Facebook privacy

A certain whiny-baby out there keeps bitching because stuff she puts on Facebook gets carried elsewhere (including here) and repeated.

We keep trying to explain that if you put something on Facebook using public settings, you have no right to complain. But the queen of hypocrisy insists that stuff she posts on a public site should be private anyway, just because she wants it to be.

Sorry, psycho.

If you won’t listen to us, how about listening to Facebook? Here, from their own page, are Facebook’s terms of use regarding privacy:

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

So suck it up, buttercup. ACCORDING TO THE AGREEMENT YOU CONSENTED TO WHEN YOU CREATED AN ACCOUNT, when you post something on Facebook using public settings, that content isn’t just up for grabs, but YOU CONSENTED for anybody to use it. Including us.

But I’m sure actual logic won’t keep you from boo-hoo-ing and playing victim, crying to anybody that will listen about what meanie-weenies we are for repeating your own words that you gave your permission for us to do by posting it in the first place. *eye roll*


55 thoughts on “Facebook privacy

  1. I completely agree with you lepp. Somebody needs a pacifier. If you can’t stand the heat staying out of the kitchen toots, now let the adults talk before you get put in timeout

    • Wow. Did you pick the wrong day to show up.

      If somebody’s got the balls to attack me because of what I put on Facebook, they’re welcome to bring it. I know that if I post something publicly, it’s open to response and interpretation. I, for one, am a big girl. I can take it. I may not be proud of everything I say, but I stand by each and every word, unlike some people, who lie to cover their asses then keep lying to cover those lies. Until you can say the same, “Rane” you can stuff that nonsense straight up your ass.

      Class? I got into an argument on FB today about class and lack thereof. Somebody accused me of being a raging racist because I dared say that a picture of Obama’s wife in a frumpy dress with hairy pits hanging out, shouting and acting like a fool represented a lack of class. That made me a racist.
      Um, no.
      I don’t care what color somebody is. They have class, or they don’t. There are just as many white girls out there with a screaming lack of class. You’re one of them. Thank you for providing me with proof of concept.

      Hard-working? Since when? Last I heard, from people INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, all you ever do is lay around expecting other people to do everything, staying up all night abusing assorted chemicals, both liquid and solid (their words), and doing everything BUT raise that little girl that had the ill fortune to be born to you. How many days does she not go to school because you’re up all night? How many meals do YOU get off your blubber butt and fix for her? How many nights do you keep her up half the night because of cavorting around on what you call photo shoots? How many daddies is she going to have? How many have there been already? Mine’s got ONE. Ex or not, he’s more of a man than anything you drag home. Her daddy would fight to the end for her, and leave bits of bodies in his wake. And I, being a responsible mother, didn’t drag men home every other week and force my kids to call them daddy. There has only been one serious domestic relationship since my divorce, and I’m still in it. My kids were never forced to call him daddy, but they respect him as the man in my life, knowing that they, my children, will forever come first. My guy knows that, and is secure enough to know that it doesn’t diminish my love and devotion for him. You wouldn’t know the first thing about love or respect if they slithered up and bit you on the ass… and then died of the bullshit-flavored venom that courses through your veins.

      My daughter has more talent, class and skill in the wrinkles around her anus than you will ever have in your entire massive, hulking, flabby body. So I suggest you back the fuck up. Don’t you DARE talk to me about my daughter when you treat yours the way you do. Don’t even dare. That’s a can of worms I usually leave alone. But if you want to go there, bitch, I will. And you will not like how it ends up.

  2. And what about you cunt face how would you like it if somebody took all of your personal pictures and info and put it on a blot and made you look bad? Wouldn’t like that very much would you? Well your doing it to this classy hard working woman who only wants to raise her daughter and marry the man of her dreams but no you have to destroy everything she has and why? Because you fat ugly kid can’t write a book and a real publisher told her so, well that’s your kid’s fault. Why don’t you get her some writing classes and maybe she’ll be a halfway decent writer or better yet tell her to do some excersize and maybe she won’t be so fat and ugly. See you don’t like it when somebody does it to you does it??!!! And now your crushing her dream wedding with your stalking and harassing with your stalking and blind hate. WHY DON’T YOU GET A LIFE YOU CUNTWAT HORE and leave that beautiful sexy hardworking ladies life along!!! Because you can bet your ads you go down before she does.

