The Willises

Larry Willis was born on Jan. 21, 1952 in Baytown, Tx. He died died Monday, Jan. 7, 2008, at his home after a long battle with liver cancer. He was survived by friends and family, including son  Cory, who was a pallbearer at his father’s funeral.

Larry Ray Willis was born on July 28, 1953. He died Friday, July 1, 2011. He was survived by family that includes daughter Tabatha Rena Hoover (their spelling, not mine).

So, apologies are in order. There were, it seems, two men in Texas named Larry Willis, born a year apart, who each had families and interests.

Both surviving children claim that his/her father was affiliated with the same local motorcycle gang. How likely is it that they’re both right? I don’t know. I didn’t think there could be two of them in the first place. According to Baytown Larry’s obit, he had an interest in motorbikes. Waco Larry’s obit says nothing of the sort, nor is there any indication I can find whatsoever that affiliates the latter with a 1% gang. But who knows? Anything’s possible.

In the end, the only thing that matters is what each surviving child has chosen to do with life since.

We don’t know the first thing about Cory, and the fact is that I’m truly sorry he got involved with Tabetha and her bullshit because they share a birth surname. Nobody deserves to be associated with her and her drama for any reason. Cory, I hope this clears up the question. Please know that we wish you well.

As for Tabetha, I apologize for the mistake about her father’s name versus another man bearing the same name. But I apologize for that only, and only because I am a woman of integrity who can admit when I’m wrong.

I apologize for nothing else. I have no regrets for posting the truth about her misdeeds in the modeling and publishing industries. Potential victims deserve to be warned. So do current victims. That’s why we’re here. And, if I understand correctly, a few people have been helped, thanks to the brave folks that have come forward and testified about the abuse they received at her hands, personally, professionally, and in every other way possible. It’s thanks to them that others have been spared, and I applaud them.

Now. Where were we?


24 thoughts on “The Willises

  1. So with the discrepancies in the spelling of Tabetha Renee (Tabatha Rena) along with ones love of motorcycles and the other being not as impressive, just a lowly trucker(in her eyes) one can still question her lies. And WOW, she isn’t proud of the one that claimed her. She STILL had to assume anothers identity. How sad is that. But saying they didn’t have much time together, but she still loved him.

    Will the real Tabetha (Tabatha) please stand up.

    • I agree. Even though she was correct about his name, it sure looks like she assumed the other guy’s (more bad-ass?) life. It’s still dodgy, on her part. But at least the confusion about the two men is cleared up.

  2. Can’t wait to hear her sorry ass excuse/explanation for the misspelled name. If daddy loved her, wouldn’t family have gotten that right? Along with now it sort of proves that she won’t be getting that Harley. Even though I didn’t grow up knowing my sister, when our dad died the names of his kids were put in the obituary and spelled right. Also for the record, our dad was a trucker, as I am. We are proud of his secular choice. Guess more than Tabetha was about her dad. What a shame, the man is dead, and she can’t stand the fact that he wasn’t a “bad ass biker” so convenient for her that the man who gave her life had the name of a 1%er bad ass. Wonder who she would claim was dad if she didn’t stumble upon that name, or her last name was different? The world may never know.

  3. now let me get this straight…. You fucking drugged out air heads contacted a family and brought them into this fucking bullshit? JT you have been nothing but a thorn in my family’s life, and over and over you were proven wrong! I think maybe we should bring up your wrong doing you are hiding, how about that? But wait if we do it will only make us look as sorry as you and your band wagon. I’m not a heartless bitch like you, we talk on the phone you say it is between us and you knowing just as soon as we get off the phone you will do your posting with some truth and more lies. I have and still will stand behind all that I am saying, and don’t need some drones follow me! Where I have proof you are many of your drones, now who has multiple personalities?

    Salena as well as I know she signed the release form for her photos to be posted in the magazine, I was standing right there when she signed it! We have proof about your boy toys Eric , and the BOY liar and user Josh who didn’t pay his last part of his agreement!

    Now I am too old for the second grade bullshit I would think you are too but some of us just don’t grow out of keeping that kettle going and causing drama. Karma is a big bitch and I sure don’t want to be around when she catches up to you!

    I have told you many times to leave my daddy out of you filthy lying ass mouth of yours. And I do think it is time for for you to leave Larrys name out of it too, they passed leave them alone. And for the last family you brought into this crapy page one again a heartless bitch! How do you feel looking stupid? Your not an investigator so stop trying to be!

    Now I know you will be comment on this most of all because you know I’m right, so…… Take your best shot, you and your drones!

    • You’ve got your sister’s writing skills, I see.


