Facebook privacy

A certain whiny-baby out there keeps bitching because stuff she puts on Facebook gets carried elsewhere (including here) and repeated.

We keep trying to explain that if you put something on Facebook using public settings, you have no right to complain. But the queen of hypocrisy insists that stuff she posts on a public site should be private anyway, just because she wants it to be.

Sorry, psycho.

If you won’t listen to us, how about listening to Facebook? Here, from their own page, are Facebook’s terms of use regarding privacy:

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

So suck it up, buttercup. ACCORDING TO THE AGREEMENT YOU CONSENTED TO WHEN YOU CREATED AN ACCOUNT, when you post something on Facebook using public settings, that content isn’t just up for grabs, but YOU CONSENTED for anybody to use it. Including us.

But I’m sure actual logic won’t keep you from boo-hoo-ing and playing victim, crying to anybody that will listen about what meanie-weenies we are for repeating your own words that you gave your permission for us to do by posting it in the first place. *eye roll*


Sinister news

Amid a spattering of Hooker bitch Barbie snaps that both proclaim what a badass she is (we know better) and belie that not all is well in paradise (saw that coming), Tabetha Hoover, Jones, Willis, Saulters, Henley, Olejnick, whatever, posted an announcement about Sinister Souls. You know, the anthology she and Nick Pacione started a 4,300 Kickstarter project to fund, even though publishing on Createspace is free. Read my post about that HERE if you’re not familiar with that particular bit of hilarity.
Translated: her latest fake anthology is getting published through her latest fake publishing company just as soon as she finishes making up enough fake names to fill it out.

Never mind that she’s provided zero proof that she’s copyrighted Trademarked her company (name or logo, she didn’t say which), there’s no website for this super new company, and not even so much as a FB page for it. There’s no evidence of any business WHATSOEVER, but hey, they’ve got books coming out.

The good news, I hope, is that she hasn’t snagged any new real authors. The kind with an actual pulse, unlike the names she makes up to make it look like her company and her books are more impressive than they really are. Hopefully, it’s just a pitiful attempt to get something going by producing a bunch of unedited, poorly formatted crap she’s come up with hurriedly under different names.

Well, she’s got Nick, but I’m not convinced that he qualifies.

Since their crowd funding project earned a flat $0, – apparently nobody thought that hanging out with either one of them was worth paying a plug nickel for – I guess they’ll just have to do it the way she’s always done it. For free on Createspace. Who did they think they were fooling?

Keep your eyes open, authors. If either one of these two approaches to to contribute to an anthology, RUN. Do not walk away.

You’re welcome.

It’s official… sort of

Sweete Sinz has been announced by Tabetha Jones.

I scarcely know where to start.

I guess I’ll start with her usual lack of a single clue about how to be professional. If the first thing you read about a business is that it has “haters”  “on believers” (?) “nosy bitches” and “stalkers” that alone should tell you that this is a “business” to avoid at all costs. It says right up front that this “imprint” isn’t about books. It’s about drama. This is reinforced by her continuation that she’s protecting her names (both Tabetha Jones and Zoey Sweete) from “slander” and “malicious talk” by trademarking her company.

First, let’s not forget that she started off saying that she was Copyrighting her business. It wasn’t until after I corrected her that she started using the term Trademark. Hell, just about everything she tries (and fails) to get right is because she learned it from me correcting her. That’s pretty sad for somebody that has been claiming to be a publisher for, what, four years now? After all that time, she still hasn’t got even the most basic grasp on how business works.

Next, I can only say it again, for the millionth time. It’s not slander unless it’s false. I don’t know what language she wants it in, but it’s not slander to point out that a person is a crook if they are, in fact, a crook. Never has been, never will be.

Yes, you register a Trademark. Requesting a tax ID and making sure a business is legal at the state and local levels are different things. But as she has so far seemed unable to do a single legal thing regarding any of her so-called companies, it seems unlikely that she’d know the difference.