    • Hi Tabetha, nice of you to make an appearance. Classy??? Who are we kidding here? Hard working? Really is that why my first book looked so shoddy? Dream wedding? Thought that was when daddy drove you up the Isle on his Harley to marry Eric? And on that subject how on earth did daddy do that when he was dead?

      How are we destroying all her dreams? We aren’t there holding a gun to her head as she has done, figuratively, to many authors, editors, and cover artists. She has destroyed more fucking dreams in the 4 yrs I have known her than anything. Piss off on that sentiment.

      As for the vicious attack on JT’S daughter, how you do love calling the kettle black, don’t you Tabetha? How are you going to call her daughter fat and disgusting when you have to grease your hips to fit in the door? Come on now, you are so fat you tipped off a motorcycle, honey chile now that’s fucking fat. Before you wish to cast disparities look in the mirror. Oh wait, you can’t cause you broke it to prove a point in your self gratifying “modeling” pictures. Or was it already broken due to your inner ugliness?

      If your main focus was on your child, if you were half the mother JT was/is that little one would have not been put through so much hell. She wouldn’t have 100 daddies. She fucking would NOT know certain things about men at her tender age. And don’t you dare say she is advanced for her age, dumbass you forced her to be anything but a child. My daughter was advanced also, but in knowledge, not a man’s body. You are about as stupid as they come.

      I really hope boy toy did leave. If so he is smarter than we gave him credit for. But then again we may not have been the ones to open his eyes. I understand that your last fling woke up to reality, when you tried to turn his little one into a carbon copy of your sorry ass ways. And as usual most men don’t care for a low class clown when they can have a lady of substance.

      To quote a funny comedian, “I didn’t do that shit nigga, you brought that shit on yourself”.

    • A scam artist told me I couldn’t write in order to steal the 160 I paid her for services that cost her nothing (according to the contract, my funds were not allocated for artists or editing, which is where she claims it what spent.) The scam artist wanted to crush me so I would sob quietly into the night while she cackled gleefully over a con pulled off.

      However, a real publisher told me I could write and paid to have my book edited out of her own pocket. My book had a cover artist who could do more than slap an image into photoshop. I had professional work from a team that kept me in the loop and listened to my feedback when I contested a critique.

      As for my weight, thank you for your concern! You’ll be happy to know that I lost 40 pounds since last year, and it’s steadily dropping. I’ve gone down a shirt size and two pants sizes. It’s a bit inconvenient, honestly! A new apartment means I don’t have much extra income to buy a new wardrobe. Thank goodness for belts!

    • Rane let me ask you a legitimate question. Do you know tabetha Jones personally? Have you seen how she does at home? Everyone lets let this person answer. Come on rane go ahead. Make yourself look like an even bigger fool for defending that big cow

  3. Hey El stupido, what do you not comprehend about SOCIAL MEDIA and PRIVACY SETTINGS? If you post and that little earth symbol is there YOU HAVE NO ASPECT OF PRIVACY, now if the little people were there, that means friends can see only. But, see now here is where the fun begins. I will explain since you are so dull witted, you Tabetha Jones have pissed in too many people’s corn flakes, therefore you have not a clue as to who your “friends” are. Most, like us, really wish one of your many lies would swallow you whole. You have created the animosity that others feel towards you. By your ever so great expanding mass of lies. You go ahead and blame all you want to of your many failings. In the end it is the one staring back from the looking glass who is the culprit. Let’s see, that would be you.

  4. Just for the record, Rane she does a pretty damn good job of making herself look bad, no assistance needed on that. Have you read anything that JT’S daughter has written? Obviously not because if you had there would be no comparison between Tabetha’s trash, and JT’s daughters great ability to create pictures in the mind. Couldn’t think of any more lies, so you chose to use stalking twice. Interesting. Honestly I don’t know how you manage to keep a straight face while typing the lies and bullshit you have to defend Tabetha. It is amusing that she blames so many for her downfall and transgressions, kind of under the same lame “the devil made me do it” mentality. Yeah i’ll buy that for a dollar. I don’t know how many men are on this blog, but how many times has any guy walked in on a hen party and heard women expounding so damn much on some other females attributes? Seriously how about you ladies? Unless it is an intervention I don’t see anyone piling on the bullshit like these fake friends, or is it alts? Maybe less time thinking of revenge, plotting how to screw people over, stealing and primping in front of the mirror, pretending to be something she will never be. Be a fucking real mom, show some backbone instead of spreading your legs for every Tom, dick and Harry. Instead of fake college become a real publisher, stop bashing everyone and being a numb cunt.

