Bikers in Waco

9 dead, 18 injured as rival bikers face off in Waco. 170 arrested.

Sunday afternoon, May 17th, at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco Texas, rival “Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs” were involved in a brawl that ended in gun fire between rival bikers and police. There are reportedly 9 dead and 18 injured in the shoot-out. Early reports claim that the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs involved are the Bandidos (The largest MC in Texas, 2nd only to the Hells Angels in size) and the Cossacks MC. Members from as many as 5 different MCs may have been present at the shooting and reports are now coming out that the altercation may have begun over “recruitment” issues between the two main MCs.

They sound like the sort of people that only an idiot would trifle with.


28 thoughts on “Bikers in Waco

  1. I’d like to make only one comment: Not all biker gangs are like this. Don’t ever let this corrupt you into thinking that all are like these groups are, please. I went to many Motorcycle events with people whom worked security at them, there was maybe 1 out of 30 groups that showed up who even had a mentality like this. They were asked to leave as soon as they even started trying to get rowdy.

    I’m terribly sorry for the losses of lives and hope those injured do get better soon though. It’s a shame people are like this.

    • I agree wohleheartedly. Most of the biker associations I know of are heavily into charity, doing toys for tots or poker runs to benefit children’s hospitals, things like that. They’re not all violent sons of Anarchy types. I hope all those injured heal and live better lives.

  2. Everyone missed the point of this m what biker gang does the cunt tabetha say she’s affiliated with when she has no ties to bikers. That’s why this was posted don’t get side tracked

  3. I lost three of my closest friends in the Bandidos because of the rival bikers. They are actually working with the police to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The Bandidos are all about charity and community they aren’t like the rest. There are some things the news isn’t releasing. But unless you know the whole story don’t assume. A man that was like a father died. Have some respect.

    • Wait. You’re saying that of the 9 people that died in that shootout a few days ago, three of them were you closest friends? And that one of them was like a father to you? Still claiming this close affiliation with the Bandidos?

      You want us to know the whole story? Fine. The floor is yours. Tell us the whole story.

    • Lmao nobody has respect for your decrepit ass. You have no affiliation so take that and shove it up your ass theres plenty of room for that. And I’m still waiting on this little revenge thing but oh yeah you don’t know shit about me haha. But i know all about you from where you live to phone numbers to what room everyone sleeps in. You don’t have shit on me.

      • Everybody knows all of that, thank to her putting her business online. What really matters is informing people so they don’t fall victims to her scams. That means turning her in to the IRS for tax fraud any years she failed to properly file taxes. If anybody has insider information about her taxes during those years, THAT’S there their attention should be spent, making sure the IRS crawls up her ass and down her throat. Shut ‘er down for good so nobody else gets hurt.

      • You don’t know shit about my life back then or now. You don’t have my phone numbers or my address. All you have is a bunch of bullshit spilling from your mouth as always. And yes revenge is sweet but why do that when I can sit back and watch karma wreak havoc on your pathetic little world. You are beneath me. Your not even a real man just a sorry excuse for a boy. So you think you can scare me give it your best shot. I dare you.

      • Everybody knows your phone number and address, eejit. They’re on the BBB website.
        What “karma” is going to go get him after all this time? Your biker buddies? The ones that haven’t touched a single hair on his head, or any of the other men you lie and say abused you?
        Right. Tell us another one.

    • Again little big mouth you know NOTHING of what you speak of. Why can’t you live your own life instead of trying, and failing so badly, to be someone you aren’t? I have seen “publisher” FAIL. Model. FAIL. Make up artist, if by what you do to yourself and child, MAJOR FAIL. Mother, well hell animals do a better job,FAIL. Sister, well how your are dragging your sis’s company through the dirt another FAIL. Biker bitch. ha beyond FAIL. And your most recent Goth Goddess, we all know the final result,let’s say it together boys and girls FAIL. The only thing that you seem to be good at is lying, stealing and making up huge stories where you are a heroine in the end. I highly doubt it. Maybe step back from the pipe there and realize you aren’t anything nor will you ever be anything until you grow up stop lying and stealing.

      • Not just her sister’s company. Remember the fake online model girlfriend that was supposed to be romancing her sister. There’s an epic fail if I’ve ever seen one.

