Nutsack revisit

Nutbag Nikita is at it again, leaving comments that he thinks, for some reason, are relevant to… well, anything. Have a look.

This poor douche is so clueless about the publishing world. It would almost be cruel to mock him, if not for his dogged insistence upon being such a pain in the ass to others within the publishing world who actually know what they’re doing.
The fact that he’s got to charge fees for handling or anything else translates to say that he’s inept with his own finances, so he’s got to try whatever he can think of to get his own bills paid, let alone finance a company. He’s had unsuccessful bogus gofundme projects that earned roughly ZERO dollars for him because he’s obviously such a wing-nut. He’s tried the “This is for a sick friend” and some wierd angle about a camping trip to try and earn money through Gofundme campaigns. Truth is, he couldn’t figure out how to word a Gofundme project any more than he can word his Lovecraftian ripoffs.
Authors, don’t fall for his “Everybody charges” spiel. If any publisher charges you then you need a different publisher.
As a matter of fact, yes. I do have a gun, thanks. But I don’t need that to stop you, or  to do anything hamper this nutbag’s “career” …if that’s what he wants to call it. His own ineptitude and illiterate, homophobic gibberish handles that quite effectively.

Bring me down? Good luck with that.

The fact that Nick claims to have been publishing an anthology a year for eleven years, yet nobody’s heard of him is pretty sad. And laughable. Well, plenty of folks have heard of him, but only within the realm of mocking him because he’s such a joke. And not just in the publishing world.

Twat? Nikita must be sniffing her own panties again.

I could go on and on about these ridiculous comments, but instead, I suggest that you hop on over to The Rusty Nail. They’re the experts on Little Nicky. Right now, they’re warning the world about how he attacks anybody he thinks is responsible for trying to “get” him. He stalkes people’s blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook… anywhere he can think of.
If he put half as much attention on his own business as he does on other people’s, he might get somewhere.

Oh, right. He’s a nutbag. Never mind. SMH.


22 thoughts on “Nutsack revisit

  1. Nick knows that, when he dies, no one will remember him or his “work.” Hell, no one reads his shit now, and the only people who even know he exists are the ones he is harassing. That creature of arrested development belongs in a state institution until he croaks.

  2. Day late and a dollar short, as usual, ass-lick. I published a post more than a year ago on this very blog talking about how I published Subjugation, my first book.

    You can read that post HERE.

    It’s because of dealing with expensive vanity presses, SCAM publishers like Tabetha Jones (Henley, Saulters, Hoover, Willis, Olejnick, whatever) and utter morons like you that I warn aspiring authors to be careful about who they publish with. I’d hate to see them bilked, ripped off, or dealing with an utter moron that can’t conceive of the most fundamental publishing options like Ingram and Amazon (or can’t stop spouting self-loathing homophobic drivel and keeps getting thrown off them).

    Honestly, if the best you’ve got is to tell the world how I published my book more than six years ago, dude, you need to go back to drooling over your Playgirl stash as a hobby. You suck at this as much as, well, just about everything related to publishing.

    • He’s on a roll tonight. I’m finally on his radar, after a year+ of associating with people he hates (you know, other horror writers). He left a delightful little comment on my blog (a comment that is never making it out of the pending folder). He hit a few of his tried-and-true talking points plus added in the not-at-all delusional, totally sane detail that every time someone buys Fossil Lake II, God kills someone’s dog.

      • What I’d like to know is how you flew under his radar for as long as you did. That takes more skill than you might think.

      • He’s actually pretty tame with me. A few bestiality accusation regarding my daughter’s parentage, but mostly just a few illiterate spatterings that I guess are supposed to singe me. Like his most recent jab, saying that I’m an insult to “other” veterans. Whatever.
        It’s amusing that he accuses me of having some crusade against him, when he’s the one that finds his way here. If he wants me to stop commenting about him, all he’s got to do is stop showing up here looking like such an idiot.

      • I’ve wondered that, too. He even followed my blog a year-and-a-half ago (presumably because it has the words SMALL PRESS in the title), then thankfully disappeared. Since then, I’ve made zero effort to hide my affiliation with people he hates, plus I personally tick off several boxes of things he finds objectionable (I’m a woman, a writer, I have a story in Fossil Lake II, I’m gay friendly, etc.). With Nicky, who knows?

      • You’re sane, you can thread a sentence together without running for the superglue… The list could go on for miles.

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