    ☆Oh, just a bit of information for you it’s whore, NOT HORE. It’s ass, NOT ads. Maybe a real publisher would know that☆

  5. What is that old adage? Actions speak louder than words. Well folks all I have to say is this, Tabetha’s actions by coming on her being the disrespectful, trashy, loud mouth that she is, then tucking her tail and running shows exactly what she is in spades.

    She is and forever will be a shady ass nobody. All freaking talk,no ass, so to speak. Such an attention whore. Always ready to stir up shit, but will never be woman enough to own it. I mean come on, all the nastiness she said about JT’s daughter? Then when called out, what do we hear???? Crickets.

    Big bad biker bitch my ass. Bad ass boss lady, try wimpy ass wannabe. Hope all the real authors she may have on her roster sees her for what she truly is. A shit talking, no backbone having, lying piece of shit. Come on Tabetha, you have been called out by hmmm, 3 people now. Where is that Willis spirit you cry about? You know that drive where you will never back down. I call bullshit.

    I will even be nice, I know that you still have my number, don’t sing it, bring it. And not your puppets, YOU. You are so bad ass, well let’s see it.

  6. I got a reply from her a couple days ago through email, found it yesterday evening. In it, she insists that she harbors no ill will toward my daughter, blah, blah. I’m still deciding on whether or not to post it.

    The part that really struck me, though, was the last line. She said that it “looks like you’re taking a walk in my shoes for a day.”

    Is she kidding me? Seriously? Does she think for a SECOND that insults directed at my daughter are in ANY way comparable to the concerns raised here and elsewhere about how she parents her daughter are the same thing? Delusional doesn’t even BEGIN to describe her if she thinks that our concern for a child being raised with an ASTONISHING lack of proper parenting is the same thing as insulting my kid.

    I’m pretty stunned right now. I know who she is. I know how she is. But to see her continuously playing the victim when she is, in fact, the victimizer really does stagger me. I know she’d be quick to scream “Pot, meet Kettle!” – a phrase I’ve used often, since, you know, she can’t think of anything original – but I’m not the one that rips people off, scams and cons them, crushes them wantonly with criminal disregard for the consequences to their lives. She is. I may be a bit rough around the edges in my approach, but my intentions are clear. I want to help people not to get scammed and trodden upon by somebody who doesn’t care who she hurts, or how.

    It turns my stomach, and frankly infuriates me for her to compare herself with me, or her daughter with mine. I was far from the perfect mother, lord knows, but at least I didn’t expose mine daily to the effects of chemical abuse. Mine went to bed at a decent hour. Mine went to school. Mine ate decent meals. Mine weren’t forced to call a string of strangers “Daddy” after knowing them for a week and moving them in. And mine didn’t know the intricate details of male anatomy until she was grown. Simply put, I didn’t do to mine what she does to hers. My children were never secondary to my love life, or anything else.

    I might have to go vomit now, at the thought of having anything in common with such a horrible human being, even if it’s only in her insinuation. I will certainly have to shower, though I’m not sure there’s enough soap in the entire free world to wash off the stink of her implied association.

    Most of all, I feel sorry for that kid. I really and truly do.

    • I wonder quite often why she still has custody of that poor child.
      How is that possible?
      Are the little girl’s teachers not concerned about her attendance?

      • Apparently, nobody is.
        It saddens me that there isn’t a single person in that little girl’s life that cares enough about her to make a phone call. It really does.

      • I’m very sure that the damage the girl has suffered is shining through in her behaviour. The inappropriate way tabby acts in front of her is guaranteed to have rubbed off on the child – so I don’t understand how her teachers can ignore these alarming signs in good conscience?
        You’d also expect the kid’s father to keep an eye out for her, especially after he was in a relationship with her mother. He must be aware of tabbie’s issues with drunkenness, drug taking and sexual inappropriate behaviour.
        what was wrong with the judge that gave her custody? Why?
        There must be rules in the US for social services to keep an eye on children of people that have attracted the attention of the police and courts through various serious crimes like drug offenses, driving under the influence and violence?

