In Tabetha’s latest photo shoot with Phoenix Effect photography, she grieves at the feet of a weeping angel statue, gets approached, gets bit, sucks some blood from the vampire’s arm and becomes a vampire herself.

Sound familiar? Well, it should. It’s the same scenario as her photo shoot with Salena, almost shot for shot. I had the pictures of Salena’s session posted as proof, but the crybaby Tabetha stuck her widdle lip out pouting, stomped her widdle foot and told me to take the photos down, so I’ll describe them to you, instead.

First, Tabetha grieves at the feet of the same exact weeping angel as the new photo shoot, dressed in black period garb, wearing a black wig and makeup that (for once) doesn’t include red eyebrows that look like they’re done in magic marker.

Next, she’s approached by the lovely Salena, dressed in a lovely gothic frock and hat, with impeccable makeup and style.

Salena, the vampire, bites Tab on the left shoulder, in exactly the same spot, in exactly the same way as the new guy does in the copycat shot. Same two blood trails and everything.

Next, Tab sucks blood from Salena’s arm in exactly the same way as the new photo shoot, except in the older one, she doesn’t look like she’s taking a shit.

Finally, Tab becomes a vampire herself, with blood trickling from the corners of her mouth in EXACTLY the same fashion as the copycat new session.

It’s the same weeping statue, same poses, same plot, everything is EXACTLY the same in the new photos, recreated verbatim from Salena’s photo session.

Well, not everything. In this photo shoot, the other model is a young guy, and neither one of them are wearing period or themed clothing. In this one, Tab’s wearing her black Marilyn dress and hooker heels, while the guy wears just a tee shirt and jeans. Not very inventive.
This shoot doesn’t look like a story captured in a series of photos. It looks like exactly what it is. Tab and her new boy toy playing copycat to Salena’s photos.

There’s another difference, too. Salena had the good sense and taste to turn down the lingerie in the graveyard iea. Tab goes right for it, though, posing all “Let me try to be sexy” on somebody’s headstone. I don’t know about you, boys and girls, but I think that’s hugely disrespectful to the dead. And this from somebody who doesn’t just ask, but DEMANDS respect for her departed, real or imagined.

That’s Tab in a nutshell, though, isn’t it? Demanding that she be treated in ways she refuses to treat others: with respect, kindness, love, civility, decency, fairness or honesty. Anybody that thinks they’re seeing any of the above from her is either fooling themselves or just hasn’t known her long enough yet. Give it time and they will. They always do.

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  1. There were a couple more photos to illustrate the point that the new shoot is a copycat, but some whiny-baby twat-waffle went and complained about it because only she was in those pictures without the other model.

    So we’ll leave it at these photos, which were given to me by the model in them with her full consent to post them. Anybody who doesn’t like that can suck a lemon.

    And no. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO POST LINKS. Both Tab and her manager have tried earnestly to insist that it’s illegal to post links to pictures. I’ve invited them, including the manager, who is supposed to graduate next month with a business degree, who ensures me that she studied it as part of her studies, to send me the legal statute saying so. It’s been days, weeks, years, and I’m yet to receive a single bit of proof that it’s illegal.

    But, to be sure, I asked the fine folks at WordPress help:

    Outta gas, there, Tab. Sorry.

  2. have to have both model’s consent to post as well as the photographer seeing as she was a guest on MY shoot. So I will kindly ask you to remove them until permission is granted from myself and Dee.

    And no that wasn’t a Marilyn black dress, unfortunately that is wrong too. That shoot was to represent something entirely different. Again if you don’t like the pictures taken then don’t look at them then complain about this or that.

    Everyone else knows exactly what we were portraying. Those that mean something to us,

    • Hold the damn phone here Tabetha!!! You are bitching about photos that PERMISSION was given to use, yet you kept my covers, books and all PLUS others as well on YOUR PERSONAL PAGE and that is ok????? When I left your crap company you told me all would be taken down, but a year later there they are. I had to threaten you yet again to take them down. But that’s ok right?? You are the great and powerful Tabetha and do no wrong?

      You DID NOT have my consent nor do I think you had Faith’s or any of the others you were so proudly displaying. So how is that different then what JT has done but with PERMISSION? Again you dumb twit, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. The world is not your oyster and the sun surely does not rise and set out of your massive ass. You do like to twist things to your advantage though. Too bad your bag of tricks are running low.

      All I see of your photo shoots is a wannabe follower who thinks she is god’s gift and isn’t worth two shits. You know I have heard most of my life that a man comes into this world with 2 things his word and his balls and that man isn’t worth a damn without either. Same thing applies to females, you aren’t shit without being loyal, honest and real. Tabetha you know nothing of either. Do you even know who you are?

      The funny thing about your photo shoots is although you are saying things as props or trying something new. What it really is is you stealing personas and trying to be those who you covet. What would we find if all the personas were stripped of layer by layer? Who would be the real Tabetha Jones? Would she be a real warrior, or just a scared piece of shit who only knows how to take and abuse?

      • I hope her new boyfriend wasn’t told that SHE thought up the idea for that graveyard photo shoot, “to show that their love is eternal.” Only to find out today that it’s just a great big lie. ooops.

    • Oh good lord you look like a fat sack of shit, big girls can be beautiful but your ugly from the skeleton out if there is a skeleton underneath all that lard, look even your hooker shoes don’t fit because your feet are to fat to fit in a normal size and your clothes look like ten pounds of pork sausage stuffed into a five pound skin. Your not a model your a circus side show. You need to stop complaining you know you love the attention dear Leppy gives you but oh that’s right you can’t have her showing the truth that your a scabby assy copy catty there’s nothing new or different about that offal all you represent is that your a theif and you can’t even think for yourself so fuck off liar and go shag your baby beanpole on somebody’s grave and sully that dead soul to.

    • But it’s okay for you to continue to use content belonging to authors, models and artists long after they’ve left you?

      Double standard much ?

      Fine. I’ll edit the post, not because you’ve asked me to, but because I’ve got other (much better) things to do than listen to you cry-baby all day. Some of us actually have lives.

      Enough people have seen it, anyway, including your new boyfriend. So if you told him that graveyard idea was something original that you thought up, he knows that’s a lie. Probably not the first, and certainly not the last.

      Anybody that missed the photos and want to see that shot for shot, her graveyard shoot was a ripoff of Salena’s, hit me up and I’ll gladly send you the photos so you can see for yourself that, yet again, whiny-baby-wannabe can’t come up with an original idea to save her life.

  3. Okay, I have to jump in here, I cannot take this any more…

    YOUR shoot Tabetha? I guess you have it in your head that ALL of the photo shoots I did with you are YOUR shoot, I was just a mere guest huh? I cannot claim any photos you say because I never paid for any of the shoots except for the first set, right? Let me tell everyone here how this all went down…ready everyone? Do I have your attention? Be sure to take notes.

    After doing my first shoot with Phoenix Effect Photography, Tabetha was eager to have me set up another shoot. I told her I cannot because I am on a fixed income & would have to wait till the first of the month to do so. She didn’t have a problem with that. A little time goes by & Tabetha calls me up to chat about an idea she had for a shoot. She wanted the theme of someone (me) to act like they broke into her house. Wanted to be beat up & tied to a chair. Then show I have killed her, dragging her body down the hall, out the back door, & wrapping her up in a bloody sheet. I didn’t care for that idea at all, not something I wanted to do. I thought about it & came up with my own idea for a shoot. The next time we talked, I told her my idea called, The Demon Asylum. She loved it & said, let’s do that instead. When it came time to do the shoot, Dee approached me, she told me that her & Tabetha talked it over & said they were NOT gonna charge me for shoots. They accept me as family, like a sister to them, I was very thankful.
    With that being said, Tabetha would call me up & we would talk about different ideas for photo shoots. Knowing all the stuff I have, wigs, contacts, accessories, clothing, etc. Tabetha would call me up if it was getting close to a weekend & ask if I felt like coming over to get all prettied up & what not, be all girly girly to take some photos…have some fun. I would tell her sure, sounds like lots of fun. We took a lot of photos, had lots of fun. The thing is, it got to where I was waiting & waiting for photos to be posted. I would ask when they were gonna be posted? Tabetha would say she hasn’t had time to go through them, edit them or some other excuse.
    Over half the photos we took have not been posted & was informed they will never get posted. Let me tell you why this is. When I told Tabetha I wanted out, that I was done with her, she really wasn’t all too happy to say the least. She tried to come after me for the separation fee for DSP, she tried to get me for a backing out fee from a shoot (which never existed), AND…fees for ALL the shoots I had done with Phoenix Effect.

    Hmm…let’s check our notes shall we…
    Do you remember reading where I was told I wasn’t going to be charged for shoots?
    Remember when I was called up to come over, play dress up, take pics, have fun?
    I guess I wasn’t a family member after all. If that is how they treat “family”, I don’t want to be any part of it! BUT…I’m sure Tabetha is going to say she never said any of this & I’m lying.

