The Call


Last night, I received a phone call from Dark Storm’s new(est) manager. She approached me in a polite and businesslike manner, at first, addressing concerns about her company, about how, now that she manages the company and is an author in it as wall, my blog affects HER, her reputation and her livelihood.

I appreciate that. But, if she’s so concerned about her reputation, her career and her livelihood, she certainly picked the wrong company to stake it all on. And I said as much. “I hate a liar,” she said at one point. I told her “Boy, are you working for the wrong company, then.”

During the course of the chat, she assured me (several times) that she’s about to graduate with a degree in business management. That’s great. I congratulated her. If she really can bring some professionalism to the company, all the better for the authors. I’m all for it. But if she’s just there to intimidate the authors, she’s nothing more than the literary equivalent of a loan shark’s leg-breaker, and that won’t fly.

She named her concerns one by one, starting with the live links I posted to those photo albums in my last post. They’re illegal, she insisted, and demanded that I remove them. I reminded her that, as a well educated person who assures me that she took law classes as part of her business degree, I’m sure she knows that posting live links does not infringe upon copyrights. She insisted again, that yes, it does. I invited her to forward me the statute. I also invited her to forward me emails that she and her boss claim they were sent PROVING that I contacted and harassed a magazine to force them to drop photos of Tab and another model. Not a screen cap, not copy and paste. FORWARD it to me. All of it. I’d LOVE to see all of that.

As of two minutes ago, I still haven’t received either of those. Funny how that works.

What is it called again when people accuse you of something you didn’t do… ?

She went on to express disdain at my comments that without Salena in those pictures, Tab looked like she was having a bad menstrual day. I said that she really had no room to complain when she’s rolling around covered in buckets of blood.
“It wasn’t blood!” she insisted, explaining that it’s corn syrup with dye in it.
“That looks like blood. So…”

She addressed other concerns, including the infamous “Dwarf whore” comments. I explained that those comments were in defense of that child, not to attack her. The new manager went on to say that because of my blog, that child is now having self-esteem issues, and mentioned something about anorexia and bulimia.
I said “Hang on. You’re telling me that because of my blog, that 7 year old child is an anorexic or bulimic?” She backpedalled quickly, saying no, but if she DOES become either of those, I would be liable for it.
I asked her to answer one question for me. How does that 7 year old child even know about my blog?
“Because you don’t have it blocked for under 18.” and because that child is old enough to get on the internet.
I said: “No, you’re not answering my question. How does that child even know my blog exists?” If her mother didn’t tell her about it, that child wouldn’t know the first thing about my blog. The new manager insists that Tab never told her daughter about the blog directly. Rather, the child overheard her mother talking about the blog to someone else.

I personally know that isn’t true. I’ve been on the phone and heard Tabetha RANTING about my blog with her daughter in the room. So have many others, both on the phone and in person. Tab doesn’t just talk about my blog, she foams at the mouth about it, in front of her daughter and anybody else that will listen. This manager claims to have known Tab for the last 5 years, yet says she’s never seen that happen. She also insists that she’s never seen Tab engage in other questionable behaviors that others have seen with their own eyes. So it’s pretty obvious that this new manager is just another hired sock puppet, spouting off Tab’s manifesto on cue. But she was polite, and it was fun shooting down each point she brought up, so I kept chatting.

There was the matter of the picture of that key that I posted. This new manager accused me of hacking Tabetha’s computer because there’s no other way I could have that picture. It was only sent in PRIVATE MESSAGE. So I must have hacked Tab’s computer to get it.
“Unless,” I instructed her “the person it was sent to gave it to me along with permission to post it.” Which is exactly what happened. That seemed to piss them both off — Yes, Tab was there, too, talking in the background, just like she was when she got Dee to call me and say many of the same things. But, like it or not, that’s the fact. No matter how many people she gets to call me to plead her case. Ir try to intimidate me. Or whatever.

This new manager touched upon the subject of people saying that Tab takes/took drugs, by insisting that If Tabetha went and took a piss test and came out clean, all those people that said she took pills would be liable for slander/defamation/etc, right? And maybe me, too, for allowing them to say it.
“Absolutely not,” I laughed. “That would mean that she’s not on drungs NOW. It wouldn’t mean that she wasn’t on drugs then.”
That didn’t go over very well. Drugs, she insisted, stay in a person’s body for a year, so if she tested clean now, that would vindicate her for ALL of those allegations. I could only laugh. But sure, let’s see that piss test. By all means. Who here thinks she’ll run straight to her PO and DEMAND to be tested, this very INSTANT!

Yeah. I don’t see that happening, either.