I take that back. She did do one legal thing. She requested a tax ID for Dark Storm (after first lying to her authors and the public by claiming that the company was owned by someone named Destiny Rane, who turned out to be Tab herself). With that one, feeble stab at trying to appear legitimate, she provided a direct link between all of her past shady companies and herself, through Dark Storm. Where she had previously used alternate accounts, “family” names and other shady shenanigans (to avoid paying taxes?), she put the name Tabetha Jones on Dark Storm. That provided a direct link for the IRS to walk straight up to her front door and knock. So kudos to her for that.

Same thing with this new company. She claims to be procuring a tax ID, registering and Trademarking Sweete Sinz, setting herself up to be all proper and legitimate. If she succeeds, more power to her.

But let’s not forget the twisted path she’s walked  to get here. First (that we know of), there was Mystic Press, which has been proven to scam and rip people off. There are authors, artists and editors from MP that never got paid, and never will. She literally gloated when the statute of limitations ran out for those poor saps. Next came Phoenix Fire, which was just more of the same. Many of the fine folks that speak up about how crooked she is were PF authors, editors and artists that have come forward to say how crookedly she dealt with them, lying to them, involving them in her personal drama and bilking money out of them, offering sob stories about needing new shoes for her kid or having to make payments on her computer or else all of their work would be lost – things of that nature.

After PF came a convoluted series of one-offs. There was the short-lived Silver Fang, which was actually the brainchild of one of her former co-owners, Dark Storm, and Demons and Deities. Mostly (if not all) in rapid succession within this year alone.

And now, there’s Sweete Sinz, the latest in her efforts to bring Zoey Sweete, her pen name, to life. Tab doesn’t even sign her own name to her books, anymore. She attributes all of them to Zoey, including a memoir about her groupie days at the strip club. You know, the one that the club refuses to permit. I guess she thinks by changing the author name, she can slip it in under the wire on them. It won’t work, of course. But with the success of films like Magic Mike and the film about her favorite club, La Bare, her skewed image of herself as part of that world is more glamorized than ever, and she’s desperate to insert herself into that limelight by any means possible. Even if it means trying to publish bold-face lies about romantic adventures with male strippers that would rather gouge their genitals off with a spork and become eunuch monks than touch her. Even if it means treading upon the cherished memories of a fallen dear friend and family man that deserves much better. She doesn’t care. If she can glorify herself, she feels justified.

Even within the formation of Sweete Sinz, there have been lies.

First, she claimed that Sweete Sinz was going to be an imprint ONLY to publish her own books. Her own self publishing efforts.  Not words that I’m implying, but her own words in her own post:

And now, here she is setting it up like MP, PF, SF, DS and DD, to work with other authors “one on one” to make their dreams of publishing come true. We’ve seen those words before, haven’t we, boys and girls?

Amusing as all get-out is her assertion that because she trademarks her company, she thinks that protects her from having her crooked activities pointed out if she commits them, as if a trademark is a magic umbrella under which she can do anything she wants and nobody can call her on it. If that’s really what she thinks, she’s got a rude awakening coming.

Also amusing is that by saying that “this time” she’s going to do everything right, she admits that she got it wrong before. She admits that PF and DS were “rushed” and wrong. What is she thinking, saying that “Well, those companies were wrong, but this one will be right”? What can she offer as any reason for people to think that she’s learned anything new, or has any intention whatsoever of changing her ways? Has she taken business classes? Doubtful. Has she had some change of heart? Doubt it. Considering the lies that have already swirled around about the formation of this “new” company, all evidence supports that she intends to pick right up where she left off, using the same methods and means. She’s already using the same catch phrases about working “one on one” with authors to “make their dreams come true.”  Nothing’s changed at all, except for the name of the company. And even that isn’t very original, as there are companies a round the world already using it, including a bakery a chocolatier in India, and an adult escort in Atlanta. One has to wonder if any of them have trademarked the name. Worth finding out.

Does she really think that just because she says so, this new company won’t be compared to the train wrecks of her past? Sorry, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Especially when everything appears to be exactly the same about all of them, from the formation to the wording and especially the owner.

I can only shake my head at the folly.

