Identity thief

Here’s the next installment from Salena.

After doing my first shoot with Phoenix Effect Photography, Tabetha was eager to have me set up another shoot. I told her I cannot because I am on a fixed income & would have to wait till the first of the month to do so. She didn’t have a problem with that.A little time goes by & Tabetha calls me up to chat about an idea she had about a shoot. She wanted the theme of someone (me) to act like they broke into her house. Wanted to be beat up & tied to a chair. Then show I have killed her, dragging her body down the hall & out the back door, wrapping her up in a bloody sheet.didn’t care for that idea at all, not something  I wanted to do. I thought about it & came up with my own idea for a shoot. The next time we talked, I told her my idea called, The Demon Asylum. She loved it & said, let’s do that instead. When it came time to do the shoot, Dee approached me, she told me that her & Tabetha talked it over & said they were NOT gonna charge me for shoots. They accept me as family, they said, like a sister to them. I was very thankful. 

The pics get posted & about a week, week & a half, Tabetha calls me & tells me Sky (Dee’s girlfriend) showed the pics to some guy named Dewayne Devanport & he really liked them. I was told he is a photographer for this Gore magazine & he really liked the Demon Asylum shoot. Tabetha went on about how he loved the way the blood was portrayed, how the wounds & bruises looked so real, etc. She even went as far as telling me this Devanport guy said I did makeup better than some of the people he hires. That alone shocked me! She then went on about how he requested all these certain pics & how he wanted us to dress. Of course, I was excited! I believed her, didn’t have any reason not to at the time. So, we began to get things together & plan out what we were going wear for these shoots.

The weekend came to do the shoot that Devanport requested. I had called Tabetha & asked what time do I need to be ready. She told me probably around afternoon some time, I said okay. I made sure I was ready & waited for Tabetha to come pick me up. It started to get later & later, finally Tabetha calls & says she is on her way.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I am told to be ready by a certain time, I do so. This is no way professional from what I see. Hours went by before I was picked up. I mean, it is evening now, just before dark. I already had my makeup done & hair. I get there & nothing is ready, Tabetha had not even started to get ready. Again, that’s not very professional at all.

I brought all kinds of stuff to use in the shoot. Finally, after three hours, she is ready. We finally head to Cameron Park to use the wooded area for part of the shoot. It was dark & it had been raining a lot, just barely misting when we were out there. I had fun doing it, but was getting tired fast. 

Remember, it took Tabetha forever to get ready & her mouth was flapping the whole time. I really believe she is incapable of talking & doing things at the same time. She kept stopping when she talked!
We get back to Tabetha’s place & change into our lingerie & started to shoot the sexy, bloody vampires that Devanport requested according to Tabetha. We just kept shooting & changed wardrobe again. Before we did the last set, it was around 1am in the morning & I was exhausted. Tabetha’s daughter was still up & very tired. She went with us when we did the shoot in the park, she stayed in the car. I told Tabetha she needed to go to bed, her daughter said she won’t because she is waiting on her mom to go too. For those of you that don’t know, her daughter sleeps in her mom’s bed.

Well, her daughter was falling asleep, she was kneeling on the floor & resting her head on a chair. I told Tabetha, she needs to go lay down, she will be hurting if she falls asleep like that. Tabetha said it’s fine, we are almost done, she won’t go to bed until I go.

Apparently, we were not almost done…not until around 4am! That poor girl was asleep on her legs for hours & all Tabetha did was tap her & tell her to go to bed. I told Tabetha she cannot move, her legs hurt. I had to help her walk down the hallway to Tabetha’s room. The poor girl was crying & all Tabetha did was worry about what to wear next. I told Tabetha she should have gone to bed hours ago, her legs are hurting. I’m wanting to go to bed too, I’m exhausted & in a great deal of pain!

I finally get in bed & I’m talking to my boyfriend on the phone & here comes Tabetha. Blabbing about the shoot tomorrow. All I wanted  was to go to talk with my boyfriend a little bit & go to sleep.

Dee comes in & sits at the end of the bed eating a sandwich. My son (he came with me so I wasn’t alone) comes in to check on me & sits on the floor next to the bed. Here comes Tabetha flapping her mouth as usual. Doesn’t have the manners enough to shut hers while others are in the middle of a conversation. Just talks right over everyone like nothing. Dee was telling me something & would get cut off in mid sentence, it happened three times. She did it again & my son jumps in & says, “You KNOW, Dee WAS talking!” My son had his back to Tabetha, didn’t even look at her when he said it…was too funny!