There was so much more, a full hour’s worth of chatter, about everything from how legal she insists the company and the contracts are now, to the fact that I’m liable for this, that, and the other.
“Great,” I said. “Get me in front of a judge. There’s a whole lot of stuff I’d LOVE to show a judge, on behalf of a whole lot of people that have been wronged by Tab and her company, whatever name she called it at the time. Every author that’s made an allegation about that company can back it up with proof. Tab might wish they’d go away, but the fact of the matter is that they’re still there. They’re real people that have been really hurt, and they can back up their claims with real proof. You’ve seen a lot of it right here on this blog. No, they don’t go away just because Tab wishes they would. And, statute of limitations or not, the truth never stops being the truth.

At one point, this new manager claimed to know a current MP/PF/DS author very well, loves her like family and would do anything for her. This is an author that has decided to leave Tab’s company, in every sense of the word, and who has been getting nothing but grief for it. Threats, fake emails, texts, PMs, you name it.
I said that if this author is somebody the new manager “loves like family” it’s a shame that she’s sitting there defending the person that’s treating said author so shabbily. I think she deserves better. I think all the authors do.

As the conversation wound down, she said that she hopes not to see her name on my blog. I assured her that, as of this moment, I have no reason to name her on my blog. And it’s true. If I CHOSE to, I could. We had a lengthy conversation about Dark Storm (Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire), which is completely relevant to the subject. And, she called me. I could run screaming about how that’s harassment, but I’m not going to do that. In fact, I invited her to call me any time.

One thing that amuses me, though, is that TAb has insisted up, down and sideways that she doesn’t have my address or phone number. That’s why she had to put dear mom on Skype with me.

So… if Tab doesn’t have my number, where did her manager (who called me from Tab’s “office” get it?
Thoughts to ponder.

But, for now, I’m not putting her name on my blog. She has not done anything to directly harm an author or model in any way that I’m aware of. Yet. She works for Tab’s bullshit company, so I could lambaste her for that alone. But she assures me that her intentions are to better the company and make sure the authors are paid and treated fairly. I can appreciate that, and I told her that I wish her the best of luck. If, by some miracle, that company becomes legitimate (in word and deed) and learns how to operate like a proper publisher, the people that would benefit are the authors, and I’m all for that.

However, if I do become aware that she has direct participation in the mistreatment of any author in any manner, I have no problem whatsoever putting her name all OVER this blog. And, since she’s the manager and assures me that from now on, anybody that wants to contact Tabetha has to go through her, I’m sure it won’t take long before she earns herself a spot on the wall of shame.

Over all, I got the feeling that I was supposed to be intimidated by this new manager’s forceful, direct approach. I wasn’t. It takes more than a misinformed mouthpiece to send me running. If anything, I was amused that they thought sending in someone new with the same old arguments would make any difference.

But it occurs to me that authors might be intimidated. By bringing in this “new” hired gun, Dark Storm’s owner might be able to intimidate authors in a way that she is becoming less and less able to do herself as the truth comes out about her. Maybe a new bulldog with a big mouth and a degree in business management can give her company the appearance of legitimacy, and intimidate authors, artists and models into thinking that they’re bound to her and trapped by her contracts.

Don’t be intimidated.

Authors, artists, models and anybody else she might try to intimidate, don’t let any new employee, partner, executive of sock puppet push you around. If a company isn’t legal, the contracts aren’t legal. Period. And if that’s the case, YOU ARE NOT BOUND BY IT. No matter how loudly anyone screams it, no matter now many sock puppets she hires to try and force it down your throat. If a contract isn’t legal, you can wipe your ass with it, claim your work and walk away unscathed. Tab and her new mouthpiece might scream about legalities, backed up by this degree in business management, they’ll tell you. But don’t be intimidated. Everybody in the house could have a PhD in quantum physics, and it still wouldn’t make an illegal contract into a legal one.

If you’re an author, artist or model (or anything else) that wants to get away from Tabetha Jones, do it. Take whatever work belongs to you (not just what she SAYS you can take, but any work you did) and walk. If she or her mouthpiece threaten you with legal action, call their bluff. Invite them to sue you. DARE them to. And if they do, let us know. There are a lot of us that would LOVE to see Tabetha Jones in front of a judge. That might just be the show of the century, with all the evidence so many victims have saved.

She won’t sue you. She’ll huff, and she’ll puff, and she’ll kick up a fuss, but she won’t sue you. No judge in the world would uphold an unconscionable, illegal contract from an illegal company, and she knows it. Her only hope is to bully you into either staying or paying to get away from her. It can only work if you let it. She only gets you to agree if you do so willingly, and she only gets your money if you hand it over. Do neither of those things. Tell her to stuff it and walk.

