Ambour Art

Okay. It’s not just MY artwork that I’ll talk about.

This (Tall) Guy is an artist that I know pretty well. I love his style, and I love his work.
He’s recently created an online presence for his work, something I’ve been saying he should do for years.

Here are a few examples of his work, on a few things he sells in his Cafepress store, Ambour Art.

Zebra Dinner on a keychain:
And on note cards:

A Harlequin Jokester on a tee shirt:

And a framed print:

And, brand new today, Grim Bubble on everything from a pot holder

to shopping bags:

There’s a bunch more pictures and items, from coffee cups to calendars, pajamas, clothes, curtains and all sorts of home decor. Drop by the Ambour Art store for a look.
Look up his official Ambour Art FB page while you’re at it, and look for, coming soon.


22 thoughts on “Ambour Art

  1. See without Tabetha Jones on your blog your nothing, without her to talk about your piece of shit hate blog sits here and dies with your shitty artwork. Your no artist just like your no author what’s the last book you wrote you cunt unlike Tabetha a hard working classy lady she writes books that are in high demand whats your excuse? Oh yeah you suck and you have no talent you cuntwat bitch. Why don’t you crawl off in the swamp and die like the piece of shit you are.

    • Look, I’d rather have a nice, quiet blog that a few people visit now and then to read about my books, my art, guest blogs, whatever, than even THINK about Tabetha Jones. My life is happy and complete without that detestable, loathsome piece of trash entering my mind. I’m more than happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.
      There’s enough information out there for potential victims to find out about her. All they have to do is Google.

      If she really has fallen off the radar of the literary world, all the better for readers everywhere. If and when she returns to the world of publishing, and we all know she will, she never left it, we’ll catch her and we’ll let the world know that she’s up to her old antics again. Until then, let her go through her mom’s stuff to see what she can sell off to make a few bucks. Let her be somebody else’s problem for a while. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      And you’re only half right. I’m not the artist of this work. it’s the wonderful, delightful work of someone very close to me. If you think it’s shit, then by all means, keep scrolling. You know where the door is.

    • Hey there laughingstock, why not go get that double headed dido you and that fucking troll uses, shove one end in your mouth and one up your ass. Look at you, scurrying to do your masters bidding like the good ass licker you are. Is she that upset about no one believing her poor me routine? Fucking cunt can’t stand not being center stage, so she sends your sorry ass here to make comments. Poor fucking piece of shit. Remind me to send her a sympathy card. No, I take it back, the bitch has enough of the authors money, I won’t waste mine. She is a crappy writer, yes my sister sent me a copy of her sorry excuse for poetry. Tattooed on my skin was it? More like WTF, I am choking on my own vomit. She is so irate that she can’t see straight. Don’t get me started on her ugly wannabe modeling. I have seen better looking animals in the zoo. As for a publisher, we all know how badly she is at that. Please don’t even get me talking of her pathetic attempts at being a mother. I have seen wild animals with more compassion. What does that troll ever do that is not self serving, or only to better her? You keep on defending the likes of her. You know what they say, birds of a feather, and if you lay down with the dogs, you are bound to get fleas. As for the art depicted, I commend anyone for being expressive. What are you jealous because you know in your heart of hearts that you could never be as good as the artists you are so eager to put down? You are the disgusting one, following Tabetha like a little bitch who just got their first taste of dick. I am laughing my ass off at all of you losers who still wish to proclaim how great she is. She has no money, so just makes me wonder, what is she giving you, or doing for you for you to ride her dick so hard. You followers are the joke. We are laughing at you, but you know what? She is laughing harder. Enjoy that you fool.

      P.S. For all I have offended with my language, and words I am sorry. I not sorry for what I imply, I am sorry if my words offend any person of class. Which leaves Tabetha and her tabby trolls out.

    • Awe it looks like Scabby Assy is missing the spotlight, she still has her woody up for Leppy darling and doesn’t like being ignored. Too bad Scabby bratty but the world doesn’t revolve around your fat arse even though it’s big enough to affect the tide your just bitter because other people have a life unlike you. I love the artwork Leppy do you ship to the UK?

