Questions, questions….

This is too good not to merit its own post.

These questions were asked about Tabetha and her association with the late Bo. You know, the guy that Tabetha told her 6 year old daughter was going to put a bullet in Mommy’s brain. That guy. The one that she reported was doing some sort of covert ops overseas when she couldn’t produce him for the locals that were growing curious because they never saw the guy… and then reported that he was killed on the day of that shootout between the Cossacks and Bandidos. At exactly the same time that Bo was supposed to be overseas.
Yeah. That guy.

This comment was posted yesterday. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Has the Tabetha Willis biker mystery been cleared up?

The mystery of who was Tabetha’s biker buddy “Bo” is still unresolved.

On the internet Tabetha Jones has claimed that her biker friend “Bo” was one of the bikers killed in the 17 May 2015 Waco Twin Peaks restaurant shootout during a dispute between Bandidos M .C. and Cossacks M.C. over who owned rights to wear the TEXAS rocker (territory marker) on their cuts (club vests). Nine died in the Twin Peaks shoot-out. Six were Cossacks M.C. members, one was a Bandidos M.C. member, one was a Bandidos associate, and one was a Scimitar.

Alphabetically by last name (member Cossaks M.C. unless noted otherwise):
_ Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44.
_ Wayne Lee Campbell, 43.
_ Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31.
_ Richard Vincent Kirschner, Jr., 47.
_ Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39,.
_ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, associate Bandidos M.C.
_ Charles Wayne Russell, 46.
_ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, member Bandido M.C.
_ Matthew Mark Smith, 27, member Scimitar M.C. (allied w. Cossacks).

It is hard to say who of these nine Tabetha Jones could have known by “Bo” but kneejerk obvious would be “Bo” as short for Boyett. Daniel Raymond Boyett (44), the only Waco resident to die, owned and ran a trucking company with his second wife. He was a member of the Cossacks M.C.

Tabetha at Lepplady blog: “Larry Willis was the truest to the true with the Bandidos and I have known many in my time.” (21 Nov 2014), the M.C. that Tabetha also called “…Bandidtos…” and refered to another biker as not a “…Bandito…” (25 Nov) ).

If her father Larry Willis was a Bandido, why would she hang out with a Cossack? Which leaves open: which of the nine was Bo? The Bandidos associate and full patch member killed were:
_ Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, associate Bandidos M.C., 65.
_ Manuel Issac Rodriguez, member Bandido M.C., 40.

(Checking the history of Nickolaus Pacione after he vandalized the Poppy Z. Brite article at Wikipedia in Jan 2014, I found that back in Aug 2013 Tabetha had made a big deal of her biker connections in joining Pacione against his critics, at that time “led” by mutual nemesis Janrae Frank. If it wasn’t for Jones’ public posturings, none of this would be on my radar.)

The only reason ANYTHING about her is on anybody’s radar is because she runs her mouth about it online, and then she complains that she gets called on it.

Her sister calls this blog a “thorn in her family’s side.” Good. I hope this blog remains a thorn in their side, informing potential victims of exactly who they’re dealing with. And that’s what we’ll keep doing while we wait for her to think up an answer to the questions posed above about her buddy Bo. I hope she chooses her wording wisely, because whatever she comes up with, whoever she tries to pass Bo off as, it’s easily researched. The Daddy Dilemma was cleared up, and so will the Ballad of Bo.

And, while we’re at it, we’ll also reveal the new publishing venture(s) to watch out for.
More on that very soon.


48 thoughts on “Questions, questions….

  1. I think the hamster is dead. Or Tabetha has run out of lies and deception. Come on woman answer the questions. Oh that’s right, you have ran out of people to use to help you think. We all know that if you had half a brain you would come up with something to fix your lies and attempt to come up with something that you believe is true. But again if it isn’t about fucking and smut you are lost. Oh wait, you are no good at either. .. lol

  2. No I’ve just learned no matter what I tell you ppl you will never believe anything even if its the truth. As for Bo please let the man rest in peace. And I never said he got shot I said he was killed that day. Pay attention. Bo was a nickname and he was a great friend. All you ppl want is drama and mores way to dig up the past. Well I was told you go digging up the past all you get is dirty. There are no skeletons in my closest. My life is an open book. I have no reason to lie about anything. My father taught me better. Let the dead rest in peace. And whether you love me or hate me you are still thinking of me, so thanks for making ME the center of your world. I am so sorry you have nothing better to do then meddle in my business. Do I stalk your every move? No because I have better things to do. Yes, I watch this blog just in case there is something that needs capping off to keep for my records so when the shit does hit the fan it wont hitting me.