Don’t let her keep your work, either. She doesn’t have the right to keep or use it. She never did. Not if that contract is illegal. YOU own your work. Especially if you signed with a previous company that no longer exists. Contracts don’t “carry over” just because she says so. I’m sure her new hired gun with the business degree can tell her that. It simply doesn’t work that way. The only contract she can wave at you is any you signed with the current company. And even that’s only useful as toilet paper if it’s unconscionable or if the company that got you to sign it is illegal. And, no, it doesn’t matter that you signed it. If the company or contract isn’t legal, you can sign it a hundred times in fifty different languages and it’s still not binding. Do not be manipulated or bullied into thinking that you’re bound by a contract if it simply isn’t legal. No matter who she throws at you to intimidate you.

And before either of them kick up a fuss about all of these slanderous lies, I’d like to point out that both Texas and Louisiana are one-party states. I recorded that conversation and have no problem whatsoever posting it to prove that I’ve told the truth.

In closing, let’s not forget that none of this changes the fact that neither Tabetha nor her new manager have addressed the points brought up on the previous two posts: THE PUBLISHER GETS PAID FOR THIRD PARTY SALES. But the authors have not been.

If this new manager wants to make this company legit, that might be a good place to start.


46 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Any “detox” can be bought at any head shop. A TRUE drug test would be a hair follicle test. If she passed one of those, THEN I’d believe her… but only after the test was taken in front of an impartial witness to confirm that the testing was conducted with take a sample from Tab’s head during the appointment, and not some hair she brought in in a bag.

  2. Sicking Ember on people wasn’t enough? Threats from the mystery man,Tabetha’s drool god, a 7 year old CHILD being used again, WTF. is there no low this creatin won’t stoop to? Now more bullshit magic and threats. When is Tabetha going to grow the fuck up and stop being such a bitch? I mean HELLO where is her common sense? What decent, caring. loving and nurturing mother gives her 7 year old child a poster of a stripper? Let alone let said child watch the movie when she was what 5 years old?

    When is the great Tabetha going to stop USING PEOPLE, especially her own child. The comment made by my brother was a knee jerk reaction as a man and a father. It was not about the child but about the pathetic way Tabetha is raising her child. And now being mentioned about the child “may develop” a eating disorder. HOLD THE PHONE what 7 year old child knows of such a damn thing.?I know at that age all I worried about is making sure my daughter had her homework done, amply outside play and which barbie was the one to have at any given point. The only time my daughter wore any make up was for a KISS concert, which she attended with her father and I at the age of 12, or for Halloween.

    Tabetha isn’t doing her child any favors by trying to be her “friend” she needs a mother. Stop involving a little child in her damn drama, maybe see that she is causing her child to know of things that at her age she should know nothing of. And I don’t give a damn how smart she is. Smart doesn’t mean worldly, it means that if her mother doesn’t fuck it up for her in the next 11 years she may be able to make something of herself instead of following in her mother’s sketchy footsteps. If the child is lucky she may become a doctor or who knows find the cure for cancer.

    People please see her for what she is. If she doesn’t give a shit about her own child, I mean really her hearing her mother saying such things let alone having to repeat them. Why aren’t you authors who are mothers NOT OUTRAGED over this? Why isn’t the mystery man Bo not upset over how his name has been besmirched and the little angel he professed to want her to call him daddy in one post being drug into this like she is? Why are you still willing to defend her KNOWING all this? How do you even think that it is ok for her to lie and cheat you all, continue to cheat authors who have left?

    You people want to call, private message and text with veiled threats and more lies from Tabetha. What if the tables were turned? What if the ones who have been damaged and cheated by Tabetha started calling you, texting or private messaging you? What if we blew up your PM with the TRUTH wouldn’t be so fun would it? Tabetha wants to have people contact others with threats and her fucked up praises, hello ya dumb cunt, no man talks that way unless he is gay. But that wouldn’t play into your fantasy now would it, unless you are a fag hag or want to try and convert the guy. (HA)

    The bottom line is this Tabetha WON’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BEFORE HER BECAUSE IF SHE DID IT WOULD BE MORE LIES. If she was to tell the truth her world would crumble around her. She would have to admit she wasn’t anything but a screwed up human being (if that) that needs constant attention and reassuring that she is better than what she is. If Tabetha EVER owned up to her lies, manipulations and the works hell would freeze over, and the world would stop.

    If she wasn’t afraid that ALL her lies and manipulations would be out there for all the world to see to be proven the fraud she really is she would answer these questions before her. She would show real LEGAL proof of all she claims us authors are lying about. Well Tabetha we have been waiting quite a long time..WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

    • Oh, Bo was upset. Sent me an email telling me so and everything.

