Shifty shuffle

We’ve all seen it.

Tabetha talks authors into contributing stories, poems, whatever, to anthologies. She slaps those together along with content from several of her own alts. We all know how shabby the editing and formatting are, so she can crank these anthologies out by the dozen. I’d say “a dime a dozen” but I doubt that she spends that much.

There are a couple of reasons why she cranks ’em out so abundantly. First, there’s more of a chance that some poor reader will happen across one and buy it. In all fairness, the covers aren’t bad. It’s not until a reader delves into the content that the truth of how abysmally poor the effort is. And by then, the money’s already been spent.

Mostly, though, I think she does it so that there are that many more titles on her website, making her company look more successful than it really is, than it will ever be. A prime example of quantity over quality.

Not all of the stories suck so profoundly. Every now and then, one of the real, breathing authors Tabetha cons into signing with her contributes something that isn’t bad. With proper editing and attention from a publisher that knows what they’re doing, some of them would do exponentially better than they ever will with her.

Royalties get divided equally among the authors, according to Tabetha. So, if she’s half of the authors using multiple pseudonyms, well, she gets half of the proceeds, doesn’t she?

More than half, if the publisher keeps a percentage of royalties as well.

Then, when the numbers and excuses don’t add up, authors leave her. It’s not an easy task, because all those smiles and promises of being “family” fly out the window and the real Tab shows up. The one that waves that contract in their faces, telling them that they’re legally obligated for at least a year, because that contract is legal and binding. It’s not, of course. But if she can get people to believe it, it’s done its real job. Convincing authors that they’re stuck.

If the author persists in wanting to leave, she hits ’em with that separation $125 fee. There’s been some debate about whether or not a publishing company should have a separation fee. Let me clarify.

Yes. A publishing company should have a termination fee, but only IF the only fault is the author’s. If the publisher isn’t getting the job done, isn’t paying, or isn’t living up to their end of the deal, then that fee flies out the window. And, since Tabetha Jones is the publisher we’re talking about, I think we all know where the fault really lies. Too many authors have come forward with horror stories about botched work, abuse and stolen royalties for any reasonable person to believe that whenever somebody comes to their senses and leaves her, that she’s squeaky clean. Exactly the opposite.

Eventually, just about every author she’s ever conned has gotten away from her. Some stand up to her and call her bluff, leaving her no choice but to “release” them. I use the term loosely, because she never owned the authors or their rights to begin with.

Other authors pay that extortionary separation fee just to be rid of her.

Whichever the case, they get free of her. And when they go, they take their work with them, if they’re smart. Including the work they contributed to anthologies. That’s where the shuffle comes in.

More than once, Tab’s been caught leaving people’s work in the anthology and only removing the name of the author that wrote it. At least until she’s caught, blames it on somebody else, then finally removes it.

At that point, she’s left with gaping holes in anthologies. Even though she “wrote” most of it, there are too many holes. So she either shifts stories from other anthologies or fills it with more horrid fluff from another one of her own alts. That constitutes a major change of the content of the book. So does changing the cover.

According to Bowker:

A new edition means that there has been substantial change: content has been altered in a way that might make a customer complain that this was not the product that was expected. Or, text has been changed to add a new feature, such as a preface or appendix or additional content. Or, content has been revised. Or, the book has been redesigned.

Same thing applies if the book is issued with a new cover.

If the change in cover substantially changes the product, then a new ISBN should be used.

So if you see a book that’s recently been re-issued with new content, missing content, or a different cover, look closely to see if it’s got a new ISBN to go along with the new content.

For example:
To My Lover’s Dismay was published with 11 authors and 138 pages.

But was recently re-released by Dark Storm with fewer authors and only 98 pages, not to mention an entirely different cover.

Nah. Nothing shifty going on here at ALL.

Authors, past. present and future, if you’ve ever contributed anything to an anthology, or plan to, keep very close eye on your work and where it ends up. Just a heads up.


25 thoughts on “Shifty shuffle

  1. And, For those that don’t know, Bowker is where publishers buy ISBN numbers, so they should know when a book needs a new one.

