I just became aware that Tabetha and her fiance were in a wreck on his Harley a few days ago. She whacked her head pretty good, getting a bunch of stitches and spending the night in intensive care.

So let’s all take a moment to wish her well and hope that she recovers quickly.

I know she says that this is just a hate blog, but we’re human beings, here. Not without heart. There’s time for all of that publishing foolishness later.


51 thoughts on “Prayers.

  1. I am not going to be like Tabetha and name any of my affiliations to clubs, but will say it is called a sissy bar. The term “bitch” is used for the back seat position on a motorcycle. As in if you can read this the bitch fell off. And “Bullshit” is right, there is a SISSY bar on the back of that jap crap yamaha. So how is her child a Harley girl? Just curious.

  2. That is just a bunch of shit. To be able to call yourself a bitch when it comes hogs means you actually have to belong to a biker and then your his BITCH AKA BIKER BITCH. I would know I am a BIKER BITCH. have been for years. Have friends that are too. This Female needs to get her own life and stop trying to live through everyone else and stealling thier lives that they took years to establish when they werethe ones that climbed the mountains and got the cuts and bruises and delt with the pain that it caused.

      • Yes but taking there victories is just wrong more so when it is something you told her about things that you went through for said victories to become a reality. Like over coming mental states because of what exs do to you.

      • Oh, I agree completely. One day, she’s going to screw over the wrong person. Previously, she was careful to victimize people a great distance from herself, so that they couldn’t touch her, literally or figuratively. Lately, though, she’s been victimizing people who are actually in her area, including models and business-persons. Sooner or later, she’s going to tick off the wrong person, and they’ll revisit her in kind. Too many people are gaining first hand knowledge of how she does things, in her personal life as well as her so-called business. Hopefully, one of those will contact the appropriate authorities and call her to task.

  3. With Scabby’s fatty assy on the back it’s no wonder the front end came up but of course her whole comment makes no sense. If she’s going to get right back on why does she have to wait until July 1st? Getting right back on means getting right back on not waiting a week and then getting back on, she’s no tough biker bitch she’s just a fake I wouldn’t be surprised if the green fairy pushed her off meaning she was probably drunk or stoned on pills. Her daddy might of been a biker if that even was her daddy but she’s nothing but a big fat coward and a liar to. I have to see pictures of stitches before I believe she got them and lets see that road rash to while she’s at it because I don’t believe a word of it.

  4. Okay, sports fans. People have asked for pictures, so she’s posted a couple publicly on her FB.

    I’ve personally never seen staples or stitches put in a scalp without shaving the injury area first, but maybe they do things different in Texas. *shrugs*

    For what it’s worth, word has it that he popped a wheelie because of her extra weight on the back and she got dumped off. First, she should have been wearing a helmet. And second, there IS a sissy bar on the back of that motorcycle. Maybe she just wasn’t holding it.

    • I have to reply to my own comment here to correct myself. I’ve been doing a quick bit of Googling to see how standard it is to slap in staples without shaving the area first, and it seems it does happen. My bad. But I did find it amusing that one site said this about putting in scalp staples instead of sutures or adhesives for a small wound…
      “The quick application of staples makes them a good choice for patients who have multiple traumas or who are intoxicated.”
      ~ Essentials of skin laceration repair

      And, for what it’s worth, every single person that’s seen that photo today has found it questionable that you can’t see any scalp at all around those staples. That is curious. They say that without any cranial reference or scalp showing through, that could be a wig, for all we know. But I’m willing to say, okay. It happened. She got dumped off the back of a bike, maybe even took a knock to the noggin and got stitches.

      As for that road rash, I dunno. That’s possible, too, I guess. But let’s see some pictures from today or tomorrow. Let’s see what it looks like now. Let’s see another shot of those staples, too. I’ve looked at a LOT of photos of staples today for comparison, and in every single one of them, there was scalp showing. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but some updated pictures would go a long way toward putting the naysayers’ doubts to rest.

    • Okay, here is what I think about the whole injury thing. One, the staples look off & you cannot see any scalp what so ever. Two, the road rash looks fake! I have seen abrasions, hell, I have had abrasions myself & know what they look like first hand.
      The accident happened last Thursday & the pics were loaded earlier today, you would definitely see some sort of healing process, scabbing over. This pic shows none of that, it doesn’t show any scraping of any kind. I’m surprised Tabetha didn’t take any pics at the hospital & post them when it happened. We all know how Tabetha loves the attention, especially when she is the victim. Plus, we all know as well how she LOVES a photo opportunity!