      It took me all of 2 seconds to expand the headers and find the originating IP.

      Look familiar? It should.

      Yup. Reported her. Any of you that got threats from “Bo” can do the same. See my previous post for a list of agencies you can contact. Feel free to take these screen grabs to show the law enforcement agency of your choice.

      You’re welcome.

      • Hang on, wasn’t there a story about Bo how Bo beat Scabby Assy up at Selena’s house and Bo wants to put a bullet in Scab’s brain because he paid off a loan or a fine for her or something? Didn’t he or she say these things in front of her wee one leaving the little luv in tears because mommy said she was going to kill herself? But there’s no Bo because he’s just another Scab Ass alt, I’ve never seen a more twonky boiler in all my days.

      • I wish someone with first hand knowledge of all this bullshit and some guts would report Tab to Child Protective Services – otherwise this limitless doesn’t stand a chance

      • I couldn’t agree more. Not to “get” Tab in any way. But that’s not a healthy environment for a child. Being exposed to such erotic images and ideas at the age of 5, 6, or seven is COMPLETELY inappropriate, and she just doesn’t get that.

  3. If the only thing you can bitch about is my statement of saying “THE CHILD WAS MADE UP TO LOOK LIKE A DWARF WHORE” then you obviously aren’t a parent or don’t know how to be one. You are backing the wrong horse if you think that you are going to “FIX” anything in Tabetha’s company. If she wanted it fixed her sorry ass could have done that when MP failed and she “rose from the ashes” to for PF. If anything you are either going to follow her rules, which means more lies and theft or you will be on the outside looking in. What is funny is Tabetha is so upset over the comment of what she looked like in the “blood” scene. But isn’t that what she was going for? I know it looks like crap now that she cropped out the one person who made it look semi-interesting. I also love how she was able to pay for those fake contacts, but how many authors have been paid as of yet? And WHY is she all in her sister’s business? Why isn’t Dee telling that fucked up twit that she isn’t going to ruin her company like she has done 2 maybe 3 of hers? For that matter why isn’t Dee knocking the shit out of her ass and maybe some sense in her head? Cause trust me on this, either one of my sisters act the fool like Tabetha is doing to hers, yeah they will get a rude awakening. No that does not mean I would hurt them, but I sure as hell would not put up with this bullshit.Why isn’t Tabetha answering the valid questions in front of her? Why is she AGAIN getting a lackey to do her dirty work? Why is your great leader such a pussy? Freaking hiding behind Ember, Katrina, Amanda S and R, Sabrina, Skye, Dee and her own child. That is not a “BOSS LADY” that isn’t a woman who has her shit together, that is a bullshit con-artist who doesn’t have her own personal life together let alone to be able to run a business. She is too chicken shit to admit her failures, and not that oh I made mistakes, and so and so was to so whatever. I mean ADMIT ALL. You stole, you lied, you cheated, you bullied, you abused and you manipulated many people for your OWN personal gain. Tabetha wants to call foul, all these authors are liars, they are haters. What makes you think that Tabetha isn’t the HATER? She hates that my sister has moved on so much that she DEMANDED her head on a silver platter, DEMANDING my sister being fired. How is that not hatred? How is that not Tabetha bullying and abusing people again? Sad thing is most all of the names she is using to come after to insult or bully are her own ALTS. She doesn’t even really have anyone to back her. One would ask WHY IS THAT? I hope it is because more are waking up to her bullshit and cons. I hope it is she is running out of options. Mostly I hope her sister and daughter make it out of that hell intact.

    • I actually feel bad for Dee. To a degree. She probably just wants to have a business that she can call her own doing something she enjoys. That’s what we’re all after, isn’t it? But with a sister like hers around calling all the shots (figuratively and literally), that’s just never going to happen. Look at all this drama. The only photo shoots they “book” anymore are Tab and her friends rolling around (semi) naked on her couch. The photos with Salena had a theme, they were poorly shot, but they were at least interesting. They had one model in them that knows how to carry herself, who actually lives the lifestyle she portrayed. Without that advantage, it’s just Tab playing copycat, dumping buckets of blood (real or fake) over her head, gluing gems on her face and being her usual wannabe self. She has no idea whatsoever how to be a model. Sprawling on the couch while her sister points a camera and clicks the button doesn’t make her a model.

      I sometimes sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.

      As for the company, which one were we talking about, again? Phoenix Fire or Dark Storm? Seems even the owner can’t keep them straight, not even with the help of her handy-dandy new manager.

      This is Wicked Enticements, published by Dark Storm publications.

