Questions, questions….

This is too good not to merit its own post.

These questions were asked about Tabetha and her association with the late Bo. You know, the guy that Tabetha told her 6 year old daughter was going to put a bullet in Mommy’s brain. That guy. The one that she reported was doing some sort of covert ops overseas when she couldn’t produce him for the locals that were growing curious because they never saw the guy… and then reported that he was killed on the day of that shootout between the Cossacks and Bandidos. At exactly the same time that Bo was supposed to be overseas.
Yeah. That guy.

This comment was posted yesterday. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Has the Tabetha Willis biker mystery been cleared up?

The mystery of who was Tabetha’s biker buddy “Bo” is still unresolved.

On the internet Tabetha Jones has claimed that her biker friend “Bo” was one of the bikers killed in the 17 May 2015 Waco Twin Peaks restaurant shootout during a dispute between Bandidos M .C. and Cossacks M.C. over who owned rights to wear the TEXAS rocker (territory marker) on their cuts (club vests). Nine died in the Twin Peaks shoot-out. Six were Cossacks M.C. members, one was a Bandidos M.C. member, one was a Bandidos associate, and one was a Scimitar.

Alphabetically by last name (member Cossaks M.C. unless noted otherwise):
_ Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44.
_ Wayne Lee Campbell, 43.
_ Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31.
_ Richard Vincent Kirschner, Jr., 47.
_ Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39,.
_ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, associate Bandidos M.C.
_ Charles Wayne Russell, 46.
_ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, member Bandido M.C.
_ Matthew Mark Smith, 27, member Scimitar M.C. (allied w. Cossacks).

It is hard to say who of these nine Tabetha Jones could have known by “Bo” but kneejerk obvious would be “Bo” as short for Boyett. Daniel Raymond Boyett (44), the only Waco resident to die, owned and ran a trucking company with his second wife. He was a member of the Cossacks M.C.

Tabetha at Lepplady blog: “Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time.” (21 Nov 2014), the M.C. that Tabetha also called “…Bandidtos…” and refered to another biker as not a “…Bandito…” (25 Nov) ).

If her father Larry Willis was a Bandido, why would she hang out with a Cossack? Which leaves open: which of the nine was Bo? The Bandidos associate and full patch member killed were:
_ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, associate Bandidos M.C., 65.
_ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, member Bandido M.C., 40.

(Checking the history of Nickolaus Pacione after he vandalized the Poppy Z. Brite article at Wikipedia in Jan 2014, I found that back in Aug 2013 Tabetha had made a big deal of her biker connections in joining Pacione against his critics, at that time “led” by mutual nemesis Janrae Frank. If it wasn’t for Jones’ public posturings, none of this would be on my radar.)

The only reason ANYTHING about her is on anybody’s radar is because she runs her mouth about it online, and then she complains that she gets called on it.

Her sister calls this blog a “thorn in her family’s side.” Good. I hope this blog remains a thorn in their side, informing potential victims of exactly who they’re dealing with. And that’s what we’ll keep doing while we wait for her to think up an answer to the questions posed above about her buddy Bo. I hope she chooses her wording wisely, because whatever she comes up with, whoever she tries to pass Bo off as, it’s easily researched. The Daddy Dilemma was cleared up, and so will the Ballad of Bo.

And, while we’re at it, we’ll also reveal the new publishing venture(s) to watch out for.
More on that very soon.


The Willises

Larry Willis was born on Jan. 21, 1952 in Baytown, Tx. He died died Monday, Jan. 7, 2008, at his home after a long battle with liver cancer. He was survived by friends and family, including son  Cory, who was a pallbearer at his father’s funeral.

Larry Ray Willis was born on July 28, 1953. He died Friday, July 1, 2011. He was survived by family that includes daughter Tabatha Rena Hoover (their spelling, not mine).

So, apologies are in order. There were, it seems, two men in Texas named Larry Willis, born a year apart, who each had families and interests.