      I say it was a small event that happened & she is playing it to the hilt. I was also told it was real because someone saw her in the hospital. If it was indeed that bad & those wounds are real, I will apologize. Show me better proof, but until then, I say it is makeup on her back, it just looks too fake!

      • You know, if Tabetha wasn’t such a BIG liar & one for so long, she would not be getting as much flack as she is with this accident. I mean, when something happens to her, no one believes it & wants proof because of all her lies.
        Like I said, if it is not fake, I WILL apologize. Until then, I will go with what I said.

      • I’ll go along with what you said, too.

        She’ll probably say she TOOK those photos at the hospital, but didn’t POST them until today. And that’s fine. But let’s see something now to prove where she is on the healing scale now, 4 days later. And let’s see a better shot of those staples in her scalp to prove it isn’t a wig or something.

        And I absolutely, %100 agree with you. If she weren’t such a liar about just about every. Single. Thing in the freaking WORLD, she probably wouldn’t be accused of lying about this, too.

        I’m willing to admit that I’m wrong, but I won’t apologize for being suspicious. She’s been PROVEN a liar about so many things before, I feel no guilt about doubting her now.

  5. I am skeptical about the severity of the head wound, but only because I had severe head trauma a few years back. I was working downtown Baltimore, delivery. I made my delivery, and the firehouse had wet down the sidewalk. I got into the vehicle, yes it was the back of the vehicle, bad me. My father in law seen a break in traffic and took off like a bat out of hell. I had not had a chance to sit before he took off.

    With wet shoes, and the force of take off, yep ass over tea kettle. Out onto Lombard St., into oncoming traffic. I blacked out for a few, came to with father in law gone, he didn’t realize I had fallen out. And yes traffic was headed my way. I had to crawl to the curb, I was unstable. By the time I had gotten to the curb, father in law was there. My wrist was broken and the entire back of my skull smashed.

    I received 80 stitches and roughly 75 or more staples. My head was shaved at the laceration area. And to this day I still have a nasty scar that you can feel on my scalp. There was a lot of blood in between the staples days after.

    If she was really hurt I do feel some sympathy. But like you all, I know Tabetha likes to embellish and adores the attention. So a simple boo boo to her becomes a catastrophe. Another thing I want to point out is any man who wrecks his ride has to bitch about it. Yet her boy toy says nothing. Not even sorry that I dumped your far ass off the back of my ride. But then again it isn’t a Harley so I guess it does not deserve any condolences.

      • Its a scam just like all the rest I can say that much. I have personally first hand seen what a road rash looks like from a motorcycle accident and that I can say does not look right looks more like theatrical blood to me probably the same she uses in her photo shoots. Plus a head wound they would seperate the hair you could see where the wound is and I do not see anything but common staples wrapped a round hair they do not even look like surgical staples surgical staples are bigger more noticeable.

      • I have seen photos today where they didn’t shave the area. But I HAVEN’T seen a single picture where you didn’t see the scalp.

        And I agree about the “rash” mark. That looks like a thin sheen of wet blood. Not a big, bumpy, scabby road rash.

        She could put the speculation to rest by posting photos that actually show something that looks like an injury. Otherwise, it just looks like a show for pity.

  6. I was hit by a caddie when I was 15 years old. The staples in my head were set after they shaved a section to make sure they didn’t need to do more. The road rash on 50% of my body did NOT look like a Photoshop sun burn, but was all scabby by the second day, and the hospital kept me for observation for 3 days. I call BULLSHIT!

    • I would tend to agree. Let’s see what those injuries look like today. Maybe tomorrow. Can she match up the “wounds”? Or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

  7. Here are a couple examples of road rash similar in surface area to what she’s claiming she got, across the upper back.

    The difference as I see it is that the guys have scratches and abrasions in their skin. Hers looks like a wet slick, as if it was painted on for the photo. I don’t see scrapes like the guys have.

    As for the scalp staples, here are a few photos I’ve looked at today.

    There are some stapled in without shaving, but every single one shows scalp. Hers doesn’t. It looks like staples were stuck into twisted hair.

    I hope she’ll take some updated photos that show a more definitive story.

    • The reason it looks different is because you have to be moving when you hit the ground to get road rash. The bike wasn’t moving when she fell off it. He popped a wheelie because she weighs too much. All she did was plop her fat ass on the ground. She doesn’t have road rash. She has DQS. Drama queen syndrome. Those staples in her head look fake as hell too. I call bullshit.

