I just became aware that Tabetha and her fiance were in a wreck on his Harley a few days ago. She whacked her head pretty good, getting a bunch of stitches and spending the night in intensive care.

So let’s all take a moment to wish her well and hope that she recovers quickly.

I know she says that this is just a hate blog, but we’re human beings, here. Not without heart. There’s time for all of that publishing foolishness later.


Unclean hands

How many times have we heard Tabetha (Willis, Saulters, Hoover, Jones, Henley, Olejnick, whatever) threaten to sue somebody? She threatened to sue Emily Suess, Janrae Frank (rest her sweet soul) and me, more times than I can count. Word has it that she’s gathering “evidence” right now in order to file a law “suite” against me, Cindy, Salena, Dallas Gurl, LMFAO and anybody else she can think of. I hear from those close to her that she talks of little else. But the truth is that it won’t happen.

I’ve said it time and time again that she won’t sue anybody because she’s done so many crooked things herself. The last thing that crook wants is to willingly step in front of a judge. There’s too much that she’s done wrong herself.

Turns out there’s actually a legal term for that. Unclean Hands.

Unclean Hands is a doctrine within the law that prevents one party in a a lawsuit from receiving a particular outcome because that party has also engaged in bad behavior as it relates to the case.

Unclean hands
A legal doctrine which is a defense to a complaint, which states that a party who is asking for a judgment cannot have the help of the court if he/she has done anything unethical in relation to the subject of the lawsuit. Thus, if a defendant can show the plaintiff had “unclean hands,” the plaintiff’s complaint will be dismissed or the plaintiff will be denied judgment.

Basically, exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Not only would she not sue because she’s done so many crooked things, but she legally couldn’t receive any award she asks for because herself hasn’t behaved properly.

So, boys and girls, if you’re an author, artist, editor, model blogger, or anybody else dealing with Tabetha Jones (et al) and she threatens to sue you for trying to leave her (or for any other reason, including your choice to terminate the illegal contract she got you to sign), DARE her to do it. That goes for the new place, too, because that contract is no more legal than the rest. I’ll tell you why, soon.

She/they wont sue you. She/they CAN’T. And it’s not just a matter of ethics. It’s a doctrine of law.

Terminate your contract. Take your work back, whether it’s pictures, writing, or anything else. If the contract isn’t legal in the first place she/they never had a right to your work (in whatever form) to begin with. It’s YOURS. Always was.

Best part of the Unclean Hands doctrine is that if she doesn’t comply to your request to return your materials, YOU CAN SUE HER. And she can’t use the Unclean Hands doctrine against you by trying to say you’re just as guilty. You’re not the one that’s doing anything wrong. You’re the victim, not the crook. She can threaten you all she wants. She can connive, bully, manipulate and foam at the mouth, but that’s all that bitch can do. Run to the end of her chain and bark.

So take back your stuff, and keep an eye on her to make sure your work doesn’t get repeated. She’s got a habit of assuming other people’s stories and making them her own. Whatever’s happened to somebody else, good or bad, has happened to her, only multiplied. And we’ve all seen my posts about a story in one of her books about a female dominant that has a slave named Jeremy tied up in the basement. Subjugation, much? That’s right. My book. About a female dominant that has a slave named Jeremy tied up in the basement. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

If somebody talks about voodoo, she’s a priestess practitioner. If somebody else believes in angels, she’s blessed by an “arc” angel with the power of lifetimes past, present and future. If somebody was beaten or raped, that becomes her history, too, verbatim. If somebody lives a goth lifestyle, she copies their piercings and rolls around in buckets of blood. You get the idea. Ever the leech.

So be careful. Somebody with no identity of her own won’t have any problem stealing yours. And a hack with no talent won’t think twice about exploiting yours. Don’t let it happen. Get yourself away from somebody like that, and keep a watchful eye out that your work doesn’t get repeated.

You are, as ever, welcome.

Lazy writing

As an editor, I see many fine examples of prose, well-crafted and a delight to work on.

I also see more examples of what I call lazy writing than I’d care to name. What I mean by lazy is when authors slap a word into a sentence or a scene rather than taking the time to describe the thoughts or emotions behind it. Or they use one word far too many times in a book. Sometimes too many times on a page, or even in a single paragraph.