      • There are rules. CPS will investigate any report from a person who has witnessed this behavior personally, or who has first hand knowledge. That’s why I said that it’s a shame nobody in her life cares enough to make a call. I could call until I’m blue in the face, but unless it’s something I’ve seen with my own two eyes, they won’t investigate.

      • I am a social worker and I have seen with my own eyes what can happen to children in similar family-situations and it is equally sad and scary!

      • I have never seen a school that lets a kid miss as much school as she reportedly does without having the parent investigated. Ever.

      • Here in the UK parents can even be sent to jail if their child doesn’t attend school and I honestly think that is appropriate! Nothing is more important for a child’s future than education and if a parent stands in the way of a child’s future I’d call that criminal!
        I find tabbie’s sister almost as bad as tabby, she is purposely ignoring the needs of the little girl and I can’t believe that she is too blind to see that there is a problem. She lives with them under the same roof and sees the drama live every day. The child has no chance to make something of herself in life, she will end up just like her disgusting mother!
        This whole mess is making me so angry, I wish I could help the poor girl but I can’t do anything! I feel so useless by knowing this awful abuse is happening and still being unable to help…

      • School starts back up soon. Hopefully, since she knows we’re watching so closely, she’ll make sure she gets her kid to school. And, yes. We will be watching. The kid deserves every minute away from her mom, every minute of normalcy she can get.

        That nutjob has been getting worse and worse as time goes by, desperately scrambling to appear all fine and dandy, but we know better. Every day that goes by, her grasp on reality gets looser. If she’s got any grip left, that is. All this nonsense about all the powers her daughter is going to inherit on her next birthday, the power of “arc” angels, etc. It’s not just mom’s sleazy fascination with strippers and lack of school attendance that can damage a kid. Having her head filled with notions like that could do worse things to a kid’s head. Can you imagine being told things like that? By your own mother, at such a young age? It’s completely lunatic.

        I’m hoping that the kid in question tells teachers about all this crap mom’s filling her head with, or friends at school who then tell a teacher, or their parents. SOMEBODY who will finally notice what a twisted, screwed up situation that poor kid has had to survive in. And hopefully, FINALLY, one of them will pick up the phone. Apparently, nobody in that poor kid’s life now cares enough. If they did, they would have made that call already.

    • I say post, but only in good conscience. There is no given of privacy when she sends to you as she did.

      For the record, Tabetha, get a fucking grip there is no one as disgusting as you. Manson is a better person.

  7. Now hold on lepp. I’m have to stop you Right there. This plowers she inherits are part a religion known as pagan beliefs. I am a pagan so it stands reasonable. However by you attacking it I find that actually to be disrespectful lepp. Other than that your totally right

    • IF she were actually Pagan, I might buy it. But, like everything else she steals from other people’s lives, she has no idea what she’s talking about. She stole that belief system from one of her colleagues and slapped her name on it. That child wasn’t raised as a Pagan. She wasn’t raised in a house of Voodoo, Christianity, or any other faith that her mother has dabbled in because of running into somebody else who really does, and so she ripped it off. I almost used the word “adopted” but that’s too gentle a word for what she does.

      If one of her co-owners or authors is a Voodoo practitioner, SHE’S got a priestess in her pocket. If one believes in angels, SHE’S got an “Arc” angel blessing her with the powers of lives past, present, and future. If one of them was raped as a child, SHE was abused for years as a child. If one of them lost a child, SHE suffered a horrible miscarriage. Or two. If one of them suffered at the hands of a spouse or partner, then SHE was beaten to a bloody pulp by every man she’s ever known, kidnapped, held hostage and brutalized. See the pattern?

      Besides, the power she’s talking about her daughter getting is being granted by an “Arc” angel. Angels of these sorts are decidedly NOT Pagan concept. Those Pagans that do believe in angels don’t see them as God’s messengers, but rather as the spirits of loved ones that have crossed over. Rather, these types of angels, et al, the ones she’s talking about are a particularly Judeo-Christian belief, especially when paired with demons, as she has a penchant for doing.

      She is not practicing your beliefs, sir or madam, she is, in fact, making a mockery of them. And you.