    Now, for the next thing Tabetha….

    I do find it VERY disrespectful posing on top of someone’s headstone. You of all people should know this Tabetha, after all, you say you are a witch, right? Then, you should know that is VERY bad juju, I wouldn’t want that coming back on me. BUT…you probably think it’s okay because you came into all these “bad ass” powers & are protected. Go ahead…keep thinking that if it helps you sleep at night.

    Just have patience everyone, I have a whole lot more to say soon 😉

    • Salena you are very brave to come here and say what you have said. I am very sure that the rest of what you have to tell will hopefully open more eyes. Being a “witch” she should know that what she did in disrespect of the dead will eventually bite her in the ass. Yet she screams respect for her fallen family and friends. What if someone did that on her mother’s grave, or god forbid her sacred Bo?

      I love how she is supposed to be doing edits and the lot on HER SISTER’S COMPANY!!! Isn’t that Dee’s job? Well that proves one thing to me. And that is Dee is just a figurehead, yet another pawn in Tabetha’s twisted game. I also love how she tried to get close to you to use YOUR personal things then try to charge you for shoots. What does she not get? If she had to pay for all costumes and things that she basically stole from you it should be free. And you should have gotten copies of all photos.

      Now to her disgusting idea. She claims she was raped, beaten, battered and abused? If all these things happened why in all things that may be holy would she want pictures of such an event? Something does not add up to me. I am sorry but the last thing I would want after being abused is to want mock pictures to advocate the abuse. And to me that is what it is. She isn’t against abuse as she claims, she relishes it. I have said before and I will say it again, if Tabetha was ever abused it is either because she asked for it or she gets off on it.

    • You were more than a guest You were the bandwagon she hitched herself to. You are the genuine article that she leeched off of not only to get herself noticed, but to your style and belongings to do it with. You’ve got real style and originality, you have an identity where she has none. You weren’t just some “guest” You were integral to her trying to get somewhere, copycatting you. Just look at this latest shoot with that new guy of hers. There’s nothing original about it. She can’t even come up with an original idea to save her life.

      Her idea for being the beaten and killed in a home invasion is disturbing, to say the very least. First, because she claims to be an advocate for “Domestic Violence” as she puts it. Not for victims of violence, which is the way any true advocate would word it. But for someone to claim to be an advocate, but at every turn GLORIFY violence, is a contradiction, and a profoundly insulting one at that.

      She claims to have been beaten at the hands of each of her husbands and assorted boyfriends, yet enacts scenes that show her beaten and bloody, a victim of violence, being choked and having her hair pulled. That, paired with the overwhelming evidence that SHE is the one with the abusive personality, leads me to think that her claims of being a victim are lies geared toward getting sympathy. To manipulate her victims into feeling sorry for her, part of her scams. No real victim would revisit such cruelty with such glee.

      Another thing that bothers me is that she planned a home invasion scenario in the house where her minor child lives. I can only HOPE that the child wouldn’t be home at the time. Still, these are photos that the child would probably see at some point. What would it do to that poor kid to see photos of mom being victimized in the home? How traumatic would that be for the child? And in the very home where she lives? How safe would she feel? Would she have nightmares of people breaking in? Nightmares of seeing mom bloody and beaten? How safe would that child feel, seeing photos of her mother being assaulted in their house?

      But, of course, She’s not thinking about that. She’s thinking of her own gratification and glorification in what she THINKS is some glamorous “modeling” career. As ever, all she cares about is herself.

      She’s no more a witch than I am a cowboy. If she knew the first thing about any of the crafts or faiths she claims, she would know that each is build on the fundamental core belief of faith and Karma, that what you do comes back to you. That these are value systems built toward celebrating life. They’re not weapons to lash out at people you don’t like the way she does. But, of course, she will never understand that.

      Karma’s a real thing. But it’s only a bitch if you are, and she is.

  4. First, I want to thank you Cindy. I thought it was about time I started speaking. I really do hope it opens up their eyes!

    Second, thank you for the kind words Lepplady 🙂

    As for Phoenix Effect Photography…
    I was always wondering the same thing, it seems Tabetha is running the show. I asked Dee herself if it was HER company or Tabetha’s. Dee’s reply was, Tabetha helps get me business.
    After seeing for myself how the company is ran, I don’t want to be a part of it. If Tabetha helps get her business, then Dee is getting screwed. The reason why I say that, the majority of the photos are of who? That’s right, Tabetha! Like I said before, of all the photos her & I took, none are posted. The ones that are posted, I am CHOPPED out of them! Look at the Demon Asylum shoot, it makes no sense. I am cropped out of all the photos, well…except my hand. The Gothic Beauties shoot, same thing…cropped out. And…the new photos of her & her boyfriend resemble the SAME concept as the ones I did with her. Anyone can see that!
    Tabetha says, & I quote,

    “That shoot was to represent something entirely different”
    “Everyone else knows exactly what we were portraying.”

    WHAT? That makes no sense Tabetha! What did it represent then? What were you trying to portray? The only differences were clothing & the other person is a guy. Everything else was the same.
    Like Lepplady says,

    “… she grieves at the feet of a weeping angel statue, gets approached, gets bit, sucks some blood from the vampire’s arm and becomes a vampire herself.”

    Isn’t that what you are portraying Tabetha?? AND…what does it matter if the dress you are wearing isn’t the Marilyn dress? You know damn well that both shoots portray the same thing. Stop spewing out “rights” to posting photos or getting “permission”. You are doing what you always do, contradicting yourself & making yourself look like an ass!

    • Well, I for one can’t wait to read the rest of what you have to say.

      That’s Dee’s company in name only. Tab makes all the calls, and she’s run it into the ground. Look, the only people she can get to model for her anymore are a buddy of hers that she talks into it the same way she talked you into it after the first shoot, and her boyfriend.

      The only reason Dee’s in that company is because Tab can’t hold the camera to take pictures of herself. That’s the only reason that “company” exists. To take photos of Tabetha. Like everything else she does, it’s masturbatory.

      I don’t know about you folks, but I would not be very comfortable taking pictures of any of my siblings doing the things Tab does, either mock masturbating or mock fucking, rolling around naked and half naked in buckets of blood. It’s morbid and inestuous.

      That company had a real chance when it first formed, with real models and a real future. But, like everything she touches, Tab has ruined it and turned it onto her own self-spank pile of shit. No real models will work with her anymore, though she continues to exploit the ones that used to. Even though they’re not with her anymore, she keeps their faces on her site, just like she keeps exploiting her former authors. She doesn’t care who she hurts or who she ruins as long as she think she’s glorifying herself in the process. Selfish to the core.

      • I totally agree! It is Dee’s company & it is Dee that needs to stand up & take charge. She knows this because I have asked her, why do you let Tabetha run all over things? When I did my first shoot, Dee had no sense of direction, Tabetha took over. Tabetha ran everything & Dee just lets her. Dee would get mad & tell me how she hates that Tabetha does this, but Dee herself never stands up to her.

        As for the models, Tabetha would get me to talk to some of my monster family (people I work with at the local haunted house) about photo shoots. Sure, some would love to do a shoot. The thing was, they saw how my shoot looked & would ask me questions about it. Quite frankly, they told me I did better photos than they did. I have experience in photography, my dad was a photo mate in the Navy, he taught me a lot. You can even see some of my work on my fb & see the photos I shot for the haunted house, I document each year. I even do a lot of photos of myself as well.

        Like you said, Tabetha poisons everything she touches & has to be noticed in everything she does. She has to be up front & running the show. I’m sure some of you saw how I was always pushed to the back with certain shots with Tabetha. For those of you that saw the Demon Asylum photos, who was always in main focal point of every shot? You guessed it, TABETHA! Now, I am cropped out of them, except my hand. She looks ridiculous, they make no sense at all!

      • I’ve seen your photos and your videos. You showcase yourself in an entertaining way that showcases your talent, not your ego. All Tab has is ego. Your friends would be better off hiring YOU to do photos for them.