      • THAT’S what’s missing. Scratches from movement. Good call. And, looking at that picture, it looks like there’s a strand of wet hair stuck in her “rash.” Like it was slick, wet. If it’s blood her back is wet from, where’s it coming from? There are no scratches.

        No, boys and girls, I cry foul on this one. Looks fake to me.

  8. As a guy, I do have to agree with CFW any real biker would be bent that damage was done to their ride. And please excuse this statement but most would be even more pissed off that their “bitch” caused said damage. But then again, we are talking about wannabes. This bullshit of lucky number 13 of bike wrecks, and the indomitable guiding spirit of dead dad, is such a fucking joke. Also the elusive hints of the rebel boy toy being a Bandito is more of a joke than anything she has come up with thus far. Hello even with her cry of “legacy” no club takes on a member without prospecting. And a little FYI no clubs prospect term is less than 9 months. And the person you are sleeping with doesn’t get special treatment. There are some cases if you switch from 1 club to another, and a 100% vote across the board that you can become a member. I am still waiting for pics of the saps ride. But since it is a Japanese crap and no Harley was harmed during the stunt, it is not anything to mourn. And for the record that road rash is a sad and as fake as the stupid bitch who posted.

  9. Tab’s posted “updated” pictures of her many wounds. I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourselves.
    Did she match up that road rash?

    How many staples did she say she got, again?

    If somebody gets dumped off the back of a motorcycle (hence a “road rash” on the BACK) how did she get scraped up knees?

    And now, for your amusement, a week later, she’s claiming she’s got a “class 2” concussion.

    Funny that she wouldn’t mention that in the beginning.

    • OMFG she didn’t even come close to matching that painted on road rash, that’s so fake it’s not funny! She even has tattoos she could of used to put it in the same place but again there are no scratches so no road rash and it’s not even in the same place! And now all the sudden her head wound is four miles wide and there are five more stitches and they don’t match up at all to the first ones and the stitches in the first one look like house staples whilst the ones in the second one look like they came from a staple gun. And now suddenly she has this category 2 cuncussion, oh she’s got brain damage all right but it’s not from any chuffing cuncussion, her damage comes from all the pills she swalllows with her booze, she’s a fake fucking minger crying boo hoo for attention because her fat ass tipped a motorcycle over. There’s no second class cuncussion just a first class loser.

      • Like I said before, Tabetha LOVES the attention! As we all know, her life is an open book as she says. The accident may have happened, as far as the road rash, it’s fake & so is the stapling of her head. The dumb twit couldn’t even match up the supposed road rash *rolls eyes*
        She exaggerated the incident & made it way more than what it really was. This woman exhausts me to no end with her dumb ass self…SMH.

      • I agree. I don’t dispute that her excessive weight caused her boy – toy to pop a wheelie and dump her off the back of his bike. But I believe that she is exaggerating any injuries she might have gotten, for sympathy. Especially that head wound. It looks like there are more stitches and that the “wound” is vastly different.

        Sorry. I don’t buy it.

      • I agree about the staples, both in size and number. It even looks like one was thrown in on top, for good measure.

  10. Just a quick point to make. I noticed that the first picture Tabetha showed, her roots were a consistent color. How what 4 days later, she shows not only a bigger gash in her head and the roots being shown are of a blondish color, when her last hair color was dark? Also she fell backwards, how is the injury on the top?

    • If you look closely, it looks like the roots are only different right around the wound, making on wonder if it’s because something was recently put there. Like fake blood or something else that stained the hair just in those areas.

      • The gash is on top not the back where if she fell off the back of the bike it should be. Also much bigger than original picture. The roots are a consistent color throughout second picture, light color where Tabetha’s last color was dark. Also note the finger nails, don’t match up. Good try though Tabetha, but should never mess a person who has a very analytical mind.

      • Her wound has also moved feom the central of right front and back lobes to the back to mid back of both back lobes wow.

  11. For Grade 2 concussions, once the effects have lingered past a half hour, aspirin or ibuprofen can be taken to reduce the pain of headaches. However, if the condition worsens over time, medical attention is required immediately. With a higher grade of concussion, it is essential that recovery not be mixed with alcohol or any drugs that have not been approved of by a physician. Twenty-four hour observation by a trusted loved one or medical staff is required to make sure that further symptoms don’t develop or current conditions don’t worsen.