        Her storytelling is a fail, too. They’re all too shallow and easily debunked. If she could tell a story half as well as she thinks she does, she might actually make a few sales with her books. She can’t even rip off a story (Underworld, how many others? Mine..?) She’s just a walking, talking waste of space. She can prance around and pretend she’s hot shit all she wants, but I’ll be impressed when she stops stealing from people and actually goes out and gets a job. Let her EARN her keep for a change. Or, if she’s disabled, let’s at least see her do something that benefits even a single person on the planet. Besides herself, that is.

      • Kinda like you living in your Marine dreamworld. Difference between you and these bikers they know the meaning of respect where you know nothing of the word.

      • Sort of like how you know the meaning of respect for the authors you don’t pay, and those same bikers’ names you throw around when you have no affiliation with that gang whatsoever, right? Yeah. You’re a fine one to talk about respect.

  4. See trying to dig up anything you can to take the heat off of your whorish ways. Nobody cares about what you try and say about me I’m not the one fucking people over. And i know your address, phone numbers all of that don’t try me little girl. You don’t have shit anymore and I’m glad your bitch ass mother is dead. Hopefully karma does the same to you

    • That’s her game, isn’t it? Try to make herself look better by trying to make everybody else look worse. She tells the same lies about herself, so that’s a wash.

      But bickering on a blog isn’t going to do anything but give her the satisfaction of talking to you again, since she can’t have you anymore.

      If you’ve got half the dirt on her that you say you’ve got, put it to good use. Turn her ass in. You really want karma to visit her ass? Turn her in for tax fraud so she can explain it to Big Bertha on those cold, lonely nights. Her and anybody else she’s got on the books with her. Tax season just passed. I’m sure the IRS would LOVE to hear from you if you’ve got some dirt on her past tax habits. Now that she’s got her name on a legal document tying her to the business, they can tie those past transgressions straight to her front door. THAT’s justice.

      • I will do what i want with my info on my own time. What I’m seeing here is just a bunch of people going back and forth with nothing to show for it. As for me I’ve got a real lawyer and all the evidence i need. I don’t see any of yall doing anything but he said she said shit. I’ll be seeing her in court and yall will all be sitting around your thumbs up your asses. Don’t tell me to do shit because if you even had a shred of proof you would have done something. I on the other hand have it all in black and white so does my lawyer. So what the fuck do yall have? JACK SHIT! !!!!

      • Well don’t just say it, son. DO IT!

        As for us, we’ve got YEARS worth of proof of how she treats people. You helped provide some of that proof. Good on ya. Authors, artists, editors and everybody else have been presenting their proof for years. And I’ve told them the same thing you’re saying. Turn her in. To the police, to the FBI for piracy (look at the music she uses for videos. You know she didn’t pay for those rights), to the IRS, the AG, any legal entity that will listen. Presenting proof to the public is well and good, showing potential victims who to avoid. But it doesn’t stop her. The only way that’ll happen is when the authorities make her accountable for her crimes (fraud, tax fraud, theft, etc.). So take your own advice. Put your money where your mouth is, dude. TAKE HER TO COURT. And take a camera. We’d LOVE to see her face.

        Better yet, send us all invitations. I know some of us would be happy to back you up in person.

    • Glad my mother’s dead and you want to talk respect. And this is the shit you allow on your blog Lepp?

      Phone numbers have been changed so nice try there. You may have my address but I dare you or any of you to show up at my house.

      Eric all I can say is bring it. You don’t have shit on me. But I have black and white proof where you stole from my company and good ole leppy here knows all about it.

      All you are is a mouthy piece of shit with nothing but lies coming from th st snake tongue of yours.

      I’m not scared of you or anyone else I know I haven’t done anything wrong.

      I’m not a fucking failure. I have a beautiful daughter, a writing career, a blossoming modeling career, and a man that loves me just as I am. Who is very protective and doesn’t appreciate this bullshit you all keep putting me through.

      So again bring it. I’ll be waiting.

      • Why would anyone dare come to your house? Although it would tickle me to no end to give you a good old fashioned ass whipping, alas it would do no good. Yes I would get satisfaction to knock that smug look off your haughty face, but like my brother so nicely pointed out before SHIT SPLATTERS.