      • She is not showing any respect to people that have really suffered in their lives, tabby is just hijacking other’s misery to use to her own advantage. So very disturbing! She should not be in charge of raising that poor child. I don’t even know what to say about the “arc”-angels, that is really a job for her psychiatrist…

      • Per FB page says she’s going to college for “Abnormal Psychology.” IF she ever reaches the doctorate level, she could write an entire thesis on herself.

      • Can you see tabby writing a doctoral thesis? I can’t!
        Writing a thesis is too much work for her, not even considering her severely lacking IQ points to have any chance of success. She is too lazy to send her child to school on a regular basis.

    • I will share this with you Commander, my sister told Tabetha a tidy bit concerning her birth and being born with the caul. Her maternal grandmother refused to have her baptized as our older sister was because of the date and time of birth along with the caul deal. Stating that my sister was a spawn of Satan. It wasn’t much long after that, that Tabetha was talking about her alter and how the small child had her own. I know nothing of paganism or Wiccan outside of what friends have told me. My sister has no religious faith due to how she was cast out because of her birth and the caul. She has changed her story to suit her needs. Nothing more. As I have been told by people who believe in paganism and Wiccan the earth is mother to all. If Tabetha practiced said beliefs she would be bound by that. As to not do harm. As I see it, she has harmed and continues to do so. By saying she is a practicing person of said belief she should adhere to it. She has spoken of voodoo, witchcraft, god and empowering angels, among other things. I have a hard time wrapping my head around so much bullshit. If you practice such beliefs great as long as you really practice and not say such things as to gain favor from the company you keep. Just trying to get you to see she is not what she claims, she changes religion, and the like more than I believe she changes her underwear.

      • Exactly. She’s not a Pagan any more than she’s a witch, A Vooduo practitional, Christian or anything else. She believes in two things. Money and sex. In that order. And she’ll exploit anybody she has to in order to get either. And that includes their belief systems. I have the utmost respect for your faith. She does not. Please don’t think I’m attacking you. I’m not. I’m pointing out that your faith is being exploited by somebody who does not hold its precepts to heart. That’s all.

        And in the proper context, I was saying that she’s filling her kid’s head with gibberish, bits stolen from different beliefs. “Arc” angels one day, bits of Pagan beliefs the next, peppered liberally with witchcraft and demons. THAT’S what’s not healthy.

    • Anyone who claims to have “plowers” granted them from archangels AND voodoun followers, in addition to a lineage of witches is either a bad liar or crazy – or both.

  8. Jafo thank you for the knowledge and you also lepplady. I have never personally met tabetha but I have been hearing about her from her so called sister and her so called besty for a while. And honestly I will say this, the company you keep Is who you become. In this case if you hang around whores you will become one, someone told me a long time and I believe she has used this phrase once or twice, a tiger never changes there stripes. Now I’m no author nor am I a model, (if you can call what she does modeling) but I do know that when you supposedly have a hundred characters running around in your head eventually You cannot distinguish what is real and what’s not. I believe a trip to the nuthut is exactly what this person needs. Anyone agree?

  9. Jafo thank you for the knowledge and you also lepplady. I have never personally met tabetha but I have been hearing about her from her so called sister and her so called besty for a while. And honestly I will say this, the company you keep Is who you become. In this case if you hang around whores you will become one, someone told me a long time and I believe she has used this phrase once or twice, a tiger never changes there stripes. Now I’m no author nor am I a model, (if you can call what she does modeling) but I do know that when you supposedly have a hundred characters running around in your head eventually You cannot distinguish what is real and what’s not. I believe a trip to the nuthut is exactly what this person needs.

  10. Commander, I have a question for you. Playing devil’s advocate as I love to do, you put me in a conundrum. In a few of your comments you are actually agreeing with how wrong Tabetha is, yet then you change it. Asking for Tabetha to explain, and asking us not to say anything. To give her a chance. Then you seem as if you are defending her.

    As you can see, Tabetha only likes to stir up shit, putting herself in the spotlight. Not even caring what type of attention as long as she gets attention. Then you say that you personally have not met or know her on any level. That you are only asking because of things you have heard of by, I quote, ” so-called bestie and so-called sister”.