    • Haven’t seen that one in a while. The “I’m so important because you think of me.” idiocy. She doesn’t seem to realize that she should be embarrassed, even ashamed, because people think of her for being such a liar. But for the likes of her, any attention is good attention. She tries so hard, jumping up and down screaming “Look at me! Look at me!” To throw the scent off the fact that she’s not answering questions.

      Maybe if she tried telling people THE TRUTH, they might start believing it. Like, oh, say… Who is Bo? If he wasn’t killed in the shootout, give us some specifics. If she wants to shut us up, she needs to back up her claims.

      But she won’t. First, she CAN’T. And we all know it. Including her. She just craves the attention she gets.

      But they do keep records of who died in Waco on certain dates, don’t they? Shouldn’t be too hard to check.

    • Well Tabetha maybe you should learn how to tell the truth. To quote you “even if it’s the truth” so are you admitting to at least some lies? Or is that more bullshit to cover the facts that you wouldn’t know the truth if it was a snake and bit you? Inquiring minds want to know. I mean really did you take a course in habitual lying? Or did daddy teach you that too?

      Let the dead rest in peace? Really??? When you are the one who has dug up the bones. How many times are you going to have your cake and eat it too? You cry boo hoo, yet you are the one bringing these names up. You put these people out there dead or alive and expect others to say ok, it’s Tabetha so it must be true or at least her lies acceptable.

      Again you avoid telling the truth adding bullshit and claiming being the victim. Sorry but you can’t be both victim and culprit. No matter how hard you try to spin it. Why not just answer the questions put before you? Are you afraid that if you say anything it will be disproven?

      It is interesting that you avoid anything that you can’t handle. Hiding from the truth won’t make it go away. Just makes you suspect as always. Could it be that you being such a liar has anything to do with it? Remember the truth will set you free.

      You want to blame everyone for all you have done, what you need to do is take a serious look in that broken mirror. Just tell the damn truth, for once in your miserable life. Or are you afraid that the once you speak one iota of truth your house of cards will crumble? I do believe that the gentleman deserves answers if not the rest of us.

      Easy to say Bo was a nickname, but again who is he really? Why does he deserve any loyalty when he threatened you, upset the child you profess to love? I see that mom of the year award slipping from your fingers, yet again. So with your statement the abusive man is worth more to you then your own child. What a piece of work you are.

      Or is it possible that you won’t reveal who he is because he is fake? Was never injured/killed? Or can it be your scared because once you tell who he may find this blog like the real child of Larry did and blast your ass?

      Come on Tabetha, it is going on what 5 years now. Isn’t it time for you to grow up and face the demons you created? Did you run your big mouth about the wrong person? Maybe you should face the music for once. Reprecussions for your actions can be healthy. If you were really taking psych classes you would know that.

      • That house of cards is already tumbling. And the irony is that it’s the breeze from her own spin that’s knocking it over. She can lie to the public, lie to her victims, lie here on this blog like she lies everywhere else. But there’s one person she can’t lie to, and that’s Uncle Sam. You know, the guy that’s tiptoeing through her financial history by way of his three little friends. Messieurs I, R, and S. Let her laugh it up. Every single victim she’s racked up have been adding up. Especially the local ones that are eye witnesses to her schemes. She thinks I have drones or minions, but it’s not me they’re answering to. It’s the people in a position of authority that can (and will) drop the house on that particular witch. And there won’t be a lie she can spin to talk her way out of it. And the really beautiful part is that she thinks I’m blustering, so when it happens, it will truly be a surprise. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.
        Mug shots are public domain, aren’t they?

    • Do I stalk your every move? No because I have better things to do. Yes, I watch this blog just in case there is something that needs capping off to keep for my records so when the shit does hit the fan it wont hitting me.

