Do U

There’s drama swirling around about a clutch of small presses, lately. I could tear each of them apart one by one, but I’ve got better things to do with my day. So I’ll keep it simple.

Do U.

Don’t be so eager or desperate to see your work in print that you turn to some small, indie press that probably doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing, any more than you do. They might throw a web page online and create a FB page, but that doesn’t mean they know anything about publishing.

Whether it’s Sweete Sinz, Kinship, something stormy or one of Destiny’s new ventures (yes, we know about those), chances are that all they’re doing is publishing your books on Createspace for free, without the benefit of editing or formatting, and keeping a hefty percentage of your royalties for it.

YOU CAN PUBLISH YOURSELF ON CREATESPACE FOR FREE. And you can keep all of your royalties. We’re not talking about rocket science, here, folks. Createspace is a user-friendly platform that talks you through every step of the process.

Publish your own work, folks. At least that way, you know that your publisher (you) is doing everything with your best interests at heart. Even if you make mistakes, they’re your mistakes to learn from, and you’ll get it right the next time. And in the meantime, there’s nobody throwing drama around your business, lying to your face or keeping their hand in your pocket.

Just do U.

You’re welcome.


53 thoughts on “Do U

  1. Hey isn’t Ryder Cole and Brian Snuffer the same person? So if Ryder Cole is with Kinship press that Jacqueline Weister runs and Brian Snuffer is with Sweete Sinz, that Tebetha Jones runs what does that tell you?

  2. Why can’t these assholes just be honest. For real, like hey I am going to smash your dreams, lie about you and steal from you. But before I totally fuck your world up, I am going to pretend to care, and get as much dirt on you as possible to hurt you even more. At least then we have a choice.

    This is so sad really. What happened to honor, loyalty and caring? When did looking out for number 1 mean to treat everyone you come into contact with like garbage? When did people stop caring about others? Hell what happened to just being human?

    I am sick of people who use, and abuse. If I wanted to live with people like that I would never have left my mother and stepfather’s place. Do any of these bastards realize what kind of shit goes through the minds of the people they harm? Is money or status really worth killing a person from the inside out? Is getting a laugh with your so called friends really worth breaking down another human being?

    Trust is a precious thing. What these fucktards don’t get is, one day they will mess with the wrong person. One day they will come into that broken spirit, and I hope that their dues are paid to their God. I hope whatever protection they think they have is real, because hell hath no fury than a person who has nothing left. And they will see it coming by the dead in that person’s eyes. But it will be too late.

    • Conceded much miss Jones, Hoover, salters, Willis, farmer, whatever your name is? Or is it your looking in the mirror when you wrote that? Oh excuse me , I meant your broken mirror. I have to be politically correct for your gammer Nazi self.

      • Wait Johnnie maybe if she is looking in the broken mirror she might be able to see all the different faces she holds be cause she is a two face maybe she will see the wrong that she has done to others. Oh wait someone has to have a soul first to be a decent person in this world because if their is one thing that thing does not have it is a soul that thing is nothing but a backwards black whole. Because every time she touches something it collapses instead of being able to consume it.

      • Johnny Reb, for the record sinsscribbles is CFW. Cindy Franks White, or Cindy White if you will. My pc is down and haven’t been able to get it fixed. So I am on my phone it is stubborn and doesn’t let me do my initials. Sorry for any confusion.

  3. Not to mention all the lies. I’m abusive? Perhaps she forgets that I have her on recording where she specifically answers me that I never layed a hand on her except during sex and that was only when it was asked for. Or the fact that not even a week after I left her she had some new dude from Dallas that is a supposed old friend come and stay the night. Not to mention from her mouth comes the whole gold digger speak of how I was only with her for her settlement she was getting. Like I needed her money, but this just shows her true colors. “It’s allowed about me me me”

      • Johnnie did you not know she is a porcupine well she would be if she had as many coming out of her as she had going in. All she does is Find Feel Fuck and Forget regardless of sex because she is “Bisexual” or at least that is what she says. She hurt someone close to me and well I heard one to many nights of angry tears. she steals what she needs from a person talent smarts or whatever uses and gets rid of. The “Cunttwat” I think is the term she uses towards others is really just a reflection of what she thinks of her self because Tab’s is a cumguzzling thunder cunt and she thinks she is a mistress of sex and sex appeal her FB Profile shows she is nothing than a camera whore and a armature of proportional statutes. I know that she talks crap about you and her exes and my friend but in truth that is because she could never be half the person that all of you are and the insecure child that can not tell real from fantasy.