  5. I have browsed these “friend” photo shoots, since my oldest daughter is taking photography in college. Even showed them to her and asked her opinion using what she has learned. Her response is pretty simple, there is no chemistry between the “models” the lighting is harsh on the one model in the red dress. The did nothing to hide the major shadow that was on her face. What my wife found unbearable is the baby being left on the railroad track, as in being abandoned. These things don’t scream family and love in our honest opinion this is not a company we would entrust our children to either have photos done or for my daughter to intern with when she finishes college.And knowing now more than ever that Tabetha has her hands in ye another cookie jar that her fat hands need to stay out of NEVER is the word of choice. She uses her sister to boost her ever expansive ego, leaving her sister holding the bag for all her lies. No I do not feel sorry for her sister. Sis is older than Tabtha and should be able to stand up and demand respect from this mooch she is caring for. If it truly is Dee’s company maybe she should act like a damn owner, fire that bitch who is bringing her down. Start doing real family shoots instead of spank bank material for the highly desperate. And remove that bullshit of bedroom scenes, and the crap of bdsm, gay and lesbians. Why make it a sexually oriented page? Why not make it about fun, family, ( no matter the type of family). You don’t have to say you specialize in this, you can easily say, all picture themes considered, as long as they don’t violate the extent of the law. You don’t have to make it about gay, lesbians or transgeder. Make it about people. If you take pics of gay families, make it something worthwhile, something you want to display on your wall, something that would be nice to send to family. There is nothing wrong with any of those orientations, what is wrong is how things are displayed. It has been said that if you insist on using the graphic pics, fine let your inner freak fly, but don’t throw it down the throats of young children, that is RESPECT.

    • You pointed the same things out that I did. When Tabetha did the editing, it was crap! Majority of the time, the photos were way too dark & the shading was off.
      Did you see the photos Tabetha did the last time she was in Dallas? They looked like shit & this was done by a professional?? Not hardly!

      If you are going to advertise a professional business, then you need to show it is a professional business. Not this half ass it crap. If you are the owner of the business, act like one. Come up with better ideas for a family shoot. The baby on the tracks always sent the wrong message. The rest of the photos in that album, the family looks very uncomfortable, almost scared. The woman in with the family is the same woman photographed with Tabetha in the girl on girl action.

      I am still trying to get them to remove my photos. I have repeatedly sent them messages to have them removed & nothing yet. She even told me that she consulted a lawyer & they have every right to keep them up…bullshit!!

      • She has no right to use your likeness or anything else that you are revoking permission for. As for the contracts that were legally drawn up, for one thing if you contact the bar and ask about conflict of interest. It is quite simple if you are contracted for work for someone, you CANNOT draw up contracts concerning your dealings or assist in any legal contracts. Also please note this atty does NOT have the credentials to practice in the state of TX. So how are they legal?

        Also Tab stated that Dee had her atty go over said contracts, her family atty. Okay, when do family law attys do anything for legal business contracts? And if this atty Tab was so keen on, why did she give said contracts to Dee’s atty to look over? What does one company have to do with the other outside of the attention whore Tabetha?

        None of these things make sense. Nothing she is saying is adding up in the REAL WORLD.

        Salena how much of your personal items does she have? If she had to buy and or rent said outfits how much would that have cost her, since Dee is clueless? I am thinking that the use of costumes, your make up skills, and teaching pretty much evens out the so called cost of the shoot, considering it isn’t like they did much but use a digital camera. It isn’t like Dee has a dark room and is using real film. And you can so much with photo shop which I am quite sure someone else paid for that program for Tab,NOT Dee.

        And lastly no aty would approve of said contracts of either business knowing there was such a hefty income towards the owner of the contract. It is immoral for anyone to attempt to extort that kind of money from anyone. Yes there should be a termination fee of sorts, but not the outrageous fees that Tab tries to enforce to pay her every so mounting bills. Think about it, how many have heard how much she owes on a certain bill, and low and behold that is the same amount that she is asking for termination fees.

        Sneaky sneaky but not that bright. Say what you will, she is a thief and a scam. I encourage every author, model, editor, cover artist and dancer that she has used, taken advantage and abused to stand against her. Fight for your pics to be removed. Contact the DA, IRS, Texas States Atty. The TX State Atty is waiting for any and all information you have. From the contracts to the non-payment of royalties. Do this for your dreams, your hopes, TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK…

      • Nothing she ever says adds up. If her contracts were so legal and binding, why does another attorney have to look them over? And why are her lit “contracts” word for word copied from Gypsy Shadow’s? Except for the part where Gypsy says the authors have the right to examine the company’s financial records at any time to check on their royalties. Tab took that part out, of course. But yeah. A lawyer drew them up. *eye roll*

        There were no fees for subsequent photo shoots. Tab invited Salena to come over and get dressed up and have fun. Those aren’t photo shoots. So, factually, Tab doesn’t have the right to use them as part of her company.
        No judge in the country would uphold any of her contracts. She’s not just sneaky, she’s underhanded. And she knows it.

      • That picture of the baby on the train tracks was horrifying. Where was that kid’s mother? That photo definitely should be re-thought.

        Consult Facebook. You have the original photos and can prove that you own them and are in them. She has no rights to YOUR photos. She’s just doing with you what she does with everybody: Exploiting you to make herself look better. She doesn’t realize that all she looks like is a greedy, desperate leech.

    • Members of my Tall Guy’s family are professional photographers. They shoot weddings and special occasions. They’re the real deal. That’s no photography company. There are professional photographers like Anthony Reinhart that can take nude or semi-nude photos that look good. It is possible. I’m not knocking that aspect. What I’m saying is that it takes professionalism, training and talent to make for a professional shutterbug. Any yabo can’t just pick up a camera and say “I’m a photographer!” Especially when the only thing they take pictures of is their sleazy sister rolling around in buckets of blood or sticking her tongue down any throat that will have it.

      You’re right about chemistry, too. I study body language. It never lies. And it isn’t genuine chemistry I see in that latest shoot with her new guy. That’s not the look of a woman in love on her face. It looks more like she’s more concerned with sneering “Fuck you, haters!” than she is about that guy. It just doesn’t look like she’s into him at all. He looks like he’s diggin’ it, but she looks like she could be sitting there with a bowl of jell-o and be just as happy.

      And you’re right about her wording. By saying “Gay and transgender” etc, she’s not being inclusive. She’s making it sound like there’s something wrong with them, but she’ll shoot them anyway. That she’s barely tolerating them, not celebrating them. Try as she might, all she comes off as is a self-loathing homophobe.

      What’ wrong with that Company is Tabetha Jones. I told her sister that if she wants a professional, successful company, she needs to start by kicking her sister out of it. Even then, it’s probably beyond salvage at this point.

      It’s inexcusable to have photographs of children side by side with the more graphic nature of Tabetha’s photos, including (especially) her own child. She says she’s this great mother whose child means more to her than anything. Well, does her child mean more to her than that sleazy crap? Doesn’t look like it, since she pays so much attention to the latter.

  6. She still has 4 items of mine. I agree, I should tell her she owes me money for all of that…HAHA!

    I have reported to Facebook to remove my photos from their page, including the ones she tried to crop me out of. I do NOT want to be associated with Tabetha Jones in any way.

    Let me tell you about this photo shoot in Dallas.

    The photographer’s name is Michael Tribble & apparently he knows Tabetha pretty well. She told him about me & sent him my recent shoot with Phoenix Effect & was impressed with me, at least, that is what she said. Tabetha informed me, that he wants to do a shoot with me & her as well. Again, more photos with her. It gets booked & the next thing I know, I am supposed to help Tabetha do makeup on 20 models the day of the shoot & we both would be the last ones to get our shoot done. This would be around 10:30pm or maybe later. Are you kidding me? I mean, WTF?! It would have been nice to be asked first before volunteering me. I don’t even do makeup on that many at the haunted house. For some of you that don’t know, I do sfx makeup & work at a haunted house during the month of October. Just doing makeup on three people alone is a lot of work. Besides, with my health issues, I wouldn’t be able to last doing makeup on 20 damn models & help with wardrobe. Hell, even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to do my photo shoot on account of being thoroughly exhausted!

    Any ways, the shoot doesn’t happen. Tabetha was telling me some of the models started to cancel, then Michael cancels the shoot himself. Tabetha tells me that it is rescheduled & this time, it will be just us two he will do the shoot with. It ended up getting canceled because of weather conditions, icy roads & Michael didn’t want us traveling. I had uneasy feelings every
    time she told me about the shoots with Michael Tribble. Not sure what it was, my gut feeling kept telling me not to go.The next time she told me another shoot was coming up, I ended up with the flu pretty bad. It was canceled again, by this time I told her not to book another shoot. Tabetha did it any ways, scheduled another shoot with this photographer.

    Okay, let me ask you this, if you were this photographer & a model you wanted to shoot kept canceling. Would you waste your time by rescheduling this model, knowing she will just cancel again? No, you wouldn’t. BUT…Tabetha kept rescheduling another shoot after I told her not to. As it approached the time for the shoot, both my parents ended up in the hospital & I told Tabetha I am not going to Dallas. With both in the hospital, there was no way I was leaving town to do photos. That was the least of my worries. Tabetha & Dee went & of course, Tabetha posted all over her page how the trip went & how the guys from La Bare loved seeing her, blah, blah, blah. Tabetha again, scheduled another shoot & I ended up with strep throat.