      A guy saw his father’s name online after YOUR SISTER dragged it all over the internet. SHE did that. The guy saw it and asked about it. The minute I found out that there were two separate men with the same name, I posted a blog to clear up the confusion. I consider it a gift to be able to assure the guy that he’s not related to the likes of her. And you, if you defend her actions.

      AS USUAL, your sister airs out your family’s dirty laundry and then tries to make herself sound like the victim for it. So if you want somebody to pin the blame on, sweetheart, you need to look a LOT closer to home. Don’t blame me for what SHE does. Get THAT straight.

    • The lady apologizes and you two can’t even accept it graciously. That shows that you two cunts might be four times her size but you’ll never be half the woman she is.

    • I’m trying figure out why you even mentioned about me filling out the paper for the release form for the magazine. I never said I didn’t, if that is what you are implying, Dee. Trust me, I remember that day all too well!

      Let me fill the readers in about the Demon Asylum photos that were submitted to this magazine called Sanctuary.

      Tabetha submitted our Demon Asylum photos to Sanctuary magazine, they were picked & we had to sign a release form. At the time she told me this, things were pretty much fine till…

      I get a phone call from Dee(this was back in almost mid April) at around 6:30am asking me, “What’s going on?” I say, “Umm, nothing much, getting my son up for school, why?” She proceeds to tell me that Cindy had posted to my Facebook page shit about Tabetha. I told her, there is nothing on my page from Cindy saying anything about Tabetha.

      Any how, it goes on from there, I get a message from Tabetha saying the same thing. I look again & say there is nothing from Cindy bashing Tabetha! THEN, I get a fucked up message from Sky(who we all know is really Tabetha) through private message on Facebook. I’m pissed by now because I am being accused for letting Cindy bash Tabetha on my page for all to see. Come to find out, Tabetha got her panties in a bunch because I “liked” a post that Cindy shared with me & a few others. No where does it say “Tabetha’s” name or was pointed out it was towards Tabetha. It was just a post that was shared, that’s it!

      Things just kept going & by this time, Tabetha was blowing up my phone & my Facebook inbox. It got to where I stopped answering my phone. It went on all fucking day & because I did not answer Tabetha & blocked her on Facebook, I was told I was being childish! I just couldn’t handle the fucking temper tantrums over one stupid shared pic, now who is the childish one here?!

      Back to the release forms for Sancuary…
      Tabetha told me in one of the phone calls, she needed to print out the release forms & bring one by for me to fill out. While here, she wanted to talk to me & straighten some things out.

      Well, she calls me & says she is headed to pick up Dee & then come by, she was also dropping stuff off my belongins she borrowed. She never did bring it all back & I have told her I wanted it back! I left her several messages wanting my belongings returned. She has yet to return my items. In the meantime, she continues to use my belongings in her shoots, lovely huh?!

      They get here & Tabetha doesn’t come in, I ask Dee, “Where is Tabetha?” Dee says, “She’s in the car & won’t come in.” I ask why & Dee says she doesn’t know. I told Dee, Tabetha wanted to talk & straighten things out & now she WON’T get out of the car? Dee goes out the door & yells at Tabetha to come in & talk to me, she tells her several times. I ended up telling Dee to forget it, if she doesn’t want to come in, then forget it!

      While I was filling out the release form, Tabatha’s daughter came in the door & was trying to tell Dee something her mother told her to. Dee didn’t hear what she said, she repeated it again & it SOUNDED like she told Dee, “I’d rather put a bullet in her
      head”, in which, both my sister & I were like, “WHAT?!” the poor child started to get upset, almost in tears & would not repeat what Tabetha told her to tell Dee. What she was trying to say was, Bo (a guy that never existed! You know, the one that Tabetha said was shot & killed at the biker shootout.) said he was gonna put a bullet in Tabetha’s head. Tabetha was telling her daughter to go tell Dee what this Bo guy was saying. Tabetha’s daughter left back out the door & I asked Dee who is the Bo guy? Dee replied, “Oh it’s this guy she knows & goes to when she needs money.” I asked Dee if she has ever seen him & she said no (why am I not surprised by her answer).

      Again, Tabetha’s daughter comes back in & tells Dee that Bo says to drop Tabetha off on some road & Bo will find her to shoot her. The child is in tears because she thinks some guy named Bo is trying to kill her mommy! My sister was so concerned about how a mother would tell her daughter such a thing & to relay it to someone else. I told my sister I have witnessed on two occasions where Tabetha will say she is gonna slit her wrists in front of her daughter! Dee told her to just stay in the house till she is ready to leave.