I was in so much damn pain, I could not sleep really. Besides, all I could hear was Tabetha on the phone throughout the rest of the morning. I had the door closed & you could hear her loud ass word for word! She told me she was sending all the photos to Devanport & was talking to him through email. When I woke later, about 11am, Tabetha told me & Dee that Devanport did not like the photos & wanted them re-done with more blood. He wanted more this & more that, Tabetha kept on & on about what HE wanted.

Also, she told me he wanted a shoot in the cemetery with us in sexy lingerie, bloody, & with fangs. I was very tired & also going over in my head what Tabetha said Devanport wanted.

I then realized, these photos that he is wanting are photos SHE was telling me SHE wanted to do before hearing about Devanport . This is when I started to question about this Devanport guy & if he was real. I was told Sky (already have suspicions she was not a real person) knew Devanport & because of her connections with this guy, she showed him our photos.

After we got up & ate, I started to get myself together for the second day of the shoot. Tabetha was STILL laying in bed, Dee kept telling her to get up & get ready.

I had witnessed on several occassions Tabetha laying in bed all day & Dee telling me Tabetha does nothing, but lay in bed all day long. Not doing a damn thing, only on her laptop & phones, yes plural! (I was always wondering why Tabetha had several cell phones).

Dee informs me Tabetha doesn’t help at all around the house or tend to her daughter much. Dee has stated many times to me, that she tends to her or Darlene, Tabetha’s mom. Now, I have been there quite a few times, I witnessed how Darlene’s health was. The poor lady was on oxygen 24/7, could hardly move about, & stayed in bed the majority of the time. I never knew what other health problems she had, but she should not have to get up & tend to her granddaughter when her mother should be doing it. I understand that she is her granddaughter & doesn’t mind doing things for her, but there has to be a line drawn where her health is concerned.

The times being there, Tabetha was always too worried about herself than her own daughter. She depends on others to do things that SHOULD be HER responsibility! I have even heard on many occasions how Tabetha spoke to her mother, she was very disrespectful. If Tabetha was reading from the blog, her mother would tell her to stop talking about the damn blog. Even Darlene herself told me she hated when Tabetha read from it.

Tabetha wouldn’t listen, she would keep reading. From what I could remember, that was the only time I heard Darlene cuss. I never really heard her say any other words. When Darlene told Tabetha to get her daughter something to eat because she was hungry, Tabetha would yell back she is in the middle of something. I have witnessed Darlene get up out of bed, stumble to the kitchen & make her granddaughter something to eat.

If Darlene couldn’t get up, she would ask Dee to make the child a sandwich. Of all the different times being at Tabetha’s house, not one time did I ever see them sit down to a home cooked meal. Meals were always takeout like, pizza, fast food, sandwiches or something like that, never a home cooked meal.

As I was saying…

I was all ready & waiting on Tabetha to get it together. I had my belongings packed & loaded. After the shoot, I can be taken home instead of going back to her place to get it all. Tabetha laid in bed for hours before she FINALLY got her ass out of bed to get ready.

I REALLY did not want to do this, I just wanted to go home. I ended up doing it & told them, please, I do NOT want to go home late. It’s a Sunday night & I need to get some rest & get my son up for school the next day. They said okay, it won’t take long. YA, RIGHT…I did not get home until almost 11pm. I was so tired & hurting, hurting bad!

It took me a while to recover after that. Yes, I did have fun, but at the same time, I was worn out! It just seemed like Tabetha wanted to go, go, go with shoots & I cannot do that. I even told Dee that Tabetha is quickly burning me out from wanting to do photo shoots. We spent a long time taking photos, Tabetha alone had so many taken. I was past ready on going home!

I’m posting this as a warning to anybody that gets close to Tabetha Jones: watch out! She stole my ideas and my style and she’ll do the same thing to you.

Here are emails from Tabetha and Phoenix Effect and from that Photographer that probably doesn’t even exist.

Message from Phoenix Effect May 25 Phoenix Effect email April 17 1 Phoenix Effect email April 17 2 Phoenix Effect email April 17 3 Phoenix Effect email May 12 Phoenix Effect email May 21 Phoenix Effect email May 25 Phoenix Effect fb page May 9 Phoenix Effect May 25 2 Phoenix Effect May 25 Request Removal Tabetha April 17 1 Tabetha April 17 2 Tabetha April 17 3

I would also like to add, the reasons I will not remove the photos…

1. Dewayne Davenport is NOT a real person.
2. There was NO signing of a contract.
3. All photos were done in fun as Tabetha said.
4. The Phoenix Effect Photography is not a legal company.