      Yes, you do. You’re here more than I am.
      Screen capping more information for your law “Suite” against all of us? For DARING to speak the truth about your dodgy business practices? What’s the matter, hon? Are we chasing off victims faster than you can scam them? Good. Go ahead and sue my ass for that. I’ll have either breathing witnesses or affidavits from witnesses. Lots of ’em. Or I’ll have them on Skype to testify, live in technicolor. Gotta love modern technology. Who will you have? Sky? Davenport? Mr. Shadows? Or maybe you’ll fly your buddy Nikita down for it. That ought to go over really well for you.

      Let’s see what the judge has to say. I’ve got no problem backing up every word. And you know it.
      Oh yeah. I’m scared.

  3. As Lepplady noted, earlier to queries about where and who Bo was, Tabetha reported that he was killed on the day of that shootout between the Cossacks and Bandidos.

    When I got the impression that Tabetha meant that biker buddy Bo was killed in that biker gang shootout 17 May 2015, I made an erroneous assumption, possibly.

    (Gentle reader, if I posted that a buddy who worked at the chemical plant was killed the day of the explosion that killed sixteen workers Oct 1960, what impression would I give you?)

    So we do know Bo was killed 17 May 2015. I have to learn to parse Tabethese: she didn’t say he got shot, she said he was killed that day, but she didn’t say not shot either, and she didn’t say where. She drops cryptic clues and expects people not to guess or ask questions.

    Tabetha: “As for Bo please let the man rest in peace.” But Tabetha brought up that he mistreated her and threatened to put a bullet in her brain and terrorized her infant child. RiP? I would want to go medieval and hang his corpse in an iron cage at the city gate with a sign “Thus Always To Woman Beaters” and let crows pick his bones bare.

    Who is Bo? is still unanswered.

    Maybe we should ask Destiny Rane Storm.

    • You just did. And she’s ignoring you. I guess the truth is getting harder and harder to weave out of thin air these days. What with the real facts floating around so freely now and all.

  4. Damn crickets. Y’all hear them right? Because you damn sure ain’t hearing any truth from Tabetha and her many alts. What other lies do you have in store for us Tabetha? You don’t stalk? I know that lie is for your benefit. Do you think that if you keep lying to yourself as well as these fine people it will soon become truth? Damn, I thought you were a boss lady, bad ass biker bitch. Hold on a minute while I keep my sides from busting from laughter. You ain’t shit. Wait let me rephrase that, you think you are the shit, when you really just need to be flushed.

      • She’s tried, pagiarizing just about every writer she comes across. Including me. She can’t even rip off other authors effectively. Everything she does is flat, boring, and just plain badly done. It’s horrible. Yet she considers herself to be some wonderful writer.


        She’s a hack, and a bad one at that.

    • What she doesn’t have are any good answers. That’s why we hear crickets. I think enough folks see that she’s a scheming, lying, manipulative fraud. If she didn’t keep doing it, I’d be able to leave her deplorable butt in my dust and carry on with more productive things, exclusively. But one of her favorite tactics is convincing new victims that she’s “learned from her mistakes” telling them that “It’s in the past,” and that everybody deserves a second chance. I only keep blogging about her because she keeps doing it. Just ask Destiny. Folks need to know that she hasn’t learned from a thing, it’s not in the past – it’s still very much right now. And that she’s not looking for a second (third, fourth, fifth) chance. She’s trolling for fresh victims.

      If you’re an author that’s looking to publish through the following names:
      Tabetha Jones
      Destiny Rane
      Destiny Storm
      Destiny Whispers
      Destiny Rose
      Destiny ANYTHING
      Kinship Press
      Nick Pacione


      You can thank me later.

      • Thats a lot of names there but unfortunately more than half are not mine. My pen names include Zoey Sweete,, Ivy Sinclair, Emerald Rai Fleurs, Syn Silver, and Destiny Rane. Each write a specific genre. But as I am holding off on my work because I have authors that are releasing in the next month or so. Our first anthology will be out before the year is up and who knows what else. I know I have a team of amazing authors that come before anything that I do. I have two talented cover artists, two wonderful editors,and authors that believe in the company Sweete Sinz. And when I said I was legal I never said I registered with the state. Remember in my county I don’t have to do that. I just have to register with the county. I will though be taking a break from work on Sunday for a model meetup in Dallas that I am looking forward to and extremely excited to be part of. And go ahead and call my probation officer I am sure she will be delighted to show you the travel permit I have for the meetup. I know how you work. My question is this. You say you just want whats best for the authors yet you try to destroy everything my authors work their ass off for. Everything I work my ass off for. And you say this isnt a hate blog. You are just a miserable woman that has nothing better to do. I find it sad really. And honey I have no need to steal anyones work I have plenty of my own. But as I stated before my authors come first. Once I get their releases off and doing well then I will concentrate on my own works. Thats how a real publisher works.

