Sweete Sinz – avoid it

With D&D closing down as fast as they opened, we now get to look forward to what Tab will do with the new “Sweete Sinz” imprint she’s cooking up.

If you remember, I posted screen caps not long ago in the What Wait? thread about this new endeavor of hers, pointing out how clueless she is for saying her imprint was copyrighted.

Now that I’ve corrected her clueless ass, she’s trying her level best to word herself on her Zoey Sweete Amazon page to say that she’s getting it trademarked and registered.

Her bullshit is so disjointed, I color-coded it for you.
**** She claims to be getting her Sweete Sinz “imprint” trademarked and registered.
As clueless as ever, she fails to realize that if she gets it trademarked, THAT’S THE SAME THING AS GETTING IT REGISTERED. To repeat that belies two things: first, she’s trying to make herself look more impressive by using prolific wording. And second: that she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Unless she’s talking about getting it registered as a taxable entity, and we all know how likely that is to happen. Not very.

I’ll keep looking to see if she actually follows through, but as of this date, there is no such “imprint” trademarked or registered, to her or anybody else.

She’s tried to convince the public of her legitimacy many times, claiming that she’s properly registered (but claiming that it was under a “family name” – which in and of itself rendered the entire claim, as well as her business, fraudulent), saying that she was an LLC when she wasn’t, etc. So until or unless she can produce proof of her claim, it’s best to proceed under the belief that it’s bullshit. And by proof, I mean a link she can provide to both the Secretary of State where she’s identified as a legal taxable entity and her company’s trademark on the USTPO site. And, for the record, you can search the Trademark site yourself, to see if Sweete Sinz ever appears. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, unless you look good in blue.

**** Notice how quick she is to state that she’s eager to start working with others, even before describing her “imprint” as being a “self publishing” platform. It’s clear that she’s looking to pick up right where she left off, only using the name Zoey Sweete because her own is so tarnished.

**** And notice all the other names she throws out there. Ivy Sinclair, Syn Silver and Emerald Rai Lefleur. Translated: THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES SHE’S WILLING TO ADMIT TO. Make no mistake, people, there are a whole lot more names than this that she flies under. She’s only admitting to a few so that she’ll seem more believable when she denies using any others. Don’t be fooled by half-truths and sleight of hand.

She goes on to say:
**** Here she speaks again to her eagerness to work with bilk others.

**** And there it is, her pressed and patented catch phrase of making a writer’s dreams come true. We all know, from direct experience, that what she promises as a dream quickly becomes a nightmare. One it takes a great deal of courage, time, and intestinal fortitude to overcome. Many do, going on to pursue a successful writing career, once they’ve untangled themselves forcibly from her clutches. Others don’t have as thick a skin and never write again, their dreams and ambitions trampled beneath her weighty and well-rounded heel. All victims of her heartless, calculated schemes.

In case there’s an author out there that doesn’t know it, ZOEY SWEETE IS TABETHA JONES. She can (try to) change her name, but that leopard has no intentions of changing her spots. All she wants to do is throw a jug of red dye over them and hope it flies.

Protect yourself. Protect your rights. Get to know who we’re talking about, here. Then run away as fast as your two feet can carry you.

**** She has recently began…. If these warnings aren’t enough to deter you from dealing with Tabetha Jones aka Zoey Sweete, her abysmal writing should be.

You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “Sweete Sinz – avoid it

  1. Until she is put in jail, made to face all the underhanded things she has done, she will continue. That is just how shady she is. It saddens me, because her lying ass pants have yet to catch fire. Would be fun to see.

    She is an incurable disease, she is hate riddled. Funny thing is that the hatred she feels is all for her. She can’t stand how disgusting she is. She looks in the mirror and wishes she was as good as the ones she abuses. And hates herself even more because she will never be any of the great things she has seen in others.

    And that is her downfall. If she took one iota of what she wishes she could be, one bit of the caring nature of the people she hurts, she may be semi decent. Her problem is although she wants to be, she will never be able to. She is so filled with self loathing that even if someone tried to show her how to be a better person it could never be.

    • I completely agree about her self-loathing. Nobody with a single iota of self-esteem behaves the way she does, making such a spectacle of herself.

      I don’t think she wants to improve, though. I agree that she’s jealous of all of us, but I don’t think that she’s ever really tried to improve herself at all. She celebrates what she is far too much. And that’s what’s really sad. She loathes herself, but goes so far out of her way to pretend that she’s all that and a bag of chips that she’ll probably never find her way back to the path of true self-worth again.

      I also agree that she needs to face justice for the crimes that she’s committed, time and time again. And she will. This last tax season ensures it. She can TRY to hide that link between herself and her past businesses that she created under a “family” name, but it’s too late. When she registered her Dark Storm publishing using her own name and posted about it online, she – herself – created a link to every crooked thing she ever did. And there’s no taking it back. The IRS is more interested in her than ever, and they’ve already been notified to keep an eye on her current aspirations for this new “Sweete Sinz” imprint. She just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper. By now, it’s just about big enough to bury her rotund derriere, with six feet to spare.

      Loathsome as she is, try to be patient. She will get hers, courtesy of the federal government.