For example, if I ever see the words chuckled, snorted, smirked, sneered, scoffed, sweetly, naughty, hungrily and angrily again, I’ll be a very happy girl.

If you’re a writer, BE a writer. Don’t just say somebody chuckled, over and over again. Take the time to explore what’s so amusing. If the situation is ironic, take the time to explain why. If it’s amusing, share the joke. There can be a variety of reasons why somebody would chuckle. Do your readers a favor and take a good look at them.

Rather than saying that somebody snorted, explain the disgust or disdain behind it. People don’t just do these things. There’s a lifetime of experience behind every person’s actions and reactions. And your character needs to have a lifetime behind them. They have to exist as real people within your imagination before they can live and breathe within the minds of your readers.

There’s a fine line between fleshing out your character, though. I’m not saying that you should prattle off every single thing that’s ever happened to your character. Your readers will lose interest long before little Bitsy or Billy loses their first tooth — unless, of course, that’s integral to the scene you’re working on. If you’re writing a piece de resistance about the tooth fairy, then by all means, revisit that milestone event.

If your character is snorting in disgust at, for example, a racist remark, it would serve you well to mention that your fellow was raised in an environment where such intolerance was inexcusable. Or that s/he carries some of the blood being insulted, even if it doesn’t show. You can really explore a back-history, and not take up thousands of words doing it.

Smirks and sneers are powerful expressions. They can really be played with. There’s a lot that can go behind them. Smirks come from smart-asses and sneers generally come from assholes.Talk about potential for giving a character some depth!

If nothing else, instead of saying “He sneered,” you could instead say “The thought curdled his blood and made him want to vomit.” See what I mean? Explore that. Don’t just slap a word there without looking at why.

If erotica is your thing, find better ways to describe a lover’s actions than to fall back on “sweetly” or “naughtily” time and time again. That’s the height of lazy, poor writing. There are so many ways to describe an erotic scene without repeating the same tired old spank over and over. explore them.

There’s an entire UNIVERSE of words out there to use when you describe the world you’re creating on paper, limited only by your imagination. Dip into the pool of your vocabulary when you write. Jump in and swim. Go deep. If you just skip a rock across the surface and call it done, it’s not only lazy writing. It’s bad, and barely writing at that.

If you’re physically unable to be more creative than that, do one of two things. Either get your hands on a decent thesaurus and find some other word to use, or take up knitting instead.

Identity thief

Here’s the next installment from Salena.

After doing my first shoot with Phoenix Effect Photography, Tabetha was eager to have me set up another shoot. I told her I cannot because I am on a fixed income & would have to wait till the first of the month to do so. She didn’t have a problem with that.A little time goes by & Tabetha calls me up to chat about an idea she had about a shoot. She wanted the theme of someone (me) to act like they broke into her house. Wanted to be beat up & tied to a chair. Then show I have killed her, dragging her body down the hall & out the back door, wrapping her up in a bloody sheet.didn’t care for that idea at all, not something  I wanted to do. I thought about it & came up with my own idea for a shoot. The next time we talked, I told her my idea called, The Demon Asylum. She loved it & said, let’s do that instead. When it came time to do the shoot, Dee approached me, she told me that her & Tabetha talked it over & said they were NOT gonna charge me for shoots. They accept me as family, they said, like a sister to them. I was very thankful. 

The pics get posted & about a week, week & a half, Tabetha calls me & tells me Sky (Dee’s girlfriend) showed the pics to some guy named Dewayne Devanport & he really liked them. I was told he is a photographer for this Gore magazine & he really liked the Demon Asylum shoot. Tabetha went on about how he loved the way the blood was portrayed, how the wounds & bruises looked so real, etc. She even went as far as telling me this Devanport guy said I did makeup better than some of the people he hires. That alone shocked me! She then went on about how he requested all these certain pics & how he wanted us to dress. Of course, I was excited! I believed her, didn’t have any reason not to at the time. So, we began to get things together & plan out what we were going wear for these shoots.

The weekend came to do the shoot that Devanport requested. I had called Tabetha & asked what time do I need to be ready. She told me probably around afternoon some time, I said okay. I made sure I was ready & waited for Tabetha to come pick me up. It started to get later & later, finally Tabetha calls & says she is on her way.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I am told to be ready by a certain time, I do so. This is no way professional from what I see. Hours went by before I was picked up. I mean, it is evening now, just before dark. I already had my makeup done & hair. I get there & nothing is ready, Tabetha had not even started to get ready. Again, that’s not very professional at all.