      • “WE” destroy your authors? What a joke! Within this comment alone, you already confess to how scheming and skewed you are, darting around the subject of legalities and making grandiose promises that we all know you won’t deliver on. And you posture about your super-spiffy modeling career, yet you have nothing to show for it but a bunch of half-naked photos your sister takes. I hate to be the one to tell you, but that’s not modeling. It’s narcissism.
        If you really do have any real authors on the hook, I hope they google your name – well, ALL your names, the ones you admit to and the ones you still lie about – and come find this blog. Your past victims have saved potential new victims from being abused by you. That’s why we’re here. What you call hate, the rest of the world calls the truth. And that truth is that you put nothing above yourself. Nothing and nobody. They’ll find out, if they actually exist. They always do.
        But keep right on telling yourself these delusions of grandeur, if they get you through the night. Well, those and whatever supplements you keep handy.

  5. And yet the questions go unanswered with typical Tabetha bullshit. Honey please, the only reason any author is amazing to you is when you are reaching into their pockets. Don’t sidestep the issue at hand toots.

    You want to say that this is a hate blog, I don’t hate you toots, I despise you. You and every damn lie and farce you perpetrated on others as well as myself. Why can’t you just tell them the damn truth?

    Why gives a shit about some more self spank bank photos of you looking like you are taking a dump. With stole clothes and others ideas and style. Fake ass wannabe. You will never be on the cover of any reputable magazine. But I do understand that a few adult magazines may be interested.

    Stop stalling and answer the gentleman’s questions. Or is it possible that you can’t, because there isn’t a lie big enough to encompass the magnitude of your bullshit?

    • More anthologies Tabetha? I do hope you keep better records then you did when I was with your sorry ass. Seeing as when I contributed to them other authors were paid more than myself.

      And how many names are you using? Remember no matter how many alts you use you are still just 1 writer. Yeah bet these new authors, that are family, gag, don’t realize that the deck is stacked against them from the start. FYI, new authors, if Tabetha uses more than one alt, she PAYS HERSELF AND THE ALTS, as separate authors.

      Yeah that’s fair. And if you are brave enough to ask for sales reports, she gives you a song and dance about how she has to block out names because it’s all on one spreadsheet. Very professional, NOT. She is and will always be a con artist, schemer, and a liar.

      Took me over 2 years to get my stuff off her page. After showing her many times by screen grabs that they were still there. Her lame excuse was “I didn’t know”, BULLSHIT. Always the victim aren’t you Tabetha?

      • Exactly so. That’s why she leans so heavily on anthologies. Because if there are ten authors that contribute to an anthology, and she’s half of them, that means that she pays herself at least half of everything the book earns. And that’s if she pays any real authors at all. She has a history of lying to authors about book sales, telling them none got sold or avoiding the subject entirely with personal drama.
        Authors, beware. If your “publisher” has to use so many names to get anything done, there’s a reason for it. Ask yourself what that reason is. Or ask us. If you ask her, all you’ll get is more of the same delusional nonsense she’s already shoveled in your direction.

    • Specific genre? Is that what you are going with? Damn woman, is your theme song “That’s My Story”? I love the fact that you believe by admitting to some things it exempts you from the truth? Ivy Sinclair, isn’t that the name of a reputable author on Amazon? Syn Silver, a bit close to CFW’s nickname, “sin”, now isn’t it? Is there nothing you won’t steal? Exactly what different genres? Because from what I can see it is all the same backwash with a new name. I really would love to laugh in your face about your fantasy of a modeling career. Sorry to hurt your feelings but I don’t care who or what you think you are, no agency wants some bloated 233 lb swamp moose, who may appear “cute” at best but who’s soul is so black it shows in every damn picture you post. All you are doing is attempting to throw dirt on people. Detracting from your ignorance, deflecting from the point at hand. Good tactic in theory, but you forget you have disrespected too many people. Little girl I suggest you grow up. You are making promise even your big ass can’t cash.

