Sinister news

Amid a spattering of Hooker bitch Barbie snaps that both proclaim what a badass she is (we know better) and belie that not all is well in paradise (saw that coming), Tabetha Hoover, Jones, Willis, Saulters, Henley, Olejnick, whatever, posted an announcement about Sinister Souls. You know, the anthology she and Nick Pacione started a 4,300 Kickstarter project to fund, even though publishing on Createspace is free. Read my post about that HERE if you’re not familiar with that particular bit of hilarity.
Translated: her latest fake anthology is getting published through her latest fake publishing company just as soon as she finishes making up enough fake names to fill it out.

Never mind that she’s provided zero proof that she’s copyrighted Trademarked her company (name or logo, she didn’t say which), there’s no website for this super new company, and not even so much as a FB page for it. There’s no evidence of any business WHATSOEVER, but hey, they’ve got books coming out.

The good news, I hope, is that she hasn’t snagged any new real authors. The kind with an actual pulse, unlike the names she makes up to make it look like her company and her books are more impressive than they really are. Hopefully, it’s just a pitiful attempt to get something going by producing a bunch of unedited, poorly formatted crap she’s come up with hurriedly under different names.

Well, she’s got Nick, but I’m not convinced that he qualifies.

Since their crowd funding project earned a flat $0, – apparently nobody thought that hanging out with either one of them was worth paying a plug nickel for – I guess they’ll just have to do it the way she’s always done it. For free on Createspace. Who did they think they were fooling?

Keep your eyes open, authors. If either one of these two approaches to to contribute to an anthology, RUN. Do not walk away.

You’re welcome.


24 thoughts on “Sinister news

  1. I hate to use such a clichéd term, but Nick and Tabetha working together really is a perfect storm (of incompetence, lies, unprofessionalism, and entitlement).

    • I just want to see which one folds first. My money’s on her. She’s got a history of switching it up when the heat gets turned up and she gets exposed. She’s already had, what, 3 different publishing companies this year alone?
      He, on the other hand has tenacity on his side. He’s got years, if not decades, of being nuttier than a fruitcake under his belt. And holding.

  2. More like she couldn’t find anyone dumb or blind enough to see the Kickstart incentive for what it really was. A way to have someone else pay for the wedding. Typical Tabetha, always looking for a handout, instead of doing what she claims, and giving others a HAND UP.

    I get the biggest giggle that loverboy isn’t professing undying love and eagerness of his upcoming demise. Not a peep. Guess he realized that even though he rides jap crap, the bike is worth more than her fantasy and lies. And speaking of motorcycles, where’s daddy’s Harley?

    I know now why she invested in those colored contacts, so no one would see just how full of shit she really is.

    • Oh, we see it anyway. That much shit seeps out the pores.

      Things might not be all fairy dust and unicorns in paradise. She’s posting her usual “Yeah, I’m a badass” drivel to try and convince the world that she’s tough:

      All the while playing her usual “I’m the strong, surviving VICTIM. So pity and admire me” propaganda.

      But there are cracks showing.

      That one could be pointed at us for being such “haters” but in this context, if feels more like it’s being jabbed at a lover that’s seeing the light and pulling away.

      And she dedicated this one directly to her better 1/8th:

      Translated: He’s learning how lazy her rotund ass really is. She puts on a good show up front, but sooner than later, those true colors show through. And the truth is, that she’s lazy, laying around the house all day, expecting others to do the household tasks a normal wife and mother does every single day. Waiting for the world to come to her. For some odd reason, not a lot of guys find that to be an endearing quality in a woman.

      We all know that she likes to proclaim her toughness and strength right before she changes something up. Well, she’s already changed up her “company” so what does that leave? Put that together with her defensive posts related to relationships and getting ‘stabbed in the back’ and ‘fucked over’ and it gives one pause. Will there even be a wedding? It’s no skin off my ass either way, but I doubt it.

  3. I don’t know about the upcoming nuptials, I do believe the boy toy has gotten smart. One can hope. With all the bluster of getting the license, dress and rings, me thinks that the groom may be running to the hills. Seems something is missing from his FB status. Even if she insists it is happening.

    Hmmm any thoughts?

    • AHA!! It doesn’t have a relationship status as engaged anymore, does it? Maybe he’s seeing the light after all?

      How long do you think it’ll take her to start blaming US for it?

      • Oh, and look. She’s miffed about us noticing.

        Translated: Yup. We’re exactly right. Called that one.
        And what part of PUBLIC does she not understand? See that little planet looking thingy? That means it’s PUBLIC. She posts shit as PUBLIC posts, for the world to see, then bitches when the world looks.

      • Now, now. I haven’t gotten my degree yet, either. But I don’t post on my page that I’m going for it, either, as I’m not actually attending school at the moment. If she’s not currently taking classes, she should probably take that down. But, hey. The more crap she can load her “about” section down with, the better she looks, right? Just look at all those bogus job titles. *SMH*

  4. She is such a stupid twatwaffle, of course everyone but her is to blame. Daft cow can do no wrong. Yeah ok. And I do chuckle at her being upset about people knowing her business, hey dummy don’t air your dirty laundry if you don’t want others to see your shit stains. She posts shit hoping that the “haters” see then throws a bitch fit because they did see. Just because your toy had to tie a board to his ass so he didn’t fall in that isn’t our fault. You talk about family in your business, but you have no clue as to what real family is. If you weren’t such scum maybe people wouldn’t find fault in you, enough for them to willingly share said information to the ones posting. Do you even know how many would like to see a sinkhole open up there on Lewis St in Texas to swallow your fat ass up? That is if you didn’t clog the hole. As you claim your momma said “cry me a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it”. You pour gas on a fire, bitch you are going to burn. Maybe if you weren’t such a, how did you word it? Oh yes, cunttwat people wouldn’t enjoy you squirming like a little ass worm on a big fucking hook. DUMBASS

  5. Boo hoo Tabby twit, shall we throw you a pity party? What have I told your dumb ass? Because you are so slow and dimwitted, I will reiterate for the very cheap seats, YOU, keep your puppy ass on the porch, since you can’t hang with the big dogs. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Although by your size, I do wonder.