  2. Way to go there laughingstock, we can sure tell you are a Tabetha supporter. It’s “you’re” not your, but wouldn’t expect anything less from Tabetha or her minions. Turn spell check on, it may save you some embarrassment. It’s free, seeing as you are defending Tabetha, I understand money mat be tight.

    Do you really think by putting someone else down that it will make Tabetha any better in anyone else’s eyes? If that is your way of thinking, you are sadly mistaken. Really? Let’s bash someone because they are brave and at least try to bring beauty to the world.

    You should be ashamed of your comments. I doubt that you even know what that is. Seeing as you think the sun rises and sets in Tabetha’s ass. You are a vile creature, who has no business saying anything unless you know the truth. And seeing as you are here flapping your gums for Tabetha, you don’t know anything.

    It is easy to spin out book after book when it has no substance, or context. Hell no formatting for that matter. She is no writer, she is a peddler of spank bank. There is nothing amazing or interesting about her “skills”. I have read better from hustler. Her writing is pathetic to say the least.

    Most of her “fans” are friends, if you want to call them that, or authors who felt obligated to either give a good review, or buy her drivel. I am speaking from experience. I reviewed her 1 book. I was afraid that if I told her the truth, she would have found a way to terminate me. I should have been honest, but I had stars in my eyes.

    That review may haunt me, and that is fine. I know that I did wrong. I am not afraid to say that. Unlike you puppet master. When that troll can admit all she has done wrong, and NOT blame others in the process, I will be impressed. Until then she is nothing more than a poser, a pathetic loser who will never be anything but a shadow dweller, living out the lives of all she comes in contact with.

    Keep feeding into her psychosis, maybe you two can share padded cells. You both are laughing stocks. I for one have bigger dreams. I encourage all to fly away from the fiasco that is Tabetha and her delusional lifestyle.

    • I think that is the problem. Everybody has flown away. She doesn’t have any minions left, and no victims. She’s even lost us, as we’re finding this thing called “life” without her, and she can’t stand not being the center of attention. So here she is, stomping her foot and sticking out her lip, pouting because she’s not the center of the universe anymore. Man, it must suck to be her.

  3. And now SOMEBODY is reporting Tall Guy’s images to his store host and to FB for copyright infringement, trying to have him kicked off the web. Gee, I wonder who would do such a thing…?

    • Low down, petty ass, no talent having hacks is my guess. All of you pieces of skidah who are backing the lowly Tabetha Jones, just remember karma is a real bitch kitty. Tabetha is so pathetic and jealous that this is her only move.

      What’s the matter Tabetha? Are you so upset that someone has REAL talent that you can only fantasize about, that you have to make sure everyone is as miserable as your sorry ass? Come on sit in Tall Guy’s shadow, maybe if you are lucky, some of his talent may rub off to you.

      I know that if that no talent having P.O.S. isn’t reporting this herself, she is pulling someone’s strings. Hmmm, who’s the new puppet? Gee, Tabetha you are supposed to be living your life, top of the world, yet here you are, proving yet again just what a troll loser you truly are.

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      It didn’t bother me all the trash she said about me, the lies and bullshit. But now the gloves are off. How dare she or anyone else who run with that ingrate say a damn word about someone who is bringing joy and interesting beauty to us all. This person has done NOTHING, nor has said a word about her. But because she is a hate filled disease riddled disgusting pig, she wants to go after this person. Outside of the fact that JT gave blog time to him instead of putting that bitch in the limelight as she demands.

      Trust me toots, with that shaggy nasty hair color, the color of jealousy doesn’t do anything for you. Get over yourself, maybe try to be a fucking human, instead of a piece of shit.

      • Well, WHOEVER is reporting his images has succeeded in getting two of them permanently removed by saying they look like somebody else’s copyrighted work. Which is bullshit. He painted those pictures with his own two hands. I watched him. But because some jealous, petty piece of shit is so low-down and dirty, they’re lashing out at me through Tall Guy. I don’t even have words to describe what a low-life scumbag I think WHOEVER’s doing it is.