    This new release doesn’t even have an ISBN, they have an ASIN, which is a free number Amazon gives you when you use their free Createpsace upload platform. What that tells you is that Dark Storm Publications is too cheap to buy a real batch of ISBN numbers for their books. You know, like REAL publishers do.

    In short, from the look of it, they slap books on Createspace’s free upload platform using Tab’s account, with little (if any) editing and dodgy formatting, run with the free ASIN identifier, and did I mention that all of the above is FREE? And they keep HOW much of an author’s royalties?

    Authors, you can do all of that for yourself for free, and keep %100 of your royalties, without the drama and heartbreak.

    Wake up, people.

    • It is so sickening to know just how deep her deceit goes. When I was with her I had to pay for all this crap that she gets for free. She told me that if I wanted a library of congress ISBN I would have to pay $25.00 extra. I payed for createspace to put my books out there. The only time I didn’t was with an anthology. But then again why would I, Tabetha received all the money from them. All 6 to be precise.

      I wasn’t even sent a proof copy of any of my books, not anthologies, but MY own writings. In fact my first books proof went to someone else. I asked to get a new one and Tabetha told me sorry authors only get the one and if it got sent elsewhere not her concern. That I was to take it up with Createspace. Good publishing there, I tell ya. And that was the ONLY proof that i knew of. I never received any for book 2 or 3. Of course I couldn’t do anything via Createspace because EVERYTHING was in Tabetha’s name, and she refused to give me the information that I needed to get results.

      My first book was so screwed up, I mean 5 poems were left out of the book. And I sent her EVERYTHING. My first 20 books I purchased had the 5 missing poems out of it AND so many errors it boggled my mind. Did Tabetha offer to fix and replace for free??? Oh no, she said she would pay for 10 because it had been 2 weeks before I noticed the mistakes and Createspace wouldn’t cover that. Hello, an excited author, happy that something they wrote was in print of course it took a bit. A good publisher fixes the problem and makes it right. NOT Tabetha. The second run of my first book STILL had errors. Who did Tabetha blame for that? Not her of course, she threw Misty under the bus.

      When my next books came out, she used Luna as her scapegoat. Then to top it off when my third book came out I did most of the leg work to get the book release party organized. Did I get a break on anything? NOPE. In fact Tabetha use to brag she really had to do NOTHING to my books, because I did most of the work, with making sure spelling and all was correct. So basically she put my books out there, received payment for doing NOTHING. Createspace,FREE, Cindy doing her own edits FREE. What right does she have to anything?

      She was so ignorant she sent another author her entire book back, told HER to do her OWN edits, and then told her she had a week to get it done. This was a NOVEL people not a short story. Then because the author had to work and was having problems doing the edits Tabetha tried to get her for BREACH!! What is wrong with this picture? I will tell you Tabetha Jones is a nothing a nobody a worthless publisher at best. All she cares about is what the authors do for HER. Isn’t that suppose to be the other way around?

      Isn’t the publisher suppose to be looking out for the author? Isn’t the publisher responsible to fix all errors and actually DO THE EDITS for the author? In fact isn’t the publisher suppose to look out for the authors best interest? Why isn’t she making these dreams come true instead of creating nightmares? Why is it up to the author to pay and fix problems that the publisher didn’t do in either editing or formatting? Why are all these people coming to Tabetha’s rescue spouting her praises INSTEAD of Tabetha PROTECTING her authors? Where is her loyalty to her “family” of authors? Why in the sam hell is the line of protection surrounding Tabetha? Who is protecting the authors she is doing dirty? Why isn’t she doing every damn thing in her power to do the right thing? There is something so backwards in this.

      WHO IS PROTECTING THESE AUTHORS SHE IS HARMING, LYING TO AND CHEATING? It sure as hell isn’t Tabetha Jones. She will smile in your face as her hand is sneaking into your pocket to take your last dime. THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS.

      • She likes to ask the question: “If I’m such a horrible person and terrible publisher, then why did all of my authors follow me from PF to DS?”

        Several reasons.

        1) That contract. She beats authors over the head with it, convincing them that it’s “legal and binding” and gets them thinking they’re stuck with her.