    Now please explain so-called sister. Also a bestie doesn’t throw a bestie under the bus to just anyone. You really don’t make sense there. Will you please elaborate? Or is this more Tabetha bullshit to get attention and more importantly to divert attention from her more scandalous acts?

  11. Sigh.
    I’m hearing whispers that I’m not showing her email because she was nice in it and I can’t admit it. Wrong, as usual. But, okay. If she’s that desperate for attention, I’ll post it.

    She starts off with a lie straight from the jump. She’s on this blog more than I am.

    As for her being “nice” well, that’s up for debate, isn’t it? She tries to take a stab at civility, but simply can’t resist getting in a parting shot. By not resisting that pity-party last stab, she shows her true feelings. It’s all about her. HER crashes. How long SHE’S been riding. Now it was NOT her weight that caused the wreck. It was the bike’s fault! Honest!

    She doesn’t care about my kid. She can’t even write a kind sentence about my daughter without taking a venomous stab at me/us and making it all about HER. Just can’t do it. And that, boys and girls, is who Tabetha Jones really is.

    • A phone call, no several? Who really cares about you that much outside of the voices in your own damn head. People don’t take jabs at your daughter Tabetha, they state fact about your parenting skills. There is a HUGE difference. But of course you can’t see that.

      If you didn’t say anything about JT’s daughter, why do you care what anyone says on your behalf? Not your style to defend yourself from your so-called protectors. Don’t you dare say that you were being civil, it doesn’t suit you.

      Yes someone did say your fat ass tipped the bike, I DID. I own that like a mofo. Again no shame in my game. Can you say the same? Obviously not, when you cry foul, yet can’t help but to make sure you get the last dig in towards JT.


      • Cfw as much as I would like to divulge that information I have told said person their name will not cross my lips. However rest assured they “were” her besty and sister. No I have not met tabetha but however I feel that she needs to be taught not to lie or scam. I have invested in different things over the years and have been scammed out of everything I have put in on it. Pardon me if I seem to defend her but I believe in being fair. And blame it on the Rane does seem like her, notice after I called Rane out there was no response? Seems kinda fishy if you ask me.

      • You’ve met Misty and Dee, but not Tabetha?
        Did you invest in her business? Are you the secretive partner she has yet to name?
        Forgive the questions. I just want to know where you stand with her so I know whether or not you’re part and parcel to her latest business scam.

    • And, for the record, no. WE have not “had bad blood.” I call her out on being a dodgy scam whenever she starts a company that isn’t legal or some new victim comes forward to tell the world how she’s scammed them. That’s not “bad blood.” That’s just facts, Jack.

      She just doesn’t like being called on her bullshit.

      • No disrespect but to give fairness you first have to be fair. With all you have heard from said people, why didn’t you read this entire blog to see for yourself. Before the attempt of fairness. I have no problem talking to you about what she has done. You can find me on Facebook. If you wish.

        I respect not naming people, but again if these people are telling you things, and you seem to have a bit of respect or concern why try to defend? Even if you only read a few of the blog posts, you can clearly see what type of person let alone mother and friend she is to anyone.

        As you can see, I gave her a direct challenge, I am not going to hide in the corner waiting for my white knight. I am willing to slay my own dragon. I don’t hide behind my big sister, unlike Tabetha. I don’t use people, chew them up, spit them out then blame them for it.

        If you believe in fairness what does her lack of reply say to you? What does her using yet another alt to stir shit say? Real is real, you are fake as fuck if you think by coming on her defending yourself as an alt to stir shit isn’t going to get you noticed in a bad light. Boo fucking hoo Tabetha. Put on your big girl panties and deal, it’s fucking called life.

        Then the twit sends JT a message in private double talking as usual. Defending herself from “rane”, as if the name alone, not counting her ever so popular grammatical errors won’t give her away, concerning the attack on JT’S daughter. And could not resist such a low blow negative shot to JT. But since she didn’t get the spotlight again, back doors it to get JT to post her message. She must go through quite a bit of KY jelly, as much as she loves the back door.

        I have challenged her many times, but she always backs down or hides like the cock roach she is. Do all the damage at night, but when the light comes on, yep scurry away. You want fair, best make sure she knows the definition of it is. Good luck with that. I don’t know why you would even consider to be fair to her, considering what the “so-called” has said.

        But whatever, I have proven many times over about her. And still can prove more. Enjoy the dog and pony show, she’s good at that.