      • Camera whore, attention whore, lying, scheming, manipulating, thieving, childish, selfish, cheating, scam artist. There’s not a loyal, sincere bone in her entire body. She takes what she wants, chews people up and spits them out.
        Every single person that crosses paths with her all discover the same thing. She is not to be trusted. That’s not “lies” or “hate,” that’s the simple truth.

        Authors, if you haven’t seen it yet, YOU WILL. Just ask all the authors that came and went before you. They can’t ALL be wrong, can they? The lowest common denominator is HER. And I mean that. Low and common. Both in the most reprehensible terms of the word.

    • What settlement? From the time frame when her mom died? Did they hit her or did she hit them?

      Those stories are starting to trip over themselves. Tab’s true colors always come to the fore.

      New authors, take note. Whatever story she’s telling you, IT’S BULLSHIT.

    • You know I have sat back and watched and watched over the past few weeks. As much as I find your fabulous stories about me I do believe some of you need to bit that tongue. Oh dear sweet Johnnie Reb, the man that had to play personas his whole life because he did it to make every woman happy he was with. And if I cant have a friend come down for dinner to discuss modeling options and business ideas then i suppose I’m not free white and 21. You automatically assume that I have sex with them. That is where you and I differ. There is only one man that can have me anytime he wants and that would be my ex husband the one you tried so hard to be. I see it clearly now you wanted to be him so badly. Guess what you never will be. He’s knows how to real and honest and honestly he is my very best friend. I’d be lost without him. A bit weird for exs being divorced and all but we just have that relationship. We are the best of friends and always will be and when you were in the picture i lost site of that but i never will again. And yes I do remember a recording but no where in that recording did I give you pressure to slap me in the face and I never asked to be slapped in the face thats BDSM learn some facts. And in that recording I never agree to allow you to gag me with dick in my mouth until I puked. I dont recall that being on there.

      I am staying on my path. I doing what I set out to do. It wasn’t two days before your dick was back in your ex girlfriends pussy.I can have male friends and not have sex with them. I have been with 11 people my entire life but I am whore and a slut. I find that funny when people who really know me know I am not that girl. I was raised to have respect for myself and it will continue to stay that way. In fact sex isnt really important to me but I am a grown woman and if I decide to get into a relationship sexual or non sexual that is my choice.

      You want to air out dirty laundry i have no shame in my game. Every promise you made where are those now, dust in the wind. My goals are set on me and my daughter. I had no intention of opening another company but I had people I wasn’t going to let down and you know that you were here.

      And I am legal registered, tax ID and all. And when I get the money it will be trademarked. Just an extra bit of security for people like you.

      Yes Brian Snuffer did come back and I am pleased to have him, I am sorry to hear of Jacqueline’s company closing. Seemed fined the other day when we spoke.

      But this blog is suppose to be about protecting the authors well, all I see is ppl talking shit about each other assuming their sluts, talking about everything but what needs to be talked about. Something other than me. I’ve said this before this old and tiring but if you want to continue knock yourselves out.

      Yes I named all my pen names because each one writes a certain genre when I start writing and I wanted my fans to be able to follow, but my concentration is the authors that have upcoming books. And everyone is on board and they know that they made the right choice. I am doing my duties as a publisher, mother, manager, and will proceed with my modeling once I have time for it and the doctor releases me for it.

      I won’t be replying to any comments but I will be watching. I always watch and when something that just really burns me then I may comment or I may not. I probably should have kept my mouth shut here but I think some things needed to be adjusted for the record since you all seem so interested in the days of Tabetha JONES’ life. It’s not any other name. Although I will answer to Tabetha Willis because it was my birth name. But seriously the list of names, are you 12?

      While I move forward and continue doing the things I love most in life you all will be frozen in time stuck believing the sky is purple when its actually blue.

      • There it is. Tabetha accusing Josh of abusing her, just like we knew she would. And that bit about gagging her? That’s not on him. That’s her proving she’s not as talented as she pretends to be. Not only can she not write about sex well, seems she can’t even perform it well, either. That’s not his fault. Maybe if she could do it better, she could write about it better.

        Nah. Probably not.

        I wonder what her excuse will be this time for not calling the police on him. Or for not siccing her biker buddies on him to exact revenge upon him for slapping and choking her (though the latter clearly resulted from her lack of skill). Wouldn’t they jump to her defense? Certainly such a valued “legacy” of her father’s daughter would deserve to be avenged, right?

