Dark Storm brewing


This was posted on the Dark Storm Facebook page today.

Tabetha Hoover Jones appears to be handing Dark Storm Publications over to Leah Diane Hutchinson, lock, stock, and barrel.

There are whispers floating around about why, and when I have proof positive, I’ll post it. Until then, I want to assure the public that just because Dark Storm is changing hands, that doesn’t mean that it automatically falls off my radar. Hoover Jones likes to say that I have a personal vendetta against her, but that’s not entirely true. I’m dedicated to making sure that authors don’t get scammed by somebody fraudulently posing as an indie publisher, no matter who has the keys to the front door. If anything, I’ll be looking closer.

There are a few observations that I’d like to make.
First, it doesn’t matter what some dodgy contract says. When a company is closed, sold, given away, or otherwise changes hands, CONTRACTS DO NOT CARRY OVER. So, if there are any authors still with Dark Storm (with a pulse. Not those that are alts), The screen cap above is all you need to walk. That’s confirmation that you can take back ownership of your work, and consider yourself no longer legally obligated to that company.

And you do NOT owe anybody a single thin dime. So if either the old or new owner of that company try to hit you up for that $125 sep fee, tell them to stuff it.

There are a whole host of reasons pertaining to publishing and business law that probably make Dark Storm a completely illegal company that doesn’t exist, like Phoenix Fire and Mystic Press before it. I could list them, but suffice it to say that there’s a LOT of paperwork that needs to be done when a company changes hands, and if you haven’t seen that paperwork first hand, it doesn’t exist. Take note, authors. You’re clear. You’re free. Walk away. There’s not a single legal thing they can do to you.

I’ve already mentioned LD Hutchinson in relation to other projects, like Midnight Hour publishing and Black Diamond Designs. If she’s taking over as the owner of Dark Storm, she can expect to see her name all over this blog, one way or the other. If she doesn’t like that, she should have thought of that before she agreed to take over a company that has a history of scamming people.

Also of note is that, while the change of ownership has been made public on Facebook, the DSP website still has Tab as the owner. There’s nothing at all on their blog. So, unlike a professional company that would announce changes after they’re made and the company is ready to roll, they’ve got their online presence scattered and disjointed, with different sites showing different information. Can we say unprofessional, much?

It’s pretty obvious that DSP isn’t being improved in the least by the announced change of ownership. Instead, it’s being handed over to someone who’s far too young and inexperienced to do any publishing company any justice. The fact that her ownership was announced before the company is even ready to roll alone shows that there’s a screaming lack of professionalism going on. Rather, it looks like she thinks she can just plug in the passwords and pick up where Tabetha left off.

It doesn’t work that way.

Authors, you’ve been given your walking papers. Use them. RUN. You don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to sign anything. Just take your work and walk. Find a publisher that can treat you and your work with the respect and professionalism you deserve.

You’re welcome.


59 thoughts on “Dark Storm brewing

    • Jt it is really none of your business why I am signing over the company to Ms. Hutchinson. I made a decision that was the best for the company, the authors, and myself. She will ensure things run smoothly. If I don’t self publish you can bet Leah Hutchinson will be the first to have them.

      I simply made a choice there is nothing behind it other than a personal decision.

      • Notice she didn’t argue that fact. She didn’t pay attention to a single thing I said about the company at all. The only thing she cared enough to address was her personal crap, which I didn’t even delve into.

        That’s Tabetha Hoover Jones. Her personal drama comes first for her. The business is barely an afterthought.

        Seeing the light yet people?

      • Tabetha, you put every single little aspect of your private life online for the world to see, from who you’re sleeping with to your vaginal mesh implant. You don’t care about privacy. You just don’t want anybody nosing around into what’s really going on with you right now. Well, I’m sorry to say, but there’s such a thing as public records, and that tale will be told sooner or later. And when it does, I’m sure you’ll TRY your hardest to make it my fault, somehow, instead of accepting responsibility for your own actions.

        Leah, I know you’re seeing this. I want to give you one last chance to get a clue about what’s going on.

        Get out of Tabetha’s company. Get out now, while you still can. It’s one thing to be complicit in her scams as a collaborator or independent contractor. It’s another thing entirely when you become legally responsible for what she’s been doing. By taking ownership of her company, you’re putting yourself directly in the line of fire for fraud, business fraud, tax fraud, theft, scam, and everything else YOU KNOW she’s been doing all this time.

        Up until now, you’ve had the luxury of sitting on the sidelines throwing a ball into play now and then. But by accepting ownership, even if it is in name only, YOU become liable for everything involved with that company. And it you’ve got half a brain cell in your head, YOU KNOW SHE’S CROOKED. You know how she jerks people around, and you’ve even been party to it. But that’s different from being liable for it yourself.

        Tax fraud is a federal offense that she and her company ARE being investigated for. Just because she hasn’t been arrested (for that. Yet), that doesn’t mean she’s gotten away with it. We’re talking about FEDERAL charges, here. You’re very young. Do you really want to throw away your future for somebody that doesn’t give two shits about you? Because she doesn’t. If you think otherwise, you’re being naive.

        Why do you think she’s gone through so many co-owners over the years? It’s because they realize what she’s up to, and they don’t want to be legally liable for it, the way she’s setting you up to be legally liable now. She WILL face some tough questions about her taxes over the last few years, and I think we all know she won’t have the answers.

        The real question is, when that time comes, and it IS coming, do you want to be sitting next to her wearing orange? For how many years of your life? Does she really mean that much to you that you’re willing to even RISK throwing away your life for her? Or would you rather try to put together a future for yourself? I’m here to tell ya, kid, there’s no future with her. Just ask all the people that have come and gone before you. Let her sister run the company, if Tabetha won’t be around to run it for herself. You don’t need that kind of heat. Get out from under while you still can.

