I’m currently working on oil paintings featuring landscapes, my favorite Kid n cat pair and slight ab stracts, starting with the Kid n cat up a tree. Then followed up with a different kid losing a balloon.

But I’ve only taken oils up recently, after a very long respite from the medium. Before that, I went through a watercolor fairy phase. These are a few of my meager offerings.

One of my favorite media is colored pencils. The leaf fairy, for example, started as a pencil drawing.

A couple of others:

My art, like my moods, depends upon how I feel when I’m working on it. I range from portraits like this

to cartoons.

The point is to find what makes you happy in life and do it. I enjoy writing and dare to hope that I’m fair at it, but all too often, writing involves dark thoughts and negativity. Art, on the other hand, simply makes me happy. So, if I’ve been writing something difficult or dealing with negativity, I’ll pick up a paint brush or colored pencil and let it all wash away.

Whether you knit, paint, garden, make crafts or anything else. Find what makes you happy and do it.


4 thoughts on “Phases

    • Look whoever you are. I do believe you are far from “honest” so why don’t you go back to pre-school where maybe you can learn some manners. What are you so afraid of? That someone or ALL will do better than you could ever dream? Grow up, remember what your momma used to say ” If you have nothing nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut”.

    • Your so jealous that somebody else has real talent because you have none. That green eyed monster isn’t pretty but neither are you so I guess your even. Get a life minger.

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