  12. I will say this now Tab or what ever she is going by now needs to really get a fucking life. As anyone can see she is on here or on facebook giving all that need be said she lies manipulates and steals from people there lives there beliefs and right down to and including there looks. I know this for a fact. I have been told that this woman was nice and kind but she is nothing more than a old vulture Phoenix my Lilly white ass she is a vulture she is a raunchy stinky hideous creature that preys on those who are low in self esteem department. She is everything that should not so much be feared its self but feared in the since that that is what the world is becoming. I am glad that she never truly got to meet the real me the person that I am because of my experiences because had she she may have tried to steal all of who I am not just parts of who I am. She said she was a friend and then just because her little boytoy (sorry to say that about a sweet guy but that is all he is to her) paid a little attention to me she started bad mouthing me and then was trying to find ways to put who I am and what I am at risk of being corrupted or killed. If it were not for my big brother being here with me in this world then she would have gotten away with it but being the loving caring protective brother he is he forbid me to do anything for her. the sad thing is she claims to be pagan and a witch and all this other crap truth is she is none of those she is nothing more than a simple mortal looking for someone to make her life better instead of doing it herself. There is more magic and royalty in my blood line then there will ever be in hers. As for her “DADDY” he is not now nor was he nor will he ever be a leader high gold dragon. He was a simple man and I can not say whether he was good or bad because I never knew him in life. She has destroyed so many peoples lives and chances it is unreal and she tried to say that when lepp was at her worst sales were at their best that is crap as well because there is no proof of any of it. This female because she can not be called a woman because a woman does what she is supposed to do by her child/children and love/lover or husband. She can nither be called a bitch because a bitch is a female dog a dog barks bark grows on trees and trees are a part of nature and nature is beautiful so there for being called a bitch in my eyes is a complement and I in no way wish to pay that thing any sort of complement of course calling her a thing in tales that she is something and she is not. She is just that a she because she is a mortal female looking for attention and constantly looking for it in any way she can. That female is what this world is coming to a plague and one day with how she is they will probably name some disorder after her and give it a horrible meaning so that she will feel that she has made something of her days because I can not say life for she does not have one and I can not say existence for she would have to amount to something first for that to be a factor in these thoughts for it to count. I can not really even use her name in any of this because that would give an indication that I care of what she is and really I do not. I have seen her so called writings and she is a copier a cribber (plagiarist) of her own work all of her stories and poems and anthology’s and everything are consistent of one thing herself and what she has stolen from other peoples lives to try and make her own seem more like it is worthy of something. This female would not know talent if it jumped up and bit her on her buska’s oh wait she would actually have to get up from time to time for that to happen. She probably even wears a industrial bladder pad or depends just so she does not have to waist her preciousness of time on here and facebook to go use the restroom. Yes I went there. This nothing has been hurting people for so long that maybe if you used a fireman super hose you may be able to blast off all the lives that she has stolen to finally after many eons get back to her actual life and possibly give her amnesia so that she never remembers all the lives that she has stolen so that maybe she could make something of her self but I do not thing that the great spirit him/her self could even do that. She is filled with nothing but venomous lies and manipulation that she uses to bombard those who are not lucky enough to extricate oneself before it is for not. I know to many that last bit will make no since because of the vocabulary used but forecast that it is ramshackled justly (used properly). This scandalous, disgraceful, contemptible effeminate person has so many putrid words that I could use for her that i decided to dip into the jargon that I do not get to execute very often. Unlike the corporeal thing that we have all learned through personal and non-personal experiences to watch out for and understand that she is a plague I worry that one day she will sink those lies into someone that when they find out they will commit unfathomable things upon themselves one day she will have the Innocent blood of another on her hands for what she does and if that does come to pass I hope that that person that being that matters lets the world know that she is the cause of it because maybe then she will see that the fraudulence of her life is killing the spirit of so many writers as well as their muses. The pen may be mightier than the sword but the falseness of one being can be catastrophic to another and there well being. Lepp I know that this is probably the longest comment that I will ever leave on your page but there are so many things that I had to get out of me because the mass of it was becoming a poison upon my being.