        She never planned to open another company? My ass. She’s always plotting, scheming, cooking up the next one because she knows the one she’s working on WILL fail. Not because of us, as she likes to blame, but because she has no clue whatsoever about how to run a proper publishing company. She’s on, what, her fourth company this year? Fifth and sixth, if you include the two we’re not supposed to know about. And yet, even after all these companies and all these years, she still can’t manage to get it right. Anybody here know why? I’m betting most of you do.

        Because she’s not interested in publishing. She’s interested in making a quick buck, and when her victims figure that out, she spits ’em out, changes her company name, and starts over again. That’s her MO. That’s what she does, time and time again.

        She can go ahead and play flippant, but we all know better. She can’t keep a man, she can’t keep a company, and before too long, she’s going to lose a whole lot more than that. She dismisses the people that she screws over, but she needs to realize that she’s not just screwing people over online anymore. Now she’s doing it to people that are involved with her geographically, physically. These are people that KNOW THE TRUTH, and are bravely willing to set the record straight. To warn the next person not to be a sucker.

        How many times has she claimed to be legally formed? Why should this time be any different? It won’t. But… could it be possible that she’s really gone and done it this time?

        Nope. Name not found. Not under Sweete Sinz, and not under the other two companies we’re not supposed to know about.
        And what will her answer to that be?
        1) She doesn’t have to register in her sity/county/state.
        2) She’s got it so creatively registered that we wouldn’t be able to find it on the SOS website.
        3) Her co-owner has it registered in their state.
        Sound familiar?
        Yeah, right.

        She’s going to get it trademarked when she gets the money? Suuuuure she is.
        First, she didn’t even know that it was a trademark she was after until I corrected her on this blog. She originally said she was getting it copyrighted. Does that sound like somebody that knows what she’s doing? Right. Nope. Besides, I think she’s got better things to do if she ever gets her hand on that much money, like pay back the guy that took out a loan to pay off her probation fines.

        I hope he knows he’s never going to see that money again, I’m sorry to say. I don’t know how she conned him into putting his own credit rating on the line for her criminal record, but it’s a safe bet that she will never pay him back. She doesn’t part with money, unless it’s to go see strippers or get some new crap inked on her. So it’s also safe to assume that she’s never going to get that trademark, either.

        Listed all her pen names? Hardly. Those few she brags about are just the ones she’s willing to admit to, so that she can claim innocence about all the rest of them. “Why would i lie about those pen names when I’ve already admitted to these?” *blink, blink*
        We’re talking about a person who still claims that Sky(lier) Wicker(son) is a real person, a model that dates her sister. If she’ll lie about something so personal, why would anybody believe a single word she says?

        And let’s not forget about her resident leg-breaker, Bo. You know, the guy that she said, right in front of her daughter, was going to put a bullet in her brain. The guy she told people was overseas on some covert op when she couldn’t produce him, only to turn around and claim that he was one of the bikers killed in a local shoot-out between rival clubs.

        And this phantom photographer that she cons models with, saying they owe money to HIM when they walk away from doing business with HER. These people DON’T EXIST. But that doesn’t stop her from cooking them up. It’s lies.

        Because that’s her stock in trade. She tells a good story. Just look how many times she cons people into coming back to her after they already know what she is. “Oh it’ll be different this time. Everybody deserves a second chance. I’ve learned from my mistakes.” And people actually fall for it. Well, if there’s an author, friend, or ex husband gullible enough to fall for it more than once, they can’t blame anybody but themselves when she uses and abuses them yet again.

        A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Neither does a snake.

        Yeah, a few people have told me that she says I brainwash people to the point where they’d believe that the sky is purple if I said so. That’s the famous pot calling the kettle black – the only fame she will ever enjoy – as usual. She’s the one that screws with people’s heads. Not me. I print the truth here, and she knows it. That’s what she hates about it. And that’s why we’re still here. What people report, the things she does to them, they can prove it. If they don’t, I don’t print it. Believe me when I tell you I’ve heard a LOT about her that I’d LOVE to print, but I don’t because I can’t prove it.

        WE tell the truth. That’s why we’re still standing, and that’s why people are finding out about her faster and faster. Hide as she might, try as hard as she does, a stink that bad always gets sniffed out. She can scour post after post on this blog, gathering evidence for her law “suite” all she likes. I’m not worried about it.