      Later that night, I was asked about an incident that happened in my driveway with Tabetha when they were here. I was like, what? Apparently, this Bo guy showed up & beat the shit out of Tabetha in my driveway. None of that happened at my house,
      then I am told he showed up at her house & did it there. The night Dee came to my house to show my sister & I this email from Dewayne Devanport (not a real person), I asked her if Tabetha really was beat up by this Bo guy & Dee said, “It’s amazing what makeup can do.” Yes, this can be taken two ways, but the way Dee was looking at me & my sister, I knew she meant to make it look like she was beat up.

      Now Dee, I dare you to tell me I am lying about it all!

      I know the reason why Tabetha never sent the release forms into the magazine. It was her way of “trying” to get back at me for breaking ties with her. Tabetha tried telling me in a message that JT threatened the magazine & the magazine dropped our photos. You & I both know damn well JT never did such a thing! It was Tabetha’s way of trying to say, “She went against me, so now I’m NOT gonna send in the release forms”. You know what Tabetha? It didn’t hurt me none what so ever. I can submit my OWN photos MY own self!

      • As for Karma, you know damn well where it’s gonna hit! How can Tabetha continue to lie? There is SO much proof against her it’s crazy & yet, her you both are (mostly her) “trying” to say we are lying *laughs*
        The thing that gets me the most, how you do NOT see this Sky person is your own damn sister fucking with you! How low is that? That is pretty fucked up if you ask me. Like JT says, “Show us a pic of you both together & we WILL apologize. AND, no photo shop kind of pic either. Still waiting to see photos of Tabetha & her daddy as well.

      • She knows Sky isn’t real. At first, I felt bad for Dee too, having a sister who leads her to believe that a beautiful model’s been chatting her up. But Dee is fully complicit. She insists that she and Sky have spent time “in RL.” Real life. And we know that’s not true.
        So, just like the Bo And Davenport lies, people that don’t exist, Sky is just another lie Dee helps her sister perpetrate upon the public. And upon that poor kid that’s stuck living ith them.

      • My question is why children’s services weren’t called that very moment. That is SUCH an unhealthy situation for a child to live in. What loving auntie not only allows her sister to put a child in such unhealthy situations, but enables it? That’s not just sick. It’s criminal. On both their parts.

      • Like I said in my latest blog, Tabetha creates fictitious characters to play in her theater of trickery.

        You’re right, I should have called right then & there. I blame myself for not calling & letting that poor child go through a horrible situation. I tried telling her father, but that didn’t help, he took her right back to her mother!

      • I’ve noticed that. The guy has everything he needs to take in front of a judge if he wants to take his kid away from her mother and give her a normal living environment. He doesn’t. It’s a crying shame when strangers show more interest in that poor kid’s well-being than her own parents do.

  4. Hello Dee nice to see you joined the party, if it is really you and not Tabetha up to her old tricks. Can you not read? Clearly not since JT admitted that yes Tabetha’s dad was “a” Larry Willis, but NOT “the” Larry Willis that Tabetha was so happy to brag about. No one contacted any family members, you idiot.

    As much as Tabetha trolls the blog, you would “think” she would have found the information by now. Being as the REAL son, of the biker Larry Willis posted on this very blog. And seeing as the son’s name was associated with the biker on the poor man’s obituary, and NOT Tabetha. Oh she was listed in a obituary as a child of, again for the cheap seats, “a Larry Willis. That is if you can overlook the entire misspelling of her first AND middle names.

    So say what you will, with the discrepancies I say she should be commended and thanked by you and Tabetha, well at least us screwed over authors for bringing the entire truth to light. And admitting there may be a mistake. Unless that IS why you are mad. Because the TRUTH is out there for all and sundry to see.

  5. Awe, what’s the matter there Dee, is baby Tabetha mad because her ruse has come to bite her on the ass? Is she stomping her fat feet, cussing and being her hateful self? Did she demand you to come and protect her like always? Is she threatening curses and plagues? Hard to argue with cold hard facts, isn’t it? Come on now, how long did you think this bullshit lie would stand, without the truth being found out? Just like everything Tabetha says from her forked tongue it always gets revealed. Talk about karma. That is karma at it’s most sweet. And the best part is, no one went looking, until the real blood used Google. As much as I dislike the Internet, this is so fucking sweet. After the young man came forward, and the dates not adding up, it was easy to disprove Tabetha’s fantasy. Maybe you should get her to tell the truth, and this shit wouldn’t bite your family so damn hard. But that’s your sister for you. Sadly she still is trying desperately to cling to that lie. How sad, too bad.

  6. [I presume this goes into moderation; so use at your discretion.]