Both surviving children claim that his/her father was affiliated with the same local motorcycle gang. How likely is it that they’re both right? I don’t know. I didn’t think there could be two of them in the first place. According to Baytown Larry’s obit, he had an interest in motorbikes. Waco Larry’s obit says nothing of the sort, nor is there any indication I can find whatsoever that affiliates the latter with a 1% gang. But who knows? Anything’s possible.

In the end, the only thing that matters is what each surviving child has chosen to do with life since.

We don’t know the first thing about Cory, and the fact is that I’m truly sorry he got involved with Tabetha and her bullshit because they share a birth surname. Nobody deserves to be associated with her and her drama for any reason. Cory, I hope this clears up the question. Please know that we wish you well.

As for Tabetha, I apologize for the mistake about her father’s name versus another man bearing the same name. But I apologize for that only, and only because I am a woman of integrity who can admit when I’m wrong.

I apologize for nothing else. I have no regrets for posting the truth about her misdeeds in the modeling and publishing industries. Potential victims deserve to be warned. So do current victims. That’s why we’re here. And, if I understand correctly, a few people have been helped, thanks to the brave folks that have come forward and testified about the abuse they received at her hands, personally, professionally, and in every other way possible. It’s thanks to them that others have been spared, and I applaud them.

Now. Where were we?

Wicked Enticements

Here’s another visit from Salena Sablan:

This is the first Anthology book & only book my work was published in  by Dark Storm Publishing, formally known as Phoenix Fire Publishing. I asked if I needed to fill out another contract when the company changed names & she said no, that the contracts would be carried over. I thought that to be a bit odd, I later found out that when you change company names, everything is all redone with the new name. So, ya, the contracts were NOT legal & were not binding in any way.

Being in this book was a HUGE embarrassment & I was ashamed to even be associated with the likes of this, so called company. When it went to print, I constantly asked her about getting a copy of the book. I was always told some sort of excuse why I had not received a copy of it. The only way I got a book is when my sister ordered it. She was excited I was published in a book till we received it & we both saw how poorly this book was put together, that was putting it mildly.

For those out there that are signed with whatever publishing company Tabetha is calling it now, she will print your work along with other dribble into a piece of excrement called a book.

When I received the book Wicked Enticements & began to go through it, well…let’s just say a 5th grader does a better job at making a book. There is no table of contents, it says it is published by Dark Storm Publishing, but also says it is published by Phoenix Fire Publishing.

There are MANY blank pages, font changes in the middle of the pages, pages are not numbered till later in the book. The spacing of the stories/poems is ridiculous, SO much wasted space! You can see proof of some of the pages in the comments of a previous blog, The Call.

The person that supposedly edited this book is Maxy’s Editing. I researched this “editor” & they do not even exist. It’s probably just another alias Tabetha has made up.

When you are no longer with Tabetha’s publishing company, you have to fight her to remove your work from her books. She is sneaky, she will take your work & put it in another book, sell it & keep your royalties. There is proof of this from another person that left her over a year ago & she is STILL trying to get Tabetha to remove her work from the books. Check out a Heads up from CFW.

From my own experiences as a model, Tabetha kept my images and tried to say that I owed her money for some photographer she supposedly “got me noticed” by and wanted to photograph me. But that photographer doesn’t exist. She made him up to try to convince me that she has ties in the fashion industry and scam more money out of me. So models, if you hear the name “Dewayne Devanport” from her, don’t believe it. It’s a lie.

Models, beware. She’ll invite you over to “play around” and have some fun taking pictures, not saying anything about money, or saying “Don’t worry about it, you’re family! We’re just having fun.” But later, when try to get away from her, she will charge you for those sessions, demanding that you pay. So if she says “Hey come over, let’s have some fun,” you need to get it on paper that it’s just for fun or if you have to pay for it. so that it doesn’t come back to bite you later.

