The big “Transition.”

No, not the Jenner transition. The news is already doing a fine job of covering that.

No. The transition I’m talking about is the one “Dark Storms” is going through.

First, Tabetha Hoover Jones posts that Leah Diane (LD) Hutchinson is taking over Dark Storm publications.

Then along comes Haelsamoht (Leah Thomas, aka Leah (LD) Hutchinson) insisting that she’s not taking over the company. She’s just offering the authors a new home. Honest!

Isn’t that the same thing “Destiny” said when she opened Dark Storm?
Yeah. We’ve heard that story before.

Yet Tabetha maintains that she’d continue to publish her ‘work’ through Leah and DSP, intimating that DSP would continue to exist.

Yet here comes Leah, raging back with a whole SLEW of posts, first insisting that she’s ignoring this blog, then swearing that she’s not taking over DSP. It’s a whole different company, different names, different contracts, different everything. Even the DSP website, blog and FB pages are gone, to PROVE that it’s a real change. Not just a whitewash. Only the authors will be the same, she says. And we already know that most of them are figments of the owner’s imagination. So, will all of those alts show up at the “new” company, too? With all of the same old books?

Hon, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it’s a duck.

According to Leah, we’ll see the “new” company in a week or so. And we’ll see how closely the company, the roster and the structure are the same. My bet says that it’s the same old song and dance. Same company, same structure, same authors, same everything. Just as contrived, just as crooked. With Tab very much still pulling the strings (from wherever) and still profiting from the same kinds of scams authors have suffered through in the past. The only real change will be that some new patsy is willing to put her name on it and take the heat for it.

On one hand, I want to feel sorry for Leah. WE all know what’s coming her way, but she hasn’t the first clue. She knows that Tab’s crooked, yet she’s still willing to  be complicit in this “transition” scheme, but she doesn’t know Tab like we do. She doesn’t know that before this whole “buy my company” idea came about, Tab already knew what she planned for Leah.

Let’s not forget, Tab tried the same thing a year or two ago, when the thought Jacqueline was willing to pose as a “buyer” for the company, citing “investor interest” in Phoenix Fire. Jackie was smarter than that, though, and never went through with it. But it looks like Tab found somebody young and naive enough to follow through this time.

We’ve warned Leah not to put her name, reputation, and maybe even her freedom in the line of fire to cover Tab’s ass. But she seems to think, for some reason, that she’s immune to what we all now is coming.

I can only repeat myself: Leah, walk away. RUN the other way. Save yourself from the clutches of that predatory sociopath. If you continue down the path you’re on, there’s a whole world of hurt ahead for you. And I don’t mean at the hands of this blog. Whether you believe it or not, we’re here to help. We’re here to try and stop you from making the jump from being complicit in HER schemes to becoming fully, legally liable for all of them, past and present. You think we’re attacking you, but we’re trying to help you.

If you’re somebody that cares about Leah and you’re reading this, talk to her. Make her understand that she’s at the crossroads of a potentially life-shattering decision. If you care about her at ALL, Help her make the healthy one, the one that won’t leave her battered and maybe even legally trashed. Help her save herself from a very, very bad life choice.

More to come, soon.


7 thoughts on “The big “Transition.”

  1. You would think that they would have had their shit straight before anyone said a word. Then again, what am I thinking, this is half ass Tabetha we are talking about. So eager to put her bullshit out there. I do believe that if no one said a word about her and her bullshit she would blow a gasket. Her entire existence revolves around drama and lies. Anyone who thinks she won’t stab you in the back, as she is reaching into your pocket, all the while smiling in your face you are sadly mistaken. I actually thought that maybe Leah would do something good, I retract that hopeful optimism. Just the way she is handing things at this juncture, using the Tabetha play book, I feel sorry for any authors who think that they stand a chance. Look I am not a author, I had hopes that my sister would be a good one. There is some hope yet for her, she got away from that lying piece of shit. Everyone who has been lied to can leave her and her cohorts behind. You do not have to stay with her and her bullshit. Companies DON’T carry over. You CAN’T gift a company, there are legal action that MUST be followed. Since my sister has been involved with Tabetha there has been more lies and theft by Tabetha then can fit in the encyclopedia, all volumes. I will say that I have been lucky to keep my wife off this blog, consider yourself lucky on that. She hates a liar worse than I do. And her trucker mouth might make ms talks like a sailor blush. Tabetha can cry foul all she wants, but the fact is she is doing illegal things and getting might as well say minors to do her dirty work. She has figured out that older people are wising up, so now ever the predator, she is gunning for people who are still wet behind the ears. The ones with stars in their eyes, and big hopes. When their world crumbles around them, where will Tabetha be? She will throw you under the bus, that is a given. You young pups need to really think. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

    • Your sister IS a good writer. Now that she’s away from that scam artist, she’s got a chance at making a name for herself.
      I think Tab dropped that bomb on purpose, saying that Leah’s taking over DSP. To divert our attention away from herself. She wanted to get us talking about Leah and maybe leave her (Tab) alone.