I brought all kinds of stuff to use in the shoot. Finally, after three hours, she is ready. We finally head to Cameron Park to use the wooded area for part of the shoot. It was dark & it had been raining a lot, just barely misting when we were out there. I had fun doing it, but was getting tired fast. 

Remember, it took Tabetha forever to get ready & her mouth was flapping the whole time. I really believe she is incapable of talking & doing things at the same time. She kept stopping when she talked!
We get back to Tabetha’s place & change into our lingerie & started to shoot the sexy, bloody vampires that Devanport requested according to Tabetha. We just kept shooting & changed wardrobe again. Before we did the last set, it was around 1am in the morning & I was exhausted. Tabetha’s daughter was still up & very tired. She went with us when we did the shoot in the park, she stayed in the car. I told Tabetha she needed to go to bed, her daughter said she won’t because she is waiting on her mom to go too. For those of you that don’t know, her daughter sleeps in her mom’s bed.

Well, her daughter was falling asleep, she was kneeling on the floor & resting her head on a chair. I told Tabetha, she needs to go lay down, she will be hurting if she falls asleep like that. Tabetha said it’s fine, we are almost done, she won’t go to bed until I go.

Apparently, we were not almost done…not until around 4am! That poor girl was asleep on her legs for hours & all Tabetha did was tap her & tell her to go to bed. I told Tabetha she cannot move, her legs hurt. I had to help her walk down the hallway to Tabetha’s room. The poor girl was crying & all Tabetha did was worry about what to wear next. I told Tabetha she should have gone to bed hours ago, her legs are hurting. I’m wanting to go to bed too, I’m exhausted & in a great deal of pain!

I finally get in bed & I’m talking to my boyfriend on the phone & here comes Tabetha. Blabbing about the shoot tomorrow. All I wanted  was to go to talk with my boyfriend a little bit & go to sleep.

Dee comes in & sits at the end of the bed eating a sandwich. My son (he came with me so I wasn’t alone) comes in to check on me & sits on the floor next to the bed. Here comes Tabetha flapping her mouth as usual. Doesn’t have the manners enough to shut hers while others are in the middle of a conversation. Just talks right over everyone like nothing. Dee was telling me something & would get cut off in mid sentence, it happened three times. She did it again & my son jumps in & says, “You KNOW, Dee WAS talking!” My son had his back to Tabetha, didn’t even look at her when he said it…was too funny!

I was in so much damn pain, I could not sleep really. Besides, all I could hear was Tabetha on the phone throughout the rest of the morning. I had the door closed & you could hear her loud ass word for word! She told me she was sending all the photos to Devanport & was talking to him through email. When I woke later, about 11am, Tabetha told me & Dee that Devanport did not like the photos & wanted them re-done with more blood. He wanted more this & more that, Tabetha kept on & on about what HE wanted.

Also, she told me he wanted a shoot in the cemetery with us in sexy lingerie, bloody, & with fangs. I was very tired & also going over in my head what Tabetha said Devanport wanted.

I then realized, these photos that he is wanting are photos SHE was telling me SHE wanted to do before hearing about Devanport . This is when I started to question about this Devanport guy & if he was real. I was told Sky (already have suspicions she was not a real person) knew Devanport & because of her connections with this guy, she showed him our photos.

After we got up & ate, I started to get myself together for the second day of the shoot. Tabetha was STILL laying in bed, Dee kept telling her to get up & get ready.

I had witnessed on several occassions Tabetha laying in bed all day & Dee telling me Tabetha does nothing, but lay in bed all day long. Not doing a damn thing, only on her laptop & phones, yes plural! (I was always wondering why Tabetha had several cell phones).

Dee informs me Tabetha doesn’t help at all around the house or tend to her daughter much. Dee has stated many times to me, that she tends to her or Darlene, Tabetha’s mom. Now, I have been there quite a few times, I witnessed how Darlene’s health was. The poor lady was on oxygen 24/7, could hardly move about, & stayed in bed the majority of the time. I never knew what other health problems she had, but she should not have to get up & tend to her granddaughter when her mother should be doing it. I understand that she is her granddaughter & doesn’t mind doing things for her, but there has to be a line drawn where her health is concerned.