Well, that and all the rest of it. It doesn’t matter that she’s announcing a company that has no legal foundation, no website or online presence at all. Even a partner that isn’t prepared to be named in association with her efforts. Yet. All of that, hilarious as it is, can be shrugged off as a work in progress. I’m still working on my own sites. It’s part of the job.

What really matters is that there’s nothing in her recent past or present that gives a single hint that this company is going to come together and be any better than any of the past ones were. Exactly the opposite. If anything, this one looks to be even more of a  joke.

Why does she even try? Because she’s her biker-daddy’s tough-minded little girl? Even that’s up for dispute lately, isn’t it? Because she promised her mother on her deathbed? The mere notion is an insult to a sweet lady that was burdened with stress and drama that probably hastened her into the grave. No. She does it for one reason, and one reason only. Money.

Sure. The rest of us work for money. If we said we wrote and published for the pleasure of it, we’d be liars. We’ve all got bills to pay. Difference between her and us is that we do the work expecting to get paid for our labors. That’s it. Nothing more, and nothing less. We don’t rip the beating hearts out of others, bleed them dry and then trample over their broken corpses in search of a fresh victim.

I’ll wait and see what her website looks like. Let’s see who that new(?) co-owner is. Let’s wait for those same, tired old books come out, including her magnum opus, anthologies written by authors that can no longer stand the sight of her. Let’s wait and see if any single thing happens with this new company that smacks of something fresh and new, or even remotely professional and legitimate. So far, it’s left wanting.

Tabetha Jones on Kickstarter

Nutbag Nicky and Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Henley, Willis, Saulters, Olejnick, whatever) have teamed up to create a Kickstarter project to fund their collaboration on the Sinister Souls anthology. There’s a video of Nicky blithering incoherently on that page. So I must hereby absolve myself of any IQ points you lose, should you choose to watch it.

They’re looking to take in a goal of $4,300.00 . As of right now, they have zero pledged by zero people.

Just for giggles (or guffaws, if you’re as amused as I am), let’s look at what they’re asking for, why, and what they’re promising as rewards for anybody who donates.

First and foremost, it bears note that Nicky wrote the project up, and he’s nearly as illiterate as Tabetha, and a whole legion more insane. So reading the proposal is an adventure in and of itself. It’s disjointed, at best, and rambles on and on about everything from taking stabs and the people he hates to what a whiz he is with pencil and paper.

What they’re asking for ranges from art supplies so he can hand-draw the book cover to – well, that’s about the only physical thing he lists on the page. Mostly, he tries to align himself with people that have never heard of him by using their names, from Dio, to Alice Cooper to Rod Serling, and more.

Rewards range from him recommending movies he likes on Amazon, to a hot dog date with himself. For $90 bucks or more, you get to “prank” some poor guy. So, basically, you’re paying Nicky for the honor of committing a crime. What fun. Suffice it to say that nothing he’s asking for or promises in return makes any sense whatsoever.

I could go on  and on about Nutbag, but instead, I’ll throw it over to The Rusty Nail’s post on the Kickstarter subject. They’re more well-versed with Nicky and his extreme oddities over there. While you’re there, be sure to read the latest post about him as well, where he’s trying to get people to buy him socks and underwear through a wish list on Amazon.

The purpose of this post is to detail Tabetha’s involvement.

Even though Nicky claims that he’s running the project at Tabetha’s behest, and drops her name a LOT, it looks like he’s doing the whole thing. He’s got his city slotted as the location for the project, and he’s the one accepting submissions, creating the cover, and doing the publishing. So it looks like it’s all Nicky, right?

Tabetha could, if she wanted, blink innocently and say that she knew nothing about this whole thing. Honest!


The reward for a donation of $300 or more is that you get a phone call from none other than herself. AND, you get to meet and hang out with her.
Probably at her favorite strip club. And I’m pretty sure you’ll have to pay for everything, on top of the $300 you paid for the privilege in the first place.

Enjoy, folks. I know I’m going to.

You’re welcome.

