I see that Tabetha’s up to her old tactics. She’s posting pictures like this

First of all, she doesn’t have “haters.” She has people that see right through her bullshit. There’s a difference. Secondly, I know she doesn’t mean us, because we are doing shit. We’re doing what she promises. We’re each of us going after our dreams. We’re doing the work to make it happen, whether we’re publishing, writing, painting or just living happy, productive lives. ANYTHING we do is worlds ahead of what passes for her life, scamming people by day and whatever chemical alterations she chases after at night.

She’ll cry foul, I’m sure, insisting that she doesn’t abuse any substances. But I’d challenge her to go right now and piss in a cup to get tested. Right. Who here thinks she would?

And this,

Protesting her innocence and claiming that all of her “mistakes” are “in the past.” Even though she’s still pulling the same shit to this very day. That’s not “mistakes” that are “in the past,” it’s a cold, calculated pattern of behavior.

I guess if she thinks she cries “It’s in the past!” “I’ve learned from my mistakes!” and “Everybody deserves a second chance!” loudly enough, she’ll find good-hearted suckers that she can manipulate into thinking it’s true, then take them for all she can before they wise up, too.

I also see that she’s cropping Salena out of photos they took together because Salena’s done with her.

Tab thinks, I guess, that if she crops Salena out of them, she can still use them, even though The Demon Asylum was Salena’s idea. Here’s what it looks like with Salena cropped out.

If you ask me, without Salena in the picture, Tab just look like she’s having a bad menstrual day. She needs to suck it up, buy some super-plus pads, plug it up, and learn how to treat models.

And, while we’re on the subject, who mentored who? Tab claims to be Salena’s “Mentor” in the supernatural arts, but take a good look at those photos. Tab’s the submissive, with Salena standing over her, teaching her a thing or two. That sums up the relationship.

Salena’s the real deal. Tab’s the wannabe. Without Salena, Tab’s just a sad joke. She can spackle on even more makeup and glue fake gems on her face like Salena does, but she’ll never be fabulous. Salena’s the genuine article. She walks the walk and lives the lifestyle. Tab never will be anything but a pale imitation.

The first photo shoot with Salena was as properly organized as anything Tab’s associated with can be. After that, Tab started inviting Salena over, off the books, to just snap some pictures and have a good time. Now that Salena’s cutting ties, Tab says that Salena has to pay for those first photos, and that she, Tab, gets to keep and do whatever she wants with the rest of the photos, because they weren’t organized shoots. Hell, that’s probably why she invited Salena over to do them in the first place. Tab knows that anybody with a half a brain cell is going to figure out sooner or later that she’s a fraud and scam and leave. So she sets up scenarios where she can get the most money as possible, and whatever she can keep. That’s her modus operandi. Keep what she can and keep exploiting whoever she can, to her own benefit. Just ask those people whose books are still up for third party sale. Just ask those models that are still on her website even though they’ve left her. Hell, ask anybody she’s ever done business with.

Tab’s also up to the usual tactics of trying to intimidate Salena into paying not just one, but several parting fees for leaving, including a $125 fee for pulling out of a magazine deal that wasn’t a deal at all. Tab submitted her pictures with Salena to a Vanity magazine and went bragging to Salena about what a great deal she made. That “deal” didn’t go through, so now Tab’s telling anyone that’ll listen that I contacted the magazine and made them change their minds.


If anything, they googled Tabetha Jones and ran screaming when they saw the bigger picture about her.

Tab’s also trying to hit Salena up for that termination fee from Dark Storm, too. So it’s a minimum of $250 she wants out of Salena before she’ll “let” her go.

I see Tab’s up to her old supernatural tactics, too, trying to intimidate Salena the same way she tried to intimidate Jackie. You know, the way I was supposed to be scared because Tab was sending her Voodoo practitioner after me, warning me to watch out for those “Gators that creep in the night.” *eye roll*

Now she’s doing it to those two. First, Tab sends an item that she’s “blessed” like, oh, say an heirloom key that’s been in her family for generations… when in reality it came from a Party City display.
Look familiar, anybody? Seems there’s more than one “family heirloom” key floating around out there. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

First, the “family heirloom” is blessed. Then, when the victim in question, be it model or author, learns what a liar and fraud she is and tries to leave, Tab tries to frighten them into staying, or paying to get away, by saying that because they turned on her, the “blessing” has become a “curse” to bring the wrath of Tab’s “higher powers” down on them. It’s their own fault, she says, because they shouldn’t have turned on her. SHE doesn’t practice dark arts, she insists. It’s their own fault. Like every other time she hurts anybody, or tries to and blames the victim while she claims total innocence.

There’s a WHOLE lot more to the story between Salena and Tab, but that can wait for another day. What matters the most is that Tabetha continues to act like she’s untouchable.

I also see her ignoring the questions raised in the last post.

It was PROVEN that the publisher gets paid for third party sales. Hell, she proved it herself with her own words in a post she thought would clear her. Instead, she further proved it. The publisher gets paid for third party sales even if the publisher just slaps people’s books on her own createspace free account without any editing or formatting. The publisher gets paid. But the authors haven’t been.

PROOF. Tabetha Jones gets paid for third party sales.
PROOF. The authors aren’t getting paid for those third party sales.

The fact that she ignores the issue PROVES that she has no more intention of explaining her way out of the lie she’s been telling all this time about third party sales than she does of paying her authors for them.

Authors, if your book is up for sale through any one of those third party sales, get in touch with Amazon. When your association with Tabetha Jones ended, the rights to your book reverted back to you. Even if she tries saying your contract still obligates you, your rights reverted back to you when the company closed down (even though it never legally existed in the first place).


That means that you can contact Amazon and find out how many copies of your book have been sold since you parted ways with Tabetha Jones. If there’s been even ONE sale that you haven’t been paid for, that’s THEFT. Period.

If you find that any of your books have sold, including anthologies to which you contributed stories or poetry, and you didn’t get paid, that’s THEFT. There’s no explanation that can excuse it. That’s money you earned that you didn’t get paid. Period.

If you find that you’ve had even a single thin dime stolen from you, report her ass for theft.
Here’s the number to the Waco police (254) 750-7500
Here’s the number to the District Attorney: (254) 757-5084
Here’s the number to the Texas Rangers: (512) 424-2160
Here’s how to contact the Texas Attorney General: (254) 754-5402

And, while we’re at it, that’s not just theft, it’s copyright infringement because she sold your work without your knowledge or consent.
Here’s how to report her to the FBI for copyright infringement.

Don’t settle for getting lied to. Don’t settle for getting stolen from. Don’t settle for being a victim. Not for one second more. Take back your work. Take back your rights. Take back your power.


One thought on “SOSDD

  1. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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