      Look closely. What’s that logo on the cover?

      That’s right. Phoenix Fire.

      And it gets better.

      Tab et all recently pitched a fit when a rival publishing company printed a book with a blank page in it.

      There are at least 3 blank pages in WE. Here are a couple of them.

      And that “other” company paid to replace the books that went out with blank pages, and lept to correct the error. Will the owner of Dark Storm do the same?

      There’s also no table of contents. A reader is supposed to wander through the book, and if an author wants to find his or her own story, they have to thumb through. And what’s up with the page numbers? And, while we’re on the subject, every book or short stories I’ve ever read has new stories starting on the right side.

      And there are other formatting errors aplenty. In some stories, neither the “editor” nor the owner(s) caught where chunks of prose switch between italics and normal font for no good reason.

      And nobody noticed gaps in the spacing in multiple areas.

      In short, the work that went into this book was shabby. It looks like Tabetha’s usual tactics of slapping a book on createspace without paying much (if any) attention to the editing and formatting. Hell, they didn’t even put the right company on the cover.

      If this new manager really wants to help DS become a proper publishing company, perhaps she should start by suggesting that the owner of the company learns a thing or ten about what it takes to run one.

      But you’re right. From the look of it, Tab has no intention of improving. She’s had years to try, yet she’s still putting out books like this.

      Other people had good intentions of trying to help Tab make her publishing company legit, tried to make sure the authors got treated well and that the publishing process was done properly. Those people gave up when it became apparent that she is either incapable of or unwilling to run a publishing company that’s even CLOSE to being professional. Well, MOST of them gave up. A couple went snivelling back. And, from the look of it, the whole TEAM of them still can’t get it right.

      It’ll come down to one of two things. Either this new manager will realize that there’s no hope for the company if the owner is beyond all hope and jump ship to go put that business degree to good use in some other company.

      Or we’ll find out that this new manager is complicit, aiding and abetting the same old Tab we all know, willingly, playing the same head-games and employing the same intimidation tactics, more interested in the drama than running a proper company.

      Time will tell which.

  4. It’s not surprising that Tabetha refuses to address the concerns proven here. What could she possibly say that makes it okay to lie about those third party sales? There is no answer.

    I would say that she’s ignoring the blog, but that wouldn’t exactly be true. She’s still looking. And so are a whole lot of others. Some as far away as Australia, and others much closer to home.

    • Unless her sorry butt is drug into court,kicking and screaming we will never get a straight answer from her. She is a liar and a thief, and her not answering any questions and only throwing more BS in the mix to cover her lies. Her new “manager” best wake up and realize she is nothing but a JOKE, she won’t give that manager a straight answer i bet you dollars to donuts on that.

    • Your just jealous because a hard working beautiful confident business woman is busy running her business instead of playing games on your bullshit hate blog. Why don’t you go stalk somebody else you childish haters. You have nothing on Ms Jones. Her authors love her and so do all of her loving family and friends. What do you have but hate? Your the ones with mental disorders. You should get help with that before you give yourself more ulcers and other health problems, haters. Her higher powers protect her so the worse you do to her the worse will be done to you. Angels don’t play, assholes.

      • Wow. Seriousy? Jealous of somebody who can’t earn an honest living so she has to steal from others? Jealous of someone with such low self-esteem that she that she doesn’t even have an identity of her own so she has to steal others? Jealous of somebody that lies, cheats, steals, and a whole host of disreputable things in her personal life that she’s on probation, among other things?

        Yeah. I’m thinking not.

      • do you honestly think asome sort of godly angel is going to protect something as low as pathetic as Tabetha Jones seriously are we freaking kidding here? after all the Voodoo hoodoo possessed like her bullshit this bitch is going to be blessed by angels for real? I just really want to know how stupid you motherfuckers are? seriously she can’t even run her own company And running her sisters company in the ground and can’t answer honest question yeah that’s my leader!!! that’s the one angels are going to bless. You all are a fucking joke if you believe that crap. But then again you blind ass people would follow her off a cliff too.

      • “Angels don’t play, assholes.”
        Yeah, sounds just like something Jesus would say.

        If you aren’t Tabetha, then you are just as delusional. And if you think you are a Christian, then you just blasphemed harder than Judas.

      • Ok there Higher you blew it, you describe this low life creature as hard working, not even close she leaves her authors to fight her battles instead of her fighting for her authors. She left me to do my own book release party. How is that hard work? Beautiful??? Beauty is skin deep but UGLY is to the bone. Confident, is that why she has to take on the persona of all she encounters. Hell I am waiting for her to say she is gay, since her sister is. And lastly a business woman, again doubtful since all she knows is how to steal and lie. Maybe politician should have been her calling.