21 thoughts on “Identity thief

  1. There is so much rattling in my brain right now, it is hard to get my thoughts right, so please excuse me if I bounce around. First off this Davenport company did exist, about 3 years ago they closed up shop. So anyone who knows how to do a business search can see what company is active and what one isn’t. Also very easy to make up a fake email address. And since Tabetha is the queen of fake, it is easy for her to do just that.

    Now ms professional, cof, I don’t know about you all, but I have been in photo shoots, and all that I have been in or seen, the photographer has the props, I have never had to supply my own. Nor have I ever heard of professional models having to bring their own. And never have I heard of the photography company keeping any items brought by any model. But if you are not blocked by Tabetha you can clearly see her posing in outfits that belong to Salena, AFTER they have parted ways.

    Now Tabetha claims to have discovered Salena, I beg to differ. That lady was a star way before having the misfortune of meeting Tabetha. Just go on her gore goddess page her following was quite strong. If I were to guess, I think ever the troll that Tabetha is seen a pic or something with Salena in it and she started to drool. Her weasel mind did cartwheels as she began to plot. She would use Dee, as she always does, as an in to win Salena over. With her patent line of lies, bullshit and manipulations.

    The slight trip, that she claimed was her dead father pushing her, was just her clumsy fat ass either star struck, or maybe a bit loopy. As Tabetha always tries to do research on her victims, she more than likely used the occult or spiritualism to gain trust. Just like she used an absent deadbeat dad to get her hooks into one author. Abuse on another, the list is endless.

    Tabetha says the nonexistent Sky was the reason for her being such a bitch, but it has been proven that Sky does not exist but in Tabetha’s fucked up mind. I mean think about it, Dee and Sky have been supposedly dating for years, but time and time again after being asked for pics of the lovebirds, nothing. You would think that with the actual meeting of the love of your life, there would be something. So does that mean that Tabetha had a fight with maybe her conscience and was upset that Jiminy Cricket was right?

    It bears mentioning that if you look at anything that TPEP has done as far as models go, if you exclude the “family” shots and the ones with Salena, all you are left with is Tabetha’s own mastabatory fantasy. There is really nothing special about taking pictures of your family, especially if they are just to boost their ego, without helping you. And an FYI, no self-respecting photography company would leave visible bruises on their models, it’s called photo shop or airbrushing. But when it is just for self gratification who cares, right?

    As for the deplorable treatment of mom and innocent child, what do you expect from a half wit, who only shows consideration when it is needed of her. She only is a mother when she needs something, then it is my poor baby. Any mother who puts a bullshit “career” over the well being of a child, is a total piece of shit. I can’t imagine my children being abused like that. I couldn’t allow my nieces or nephews to be treated in that fashion. Disgusting on both for that, Tabetha as a “mother” and Dee as her aunt.

    As for poor mom, I am glad that she has passed, not in the ignorant way that I am sure that Tabetha will attempt to make it seem. But in the most purest form of I am happy that that lady is not living in hell anymore. I can only imagine how much suffering that poor woman went through. How can you be that fucking cruel. This was not Tabetha’s birth mom, but then again with Tabetha’s lies who knows. This was a woman who took her in, loved her, fed and clothed her and probably prayed every night for her soul. A person who choose to accept Tabetha, to care for her like a blood child. Even more so because she picked Tabetha, see birth children really don’t have a say, but to love a being that you did not create, that is beyond love. Tabetha took that love and twisted it like a knife in that lady’s heart. If she had not succumbed to her illness, I am positive she would have died from a broken heart.

    My final words for the moment is this, Tabetha, Salena is a grown woman with a very sharp mind, if you think that talking to JT or I had anything to do with the outcome of you dream world, you are more fucked up then I thought.

    • Tabetha is a joke just like everything she does and says. She says that she has been hurt and what not and I think all should know some of the stories she has told are word for word what happened to me people who post here and know me can say that that is the truth. Woman needs to get a life of her own and quite stealing. Other peoples live up to and including style design books art pains joys and everything with that.