    Has the Tabetha Willis biker mystery been cleared up?

    The mystery of who was Tabetha’s biker buddy “Bo” is still unresolved.

    On the internet Tabetha Jones has claimed that her biker friend “Bo” was one of the bikers killed in the 17 May 2015 Waco Twin Peaks restaurant shootout during a dispute between Bandidos M .C. and Cossacks M.C. over who owned rights to wear the TEXAS rocker (territory marker) on their cuts (club vests). Nine died in the Twin Peaks shoot-out. Six were Cossacks M.C. members, one was a Bandidos M.C. member, one was a Bandidos associate, and one was a Scimitar.

    Alphabetically by last name (member Cossaks M.C. unless noted otherwise):
    _ Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44.
    _ Wayne Lee Campbell, 43.
    _ Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31.
    _ Richard Vincent Kirschner, Jr., 47.
    _ Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39,.
    _ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, associate Bandidos M.C.
    _ Charles Wayne Russell, 46.
    _ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, member Bandido M.C.
    _ Matthew Mark Smith, 27, member Scimitar M.C. (allied w. Cossacks).

    It is hard to say who of these nine Tabetha Jones could have known by “Bo” but kneejerk obvious would be “Bo” as short for Boyett. Daniel Raymond Boyett (44), the only Waco resident to die, owned and ran a trucking company with his second wife. He was a member of the Cossacks M.C.

    Tabetha at Lepplady blog: “Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time.” (21 Nov 2014), the M.C. that Tabetha also called “…Bandidtos…” and refered to another biker as not a “…Bandito…” (25 Nov) ).

    If her father Larry Willis was a Bandido, why would she hang out with a Cossack? Which leaves open: which of the nine was Bo? The Bandidos associate and full patch member killed were:
    _ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, associate Bandidos M.C., 65.
    _ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, member Bandido M.C., 40.

    (Checking the history of Nickolaus Pacione after he vandalized the Poppy Z. Brite article at Wikipedia in Jan 2014, I found that back in Aug 2013 Tabetha had made a big deal of her biker connections in joining Pacione against his critics, at that time “led” by mutual nemesis Janrae Frank. If it wasn’t for Jones’ public posturings, none of this would be on my radar.)

    • From what I have read and watched my sister go through, I doubt Tabetha thought about her lies and bullshit to catch up to her. I do believe that she thought people were stupid or no one of any consequence would see her posturing. It probably would have continued if the real son of the biker Larry Willis would not have Googled his father’s name. When things got gray she made up a different MC to try and seem even cooler to people. Instead it cast more doubt. Her smoke and mirror game got harder. Enter Bo, which is weird because that was the name of my sister’s pitbull when she and Tabetha first met. Tabetha lies and her alts swear to it. She can’t provide any proof to what she says. She demands you just accept her lies as gospel. Seems like she got caught in her own web of lies and deceit.

  7. Why does Tabetha give a shit about anything I share to “MY” friends on their pages? Are you afraid there Tabetha? Have you realized that I really am not one to fuck over? Or was it that what I shared hit home to what a true piece of shit you are? Maybe you were scared that my “no shame in my game” mentality would show what a coward and liar you are.

    I personally find it funny. Yeah big bad Tabetha is a chicken shit, hides behind big sister and alts. When we first started talking I told you DON’T LIE to me, because as you l Ike telling others another cindyism ” I can be your best friend or worse enemy, choose wisely”. You made your bed now lay down with the fleas bitch.

    • It’s like the day I signed the release form, she refused to come in. Dee tried calling her in from the front porch, but she sat in the car. SHE was the one that wanted to talk, yet she refused to come inside to do so. Later, I asked her why she did not come in, she replied,
      “I didn’t want to start anything & it get out of hand, I was just too upset.”

      She calls herself a business woman, but when it comes down to discussing business & straighten things out, she fails to do so! Very UNprofessional Tabetha, you’re no business woman, you are a liar, a thief & a scam artist. You are money hungry & will stop at nothing to get it from anyone you can suck up into your little world & drain them dry. Just remember Tabetha, what you put out there, comes back times three. You talk about Karma coming after us, no my dear, she is coming after you. Everything you know is gonna crumble & you have no one to blame, but yourself!

      • She didn’t want anything to get out of hand? Isn’t that the day she told her kid that “Bo” was going to putt a bullet in her brain? Or that she was going to kill herself? Or all of the above?
        What a joke.
        She’s just a chicken shit. Ands a thief. Every time she uses YOUR belongings in a photo shoot, you should contact the model and tell them that they posed with stolen goods and see how they like it. If she ever takes pictures of anybody but herself, that is.

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  9. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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