        You know, for somebody who says time and time again that she’s not going to comment, she just keeps coming back, doesn’t she? Proving every single word we say.

      • Miss tabetha, it’s funny how you pull the bdsm card yet we’re the one who threw the cup of hot coffee at me and then when we went back into the room you laid hands on me, but don’t worry, I’m sure those recordings would sound lovely on here. It would you care to listen in to all 6 of them. Or perhaps I just make them public record on Dallas model network. Grinding your gears yet tabetha? How about you having your prescription drugs within reach of your daughter, or let’s see, how about when you had her going in there to get your mother’s muscle relaxers for the people who stayed with you? Or all the valiums you had me pay for because you downed all of your klonopin? you wanted to air dirty laundry then I’m game, oh and as far as being back with my ex right after you, at least she knows how a real relationship is supposed to be. You know what, keep whatever you have of mine. I’m through with you. When your off of probation, “thanks to me I might add since I paid yours off” have a nice life. We’re even. But I will say this. I hope that little girl gets taken care of and you get the mental health you need, dragons Phoenix’s, wolves, curses. What a bunch of bs. It’s no wonder you can’t keep a man. Anyone who gets with you figures out real quick you are mentally ill. Get some help woman. I know a place in Austin that has a few rooms available, they’re padded walls and have a nice little window. Run little mouse, let the chase begin

      • No your not 21 dear your longer in the tooth than that and getting older and uglier. You puked on his wanker? Now that’s what I call sexy. But the worse is you sending your six year old kid into her dying nan’s room to steal her pain drugs? You used a child to steal a dying woman’s pain medicine? What kind of heartless sack of shit are you? You shouldn’t have that little girl and you should be in jail.

      • Oh dear pathetic Tabetha, haven’t you stolen enough of my life and money? Isn’t that enough for you, now your no talent ass has to steal my saying? Wow, you are desperate aren’t you? “No shame in my game” please bitch. If you bit any harder on my ass, you would taste blood. And btw there is plenty of shame in your game. Shall I list?

        Oh what the hell, you are a liar. You can’t write worth a shit. The only reason you still have your daughter is because she is too young to realize that she is nothing more than a meal ticket and pawn in your disgusting life. You use every person who comes into your life. You try to be EVERY ONE you meet and honestly you suck. Oh wait, you obviously can’t do that right.

        Also toots, if you actually think with your broken sentence structure, and atrocious spelling people are going to take you serious, you really have issues. You are no more a publisher as you are anything but a train wreck.

        Leave it to you to bash someone who took up for you, and succeed in proving what trash you truly are. Yeah a real lady, you wish. Who gives a shit if you can’t suck a dick. Goes along with everything else you attempt, you will never be good at anything.

        Your father isn’t Larry Willis either. At least if you believe his REAL birth son. You don’t exist, you aren’t even a blip on the radar. Legacy my ass, do you ever tell the truth? Makes me wonder if when you tell your daughter that you love her do you mean it? Or is it just like all else you say, just verbal platitude.

        Oh and thank you for admitting what Jackie refuses to. Guess she is as ashamed of you as the rest. Just she is too dumb to piss you off, or walk away. Oh, well she is still hanging on to you, her problem.

        And if your ex is dumb enough to stay with you, he deserves you as well. Does he need a 4×8 to strap to his ass so he doesn’t fall in? Maybe a rope tied around his waist to be able pull himself out. Maybe enlighten him about that wonder bra, you know the one, the one makes men wonder where the hell your boobs are.

        Even in dress you are a fucking fake. Get over yourself, you are nothing, will never be anything. But keep reinventing yourself, one day you may get it right. Good luck with that. See there is no shame in my game, when you steal something, make sure that you know how to own it, bitch.

      • “Only” eleven sex partners?? Only? No, that doesn’t make you a whore, that makes you a slut (I doubt anyone would pay for it, therefore, you are not a whore.) I’m almost forty and I’ve only had three partners.
        Also.. WE ALL know you are always watching this blog. Was that supposed to be a threat somehow? That you are “always watching?” In case you haven’t received the memo, no one cares. We all know you check this blog more often than you change your underwear and NO ONE CARES.

      • Only eleven that she admits to. It’s like her alts. She admits to four(?) but we all now it’s much more than that. Probably the same scenario with men.

