Demons and Deities

Lest Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Farmer, Henley, Willis, Saulters, Olejnick, whatever) think she’s fallen off our radar, here’s the latest in a long line of publishing companies she’s had a hand in.

First, there was Mystic Press that she “took over” from a couple of girls named Brandy and Wendy, who may or may not be real people. They’re never active online unless it serves the purposes of Tabetha when she needs to blame them, or to confirm that they really do exist. Really!

A lot of people got very badly dealt with by Tabetha Jones during that time, including my daughter. Tabetha took money up front from authors and then failed to deliver contracted goods and services. My daughter eventually got paid back, but there remain many authors from that time (to this) who were ripped off, battered and abused at her hands, and were never repaid. She blamed everything on Wendy and Brandy, then gloated that the statute of limitations had run out on those Mystic authors, so she didn’t have to pay them a dime. Nice, eh?

Still blaming Wendy and Brandy, she changed the name of the company to Phoenix Fire publishing, to “rise from the ashes” of the terrible company she inherited. SHE says that it was “to get a fresh start,” but we all know that it’s because she couldn’t get out from under the weight of proof that all the Mystic authors had on her. This change took place very shortly after her questionable business practices were reported to her local Attorney General. She says that’s pure coincidence, of course. But anybody with half a brain cell knows it was a dodge to try to avoid investigation.

She pulled the same thing under PF, lying to authors, reportedly not paying proper royalties,continuing the same Anthology scam where she ropes one or two real authors into contributing, saying “The publisher doesn’t even take a cut!” The royalties to be divided evenly among the authors. But there’s a catch. Say there are contributions from 10 authors. Catch is, she’s 8 of them. So, while the “publisher” claims not to take a cut, she’s still taking home 8 pieces of the pie, isn’t she?

Of important note is that famous separation fee. In all of Tab’s contracts, there’s a separation penalty. If and when an author catches wise and wants out, she slaps ’em with a parting shot. Authors have paid hundreds just to get away from her. Or if she’s strapped for cash to hang out at the strip club or get some new ink, and she can’t con an author or friend into paying a bill for her, she’ll terminate an author, blame the author, and hit ’em with that fine.

As ever, it doesn’t take long for her reputation to catch up with her, so she tried several times to switch up her company. First, she had some mysterious “investor” that wanted to pick it up, implying that it “might” involve the owner of her favorite strip joint, and then possibly a family member of a co-owner.

That deal got busted, so she tried to start a new deal called Silver Fang with then co-owner Jacqueline, but Jackie wised up and got out. That left Tab high and dry and stuck with PF. Insisting the whole while that things were just great and peachy at PF, Tab scrambled desperately to find somebody to pawn her train wreck off on.

When she couldn’t find a real person to scam into putting their name on it, she made one up. Destiny Rane Storm, she said, had bought out her company and was taking it over, changing the name to Dark Storm Publications.

It didn’t take long to poke holes in that fraud. Tab finally admitted that she was, indeed, Destiny Rane, and that Dark Storm was still her baby.

Finally, it looks like she found someone gullible and foolish enough to put their own name on Tab’s bogus. publishing schemes. Leah Diane Hutchinson (Thompson) has long been complicit with Tab, providing image work through her Black Diamond Designs and participating in at least one Cover-Tab’s-ass blog.

Now, Leah has agreed to “buy” Dark storm out and take over. Tab’s “only” an author, they insist. Leah runs the place, lock, stock, and barrel. And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

It’s just like the Phoenix Effect photo company that (supposedly) belongs to Tab’s sister, Dee Jones (Osbourne). It does, in name only. By all accounts, Tab does all the paperwork,online activity, and calls all the shots at whatever photo shoots they manage to set up  that aren’t just friends playing dress up.

Same thing with Demons and Deities, the latest incarnation of Tab’s ambitions. Leah does have her name on it, and the search is on to see if it’s a legally registered taxable entity in the state of Massachusetts.