      • That lame cunt could not be 100% real if all the heavens opened up and offered her redemption if only she could be honest for 1 day. She is a disgrace to women everywhere. My dad told me growing up, ” Son there are 2 types of women in this world. The one that you take home to meet momma, and the ones you NEVER do”. I was young when he first told me that, so like any inquisitive kid, I asked him to explain. It went something like this. “Well son, the ones that you bring home are the keepers. They are good, kind, sweet, loving and nurturing. The ones you know are going to support you in all you do in life. The one you marry and build a family with. Now, the ones that never meet your momma are practice, basically throw aways. You have fun with them, you enjoy all they throw at you, hell if they are throwing it at you, might as well catch it and enjoy. But always use protection, cause if they are throwing it at you, they are throwing it to many others”. I said all that to say this, Tabetha is of the 2nd variety. She has no one to blame but herself. This dumb bitch has made it her life’s calling to be whatever she thinks is what a man or woman may want. It has been proven with all the different men she has had in her life, just in the few years that I have known of her existence. I am sure if she wasn’t so fucking ugly she could have made a fair living as a call girl, more prostitute than call girl though. She has so many layers of lies I don’t think that she would know the real person under all her fucked up lies. Every person she comes into contact with she attempts to take on their lives, not just their persona. She is a class A sociopath. I feel bad for anyone who has been scarred by her. And yes I said scarred. She rips onto people’s lives, destroys their dignity and pride. She uses people for their general kind nature. The total fucked up thing is by the time this disgusting piece of shit is done using these people, they actually think that they did something wrong, that they deserve the treatment she gives them. She claims she was abused, I doubt it, I believe that she has been honing her craft of being the abuser for a very long time. She is so talented at her bullshit that by the time she has chewed you up and spit you out, you are scratching your head, ready to beg for forgiveness. She is a classic manipulator, nothing more. A common piece of trash, that has been long overdue to be put out.

      • Tab’s not the victim. She’s the abuser. She tells a great story about how she’s the poor victim, struggling to chase her dreams like she promised her poor mother on her deathbead, when the truth is, she barely visited mom once or twice in hospice, and the night mom died, both of her loving daughters were too busy whooping it up in a photo shoot with Kandi to be with mom. The call that mom passed woke them both up at, what, noon the next day? Later?

        No. She didn’t dote over her poor, ailing mother. She tortured her with rants about this blog, and (from all accounts) bled her dry financially. Sis is next, backed up by the young pup that thinks he’s met a real woman (rather than the heartless monster he WILL discover she is). After Sis gives up the ghost, her captive audience is a pretty short list of one.

        Stealing identities is exactly what she does. For whatever men she fools into a relationship, and for her many failed businesses. Hell, for her whole failed LIFE. Whether it’s some voodoo practitioner, bad-ass biker chick, sweet little country girl (yee-HAW!) or southern rebel, it’s just a mask. And when she meets somebody new, whether it’s a man, scapegoat, or victim, she’ll shuck that mask off and put on a new one to con whoever’s next.

        Like her current co-owner scapegoat, Leah. I can only imagine what line of bull she’s feeding Leah to believe she’s a legitimate partner. The new company deals with Christian entities, so what’s the story this week? The power of the “Arc” angel that’s granted Tab the power of all her past lifetimes? *insert very wide eye-roll here*

        Voodoo hasn’t worked, and neither has that ridiculous witch thing, so what supernatural bandwagon is she chasing after now? Christianity? I can only imagine that the REAL Christians she runs across will just LOVE her spin on their faith. SMH.

        She’s already used up quite a few belief systems, from Native American, Voodoo, Paganism, witchcraft and Christianity. I just wonder what it’ll be next. Faith healing? Satanism? She already casts spells to curse people. With me, it was “gators that creep in the night” to come get me – still waiting on that, btw. There’s been cursed “heirlooms” she’s sent to people. What’s next? Plague ? Pestilence? A hail of locusts? Snakes? Toads? Or will she finally discover, with all of these powers of hers, that she’s the direct descendant and reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself?

        All I can do is SMH and hope that people see her for what she is before she manages to get her hooks in them.

    • “First off this Davenport company did exist, about 3 years ago they closed up shop. So anyone who knows how to do a business search can see what company is active and what one isn’t. Also very easy to make up a fake email address. And since Tabetha is the queen of fake, it is easy for her to do just that.”

      So she’s mixed just enough reality in with her bullshit to TRY to make it seem believable. Sounds about right.

      If you’ve got Davenport’s name and info, hit me up with it so that I can let him know that he’s been the victim of identity theft in attempts to defraud and extort money from models. Identity theft is a felon y. Let’s see her explain that one to a judge.