        In that contract, there’s a “clause” that says that if the company gets sold, all the contracts “carry over” to the new company. So why do they follow her? Because she’s got them convinced that they HAVE to.

        2) Because they don’t know any better. Here they are, new, eager, hopeful authors being told by somebody presenting herself as a publisher that this is the way it works. They have no way of knowing what a sham the whole setup is. She says that’s how it’s done, they have no way of knowing that it’s not. They go along for her psychotic train wreck because they just don’t know their rights. That’s why I blog. To hopefully let new, unaware authors know that that’s NOT how it works. They DO have rights. They don’t have to be stuck with her and her crooked way of doing things.

        3) and finally… most of those authors follow her blindly from one scam to the next is that SHE’S MOST OF THEM! More than half of the authors on her roster are fakes, names she made up, and more fake names to serve as THEIR alts.

        And not just hers. She encourages each real author she manages to snag to create alts as well. She tells them it’s to protect them from me stalking them *eye roll* or explains that they might not want their friends or family to know they’re writing erotica.

        Thing one: we all know who the real troll is, here. I don’t stalk. I inform people about a fraudulent scam artist so that they won’t be victimized. She’s proactive, telling people “Oh there’s this hateful bitch that stalks me. Pay no attention to her.” So that she can hopefully keep them from reading the truth about her. I’m told she’s even gone so far as to tell authors that if they even LOOK at this blog, they’ll be in breach of their contract and get hit with that $125 termination fee. So, for a while at least, they avoid this blog like the plague.

        When they do see it, she sucks them into defending her, feeding them sob stories about how I’m attacking her little girl, or some such. She gets their heads twisted around so much that they think that they have to defend her, either to placate her and shut her up, or because they actually (unbelievably) think they’re defending someone that cares about them. She doesn’t, and they’ll learn that, but only after the damage is done.

        Thing two: Why would any author be so ashamed of their work that they’d feel the need to hide it from their friends and family? There’s nothing wrong with erotica, if it’s written well. It’s not my cup of tea and you won’t catch me reading it unless I HAVE to, but to each their own.

        If a writer feels so moved by a topic that they want to write a book about it, they shouldn’t hide it. They should own it proudly. They should hold it up for the world to see and claim with pride “This is my work!”

        Hiding something from friends and family is never a good idea. Something as tangible as a book is bound to be found out sooner or later, and then there’s the matter of the lie to deal with. The repercussions from that lie could be more serious than if they’d just been honest to begin with.

        No publisher that actually cared about an author would encourage that author to lie to the people they love. That doesn’t serve the author’s best interests at all. It only serves the publisher.

        Yes. Writers use pen names. Mark Twain wasn’t his real name, of course. But real writers don’t use fake names because they’re ashamed of what they’re writing.

        And they don’t do it just because the publisher wants to appear to be more successful than they are. Thirty authors! Forty? WOW!! Looks great on paper, until you realize that half of them are the publisher’s alts, and half of what’s left are her few real authors’ alts. And alts of alts. Then it’s not impressive, It’s dodgy and deceitful.

        That’s where she gets her army. She either conjures them out of thin air or cons them into sticking with her using a suspicious contract, sweeps them up in her drama, and hides behind them because she’s a chicken-shit. Yellow to the bone.

        Authors catch on, sooner than later. And thanks to the former authors that step forward and let them know that there’s life after Tabetha Jones, they manage to wriggle out of her grasp.

        This new batch she’s conning with a new company name will figure it out, too. They always do. Sad thing is, she knows it. All she cares about is what she can get out of ’em while she’s got ’em.