        And that doesn’t account for how many times she’s recycled them, going from some new guy back to an ex, then picking up some new guy… then back to the ex. She doesn’t seem to understand that being a slut or being slutty isn’t just about the number of partners, or number of times she’s been with them. A woman can sleep with multiple men but still present herself well. Or a woman can have only a few partners but still act like a skank ho. Being slutty is how she presents herself. And that’s EXACTLY how she presents herself, with her itty bitty boobies hanging out of her two wonder bras, displaying photos of herself naked, or nearly. And most of all, how she behaves, Acting like a common skank. If it acts like a slut, writes like a slut, dresses like a slut… it’s a slut.

        Even when she’s not posting, both of her phones and her favorite proxy show up on a daily basis. She comes here more than I do. She trolls almost hourly. Part of the time, she shifts through older pages looking for evidence for her law “suite” but mostly, she pores over the newer stuff, looking to see if we know what she’s up to.

        We do.

        She seems to think we’re stupid, but all evidence to the contrary.

  4. Tabetha will never admit her faults or anything because she thinks she is above anyone else. She is nothing but a lying whore. A user and abuser. She steals dreams and produces nightmares. She is among my top 5 of fucking people I can say I HATE. Yes that is a strong word but that is it. Plain and simple. And there is room for 1 more.

    I won’t list them all but 2 are family, 1 is someone who promised to love me and then there is Tabetha. I will go to my grave hating her. No redemption no exception.

  5. Haha, Rogue I have said that porcupine statement a few times concerning Tabetha. I am going to say this, to Tabetha and I guess the owner of kinship, if anything happens to my sister because of the lies and bullshit causing her aneurysm to burst due to stress, hell won’t even be safe for you. My sister is tough as nails, and never backs down, she gets that from our dad. Even when she is weakened she won’t let on. She cares more for others then herself. I keep telling her it will be her death, but she has a big heart. But one thing I can say, and this is no joke, if you are unlucky enough to see her mean side, RUN. She is meaner than 6 rattlesnakes, 10 pissed off bears woken early from hibernation and a lion with a thorn in its paw. So whoever has her upset now, the only thing that will save you is the truth. Don’t try to make excuses, if she is your “friend” you best be making nice, confess what you did and leave her alone. I haven’t seen her this fires up in a long time. Whoever caused this I am not playing, something happens to her, y’all best bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. My sister means more to me then any of you.

    • I don’t think she should be looking for the truth from those who aren’t willing to give it. If they were a “friend” in the first place, none of this would be going on right now. The lies are still coming, and they’re only going to continue. The best thing your sister can do is cut her losses and move forward. Those eejits will hang themselves. They always do. They’re not worth your sister’s health.
      Your sister has promises to keep, and the future is wide open. She can publish her work and leave the eejits eating her DUST with her success. That’s the best revenge 😉

      • That’s just it she doesn’t trust easy, her story to tell. She hides things and keeps smiling. People have walked on her a lot. Damit, I shouldn’t be saying shit. I am just so pissed, I am on the road and can’t get to her. I know she is very agitated, and her anger is through the roof. She always tries to do the right thing and it blows up in her face. I am not a poetry person but love her fire. I don’t want her to give up. Just think that people really need to stop or realize who they are hurting.

      • Those people don’t CARE who they’re hurting. If they cared at ALL, they wouldn’t do it in the first place.
        I hope your sister never gives up on her promise or her dreams. She’s got more talent, passion and heart in her fingernail trimmings than any of those heartless scams have in their en tire bodies.

  6. I can ‘t stop laughing at the disgusting person she is. Who are you kidding telling strangers how many men you have been with, and your sorry attempt at fellatio just proves you haven’t a clue. What else are you going to do? Are you going to enter the porn scene next? At least then your limited vocabulary can be admired. You know “oh god, deeper, harder, faster” simple words for your sorry ass ability in your famous writing career. But like anything else you are a legend in your own mind. I understand your fascination with my sister, she is everything you aren’t. Oh to use your words, since you love stealing hers, she has the mouth of an educated sailor. But she is more than you will ever be. She is a real mother, she doesn’t use her kids. She is a loyal friend, willing to go without sleep to tend to friends, and family. She can cook and keep a clean home. Something that is important to us men. She carries herself with pride, even when cunts like you attempt to bring her down. No I won’t call her a grand lady, because I guarantee she has no problem getting down and dirty with the guys. Fixing vehicles, shooting guns and raising hell. But she does have something you will never have, a heart. All I can see of you, you have made readily available. You have no class, any style you think you have is stolen from people who meet. You will never be an original, sorry to inform you, you are a carbon copy. Sadly copies of other people, never a honest thought in your idled mind. Is that pill induced, or you are just fucking stupid? Probably a little bit of both, but who knows with you. You think you are so intelligent for saying these things about your ex and it just goes to show how low you are. The guy kept his mouth shut about all you did, that he knew was wrong. Yet he’s a piece of shit? I guess with your logic. He could have splattered the truth all over the place, but remained a gentleman. I commend him. You forced his hand, and now you want to call foul. Such a typical Tabetha move, from what I can see. Again thank you for showing us how desperate you are to copy my sister among others, it’s hilarious. Keep trying though, we all love getting a laugh at your expense. One day you may be as good as JT, my sister and these other lovely ladies that you try so desperately to emulate. But I doubt it.