        The same advice could go out to her young boyfriend. There’s no future with that woman. Just ask all the other guys she’s gone through. I’m sure she wants you to think that you’re special, somehow. What did she tell you about those other guys? “They didn’t know how to treat a lady right like you do.”? Dude, do you really think you’re the first guy that’s heard that line? Wake up, kid. For whatever reason, she’s using you. You need to take the same advice I’m giving Leah, and get out while you still can. THERE IS NO FUTURE WITH TABETHA HOOVER JONES. The sooner BOTH of you realize that and get out of Dodge, the better off you’ll be.

        Most importantly, the same advice applies to authors. GET OUT. Take your work, tear those contracts up (they were illegal in the first place, anyway) ant RUN. Make a name for yourself and hope upon HOPE that your time associated with that fraud doesn’t haunt you for the rest of your career.

        Just get out. I don’t know what else to tell you. The truth is right in front of you. Open your eyes. Take a good look at it, GET OUT.

      • Obvoisly, Lepplady, you give this Leah person more credit than I do. Then again, I am known for being a suspicious, cynical person. I believe Leah is going into this with eye wide open — for instance, how long has this blog been up? She is no innocent, and simply was a piece of the (imaginary) pie. As far as I’m concerned let her eat cake – in jail with her “bestie!”

      • Don’t get me wrong. I believe she knows what she’s doing. But that’s not the same as knowing what she’s getting into. She THINKS she knows what her role is in Tab’s schemes. But, like many before her, she’ll find out that she’s just another disposable pawn. If, after reading all of this, and knowing Tab as well as she does, she continues to be complicit, then fine. LET her become legally responsible for all of Tabetha’s scams. And let her sit in the next jail cell over when the IRS comes knodcking on HER door for tax fraud. More power to ’em. The literary world will be well rid of them both.

  1. Tab has told us everything from her abusice exes, to the health of everyone in her family -including her “lady parts” surgery and, well…. a whole bunch of personal crap she shouldn’t be telling the world. But changing ownership of her ” company” is suddenly too personal. I call bullshit!

    • Lepp I never mentioned anything about a vaginial mesh must have me confused. What goes on in my life that is NOT posted on Facebook is none of yours on anyone’s business. If I share something then at least respect it if it is family related.

      I’m moving on from the publishing world so I suggest you move on from me.

      • The word I was thinking of was LASH. Not Mesh. I used the wrong word. My mistake.

        I was thinking of THIS POST where you explained, in intimate detail, how you had not one, but two hystorectomies with the LASH procedure, dragging your own health issues out as excuses for why you refused to provide proof that your company wasn’t legal. And then bitched at US for talking about your personal issues. After YOU posted them.

        Do you realize what you just said? You said that if you share something, you want us to respect it because it’s family related.

        Do you even BEGIN to understand what a contradiction that is?

        “I can post personal information on the internet, but you can’t talk about it because it’s personal.”

        Doesn’t work that way. Sorry. If YOU post it, whatever it is, YOU’VE made it public domain. YOU.

        It’s pretty simple. If you don’t want something personal discussed, don’t put it on the internet to hide behind as an excuse when somebody asks you about your business, and expect people not to call you on it.

        Moved on from publishing? We’ll see. This wouldn’t be the first time you put somebody else’s name on your business as a dodge. MP and PF were both formed under a family name, why? To avoid paying taxes?

        Even the current company started with a different name on it. Destiny Rane Storm, was it? Then, when that didn’t wash, you finally admitted that it’s still your company, and you tried to go all legit, putting your name on a DBA. Thank you very much for leading the IRS straight to your door with that little move, BTW.

        And, for the record, if you think giving the business away will get the IRS to knock on Leah’s door instead of yours, think again. No matter how far you distance yourself from your bogus business practices, at least in name, you don’t erase the last three or four years. Those frauds don’t just magically go away, no matter how many graveyards you strip or have sex in, no matter how many trinkets from Party Central you “bless” and no matter how many mumbo-jumbo chants you make up. And the statute of limitations hasn’t run out on them. The IRS doesn’t work that way, and they take tax fraud very seriously. You’ll see. Sure, they’ll knock on Leah’s door, too, if she’s foolish enough to put her name on your business. But don’t for a second think that means they won’t knock on yours, too.

        You’ll find out.

        One possibility is that you’re getting Leah to put her name on your business for one of several reasons.
        1) either you finally realize that you’ve fucked yourself with the IRS and you’re hoping to dodge their attention by giving away the company. But is the change in name only? Do you still plan to run it? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.
        2) Maybe you’re just playing for sympathy. “Look, I gave my company away and Lepplady’s STILL picking on me!” Victim, victim.
        3) Maybe you won’t be around to run it, for a while. Could be you’re getting ready to take a little trip and won’t have direct access to the internet, or to the business, for whatever reason. So, you’re going to “let” Leah run it for you? With you still calling the shots from… wherever? And having her send you whatever money you convince her that she owes you? Maybe even getting her to send you money out of her own pocket, too, if you can get her to think she’s obligated, either sympathetically or because of how you “say” the business should be run?

        Time will tell. If you really are out of publishing, all the better for authors. But don’t think for a second that I buy that you’re walking away from it. I’m more likely to believe that you’re still running the show, and Leah’s just letting you use her name to do it with. We’ve tried urging her not to do it. Here’s hoping she has the good sense to listen. If not, oh well. Can’t say she wasn’t warned.

  2. First off you can’t say that the company is private business, when you Tabetha made it public domain. Again always the victim. Get over yourself. Really??? You make an announcement on a PUBLIC social media page about a business that YOU made public, then want to boo hoo that it is private business? You really are twisted aren’t you?

    You come on here crying foul, but still can’t answer about the works that you had no idea that were still on your page, a year later. Please, where are your priorities? Now you are running scared and trying to dump your problems on a young girl who is just starting out.

    You stoop to new lows at every turn. Using these young people to get out of trouble, and make new scapegoats. How many people’s lives are you going to destroy? I want to say something so badly but will hold my tongue for now.

    Leah please don’t accept this invitation. It will destroy all you are trying to accomplish on your own. You don’t strike me as a stupid person, but this would be the dumbest move of your entire life. I know you think we are tabby bashers, we aren’t. I was burned by her. Come on sweetie read the head’s up post. It shows how she really is. Do you want to be in debt before you start?