  2. Think about this, her even saying that the contract “carries over” screams watch the heck out. What business has that in their contract? Are they so sure they are going to fail that they are already creating a back-up plan? In Tabetha’s case, damn straight, she had DSP all ready to go a year ago. Think about it folks as she was scamming PF authors she already had it in her mind that she was going to close up shop and had DSP in the works all the while gathering new authors, and dazzling them with bullshit. This is not professionalism, these are not mistakes. This is cool, calculated planning. If these authors don’t agree to go along with the “carry over” they are hit with her famous termination clause. This is complete bullshit. Her contracts aren’t legal, they don’t hold water and won’t hold up in court. You can’t close a business, in Tabetha’s case just gloss over it with a new name, and that makes it legal. There are steps, legal steps mind you. that you have to go through. There are processes you have to undergo to legally change your businesses name. You have to show that the original business you were running is not operating anymore. and you have to get a new tax I.D. number, even if the number you were using is your Social Security number. The government has to approve that. You cannot just slap a new name on an old product and call it a day. For all you authors who think she is telling you the truth, ask her about being 1099’ed or where your sales and royalty reports are. Watch how fast she changes the subject or says it will take a few days because she has to get the information from the many sites she has your book listed under. A real publisher has all that at the click of a button. Since royalties are paid monthly for the most part on all the sites there should be no problem, but watch her squirm like a worm on a hook anyway. These are your words, your thoughts and your feelings out there for the world to see. You have rights. Demand your rights. Let’s just see how many times she puts you off like she has done so many other authors, editors, cover artists and models. Watch how the script is flipped to family stuff, her kid needing things or what magical being she has seen and or has been blessed by. These are not things you talk to your boss about. There is a time and a place for things. Your boss is not your friend or family, that person is suppose to be there to make money and make YOU money. You should not be lining her pockets with money, you should be getting money. You wrote it, you lived it or it’s a fantasy you dreamed of, not her, so why is she getting rich and you not? Why is she buying all this stuff and you sit there like wow, and scratch your head. How is she doing all that she promises you and living her dreams, while you wait and wait? How is she some mega model, publisher, hair stylist, editor and author and still doing right by you the authors? You all seen proof of how sloppy she was with her latest anthology and you still back that play? You all jumped and screamed for Kinship Press to be dismantled over 1 book, yes it was a mistake, but one that was FIXED at no cost to the author. Where is Tabetha’s accountability, where is it that she is making things right? That’s right she isn’t. And you all aren’t seeing this. This fool is allowed to scream bloody murder over my sister posting that she was a liar and a thief on her DSP page demands that another company fix their problems, but still doesn’t fix her own. She went as far as to want my sister fired over her sorry lies. And that is acceptable? My sister wouldn’t have had to say a word if Tabetha was what she said she was. Sorry all but she isn’t anything that she claims to be.She is nothing but a shifty lying money grubbing gold digging individual. She needs to stop using her authors as shields, her child as a barricade and for the love of anything holy leave her sister’s company alone. She is the one who should be standing on the front line taking heat for her authors, not getting them to defend her. But no instead of her doing what’s right, promoting you authors she is using you all. I sincerely hope you all wake up and leave her to her misery and the voices in her head.

    • The book Tab and company were screaming about had ONE blank page. Dark Storm’s latest effort had at least THREE blank pages and more formatting errors than I can count.

      That other publisher paid out of pocket to fix that ONE blank page. Has the owner of Dark Storm done the same? Anybody? Bueller?

      Yeah. Didn’t think so.

      Look, people. If you need any more evidence than that to avoid Dark Storm Publications, I don’t know what to tell ya. The owner is a liar (Destiny Rane, hello?) and the company produces shoddy work. What else IS there to know?

  3. Did you see where the daft idiot posted this picture? She thinks she’s all that and a sack of crisps when she’s just a sad psycho minger.

    • FIFY.

      Yeah. She’s so fabulous, we’re all SOOO jealous, and we’re just liars and haters.

      She does. Not. Get. It. And she never will. There’s no reasoning with somebody that suffers from her staggering array of mental disorders. There’s only warning people to steer clear of such a damaged, lying, scamming fraud.

      Rumors might be spread by haters, but the TRUTH, flies on the wings of angels. The real kind, not to be confused with her fake ass “arc angels.”

    • I for one have seen her, her pictures alone are enough to scare my soldier to stay limp. As for competition, my sister has her beat hands down in looks and the writing skills. So what rumors and what competition. She is just upset that she can’t write worth a damn or manage a business enough to keep her butt out of the poor house.