      Absolutely, Salena has a reputation all on her own in the gore and horror industry. She goes back years, if not decades, in the goth community. She’s a star all on her own, one that Tabetha tried to hitch her wagon to.

      This comment pretty much flew under the radar, but I think it deserves more attention. Salena isn’t the only person Tab approached from the haunted house. There was another haunter that Tab approached, calling her “Bad ASS!”

      So I don’t think Tab was just trolling Salena. Tab casts a wider net than that. Look how many authors she approaches through facebook friends lists. She finds an author that’s obviously going to have other author friends on their friends list, then starts hitting them up one by one. She says “I’ve heard great things about your work, and I’d like to help make your dreams of publishing come true.” Unsuspecting authors think they’ve won the freaking lottery because a real, live publisher wants to work with them. Cue the Hallelujah chorus. But it’s not a publisher that’s approaching them It’s a scam, and they’re not being prospected. They’re being hunted, by a practiced predator.

      Same thing went on at the haunted house. Tab went looking for a victim, approaching more than one potential target. She got lucky with Salena, who’s got a heart of gold and trusted that her talents were appreciated by a professional in the field. She had no way of knowing that she was just another clay pigeon getting aimed at by a poacher. Looks like she found out pretty quick, though. And I’m glad she did. Tabetha already stole her belongings and put her in unhealthy situations, and she came very close to exploiting Salena’s very real talents for her own personal gain.

      Be warned, people. This is the way Tab operates. If her lips are moving, she’s lying. And if she shows interest in you, it’s because she’s got bills to pay and she thinks she can use you to do it, whether it’s from pinching your royalties or handing you some sob story about how her little girl needs something. Whether it’s shoes for the little darling, a cell phone payment or rent (“My poor baby will be thrown out into the street, sob, sob!”) she’ll hit you with it, hoping you’ve got the soft heart and deep wallet to “help” her out.”

      And you, young Johnny Reb. I know you read this. You hit my stat tracker more often than I do, probably because she forces you to read what’s going on here. She does that, forces the people around her to keep up on what gets said here so that her own IP doesn’t show up as often. It DOES show up. Just not as often.

      I’ve seen the latest photos. You know, the ones where Tab’s got bruises all over her saggy little boob-flaps, knees and elbows, as well as scratches all over her. The ones with you biting and choking her. Be warned, young man. What you’re being told is rough, kinky sex isn’t just for fun and giggles. It’s future evidence.

      YOU ARE BEING SET UP. These exact same photos she tells you are modeling shoots will more likely than not later be used to prove to the world that you abused her. You’re not being groomed as a model, dude. You’re being set up as a patsy. When she’s done with you (and it probably won’t be long now if you don’t have loads of cash to pay her bills or refuse to come pay me a visit on her behalf), you WILL get thrown under the bus, with these very photos offered up as proof of how you physically and emotionally TORTURED her. We’ve known Tabetha Jones a hell of a lot longer than you have, and we know how she operates. Mark my words, kid. She’s using you. If you’ve got a single brain cell in either head, use it. Do you want charges of domestic abuse to follow you around for the rest of your life? Wake up and save yourself while you still can.

      • “Now, the ones that never meet your momma are practice, basically throw aways. You have fun with them, you enjoy all they throw at you, hell if they are throwing it at you, might as well catch it and enjoy. But always use protection, cause if they are throwing it at you, they are throwing it to many others”

        That is some of the most sexist, derogatory crap I’ve ever heard. Yeah, let’s just describe human beings as throw aways to use. I know you’re trying to put someone down with this, but it’s a steaming pile of horse crap. It says that anyone that doesn’t fit all of the first description must be the second variety which means you don’t need to treat them with respect. Bullshit. There are more than two types of women in the world, and a shit ton of them don’t want to sleep with you! Sorry, but it’s disgusting, and I’m calling it out.

      • That’s just the thing. We’re not trying to put anybody down. All we’re here for is to expose a fraud, scam, and liar.

        If anything, SHE’S the one that throws people away when she’s done with them, having trampled upon their hearts and souls cruelly.

        I didn’t take JAFO’s comments to be directed at ALL women. Just the one(s) we’re talking about here. The ones that have earned the criticism, and more.

  2. First and foremost, if half of that is true about how she treats her child, I truly and honestly hope that child protective services has been notified. Not to “get” Tab, but because that is a completely unhealthy environment for a child. And if, note that I said IF, Tab’s also involved with substance abuse, then that child would be better off somewhere else. Period. I don’t like to drag an innocent child into adult conversations, but SOMEBODY has to care enough about that poor kid to speak up.