    Think about it, you take over her company, you take on all. Past, present and future. Can you afford the attorneys and fees that will incur when a class action suit is brought up on the company you inherited? All is being investigated, fraud, theft, tax evasion and that is just federal. When you get into copyright infringement, nonpayment of royalties and lying about donation to a non-profit organization, well that is a whole new level of your screwed.

    Joshua, for you I will say don’t be flattered. You are not the only one who has been called daddy. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, the poor innocent, or all the many men who thought they were that special. Just look at her past, she is a chameleon, constantly changing and adapting to what ever swinging dick she can latch on to. You are not the first and won’t be the last.

    Both of you need to RUN don’t look back and block her from your lives. Or you will feel pain in ways you could never imagine. She will suck the life out of you. All the pain she causes will be your pain.

    • Tab insists that all we do here is hate, but that’s not true. We’re here warning these two to steer clear of a damaging person, not out of hate, but of concern. I really hope they understand that and take heed.

    • My specific words were if I post something that is Not personal which if it is or family related seeing I have family on my page have the respect to back off. Which those posts are usually private but doesn’t stop you from getting them any way does it?

      I have family personal reasons for allowing Leah to take over ownership and those are none of your business. The post was made to inform everyone as a whole.

      When I decide to put my books back up it will be thru DSP. Because I trust Leah with my work. But I do have other things going on in my life. My health and family are more important.

      As for you Cindy its really known of your business what happens between my fiancé and myself or what my daughter calls him. Point is she is well loved well taken care of and loves the family that surrounds her.

      In fact to prove I’m not such a soulless bitch I’ll be happy to send you all invitations to the wedding.

      Again I’m moving away as a publisher in the writing world. Eventually I will re-release my books and continue to publish others but right now I am concentrating on my family my health my school and personal matters.

      I am asking you kindly to back off DSP and allow Leah to do a wonderful job. I wouldn’t have handed my company over to anyone.

      As I said I’m moving on to new things new dreams and will continue my passion for writing but its time you moved on from me and left all this die with my ownership of dark storm.

      • Wedding? Gonna ride up the isle on the back of your daddy’s Harley to this one, too?

        You move a guy you don’t even know into our house after knowing him for a week, get engaged to him in two weeks, and you have your kid calling him daddy. Not only do you transform yourself into whatever you think your flavor of the week wants you to be, but you conform your child to identify to the new guy as well. “She wanted to wear jeans and boots just like her daddy.”

        There’s something very wrong with you if you don’t realize the psychological damage you’re doing to your kid by inserting new men into her life, forcing her to accept them as a father without allowing proper time for that relationship to develop naturally, and forcing her into the mentality that she must identify herself with him. It’s emotional abuse, and you not only don’t see it, you don’t care. All that matters to you is YOU. If you cared one whit about that poor kid, you’d consider HER first, and your sex life second. But you don’t get that, and you never will.

        The new guy will realize soon enough that you’re putting on a facade. Just like Randy did when he found out you weren’t his sweet little country girl you had him believing, wearing plaid and trying to be all wholesome. Whatever you’ve got this kid thinking, he’ll find out that it’s a lie and he’ll leave, too, whether you’ve gotten him to marry you or not. He’ll go, just like they all go, because you are a heartless, soulless shell of flesh, concerned only with yourself. If Josh has a single brain cell that still works, he’ll go talk to Randy and find out why he bolted. You’ll say it’s lies, but you say every truth about you is lies.

        The whole world can’t be lies, and the only one telling the truth about you is lying. Dude needs to stop thinking with his little head, look around, and save himself from you as soon as possible.

        But the biggest factor in all of this is your daughter. Guys can come and go, but she’s stuck with you. And when the next guy comes along, and the one after that, and the one after that, you’ll get her to conform to what you think would appeal to them the most, too. Whether it’s a sinner or a saint, a sweet southern belle or a rowdy party girl, calling all of them daddy. You’ve already got her pretending to drool over strippers, and that’s just seriously wrong. I say pretend, because a girl that age has no idea what sexy means. She only knows what you tell her it means. And no kid that age knows what a strippers “V-line” is unless mom tells her. Think about that. You’re teaching your 7 year old kid to lust over strippers and lie to men. You’re teaching her to lie, period. You’re teaching her to obsess over drama, and you’re screwing up her priorities.

        If you had a single maternal bone in your body, you’d stop being so proud of turning her into your “mini-me” and instead, teach her to be all the wonderful things you’re NOT. She’s a bright, beautiful kid. She should be having mom encouraging her in academics and social activities that don’t involve teaching her how to be a stripper slut or carrying message around that you’re going to kill yourself because some imaginary bounty hunter named Bo is going to put a bullet in your head over a termination fee you’re trying to scam some poor model out of. Do you even realize how sick that is? If you cared about that kid at ALL, you’d be horrified at yourself for doing such horrible things to your daughter.

        But you don’t. All you’re going to take away from this comment is an excuse to play victim because I dared to talk about your “private” life that YOU made public in the first place. You, you you. That’s all you care about.

        It’s just such a shame that strangers on a blog care more about your kid than you do. You truly and honestly shouldn’t e raising her. It’s a tragedy that there’s nobody in that poor child’s life that’s willing to stand up and fight for her. It really is.

      • “It’s a personal matter, and now I’m gonna tell you want is, so I can blame you for talking about it later.” The Tabetha Jones Translator

    • My specific words were if I post something that is Not personal which if it is or family related seeing I have family on my page have the respect to back off. Which those posts are usually private but doesn’t stop you from getting them any way does it?

      I have family personal reasons for allowing Leah to take over ownership and those are none of your business. The post was made to inform everyone as a whole.

      When I decide to put my books back up it will be thru DSP. Because I trust Leah with my work. But I do have other things going on in my life. My health and family are more important.

      As for you Cindy its really known of your business what happens between my fiancé and myself or what my daughter calls him. Point is she is well loved well taken care of and loves the family that surrounds her.