    As I was saying, something kept me from going to Dallas. I don’t know about anyone else, but that is a BIG sign to me, what do you think? I told her do NOT reschedule & I even had to tell Dee, NOT to let Tabetha reschedule another damn shoot!

      • Always about that isn’t like you think I dont have my business handled. Just like you and your cronies calling CPS about Rylee’s pics funny both the agency and the Waco PD said there was nothing wrong with her pics they were perfectly done. So EPIC FAIL on your part.

        Do us all a favor go find a hobby other than my life, my boyfriend, my careers, and my sister’s company. You dont like it turn your head and walk away.

        But everything you do all the lies you spread when none of you get your way only make me and my family stronger.

        Oh, and as for the pics that you think represent violence those were something we did out of the box for Dee’s manager. He requests we do them.

        I didn’t see him beating the shit out of me, and there is a difference between sexually expressing yourself with grabbing the throat and pulling a woman’s hair than doing it in a violent manner. Maybe its been so long since the dust has been knocked off your ussy you wouldn’t know the difference.

        Now do us both a favor and stay the hell out of my life. Nothing I do the events I go to for modeling have nothing to do with you, I surely dont see your name on the invite list.

      • WE’RE the liars? There’s that favorite game of yours, Pot calling the kettle black.

        Dusty? Me? Don’t think so, hon. I’ve been in a loving live-in relationship with the same guy for longer than all of your so-called “relationships” put together. It’s called living with somebody that I love and respect, who really does love me for who I am. You’ve said the words, but you have no idea what they mean. When it comes to words like love, respect, dignity, that’s all they are to you. Words. Not anything you’ve ever felt. For all your brass and bravaura, it’s evident to anybody that looks at you that you’re the most insecure person on the planet. Somebody who really is confident doesn’t act the way you do to get attention. You don’t have a genuine bone in your body. You’re just a shallow, narcissistic attention whore that wouldn’t know what love was if it bit you on the ass.

        I don’t feel bad for your sister. She knows what you are and she not only allows you to run riot over her company, she enables you with all of your scams. I WANT to feel bad for her because she’s never treated me with anything but respect. But as long as she lets you do to her what we all know you’re doing, it’s hard. I do feel bad for that guy you’re stringing along. He has no idea what you’re really like. By the time he finds out, it’ll be too late. You suck the life out of everything you touch, and he’s just another pawn in your sick, twisted excuse for a life. He’ll find out. Just like James, Randy, Eric, and everybody else you’ve ever chewed up and spit out does. When he’s got people believing that he put his hands on you because you tell such a good sob story, he’ll learn. We’re telling the absolute truth about you. Have been the whole time. That’s why this blog is still here, going strong, when all of the ones you get people to create for you to try and distract attention away from the truth dwindle and fade. You huff and you puff, but all you blow is hot air. Shit might float for a while, but the cream always rises to the top and stays there.

  7. My major question is if this is Dee’s company why in the hell is Tabetha’s new fuck an assistant. The boy don’t look old enough to wipe his own ass let alone be in charge of someone ELSE’S business. Assistant my ass, try this weeks fuck toy.

    Yo Dude, you are just the flavor of the week. That is too fucking funny.

      • Just a little. She’s still on probation isn’t she, not supposed to leave the county? What kind of idiot posts pictures of herself violating the terms of her probation on Facebook?

      • And, look. He’s lived there, what, a week? Two? And she’s already got him making up fake names to fluff up her companies and her ego.

        Johnny Reb? How original is THAT?

        Well, just about as original as anything else she does, I guess. Which is not at all

    • I can’t tell what he looks more like, a dido with ears or her ex Eric with a shave, or is that the same thing.

      • I finally figured out who Tabetha’s new boy toy is! It has been bugging me ever since I saw his photos with Tabetha. He looked so familiar to me & I just could not place him. He worked at the haunted house one season & used to date a friend of mine. With his head shaved, I did not recognize him, he used to have long hair. Wow…hehe! Wonder how long this will last.

        Tabetha runs everything, didn’t you know that? She’ll grab anybody & put them in a position in her company. That way, if it doesn’t work out, she will try to pin something on you or say you owe her money. She even tried to put me as one of her editors, I don’t know anything about being one. Tabetha even has a manager she grab recently, but I hear she is trying to get away from Tabetha…not sure if it’s true or not.

      • You really have gotten to know her, haven’t you? She doesn’t have executives. She has scapegoats.

        Anybody with an IQ higher than their shoe size should realize pretty quick that she’s no businesswoman, anymore than she is a housewife. You can’t lay around all day expecting everybody else to be doing what you should, paying your way, stay up all night popping pills, stoned out of your gourd and expect to be taken seriously as either.

        So if this manager really is interested in running a business, she’ll either find another one that actually has some kind of future, or she’ll start one of her own. Because the longer she stays with the one she’s at, the less of a future she’s got. Reputations tend to follow a person throughout their career. If, for example, she wants to go to work for a REAL publisher someday and they find MP//PF/DS on her resume, what do you think will happen? Yup. Das Boot. Right out of the office.

        Honestly, I don’t see how she wrangles people so tightly into her web. The stink of deceit enters a room before she does.

      • ANOTHER recruit from the haunted house? She’s really trying to consume your whole life, isn’t she?

        Wow. She’s got a bigger Jones for you than she ever did for me. I should be jealous. LOL!

    • OK everybody I’m going to say this once. Leave me the fuck out of this. I’m done listening to all this. Jafo my profile has been active long before I knew tab and really it isn’t any of your business. Lepp you and all the others on here talk so much shit a fabreeze wouldn’t help. honestly I think of y’all have a crush on her and can’t stand it. like I said leave me the fuck up out of this. I’m done here. you let me do my thing and stay out of my personal life

      • What you don’t seem to understand, there, Reb, is that when you became a part of Tab’s companies, you left yourself open for exactly this.

        We know Tab a whole hell of a lot better than you do, and you’ll find out. She doesn’t know how to keep her public and private lives separate. So when you find yourself on these pages, don’t thank us. Thank her.

        There’s a lot you have to learn about her. Instead of listening to her side of the story and attacking this blog, you need to sit down and read it. Carefully. From cover to cover, including all the comments so you can learn who she is from her own words. See how she treats the people she claims to love before you learn the hard way that she can’t love. You have to have a heart for that, and she doesn’t.

        After reading about her, you’ll do one of two things. You’ll thank us for sparing you the force of destruction she leaves in her wake and run screaming, or you’ll stay with her until you do learn the hard way that she’s only using you. Whether it’s for money or to lash out at me, she’s only using you. And when she’s done using you, she’ll spit you out like a mouthful of yesterday’s chew.

        And if you do stay with her, complicit in her scams once you know them for what they are, you deserve every word you read here. And you deserve whatever legal ramifications come from being involved with her companies when that knock comes at the door.

        It’s entirely up to you. Either way, don’t say you weren’t warned.

      • Sorry dude but really when you are with that piece of shit it kind of rubs off. Or did you not get the memo on how she sent Randy the same EXACT same thing of how you have consumed her. Get it through your dorky head she is just using you and when she is done you will be yet another “trojan” tosses aside. And for the record my sister said something to a friend about that same thing but i think her exact words were ” Tabby’s new toy looks like a gayer Eric”. If you didn’t see the posting take a break and read Head’s Up by CFW. Maybe then your eyes will be opened. Or check your Facebook email, I know my sister sent it to you. Yeah kind of dirty, but she has learned from your woman Tabetha.

  8. Poor sweet dumb boy, don’t you know you are playing with the viper pit? There is nothing of any significance of Tabetha. She will use you, take advantage of you and toss you aside when you aren’t needed. Don’t you even see what is going on? She claims you two were friends for so long and it just happened? For real what are you 12? You are yet another prop in her life. You are the boy toy.

    Once the cuteness, and fun of fucking a younger guy she will be bored and then you will be the bad guy. It will go something like this. Josh got drunk at a party, hit on a model, and when I dared to question him he hit me. Sound about right anyone who knows her? You are just a side show attraction in Tabetha’s freak show. How can you even think that the shoot with you was original? Did you not see the pictures of her and Salena? The only thing you successfully did was to make sure your modeling career was shot down in flames by that one shoot.

    I bet you are scratching your head wondering how is that possible. Let me explain the majority of good modeling agencies are religious to a degree. And by desecrating a grave in those photos you pretty much screwed the pooch on your career. See there is tasteful “graveyard” scenes then there is smut and disrespect. Guess how people will look at you? Oh by the way I would have kicked the ass of the person who did your chest piece, or was that a jailhouse tattoo? They do make tattoo cover-up for those nasty mistakes. Just a bit of advice.