I could no longer stomach the lies & deceit  of Tabetha & Dee Jones…the constant lies! As I stated in my two previous blog posts…
I was catching Tabetha in lies & contradicting herself. That so called company Phoenix effect Photography, it’s very unprofessional & they will take advantage of you. Dee Jones claims to be the owner, but Tabetha runs it all. The company is in her sister’s name only.

When I was first warned by people about Tabetha Jones, I didn’t want to believe it, I defended her. Tabetha told me not to listen to anyone associated with JT Larson, they are telling lies about her. I even asked in the beginning, why is she saying all this about you? Tabetha proceeded to tell me JT was doing this because Tabetha fired her daughter for breach of contract. I never really read the blogs or paid mind to them. It wasn’t until I was told by JT & Cindy to read them, I would find all my answers there. I still went on with my friendship with Tabetha, but in the back of my head, I was always thinking about what they told me.

Let me just say this, if it was one or two people telling me all this stuff about Tabetha, I wouldn’t have cared about it too much. But when you have several telling their experiences with Tabetha Jones, THEN it raises a flag. Why would so many say the same thing AND have the proof to back up their story? That’s not one disgruntled parent getting revenge. It’s the truth.

Plus, this has been going on since December 2012?! That is a LONG time to just fuck with someone, so I did my research, took notes, & did my homework. I would question Tabetha on several things & all she did was give this big, long dance number around my question. I’m sure many of you that have had experiences with Tabetha, know this is what she does. She never really answered any of the questions I asked.

Especially, when I asked about third party book sales & why prices were so high. When she began to answer my question, she would take a left turn into another explanation that didn’t even pertain to what I asked. She would always change the subject.

Remember boys & girls, if the words don’t add up, it’s because the truth wasn’t included in the equation. She would go into her little song & dance number. You know, the same ones she always plays, but she tries to change them up by adding different lyrics & music.

Tabetha, we are so tired of the overplayed broken records!

This is how Tabetha Jones works, she is all sweet & fun in the beginning, & then she makes it sound like she is doing all these wonderful things for you. Getting you noticed, putting you out there for all to see… playing on your dreams. Making you sound like this “bad ass” of a person, complimenting you and blowing sunshine up your ass, when actually, she is using you, deceiving you, milking all she can out of you! She is like a putrid parasite masquerading as a voluptuous vampire, draining whatever she can to suit her own selfish needs. She is money hungry & will even use that poor child of hers to lie for her. She plays the “oh poor me” act to get whatever she is after.

I have fallen for it, I bought her daughter things, as well as for Tabetha & Dee. Of course, I heard she got rid of everything I gave her because she accused me of cursing the items & making her daughter sick. WTF?! Really?! This woman is mentally unhinged and totally insane.

The minute you want out doing business with Tabetha Jones, she will instantly try to guilt trip you by saying, “I took you in, treated you like family, you were like a sister to me. I’m getting you out there, promoting you, your fans want more from you.”

And then when the guilt doesn’t work, that’s when the REAL Tabetha shows through. The threats come out. She will ruin you and you’ll never work in the industry again. She’ll threaten sue you for breach of contract, even though her contracts aren’t legal. She’ll send her biker friends after you, etc, etc.

Remember, people start to show their true colors unintentionally. Pay attention! Tabetha always wants to play the poor victim and play on your sympathy and say. “Oh poor Tabetha, you’re so caring & wonderful, how can anyone do that to you?” Just recalling her rancid words makes me want to vomit!

The minute you start realizing what sort of person Tabetha REALLY is, she will say you owe her all this money for things that she said was all in fun.  She is a liar, a thief, a scam artist. She is constantly weaving her web of deception, making up fictitious characters to play in her theater of trickery!

Kinship down

It appears that Kinship Press is finished.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. When Kinship started, I really had high hopes for it. I helped come up with the name. I truly thought that they were starting up with the best of intentions, to help the authors that were wising up and moving away from Tabetha’s scam endeavors. And maybe that was their intention.