      In fact to prove I’m not such a soulless bitch I’ll be happy to send you all invitations to the wedding.

      Again I’m moving away as a publisher in the writing world. Eventually I will re-release my books and continue to publish others but right now I am concentrating on my family my health my school and personal matters.

      I am asking you kindly to back off DSP and allow Leah to do a wonderful job. I wouldn’t have handed my company over to anyone.

      As I said I’m moving on to new things new dreams and will continue my passion for writing but its time you moved on from me and left all this die with my ownership of dark storm. BTW its just Jones I haven’t been Hoover since my divorce. Please do get things right.

  3. Where is Jamie Mills in all of this? We haven’t heard from her in awhile. Is Dark storm’s so-called manager part of this deal?

    • Still says on her FB that she’s Dark Storm’s “manager” but we haven’t heard from her in a while, have we? Let’s hope that means she’s putting that business degree to good use in a company that has a future.

  4. Are you really that simple, Tabetha? Personal? Really? Since I was introduced to this blog all I have seen is YOUR personal business aired out for all to read. The funny thing is, that all your “personal” business you claim as private is told by you or your lemmings, or alts. When are you going to speak about your theft? What about the findings of all the authors works on your page? Your so called “personal” page that you made public. You can’t have it both ways. Life doesn’t work that way. When are you going to explain the nonprofit organization that you supposedly donated all those royalties to? Where are the 1099’s for the authors? Stop being such a coward and admit what you have done to cause these people to be so pissed off at you. Admit your theft and lies. Admit to all the people you have done wrong to all of what you have done. You won’t, because as much as you claim to be such a bad ass biker bitch, lady or whatever, you are nothing but a shallow mocking bird, and the biggest pussy I have ever heard of. Always the victim always innocent. I call bullshit. Why are you so afraid of answering those questions of your integrity? Afraid that all, even that boy you are filling with bullshit, will see who you really are?

    • She’ll never admit her lies.

      She’ll never admit that she tells authors lies about how many books they sell.

      She’ll never admit that she gets money for third party sales. Instead, she now says that those third party sales must be books that the AUTHOR gave away. Even after she already admitted that books get sold through Ingram, Amazon, even Ebay, and that the publisher gets money for those, she expects the new lie to fly.

      She’ll never admit that she got authors to submit work to an anthology that she says was supposed to benefit a local battered women’s shelter, even though she produced no paperwork proving that any such contribution was ever made. Yet, at the same time, she refuses to consider an author’s request to benefit a REAL charity (not her own pocket).

      She’ll never admit that she hasn’t paid taxes properly in all the years that she’s owned this company, not issuing a single 1099 form to any author, artist, model or editor that ever worked for her.

      She’ll never admit that she threw artists under the bus when she got caught using copyrighted images she didn’t pay for. And, while we’re on the subject of copyrights, let’s hear her explain how she has the rights to use songs by artists like Pink in her trailers? She doesn’t, of course.

      She’ll never admit that she scams people wit that Sep fee, because that’s where the real money is. She doesn’t edit, format, market or promote any of her authors’ books. There’s no real money to be made there, because there really aren’t many sales. How could there be when she puts out such crap. No. The real money she gets is the up-front money she still gets (for artwork or swag) and the separation fee she bilks them out of when they wise up and leave her. Any author that thinks she’s interested in publishing needs to consider that carefully.

      She’ll never admit that she did anything wrong. That’s why we’re here. To say it for her because she’ll never admit it for herself.

      Her toothpick boy-toy will find out what she is, just like everybody does. And he’ll split, too. just like they all do. It’s just a matter of how long she can keep pulling the wool over his eyes. Dude needs to go talk to James, who Tabetha accuses of rape and aggravated assault. Randy, who she accuses of beating her as well. Hell. ALL of her exes that she accuses of beating her – even though she’s supposed to be this bad-ass biker bitch that takes shit from no-one 9and who has a 1% biker gang at her beck and call to take care of anybody that screws with her). Yet all those guys that supposedly beat her are still free, not in jail, and not six feet under thanks to her biker buddies. He needs to see that the lies he KNOWS she tells about her business are the same kind of lies she’s telling him.

      If he doesn’t care that she’s lying through her teeth to him about her exes, her business, herself, about me, her authors, and every single thing else in her life, then he deserves everything he gets. But I’m guessing that he’s just a dumb kid that doesn’t know any better. He THINKS he knows her, but so did Randy when he got back together with her. He thought he was getting his country babe back, but instead got a slob that stays up all night playing with pretty pills, lays around the house all day doing nothing a real wife and mother should, and who’s more interested in feeling up models, drenched in buckets of blood. She cares more about bitching about this blog than just about anything. I DARE anybody reading this to tell me that she didn’t bitch about this blog within the first ten minutes of meeting her.

      When the new guy does open his eyes, finally, she’ll probably accuse him of being abusive, too. I hope he’s prepared for that. If not, he can’t say he wasn’t warned.

  5. Oh joy, Tabetha is getting married yet again. Please send me that invite, I would love to be the one who objects to your abuse of that young man. Is one of you biker guys going to drive you down the aisle on his Harley since daddy isn’t able to? Oh wait that was for your supposed wedding to Eric. Sorry you make up so many lies and tales it is quite hard to keep them straight.

    What you fail to realize is when you post PUBLIC, no matter how “private” you claim you make it, hello dumb ass, it is PUBLIC. That little icon that looks like a globe, that makes it public knowledge. But you already know that. It is just your sorry ass excuse to try and cover up all the times you lied, cheated and stole from people.

    You come on here bitching about things that have no bearing on the topic at hand. Why Is that? Is it possible that you can’t answer for your crap, that the only thing you can attempt to do is make the ones YOU screwed over confused and hope that they forget the real reason for the blog. Not happening toots, until you are made to pay for your actions, I am going to keep warning people.

    By the way, whoever is writing for you needs a raise. We all know that you can’t write for spit. And that it is not your forte’ to be so polite. Trying to get people to believe that you are being harassed is such a childish move. But you LOVE playing victim. Don’t you?

