take that as a threat. Higher powers can also take other issues as threats if the feel the soul is being harmed or hurt.

    I do not practice dark arts. I do help others and put my life on the line to rid others of certain problems.

    Show me proof where I am a thief con whatever you want to call it. I am legally registered and even when I wasn’t my authors were taken care of.

    I have no need to follow anyone’s style I can do my own and what the submissions call for. If me trying to help someone else is wrong then by all means burn me at the stake. I was also teaching that same someone the methods of magic. Being her mentor.

    As for your loved one dying it was stated maybe higher powers were involved.

    Each person has the right to their own beliefs and practices if you disagree then that is on you.

    But I’d rather be a freak then be boring or like you. I’d rather be a sinner than a false saint. I’m not a wannabe by a long shot. I’m me. If that offends you then I suggest you blog about something else.

    • So, yet again, you try to take an end run around responsibility by placing the blame for the curse on the victim. Just like you blame the authors when you scam them. Well, you’re nothing if not consistent.

      Show proof that you’re a thief? Okay. It’s called Lepplady. Authors have been providing proof for years. If it’s the truth you want, that’s where to find it.

      Don’t even TRY to spin my words into being a slam against alternative lifestyles or beliefs. Everybody has a right to live however they like, subscribing to whatever belief system they choose to embrace. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, as long as nobody gets hurt. I’m just calling you a fake ass wannabe. And a liar. You’re that, too. You prove it every time your lips or fingertips move.

      You only WISH I’d blog about something else so that you could scam people without any exposure.

      • No she can’t have an honest thought in her head, she is too much of a thief. I mean really her poetry book, the crap about her tattoos, she told me she was inspired by my works. and wanted to share her passion and pain with the world. Needless to say after reading that crap, since she was at that time my boss, of course I had to say it was good.

        I am sorry, I may not be the best writer, but at least when you read my writings it paints a picture. A story of things that happened you can see in your mind what I wrote. I didn’t throw words on a page to prove I could. All I have written has heart and soul in it. Every word I write I feel the emotion that drives my fingers to write. I don’t lie to try and gain favor.

        When I first began to read I looked for things that moved me,inspired me and where I could visualize the picture the author was trying to share. When I began to write, I drew from my life, my experiences. I wasn’t out to show the world, or to manipulate things to my advantage. What Tabetha does is just that. She only gives you part of the picture, only half of what you need to see to draw your own conclusions and ideas. Not only in her writings but in her real life, her business.

        If you think you are being wronged by someone according to Tabetha it is best to go straight to the source. If not you will be shown half a picture. Where you think you see a Rembrant or Picasso you will actually get a stick figure drawing or a finger painting. It irritates me to no end to see all of you being used time and time again. It is a crying shame that Tabetha can’t be honest, not even with herself.

        Tabetha doesn’t see she is causing pain if she does she doesn’t care. How do I know this? Well her guard dog, the ever vigilant Ember, who claims she has no intent to protect Tabetha, has been contacting me and accusing me of things I have no idea of what she means. I won’t go into detail because it is personal business of Tabetha’s. And no matter what she claims I won’t stoop to her level. Any who, I told Ember of some things that were going on that were causing me anguish. Her basic reply was she didn’t give a shit and that if it was causing me so much issue i should back out.

        That would only suit Tabetha’s agenda, with me not saying the truth me bowing out she can say that I was lying all this time, and with me being gone and not speaking out that would be her “proof”. Sorry but I don’t crumble that easy. I have walked through the fires of hell, and made it. The likes of Tabetha and her lemmings WON’T break me.

        All these lies coming from Tabetha, that can be proven again and again and you all won’t see. I know justice is suppose to be blind but when the truth is smacking you in the damn face, might be time to take the blinders off.

      • Those people don’t care about the truth. If they did, they’d find it right here, mostly from Tab’s own mouth. All they care about is covering her ass and wear you down until you can’t deal with her bullshit anymore and move on. Being a sane and normal person, there will probably come a time when you do move on. She, a basket case beyond any hope, will simply wait you out. Look how many years she’s been telling the same lies. And she tells them now with just as much conviction as she did on day one. She’ll never stop. All I can hope to do with this blog is enlighten people who stand to be victimized by her. Including the puppets whose strings she’s pulling now. If they’re reasonably sane or mature in the least, they’ll realize that she’s using them and walk away from her. The only minion who would stay with her is somebody just as imbalanced, or young and impressionable.

    • No, couldn’t lead a parade of the seven dwarfs. Hell, you can’t even lead yourself down a golden-laden path.

    • mentor /ˈmɛnˌtoɚ/ noun
      plural mentors
      Learner’s definition of MENTOR
      : someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person
      After college, her professor became her close friend and mentor.
      He needed a mentor to teach him about the world of politics.
      We volunteer as mentors to/of disadvantaged children.
      young boys in need of mentors

      [men-tawr, -ter]
      Spell Syllables
      Synonyms Word Origin
      a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
      an influential senior sponsor or supporter.
      verb (used without object)
      to act as a mentor:
      She spent years mentoring to junior employees.
      verb (used with object)
      to act as a mentor to:
      The brash young executive did not wish to be mentored by anyone.

      Hmm wise, doubtful, trusted unlikely, influential?? Sure if you call teaching someone to to lie for you and to steal. When has Tabetha taught anyone anything but how to be used and misused? Then again when has she HELPED ANYONE for that matter? Maybe check the meaning of something before you throw out grand thoughts or claiming you are something you aren’t.

      And for the cheap seats, a little magical tip, items can ONLY be blessed with the consent of the person receiving the gift. Anything else is considered black magic or used in dark arts. If by having an item blessed the sender pretends to do good if the person who “blessed” said item uses it as a threat, it comes back to them 3-fold.

      The only thing I see is Tabetha acting like YET another TV character. This time I see HeMan, anyone remember? He was this plain guy then he grabs his sword and says “By the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER”!!!! Then he turns into this valiant warrior. The only thing I see is Tabetha running off at the mouth, not being able to keep her lies straight and bullying more people. Real power there Tabetha. Tabetha you will never be said warrior, demi-god or whatever else you THINK you are. If you are smart and lucky and mend your ways, maybe in about 15 yrs people will start accepting you as a human being instead of a malignant tumor. Not a mentor and certainly NOT a hero.

      • Also, mentorship requires a need or desire on behalf of the student in question to be taught. If it’s not asked for going in, it’s not a mentorship. I’d bet the house that such “mentorship” was never requested. Just imposed after the fact. If Tab’s talking about “mentoring” Santiago’s friend, she’s got that backwards. That friend is the real deal that Tab should take notes from, not just try so hard to intimidate, bully and leech off of. Because that’s all she’s doing. Trying desperately to get the same kind of admiration and attention. Not gonna happen. There’s not a genuine bone in her entire body. Tab’s just that wannabe that only wishes she were as genuine, powerful and fabulous. Sad little poseur.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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