    • I just can’t, for the life of me, imagine what sane human being would come on a public forum and describe that she’s so ineffective at performing fellatio that she vomited on her partner. I understand that she did it to try and make HIM look bad, somehow, but managed exactly the opposite. The first image that will leap forth in my mind from now on is of her barfing on a guy. *shudder*

      I’m not sure which is worse, her puking on her ex or her insisting that she still thinks that she’s some sort of model and author. That chick is so delusional it’s way beyond funny. Beyond pathetic. Beyond mental. How can a human being even function with such an extreme level of dementia going on? Throw in the level of chemical abuse that many witnesses have described, and it really, truly concerns me that she’s responsible for a small child that she describes as a “mini-me.” I pray to God that’s not true. I really do.

      I mean, that kid’s going to be old enough to read all of this one day, sooner than later. I know the poor kid hears mom ranting about it all day every day, but kid’s going to be able to come on here and read for herself what a mental, lying, delusional piece of work mom really is.

      Most parents want better for their children. Then again, most parents aren’t as selfish or delusional as this one.

  7. Oh but she is watching, sitting on her ever expanding ass. Lurking in the shadows just waiting to pounce. I sincerely hope your temper is boiling, I hope these truths bite you hard. Hands itching to rambling across the keyboard and blast all us haters? Or are you consoling yourself with dear Jackie, your true friend? Did you offer her a place to live, as she has done you?

    As for the visiting male, at least admit that you don’t have a clue as to anything to do with modeling, as well as writing and publishing. Was this another patsy you were trying to ensnare? I do love how all these men you seem to want to flaunt are “dear friends”, guess steady piece or side dude is just too real for you.

    Since Reb woke up I am guessing you need to fill that void. Hmmm, who wants to bet in 6 months Ms numb cunt will be planning yet another dream wedding with her amazing man. Too bad polygamy isn’t legal, huh Tabetha? Then you could marry all these dream men. GAG. Well then maybe at least one could show you exactly what you are doing wrong in the bedroom.

    For someone who feeds on lust, desire and sex, you surely don’t know a damn thing about seduction or satisfying a man. Is that why you have a revolving door of men, new and recycled? Did Dee refuse to put up the red light and sign over 100 served, 0 satisfied?

    Don’t you get tired of being a laughingstock? All your lies catching up to you? Well at least you can get them in order now. You still didn’t answer my question about the dream wedding with Eric, exactly who dug up dear old dad? And what about daddy’s Harley? Did you ever get that, or was that more lies? Don’t bother answering the last one, it was rhetorical. Google will be your friend on that big word.

    Since you are watching so vigilantly and not doing the right thing by being a REAL mother, watch this. .. ,,l,,.

    • I’d forgotten about Daddy’s Harley. Wasn’t she supposed to take possession of it? Or was that before her father’s real son showed up and said they never heard of her?

      How about it, Tabetha? What’s up with Daddy’s hog? Is that your brother, or were you lying about your parentage like you lie about everything else?

      Two simple questions. Motorcycle and brother.

      Will she open the floodgates of excuses? Or stay silent because she can’t come up with any answers?

      • Or… will she sidle up to some random Harley and claim that it was her daddy’s ride? I wouldn’t put it past her. And if she does, we can always ask her father’s real son if that was really his bike or not.

        I just wonder why she can’t produce a single family picture to prove her claims. let’s see Daddy on his bike. Does she have even one single picture of herself with her dad? ONE? We’ve already see that her sister can’t produce even a single photo of herself with this drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend she’s supposed to be in a relationship with – because no such model exists. Anybody think it’s the same thing going on with her paternity claims? That it’s fabricated? I wouldn’t have wondered, until the guy’s real family showed up. Now I have to wonder if she’s even lying about that.