  4. There’s another issue here. As an anthologist and indeed someone who frequently contributes to anthologies, let me point out that a story bought for a specific anthology cannot be reprinted in another one (even if by the same editor and publisher) without the prior written consent of the contributor.

      • You must pardon me. I was researching this publisher and stumbled across this. While I find a lot of this just ill mannered bull and personal issues I do have to correct you.

        An ASIN number is not an ISBN issued by the createspace platform. It is actually the number kindle direct publishing gives to each book published under that specific site.

        If it were a paperback it would have ISBN and would say createspace publishing platform.

        For someone that comes off to know everything and anything about publishing you simply misinformed people. I don’t know if it was by mistake or on purpose.

        I will say that this publisher is registered legally and does in fact have a tax identification number. If she was shady then she most certainly wouldn’t have that information available.

        I can see that you want to fight the big bad but unless said publisher does something that you can one hundred percent back up as illegal then it just really looks like you just have serious personal issues with her.

        Notice I am not saying names or pointing fingers because I for one don’t want to be left standing holding the bag per say.

        Will I submit to them, possibly, but being self published for so long I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on any ship sailing other than my own.

        As for the information I shared feel free to look it for yourself. That book isn’t even available in paperback. Something I believe you would have caught if for not being so caught up in business other than your own.

      • “Stumbled across this blog?” Seriously? How many times have we heard that from one of Tab’s alts?

        Honest author, my ass. You can’t even post a comment without lying through your teeth. Here you are, pretending to be some objective third party, posting away on your Kindle fire. And you didn’t even bother to try using a proxy to hide behind this time. Pitiful.

        As for the topic of those ASINs, here’s what Amazon has to say, HERE:

        ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Almost every product on our site has its own ASIN, a unique code we use to identify it. For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN number, but for all other products a new ASIN is created when the item is uploaded to our catalogue.
        You will find an item’s ISBN or ASIN on the product detail page alongside further details relating to the item, which may include information such as size, number of pages (if it’s a book) or number of discs (if it’s a CD).
        You can search for an ISBN or an ASIN in our catalogue. If you know the ASIN or ISBN of the item you are looking for, simply type it into the search box (which can be found near the top of most pages), hit the Go button and, if the item is listed in our catalogue, it’ll appear in your search results.

        And HERE:

        Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. You can find the ASIN on the item’s product information page at For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN number, but for all other products a new ASIN is created when the item is uploaded to our catalogue. You will find an item’s ASIN on the product detail page alongside further details relating to the item, which may include information such as size, number of pages (if it’s a book) or number of discs (if it’s a CD).

        ASINs can be used to search for items in our catalogue. If you know the ASIN or ISBN of the item you are looking for, simply type it into the search box (which can be found near the top of most pages), hit the “Go” button and, if the item is listed in our catalogue, it will appear in your search results.

        Funny, it doesn’t say anything about an ASIN being Kindle-specific in either of those descriptions from It’s not just for Kindle, it’s for every product on Amazon, and not just books. Just about EVERYTHING on Amazon gets one.

        The A in ASIN stands for AMAZON, you twit. If it were only for Kindle, don’t you think it would be called KSIN?

        For someone that tries to come off as a publisher, you prove (yet AGAIN) that you know nothing about what you’re doing. You have no business whatsoever trying to pass yourself off as a publisher.

        Lying through your teeth, yet again, and pitifully misinformed.

        Authors, are you paying attention?

      • And, btw, being registered and having a tax ID doesn’t mean that you’re legitimate. It doesn’t mean that your contracts are legal if they’re unconscionable, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you know the first thing about publishing on Amazon. Your own statements above prove that.

      • I will say that this publisher is registered legally and does in fact have a tax identification number. If she was shady then she most certainly wouldn’t have that information available.”
        So what does that say about the last three years? You didn’t have that information available so, by your own definition, we can call you shady.

        I can see that you want to fight the big bad but unless said publisher does something that you can one hundred percent back up as illegal then it just really looks like you just have serious personal issues with her.”
        You mean like proving tax fraud because a publisher operated for years without sending authors a 1099 form? See this post. Yup. Tax fraud is %100 percent illegal.