      Are you learning yet, Leah? Your “new” company’s website isn’t even live yet, and she’s already throwing you under the bus. And it’s only going to get worse.

      If you continue your association with her, you’re asking for a world of heartache.

      If you want to create a publishing company, do it right. Do the work. Take the classes, learn the trade. Don’t let your only introduction to the publishing world be a couple of scam artists. Learn how it’s really done. THEN, go into that work. If you make this mistake now, you’ll never be taken seriously in the literary world. You’ve still got time to save yourself. Think about it.

      Do you need Tab for what you want to do? Or is she just using you? Seriously. Think about it.

      • Your talking to a brick wall. They already made a new company and yes Tabetha is still in charge and no Tabetha isn’t in jail. She wants you to say she is so that she can sue you for slander. Good thing your too smart to fall for it.

      • It’s pretty simple. if she says it, it’s a lie.

        She likes to say that I post lies here, but you can ask several authors. I ask for proof before I post stuff.

        I would LOVE to be able to tell you that she’s in jail for the many crimes she’s committed under various names, but until I see her name on the Texas registry of inmates, it’s only wishful thinking.

        She will end up there sooner or later, either for violating probation one time too many, making terrorist threats about organized crime, tax fraud, pirating authors’ work or those songs she steals to use for promotional purposes, maybe even drug dealing if she sells any of those pretty, pretty pills, or a whole host of other violations that it would be indelicate to describe here. And the list goes on. And the world will be a better place.

        There will always be dubious publishers to warn the public about, what with Nutbag Nikita and little Leah poised and ready to step into Tab’s chunky clodhoppers, but if/when she faces justice, the world will be well rid of the worst of them.

        When the new company goes live, I’ll be all over it, too. Those sweet little angels think they can be slick and put one over on the public, but they always give themselves away as the monsters three really are.

  2. It strikes me as odd, I could be wrong but, With ALL the changes of character that Tabetha has been in just the 4 years I have known her, who isTabetha Jones/Hoover/Farmer/Willis? Does anyone know? Does she?

    She changes persona’s with every new person that comes into her life. The same tactics she uses when her company’s business is exposed to the truth. Every time Tabetha is faced with a real problem she runs and hides. While in hiding she comes up with a new her.

    Biker bitch, suzie homemaker, goth, wild child, rebel, pageant mom, publisher, model, pagan, author, witch and being blessed by angels sadly they are all of what she wishes she was or could be. When these persona’s falter, or crumble around her she plays the blame game.
    It is someone else’s fault she failed.

    Think of this, when I first started talking to Tabetha, she never liked lingerie or leather but she begged to borrow my leather outfit. And is now flopping around the sofa thinking she is a model. Ok, next she schemes with her sister, since she obviously was not getting enough attention as a writer/publisher, now she is a model. Fast forward, she meets a new friend, and she is blessing objects and casting spells.

    The banditos make the news and she is a legacy of theirs via daddy not daddy, mommy’s ex man, whatever. Then the love of her life comes back, sucker, and she is the sweet innocent southern belle. Now she meets Salena, and she is a goth goddess. To her manager, the sinner saint. Who has a major affinity for angels, Hence Tabetha being blessed by an “arc” angel.

    Are you seeing a pattern? The same applies to her business practice. She changes partners, co-workers, co-owner and authors in the same fashion. She lost a great writer, because she only wanted to put smut and supernatural stuff on the business page. The author due to her religious beliefs, asked if she could leave the page, and correspond by email. That enraged Tabetha, and she forced the author out of her contract.

    Now she is YET AGAIN, running scared. Knowing her another scheme is right around the corner.

    • I think you might have left a name or two out. 😉

      You’re right. She doesn’t just “reinvent” herself to please whatever guy she’s trying to snag. She completely absorbs the identity of whoever she comes in contact with. And it’s not just because her own existence is so miserable that she needs to live vicariously through others, the that is also true. She also does it purposely, to try to attract whoever it is she intends to exploit. Salena’s not the only person Tab tried to hit up at the haunted house. She’s just the one that took the bait. See this comment for details.

      Yes, she is a coward, covering lies with more lies, then pulling a switcheroo when those lies catch up with her. She’s already screwed with a lot of people, and the time will come when she jerks over one too many. Whether it’s an author, a boyfriend/husband, author or friend (if she’s got any), she’s going to hurt one person too many and her karma is going to revisit her.

      No. That’s not a threat. It’s a promise. She’s going to screw with the wrong people, and they’re going to screw her back. Not like her fake dead buddy Bo, but in real life. With a real vengeance. And there won’t be anywhere to hide.

  3. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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