    Tab if you are faithful without doubt going to read this do us all a favor stop the lies the blame pity party crap grow up and be a good person because you are doing nothing more that killing your self with the poison that you carry with you all the time. Oh and to lepp if she really happens to give a good dern about herself and listens to what is trully being said within the documents of this blog I am so sorry but you will have to find something new to write about. Maybe the world will split open and spit out peaches and gumdrop rainbows as hell freezes and you can write about how this vile creature has finally done something to make this world a better place to be. At this time that can not be said. Thank you to all who take the time to read this rant but I had to get this poison out of me before I turned into something I would hate to be. Again thank you.

    • I thought her (ex?) boyfriend was the dragon. She’s saying her father was? SMH* How ashamed that man would be, seeing his daughter behaving this way.

      You’re absolutely right about all of the horrible things she is. Without a doubt. But the thing that concerns me the most is the child that’s forced to live with the direct impact of all of those things, 24/7. If you’re somebody that’s known the family for some time, with direct contact with the family, and you’ve seen anything that’s detrimental to that child’s welfare (being kept away late at night, missing school, being told potentially harmful things – like mom saying she was going to kill herself, that somebody else )bo) was going to put a bullet in mom’s brain – if you’ve seen mom abuse chemical substances and/or alcohol – in direct violation of mom’s probation – if you know of mom involving said child in conversations about male strippers, or excessive ranting and raving about this blog, to the point of extreme distraction, if you’ve seen ANYTHING that child shouldn’t be living with, your outrage should be channeled into reporting all of these actions and situations to children’s services. Make a real difference for the one victim that CAN’T get away from her. The rest of us are adults and can extricate ourselves. That child is a hostage, reportedly living with a mother that potentially, allegedly abuses drugs , and CLEARLY displays unstable mental behavior.

      I’m pissed off at the things she does to authors, artists, authors, and just about any other adult she comes across – including you. But I’m OUTRAGED at the way she treats that poor child of hers.

      And I’m FURIOUS that nobody that’s known that family over the last few years has picked up the phone and reported her. They just leave that poor kid there. I don’t know how people that have seen these things can sleep at night, knowing that they could do something to help that poor kid and don’t. I just don’t understand how they can live with themselves.

  13. To be honest I don’t see where Tabetha is worth the time of day. You can clearly see just what a loser she is. Always ready to call the kettle black but is covered in ugliness. A shallow, pathetic, disgusting disgrace of a being. Too damn afraid to stand up and fight like dear old dead mom and dad were supposed to have instilled in her “rebel heart”. Any more lies Tabetha? Or is the lie pool running low?

    • I’m just glad that you found out before you got in any deeper. If we helped you see the light in any small way, I’m happy we could help.

      Just be careful. She usually accuses every single ex of abusing her, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she said the same thing about you. I hope not. I hope you made a clean escape. But be prepared for it, just in case. Don’t forget those pictures she took of your hands at her throat. She might try to use those now to further a hateful personal agenda.

      Welcome back to the real world, dude.

      • Reb, I am sorry, I really am. Just glad you got away from her clutches. Like JT pointed out, be careful. She also has the pictures of all those bruises on her body. She is an evil, cunning bitch, watch your ass.

      • Exactly. Keep every single text message and phone call you ever had between the two of you. You might need to present evidence that she called you to come over, or that she asked you to pose for those, or explain those photos in any way. If she still calls you, record that shit. There’s an app called “record my call” that activates immediately when somebody calls you, or you call somebody. It’s handy as hell, especially when it comes to her. I’ve got calls recorded where she said things she would probably otherwise try to deny. And calls with other people where she’s ranting and raving in the background. I think you were there for one of them, when a mutual friend, her manager at the time, called me.
        And don’t worry about legalities. Texas is a one party state (so is Louisiana). That means that only one party has to consent to record a conversation. You’re one party.
        And be prepared for her to try to record calls with you, trying to get you to admit something – anything she can use against you. Be very careful how you word everything if you talk to or text her. She’s just that evil.

  14. Johnny Reb, glad you got away from the psychotic wench. When I found out that y’all was getting hitched, I was like boy done plumb went loco. Don’t know what snapped you out of the coma, but damn sight am glad. I know you don’t know a damn one of these folks on here. I am sure you thought everyone was against you because of the shit Tabetha fed you. Just know that we were rooting for you, to get away. I hope with minimal damage, no one gets away without some backlash. Good luck dude.

  15. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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