        And I am taking care of my own business, thanks. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time or effort to bust you as a fraud, a crook and a liar. Especially when you provide most of the proof yourself.

  5. Per say? isn’t that per se? And you are an author? I doubt it, just another idiot trolling to protect Tabetha or Tabetha herself trying to discredit someone who has had her by the short and curlies for quite a while now, over 2 1/2 years if i am correct. And going by what I have read and the crap that my sister has went through, yep I am right. Why is it that you can come on here and pose as someone who knows something and really can’t find your ass with both hands and a flashlight even though it is as massive as it is? Why not show your true face there Tabetha? You know the one I am referring about. The one who lied to everyone, stole and belittled the ones who would not follow you through your crazed world. Why are you here AGAIN posing as a how did you word it? Oh, right “Honest Author” like that isn’t the biggest joke of the century. What is wrong with you that you keep hiding pouring on more lies and bullshit as you go? Yeah I hear all these people saying what a bad ass you are and how you aren’t to be fucked with. What a laugh, you are a coward. You can’t answer the real questions to these authors. You won’t tell them where the royalties are from a book you CLAIMED the royalties were going to help a abuse shelter, which btw there is NO RECORD OF. You claim these authors get paid and you “bust your ass, or in your case ads for them” and all you do is lie to them, throw their books together so fast without edits or formatting and call it a day. Then you line your pockets with what little they earn due to word getting out of how poorly the book was published, and when they question you, you flip the script and tell them it is either THEIR fault because they didn’t promote themselves enough or you LIE even more by saying nothing was sold. When in fact you have 3rd party sales going on along with family and friends buying these books to help the author out. Yet these authors don’t see a damn dime. Oh, yes you can say you paid by sending them a buck or two, but what are you making off them? They pay the cover artist, they pay for createspace, or did, they are the ones promoting the hell out of their books and you sit back and do absolutely NOTHING. You have stolen swag from people along with so much more theft that to add it all up would have heads spinning for days. I know you never gave out the swag that CFW’s friend Barb won off her last book party before she tossed your happy ass to the curb. How do I know, because Barb was my wife’s friend. She had my wife contact CFW 3 times asking what happened to it, of course your answer was that it was sent. I call bullshit. I sat in on the last 2 book releases of my sister’s, I seen that you favored a few “guests” I later found out that said “guests” were alts of yours. Therefore I do believe that is THEFT, and LYING. Since these people did NOT exist and imaginary people can’t win swag. So where does that leave said swag? Right, in Tabetha’s pocket for her to use for herself or another author. So here we have royalties being stolen and swag that most of these authors have paid to have made out of THEIR OWN POCKETS. Yeah HONEST AUTHOR MY ASS.

    • She did show her true face. By lying yet AGAIN.

      And by following her typical pattern. The latest blog post exposes her as a tax fraud, so she’s kicking up a fuss on an older post to distract attention away from that.

      Not working. Not with us, and not with the IRS. Oh, yes. She can keep tap dancing her little heart out. We’re not the only ones watching watching her.

  6. By me saying to show her true face, I mean for her to stop hiding behind alts and her authors. Be this big bad ass bitch she is suppose to be. Put on her big girl panties and woman up. She needs to stop making all these fake ass names and stand up she did it OWN THAT SHIT. She says she made mistakes and has learned. learned what? How to make the same mistakes as before but using more authors and alts to cover it up. She isn’t a woman of any standing. She is as i have said many times a useless, lying coward. When Tabetha admits and owns her dirty dealings then we can say she has learned. Until then she is nothing but a scam artist, a lying piece of crap who will CONTINUE to use and manipulate people for her own benefit. I have dealt with some shady ass people in my line of work but she takes the cake. She has done so much damage to my family alone it almost makes me wish I had a long haul to her hometown so I could put flyers up showing all of TEXAS how she is. Every truck stop and diner I could stop at would be shown her evil ways. This thing, she doesn’t get the title of woman, needs a very rude awakening. She also needs to learn respect, honesty and loyalty. I doubt she can even spell them let alone know what those words mean. I don’t get how she can continue to do the same stuff to new people and say she has done nothing wrong. How can she keep stealing from people and not see that she is causing real harm and damage? That’s right she needs a conscience for that. Huh, guess there is no archangel or magical spell for that.