Unfortunately, the folks at Kinship established their company using Tabetha’s companies as a model, with roles that weren’t clearly defined within the company, with authors editing each others’ work, and a whole bunch of work slated to come out at the same time.

Kinship did start out by properly and legally establishing themselves as a taxable entity, so they at least had a legal foundation going for them, unlike Tabetha. That was a great start.

But I think Kinship was too ambitious. A small company that has no experience in the publishing industry should never have taken on as many authors as they did. They seemed eager to take on as many authors as possible, looking to sign Tabetha’s entire roster. The real people, anyway… never mind all of Tab’s many alts. That was a mistake.

They should have started out publishing only their own work, to get their feet wet. Then, after they knew that they were comfortable with the process of publishing, they should have taken on first a single author, to get comfortable publishing someone else’s work. From submission through the publication, launch and promotion process. It’s a lot of work to put out even ONE book properly. And there were only two or three owners and executives in the company. They took on far too much. I pressed this issue many times with Kinship’s owner, but my advice fell on deaf ears.

It’s highly suspect and completely inappropriate and unprofessional for any publishing company to have authors edit each other’s work. That blurs the lines between employer and client. The publisher works for the author, not the other way around. Authors are represented by publishing companies. That’s it. That’s the extent of the professional relationship. Tabetha did that, “hiring” authors to edit each others’ books, promising to pay them with an extra percentage of royalties – which she didn’t pay, anyway. This is absolutely wrong.

Authors who don’t know any better might think this is acceptable or professional, but it’s not. Most authors are neither trained nor qualified to be professional editors. Neither is the owner of a publishing company, unless he or she is trained in that field.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to secure the best possible editing for an author’s work. It’s the job of the publisher to make sure an author’s work gets the best treatment in a whole series of events on the road to getting published. Editing, formatting, pagination, illustrations, if there are any inside the book, cover art, and more.

Kinship published books with errors. They quickly paid to correct them (something that can not be said of Tabetha), but the errors should never have happened in the first place, If they’d had professionals editing and formatting their books, it wouldn’t have.

Another resemblance between Kinship and Tabetha’s companies is personal drama. In the past week or so, authors who wanted answers from Kinship’s owner heard only about the owner’s personal drama. Nothing about the books and business.

I’m not heartless. I’m sorry whenever anybody has hardships going on in their lives. But I do maintain that Bantam’s authors don’t hear about it if one of the executives’ dog gets hit by a car (heavens forbid). There’s personal, and there’s professional, and ne’er the twain should meet.

I’ve said it many times before, and will probably say it many times again. An author and publisher should have a comfortable working relationship, sure. But that relationship should remain professional. Period. If the two know each other independently of publishing, that’s great. By all means, they should be able to chat about whatever’s going on. But if a conversation is about business, that conversation should remain ABOUT BUSINESS. Personal conversations can happen another time. And never, EVER should personal troubles be offered by any executive as an excuse for why something’s not getting done professionally. That’s the height of unprofessionalism, and simply should. Not. Happen. Ever.

I’m kind of sorry to see Kinship fold. That leaves all of those authors with nowhere else to go. I fear that they’ll gravitate back toward Tabetha. She’s one of the two worst publishers in the history of the industry, but if the authors think that she’s the only game in town, they might feel that they have no choice.

If you’re an author, I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You have the very real choice to publish yourself through Createspace. That’s how these small presses are publishing your work, anyway. You might as well do it yourself and keep all of your profits.

Whatever you do, DO NOT go back to Tabetha, under any name. Do NOT. take up with any small publisher that you don’t thoroughly investigate. There’s a new one out there right now that’s questionable as all hell, with only a gmail address for contact information. No phone number, no location, nothing. That sends up red flags, right there. If a publisher doesn’t even want you to know where they are, what else are they hiding?