  8. Larry Ray Willis only had one child and that was me. And once I take the course yes the bike comes straight tome if you must know. I am the only biological child of my father. He had several girlfriends that had kids but I was his one and only.So keep that bullshit about my father out of this. Get the right info or fuck off. You can call Ector County and ask who the father is and you can also call Mclennan County for birth records to see if Larry Ray Willis birth date July 28th had any other children. Do your fucking research.

    And to clarify the puking when you are hanging upside down on the bed with no oxygen available its either pass out or puke when as he likes to put getting face fucked. It was a fetish that turned him on.

    And just to let you know every man i have been with has been a serious relationship. I dont do one night stands. I dont work that way. Unfortunately I have never had any complaints in the bedroom. Not even from Mr. Reb. But of course once you break up they all like to talk shit. Which is fine because I have a few recordings of my own.

    • With all your trolling Tabetha it’s funny how you didn’t get the memo. But as usual you are all about you. Maybe your sorry ass needs to do research. Seeing as how Larry’s real son did and found out about your lies. And FYI, “if” you are one of many that he fathered they are still REAL BLOOD to him, you dumb ass bitch.

      And as for your sexual exploits, you are supposed to be this big bad biker bitch, are you saying that you couldn’t handle your own? Just proves even more that you are a fake, fraud and LIAR. Some guy doing that to me would have caused him severe pain. But hey I am a real woman not a wannabe. Unlike you.

      And here you go, saying of course my ex is going to bad mouth me, he’s an ex. Funny how that works, you can but others can’t. Same thing you did with Eric, Randy, James, Randy, and now Joshua. There’s that damn pot and kettle mentality. Same damn thing that you did with your authors.

      Except me that is. You knew that you didn’t have a leg to stand on. Sucks to be you. I own my faults, and I try my best not to repeat the same mistakes. Unlike you who keeps doing it in hopes that no one catches on. Sorry, NOT sorry, they do. Keep spouting your lies, and we will continue to say the truth. Because as it is written, the truth shall set you free.

      • Oh, we will wait for the pictures of the bike, we have been waiting this long for the truth. So waiting for more lies is no big deal.

      • Oh, I’m sure she can produce some photo of herself with a random bike. I want to see one of her and her dad with his bike. THAT would be proof. Any photo of her and Larry Willis, her father that she grew up so close to. She talks a big game, but can’t back it up.

    • “I am the only biological child of my father. He had several girlfriends that had kids, but I was his one and only.”

      Are you really that stupid? If his “other girlfriends” had kids, they’re his biological children. Unless you’re saying that his son – the “one and only” kid that actually grew up with him – is either lying, or isn’t his biological son. You should probably be careful with accusations like that, hon. That might not go over well.

      We did get the right info. From your (claimed) father’s real son. We don’t need to call Ector or Mclennon Counties – as if they’d give out that kind of family information. But, since you claim to be family, why don’t YOU produce those documents? And while you’re at it, let’s see a photo of you and dear old dad chillin on his Harley? You were so close and spent so much time with him, so let’s see on. Just one. And I’ll never mention Larry Willis again in association with you. Shut me up. I DARE YOU.

      And to clarify the puking, you should quit while you’re behind. The more you talk about it, the less sexually skilled you make yourself look. You’re trying to make it look like he forced himself down your throat or something, but you’re proving the opposite. YOU hung your own self upside down. Lord knows he couldn’t have lifted you. It was a position YOU put yourself into willingly, agreeing to this act. And you couldn’t handle it. You could have said no, turned your head or spit him out. You weren’t helpless. Stop trying to blame your ex for your own failures. It’s pathetic.

      And just so you know, nobody here is stupid enough to believe that you’ve only had serious relationships when there are so many people who have personally seen you try to pick up on male models at photo shoots (even though they’re Christian men and their girlfriends are present), flirt with, oh say – fake vampires at Halloween, too many male authors that have all said that YOU behaved inappropriately toward them – though you try to blame other female authors and friends for that sort of behavior. That may be YOUR idea of a “serious” relationship, but I’m here to tell ha, the rest of the world calls it being a slut.

      I’ve got a few recordings too. Wanna compare? I’ll be happy to host your audio, his audio, mine, and others’ that just might surprise you. Really want to go down that path? Or should we just send them to probation and Children’s Services?

      • Hey Tabetha, you say you only have true relationships & no one night things you say? Umm…do you remember telling me about the cable guy you hooked up with?? Plus, you have told me about some others you tried to hook up with. I guess you don’t remember because you are too doped up on pills!