    • I took a quick glance at my archives. This pattern of behavior has gone on since at LEAST 2012. That’s just when I got involved, and she was at it long before that.

      How long does it have to continue before people start to realize that it’s not “mistakes” she’s making? How many people have to be hurt before people stop making excuses for her and start admitting what she really is? What will it take for people to stop enabling her?

      If the people closest to her really cared, the’d stop enabling her and demand that she do two things. Seek psychological help and, if that works, seek an education. If she’s going to do these things she wants to do, be this business maven she tries to pass herself off as, then she needs to learn what the hell she’s talking about.

      Until or unless both of those things happen, all we’ve got on our hands is a fraud. You’re absolutely right. That’s the real face.

  7. For the record there “honest” if you are Tabetha you know damn right well there is NOTHING honest about you. If by chance, which I doubt, that this is just another poor slob who has been roped into the games of Tabetha, I feel sorry for you. Only to the extent if you really don’t know her dealings. If you are just following her blindly or believing her lies you are just as responsible as she is for all that is being done.

    Anyone who dares to believe she is anything else but a lying, cheating thief deserves all that she dishes on them. If anyone thinks that I enjoy coming on here and CONSTANTLY REPEATING myself is dumber than a box of rocks. I mean really I would so much enjoy my days on the beach, at the pool or for that matter writing without always knowing what a piece of shit she is. I don’t know how much more clear I can be without showing all the conversations we have had via FB. Proving once and for all what a low life she is. Too bad I couldn’t record our calls, that would have been better. If I have to show all the things she has said, and done by this method I have no problems. Like I said there is no shame in my game.

    I have admitted of all I did to defend Tabetha when I was with her. I rue the day that I met her and believed her lies. I was guilty of living in the clouds with all her promises of dreams coming true. From what I have seen the only one living out their dream is Tabetha R. Jones. The only one I see making any money is who? Yes, you guessed it Tabetha R. Jones. No my works my not be Poe worthy or anything of that nature, but I sure as heck know that I can write circles around Tabetha and the vile crap she spins onto the pages. I know that I put more heart and soul into all that I write.

    I challenge Tabetha to show her face, and make things right by us authors. I demand her to stop hiding behind her authors and alts and show proof where she is so upstanding. And no that lame ass attempt with the tax I.D. is just a bandaid on a huge gaping wound. So what, again I ask if she could have done that, WHY didn’t she do it back when MP failed and she created PF? Why now that her ass was in a sling did she do that? And still she is illegal as all be damned. That I.D. was a way for her to try and bilk more money from people by her saying look I am legal now. Many companies have been brought down for embezzlement and they have tax I.D.’s also. Tabetha dear, just because you claim legality doesn’t make you legal. Just like me putting on a fur coat doesn’t make me rich. Actions do. When you are ready to be a real woman and not some shady ass loser who only wants to steal from people let me know.

    Actually I don’t care. I just can’t wait til someone does it to you.

    • I, for one, and DELIGHTED that she put her name on a tax ID. With Dark Storm traceable directly back through PF and MP, the IRS now knows EXACTLY where to look. Finally, there’s a path that leads directly to her front door. Literally. Where she thinks she’s being slick by getting paperwork, what she’s really done is tighten her own noose, figuratively speaking. Now, there’s nowhere to hide.
      Even if she scrambled to dump that tax ID tomorrow, nothing can change that she filed for it It’s there, and it leads straight to her.

  8. In honor of “honest author” up there, I thought I’d share this.
    In the comments of this post from more than a year ago, Tabetha uses the exact same “stumbled across” this blog wording. I thought it was worth a giggle.

  9. I’m amused to wonder how it came about that “honest author” was “researching this publisher and stumbled across this.” I’ve just Googled Dark Storm, and not a single link leads here.

  10. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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