More about that new company soon. For now, I urge you to remain calm. Don’t panic just because your publisher is folding. Don’t go rushing back to a known scam. Keep your wits about you and examine your options. You’ll likely find that you can do for yourself the same services that these companies claimed to provide.

Breathe. Think. Publish yourself.

Do U

There’s drama swirling around about a clutch of small presses, lately. I could tear each of them apart one by one, but I’ve got better things to do with my day. So I’ll keep it simple.

Do U.

Don’t be so eager or desperate to see your work in print that you turn to some small, indie press that probably doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing, any more than you do. They might throw a web page online and create a FB page, but that doesn’t mean they know anything about publishing.

Whether it’s Sweete Sinz, Kinship, something stormy or one of Destiny’s new ventures (yes, we know about those), chances are that all they’re doing is publishing your books on Createspace for free, without the benefit of editing or formatting, and keeping a hefty percentage of your royalties for it.

YOU CAN PUBLISH YOURSELF ON CREATESPACE FOR FREE. And you can keep all of your royalties. We’re not talking about rocket science, here, folks. Createspace is a user-friendly platform that talks you through every step of the process.

Publish your own work, folks. At least that way, you know that your publisher (you) is doing everything with your best interests at heart. Even if you make mistakes, they’re your mistakes to learn from, and you’ll get it right the next time. And in the meantime, there’s nobody throwing drama around your business, lying to your face or keeping their hand in your pocket.

Just do U.

You’re welcome.

Music and copyright

I’d like to take a moment to address the use of copyrighted music in the production of promotional videos for books.

Simply put, copyright law says that no one else can use a person’s work. Whether it’s a written work, a painting, or, in this case, music, only the creator of the work has the legal right to use it.

I’ve seen small presses using whole songs by commercial bands to make video promotions for books they’ve got coming out. The question is: Do they have a legal right to use these songs or not?

There are a lot of considerations that come into play, including “fair use,” “Public Domain” and “Creative Commons” licensing. Chances are, your publisher will cite one of these as reason that they’re allowed to use a whole song to promote your book if you work with them. But let’s take a look at those.

Fair Use:
Fair use exists to allow copyrighted material to be used for educational purposes, to be parodied, commented upon or criticized. There are generally four criteria for determining whether or not material falls under fair use.
1. The purpose of use, including whether or not use of the copyrighted material is of a commercial nature. If you’re planning to make money on a product associated with the song, use of copyrighted material doesn’t fall under fair use. As such, 2, 3, and 4 don’t really matter.

Creative Commons License:
The Creative Commons License lets others distribute remix, tweak and build upon a copyrighted creative work, even commercially, as long as they credit the source for the original creation.
Well, there it is, right? Permission to use a song, even for commercial purposes, as long as credit is given to the source! Tah DAH! .
Not quite. There’s a catch. The material (song, in this case) must bear the Creative Commons license in order to be reused. This is a license that the creator gives. It is not a license that the user can claim.

It’s simple. If the song doesn’t display the Creative Commons license, it’s not up for grabs, not even under Creative Commons license usage.

Public Domain:
Public Domain means simply that a creative work (written, created or recorded) no longer falls under copyright. Since we’re talking about copyrighted music, public domain does not apply, not even if the work is readily obtainable via the internet. Just because it can be found publicly, that doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs.
It is true that a song becomes public domain after a period of time – 95 years. So unless the song you’re planning to use was created before 1922 or so, you’re out of luck.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths about copyright, music and videos.

1. I haven’t been caught yet, so I must not be violating any copyright.
Wrong. The fact is that the internet is a huge place. Just because you haven’t been caught yet, doesn’t mean you aren’t violating their copyright. The longer you benefit from somebody else’s copyrighted work, the stiffer the penalty might be when you are discovered. And if you’re a persistent repeat offender, you WILL get caught.