    I also know you could not afford the contacts you used in that shoot, so it seems you have no problem possibly getting an eye infection. See if I really loved someone I sure as hell would not risk any infections to them. Contacts are quite delicate, and can carry bacteria that is in the wearers eyes who usually wear them. And yes you can clean them, but every eye doctor in the world will tell you don’t use others contacts. And were they Tabetha’s or did she take them from Salena? If they were Salena’s that is beyond shady and rude, no respect at all.

    You can say your page is your business, but again social media is just that. No matter what you say once it is out there, there it shall stay. And as long as you are associated with, living with, posing with, lying with, helping her cover up her lies and scandal you are going to be noticed. Bet not the limelight you were hoping for when Tabetha painted you such a nice picture of parties, and fun. Welcome to my nightmare, she promises the world and gives you shit. She spins lovely tales of great things to come, until you see her for what she is. She is a thief, a con-artist, a liar, scam artist and she is not a decent human being.

    • Well if you think that then OK. Fact is I did know her. She used to cut my hair in the salon. Oh and ask this supposed legal action? All I can say is I enjoy a good challenge. My career is shot? I’d that why I have 6 photographers asking when I’m available? Sorry but I’m not buying it. You don’t know the first thing about me so get your facts straight before you try to judge me. But that’s what you do isn’t it? Telling it like it is? The he said she said bullshit is so last century. Get with the times. All of you are nothing but a bunch of fucking pussies. Not really even worth my time. Keep my name out of your mouth, y’all sure must like sucking dick cause you hoes can’t keep me out of your mouth. Choke on that for a bit why don’t you

      • He’s already starting to sound just like her, isn’t he?

        All these photographers? Which ones? When are the shoots? Right. Did THEY ask for your number? Or did she tell you that “all these photographers can’t wait to work with you”..? I can tell you, you’re not the first model to be promised the moon. But I dare you, I DEFY you to show me where even a SINGLE one of her photos appears in a magazine. A real magazine, not some online nonsense, and not some vanity deal that anybody could broker.

        We’ll wait.

        Listen, kid. We’re not here to attack you. Believe it or not, we’re trying to help you. We know what the road ahead holds for you, and we’re trying to spare you from being hurt. Because you will. Before she’s done with you, she’ll tell the world that it’s YOUR fault something went wrong with either one (or both) of her companies, she’ll blame you for some photo shoot that didn’t happen, the way she did with Salena, and she’ll have some sob story about how you abused her. There’s not a guy she’s broken up with, real or imagined, that she hasn’t said beat her up. Look at poor, imaginary Bo that was going to put a bullet in her brain. Just ask James, who she recently accused of raping her in front of her child, strapping down and whipping, imprisoning her, and whatever else the’s thought up. So you tell me. How is a man that did all those horrible things not in jail? Nor has her 1% biker buddies dealt with him on her behalf. What’s her excuse for not turning him in or having him killed? That she wanted to put it behind her? That she was afraid?

        So where’s this Daddy’s little girl biker bitch that was raised not to take shit from ANYBODY?

        Can’t have it both ways. She can’t be both a scared little victim and a badass. Either the rape and imprisonment were lies, or the badass biker bitch is. Either way you slice it, what you’ve got is a lie.

        And it’s the same thing with EVERY SINGLE GUY. Not just James. They all beat her, according to her. Just ask Randy. Ask Eric. Dig ol’ Bo up and ask him.

        She’ll do the same thing to you. Mark my words. She’s already had you taking pictures with your hands on her throat and pulling her hair. Do you really think that was to be artistic? No, dude. How far of a stretch do you think it will be for her to say “That was REALLY how he treated me!” Ever playing the victim with an abuse sob story she plays out for sympathy, maybe even money.

        Speaking of money, how much has she soaked you for so far? How many phone payments have you made for her? Computer? Probation? How many sob stories have you heard about her poor little girl being thrown out onto the street if rent isn’t paid?

        It’s your business what you do with your money. You can give her every thin dime you earn But make no mistake, that’s what she’s after. She recently lost one paycheck. And if you think you’re anything but the next, you’re fooling yourself.

        Look You’re young. You’re allowed to be dumb. Just don’t be STUPID. Pay attention to what people are telling you, and listen to your gut. Unless you’re a total idiot, there’s a little voice making you wonder if what we’re saying might be true. Listen to it. Do your homework. Spare yourself the heartbreak that IS coming for you from her.

        And, really, the way you talk, you come across as a potty-mouthed junior high-schooler. You need to pull your big boy pants up, take a good look around and get a clue about just who is sucking on who, and why.

      • You did know her? So what happened she changed? Oh because she used to cut your hair you know her entire life? You know how she has used and stolen from people? You know how she cheats authors out of royalties? Do you realize that the same bullshit line she is feeding you is the same shit she said about my books?

        No one is trying to judge you boy, just throwing your sorry ass a life jacket. Have those photographers contacted you personally? Have you seen anything from them directly to your email? Have you spoken to a one about things such as attire or certain looks? But you have 6 headhunting you, right? Well sweetie from the pics I seen of you at the party you were a scared little boy hiding in the corner. But then Tab had to take you out and show you off, having you being pawed by models, or you pawing them. All the while setting it up as look at all these sexy women all over my man, but I am the lucky one he is taking home. GAG

        As for me being a pussy, I have one doesn’t mean I am one. I am not afraid of your precious toy, in fact that is why she won’t respond to anything real that I state. She knows I am not lying, she knows she stole, and she knows that I will never forget it.

        Also sweetie thanks for the homage “, y’all sure must like sucking dick cause you hoes can’t keep me out of your mouth.” a little twisted from what I have said to Tabetha in the past but I got the gist. My comment has always been to Tabetha MY NAME ISN’T DICK SO KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH”. Don’t think so? Go to her DS page and see, oh wait that’s right she was a PUSSY and took it down. Didn’t want the world to see that she was lying yet again.

        Now on to Tabetha you are so sure that someone on here said something to CPS, not like you haven’t pissed of so many people all over the world. And even more so in your own backyard. You say we spread lies? What about the abuse shelter toots, that was a major fucking lie!!! Where is that money? What about the swag your alts got? Where is the money for that? What about the jewelry that I had made for your child and you gave that away as gifts to others? My money bitch, not yours, and you STOLE!!!

        You said the “abuse” pics were requested out of the box by Dee’s manager? Well that is odd since in the call you had with JT and Dee stated herself on many occasions that YOU were her manager, allow me to scratch my head on that. So you are saying YOU asked for an out of the box shoot with you and the boy toy? Because that is what has been said YOU ARE DEE’s MANAGER.

        You say now no one sees him beating the shit out of you. NO that will come later won’t it Tab. When he is of no use to you and you are bored. Then those out of the box pics will take on a entirely new meaning. Won’t they dear?

        Maybe if you weren’t such a lying shit people would leave you alone but until you learn how to face up to all the crap you have done and learn to dance to that shitty tune you have playing I will not stop telling everyone how much of a piece of shit you are.

      • “He’s already starting to sound just like her, isn’t he?”


  9. Well, you guys basically said everything I was gonna say…haha!

    He does sound like Tabetha already with the way he speaks. She might be right over his shoulder telling him everything to say…poor sap…SMH.

    No CW, they are NOT my contacts, she bought quite a few for herself.

    As for Jonnie Reb, if Tabetha has told you about these so called 6 photographers, you BETTER get the names & info. She has a habit of making up people to suit her. Google their names, research these so called photographers, demand to see these emails or any messages from these so called photographers. Tabetha will say anything to keep you there, to get your hopes up, make you think your dream is coming true, etc. She is a fraud from the word go! I know, I experienced more than you know being around Tabetha Jones!

    • Emails don’t mean much. The emails from “Bo” came from her. So unless young Reb there knows how to expand headers and search for the originating IP, you can’t believe an email any more than her word. Same thing with texts. Those can be spoofed just as easy by somebody practiced in the art of deceit

      I’ll believe it (and so should he) when the photo shoots happen and his photos appear in a REAL magazine. Not some vanity magazine he could get his own photos in just by submitting them.

      He’ll find out the lies. He’ll find out that the only photographer eager to shoot him is her sister. And not in real photo shoots. These “Hey, let’s play around and take some photos” outings aren’t professional photo shoots. They’re masturbation. Until or unless they’re published in a magazine that pays him for it, all he’s providing her with is spank. And money, if he’s giving her that, too.

      She promises the moon, but all she hands over is a pocket full of ashes.

      • You’re right about the emails. All the ones I have from these so called people came from Tabetha. She has probably already told him all the awful things I supposedly did to her…boo hoo! Tabetha did nothing, but use me & she can deny it all she wants!

      • You used her? It’s not like you’re wearing HER underwear rolling around on some poor sap’s headstone.

        I wonder if her new boyfriend knows that all of the REALLY cool shit she wears came from you?

      • She has it in her head that I betrayed her & Dee. Tabetha says I was going somewhere, she was helping me get noticed, putting me out there, getting in magazines. WHAT??