And before anybody starts accusing me of stalking (*eye roll*) The Demons and Deities website is up and running, and the fact that it’s in Massachusetts is is splashed right on the front page.
And on their contact info page.

So far, I don’t see anything proving that it’s a legal taxable entity. A search of the Secretary of State showed nothing for Demons and Deities.
And nothing at all under the name Leah D Hutchinson.
Nothing under Leah Thomas, either.

Have a look for yourself, here. If you find anything that proves that they exist as a legal business, by all means, let us know.

It’s possible that she’s saying that the business is a sole proprietorship and therefore doesn’t need to be a matter of public record. That’s one of Tabetha’s favorite excuses for not properly registering a business. But let’s not forget that Demons and Deities is an acquired company, by the “former” owners admission. That means there has to be paperwork showing the legal transfer of ownership, contracts, all sorts of things. If anybody can show proof of the transfer of ownership, hit us up with that, too.

And there’s more to running a business legally, too. There’s that pesky DBA and taxation information. There’s all kinds of paperwork involved with acquiring a business. Let’s see a single shred of it.

Looks like even if Tab’s not pulling the strings, Leah took notes.

And there are more similarities between “Leah’s” company and Tabetha’s, as well. Have a look at their “about” page.
First and foremost, there’s Tabetha’s patented “We’re a family” line. Make ’em feel wanted, make ’em feel loved make ’em feel like family and they’ll put up with more questionable antics than a stranger with a mere business association would. Keep ’em dazzled by “family” bullshit, and they won’t notice a pick-pocketing hand sliding into their pocket.

I’ve said it many times. There’s got to be a comfortable business relationship between an author and publisher. But it’s got to be BUSINESS. Authors don’t need to know what’s going on in a publisher’s private life. Period.

More disturbingly, Demons and Deities charge authors money up front, for both cover art and editing. No matter who’s running a publishing company, that’s the only red flag an author needs to see. If a company charges, run the other way. Money flows TO the author, not FROM.

A quick look at their authors page shows another one of Tab’s favorite tricks. A roster full of aliases. I’d be surprised if even a single name on that page is a real person and not an alt.

For example, the first guy on the list is “E. W. Farnsworth, author of Among Waterfowl.”
I did find a title by someone named E. W. Farnsworth, but it was a book called Bitcoin Fandango. Not ‘Among Waterfowl.’ I’d have to wonder if it’s the same fellow, or if it’s a matter of a name being used in copycat, like the two Ivy Sinclairs. (read about that little bit of shrewd business here)

Truth is, I’m hard-pressed to find most of the authors listed on that page. Max Raven and Nick Zarpour have little search results, if any. There is a Ty Arthur, but all I could find written by him is reviews. Vaughn Rayne is one of the authors alts that posted in To my lover’s dismay, with no other online presence at all, so we already know to question the validity of that identity. Beyond that, there’s only the copycat Ivy, Leah and her alt, Tab and hers. So, it looks like Leah’s picked up that trick from Tab, too. Making it look like her company appear to be more impressive and prolific than it really is by padding the roster with a fist full of fakes.

Also worthy of note is that there’s a copyright claim on the front page.
But I couldn’t find a single result on the copyright webpage.
Check for yourself and see if you can find one.

Looks like by teaming up with Tab, Leah’s following the same crooked path, right out of the gate. If I were a betting type of girl, my money would say that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Demons and Deities here on my blog.

And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the name Tabetha Jones (Saulters, Hoover, Willis, Henley, Olejnick, whatever) pops up as being more than an author. Like with her sister’s company, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Tab’s pulling the strings behind this one, too.

Time will tell.

Authors, if there’s a real one among you that’s signed with Deities and Demons, RUN.
And don’t worry if you’ve already signed your name on the dotted line. If a company isn’t legal, neither are its contracts. You can wipe your ass with that thing and tell them to take a hike. Don’t let them tell you that you have to pay a separation fee, and tell them to shove any “nondisclosure” statement straight up their noses.