        I have nothing on Tabetha? Are you sure? Do you really want to play that lame ass card? It is easy to love a abuser, Stockholm syndrome isn’t it? I admit I have issues, the first and major one was I trusted Tabetha Jones. The second was letting a friend get involved with her and her bullshit. The third was not taking the time to actually go to TX and confront her for all her lies and theft.

        Oh, I am sure all you yabbaheads are going to say I am threatening her. Trust me NO threat. Just fact. I don’t take kindly to theft, lies or abuse. What Tabetha is doing, has done and continues to do is all that. You want to believe all these wacked out things about her, blessings by archangels, major goth model, a bad ass biker bitch who takes no shit and is the real deal. Honey, as my family is known to say, Don’t make my B-More come out. I bet you any amount of money if Tabetha grew up in the area I have she would be a punk. If I took her to Baltimore and set her at one end of the block and told her I would meet her at the other end her sorry butt would be in tears if she made it halfway down the block.

        She is nothing but a farce, a poser and a mimic. There is nothing about her that screams originality. There is NOTHING UPSTANDING about her. She doesn’t have one iota of empathy, love, trust, or honesty in her being. She will use you, take from you and lie to you to get her way. She will badger you, bully you and make you think you aren’t a good person for not backing her foolishness. Trust me I KNOW. Been on that street, down that block and all over that area. Same shit different people.

        One day they are going to take her to a padded cell or if we are lucky a place with bars, and not the kind with strippers for her to drool over. A place where at night as in space no one will her her screams. Where she will learn to pray to God and mean it. Where she will pray for release from the archangel she claims that has blessed her.Where she will beg for all to forgive her her transgressions throw herself on someone’s mercy to protect her. I hope Bertha isn’t nice, I hope she shows Tabetha the real meaning of pain and despair. No, that isn’t hatred that is JUSTICE.

        For every penny she has stolen, everyone she has lied to deserves Justice.

      • She’s already come out as bi, so that gay base is covered.

        None of us has nothing on her, sure. That’s why so many authors have been able to PROVE that she’s scammed them, lied to them, and stolen from them.

        That’s why she’s been busted using more than one author’s work without their consent. That’s a federal offense about to land on her doorstep. I can barely contain myself, waiting for that shoe to fall. It’ll be nice to FINALLY see her face justice for her crimes.

        Oh yeah, she’s such a bad-ass biker bitch that she’s got to hide behind everybody else. Her authors, her family, her alts, and now some new hired gun. Hardly bad-ass at all. She might actually be the biggest chicken shit I’ve ever seen.

        Well, being such a chicken herself, let’s hope she finds somebody who really is tough to take care of her in jail when Big Bertha comes creeping in the night. Lame ass excuses and lies won’t get her out of that one. The only begging she’ll be doing will fall on deaf ears, because Bertha won’t care. Tab’s not the only one that won’t take no for an answer when it comes to getting what she wants.

        And if her latest lap dog is helping her cook the books, maybe they can share a cell and try to bribe Big Bertha away with slick lies and extra helpings of strawberry Jell-0. It probably won’t work, though. Bertha can’t be bought off that easy.

        THAT’S what I call justice.

  5. Still waiting for those answers and proof there Tabetha? What your laptop repoed again or are you just being quiet because ALL YOUR LIES have caught up to you? Or is your head spinning because you can’t keep your lies straight and are frantically wondering how you can get out of this mess YET AGAIN?

    Your absence of proof and no comments only enforces the fact that WE have been telling the truth all along. That you are this terrible person who has done nothing but lie and steal. You have no way out anymore. Come on Tabetha where are you rising from the ashes? Where is this great woman you profess to be? I will tell you HIDING, because your ass is hung out to dry.

    More people are seeing you for the monster you are. And don’t start that crap we made you that way, your ass was a monster the first time you lied to a honest person.You are a monster because you KEEP lying and stealing. You are a monster because you can’t answer basic questions of where the author’s money have went due to sales that weren’t reported to these authors.

    Yet you can go and buy fake contacts, and much more. Where are the authors royalties? Where is the LEGAL contracts you are suppose to have? Why haven’t you taken off authors works that you NO LONGER represent? Come on Tabetha you seem to know so much about the bikers, voodoo and magic, why can’t you answer the right questions? Why can’t you fight for your authors INSTEAD of them fighting for you? What is wrong with this picture? You are to protect them not the other way around. Just Saying.

    • And angels. Don’t forget, she knows all about angels now, too. Especially that “Arc angel” she’s got protecting her.