  2. This is her 6th attempt in the 3 1/2 years that I have known of her.
    Mystic Press
    Phoenix Fire
    Silver Fang (fail before starting)
    Dark storm
    Demons and Deities
    And now
    This bullshit. …when will she learn

    I will say it again she changes her company names as fast as she changes her underwear and her men.

    How’s the wedding planning going there Tabetha??? I see you are all ready to hang another noose around another poor saps neck. But he doesn’t seem like the happy fiance, no lovey dovie posts no happy news to report. Yet I do see that he cares for Dee. Guess she is still more of a woman then you will ever be.

    Now watch how fast she throws a bitch fit and demands him to prove his undying love.

    • Why am I thinking there’s still one missing from that list..? Wasn’t there some lame crap last year at around the time some “investor” was going to buy it, but that never happened, either? Oh, well. I don’t remember. But Absolute write, the BBB, the IRS, Predators and Editors, and Writer, Beware have alread been made aware of SS.

      As for the happy news, I just about choked on my own vomit reading her gushing over the happy little groom-to-be.

      First and foremost, there’s one thing we’ve learned about Tabetha Hoover, Jones, Saulters, Willis, Henley, Olejnick, whatever, over the years. And that is that if she’s gushing about how hunky-dory something is, it’s probably about to fall apart. Her greatest proclamations of how well her companies were doing usually came right before she announced one of her famous “new” companies. So if she’s gushing about how happy these two are, it’s probably about to come to a screaming halt.

      Let’s not forget the famous wedding she had with Eric, where she rode up the isle on her daddy’s Harley.

      In a conversation she had with me where she was posing as Emerald.

      She said things were going so well, they were married. It wasn’t long after that before we learned that they split up and he spilled the beans on all her dirty little secrets.

      It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if we heard very soon that these two were on the skids, too. It would fit both of their psychological profiles. Hers, because she’s making such a spectacle of herself proclaiming how swimingly it’s going. And his because, well, read his profile. He meets ’em, gets engaged after a week, and a few months later, you see that he’s met somebody else. And got engaged after a week or two. Then a month or so later… you get the idea. That’s the exact same timeline he followed with the Mouth of the South, too. So… we’ll see.

      Personally, it makes me chuckle to think that each of them is playing a player. Karma at its best.

      Secondly, They went and got the license, but don’t have a date set for the wedding?

      They have 90 days to get hitched or that license becomes as invalid and useless as, well, anything else she’s ever done.

      I don’t care one way or the other. Let them get married and breed a few litters. No skin off my ass. But one thing to consider is this: If they’re so happy, why isn’t there a single word about her on his FB? Not even when her colossal girth made him dump his bike backward. Not an ounce of concern for her (or the bike). And he doesn’t “like” a single one of her posts. Nothing. Doesn’t look like such a happily domesticated fellow to me.

      But, hey. To each their own.

      • Ok, I am saying this, 1 the bullshit of emerald is yet another alt as we all know. But hey bitch ass Tabetha, yes cunt I am calling you out!!! How dare you use my damn name to perpetrate more of your fucking lies. I Cindy Franks White didn’t say a damn thing about the blog to anyone. 2 you lame ass bitch how could I have told you when your sorry ass is emerald, sky, ivy, zoey and who knows what else. Do you even know?

        What do you flip a damn coin and decide who you are before you lay down with your boy toy? Bet he has fun with that. I would not have seen this because I wasn’t an avid stalker like you. Thank you JT. Even more reason to wish to spit on her fucking grave.

        And speaking of emerald, has anyone heard from our rancher friend? Best not say too much or she will crawl out of the woodwork. I didn’t think I could get any more disgusted by the bitch. Guess I was wrong.

        You know Tabetha you may think that you are all that and a bag of chips, you ain’t shit. Take this as you will I don’t fucking care. You best hope that we never cross paths out in RL, cause you may think that you are big and bad, I don’t have to think. I know what I am capable of. Hope you have backup cause this bitch here don’t back down.

        I have had enough of your lies, bullshit and fucking people over. Again be glad I am not close enough to touch you. Not a threat a damn promise. Lying piece of shit.

        Oh does the new man know that you may not be divorced from one of the many men you slung the noose around? Yeah public records rock. And is he ready to be your next fall guy?

        Cunt…you fucked up.

      • Are we adding bigamy to her long list of crimes? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Nothing would.

        I wonder if the happy groom knows about even half of the crap she pulls when she’s in Dallas (violating probation by leaving the county?), when she’s hanging with the stripper guys she covets so much. If he knows how she talks about him when he’s not around. Yes, I’ve heard, and if he knew a fraction of how she shit-talks him behind his back, he would have already left, long since. I’m told that she brags that she’s already lining up the next one – though I think the guy she’s bragging about behind her fiance’s back is another “Mr. Shadows” and “Bo” type, a man that’s waiting in the shadows to snap her up just as soon as he can. The script I’m hearing is almost verbatim from when both Bo and her favorite stripper were just waiting for their chance with her. So this (real) guy needs to be careful. Not only is he being replaced, but he’s being replaced by somebody that probably doesn’t exist.

        When/if it happens, he can’t say he wasn’t warned. Then again, we’ve been warning him the whole time, haven’t we? He just needs to pay attention and realize that we probably know her better than he does.

  3. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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