Like Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, Silver Fang and Dark Storm before it, Demons and Deities is NOT a publishing scheme you want your name involved with if you want a serious career in writing.

You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “Demons and Deities

  1. I am getting such a chuckle over her line up of authors. Let’s start with the obvious, Tabetha Jones IS Zoey Sweete, Emerald LeFluer, and has written or used the name Ivy Sinclair on occasion. I am taking the fact that she shows 2 “people” using the name of Ivy Sinclair, she is still confused in this identity. Please tell me that I was not the only one who noticed that quite a few authors she is representing are in law enforcement. Is this another lame way of trying to prove how legal she is? There is no way anyone who worked/works in those areas would have anything to do with a shady company. Now what struck me is how similar her biography under the name of Zoey Sweete, has a very strong resemblance to my sisters biography and information that Tabetha was aware of. Going as far as using a almost verbatim of what my sister said about her writing. “How the words spilled from her fingers”, how she has been writing since age 12. Among other things. I get the pen name crap, but with at least 3 that I am aware of, why when they write similar themes, are there 3 totally different biographies. How in the hell can she keep 2 straight let alone all the ones she has going? Look my sister CFW was used by this person, she is still dealing with backlash and bullshit. She is still fighting for Tabetha and her list of alts to remove all her works from these sites. Tabetha called my sisters poetry shit, and stated she didn’t want her, Tabetha’s, works tainted by my sisters writings. Read her Zoey biography, compare it to what is on my sisters biography on amazon, and from what any of you may know of her.

  2. For somebody that’s trying so hard to make it look like she’s not running the show at D&D, Tab’s certainly all over it, isn’t she? Not only with her own multitude of alts, but with all the other alts she’s dragged along the way.

    And, in case anybody missed it, Harleen Wilson is Leah (L.D.) Hutchinson’s alt. One of them, anyway.

    The thing they just don’t seem to get is that it’s one thing to use a pen name. Many authors do it. It’s another thing altogether to make up entire fake backgrounds for them and try to bring them to life by talking about (and to) them in the third person. That’s NOT normal, and authors DON’T do that. It’s Tabetha’s usual lunatic way of making it look like a company is more prolific and impressive than it real is. To make new authors think that a publishing company has all these authors so that they, the newbie, will think “Oh, they’ve got all these authors. they must be pretty good. No they don’t. And no, they’re not.

    Yes, there are two Ivy Sinclaires. One is a real author who has never seen nor heard of Tabetha Jones or any of her bogus companies. She’s never worked with Tabetha and was quite surprised to find out that her name was being used. I have a feeling this E. W. Farnsworth guy might have the same reaction when he hears that he’s an author with this company, too. If, by some sad chance he has been wrangled into the clutches of these two schemers, I intend to have a little chat with him about why he really should reconsider.

    Honestly, I didn’t bother to read the bios. I know they’re all bullshit. But you’re absolutely right. E.W was with Law enforcement. Max was a top secret consultant (spy), Nick was in the Special Forces,

    Syn Silver’s bio gave me both a great laugh and pang of indigestion. Born in New Orleans, “Strolling the streets of Bourbon Street…”

    There’s only one Bourbon Street, duh.

    Looks like Tab’s trying to assume my life as well ad Cindy’s by trying to assign my location to one of her many alts, throwing in Voodoo and the occult for good measure. And the hilarious thing is that she can’t even do that well. She hasn’t even got the talent to write up a fake bio to take a stab at her “haters,” let alone write a book worth a shit or run a publishing company.

    “She now shares that love with her soulmate of several years and has taken a twist of the tales of the bayou. Even vampires and demons long for lust among many other things.”

    Everything about that screams “FAKE!!” Aside from the fact that Syn doesn’t exist, who describes the love of their life as their “Soulmate of several years”..?

    “And has taken a twist on tales of the bayou.” That line made me laugh out loud. She’s twisted all right, but not in the cute or kinky way she thinks. She’s such a loser with no identity of her own that she’s got to TRY to assume other people’s lives, and she’s such an inept writer with such a staggering lack of imagination that she can’t even rip off the lives of other people to try to flesh out her fakes without botching it up and being so glaringly obvious that anybody with two eyeballs can see s straight through it.