      Every time somebody new comes into Tab’s life, she adopts their beliefs, style, mannerisms and even appearance. She When Salena came into her life, she became goth. And when this new “manager” came into her life, she started talking about angels. From the look of it, Tab has no identity of her own and has to steal everybody else’s. That comes with low self-esteem. If it were only that, I could just shake my head and walk away. But she’s got a few real authors, and keeps trying to sucker more. Those people need to know who the’re dealing with. She’s not just a miserable wretch with no identity of her own, she’s also a cold and calculating con artist. She lies, which has been proven. She steals, which continues to be proven every single day those third party sales stay posted. You know, the ones she said she doesn’t get paid for, but which Amazon’s own policies prove she DOES. Thanks for posting those, Tab, btw.

      Every industry watchdog hails her as a publisher to AVOID. Take notice, authors. Avoid her.

      • Duh, higher power knows as much as Tabetha when it comes to anything. Absolutely zero. For your information “Arcangel ‘s DO NOT bestow blessings the are supposed to be God’s destruction. They are the ones that God sends in to take care of the unrighteous.

        You know the ones. The deceitful, underhanded and the liars. The only thing she is capable of is copying and mimicking the real people in her life. She is so full of shit her eyes are brown.

        Look you fools are fighting for her, praising her to high heaven. What is she doing for you? Kind of ass backwards if you ask me. Why isn’t she answering for her crimes? Why are you all still believing all this crap spewing from her tainted lips?

        You sorry individuals want to keep up the charade of how great she is, so be it. When you get tired of smelling her shit, because your heads are so far up her ass, let me know. Until then you all are as pathetic as Tabetha Jones, and will amount to nothing just like her.

        There is nothing special about her, she was NOT blessed by anything but delusions and the forked tongue of a serpent. Keep dreaming there Tabetha, maybe one day you can relate to a television show. I am hoping more on the lines of ” orange is the new black”.

      • Matters of faith, including belief in angels, live in the heart and soul. She has neither. This is just another sham, distraction and proof of her profound lack of professionalism.

        It also doesn’t answer recent concerns about how she was proven a liar about third party book sales.

      • I hope her Arc Angel is Story Arc, for as far as I can tell, she’s never employed one in her work.

  6. I have read this and many of the other posts. I was wanting to know does anyone even know if this new manager is even being listened to by this Tab person or if she is even paying this new manager from the looks of that 1099 post. Because I can tell that many of the things that were said on here the manager seems kind and sweet and simply trying to do her job. Though i wounder is she really even being treated right by this Tab person if she is as wicked as you have stated.
    I am all for the truth being told but if this Tab woman does not listen to this manager what real good can she do for this company and its authors the only reason I know of this page was I am looking for a publisher that will help me publish a book that I am writing and was told about this Dark Storm and was looking her up online and saw this as the number one thing on google. In some ways I am now weary of it and thinking if everything that has been said on here is true what are the chances that this tab lady will listen to me. And how is she treating this manager lady.
    I am not one for being mean or cruel but if this manager is not being treated right and someone has proof maybe this tab lady really does need to be shut down.

    • “Sweet” has nothing to do with it. We’re talking about a business, here.

      If this new “manager” didn’t know who and what Tabetha is going in, she found out during her conversation with me. She heard the truth then, and the truth is laid out for all to see right here. Years worth of it. So there’s really no excuse at this point.

      Time will tell. If the fraud in question stays true to form, that manager’s promised pay (or whatever other promises were made) won’t add up. I can tell you that through the course of this call, she was told information that I could tell she hadn’t heard before. About everything from content on this blog – as told to her by her boss, I’m sure – to her insistence that posting links to photos wasn’t actually illegal. She was handed a bill of goods and told to defend them, but received a little education about facts and truth. In the end, she hung up with two conflicting stories ringing in her ears. What she was told by her boss, and the truth.

      It’s pretty simple. If this manager stays with Tab, knowing the truth now, she’s complicit. If she comes to her senses and realizes that the picture she was presented by her boss was incomplete and self-serving lies and makes the decision to leave, she should to the right thing and turn her (former) boss in to the IRS for her fraudulent business practices. If she doesn’t, she’s still complicit.

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
      ~ Edmund Burke

      • and what is this managers name because I want to know is she even being listened to. It would not be fair or right to condemn a woman for something that she could not control. What if she has that type of personality that will not give up the type that truly tries to help the little guy and still will not give up when knocked down is it right for anyone to say anything bad about her then. I come form a people that truth and right is good and you see bad then try to help if you fail try again and again for soon good will prevail. Then on top of that you have the people that try to do right and think they are getting somewhere but get drug in the muck thinking that what they are saying is being done just to find that it is not being done. So how do I know that what is being said on here is truth and the comments form this tab person is lie or visa verse. Do you have proof this manager is being dishonest to anyone do you have proof that she is being listened or not listened to. I can not judge her for 2 reasons one I do not know her and two it is not my place to judge it is the good Lord God Almighty’s place not mine. Is their something about her that is different like how she believes or something that makes you think that she is doing evil for this woman maybe she has been getting lied to from the beginning from this woman but has not reason to trust that you are not being honest.