The times being there, Tabetha was always too worried about herself than her own daughter. She depends on others to do things that SHOULD be HER responsibility! I have even heard on many occasions how Tabetha spoke to her mother, she was very disrespectful. If Tabetha was reading from the blog, her mother would tell her to stop talking about the damn blog. Even Darlene herself told me she hated when Tabetha read from it.

Tabetha wouldn’t listen, she would keep reading. From what I could remember, that was the only time I heard Darlene cuss. I never really heard her say any other words. When Darlene told Tabetha to get her daughter something to eat because she was hungry, Tabetha would yell back she is in the middle of something. I have witnessed Darlene get up out of bed, stumble to the kitchen & make her granddaughter something to eat.

If Darlene couldn’t get up, she would ask Dee to make the child a sandwich. Of all the different times being at Tabetha’s house, not one time did I ever see them sit down to a home cooked meal. Meals were always takeout like, pizza, fast food, sandwiches or something like that, never a home cooked meal.

As I was saying…

I was all ready & waiting on Tabetha to get it together. I had my belongings packed & loaded. After the shoot, I can be taken home instead of going back to her place to get it all. Tabetha laid in bed for hours before she FINALLY got her ass out of bed to get ready.

I REALLY did not want to do this, I just wanted to go home. I ended up doing it & told them, please, I do NOT want to go home late. It’s a Sunday night & I need to get some rest & get my son up for school the next day. They said okay, it won’t take long. YA, RIGHT…I did not get home until almost 11pm. I was so tired & hurting, hurting bad!

It took me a while to recover after that. Yes, I did have fun, but at the same time, I was worn out! It just seemed like Tabetha wanted to go, go, go with shoots & I cannot do that. I even told Dee that Tabetha is quickly burning me out from wanting to do photo shoots. We spent a long time taking photos, Tabetha alone had so many taken. I was past ready on going home!

I’m posting this as a warning to anybody that gets close to Tabetha Jones: watch out! She stole my ideas and my style and she’ll do the same thing to you.

Here are emails from Tabetha and Phoenix Effect and from that Photographer that probably doesn’t even exist.

Message from Phoenix Effect May 25 Phoenix Effect email April 17 1 Phoenix Effect email April 17 2 Phoenix Effect email April 17 3 Phoenix Effect email May 12 Phoenix Effect email May 21 Phoenix Effect email May 25 Phoenix Effect fb page May 9 Phoenix Effect May 25 2 Phoenix Effect May 25 Request Removal Tabetha April 17 1 Tabetha April 17 2 Tabetha April 17 3

I would also like to add, the reasons I will not remove the photos…

1. Dewayne Davenport is NOT a real person.
2. There was NO signing of a contract.
3. All photos were done in fun as Tabetha said.
4. The Phoenix Effect Photography is not a legal company.

New chapter, same lies

How many times have we heard it from Tabetha Jones?

“Love me or hate me, I am who I am, the bad-ass biker chick my daddy raised me to be, taking shit from no one, reaching for my dreams, standing tall, the survivor of domestic abuse.”
june11trainwreck2015 trainwreckb trainwreckc trainwreckd trainwrecke

It’s her patented go-to bio that she throws out every time she tries to reinvent herself for a) a new company, b) a new man or c) to trap new victims into her scam.

Well, she’s at it again. Only this time, her own name is such shit, she’s flying under the alternym of Zoey Sweete. She’s been trying to breathe life into Zoey as a real, live person for some time now, referring to Zoey in the third person, transferring all her titles into Zoey’s name, including her Magnum Opus, the Draven Witch series and her long-anticipated Bare-All autobiography of her time stalking dancers at the La Bare strip club. The one where the object of her affections can’t get through ten minutes without fingering her in the corner. You know, the one she doesn’t have permission from the club to write, no matter what name she tries to fly it under.

She’s even dusted of Emerald Rai Fleurs to be her alt’s alt. So make no mistake, folks, Tabetha Jones is both Zoey and Emerald, Ivy and at least half of the other names listed on the new company. The rest belong to that “other” owner (in name only) and maybe Nutsack Nicky. The one real guy they’ve snagged is coming to his senses quickly. I’m just glad we were able to get to him before she got her hooks in too deep.