        Okay Tabetha, you keep thinking that. There was no one, but your alts upon alts or people you made up saying they’re a photographer from this magazine & Sky(also not real) was the one that told him about you & I. How many more people are you going to add to your train of imaginary from crazy town??

  10. Johnnie Reb by definition means a soldier from the Civil War, well son you sure as hell ain’t that old. In fact you using that colloquialism as your name is a disgrace to all southern men who lost their lives. Look at you boy, not even proud enough to have your great state of TX done right on your chest. That is a slap in the face of any real southern men out there. You boy are a joke. Any real Texan should have your ass tarred and feathered for showing such ignorance for your state.
    Let me tell you something boy, if she is easy she ain’t worth it. All I see her doing is whispering sweet nothings in your ear and filling your little head with dreams that she can never make happen. You are her latest spank bank material, nothing more. And once your eyes are opened to what a basket case she is, your ass will be acting like you were on a wolf date. If you don’t know what that is, I will tell you. It’s when you wake up out of a daze of pussy and realize that you would rather gnaw your arm off than wake that bitch up and have to be with her one more second.

      • Jafo if you feel that way then by all means come @me. I’ll show you how we do it in the dirty south. You running your mouth is a disgrace. You sit there hiding behind your computer desk and disrespect me and her, where’s the respect for women that the south is so proud of? I’ll tell you where, packed up and left, boy I spent more time showing women that a true southern man still existed than I care for because people like you give them a bad name. And as for your so called life jacket? Keep it. Cause trust me, I’ll be just fine. See, the thing is leppy I don’t have to prove anything to you, I can give 2 shits and a fuck less about what you and your peers think, you brought me into this, and salena FYI no I didn’t work at the haunted house. I’m the southern bad ass your momma warned you about. Quit hating cause your jealous of tab, cause honey I’ve seen your photos and trust me, you’ll find a good country boy. I’m sure there’s one out there that love’s to milk a cow.

      • Wait…aren’t you behind a computer disrespecting him?? Boy, you sound so much like Tabetha it’s sickening.

        HAHAHA…SERIOUSLY?? Me jealous of Tabetha?? Thanks for the good laugh there buddy, you made my side hurt!

        The southern bad ass?? Really?? More like southern jack ass is more like it! My mother is the one that gave me the good sense to NOT give someone like you the time of day.

        There it is, just had to throw in the “fat” line. SMH… You know something, I would expect that from a child, but…oh…wait, I almost forgot…you ARE a child!

        AND…for YOUR information, I don’t need a country boy or want one. I have a man thank you, a TRUE gentleman, a man that KNOWS how to treat a lady. That’s right…LADY! I’ve been around Tabetha long enough to know she is NO lady!

      • You’d know all about milking a cow wouldn’t you lad? Look at the holstein you sleep with. It’s a miracle your still alive, how does your skinny arse not fall in and drown when you shag that enormous slapper? Careful she doesn’t roll over on you in the night, you’ll get suffocated in her arse-crack and they wouldn’t find you until she goes to take a dump two days later. If she needs money so bad she’s in Taxas, she could smuggle illegal aliens across the border in her fat creases. At least Salena has a pair of girls unlike the pillocking mingebag you sleep with, must of been a surprise when she took off all her padded bras and her so called DD’s turned out to be maybe-A’s not even a handful, you had to bend your fingers to make it look like she had any. At least cows have udders, all she’s got are fried eggs. If your wedged up her arse so tight you think she’s telling the truth about anything your not just a barmy git your a total arse-licking Airy-fairy that needs to grow some bollocks. Piss off you gormless chav, you see time is on our side because the minute you don’t give that ligger your paycheck or refuse to go kill Lepp darling for her you’ll be thrown in the dustbin and she’ll be off looking for another spineless tosser to take your place. You think you sound tough now just wait little boy you’ll see. Bye Bye berk.

      • You know, I had to google half of that. LOL!

        Absolutely correct. A year from now, she’ll be up to the same old shit with some new guy. Maybe ten new guys by then. If her ass isn’t in jail washing big Bertha’s socks by then. And this disrespectful young pup will be a distant memory. Time is, indeed on our side. After he’s been trampled, used and abused, maybe he’ll look back and realize he should have listened when we tried to warn him. Probably not, though. If he were a smart fella, he’d be passing attention now and realize that she’s using him already. As a distraction away from the real point. That she’s a lying, scheming fraud that steals from people. We’re not that easily distracted, though. We know why we’re here, even if he doesn’t yet realize why he is: for her to hide behind and fight his battles for her.

  11. You said it right there didn’t you boy “dirty” but isn’t the dirty south St.Louie? I could be wrong. What’s all this tough guy bullshit, you are willing to throw down with a dude you don’t know anything about over some canyon cunt. Wow brave there aren’t you boy. You say you have spent more time showing southern women a real man? Well little boy I guess you have me beat, see I had a few girlfriends then I met my wife, we have been together for 25 years. I do believe I have the title of real man here. Seeing as a real man doesn’t please a million women he finds a million reasons to please one. But you keep on thinking you are a man, sorry boy actions speak louder than words. You want people to show that thing respect? I will tell you what boy, when she starts being a lady and not acting as one I will show her the respect you think she deserves. Until then son sit back and let us school you. Pay attention there will be a test at the end.

    • Oh yeah. it takes a real tough guy to talk shit to some older women on a blog, hiding safe behind the keyboard. He bad. I’m shaking in my boots I tell you. This snotnose kid doesn’t know the first thing about respect for a lady, and he’s sure not going to learn any hanging out with a sleazebag who acts nothing like a lady. All he’ll learn from her is crass and crudeness. Sounds like he’s hot a great start on that already. Acting like he does toward real women, he’ll never know what it’s like to please a lady, because a real one wouldn’t give arude little boy the time of day. it takes a BOY to treat people with disrespect. It takes a MAN to grow up, learn some manners and treat a lady with respect.

      Acting the way he does, he deserves every ounce of heartbreak he’s got coming. Not to mention poverty, a reputation that will follow him forever, and probably criminal charges to boot. She doesn’t care who she destroys in her quest for glory, and right now, he’s primed and ready to take that fall. I have no sympathy for a willing victim. Let him rot.

      • Lepplady if you think I’m going to have charges then by all means try me, I love a good challenge, what you fail to realize is I have friends in cps and I found out who called on tab. Funny how they said that there was nothing wrong with the pictures or with tab being a model. The cps worker said personally he thought she looked gorgeous and found nothing wrong with the pictures on Dee’s site. I’ll tell you what, you just keep pursuing me cause all it does is prove that you have nothing better to do then browse mine and tabs page and report photos that have nothing wrong with them, your obsessed with tab and have a personal vendetta against her. Or maybe you have a crush, either way your infatuated with her, oh and BTW, those photographer’s wanting me to work with them, no they did not call me, I personally talked to them at the grand opening that me and tabetha were personally invited to by Anthony. So once again proved wrong, don’t assume leppy, when you do you make an ass out of yourself.

      • What’s REALLY funny, Reb, is that you’re full of shit. I didn’t call CPS. Not yet, anyway. I’ve got the form filled out and ready to go, but I haven’t sent it in. Yet. And there’s not a word on it about those photos. There are real concerns about potentially serious conditions that no child should have to live in. Now that you mention it, maybe I WILL include them, and the fact that both her loving mother and auntie don’t seem concerned that they appear on the same page as mommy drenched in blood tonguing some chick. Thanks for the suggestion.

        And I haven’t talked to CPS on the phone. Yet. So you better check your “sources” kid, because they missed the mark. Nice try, though. Be sure and play again.

        What I HAVE done is send those photos in Dallas to her PO, and her PO’s supervisor. They won’t get it until after the holiday, but it’s sitting there waiting for them. Way to aid and abet somebody in violating the terms of their probation. What a hero.

        Who’s looking like an ass now? Yep. You.

        Speaking of the holiday… in case you haven’t noticed, it’s Memorial day. It’s a day to remember those who died protecting your right to be a douchebag. Now, YOU might not have family that served. If you did, or if you ever served yourself, you MIGHT know something about honor. But Tab likes to brag about her daddy that was a Marine, or soldier, or whatever. Why don’t you show your beloved’s family history a little respect and lay off the drama for just one day. If you don’t know what honor and respect mean, at least fake it for her family’s sake.

        I do know a thing or two about honor, having served my country. So this is the only response you get from me, and only because I’m taking a break from spending the day with my beloved. He’s a REAL man and knows how to treat a lady. Too bad your female (not a lady, by any stretch) can’t say the same.