  4. I just want to say, yesterday I came on here to tell this artist that my 6 year old daughter loved the zebras and skulls. The zebra because she said “the zebra looks happy” and the skulls because her aunt loves them but they weren’t scary like aunties. I instead was pissed and let my words reflect that. Yes I was pissed over the total lack of respect for the artist, someone who as far as we all know, never said a bad word about Tabetha. Just goes to show lack of class of Tabetha and her lemmings. That alone was enough to get my blood boiling. Just who the hell does she and her lemmings think they are? When did that bitch get an art degree? Is she now working for a museum as an art appraiser? What does she or any of the losers she aligns herself with know of art? Nothing, which should be her name, because she is nothing, and will never be anything but NOTHING. Jealousy is a ugly thing, even more when you bash someone when you yourself have zero talent. I bet she can’t draw a straight line with a ruler and a plum line. It is sad when you are so eager to hurt someone that you are willing to attack someone that 1 you don’t know, 2 has never spoken against you and 3 you yourself don’t have the skills or talent to do what this person has accomplished. And before any of you lemmings say, well isn’t that what JT and CFW do when they contact Tabetha’s victims. Remember the last word, VICTIMS. That is a public service announcement, this artist is not a victim. What was said had no bearing on the artwork, just pure jealousy. I know that Tabetha likes green, being as she loves chasing the green fairy, but this is uncalled for. Shows total disregard to the artist and only proves how low she will go to be in the spotlight. Pathetic.

    • He is a victim, now. She, or whoever, has succeeded in getting two of his pictures removed. S/he has effectively tarnished his reputation and removed two artworks that could have potentially brought him a few extra dollars. It’s a crying shame when somebody is so petty and CHILDISH that they have to operate like that. All I can say is that karma is a bitch. It’ll come back, sooner or later. I’m hoping for sooner.

      You know, I WAS ready to walk away and focus my attention on my own life and the people in it. But ya know what? I think I will be making a few more phone calls after all. There are at least four public offices that will be hearing from me within the next week, including the IRS, a certain district attorney, Children’s services and adult probation.

      To quote myself from a couple years ago, Bitch, it’s on.

  5. Where is laughingstock now? Running scared like her punk bitch puppet master? Easy to stir shit and run isn’t it asshat? Neither you or your sorry excuse for a puppet master have the balls to face all you do. You trash and belittle people, because you have no lives. I bet you are just like Tabetha, living vicariously by the people who come in your life. And I sure as shit don’t want to hear how wonderful that skanks life is. Because if her life was so damn rosy,.and she was doing so well, living the life of her dreams, there would be no reason for any of her puppets to come on her talking smack. This blog would be a fond memory of how she overcame. Goes to show you boys and girls, Tabetha is a joke. Her life is so sad that she had to get yet another puppet to stir up shit. Bet you would not be so willing to stir up the shit if you were the one locking the spoon. You doing what you did by reporting someone who you don’t even know. Tabetha wants to scream hate blog and how much of a victim she is by people speaking our about her. Well what the hell do you think she has just done to this person? She is destroying someone who has done nothing to her. Yeah, that is boss lady shit, no bitch that is a pussy ass bitch move. You have no honor, you are no lady. You are the biggest piece of shit ever. Yeah real biker bitch mentality,.hell no,you are shady as fuck!! Any real woman would not be so desperate for this kind of attention. I feel sorry for your puppets, Tabetha, I only hope that they see you for what you really are. And the puppets turn on you. I hope that they feed on what constitutes as your soul like hell hounds. Only the best for the likes of you.

    • She’s not ruining anybody. He’s painting a new one today, just like he did yesterday. He doesn’t care what she does. He’s going to keep painting. And she’s going to keep being a jealous, pathetic waste of skin.

      • Come to think of it, the pictures that were reported had to do with a female harlequin, inspired by (but not copies of) Harley Quinn. Who do we know that’s into the Joker and Harley Quinn? Hmmmm. Might not be the boss bitch herself doing it, but a willing minion.

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