    If any of you out there has first hand knowledge of a child being raised by a parent in such an unhealthy environment (and a conscience), I beg you pick up the phone and alert the authorities. As a mother and humanitarian, My only hope for that kid is that she be removed to somewhere that she’s got a decent chance at a normal life.

  3. Like I said about the shoots, I was told I didn’t have to pay for any of them. I was considered family, like a sister to them. With me leaving, I was told I owed them all this money for the back shoots we had did. How is that? Especially, when I am called over to get all prettied up & what not, to take some pics, have some fun. I am NOT under any contract for TPEP. BUT…when I break contract for Dark Storm Publishing, I am being told I owe money for photos that were taken! Really? Is that how you do business? You con people by telling them they don’t have to pay a dime, it’s all for fun. Then, when they go to leave because of being used & lied to, you have the nerve to tell them they owe you money for the photos! WTF?! I mean, what kind of shit is that? They cannot even get the amount right for shit either! I’m told several different amounts
    of money I supposedly owe them…fuck that shit! I do NOT owe either of them any amount of money!

    Also, I told them since the beginning of May to take my photos off the TPEP fb page. I am no longer affiliated with them & do not want to be associated with them or any of their companies. They still had not done it, so I send another message again. THEN…I get an email from TPEP saying they decided to remove my photos from their page because they do not want to be associated with me, I used them for personal gain. HAHAHAHA!!!! You can see the proof I have & the emails above. I just love how Tabetha “tries” to be a professional about it, that just tickles me to no end! She has no inkling how to run any sort of business at all OR be professional about anything!

    Let me tell you about these submissions for magazines Tabetha wanted to do. She was telling me that there are some magazines you could submit your photos to. These magazines called DeVour, Sanctuary & a few others were advertising different themes they would do. Pretty much, they are vanity magazines. You would be able to submit your photos & if you got picked, you would be printed in the magazine. They would have certain guidelines for you to follow. No mention of any money to be paid or received. Just submit your photos & if picked, you have to fill out a release form to give permission to print your photos in the magazine. That’s it, nothing more, no fee for anything. According to Tabetha, I owe her money for a backing out fee of $125 for DeVour magazine. She told me some shit about submitting names & if you got picked, you
    had a chance of being printed in said magazine. If anyone backed out, there would be a fee of $125 for doing so. I told her that didn’t sound right, why would they have that? She says it could have given someone else the opportunity to be in the magazine. I told her, I am not paying her
    any money! I was not backing out, I was postponing due to the fact my sister was visiting at the time.
    I have posted the link so you can look at the rules for submitting photos.

    I told her if I had known that there would be a backing out fee, I never would have agreed to do any of the shoots. Due to my health issues, I cannot plan too far ahead. Hell, I can barely plan
    from one weekend to the next. When she told me all this about the magazines & what kind of photos to do…I told her it SOUNDS fun. There wasn’t anything else said after that, & she never told me when we would do these photos. All she did was rattle off the dates of when they had to be turned in by. So, when she calls me up to ask me if I feel like coming over to do some pretty looks for one of the magazines, I tell her I cannot. She flips on me, saying this was planned, that I knew there was a deadline. I told her I knew there were deadlines for them, but she NEVER informed me when she wanted to do the photos. Tabetha continues to tell me, April 18th was the deadline & I wanted to have time to edit them before submitting to the magazine. I thought to myself, if the deadline is the 18th & she wants to do them so she has time to edit them & send? The weekend she wanted to do them IS the 18th! That didn’t make any sense you dumb ass! She also wanted to knock out all the other photos for OTHER magazines, all in one weekend…is she out of her mind?!! Well, of course she is, we all know that, but I mean, what the hell?!

    Going back to the Demon Asylum photos…
    Tabetha submitted our Demon Asylum photos to Sanctuary magazine, they were picked to be put in the magazine & we had to sign a release form giving permission to so. I get the release form & fill it out, but the photos never get printed in the magazine. The reason…Tabetha says JT got a hold of the magazine & harassed them, so the magazine decided not to print them. Tabetha also said Devanport emailed her & said JT sent him a harassing email (screen cap above). Of course, we ALL know that is bullshit! Here is what I think really happened, Tabetha was pissed that I left DSP & refused to pay the sep fee. She decided NOT to send in the release forms to get back at me, thinking I would get upset. The thing is, it didn’t even bother me at all. I already predicted she wouldn’t send them in, I even told my sister that I bet Tabetha won’t turn them in because I broke contract & left.