    You block and unblock people only to get attention. Please, look at your pathetic ass, you get mad because not a single person gives a shit about you. You are so upset you send your puppet or maybe its you with yet another made-up name to demand attention, but cry when the spotlight is put back on your dumb ass.

    News flash toots, when you demand attention you may not like the attention you get. I understand how sorry and sad your life is, but do be careful of what you wish for. I know with your “witchy” life you feel that you are untouchable, you know being protected by that archangel, and all. But even you have to recognize karma.

    You remind me of that bratty ass bitch from Willie Wonka. You know the one, the spoiled, ignorant, selfish, temper tantrum having little bitch. Just like you, oh wait, that can’t be. Because your family doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. But what the hell, you invade people’s lives, steal their memories and use them as your own, so why not.

    Poor thing you will never find prince charming. No bad ass biker guy is coming to sweep you up in his arms on his Harley. One because you are too fucking fat. And two because even the die hard bad ass bikers who would treat some as pass arounds, wouldn’t want your disgusting ass.

    Put on all the bravado you want, keep spinning those lies. Keep saying that you post certain things that amuse you, that you post because you like them. Honey, you are only lying to yourself. Which is fitting because you are the master of lies. Oh, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house. To watch you throw a hissy fit, stomp your fat feet, rant and rave, all the while demanding someone to defend you. But most importantly to watch those walls crumble around you.

    See TBH, I don’t give a fart in the wind about you. I really have ZERO fucks to give where you are concerned. You are nothing but a lame joke to amuse my friends. Kind of like a really fucked up soap opera. Honestly, I have friends that contact me on the latest batch of bullshit that may be happening on the soap opera of Tabetha Jones and as my stomach churns. So thanks for the entertainment. Even though you didn’t know, you do now. I get such a perverse thrill being able to tell you this.

    PMSL. ..

    • I don’t think her massive, hulking weight is the reason no real biker would have her. There are blubber buddies out there. I think they steer a mile clear of her for a couple of reasons, first being her mouth. She doesn’t know how to keep it shut. Look at how she flaps her gums about a biker gang she’s not even a part of. One can only imagine how she’d brag and gloat if she really were. Second is that she doesn’t have the temperament for it. Biker babes are confident and truly strong, where she’s easily the most insecure, neurotic, weak, immature person I’ve ever seen. She throws tantrums like a two year old and demands to be the center of attention. She doesn’t know how to make her man the star because the world has to be all about her. No real biker in the world would have such an attention whore, not even as a pass-around. He’d be laughed out of the group for being pussy-whipped and unable to control a mouthy bitch that presents a threat to them because she can’t keep her big, fat mouth shut.

      She blocks people, then posts public statuses just for the benefit of the people she blocks. Just for us, because the only real attention she gets is from us. What friends has she got? What lovers, outside the fantasy-land of her imagination? When she does land a sucker, it doesn’t take him long to realize what a lazy, attention-whoring nutjub she is and hits the bricks. Then the fantasy lovers come out to play and she’s off to troll the strip clubs in Dallas.

      Truth is she’s pathetic. I don’t call her pitiable because I don’t even harbor pity for her anymore. Once upon a time, I did. I thought it was sad that somebody lived like she does. But as time went on and she so brashly celebrates the waste of skin that she is, I don’t think it’s sad. Not for her anymore. I think it’s sad for the people around her, especially a child that’s hostage to her lunatic ranting and raving about all of us and this blog, who hears things like how a guy is going to put a bullet in mommy’s brain (emotional abuse, much?) and has no choice but to learn the physical attributes of strippers. What 6 year old should know what a v-cut is on a stripper. How long before the little miss gets dragged off to the club with mommy, a hostage bestie because mom can’t keep a real one? Will she wait until the kid’s of legal age? Or will she sneak her in early, because she’s so “mature for her age”? THAT’S who I feel sorry for. Mom deserves whatever she gets. But that kid still has a chance at a life, if only somebody who cares enough has the balls to step up and give her one.

      • I used the inference about the biker sweeping her up because of her wanting that damsel in distress routine to fly. You know being swept away on the white horse by her “prince”. Her poor me, I have risen from the ashes to become a better person.

        Better what??? Liar, thief, con artist, or just lazy good for nothing sack of shit? If a man left me because he was afraid my ignorance, arrogance, laziness and pure ugliness would rub off on my kids, that would be a reality check. But then again we are talking about the queen of trash.

        Haters are gonna hate, true but honestly what does any one of us have to be jealous of where she is concerned? I sleep just fine, knowing that my kids love me, aren’t afraid to be around me, and know that I have and will take care of them til my last breath. Not evolve them in drama, and bullshit. But hey to me that is just good parenting.

      • She’s not over there saying we’re jealous again, is she? Jealous of what? She’s got no job, no money and no man (if the latest one came to his senses). The only reason she’s got a house is because of whatever assistance she gets. Welfare? Child support? Her sister’s disability? Whatever pays the rent, you can be sure she’s not out there earning it herself. Unless scamming authors out of royalties for third party sales counts. But even then, somebody else is paying her way. What a leech.

  6. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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