      • By all means, then. She (and you) should take the word of a proven liar and fraud, crass and abusive, over years worth of truth told by countless victims.

  7. why do you say me I am simply asking what proof do you have that she her self is being dishonest. Further more you did not answer my request of name. It is not right to speak ill about someone and more so that you speak ill of someone and not let them defend there place.

      • Yes Madame acquire meaning to buy ir to obtain. Personally I was using it in the context of obtainment i would like to acquire or obtain this manager’s name in wishes to see what she is really all about. If she is truly trying to help or if she is a bandit of regal purporting as you and your fellow members are avowing her to be.

      • No, dear. You said “I would like to acquire as to why…” You were searching for either inquire or enquire, both of which mean “To ask.”

        As for “Bandit of regal…” you lost me.

  8. Madame I use the words that prosper my yearning the best in either case aquire or obtain why you used the term sweets or the managers name I was furthered in what I was speaking as for the other…what proof can you show me that this Tab lady is really as bad and doing the wrongs you say she is doing.

    • OFFS.
      Learn to speak English or fuck off.
      You know I can see that you’re posting from that same LG Optimus phone with the same operating system, right?

      In one breath, you’re on the phone with me proclaiming your innocence, and in the next, you’re posing as yet another alt. And you wonder why people have a problem with you? Because you’re such a fucking LIAR. That’s why.

      • Actually I am speaking proper english. Thank you. 2 I Am a friend of hers and my phone is cracked and being replaced hense why I Am using my friends phone. You sit there speaking all types of mess. Well news to you she been stressed out enough and does not need people talking mess about her on a blog when she has done nothing wrong. And as for calling you Madame for me its the best you will get I am a dancer. No my name is not Elizabeth sarliskin but it is my pen name when I write. I guess I will simply have to dumb it down. Thank god i do not have to do that with everyone or i would have to talk only to my self.

      • Another alt. Another dancer leaping to her defense. And another illiterate with her same, haughty affect.

        What a shock.

    • Lizzy, it was stated on the posting of this blog that the name was withheld due to trying to save someone from problems. See Tabetha has a nasty trick and we are all attune to it. She tends to make people think this is a hate blog if names are mentioned. So JT being the smart person she is omitted that information.

      If you are so eager to learn the name, why not look up the company? Hell call them yourself. Ask all the questions you see fit. Then either compare it with what has been said here or run away knowing that what we say is the truth. Seeing as you are only here to stir up trouble. Just remember this one lies the other swears to it.

      Also a Madame is not a nice term to use towards a real lady, like JT.

      • I know the manager I wanted to see if JT would actually stay true to her word. I love the manager she is always looking out for me and has even stepped in when my ex threatened me. The manager meant what she said she was trying to help authors and owner alike as she informed me that the boss let her go as not to cause her any trouble. If you ask me that was not a bad thing in truth this fight is between Tab and JT and i hope they can come to some sort of agreement.

      • Dude, how stupid do you think I am? Seriously? I know who you are, I know what device you’re posting with. Do you really think I didn’t see you coming from a mile off, lying through your teeth about how you stumbled across this blog, playing stupid about who’s who, trying to get me to post a name I promised the person I wouldn’t post? To try and make me a liar. Give me a break.

        Unlike you, I DO know how to keep my word. You, on the other hand, prove yet again what a low-down dirty liar you are.

  9. So you admit Lizzy that you were trying to set JT up? How fucking sick are you? You and Tabetha need adjoining rooms at the nut house. You are sadly mistaken if you dare to think that this “fight” is between JT and that trashy Tabetha Jones. Once she stole from one author it became their fight. When that bitch threatened my sister, it became my issue as well. Yeah REAL FAMILY not the wannabe shit that Tabetha spews, REAL BLOOD, REAL LOVE AND DEEP RESPECT. Tab doesn’t let anyone go without a reason. And she is never nice. Pay attention Lizzy, read what has been posted. Trust me after reading all that Tabetha has posted I can see why these authors are so bent out of shape. I think you are a shady bitch for doing what you did, testing a lady of integrity. You are disgusting and a pig. Maybe you need to wallow some more in that muck of blood your idol drowns herself in.

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  12. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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