    Let’s see with Eric you were a “freak”, Randy well you were a little homemaker, sweet country gal, and with this new toy you are a rebel, red necked camouflage loving hell raiser. Who are you really Tabetha? You put all your business out.there and then complain about someone made a remark. If you don’t want people to know what you are really about, don’t make it public knowledge. Stupid daft cow.

    Why not stop being such a creatin and attempt to be human. Face the music of all your deceit, come clean on all, and no half asses blaming others for YOUR wrongdoing, but the entire deal. Starting with the lies you fed your sister, to the authors, cover artists and models.

    In parting, way to go honoring your mom. Didn’t you say just a few months ago that she begged you not to give up. That you swore to her that you weren’t going to let the “haters” get you down. What integrity, what heart, can we say that you can’t even be straight with a person’s last “wish”, so what makes us think that you can be honest with us?

    Waiting for you to be a REAL woman and face all your wrong doing, but you won’t, as usual you are a coward.

    • Maybe her “giving up” is beyond her control. It’s possible that there are events (which I’m sure will be my fault, somehow) unfolding that will leave her incapable of running things. At least not first hand. I have no doubt that she’ll still be calling the shots and demanding the money for it. And then when/if she returns, she’ll take that company back, waving the flag of the put-upon heroine who has “survived” “overcome” and is now back to “follow her dreams” because she’s her daddy’s never-give-up little girl and she promised her mother on her deathbed that she’d never stop chasing her dreams. Just like every other time she’s tried to reinvent her company.

      The thing that gets me about this “marriage” is that she KNOWS it isn’t going to work out. She KNOWS she doesn’t really give a rat’s ass for that kid. She’s just using him. It’s never going to last, and SHE KNOWS IT. But she doesn’t care about what she’s going to put him through with a sham marriage and ugly divorce. If she had any heart at all, she’d spare him the drama that we all know is coming for him.

      Nothing ends pretty with her. It ends painfully. She knows that going in, with authors, with business associates, and with men. She knows it. Hell, she PLANS it. And she doesn’t care who she hurts. Dude will find out, like everybody does, that we’re telling the truth. He’s being a willing victim, having seen all of this (and I know you have bro, you’re all over my stat tracker), yet still going along with it. One one hand, I say it serves him right and he deserves everything he gets. But on the other hand, he might know that she’s crooked, and he might think he’s having fun with this southern rebel, bad-girl older woman. But he has no idea what she’s really capable of. He probably thinks it’s funny when we say that she’ll probably accuse him of beating her. She’d never do that, and we’re all liars, because she’s told him that he’s the best man she’s ever had, that he treats her like a real woman, because he’s the only real man she’s ever had, things like that. He THINKS he knows what he’s getting. But he doesn’t. Those eyes that he looks into when he beds her will be the same ones that stare him down, cold as ice, when the inevitable happens. Those lips she kisses him with will be the same ones that snarl and accuse him of doing unspeakable things to her, and probably her daughter. Refer to the photos where both this guy and mom appear to be tonguing that kid at a school function. Disturbing, at best. Who does that? Who lets “Daddy” tongue at their kid like that? They may be joking or think it’s cute somehow, but it’s just sick. And I’m guessing that it’ll be “proof” of what she’ll probably say he’s been up to, that she didn’t know! And, oh, the HORROR! Same way it’s likely she’ll say that those photos of him with his hands on her throat are proof that he abused her. She thought she could change him! She was too scared to say anything! Oh, the HORROR!

      You get the idea.

      Point being, we know she’s capable of these sorts of accusations, and more. Just ask her ex. Ask all of ’em.

      He’ll find out.

      As ever, all the drama is intended for one purpose: to divert attention away from what’s really going on. She never answers questions about business, even though we’ve provided years worth of proof. She can’t explain anything legitimately. She drags up drama to deflect attention away from the real truth. Why do you think she made those mommy-daddy-school pics public, for the world to see? To play mother of the year? Maybe. “Look what a great mom I am! I managed to roll my carcass out of bed before two in the afternoon to go to a school function!” To get us to pick on her so that she can play victim? Probably. “Look how horrible they are! Picking on a little girl like that!”


      We’re not picking on her. Yet again, SHE put those pictures out there for the world to see, with potentially HIGHLY inappropriate tongue action going on with a 7 year old kid. Putting her kid in the middle of her public, online presence. And she probably did it just so that people WOULD comment. So, either way, she’s got zero room to play victim.

      Whatever she’s hiding, it’ll come to the light of day. Hopefully pretty soon.

  6. Honestly, Lepp, what i’m doing is changing the entire company — contract included. No fee’s for parting or signing, anyone who wants to go can. I already looked over things there’s literally no fee’s coming towards me anywhere that’s in written documentation. If anyone has issues, they can come to me. If it has to do with Mystic though, or anything prior to Dark Storms, i’m not looking into it.

    Dark Storms has all its paperwork, and that’s what i’m working with is the Dark Storms stuff only. I only just saw this today because I honestly don’t actually keep up with your blog I don’t see why I should. You can carry on here, that’s fine. The IRS is owed nothing and will be paid taxes and such as that so i do not seen any actual concern.

    If YOU have a problem, you can contact me via e-mail otherwise, you can continue on that’s fine. I can simply ignore this blog, no skin off my back. I’m simply here for the Authors and honestly? Dark Storms isn’t really what’s being kept. What’s being kept is the Authors. New name, new contracts, new everything. The Authors can come or go that is up to them.

    • Now that I’ve had a moment to look this over more carefully, several factors stand out.

      First, “fees” isn’t plural or possessive. No apostrophe needed. If you plan to be some uber publisher, you should be aware of that. Just saying.

      Second, YOU “looked over things”..? In what way are you even CLOSE to being qualified to “look over things” and determine what’s legit and what’s not? You have neither the education nor experience to know whether or not a company is legally formed. If you think that a couple of names on a piece of paper make a company legitimate, you’re very naive. Which, I’m sure, is what Tab’s counting on.