Nicky Wickie

Seems La Femme Nikita is just as greedy for the spotlight as his boyfriend, Tabetha. He stomped his widdle feet begging for attention, so I’ll give him a little. But only because there’s something to point and laugh at.
His comments show that he’s not only disjointed, but only semi-literate – and only that much because I’m willing to be generous. Compared to Tab, Little Nicky at least TRIES to get it right. He doesn’t succeed, of course, but his poor, addled little brain at least tries

Comparing himself to any of the people he names shows how deluded he really is. He’s got no more in common with Rod Serling (and his progeny) than he does with the world of Lovecraft, yet he keeps implying himself into their circles. That’s not some “fabrication.” His own words show the level of his failing grasp on reality. It’s slipping more and more all the time. I’d pity the eejit if he weren’t so determined to make himself, well, look like an eejit.

That’s it. That’s all the attention he gets.

Go away, Nicky. The grownups are talking, here.

Sweete Sinz – avoid it

With D&D closing down as fast as they opened, we now get to look forward to what Tab will do with the new “Sweete Sinz” imprint she’s cooking up.

If you remember, I posted screen caps not long ago in the What Wait? thread about this new endeavor of hers, pointing out how clueless she is for saying her imprint was copyrighted.

Now that I’ve corrected her clueless ass, she’s trying her level best to word herself on her Zoey Sweete Amazon page to say that she’s getting it trademarked and registered.

Her bullshit is so disjointed, I color-coded it for you.
**** She claims to be getting her Sweete Sinz “imprint” trademarked and registered.
As clueless as ever, she fails to realize that if she gets it trademarked, THAT’S THE SAME THING AS GETTING IT REGISTERED. To repeat that belies two things: first, she’s trying to make herself look more impressive by using prolific wording. And second: that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Unless she’s talking about getting it registered as a taxable entity, and we all know how likely that is to happen. Not very.

I’ll keep looking to see if she actually follows through, but as of this date, there is no such “imprint” trademarked or registered, to her or anybody else.

She’s tried to convince the public of her legitimacy many times, claiming that she’s properly registered (but claiming that it was under a “family name” – which in and of itself rendered the entire claim, as well as her business, fraudulent), saying that she was an LLC when she wasn’t, etc. So until or unless she can produce proof of her claim, it’s best to proceed under the belief that it’s bullshit. And by proof, I mean a link she can provide to both the Secretary of State where she’s identified as a legal taxable entity and her company’s trademark on the USTPO site. And, for the record, you can search the Trademark site yourself, to see if Sweete Sinz ever appears. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, unless you look good in blue.

**** Notice how quick she is to state that she’s eager to start working with others, even before describing her “imprint” as being a “self publishing” platform. It’s clear that she’s looking to pick up right where she left off, only using the name Zoey Sweete because her own is so tarnished.

**** And notice all the other names she throws out there. Ivy Sinclair, Syn Silver and Emerald Rai Lefleur. Translated: THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES SHE’S WILLING TO ADMIT TO. Make no mistake, people, there are a whole lot more names than this that she flies under. She’s only admitting to a few so that she’ll seem more believable when she denies using any others. Don’t be fooled by half-truths and sleight of hand.

She goes on to say:
**** Here she speaks again to her eagerness to work with bilk others.

**** And there it is, her pressed and patented catch phrase of making a writer’s dreams come true. We all know, from direct experience, that what she promises as a dream quickly becomes a nightmare. One it takes a great deal of courage, time, and intestinal fortitude to overcome. Many do, going on to pursue a successful writing career, once they’ve untangled themselves forcibly from her clutches. Others don’t have as thick a skin and never write again, their dreams and ambitions trampled beneath her weighty and well-rounded heel. All victims of her heartless, calculated schemes.

In case there’s an author out there that doesn’t know it, ZOEY SWEETE IS TABETHA JONES. She can (try to) change her name, but that leopard has no intentions of changing her spots. All she wants to do is throw a jug of red dye over them and hope it flies.

Protect yourself. Protect your rights. Get to know who we’re talking about, here. Then run away as fast as your two feet can carry you.

**** She has recently began…. If these warnings aren’t enough to deter you from dealing with Tabetha Jones aka Zoey Sweete, her abysmal writing should be.

You’re welcome.