  12. Oh, little boy you are playing in the wrong sandbox. See no matter who you “think” you may know. I know for a fact that no state CPS worker is allowed to reveal any names who report child and elder abuse. See it’s that nasty retaliation thing that they are afraid of. And as bad as the economy is, you should know you are slumming as it is, no state employee is willing to lose their job for the likes of that disease that you are rolling around with. Question for you there sweetie, do you roll her around in flour to find the wet spot or just any flabby part will work?

    Dude, you are wanting to be a model,I am correct in guessing this as you are depicted as a model/photographer. But you are whining like a little bitch about attention. For real? Yeah you are ready for the big leagues, not. Every model takes the good with the bad, same goes for actors, singers, and authors. I know I have already tasted the bad, Tabetha Jones.

    They approached you did they? Hmm was that when you were cowering in the corner? When you had the WTF look on your face. Was that when you and your “girl” stood out like a sore thumb? Hello did she think it was cute that her and her bestie wore the same dress? Fashion police alert, Girl, polka dots are not flattering on a big girl. I don’t care how daring you think you are, girlfriend needs a fashion coordinator. And she does hair and make up on these upcoming models. Sweetie I worked in the lingerie industry for quite a while, and I dealt with some life-sized barbies, cross dressers for you idiots. And I never let them go out the door of my job without looking fabulous. That dear is called pride.

    The only thing I see you don’t little boy is posing for some skank smut magazine. Look at who you are hitching your star to. As for her personal invitation. Did it look something like this?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Go sit in the corner little boy, grownups are talking.

    • No comment Cindy, I’ve seen your look and trust me, I’ll never forget what a big bag of trash and shit look like so I’m not worried about my style. Lepplady if you continue to bully tabetha and me it will result in legal action on my part. And trust me, I have nothing better to do than to file lawsuits and blow money. Trust me, your messing with the wrong person on this, I thought this blog was originally startedto be an advocate for authors to show the world what a big bad wolf Tabata Jones is. but now it has become a personal vendetta against her. There is nothing about the company, there is nothing about the publishing, it is only about spreading lies and hate about her attacking her modeling attacking her personal life attacking her daughter attacking her sister and getting involved in areas of her life that have nothing to do with you. anyone that sees this blog will only see hate bullying and a women that is so driven by madness. Didn’t Tabitha a long apology for directions to wards your daughter and pay her every dime back? Even though she didn’t have to. And you made the deal that you would never write another word about her. To me that actually sounds like blackmail. Because you’re still writing about her, even though you got your money and you got your way. how would you like it if she destroyed your personal life, you’re writing, you painting, your entire world. but don’t worry leppy, the Louisiana authorities will be contacted tomorrow. I’m done here,

      • Before I address your ignorance there son, let me tell you something the only time Tabetha attempted to say sorry was because she made that agreement with JT. And she had to be coaxed into how to word it as to still not be innocent and it was other’s faults. She has not said sorry for all her transgressions to what she did to me, and she did not offer any excuse as to where the royalties of the ABUSE book were after they were according to her flying off the shelves and the shelter kicked her to the curb?

        Get a clue there boy, nothing would be known about Dee, her child, (notice I don’t but said child’s name out there like mom does), how many men Tab has stained her sheets if it wasn’t for one key component TABETHA. Your precious steady piece is the one that has caused all this drama. She made a promise to JT, not only to pay JT’s daughter back but not to speak of her again along with to stop whoring her authors.

        Well let’s see there little boy, yes JT’s daughter was paid back. After JT had to basically threaten Tabetha yet again because they set a date of payment and guess what happened? Tabetha tried to back out of it. Claiming one of her famous family emergencies.

        You know nothing, you are nothing but a swinging dick. To Tabetha men are like a bus, another will be along in the next 15 minutes. You are a pawn little boy, a status, to say look what decorates my arm. When she is bored with you you will know the truth. But then again maybe you are a sadist like her and enjoy that abuse.

        Now on to your pathetic attempt at insulting me. Well dear if I was so bad and my style was so as you say I was trash, why did your piece of shit GF want to borrow a few of my outfits for photo shoots? Drooling over the leather you are calling trash. Also considering your snail trails size I am so glad that I respected my leather as I did. She would have had to add another half a cow or better.

        Please boy you have no clue. I have class your little man are lying with the trash. You want to say that I am shit, come back and talk to me in say 6 months, if you last that long. That thing you shack up with is a thief. She can’t prove to me where my sales were? She can’t explain about the shelter book, she brings everyone into her psycho drama. Boy I could tell you some stories about that “goth goddess” you think you have there. She is anything you want her to be. She should be working a whore house. Or hell maybe not there then men would have to see her, phone sex maybe???

      • You really are stupid aren’t you? Spouting Tabetha’s words without the slightest idea what your talking about. You look like such an idiot right now. Your new to the game so here, let me give you a lesson little boy. There’s this little thing called free speech. Your bloated cradle robber screams defamation and slander but those only apply if something is a lie and nothing here is, unless Tabetha’s saying it. And blogs are especially protected as opinion and free speech, don’t you think your delusional puppet master would of taken it down by now if she could? She says she’s going to sue everybody and she never does. She’s been telling Lepplady she’s sicking the police on her every other week for three years and that hasn’t happened either. You need to get a clue. Tabetha is telling you what she wants you to think, not what’s true. Good fucking lord that blackmail story again. She’s just mad because Lepplady beat her out of her own game and got her to part with money she owed somebody. When you owe somebody money and pay it back that isn’t blackmail, jerkoff. And the only reason she paid was because her ass was over a barrel. She was using somebody’s name that she was staying with at the time in her scams and if they found out they would of thrown her fat ass out on the street. So don’t go believing this “I paid her back when I didn’t have to” bullshit. Go read the post for yourself, Lepplady posted it for all. And Tabetha’s the one that broke her word when she kept on scamming people, not Lepplady she held up her end so do some research. Don’t just believe Tabetha’s story just because she lets you dip your wick now and then. God you sound like some little boy that got his dick when and now your following her around like a lost little puppy thinking with your little brain, if you even have a brain in the head on your shoulders. You sure as hell don’t have a spine or a set of balls or you’d stand up and be a real man instead of peeking out from behind Tabetha’s skirt, made by Omar the tent maker, yapping like a pup. Stop being such a coward and grow the fuck up. What your tiny little speck of a brain doesn’t realize is that this is about Tabetha’s business. She mixes up her business life with her personal life then bitches when Lepplady, Salena, Cindy, Jacqueline, Katrina, Jaimie or any of the other past authors dares to speak up and tell the truth. There’s nothing on Lepplady’s blog that Tabetha didn’t make public knowlege herself so how the fuck is it Lepplady’s fault? Go ahead and call the police you idiot they’ll tell you the same thing. Do yourself a favor and find something better to do with your time then go after a decent honest woman that has saved a lot of people from a lot of pain including me and my friends. If you had half a brain in either head you’d see she was trying to save you too, dumbass.

  13. For a man you are shameful, yet what do we expect from anyone willing to sleep with that train wreck. “Tabitha”??? That is how you spelled her name correct? Well all I can say is she must not be that memorable if you can’t even spell her name right. Didn’t you say you were only going to post once, guess you haven’t learned how to count yet in grade school, have you boy? So question there einstein, do you let her feed you her bullshit with a spoon or does she hide it in the folds of her flesh and you go sniffing around like a truffle? If it wasn’t for the fact that she had a kid I would bet you would believe her telling you she was a virgin right? If you are so damn smart why not lock yourself in a room, and look at this blog and see for yourself all the lies your trash has stated, in her own words. You are suppose to be a southern man right? Well a true southern man knows when to shut up and listen and when he needs to pick his battles. Trust me if you are defending Tabetha you are going to lose. Take a damn minute and ask yourself why are all these people saying the same damn thing when it comes to her dirty dealings? Why after all this time are people still able to prove what she does on a daily basis, and that is manipulate and steal from people who put their trust in her. Is that fair? You claim to be a southern man then you should know about honor, respect and integrity. Do you see anything remotely related to any of those 3 things in that snake you bed? Especially after taking time to read what is on this blog, and not just what she wants you to read to prove how innocent she is. The whole damn thing. Also for the record, you want to say my sister is trash and shit, I really suggest you look at that fat bag of shit you slide into when she gives you permission as a treat for being a good boy.

  14. I do have to admit I made a mistake. That is NOT the person I thought worked the haunted house, my apologies. He sure resembles the person that did though. I just wanted to make sure I corrected that.

    • That’s what makes you a lady. You can graciously admit when you’e wrong. If it were Tab, she’d make up fifteen different alts, three blogs and two websites worth of people to cover it up and create drama to divert attention. She can’t admit when she’s wrong. And she is. A lot. Like in thinking that she’s going to “get” me legally for my meanie weenie blog, or thinking that there’s anything about her miserable existence that I envy or covet.If anything, I’m grateful to her for allowing me to see how blessed I really am. I’ve got people in my life that love me for who I am, a potential career with what I hope is a modicum of talent… In short, I’m grateful that I am not she. I don’t think I could stand drawing breath if I treated people the way she does, and knew how loathsome so many people think she is. I know her buddies don’t like me, but I at least know that I’m hated for standing up for what’s right. Not defending some despicable scam.