      Third, if you think that the current company is no way legally liable for the illegal actions of its (previous?) owner, you’re very mistaken. When you take over a company, you take over EVERYTHING about the company, past and present. Including its liability and its debts. Which leads us to…

      Fourth, If you think the company you’re taking over is above board in the tax department, you’re just being dumb. Are you aware of a single 1099 for that got sent out for last year’s taxes? (If you say yes, you’re a liar, too.) Her/Your company IS being investigated for all sorts of violations, including tax fraud. I don’t know what line of bull she fed you for you to think that you don’t become responsible for that when taking over a company, but you’re an idiot if you believe it.

      Fifth, the name of the company you’re taking over is DARK STORM PUBLICATIONS. Not Dark Storms. Not plural. If you can’t even get the name of the company right, you need to pack it up right now. Pick up knitting or some other, safer, less illegal hobby.

      Sixth, and most importantly, you can’t just take over a publishing company’s authors and contracts. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. It looks like she’s got you thinking that you can just transfer her authors (if there are any real ones left) from “Dark Storms” to your company using their current contracts.

      I can’t begin to tell you how illegal and unethical that is. When she gave up ownership of that company, those contracts became null and void. There is no legal obligation for those authors to do a single thing you say. Contracts don’t “carry over.” When a company ends, the contract ends. PERIOD. I’m hoping it’s just your lack of experience that’s got you believing her when she says “Here. Let me transfer my company to you. The contracts carry over, and then you can do whatever you want.” THAT’S ILLEGAL. And if you try it, you WILL answer for it.

      Finally, let me assure you that, yes. I do plan to continue, here. I promise you that if you try to con any authors into thinking that they’re legally contracted into servitude with your company, no matter what you call it or which one you use, you will, indeed, see your name all over this blog. And on the BBB, Writer Beware, Absolute Write water cooler, and probably on warrants from the FBI for pirating work you have no legal right to publish. I will be just as dedicated to protecting victims of fraud and scam from you as I am to protecting them from her. Primarily because I know that she’s still pulling the strings. You’re just being dumb enough to let her use your name. As a result, you’ll be throwing away your reputation, your credibility, and maybe even your freedom, if you get arrested for the same sorts of crimes she’s guilty of. You’ve seen her do it. You’ve been complicit. And you’ve seen where it’s gotten her. Is that the future you want? Do yourself a favor. Save yourself.

      Just walk away, kid. While you still can.

    • I find it hilarious that you talk of being legit, yet the very first thing you do is use a fake. You’ve already learned for Tab, I see.

      • Use a fake? I lost my other account info this is just my name backwards. Nothing fake about it and i’m not taking over the company I offered the Authors to change companies that is all I did. So stop getting your panties in a twist, what Tabetha writes is up to her not me. They know what was said i made a message about it and what not.

        The Contracts at DSP are for DSP only. Like i said, no fees. So sorry that I typed that up when I woke up heaven forbid me for having Typos. Listen, if you have a problem like I said take it elsewhere. You’re not involved in my company so it honestly doesn’t really concern you.

        If you think that i’m taking over DSP, then alright then. I’m not but okay. That is your mindset and your thoughts. I’m ignoring things said here because they really don’t have a ton to do with me apart from people instantly assuming something. If people want to publish with me that is purely up to them.

        I don’t edit the books, I have editors for that. I have beta readers, I have reviewers and bloggers. I make book covers, and i read books. All i really do, i like something i read then i decide i want to publish it, I pay them, i give them swag and copies of the books including anthologies. You can monitor me and make posts that’s perfectly fine. You can call me a child, call me a kid do whatever you like. I’ve been told it a lot before, you’re not doing anything new. Doesn’t mean it’ll stop me.

      • We’re not assuming anything, here. It’s Tabetha that posted that you’re taking over her company, and implied that it was going to remain the same company, saying that she’d continue to publish through it. We’re not making this shit up or pulling it out of thin air. So don’t jump down our throats, kid. Talk to the one that set you up to take all the heat for her. And if you don’t think she pulled that little stunt on purpose, you’re even dumber than we thought you were four jumping on board with her sham in the first place. She wants us looking at you so that we’re not looking at you. Her little post was very much on purpose, to get tongues wagging. At you.

        Changing the name of the company doesn’t change What it is. Change a rooster’s name from Fred to George, even dye its feathers turquoise, that doesn’t make it a peacock. It’s still the same bird. Still hops on the same hens, still drops the same shit in the dirt.

        We’ve heard this story before, remember. At the beginning of Phoenix Fire and more recently at the advent of “Dark Storms” publications. “New owner! (Remember Destiny Rane?) All new contracts, looked over by a lawyer and everything. To give the authors a fresh start.” It’s the exact same story, verbatim. Only difference is, instead of making up a fake name, this time she’s got a real person fronting for her. Someone who’s young and dumb enough to think it’ll work this time, where it never has before.

        What it looks like is the same old shell game that’s been going on all along, with one more nut thrown in for good measure.

  7. What a genius you must think you are there, Leah. All backwards name writing. So what you are saying is, you are taking DS authors, and NOT using the DS name? That if these authors choose to go in your direction, Tabetha doesn’t have anything to do with them? So explain the announcement of Tabetha saying that you are taking over DS? Always conflicting stories where your friend is concerned. We will see how that plays out. Nice of you to take time out of your ever so busy schedule, to ignore. And what about ms mills? Does she have a say, or is she more collateral damage? Or is she being set up as your manager? Kind of shady, here is a person who claimed to be a helper to Tabetha, but she is passed over, what Tabetha are you afraid she may be honest? Or is she as crooked as you? And here is Tabetha crying the blues, my private life is no one’s business. You really were the sperm that survived? Damn that was a load your momma should have swallowed. No one said shit about you getting married, don’t really think anyone cares. But oops there was YOU putting your personal life out there. Damn woman you are fucking stupid. Stop the bullshit, you know that you put your shit out there, so you have something to divert attention from all you criminal acts. You say you are a real stand up woman, a southern rebel? All I am saying is you talk the talk I damn sight know that you can’t walk the walk.