  9. I see Tabetha picking and choosing the questions she wants to answer with half-truths and flat out BS, but I’m still waiting for the answer to ONE question.

    If Josh slapped her or put his hands on her in any inappropriate way (in front of her daughter?) then WHY DIDN’T SHE CALL THE POLICE?

    Why hasn’t her biker gang dealt with him?

    We’re waiting for that answer.

      • oh, I know. The last time I talked to Dee, she said she’d send me a picture of her and Sky when the latter came back into town so they could take a photo.
        So… why wouldn’t they already HAVE photos together? If they were dating all these months, why wouldn’t there already be a picture of the two of them together. Every couple I know of take pictures together.
        Because she needed time to try to photoshop one.

        For the record, she never did send one, and we talked a good while ago.

  10. How about you produce this ‘real’ son of my dads. Now CHarlie Jones had a son, but Larry had no others. And I have sent you tons of proof or do you not remember the obits and paperwork where my name was changed and my parents divorce papers? I suppose you forgot about that. And Johnnie has seen pics of my dad and me and my dad on his bike and he knows where the bike sits at my Uncle Garrys. Until I take it over. So you send this real son my way and ill prove you all wrong. Put your money where your mouth is.

    And karma can take care of things or eventually they fuck themselves. So I dont have no need to call cops or throw him to the wolves. But eventually word does get around.

    • No bitch, you like trolling so much, why should we do the legwork for you. It’s on the blog. Look for yourself. Since you have nothing else to do, but sit on your fat ass and run your damn mouth. It’s all there in black and white.

      • We don’t HAVE to do any leg work. It’s already been done. It’s already out there. She just keeps insisting otherwise and expecting it to be true, just because she says so. Doesn’t work that way.

    • Oh no. I haven’t forgotten about those documents you expected me to post so that you could nail me for displaying your personal information. I’ve been looking those over today. Wondering about discrepancies like how the dates don’t match up, and why you sent two different versions of birth certificates.
      You sent 2 obits for Jones, but none for Willis. I wonder why that is, since you two were so close.

      The real son produced himself, a while back. Thanks. And he never heard of you. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

      Really? KARMA? That’s the reason you don’t call the cops on a guy that hits you? One of MANY? What message does it send to a daughter when mom doesn’t call the police after being abused? That it’s okay for a guy to hit you because “karma” will handle it? Screw that.

      I guarantee that if any guy put his hands on me, two things would happen. He’d go to jail, and so would I. My daughter learned that no man treats you badly and gets to keep you. Period. The cops get called, and the deal with whatever’s left.

      • Well, I should say I’ve been looking over the PARTS of the documents you sent. You zoomed in on parts of the page, not the whole document. Not one of them. Except Charlie’s obit. I think you sent that whole thing. So… why the zooms and crops? If you really want the proof out there, why not show the whole document? And why the multiple birth certificates?

        And while we’re at it, what about that cable guy?

        You’ve got photos of yourself with Larry? Great! Let’s see ’em! Let’s see even one. Put YOUR money where your mouth is. You’re the one making the claims. Let’s see a little proof.

  11. And while all of this is going on, I hope she doesn’t think that it in any way keeps us from paying attention to what she’s up to behind the scenes, as it regards her “business” dealings. That shifty smoke and mirrors ploy of hers, keeping us distracted with personal drama on one hand while the other’s up to something duplicitous.

    We know what you’re up to, hon. So raising all this stink, while amusing, isn’t distracting us from your shady business dealings. We’re watching that, too, and gathering the facts. And so are the authorities.

    But, please. Do keep making such a spectacle of yourself. I’m sure your extended biological family are finding it as fascinating as we are.

  12. WOW, for someone to claim so much, Tabetha sure don’t know shit about dear old dad. She is calling someone she doesn’t know a liar and a bastard. That is like me saying my 3 sisters don’t exist because they didn’t come from my mother. How self centered can you get? I am sure the son that grew up with Larry Willis would like to know about that. Especially if she keeps insisting how she is getting dad’s ride. But I am sure he will see. He seen the first installment of her insanity by accident. All it took was Google. You ain’t shit Tabetha, hell even if Larry was your biological dad, he signed you away like a used scoot, guess his son that he raised was an upgrade. Are you getting mad, gonna cry? Tough shit, truth hurts doesn’t it? You were disposable to him and every man who has come into your life.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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