      Did you know the guy from anywhere? Or did he just remind you of somebody else?

      • Fuck you jafo. Jt tell that to the authorities, what you fail to realize I’d I have the power to destroy your career, this was about business but you made it personal. Slander may not fly but there are other charges. And lepp i apologize about butchering my last post. We all know your such a grammar Nazi, this wasn’t personal to me until you made it about that, if what you say happens then I deserved it. But I don’t see that happening, so fuck off

      • I’d bet dollars to donuts that Tab had more to do with writing this reply than her latest chew toy. Who’s she engaged to, anyway? Baby Reb or Nikita, saying she has power over my career. What a riot!
        I didn’t think it was possible for anybody to become as ridiculous as little Nikita. I’ve often said that Tab’s the SECOND worst publisher on the planet, but I was wrong. If she or her new pig’s ear think they have any power of any part of my life whatsoever, they’ve sunk to his psychotic, delusional level. She’s not just a narcissistic fruitcake, she’s truly got no grip on reality at all.

        Well, “Reb,” it’s afternoon now and I still don’t see the police banging down my door. Your puppeteer might be answering a few questions right about now, though.

        Have fun with that.

      • “What you fail to realize I’d I have the power to destroy your career, this was about business but you made it personal.”

        Sorry, Johnny, who the fuck are you? That’s right, you are nobody. Get the fuck out, you little wannabe. You can’t handle yourself here. You’re nobody. Nobody. And we’re all laughing at your pissy li’l threats. Now fuck off and do yourself a favor, you whiny little bitch. Or keep going, we can keep laughing all day and night at your superiority complex. Balding head or small dick? Who wants to take bets?

  15. What’s wrong boy, did I touch a nerve? Your friends starting to laugh at you for your new farm animal? Or are your eyes starting to clear, rose color glasses not as rosy? You know what is said is true. That is what is sticking in your craw the fact that the king of bullshit is being bullshitted. Admit it boy, you are being played. Pisses you off, don’t it boy.

  16. Pissing myself laughing here, did I just read that correctly? He has the “power” to destroy your writings? Oh that is too cute there little boy, did Tabetha bless you and by you dipping your little winky in the magic abyss you have gotten, what blessed by higher powers? You are a nobody how do you think you are the almighty when it comes to the writing world?

    Little boy no one would know who you were, and if you think of it no one really does, if it wasn’t for the pathetic nag you saddled up on. I mean really look at your sad pictures, mister I want to be a model. you show no real expression, no emotion. You have ZERO charisma or any personality to speak of. And please save that is what the photographer wanted crap. Even in the pics where you are suppose to be relaxed and having fun you looked like a limp dick. Ever head the express ” dead eyes” that’s you boy, dead eyes with the dear in the headlight look to compliment that. You know nothing of what you are involved in, yet here you go flapping at the gums.

    It’s ok that is how Tabetha trains all her puppets and toys. You will get used to it. Several have tried to get away from her but she pulls them right back into her psycho babble and drama. You think you are defending her, that she has made mistakes and is so so sorry for them. But then she makes the same mistakes and the SAME MISTAKES and always sorry. It is NOT A MISTAKE IF YOU KEEP DOING THE SAME DAMN THING. But it’s ok you’re young there son, you will learn.

    You made it your business when you came on this page saying you were only going to say something once. But I know it isn’t you that keeps coming back, she makes you or if you say no she takes your password and goes on your device and does it in your name to defend her. What is she threatening you with to defend her, what lies is she telling you to make you come on here? Don’t say nothing, remember there little boy I was a associate of hers for a bit. I know her tricks and her ways. So again what is she holding over your head?

  17. I’m curious. If this guy Johnny is this young now and he’s been knowing her all this time before, how old was he then? Did she statutory rape that boy? Acquiring minds want to know. That would explain why he’s so screwed up now if he was molested by an older woman.

    • He said she used to cut his hair, and she hasn’t worked at that trade (or any other, really) for quite a while. So, yeah. He probably first saw her when he was, like, 10. But let’s not throw around statutory accusations. We don’t know that anything sexual happened between them before he was of legal age.

      Besides. Sleeping with her at any age is enough to screw anybody up.

      • What I would love to point out is the fact here comes her stud riding up on a white steed to defend her honor, as she blatantly ignores the fact that she had authors works up on her personal page without consent. She won’t answer those questions as to why a year later they are still up on her page. And about all those royalties from many books that never were paid out.

        It is quite fun to pick on the idiot who is bedding her, but the facts remain she is such a big bad bitch that she is hiding, YET AGAIN, behind someone else. Having that fool drum up the same old rhetoric about the “blackmail” that never occurred. Desperate to divert attention from all her flaws and lies. Praying to whatever god she believes in to help her cover all the stories, and bullshit before this poor sap of a boy realizes what she is really about.

        No one is going to forget, no one is going to let her slide on her crap. There are too many that have had enough of her stealing and being hot shit. She wants to be this grand person, publishing guru, super model, makeup and hair stylist, wifey and super mom. Sorry toots you can’t have it all, no matter how much fantasy you have going on in your pea-brain.

        The sad part is she claims all this wonderful stuff “I am going to make your dreams come true”, “We are like family, you can’ tell me anything”, the list goes on. Bottom line is this the only family she has are the ones she can use. The only dreams coming true are for her and her delusional mind. Did she even say sorry to her new authors for that fiasco of new anthology, or as usual did she blame someone else? Did she make it right and pay back anyone who bought copies of said screwed up book? No, I bet you she didn’t. But that’s ok, it’s Tabetha. Funny though, wasn’t she the one screaming about a mistake made by another company and that was shameful, how is that fair? Wasn’t it Tabetha the one who said what’s good for the goose is good for the gander? So why is she allowed to skate?

        Come on new authors think, if this is happening to your works now, what do you expect later on down the road? She has been doing this for years not just a few months. No matter what name you go by, Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire or her new P.O.S Dark Storm she has repeated the same “mistakes”. She won’t answer for crimes that she committed over 2 years ago, what makes you think she will answer to when she screws up your writings?

        How about you models? How many of you refused to work with Tabetha and your pictures are STILL on her page? How many of you have heard that she owns those pictures because you signed a “contract”? Here’s a bit of information for you, since she had a “author” that she represents draw up said contracts, AND he does NOT have legal right to practice law in TX, and it would be a conflict of interest, they are not legal. I repeat THEY ARE NOT LEGAL. There is no separation fee or termination fee, because the “contracts” are not binding. You can report her to Facebook to have your pictures removed. You can call the TX States Atty, the Waco TX District Atty and make her. You can also contact the BBB and report her shady “contracts”. Also any of you that paid her to get of of “contracts” can demand that money back.

        She won’t answer any of these questions I am betting dollars to donuts, but then again this is Tabetha, she has to be center stage, that’s how she rolls. So it is a 50/50 shoot that she will say anything to PROVE her innocence, and not more psycho babble. Maybe she will send her little boy to run his mouth so she can say she wasn’t involved and we were all ganging up on her. See no matter how she tries her moves are predictable, she is not original nor does she have a single original idea on her own. Come on Tabetha, what’s wrong cat got your tongue???

      • I’d bet those same donuts that it hasn’t been her boyfriend that’s been posting. I think it’s her. Or, even if his fingers are on the keys, he’s typing what she’s telling him to say. And not one word of it answers any of these questions. Rather, it just kicks up more dust and drama smoke and mirrors, to AVOID answering them.

        Wake up, authors. She’s no publisher. She’s a user. Wake up models, too. What magazines are her photos in? None. What REAL models will work with her anymore? That’s right. None. Because she doesn’t know how to behave like a professional, jumping into their photo shoots, acting like a party girl. When she’s SUPPOSED to be there as an employee. Hitting on the guys. Well, and the girls, too. No shame in that… unless you’re SUPPOSED to be acting like a professional.

        The only models she gets these days are amateurs she cons into posing for her, and then she keeps their photos claiming that she has legal rights to them. Keeps their possessions, too, from what I hear.

        Run, people. If you deal with her on a personal or professional level, you will regret it. She’ll use you, she’ll abuse you, and then she’ll blame you. Mark my word.

  18. I’m blocked from Tab’s page. Can’t see what she says or does. Don’t care.
    And then there’s this:

    Hopped on my blog roughly 5 minutes after my latest post.

    And this is just the Nokia. Doesn’t include any of her proxies, her other phones, kindle Fire or her sister’s phone.

    Somebody remind me again. Who trolls who?

  19. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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