    Long story short, (I know, too late. It’s already long), stay away from Demons and Deities folks. It’s got bad news (and Tabetha Jones) written all over it.

  3. Looks like E. W. Farnsworth is a real guy, after all, a PhD named Wilson Engel.

    Here’s proof that even the most highly educated person in the world can fall for a potential scam. There’s already a lawyer that’s fallen for it, and now here’s this guy. It’s a complete misconception that only somebody dumb or stupid can fall for a scam. The folks that fell for it with Mystic and Phoenix aren’t stupid. Most of them are pretty smart cookies.

    The intelligence of the victim isn’t in question, unless they continue to remain a willing victim after they’re aware that they’ve been scammed. Continuing to be a willing victim isn’t the smartest thing a person can do.

    But new victims aren’t stupid. They’re being fed a line by practiced con artists. They’re being approached by a company that takes pains to look legitimate. It isn’t until the numbers and answers don’t add up that the truth comes to light. Or until warnings come from people that care enough to point it out. So if you know this guy, you might want to give him a shout and let him know that this publishing company he’s hooking up with might not be what it seems.

  4. If anyone else had modeled their alt similar to my life, I may have been flattered. In this case I am enraged. Zoey Sweete’s bio claims she kept a journal of sorts throughout her life. I know for a fact that bitch Tabetha didn’t do anything of the sort. She stole part of my life in her bio.

    The comment of how writing was her therapy, and how the words spilled onto the paper. Hello, that was ripped off of my bio when I wrote Through My Eyes. It pisses me off to no end that she can do this and still live with herself. How dare she abuse me time and time again. This is beyond psychotic, this is FUCKED UP. She is attempting to assume my life in her fantasy. I don’t want to be associated with her delusions.

    I feel like if I scrubbed myself in 10 gallons of bleach and a scrub brush I will never be clean. This is almost the same feeling of being raped and violated, time and time again. You can say that the wording is extreme, I say unless you have felt that, you have no clue.

    Reading what she posted made me physically sick. Anyone who knows the real me, know why I feel this way. I am shaking in anger, I am glad that she lives so far away. No not threatening although she will say otherwise. I am throughly disgusted that as screwed up as my life was, that she would make a mockery of my life.

    She is probably pissing herself laughing at how angry I am. Enjoy now, you won’t be laughing soon enough. One thing I do hope, since she is attempting to assume my past, I wish with all my being she absorbs the pain that comes with her lie, and my truth.

    • I know that you are madder then a wet hen sis, I have something to give you and all of the ones trying to prove what a fake Tabetha really is. See like I said, I try to keep my wife off this blog, not for her sanity as much as to protect any from her outrage. But I must share this with you all, that my wife checked into. Tabetha Jones a.k.a. Zoey Sweete, was NEVER in seventeen magazine. Can we say more lies. Hell if you are going to make up something, maybe not put something out there that can be disputed, and proven false. So not only does she assume people’s lives, but she lies about what her own alt does. Pathetic….

      • That’s all she does. She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the ass.

        There’s more about her latest lies coming up very, very soon. Yet more proof that Tabetha Jones never met a lie she didn’t like.

    • Exactly. I’m sure she’s pleased as punch that she got under your skin. Sick freak that she is, she doesn’t even realize that the laugh’s on her, because it only shows what a petty, childish, and utterly unoriginal loser she really is. She can’t even come up with a BIO without ripping somebody else off, let alone a whole book. I’m glad she’s being such an eejit, so that people can see that she isn’t off her game at all. She hasn’t “walked away” or “closed the doors” on anything. She’s only done what she always does. TRIES to find some new way to switch it up and keep right on scamming people.

      Consider yourself in good company. Another one of her fakes is from my neck of the woods, hanging out on “the streets of Bourbon Street.” LOL! Such a joke.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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