The Sociopathic Triad

HERE’S an excellent article that describes Empathic people as being the perfect target for a Sociopath to victimize. It’s like I’ve said many times. People with a good heart are easier to victimize because they’re willing to believe the best in people and aren’t prepared for the worst. Even when it happens, a person with a good heart will be quick to forgive, to want to see the good in people, and still be vulnerable to fall victim, even to the same Sociopath, more than once.

But it’s not just the Sociopath and the victim to consider. There’s also what this article refers to as the “Apath,” a person willing to conspire and enable the Sociopath, for various and assorted reasons. Likely a former victim in some way, the Apath is just as bad as the Sociopath. Maybe worse, because the Apath knows what the Sociopath is up to, but is indifferent to what’s happening to the Sociopath’s victim(s). They participate in the abuse either because they get off on it, too, don’t see how they can stop it, or because if the Sociopath is concentrating on somebody else, the Apath isn’t in the line of fire.

We’ve seen it ourselves more than once. A former victim gets free, but is battered by such a barrage of abuse that it wears them down and they go whimpering back, just to make it stop. They help the Sociopath abuse others to avoid getting abused themselves.

Apath is the word the article uses. Me, I’d use words like “spineless” and “coward.”

That’s the triad, according to that article: The Sociopath, the Apath (willing victim/enabler), and the victim.

But there’s another player in this game: The Advocate. Often, there’s somebody out there that tries to warn victims about the Sociopath, often at the risk of earning the Sociopath’s wrath themselves. It’s worth it to the Advocate, though, if the Sociopath is thwarted and victims spared even a measure of abuse.

I’ve talked about the Sociopathic predator before, again and again, and warned you about protecting yourself. I’m doing that again. The Sociopath is a skilled predator, practiced in the art of lying with a smile to manipulate victims. It’s not just the Sociopath’s job to fool people; it’s their pleasure. They like it when somebody falls victim. And not just for the money. They get off on the power trip. Often, in more ways than one.

Read that article. And don’t be embarrassed if you see characteristics of yourself in the victim’s role. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault and you didn’t do anything wrong. We’ve all fallen for a well-crafted lie, even from the same people.

This isn’t about making the victim feel bad. It’s about empowering yourself with information so that you and others are able to spot the warning signs and not fall into that position. Awareness is the ultimate weapon. Arm yourself with it and spread the word. If you know of others that are victims now or could become victims of the abusive Sociopath, let them know that they aren’t fated to suffer. They don’t have to put up with it.

The Sociopath seeks to shroud or hide the truth. The Advocate seeks to expose it. Hop on board with the latter rather than becoming an enable for the former. Your karma will thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Sociopathic Triad

  1. First time I have ever seen the advocate recognised in an article, like me they are often the victims mum . We suffer too as your article eludes too . Thank you for all the mums who have spent hours and hours researching on behalf of their adult children. For us the abuse is coming to an end ,even so I still find researching compulsive reading . The more help I can get for my family and seeing the abuse we have all suffered ending is the best reward in the world .

    • The damage done by a true sociopath, narcissistic or otherwise, is devastating. I’m glad to hear that your abuse is coming to an end, and I’m happy if this article has helped in any way.

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