      • She posted some “hooker on the train tracks” pics on her Facebook – just look at those thighs and that nasty make-up!

      • I saw those last week, but didn’t find them deserving of comment. I think that’s why she came on here and pitched such a fit. She wasn’t getting the attention she wanted.
        I don’t know who she’s trying to impress now with the creepy contacts and bobbed hair. but it’s just more of the same. “I’m a flabby whore, here let me spread my legs and prove it.” That’s not modeling. She doesn’t get it. Her sister doesn’t get it. And they never will. But if that’s what floats their boats, more power to ’em. At least as long as they’re only jerking each other off, they’re not scamming anybody else.

        And, BTW, whoever said she weighs 233 was being kind. I weighed that much myself, and I didn’t have nearly that bulk. Not even close. My guess would be that she’s either very close to 300 or over it. Makes no difference. Big CAN be beautiful, but she’s just not. Her sneering, whorish attitude shows in her face, and she’s got NO idea how to position a body, big or little, to make it look good. She simply doesn’t have a clue.

        But like I said, as long as she’s not hurting anybody else, more power to her.

  6. My questions to Dee is simple do you have crush on your sister? Don’t you get tired of taking pictures of her nasty ass? Or like her are you that desperate to have any old “model”? Do you think honestly that by letting Tabetha use you as she is any real model would want to work with you? When will you see her for what she is?

    • Dee’s not being used. She’s fully complicit. She knows exactly what Tabetha is, and she enables it. She participates. Anybody remember that faked suicide attempt? Once upon a time, I thought Dee was a victim and felt sorry for her. Now I realize she’s just as bad.

      I just don’t, for the life of me, understand what pleasure she gets out of taking all of these photos of her sister’s flabby ass. She can’t possibly think that’s real photography. It’s not even good spank.

      But again, if that sordid, symbiotic whore/voyeur relationship works for them, more power to ’em. As long as nobody else is getting hurt or scammed, I wish them both the very best of luck.

      • I just don’t understand how those two idiots can seriously put such awful pictures forward as “modeling”???
        Don’t they see that these pics would not look out of place stuck to the wall of a toilet in a truck stop? With tabbie’s phone number underneath and: I swallow and take it up the rear, cheap!!!

      • Ako, think about how that poor child will be bullied by the other kids once they discover her mother’s “model portfolio” online…

      • Instead of the kids, I thought ahead. What if that poor kid wants to apply to an ivy league college? What if she wants to get a good job doing something that requires a certain level of reputation. One quick google and THAT’S out the window. She doesn’t even realize that the trashy, smutty way she behaves could affect her child one day.

        Like you said, what if that kid’s peers google mom. What kinds of boyfriends are the daughter likely to meet based on the reputation of her mom?

        But she doesn’t care. She calls her kid a “mini-me.” What she says with pride would horrify any normal parent.

      • There is that mother of the year award slipping from her greedy fingers. She can say whatever she wants, I feel sorry for the kid. I would be embarrassed if my mom dared to put pictures up like that, looking like a painted up pig. But hey whatever floats your boat. Guess there is no limit to what some females will do to get attention. From a man’s standpoint it’s just trashy and leaves nothing to the imagination. She screams easy. No matter what she claims. Appearance is EVERYTHING.

      • Now Scab ass will start trying to copy the pictures Lepp darling posted from pro photographers by putting shutters up and taking snaps in black and white bedhead and out of focus because the fat ugly minger is such a copycat she can’t do anything original. Now the wee lass will be in front of the camera even more so mum can force her to copy those kids so mum can look right and proper or try to anyway and when that doesn’t work she’ll pose her like a mini whore, she already does making her point at her chin and strike the same poses it’s disgusting. I pity that child.

      • So do I. Tremendously. Catching a child in just the right moment is a thing of chance. Even posing kids can be fun for both photog and subject, like a game of dress up. But I can’t see her making anything fun about it. “Here. Wrap this cloth around your neck. Now… be cute. Act like you’re having fun. Look at the camera. Here, hold this cup of juice while I tousle your hair. Turn like this. Put your finger on your chin.”
        It’s just how she talks to people. Charming if she wants something, (or if SHE’S the center of attention) but otherwise demanding and insensitive. I honestly can’t see her making anything genuinely enjoyable.