She can change her hair, god knows she needs to change that makeup. The magic marker eyebrows seriously need to go. (I don’t know what school certified her with makeup skills like that, but I weep for anybody she ‘works’ on.) She can change her clothes, she can even change her name. Lord knows she uses enough of them already.

What she can’t change is her spots. She is who she is, and that will never change, because she honestly doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. She just gets pissed at US for pointing out what she is to new, unsuspecting victims. So she reinvents herself to keep right on doing what she does. And what she does is lie.

Case in point:
In reply to Tabetha/Zoey’s proclamation to be making a new start, somebody called her on it, pointing out that she, Tab, kept Cindy White’s work on her page up until June 12th of this year, despite MANY attempts by Cindy to remove it. Cindy, like many other authors, artists and models, want NOTHING more to do with Tabetha Jones, yet she doggedly refuses to let them go. She keeps authors’ work in circulation by way of those shifty third parties, and she keeps models’ pictures long after they’ve parted ways with her so they could go off in search of a REAL professional to work with. There are models right now that woudn’t piss on her if she was on fire because of how she’s behaved with them, yet she keeps their pictures on her pages, insisting that she has a right to do so because they signed her bullshit contract. I hope they come to their senses and DEMAND that she remove their work from her pages. They can wipe their asses with her illegal contract, and there isn’t a thing she can do about it. What’s she going to do, sue them?

Nope. That would take money she doesn’t have because she doesn’t have any new authors to rip off yet, and the stash isn’t selling as well as it used to, thanks to the heat she’s under. Other people’s disability checks and child support only go so far, and the beanpole isn’t even working, is he?

And even if she did have the cash, there’s no way that scamming fraud would willingly step in front of a judge. Not with her history of illegal escapades – and I don’t just mean these. No way in hell would she strut in front of a judge to point the finger at one of her victims. Even she isn’t that stupid.

Authors, models, artists, editors, anybody, you’re free to demand that your work be removed from her clutches. And, as far as those third party sales go, since you’re no longer (illegally) contracted to her, you can contact Ingram and Createspace yourself to see if any of your books have been sold through third parties. If they have, SHE GOT PAID FOR IT. Did you? No ? Guess what. That’s called piracy and theft. If you find out that any of your work has sold and you haven’t been paid, throw her rotund posterior in jail. You’ll be protecting not only your work, your royalties and your reputation, you’ll also be protecting those that follow. The ones she’ll target next.

But let’s get back to the lie at hand, shall we?  Tab says she didn’t keep Cindy’s name up on her page.
After getting called on keeping Cindy’s stuff on her page on June 12th,Tab’s reply on june 13th is to insist that she had done no such thing. She doesn’t steal, she claims. Doesn’t lie, either, right?  Well, looky here. Screen caps with the date/time stamp on them
Proving that Tabetha Jones is, as we already knew, a LIAR. Up until June 12th, when she got called on it, Tabetha did, indeed, still have Cindy’s name and work featured on her page. Insisting that it didn’t happen after hastily removing it overnight doesn’t mean Tab’s right. It means that she scrambled to cover her ass after getting nailed for doing shifty shit.

How much must it suck to be somebody with such a nonexistent life that she’s got to steal from others? Hell, she couldn’t even proclaim to make a new start without ripping off my “New chapter” approach. See the top of this page. She couldn’t even proclaim her (fake) identity on  her blog, saying “The name at the top of this page is…”

That’s a line I’ve been using lately myself, to remind her and the world at large, that this is my blog. The name at the top says “Lepplady” not Tabetha Jones. I’ve got myself saying that on tape in a conversation I had with both her and  her (former?) manager, Jamie. I really should transcribe those chats. They’re pretty enlightening.

No, boys and girls. Mythbusters proved that you actually can polish a turd but no matter how much gloss you slap on it, that bitch is still just full of shit.

Authors, don’t be fooled. No matter what name (real or imagined) she slaps on a company Tabetha Jones is still very much in charge, up to the same scheming, lying antics as ever,

And if she tries her other patented trick of “Everybody makes mistakes” or “Learning from the past,” take a good look at the dates on those caps. They’re very current. She doesn’t make mistakes; she has a pattern of cold, calculated schemes. And it isn’t “in the past” as she likes to say. It’s right now. She’s lying about Cindy’s work, and she’s lying about her involvement with the new company.