        And Tabetha you most certainly are a failure, as a human, a mother, daughter and sister. That is just the tip of the iceberg seeing as how you promise many things and can’t deliver a one. It is all about you. You are the talented writer, you are some highly sought after model, and as ever the mystery man hiding as ever in the shadows. GROW THE FUCK UP.

        Stop using everyone, admit you are a piece of shit. A liar, fraud, thief and learn from that. Until then you are NOTHING you will be NOTHING. Comprende?

      • ANOTHER new man? With new threats? Or are we still talking about the fictional Bo, the bounty hunter that you told your beautiful daughter was going to put a bullet in your brain? Was that before or after you lemented in front of that same precious child that you were going to kill yourself? The guy you tried to say beat you up – once on the same day as the “I’m going to kill myself” “bullet in the brain” spectacle, at two different locations, with no witnesses to back it up whatsoever. Did you put makeup on to look like bruises, too? Is that what a doting mom does, putting a 7 year old smack in the middle of such emotionally traumatizing drama? I’m thinking not.

        All i can do is laugh. And not just at the new dream man and new threats about how “protective” he is, but the rest of your delusional assertions, that you have a writing “career” or that you’re a “model” on any level. Man, if you half an ounce of writing talent, you could turn your hallucinations into fiction. But we all know that you can’t write your way out of a wet paper bag. You can’t even rip off real authors effectively, and dumping a bucket of blood to copycat a true goth doesn’t make you a model. It just makes you a wannabe.

        It really is staggering how you portray yourself to be the victim. Even more so that you think anybody believes it.

  5. Tabetha maybe YOU need to heed your own advice there toots. Learn some damn respect. You know nothing if what you wish you could be involved with. Always a follower always wanting to be something special and such a attention whore to boot. Hey JT I think you owe me a penny, haha I told you that she would find a way to make that about her and her fallen “breathern”. Truth be told if the Banditos knew of her lies and threats in their name well she wouldn’t be here to brag.

    • Yes, indeed you did say she’d make it about her. She went above and beyond mere association, though, and had to carry it into the “family” realm. In her own fantasy realm, that is.

      I wonder how they’d react if they found out she was throwing their names around so carelessly with her own? Going back years, no less, saying that they were at her beck and call.

      Honestly. Does she think she’s the only person on the planet that ever associated with bikers? She acts like she can say anything and nobody will ever check it out (like with her medications. What a fiasco THAT was And hilarious, to boot). Nine people just died, with many others injured. Somehow I wonder how they’d like knowing that this wannabe throws their names around like confetti on new year’s eve?

      We might just have to find out.

      • Eric you know damn right well Tabetha preyed on the ones who had little money, hence her dream come true speech. You know that is the only reason I have not seen her happy ass in court. Trust me if I hit for any amount of real cash, I am hiring an atty, and I will have an accountant go through all her records. All her internet dealings and just see where that paper trail leads.

        As it stands now no FL atty will take the case because she doesn’t have a pot to piss in nor the window to throw it out of. The only thing I would be lucky to do is garnish her wages and since she doesn’t have a real job I would be pissing money in the wind. With that being said that by no means is me admitting defeat or me running with my tail between my legs.

        I was given information that I can use to my advantage to have the big wigs deal with her. See I may be a little fish in a big fucking pond, but it pays to make friends with the bigger fish. I am not quitting, I am not giving up. I am just going to play Tabetha’s game in my own unique way.

        Eric if you were going to do something as much as you claim you despise her you would have already. I think sometimes you come on here to try and divert people from what has been fought for all along. The TRUTH, proof of her lies, proof of her stealing. If you had all that and have talked to an atty, then why isn’t said atty contacting these authors who she screwed over? Why has this atty not contacted JT for transcripts and things of that nature? Hell, boy if you had that information why haven’t you shared it here so the authors could see and by that proof be able to have a class action law suit against her to end it once and for all?

      • Exactly. People had little money to start off with, and even less when she got through with them. Nobody can afford a civil lawyer. The best people can do is report her for criminal charges. And they are. Believe me when I tell you, they are.

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