    I will post the link if you want to see the form I had to fill out.

  4. Notice that the great Tabetha is not refuting this or anything else. Wonder why that is? Has the truth finally come home to roost? Or is she desperately spinning the wheels in her pea brain, trying to deflect what has been stated?

    What’s the matter Tabetha, Santiago got you scared? Or did your lies finally bite you in your massive ass? Hard to scam people when they know the real truth, isn’t it? Finding less victims out there.

    Oh no, does that mean that Tabetha may have to get a job? Actually be legit? Maybe work for the money she gets instead of stealing from people and lying for money. Hell be a productive member of society, now that is something else I would like to see.

    • She’s too busy gathering evidence for her law “suite.” *eye roll*

      She’ll never face the truth. I don’t know if it’s drugs or if she’s just too far gone, but anybody that believes she’s got the power of an “arc” angel granting her the powers of lifetimes past, who thinks that she can “bless” or “curse” anybody, that her boyfriend is a dragon, or that her child will gain insurmountable powers on her next birthday is, in clinical terms, fucking nuts.

      What really bothers me is if a child is being raised in this environment, hearing this kind of shit and possibly being urged to believe it. If that’s not emotional abuse, I don’t know what is. If there’s anybody out there with first-hand knowledge of anybody filling a child’s head with this sort of nonsense, or in any condition that might not be healthy, I urge you to contact child protective services ASAFP. No child should live like that.

  5. Oh, I find this funny…listen to this (this was back in April after I told her I was leaving). I get a phone call from Tabetha, of course I don’t answer it. She leaves me a message saying for me to call her back, it’s important. Then, Dee calls me right after and tells me that Devanport emailed them saying there is a guy that wants to pay us for a shoot. I told Dee I wanted to know more about this, she tries to explain. I could hear Tabetha in the background correcting Dee on what she was trying to tell me. Dee ends up handing the phone to Tabetha, which, I knew was gonna happen. She proceeds to tell about this supposed shoot. I looked at my sister (she was visiting at the time this was going on) we both wanted to see this email. I told her to email it to me, instead, Dee ends up bringing over the tablet to show me the email. As my sister and I were reading this email, we are asking certain questions. We had asked who is this person that is wanting these photos done? We were told they don’t know, didn’t know if it was for a magazine or what. Well, that raised a big flag with my sister and I, especially when we were told it was for personal purposes; this supposed person was gonna pay $1500 for the photos, Devanport would receive $200 and the rest split three ways.

    While Dee was still here, I thumbed through the emails from this Devanport guy, and from what I read, Tabetha was playing Dee as well. These emails were being sent to the photography business, but I think Tabetha was behind it. Some of the emails were praising Tabetha for her photos and how Devanport wanted her to do all these different shoots, shoots that Tabetha herself told me she always wanted to do…get where I’m going here? In one of the replies to Devanport, he was told I would not do anything else but Goth looks or couldn’t pull off a Glamour look. Nice huh? Devanport requested me to dress in jeans and a wife beater shirt…really?? I do not wear pants, I do not own pants at all. As I continued to read all the emails from Devanport and the replies, I knew right away he was fake. I knew Tabetha was behind all this and Dee knew about it. At first, I wasn’t sure how much she knew, but that same night, my sister and I tripped her up. My sister and I also knew Tabetha and her were playing this little game on the phone to us. Tabetha would call ranting about some email she got from Devanport saying JT sent him an email harassing him. Dee would hang up and do her little act of not knowing what is going on. Again, Tabetha would call ranting about shit and Dee would do her part. My sister and I knew what was going on, we saw right through them both!

    This was Tabetha’s last sad attempt to get me to come back to do this shoot by throwing money into the mix. Nope, didn’t work Tabetha!

    • What’s it called again, when somebody accuses you of doing something you didn’t do? Slander, or something like that?

      Obviously, i never harassed any Davenport photographer, because he doesn’t exist. Not in the ways she says he does, anyway. There might be, or might have been some photographer bearing that name, but I’d bet the house that it was Tab herself that was posing as the guy. Just like she posed as Bo, and how she still reportedly poses as Sky. Unlike the myriad of fake authors she dreams up to pad her company, these are supposed to be real people. That’s very different. It’s fraud, and it’s mental.