    • Don’t even actually know who Ms. Mills is, so no she has nothing to do with this. Yes, i offered the Authors to go to my company. No i’m not taking over DSP.
      Sorry that your sarcasm is lost on me. NO Tabetha is NOT my manager, my boyfriend is the only other person helping me run this company apart from his FATHER. Whatever Tabetha said is up to her, what i said is what i AM doing. I’m answering what’s here and i’m not coming back. Came back long enough to unsub to the site.

  8. Are you freaking kidding me right now? You are going to take over Dark Storm, but are not liable for the past offenses? News flash, all 3 companies can be linked to Tabetha, and once you accept her offer to take over that company, YOU LEAH are on the hook for all.

    What you fail to realize is that I along with my husband owned our own company. Before we had it, it was my In laws company. There was paperwork to be filed through the IRS, and many forms. We had to get a new tax ID number along with other things. It was not just oh here take my company.

    Why do you think when foreigners come here to the states, they do their best to keep it in the family. Slightly easier, but not by much. But when they DO change hands, there is a new name and new paperwork. You are either stupid or naive. I feel bad for you, to a very small degree. You are young enough to be eager and just dumb enough to fall for her games.

    • They’re only doing it that way to trap the authors. Tab’s “contract” says that if the company changes hands, the contracts carry over. So if Tab “gives” the company to Leah, the contracts supposedly carry over and the authors have to go with it.

      That’s how they trapped whatever real authors are left into following her from MP/PF to DS.

      After that, Lean plans, from the sound of it, to corral those authors into her own company, Midnight hour. Or maybe yet another new scam company.

      I don’t feel bad for her. I want to, because she is young and dumb, just lover boy. Are we sensing a pattern yet? But I don’t, because she knows Tab’s crooked and she’s jumping into it with both feet. She’s fully complicit, KNOWING that Tab’s a scam. If Leah had no idea how crooked Tab was, then yeah. I’d feel bad for her. But she does know. I don’t think she (Leah) knows Tab’s full plan, or that she’s being set up as a patsy. But she does know that Tab’s a crook. So, for her to sign up for it, and to ignore our warnings, she fully deserves whatever consequences land on her.

      If Leah has HALF a lick of sense, she’ll not just walk away. She’ll run. If she doesn’t, well, she’ll find out. The big kids don’t play.

      • I. Am. Not. Taking over. DSP. At. All. I offered the AUTHORS to come to MY company. Not TAKE OVER DSP. Tabetha is NOT helping me run my company. My contracts, and such as that are COMPLETELY different. So stop instantly assuming that i’m actually taking it. I don’t control what is posted on the DSP FB page.

  9. How long, I wonder, before SOMEBODY goes whining to her buddies in Nano Wrimo about this blog again, trying to get those poor folks to jump on and defend her.

    It’s bad enough that Tab creates people out of thin air to come jump to her defense. Hell, it’s actually pretty funny. You just can’t buy entertainment like that.

    But to drag folks into it from Nano? Those people are just trying to hone their craft and better themselves as writers. To lie to people and drag them into some drama to try and cover her own ass because she’s doing some crooked shit? I gotta say it, that’s just a douche move, right there. If she cared a thing about them as writers and human beings, she’d leave them alone and let them work on their writing.

    • I actually didn’t drag them here originally, I complained cause I was annoyed over the BDD thing, and a girl that i do have blocked started wanting to go here and harass you because she thought it was funny. I could show you the entire post on Nano if you really want.

      I don’t drag people here, if that’s what happened it wasn’t intended. I was venting because we’re also allowed to vent in there and i didn’t at the time exactly have anyone to vent to apart from people there that I knew. I forgot there’s trolls there. I actually am sorry on my behalf for that one, haven’t spoken in there since about anything.

      Feel free to PM me or Email me though Lepp i really am done after this. I have way too much in RL going on to keep coming back here into the drama farm.

      • Your buddies at Nano wouldn’t have known a single thing about this blog if you hadn’t run your yap about it.

        Sure. Show us the posts. Show us your contracts. And while you’re at it, show us your transfer ownership papers from DSP to whatever you’re calling it now, and show us where that’s properly registered. In What state? Ohio? Tennessee?

        Show us all you’ve got. PROVE that you’re legit. Because as long as the same authors are potentially getting swindled, I will be watching, and warning new victims to stay away.

        You don’t get a free pass to pick up where she’s leaving off just because you claim to be doing things right this time. We’ve heard that song and dance before.

        You know, for someone that keeps saying they’re ignoring this blog, done with this drama, you certainly do spend a lot of time here.

    • Per-ACTLY!

      Are you learning yet, authors? Has she done the paperwork to take over a company? Have you seen it? Doubtful.

      CONTRACTS DON’T CARRY OVER. Don’t let anybody tell you they do. This is your stab at freedom. Don’t pay any fees, don’t worry about any releases. Just take your property and go.

      Like Jafo said, she doesn’t care about you. If she doesn’t even care enough about her PEERS to leave them out of the drama, what makes you think she cares about YOU?

      Think about it. SHE’S ALREADY LYING TO YOU. Get away from Dark Storm/Midnight Hour/Whatever else they plan to call it right now. You’ve already been given your walking papers when Tab said the company was changing hands. And no paperwork has been filed to change ownership. Yes, I’ve looked. It’s a matter of public record, and guess what? THERE’S NO PAPERWORK.

      • Um, contract isn’t going to be carrying over. I don’t want the contract i have my own, lawyer made and all. I have my own team, i offered them a place to go under a fully different company all together. I don’t want DSP, i was just trying to do something for those Authors.

        If you want a copy of my contract to make you sleep better at night and what not just e-mail me. Promise, i don’t have the same contract and i do pay. I even send them monthly statements.

        If you think that’s taking over DSP that’s just you then i guess.

  10. And I hope nobody’s dull enough to think that we don’t know what’s really going on. Leah, here, is taking the fire to cover up whatever Tab’s REALLY got going on today. Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with, here. The only time Tab throws somebody under the bus with this much fanfare, it’s to hide something.

