Remember the fallen

Remember the brave service members who gave their lives so that we can be free
Today is for them.

Never forget.


6 thoughts on “Remember the fallen

  1. I am posting this because it is something I wrote for the Soldiers who fought for our freedom, and the ones still fighting today. Thank you all for your great service.

    American Pride

    He would stand and salute waving his flag
    As the soldiers would walk by in the parade
    His smile of pride when he seen his dad
    He yells I am going to be like him one day

    Years go by as they often do
    The little boy grew into a man
    He noticed the nation needed his help
    He says I have to take a stand

    Freedom isn’t free, I was taught that
    Our nation isn’t that strong
    We must defend our great country
    For our youth to carry on

    Mom and dad knew he was determined
    He grew up with American Pride
    He seen the tears on his dad’s face
    Of lost friends he sometimes cried

    He was a proud young man
    In service he gave his all
    He never left a man behind
    He never let them fall

    Many tours came upon him
    His fierce heart and pride shone bright
    He never let his country down
    Ready and willing both day and night

    He served his country with honor
    Had earned many ribbons and pins
    He was given the purple heart and silver star
    He even met the president

    Nothing made him prouder
    He was in that same parade
    His son yells above the crowd
    I am going to be like DAD someday…..


  2. Lepp thanks for your service to our country! We don’t just remember those who died but also for the ones that has made it possible for us to be safe and free!

    • Aw thanks. I didn’t serve long, but supported my (then) servicemember husband while he served, through a decade’s worth of wars and patriotic duty. And I am proud of the time i served, myself. It’s an honor to be a veteran. How sweet of you to remember. 🙂

  3. It’s been a long, gratifying day of remembrance. Scattered showers prevented us from cooking out, but a quick trip to the store and we picked up rotisserie chicken and Jo-Jos. Just as good. The real point of the day isn’t grilling out, it’s remembering those who died serving our country, defending our freedom.

    It’s been a busy day on the blog, too, it seems. We’ve had hits from far and wide.

    There might be the odd idiot out there that thinks that “any publicity is good publicity,” but that’s only the mark of an attention whore that knows they don’t have anything positive to publicize.
    Oh, well. If they think it’s a good thing that so many people around the world think they’re idiots, more power to ’em. All I can do is SMH at the folly.

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