TABETHA JONES (Willis, Farmer, Saulters, Hoover, Henley, Olejnick, whatever) IS A LIAR.

If you happen upon her in your hopes of becoming a professional anything, run. Run as fast as you can. She will chew you up, spit you out, and blame you for it if any gets on her shoes.

You’ll probably thank me later, so I’ll just say it now.

You’re welcome.

Demons and Deities

Lest Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Farmer, Henley, Willis, Saulters, Olejnick, whatever) think she’s fallen off our radar, here’s the latest in a long line of publishing companies she’s had a hand in.

First, there was Mystic Press that she “took over” from a couple of girls named Brandy and Wendy, who may or may not be real people. They’re never active online unless it serves the purposes of Tabetha when she needs to blame them, or to confirm that they really do exist. Really!

A lot of people got very badly dealt with by Tabetha Jones during that time, including my daughter. Tabetha took money up front from authors and then failed to deliver contracted goods and services. My daughter eventually got paid back, but there remain many authors from that time (to this) who were ripped off, battered and abused at her hands, and were never repaid. She blamed everything on Wendy and Brandy, then gloated that the statute of limitations had run out on those Mystic authors, so she didn’t have to pay them a dime. Nice, eh?

Still blaming Wendy and Brandy, she changed the name of the company to Phoenix Fire publishing, to “rise from the ashes” of the terrible company she inherited. SHE says that it was “to get a fresh start,” but we all know that it’s because she couldn’t get out from under the weight of proof that all the Mystic authors had on her. This change took place very shortly after her questionable business practices were reported to her local Attorney General. She says that’s pure coincidence, of course. But anybody with half a brain cell knows it was a dodge to try to avoid investigation.

She pulled the same thing under PF, lying to authors, reportedly not paying proper royalties,continuing the same Anthology scam where she ropes one or two real authors into contributing, saying “The publisher doesn’t even take a cut!” The royalties to be divided evenly among the authors. But there’s a catch. Say there are contributions from 10 authors. Catch is, she’s 8 of them. So, while the “publisher” claims not to take a cut, she’s still taking home 8 pieces of the pie, isn’t she?

Of important note is that famous separation fee. In all of Tab’s contracts, there’s a separation penalty. If and when an author catches wise and wants out, she slaps ’em with a parting shot. Authors have paid hundreds just to get away from her. Or if she’s strapped for cash to hang out at the strip club or get some new ink, and she can’t con an author or friend into paying a bill for her, she’ll terminate an author, blame the author, and hit ’em with that fine.

As ever, it doesn’t take long for her reputation to catch up with her, so she tried several times to switch up her company. First, she had some mysterious “investor” that wanted to pick it up, implying that it “might” involve the owner of her favorite strip joint, and then possibly a family member of a co-owner.

That deal got busted, so she tried to start a new deal called Silver Fang with then co-owner Jacqueline, but Jackie wised up and got out. That left Tab high and dry and stuck with PF. Insisting the whole while that things were just great and peachy at PF, Tab scrambled desperately to find somebody to pawn her train wreck off on.

When she couldn’t find a real person to scam into putting their name on it, she made one up. Destiny Rane Storm, she said, had bought out her company and was taking it over, changing the name to Dark Storm Publications.

It didn’t take long to poke holes in that fraud. Tab finally admitted that she was, indeed, Destiny Rane, and that Dark Storm was still her baby.

Finally, it looks like she found someone gullible and foolish enough to put their own name on Tab’s bogus. publishing schemes. Leah Diane Hutchinson (Thompson) has long been complicit with Tab, providing image work through her Black Diamond Designs and participating in at least one Cover-Tab’s-ass blog.

Now, Leah has agreed to “buy” Dark storm out and take over. Tab’s “only” an author, they insist. Leah runs the place, lock, stock, and barrel. And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

It’s just like the Phoenix Effect photo company that (supposedly) belongs to Tab’s sister, Dee Jones (Osbourne). It does, in name only. By all accounts, Tab does all the paperwork,online activity, and calls all the shots at whatever photo shoots they manage to set up  that aren’t just friends playing dress up.