2. It’s just a fan video, so I’m not violating copyright.
Wrong. We’re not talking about tributes, here. We’re talking about promotional videos intended to promote sales for specific products: books. That puts these videos in the realm of commerce. It’s a whole different ball game when money comes into play. .

3. I don’t put up ads on my videos, so it’s automatically fair use, right?
No. It’s not. The original copyright holder can still be liable to force you to take down their material, especially if money comes into play. If you’re using a song to promote or make money off of a tangible product, like a book, you’re wide open to be sued by whoever holds the copyright. If you’re a writer considering publication with someone who does this, run. It’s illegal.

4. I didn’t see a copyright notice, so there must not be one.
Nope. Think again. The very fact that a thing is created gives the creator an automatic copyright. A copyright notice may enforce a copyright, but even without one, a copyright still exists. And if it’s music that’s been recorded and distributed commercially, you can bet your sweet aunt Fanny there’s a copyright on it.

5. But I found it on the internet, so it must be public domain.
Nope. Just because something’s posted on the internet, that doesn’t automatically make it public domain. You don’t have permission to use it just because you found it. It’s still copyrighted material, and you must pay for the license to use it. Otherwise, it’s theft.

6. I wrote a disclaimer in my description saying that I had copyright infringement is not intended. So I’m covered.
No you’re not. Just by saying you don’t “intend” to break the law doesn’t mean you aren’t breaking the law. Taking and using something you have no legal right to use does not give you permission to use it, no matter how you explain it. You can still be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s pretty simple. Songs are copyrighted, especially for commercial use. That means that they cannot be used to promote a commercial product. Like a book.

So, if you see a publisher using whole songs to make videos for the purpose of making money from a product, like a book, THEY’RE STEALING. You would do well to avoid such a publisher at all costs. Chances are that if they’re stealing music, that’s probably not the only thing they’re doing wrong. You don’t want yourself and your work to get caught up in a nasty copyright lawsuit.

You’re welcome.

Weebly wobbly

I’ve recently begun puttering around with Weebly, making websites for… well, it doesn’t matter what for. The point is that Weebly has insanely easy tools to build a website, including TONS of templates to choose from.

And tools that you drag and drop to put on your page. Too easy! All you have to do is drag an element from the menu on the left to where you want it to appear on your page, and the website builder puts it there.
Want to add a block of text? Simple. Drag that little T in the upper left onto your staging area and drop it there. Voila! Write your text. Want to add an image? Bang. Same thing.
Just that easy. I wrote my own code for past sites for years, so I know a little bit about it. The control panel for putting together a Weebly site is ridiculously easy to use. I’ll never need to write my own code again. Though, if I wanted to, I could. There’s even an option for that. There literally isn’t anything you can’t do.

So why is it that every. Single. Website Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Saulters, Willis, Henley, whatever) creates for all her fake crap all look exactly. The. Same?

I’ll tell you why. Because even though Weebly’s building tools are so simple a toddler could do it, putting together a site does take time. Editing each page and putting original, pertinent information in place takes time. And it takes talent. There are images to upload (steal?), content to write, information to put in place. A layout to imagine.

Well, I guess I have my answer.

Does she have so many pages for so many fake companies supported by so many fake names going that she can’t keep up?
Does she just not care how they look?
Is she just too lazy?
Or is she just so lacking in creativity that she simply can’t think of anything original? On the sites she does edit, all she does is repeat the same blurbs from one page to the next. She either can’t or doesn’t bother try.

The one and only page she makes sure to fill in is the one that charges hundreds of dollars for services that any author can do for themselves for free. You better believe she sets THAT page up.

Well, that one and her anthology submissions page. She puts that one up before she slaps all those fake authors on her roster page. Gotta get the scheme in place, after all. After that, there’s all the time in the world to upload fake pictures of fake authors and models to bolster a dodgy, probably illegal business.

In short, if she can’t even manage to create a presentable, professional website for her business, what indication do authors have that she can create a legitimate, professional business?

Exactly. None.