    Any guesses what it is?

    • Always assuming and always looking like an ass. I told Leah she could do whatever she liked but Dark Storm will be no more. Whatever she decides to rename it I am sure that’s what it will be registered as. Because as of Monday my registration will be pulled in my county.

      So I’m going to take a line from my mother may she rest in peace, do us a favor build a goddamn bridge and get the hell over.

      Go find someone else to stalk and troll Facebook pages. Why don’t you take up a new hobby? And leave us the hell alone, something you should have done a long time ago.

      • Different company all together. I’m working with my boyfriend and his father — who owns a rather big ass company himself — to get everything fully legalized since it was originally just me and a few of my friends publishing under the name.

        DSP is Tabetha’s no matter what to do what she chooses to do with it. The Authors are moving — well the ones who want to that is. I’m not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t wish. I sent them all messages asking what they wanted to do, a few already said they want to come over to mine.

        I don’t even know what you’re talking about, I’m sorry but i’m not actually that close with Tabetha believe it or not. I have a life outside of this computer, and generally i’m only on here a couple hours. Sorry my boyfriend, and job are a little more important the only people i talk to a lot are co-workers.

        As i said multiple times. Message me, email me, whatever your heart desires just stop trying to turn this into something it’s not. You want to believe someone, believe the person who owns the company these Authors are moving to. I’m pretty sure considering it’s my company that they’re going to that my word would be the one that matters here. If not then silly me.

  11. “When I decide to put my books back up it will be thru DSP. Because I trust Leah with my work. ”
    Those are your words right Tabetha? So if she is doing away with DSP, exactly how will you publish through DSP? Oh, right, you are the almighty Tabetha and can resurrect the dead. What the fuck ever.

      • In about 5 – 6 days, the company website will be up, along with the FB page then cause i don’t see the point in one and not the other. me, Winnie and Vel never really cared to have one since our books were up. If you want a link to that website though, once it’s fully up i’ll send it to you on FB and the FB page link.

        Like i said you can have a copy of the contract too if you want. They’re completely separate companies, all together. Those who want to come over can, that’s up to them. Those who don’t I wish them nothing but the best. What you decide to make of this is fully up to you, but I honestly wish you’d stop trying to assume things that aren’t true.

        If this was months down the line and you did this? That’d be fine you’d have evidence and what not then but considering this isn’t I simply wish that you’d leave it be for now. Watch what happens, hell if you want as months go by ask the Authors how it is if you want. I welcome it! And yes, i’m well aware I don’t have the worlds greatest spelling at the given point in time. I don’t edit the books, and if it means anything to you i’m going back to school once more to get my degree in English and in Graphic Art soon, so you know it’ll probably improve.

        I just haven’t exactly had to worry about spelling too much the past few years cause i haven’t really been writing or anything. So i got a little rusty. It’s still readable, not like it’s text speak so you can ease up on that as well as the whole age thing. I’m 21 not 12. If people do not want to publish under me due to my age? That’s FINE. I understand, but i’ve seen people younger than me go and do things twice as big.

        I know what to and not to do in a company and no i don’t think you just write a few words then BAM it’s credible. You talk to Lawyers, you get the company name completely legalized, you go and you make sure you get every aspect of it done and you make sure that you keep every promise you make. You pay your Authors, you follow through till the end with the contract so that nothing happens and if something has a hiccup somewhere you TELL them.

        I’m not daft, i’m not retarded or anything else. I’m not crooked, Christ i’d never want to be. I want the same thing as they do, i never trusted companies because i have been scammed by one before it broke my trust all together so why in the hell would I do that to them? Not the type of person I am. Also as for MHP? I didn’t even know half of what was wrong with it. In fact i had a long chat with my mother over it and she’s taking full blame for everything and taking care of her own mistakes.

        Due to that i will NOT ever take a company from someone. I WILL make my own and run my own regardless of how hard it is and how long it’ll take to make it into something that people know the name of. So no i am not taking over DSP i am running my own and as promised if you want to e-mail me at leahthomas1210@yahoo.com i’ll send you whatever you want to see as it’s fully done.

        Contracts are being looked over once more at the given moment so as soon as I hear back over that you’ll get a copy of it if wanted. Any other issues or questions? You have my e-mail there to use. Thank you.

      • Plans do change and unfortunately you’re not the head bitch in charge details don’t have to be run by you.

        This is Leahs business decision to ensure the authors have a home. DSP is no more and will be no more. Period.

  12. You two really need to get your stories straight.

    No. You don’t owe me any answers. But authors that are getting jerked around up, down and sideways deserve better than the half baked bullshit than they’re getting fed.

    If you two eejits can’t even get your stories straight here, there’s no way they’re being handed a fair deal.

    I don’t know what you’ve got going on in your life that’s caused such a massive upheaval that you’ve got to go to these lengths, but for once in your life, you need to stop using innocent people to cover your drama.

  13. Plans change, in Tabetha speak that means she may have opened her big mouth up too soon. And maybe Leah despite being young has half a brain. Maybe Leah can do good, time will tell. But my question is how does she NOT know who Jamie Mills is? This person worked with or does work with, confused because her FB still says she is DS manager. So how can you take over a company, as Tabetha says, without knowing who is or is not an employee or author? Or if as Leah says just taking on said authors not know the manager of the company, who should have had more contact then said publisher? This manager would or should have information that Leah would need about the authors. Leah if you are not playing games like Tabetha has done, more power to you. I really have my doubts, considering nothing good has come of anything dealing with her. Just look at her evading the facts of her theft, making it a personal issue, instead of what it really is business.

    • Exactly. Even if she were “just” taking on Tab’s “former” authors, she would still know who the company’s manager is.

      It sounds like she’s trying desperately to distance herself from Tab and her company, and the reputation attached to both. Not gonna happen.

      With two conflicting stories about what’s going on, it’s pretty obvious that there’s some dodgy business going on.

      Authors, if there really are any of you left, RUN.

  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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