    Anybody see the problem here?

    • Nothing that y’all haven’t been saying for a while now. Tabetha is an attention whore. One cough she has eboli, a little nick on her fat ass and she is dying. She always has to have the “better” fucked up life. Too bad her bullshit doesn’t match up. Yet the dumb ass keeps trying to sell her lies. I will say that I am shocked that her new swinging dick has kept his mouth shut since her first pressuring him to defend her honor. Good for you, boy. Maybe she doesn’t have your balls in her purse, yet. But I am laughing at the fake ass pictures she is trying to pass off as her. Come on you fucking cow, I am a man and can tell the hair color, and style are not the same. But then I have been with and married to the same woman for well over 25 years. Smart men learn to notice that shit. If you can’t fool me, you ain’t fooling these women who do that hair stuff as second nature.

  12. Tab has posted photos of her getting her (more than 6, which she originally claimed) stitches removed. And in the very first picture, taken from behind, there’s not a single hint of that road rash. Wow. That healed up QUICK, didn’t it?

    And there’s your explanation about the blonde roots, ladies. It’s because “The stuff the used to clean the wound lightened my roots up lol so it looks funny back there.”

    You tell me. does it fly or not?

    • She now claims 7 stitches, even though many more than that are visible in the second picture she posted. And says that the reason her roots are different is because of whatever they cleaned the wound with. Never mind that the roots in the first picture are red to the scalp, but 4 days later, the roots all over the head show a great deal of growth, and appear to be blonde. Not her natural dark color.

      Something happened. I’ve allowed for that from the start. But I fully believe that she’s lied about the circumstances, and greatly exaggerated her wounds. Like that road rash that doesn’t match up from one day to the next, and magically disappears overnight.

      Maybe if she learned to give a straight answer, the anvil of doubt wouldn’t slam down on her so hard.

  13. I’ve been a biker for over forty years and I can tell you one thing. If that woman was my daughter disrespecting my name me the way she talks about her father, I’d disown her. And more than that, my club wouldn’t tolerate having their names thrown around that way either. If she had any real affiliation with a major club, she would have been bitch slapped in a permanent way by now. She’s no biker and if her father was, she disgraces him every time she opens her mouth.
    My daughter wouldn’t make me proud by talking shit about me and herself like that. My daughter makes me proud by earning a 4.0 grade average at Vassar. She rides with us and represents, but she’s got a future in this world, unlike the sorry excuse for a woman I’ve seen acting like this.
    And I’m here to tell you that not all bikers treat their women like bitches. I’ve been married to the mother of my children for 32 years and I treat her like a queen. She’s the love of my life and I would never treat her badly. No man that respects a woman does that and no woman that respects herself allows it. They may refer to themselves as a “biker bitch” but none of the ladies I know disrespects themselves so badly. They’re confident and strong, not slutty and sleazy. The way she makes real biker ladies look turns my stomach.
    I saw a picture of that boy’s bike too and I’m here to tell you he’s no biker. No real biker would ride that piece of shit. It looks like it’s got parts from different kinds of bikes including a Yamaha gas tank with more dents in it than a junkyard wreck. No club would let him park that piece of shit outside their bar let alone join their club.

    • As I understand it, no biker would go this long without lamenting the damage to his bike, yet we haven’t heard a single word. Not about his bike, nor about his woman. Perhaps neither of them are as important to him as he claims.

    • Much respect for you Biker John, I appreciate you showing a true biker’s stance. I do wish to say that I have made some comments about treatment of women in MC’s and that meant no disrespect to many true men of code. I have been around quite a few clubs. I know there is much respect given to wives.

      But I was also taught the difference between a wife and as you stated someone who has no respect for themselves. The people I knew made sure that I knew code and respect. Also although I am family and was welcomed by the clubs, I was no way a legacy.

      And that you never name names, no matter what. Not saying every club is a 1% er club, but respect is respect. Many do good deeds and just don’t want all the glory. I know quite a few that do. I agree that the way she represents herself is of what my uncle called biker trash. Not a bad bitch.

      A bad biker bitch, is ride or die, giving 100 to her man, her family and her club. She is supportive, and represents pride. She carries herself as a lady, but can do what is needed in protection of her family. I commend you and your Mrs., on the fine job you are doing with your daughter. You are amazing people, enjoy your 2 wheel therapy.

  14. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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