      At first, I used to feel bad for Dee, knowing that her sister was pretending to be this gorgeous model named Sky, carrying on a fake relationship with her own sister. But Dee’s in on it, insisting that Sky is a real person and that they’ve met in real life, promising pictures to prove it.

      Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. They’re both complicit.

      • It is quite sad that Tabetha used her mother until she died, and now has a new puppet in Dee. But I have learned to expect nothing but the worse when Tabetha is involved. She is the lowest piece of shit I have encountered. She is a disgrace to women everywhere.

        I just love how all the things that her addled brain came up with, this fake photographer wanted. She is so full of her own self gratification, I am surprised that her boy toy can satisfy her. Ha, he probably can’t, seeing as he looks nothing like her fantasy, Draven wasn’t it? And let’s not forget about all the other strippers who gave her a thrill at the strip club. You all remember, what happens in the corner stays in the corner.

        I felt sorry for Dee, I really did. I wanted to believe that at least one of them had compassion, hell a conscience. This proves more to me that Dee faked the suicide attempt, just to feed her psychotic sisters fucked up mind games.

        I only feel sorry for the one’s who fall prey to her and her bullshit. But now only a small bit. Because if after they read this, and you know they do, they stay sucks to be you. Tabetha is only concerned with Tabetha.

        She is not mother of the year. She is not a loving sister, caring girlfriend, or even a decent human being. She is a egotistical, self centered, cruel, uncaring, narcissistic wannabe who will never amount to anything. Because as she says she is living her dream, sadly all her dreams are others reality. She is and forever will be a shadow dweller.

      • There’s only one person I truly feel sorry for in all of this, and that’s someone too young to get away and have a chance at a normal life.

        I can only repeat my urgent wish that anybody who’s witnessed a child in an unsafe or unhealthy situation will contact children’s services and have the situation investigated. It’s not about “getting’ anybody. It’s about making sure that a child is safe. Adults can look after their own affairs. A child needs the help of adults with good conscience to help them.

  6. That no talent having hack has no idea of anything. For her to have a pretend person bash your style just shows how jealous she is. Just looking at your pictures a nobody like me can see that you have style and grace. A real photographer knows what their models style is, and would never attempt to force a look that they never did. She wanted you in that tacky attire to bring down your ladylike qualities. As for you not being able to pull off a glam look, sorry I don’t buy that. And I don’t believe that this Davenport guy, if he were real would A) say that Salena could not pull off a look without seeing some proofs, and B) would give Tabetha all the acolytes and praise again without seeing proofs of said looks. It is hilarious that all the praise goes to Tabetha, as usual. I wonder just how much lube she uses to get her massive head through a door. It is bad enough she uses her sister’s company, which we all know that it’s her deal, to inflate her gigantic ego. It would make me feel bad for her sister, except that twit is just as dumb. The only one that I feel bad for, like JT is an innocent child, who didn’t ask to be born into that psychotic life. Someone needs to grow some balls and defend that child, before something bad happens to her. With a fucked up mother like Tabetha, unless she is taken away from the madness, or leaves at a young age and hits the ground running, she will be doomed the same life as her piece of shit mother.

  7. Angry author, please accept my apologies. I did not mean to offend. I was using something my dad told me as an analogy. I have every respect for ladies and women with a backbone. I did not mean to imply that any female who may have fun or do what nature intended was trash. Yes I meant to show what a despicable being Tabetha is. I worded it poorly and I do offer my sincere apologies, ma’am. It was a typical man reply. But on that note, I stand by my feelings about Tabetha Jones and her disgusting practice in all aspects of her life. She is and never will be a lady. I hold women in high regard, but I absolutely have no feeling but of contempt, and disgust for this being. She doesn’t know honor, pride or compassion. Those were the only words that I could think of when I posted. Outdated rhetoric of a man long gone from this world.

    • Thank you for your honesty and for taking time to respond, JAFO. It was definitely the phrasing I took issue with, not you personally. I challenge certain attitudes if I think what’s been said contributes to inequality. I think you accurately pinpointed what was wrong with the statement in your reply to me above so I’m happy to leave it there. I understood how it was intended, and I fully agree with you on that score.

      • Thank you kindly ma’am. I was prepared never to respond again. My sister contacted me, and informed me that you were offended. Was not my intentions. As soon as I got to the nearest truck stop I had to reply, and make amends. It is never my intention to disrespect any lady. Sometimes I forget my manners and the fact that I am talking to ladies of caliber instead of the truck stop variety. Again thank you for accepting my apologies.

  8. Pingback: Wicked Enticements | Lepplady

  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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