      • This is wrong! Such a shame, the poor child!
        I hadn’t even considered how tabby is affecting the little girl’s chances to get into a decent university but you are right, admissions are checking applicants online nowadays! I feel awful for her, I wish I could do something to help the poor little mite!

      • Unfortunately, only those that have witnessed inappropriate behavior (like keeping the poor kid up half the night, keeping her home from school, drug or alcohol abuse in front of the child, storage of dangerous drugs within the child’s reach, emotional abuse – like false death threats or threats of suicide – that sort of thing) can report it. If nobody that’s seen things like this is willing to step forward for that kid, mom flies under the radar, like she always does. Only, instead of grown men and women that can defend themselves, the victim is a 7 year old girl that nobody on the planet cares enough to protect.

      • This is also not normal for a woman to behave in this dirty manner for attention!
        Absolutely not!!!

      • I agree completely. It’s not normal. It’s not sane. It’s sad and pathetic, and it’s her kid that suffers for it. Tab leaves a lot of victims in her wake, but that little girl is the one I pity the most.

  7. It is all fun and games pointing out the many flaws that Tabetha has. I have noticed how she likes to deflect from a serious topic when put on the spot by adding BS to escape from answering any questions. Sorry there little girl but I am still thinking that the gentleman deserves answers. Seriously how rude are you? We know all the things that you are, you know liar, thief, con-artist, manipulator, and shit stirrer. With you being from the south, I am sure that you don’t want to ruin any southern tradition. You know what I mean, attempt to be a lady for once. We know that you are so good at faking and pretending, just once fake being a lady and at least answer this man.

    • She’d sooner stop breathing than tell the truth. She’s got too many lies, too many face companies, too many fake names, too many schemes.She’ll never stop. Not until the law MAKES her stop. Even then, she’ll find some way to run a scheme. It’s who she is. A liar to the bone.

  8. Interesting. We’ve had lots of visitors around here since yesterday. Ember, Amanda S, Luna, Tab – of course – and her usual alts. We’ve had hits from Australia, Great Britain, even people from the Philippines and Germany saw what a real photographer can do. I just think it’s amusing that these trolls keep coming around. Sniffing around for their boss lady (if she can be called that) . And they wonder why this blog is still here. SMH. It’s here because they’re still here. Still doing the same sneaky crap. But there’s enough warning out there. All an author has to do isoogle and they’ll find the answers.

  9. Still waiting for the truth Tabetha. You can spin a Web of lies and deceit, but for some reason you seem to choke on the truth. Your patent way of spinning the truth is astounding. Also your smoke and mirror game is played out.

    Are you afraid of the truth? Will your entire existence shatter if you utter one ounce of realism? You talk a good game, all the while hiding behind a huge mound of bullshit and lies. If you weren’t hurting so many it would be downright comical.

    Please answer the questions put before you. Honestly you might as well start, because when certain people in authority catch up with you, it will be easier. And we all know how much you love easy.

    • F unny you should mention the authorities. A little birdy tells me that the IRS is all up in her business. And so are CPS and probation. She thinks she’s breezing through life, but the hounds are really nipping at her puffy little ankles. Her world is collapsing around her. And her denial makes it all the more beautiful a thing to watch. Karma’s been too long coming, but it’s imminent. What a joyous day it will be when she can’t scam another author the way she has done to so many here, to my daughter, and those she’s doing it too right now. Yes, I’ve talked to most of them. They weren’t easy to find, she’s being so sneaky these days. But I found ’em. They aren’t telling her I talked to them, and if she asks them, they’ll deny it. But they’re looking at this blog in droves now, and they’re looking at her. And believe me, they’re pretty pissed. Not only has she lied to them, but she’s used fake names to do it with. Not only is she no publisher, but she’s literally not the person she presented herself as. So many whispers, promises and presents in the dark, all from a name that isn’t even real. Well, most of us can imagine how pissed they are, can’t we?
      Most of the authors she’s stringing along now are some distance away from her – that’s the way she likes it, so that they can’t confront her when it goes south – but a couple of them are geographically closer to her than I am. They could confront her if they wanted to. And one that I spoke with plans on doing exactly that. I told ’em they’d better hurry. Otherwise, they might have to go to the FCI if they want to see her face to face.

      • It’s definitely time for tabby to get presented with a bill for her deeds, she’s been getting away with far too much for far too long!

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  11. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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