No, not the kind you’re probably thinking of. Just a couple quick answers to some questions and rumors I’m already starting to hear.

No. I have not changed my blog because of any ridiculous law “suite” being hinted at by some narcissistic sociopath in Waco. I’m not scared of that nonsense one little bit. I hope it happens, so that all of those authors that have been wronged in the past can finally have their stories told before a judge. They deserve to be heard. And if I get brought before a judge, they will be.

Yes. I have disabled comments on my portal post. That’s there to tell people where to look for the content of this blog. In at least one case, it can tell them where to go.

No. I haven’t removed a single word. It’s all still there. Every bit of it, so that anybody that’s got the good sense to do their homework and Google the publisher they’re thinking of working with can get the facts and hopefully steer clear.

The name at the top of this blog is LEPPLADY. It’s time I took the spotlight back and shined it on myself. Hopefully, I won’t bore you too much with posts about my work and what’s going on in my life. It’s not as entertaining as the Texan Train Wreck, but it’s happier, and healthier.



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