Same thing with Demons and Deities, the latest incarnation of Tab’s ambitions. Leah does have her name on it, and the search is on to see if it’s a legally registered taxable entity in the state of Massachusetts.

And before anybody starts accusing me of stalking (*eye roll*) The Demons and Deities website is up and running, and the fact that it’s in Massachusetts is is splashed right on the front page.
And on their contact info page.

So far, I don’t see anything proving that it’s a legal taxable entity. A search of the Secretary of State showed nothing for Demons and Deities.
And nothing at all under the name Leah D Hutchinson.
Nothing under Leah Thomas, either.

Have a look for yourself, here. If you find anything that proves that they exist as a legal business, by all means, let us know.

It’s possible that she’s saying that the business is a sole proprietorship and therefore doesn’t need to be a matter of public record. That’s one of Tabetha’s favorite excuses for not properly registering a business. But let’s not forget that Demons and Deities is an acquired company, by the “former” owners admission. That means there has to be paperwork showing the legal transfer of ownership, contracts, all sorts of things. If anybody can show proof of the transfer of ownership, hit us up with that, too.

And there’s more to running a business legally, too. There’s that pesky DBA and taxation information. There’s all kinds of paperwork involved with acquiring a business. Let’s see a single shred of it.

Looks like even if Tab’s not pulling the strings, Leah took notes.

And there are more similarities between “Leah’s” company and Tabetha’s, as well. Have a look at their “about” page.
First and foremost, there’s Tabetha’s patented “We’re a family” line. Make ’em feel wanted, make ’em feel loved make ’em feel like family and they’ll put up with more questionable antics than a stranger with a mere business association would. Keep ’em dazzled by “family” bullshit, and they won’t notice a pick-pocketing hand sliding into their pocket.

I’ve said it many times. There’s got to be a comfortable business relationship between an author and publisher. But it’s got to be BUSINESS. Authors don’t need to know what’s going on in a publisher’s private life. Period.

More disturbingly, Demons and Deities charge authors money up front, for both cover art and editing. No matter who’s running a publishing company, that’s the only red flag an author needs to see. If a company charges, run the other way. Money flows TO the author, not FROM.

A quick look at their authors page shows another one of Tab’s favorite tricks. A roster full of aliases. I’d be surprised if even a single name on that page is a real person and not an alt.

For example, the first guy on the list is “E. W. Farnsworth, author of Among Waterfowl.”
I did find a title by someone named E. W. Farnsworth, but it was a book called Bitcoin Fandango. Not ‘Among Waterfowl.’ I’d have to wonder if it’s the same fellow, or if it’s a matter of a name being used in copycat, like the two Ivy Sinclairs. (read about that little bit of shrewd business here)

Truth is, I’m hard-pressed to find most of the authors listed on that page. Max Raven and Nick Zarpour have little search results, if any. There is a Ty Arthur, but all I could find written by him is reviews. Vaughn Rayne is one of the authors alts that posted in To my lover’s dismay, with no other online presence at all, so we already know to question the validity of that identity. Beyond that, there’s only the copycat Ivy, Leah and her alt, Tab and hers. So, it looks like Leah’s picked up that trick from Tab, too. Making it look like her company appear to be more impressive and prolific than it really is by padding the roster with a fist full of fakes.

Also worthy of note is that there’s a copyright claim on the front page.
But I couldn’t find a single result on the copyright webpage.
Check for yourself and see if you can find one.

Looks like by teaming up with Tab, Leah’s following the same crooked path, right out of the gate. If I were a betting type of girl, my money would say that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Demons and Deities here on my blog.

And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the name Tabetha Jones (Saulters, Hoover, Willis, Henley, Olejnick, whatever) pops up as being more than an author. Like with her sister’s company, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Tab’s pulling the strings behind this one, too.

Time will tell.

Authors, if there’s a real one among you that’s signed with Deities and Demons, RUN.
And don’t worry if you’ve already signed your name on the dotted line. If a company isn’t legal, neither are its contracts. You can wipe your ass with that thing and tell them to take a hike. Don’t let them tell you that you have to pay a separation fee, and tell them to shove any “nondisclosure” statement straight up their noses.

Like Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, Silver Fang and Dark Storm before it, Demons and Deities is NOT a publishing scheme you want your name involved with if you want a serious career in writing.

You’re welcome.